Andrea Rossi Interviewed on West Coast Truth

A new interview with Andrea Rossi has just been released by the West Coast Truth radio show. You can hear the whole interview below. I’m still listening to the show, so I can’t provide a complete review, but so far the interviewer is interested in the science of the E-Cat and of cold fusion in general. Rossi is speaking quite freely and knowledgeably about various cold fusion theories, including his own.

  • daniel maris

    I shall listen this evening. Always a pleasure to hear him speak.

    • Camilo

      One and a half hours!!!! Well, I guess I will have to pass this time.

      • daniel maris

        Yes I didn’t realise it was that long – and the sound quality isn’t that great. I hoping for a transcript or summary!

    • ToastySquirrel

      A pleasure? Or should I say, ‘a pleasure-a’. I don’t think so.

      I’ya, can’t’a, even’a, think’a I’ya can’a listen to’a him’a one’a more’a second.

      Hey, I’m not a linguistic bigot, I just can’t stand his inflection. I’m sure it would be better to have him speak Italian and then have it translated. I’m sure he speaks fluid Italian, but English, not so much; makes it inaudible to me.

      • Barry

        I wonder if Einstein had to go through stuff like this.

      • GP

        you do not speak any foreign language do you. sad that intelligence has to (most of the time) come down to accent. Good for Stephen Hawking he’s been provided with a smart sounding software, otherwise the guy would be screwed…

    • Barry

      Daniel, it is good to hear somebody give A Rossi the respect he deserves.

      • JimrRosenbur

        Has anyone considered that after Adm. Brady at the SPAWAR (Navys space and warfare says. Ctr) cancelled all LENR research, that it may be due to some US black project (secret) already has successfully developed a LENR device.

        • JimrRosenbur

          Sorry Idont know why it posted as a reply.

  • psi

    This interview reaffirms my impression that Rossi’s most voluble critics need to take some time out in front of a mirror.

    • Peter Poulsen

      Why should we? Most dont call him a fraud just yet. But why on earth shold we praise a man who have shown no clear evidence whatsoever about his apparent invention. He talks alot but nothing is being backed by proff.

      Show a demonstration of the E-Cat that can prove its worth.
      Show us a demonstration or some tangable evidence about the 1 MW plant.
      Show us some evidence that not only 1 but 2 factories is being planned and built.
      Show us some evidence about these robots who is gonna make the E-Cats.
      Give us some evidence that there is actually people working on all these things. There must be various companies, investors and so on, which is activelly working on this.

      • Iggy Dalrymple

        The retail product will be evidence.
        Proof trumps proff.

      • alex

        He has already given reasons for the silent treatment on hard evidence. Apparently, he can’t find other ways to say, I don’t have a patent yet, so you’ll just have to wait. It’s going to be the same answer until he says, go buy my device, or sorry I’m broke and can’t continue. Until then…let’s all just agree to disagree with each other.

    • GreenWin

      THAT would require introspection – a talent not apparent to the skeptopath.

  • dragon

    I don’t know if this idea was put before on this forum but I think we should all put a sticker on our cars saying something like “Powered by LENR!” so that people can see it on the streets all the time and google it to see what it means.
    It is also good for our morale when we will see “brothers in arms” on the streets.
    What do you thinks?

    • Barry

      How about “Soon to be Powered by LENR”.

    • alex

      How about these bumper sticker ideas:

      “LENR powers my heart”

      LENR – “Limited Edition No Refunds”

      LENR for life, “Lower Extremity No Reply”

      The others I thought up were too dirty to post.

  • georgehants

    ECAT News update in April
    Dear reader, here are the latest developments regarding the ECAT in April:

    • Robert Mockan

      The latest news to a newcomer would present some critical misleading information.

      For example:”..The ECAT uses regular Nickel, thus eliminating some of the theories that rely on nano-sized particles to deal with the nuclear barrier effect.”

      Piantelli in the early 1990s used “regular” solid nickel (and alloy) rods. Subsequent research by him and others revealed an increased ratio of thermal power generation to catalyst mass with use of smaller particles, because of the increased number of “nuclear active sites” in the crystal lattice structure of defect ridden particles. And the optimum particle size was in the 5 to 10 nm size, with a lattice morphology (or surface configuration)resistant to thermal mediated structural deterioration. But Rossi is not lying, just misleading with his latest statements about the E-Cat energy core. Because one can “cold work” solid nickel and alloys, to crush and deform the crystal lattice structures, to form the same kind of defect ridden lattice morphology, in the solid. What would be the advantage of going to a solid core? Only two-
      better heat conduction through the core enabling better thermal equilibrium within the core to avoid hot spots that cause “annealing” of the defect ridden lattice structures within it, that were created by “cold working” (and also made in certain nickel alloys), and possible reduction of cost in mass production.
      The hypothesis explaining the phenomena are not dis-allowed by using a solid, rather than particles. They both can be made to form nuclear active reaction sites within the material.

      • Robert Mockan

        This reminds me of a metallurgy lab class I attended in college back in the 70s. One of the assignments was to take a metal alloy sheet and roll it thinner (used a hand cranked roller). Then etch the surface and study the grain structure with a metallurgical microscope. We would calculate the reduction in size and deformation of the grain on repeated rolling of the metal alloy sheet, based on the reduction on thickness of the sheet.
        Putting this into context, what we did then was “cold work” the metal to deform the lattice structure, and reduce the size of those parts of the lattice structure that were becoming deformed by the rolling.
        The second part of the assignment was placing the metal sheet into a strength tester that would pull it until it broke, while measuring the stress/strain ratio. The assignment was to determine the effects of cold working of metal alloys (that generally increases strength).
        If only some person had taken a nickel alloy. cold worked it, and subsequently processed it in a hydrogen atmosphere!
        So many opportunities lost!!

  • Dave

    The only people who will give him an interview are crackpot “truther” sites like that.

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  • Adam Lepczak

    Heads up,
    Defkalion is hiring and hiring a lot.

    • dragon

      Well… at least the job list does not include: scam artists, pathological liars and lie-detector defeaters. That must be a good sign.
      Then again it is just a list on the Internet that does not prove anything.

      • SH

        Hows life in never never land?

    • That could mean lots of people left. It could mean they are trying to show investors that they are for real.

    • Jerry

      everyone knows already that Defkalion is working with stolen technology.

    • Karsten


      defkalion don´t hire anyone jet.
      There only post it in the papers that they WANT to hire someone.
      Thats a very old trick of companys, that make them look like they have a lot of work and much buiseness.

      I am sceptical..

      • daniel maris

        Yes, I think on balance that ad (with no way of people contacting the company except via e mail) made me MORE sceptical.

        But on the other hand, one can see that they would be reluctant to put out a phone number that would allow people to go on “fishing expeditions” to try and extract info about their device.

  • GreenWin

    Is this possible? “Memo: Any media or publisher under general command printing a story about or mentioning LENR, cold fusion, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions or derivation thereof – will have their clearance revoked and publisher permits terminated.” Ouch!! Thanks God for blogosphere.

    • I searched on the string and it brought me back here. Where did you get the quote?

  • John W. Ratcliff

    Can anyone summarize anything he says in here that is of particular interest or relevance to the LENR discussion? I find it difficult to understand him through his accent.


    • I picked up three main things: 1) No virtual particles are involved, it’s a concrete process which somehow is related to high “pressure” (and no, it’s not muon catalysis either), 2) While there is ordinary competition, there is no conspiracy or suppression against him or LENR: lack of concrete products was the reason why LENR didn’t develop earlier, 3) He trusts people’s intelligence 100%.

      • alex

        To make a change in atomic electron shell, you can add energy, heat, pressure, etc. This forces a change in the Ion charge, which then releases energy. Obviously heat directly affects it, the prime example of that rises and sets once a day. I might be wrong, but my understanding of reason for pressure is “spark gap”. The closer two object are to each other the easier it is to exchange charge. Within lattice structure of the nickel, hydrogen with react more often given the same amount of heat, due to high pressure. So as you react a point of critical pressure, you stop needing to add heat to keep the process going, just need to keep a high pressure.

  • chris robinson

    Have I correctly understood the gist of what Rossi has stated in the interview?
    He is not in fact using Naño particles but a solid core of nickel in his reactor
    This ,l according to him, will confound some of the theorists.
    However it looks a little more like Robert Godes ideas at Broullion Energy

  • chris robinson


    Rossi does use nickel nano particles . Find it difficult to undrstand him with that eavy accent

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  • Tom

    That certainly does sound pessimistic. No matter, it’s not hopes and dreams that will build Ecats. Regardless of what technologies we focus on, when a new energy source emerges, that is where our focus will fall. Other options backed by solid science could work too, but the reason LENR isn’t backed by solid science is because it is a new discovery not yet understood by science. There will never be a time to give up on new discoveries.

    • Tom

      And yet the mounting evidence has gone largely unrecognised. It’ll be conclusive when it’s powering our homes and cars.

    • Warthog

      Yeah. That’s precisely what the anti-CF crowd wants you to think. Even a minimal effort of looking into the actual published scientific papers shows how ridiculous that claim is. I’ve been “disconnected” from looking into CF for a number of years, though I followed it closely during and after the initial Pons-Fleischmann hooraw. I started looking into it again after the initial Rossi furore. What is astounding to me on that re-examination is the MOUNTAIN of GOOD research that has been done. Replication after replication, authenticated and published…..and ignored.

      What caused me to stop following CF was the completely non-scientific WAR that was carried out by the “antis” against anyone who DARED to either work on, or say positive things about CF. It left me totally disgusted, but it was obvious at the time that “the fix was in”. What they did was NOT how ethical science was (and is) supposed to be done.

      The antis claim that CF researchers are “scam artists”, but the only PROVEN case of fraud was done at and by the MIT “replicators”, who claimed they had found nothing, but whose actual data, when discovered and examined, showed concrete proof that they had seen the same phenomenon as Pons and Fleischmann.

      • GreenWin

        Yep. And there is going to be some good house cleaning due to that and other effups post P&F. It’ll be healthy for academia to see a few of their corrupt go to the big house.

      • Telecommuter

        Yeah. There are a lot of papers published. But, no one has consistent, excess, usable energy out.

      • when I gathered the thousands of abstract about 1993, I got the same impression that the bad research, the unproven assumption was on the anti-CF side…
        I lose interest in CF until SPAWAR conference, but I was surprised that nobody cares about that atomic news…

        when I found what was happening with rossi and defkalio, I get convinced that that time it will work because scientific community will be ignored, and business will take the lead…

        it is true that electrolysis experiment until latest nanopowder were not usable, by design, but scientifically it should have make thousands more noise that hot fusion small progress, and martian meteors…
        but in fact in 89 the proofs were made in Nasa GRC, that found huge heat from gas loading. they just hide the result.

        this is why I’m convinces that CF is the symbol of today pathological science, like climategate is in mirror.
        I support the theory of Rolad Benabou to explain this collective delusion :
        and on “wade&broad” books for the method used to implement it.

  • Adam Lepczak

    In spite of a very strong accent, Mr. Rossi comes across as a very knowledgeable and down to earth type of an individual. I have enjoyed this interview, but it was definitely a looong one.

  • georgehants

    Now that Photosynthesis is shown to be a Quantum effect in the Macro World, it truly can be utilised for humanity.
    When scientists are given freedom from DOGMA and closed-minds then the result is Cold Fusion and many other Wonders denied by the “opinion experts”

    Photosynthesis, the dream of renewable energy
    By Dave Armstrong – 28 Apr 2012 07:27:49 GMT
    The Earth Times

    • georgehants

      Ramo, interesting and thank you for displaying just how restrictive a closed-mind can be.
      We can all learn from your posts of the damage that such thinking can lead to in science.

      • The damage was done years ago with his holding his breathe at not getting his way and all his protests here are just a dim echo of his early tantrums.

  • john

    Geez…talk about lalalala land..just what returns have been made on the billions of dolars put into successive failed attempts at hot fusion dating back to the 50’s? Why do governments continue to throw billions at hot fusion pie in the sky?

    CF has been demonstrated by multiple researchers using minute resources compared to those thrown at the failed hot fusion experiments.

    • GP

      Hero, an Egyptian scientist, discovered the steam engine in the first century AD. Back then noone cared for two reasons:
      1- 99% of people could not even read, let alone understand any kind of science.
      2- the 1%: percentage of people that decided had so much slave labour at disposal, that the device would make no difference whatsoever in their life.

      1- 12% of people can not read
      2- 1%: people that decide have so much interest in keepeng the status quo that for them cold fusion is either irrelevant or detrimental
      3- 14% of world citizens that live in developed countries and a good percentage of people in the new economies have now realized that decisions are not made for the common good, and that unless something radical happens, we can kiss goodbye our old way of life. So now we just need to make sure that we do not stop supporting change until it is the kind of change that makes it better for us.
      I think and hope that the next few years will be the new energy revolution age, and us, the people, will be remembered as being finally for the first time in history, as the ones that did not need to overthrow the power , but the ones that outsmarted it.
      Now it’s up to us

      • GP

        Hi John,

        Sorry it was not meant as a reply to your message, my apology

      • GreenWin

        Excellent post GP. Your conclusion is accurate. Possibly the status quo will see the opportunity (it is vast) in climbing aboard this train – before they perish. The worldwide wealth created by this technology outweighs all previous sources of energy. Abundant energy raises the global standard of living – representing an order of magnitude increase in world productivity.

        Hero would be fascinated to see the implementation of his invention in LENR.

        • GP

          I think that more than that he would be thinking (if he was made aware of the concept) that we are experiencing a collective and continuous Stockolm syndrome, and could not figure out how such a seemingly advanced and capable of self determination world, would be thanking to be still alive, even if they are forbidden to live

      • alex

        I prefer to just overthrow them. I just need about 300 million other American’s to think like I do.

        • Just getting some of them to think would be a good start.

  • GreenWin

    More mainstream academic conferences: International Low Energy Nuclear Reactions Symposium at William & Mary College July 1-3, 2012.

    Advisory Committee:

    Beverly Barnhart (DoD)
    Jean-Paul Biberian (CINaM, France)
    Dennis Bushnell (NASA, LRC)
    Peter Hagelstein (MIT)
    David Nagel (GWU)
    Mike McKubre (SRI International)
    George Miley (UIll)
    Mahadeva Srinivasan (BARC- retired, India)

    Program Committee:

    Richard Everett (NRL)
    Ganapati Myneni (ISOHIM, JLab, VA Chair)
    Liviu Popa-Smil (LVLMLLC)
    Bob Pike (College of W&M)
    Mike Staker (Loyola University)
    John Wallace (Casting Analysis Corp)
    Dave Witter (Anaxtal LLC)
    Joseph Zawodny (NASA, LRC)

    To the skeptopath – these are all flim flam con artists. To the well adjusted intellect – they’re pragmatic scientists interested in new physics.

    • daniel maris

      You can tell from all those bogus organisations the guys work for! LOL

    • Shane D.

      If one measures progress by number of conferences then surely LENR is on a roll. Still some resistance though as shown the other day when Sapienza University cancelled their 26 Apr LENR related symposium.

      Over on 22passi they are organizing an email campaign against the colleges Physics Chairman in response. Why he cancelled?… don’t know, but they seem to think it has something to do with giving the appearance of endorsing cold fusion.

      Unfortunately, there is still a stigma associated with the emerging field that hinders it’s full potential.

      By the way greenwin; what happened to ecatnews?

      • GreenWin

        Dunno. I think black ops took ’em down; or budget cuts in the fed;)

        • Shane D.

          Maybe he (admin @ went where this guy went?: “”.

          Cold fusion advocates just seem to vanish like Elvis did.

          • GreenWin

            Um, your link indicates thousands of Elvis SIGHTINGS. He’s more popular than ever.

      • In his most recent post, Paul Story (blog owner) made it pretty clear that he has pretty much lost faith in LENR. He has not posted since, and I think he may have just left the blog to run until the inevitable technical failures took it down.

        I have emailed him through his private address but he has not yet replied. I hope that in the light of recent developments that he will at least restore the posting/editing functions.

        It has to be said though that lack of editorial control allowed the shills and pathoskeps to run wild for some time before comment posting went down, and if the blog is restored some policing will be essential.

  • Gene Quong

    The key to commercial success is low cost of manufacture, branding, elaborate safety documentation and marketing expertise.

    The current plan is to manufacture 2 million home e-cats a year. The ratio between Rossi and Defalion is 2,000,000 / 300,000 which is somewhat close to 10 to 1, which mean Rossi can produce his e-cats at 50% of the cost of Defalion when you factor that Rossi will use robots extensively.

    • Telecommuter

      Isn’t it a bit early to discuss production volume when unit 1 hasn’t been built?

  • JimrR

    Second try, for some reason posted as a reply to first entry.
    Has anyone considered that after Adm. Brady at SPAWAR ( Navy Space and Warfare Sys Ctr) canceled all LENR research it may be due to some U.S. black project (secret) having already developed successfully a LENR devise.

    • daniel maris

      Something fishy’s been going on – official America seems to be facing both ways on LENR.

    • The best way to find out would be to contact some of those researchers.

      • JimrR

        You are evidently not familiar with research people involved in black projects. Things are so secret that no one other than a few of their close associates even know what they do. Ex: area 51 work.

    • Shane D.

      Knowing the US military like I do, I’d say that had they already had a successful LENR device, they’d double down on their research instead of consolidating them.

      The militarys (all government for that matter) motto is: “why do with 1 program when for only 8 times the price you can have 4 programs”.

      And in this case the U.S. government has at least two branches of the military (Navy and Army), one of the DOD (DARPA), along with NASA already involved in LENR research. So why get rid of the one -SPAWAR?… Save a few million?

      Doubtful since they waste that amount in a matter of seconds. But one never knows, and maybe you are right, and in this one case budgetary considerations actually factored into rolling SPAWARs LENR research into the others, or any “black ops” agency.

    • alex

      I think I remember this being a subject of embarrassment. An “anonymous source” tried to make the Navy look bad by saying they were researching a science that the scientific community deemed junk, and therefore the Navy issued a statement that they would be shutting the SPAWAR project down. It was a few months after the first purchase of the 13 1 MW units Rossi was to be building. Just another form of dis-information if you ask me.

      • ‘Global Energy Corporation’ are promoting an LENR neutron source for driving subcritical nuclear fission reactors ( They claim to be using SPAWAR-developed technology. Maybe in that case the people concerned went private when they were disbanded.

        • GreenWin

          Peter, the chances of the SPAWAR 10-15 years of studies being abandoned is nil. Unless some uniform wants to be hauled in front of Congress and explain why positive results published in peer review journals – were thrown away at a huge loss to taxpayers.

          These guys operate with PUBLIC funds. They do not earn this money for R&D; it is given to them in exchange for improvement of taxpayer’s life and liberty.

          Navy took the SPAWAR LENR program dark once it was confirmed to be a viable source of new nuclear energy. Can’t blame em really. But there is Congressional oversight – and it may need to look at this.

  • alex

    It can be maintained, pretty much indefinitely. Unless, someone proves him wrong, or the need for cheaper energy goes away.

  • Telecommuter

    I’m wondering what is causing Rossi’s ‘supporters’ to try to establish that it’s a done deal that Rossi will produce lots of units. It all will happen or not happen. All we have to do is wait.

    To me it sounds like this type of supporter either has a need to believe – without having direct evidence – or are part of a scam – like shills.

    • Frank

      In a scam scenario there are people involved, who pretend to be ‘outsider’ but actually are part of the ‘game’.
      This guys job is only to convince the gullible targets, that the nonsense spread by the ‘scam operator’ makes perfect sense, and to attack and push away from the scene the ‘critical observers’.
      Needless to say that it is just a waste of time to get into discussions with ‘shills’ – of course they will never admit what role they play.

  • Pontus

    I wonder how this Plasma Discharge Engine will compete with Ecat? It is going to manufactured about the same time and sold to the public also. It is ready to drive an electric generator.

    • daniel maris

      That’s certainly one to watch. Looked rather interesting and they clearly have something there…whether as cheap as they claim remains to be seen.

    • For the time being, I’m putting Papp-type engines in the same category as Terawatt’s device (or for that matter, Rossi’s reactors) – nearly there but more evidence/proof required.

      Rohner appears to be a bit of a flake, but the three crankcase castings on their engine trolleys look reasonably convincing. The ongoing arguments between John Rohner and his brothers, Tom and Robert, hardly inspire confidence either, though I suppose they tend to lend credence to the idea that there may be something to fight over!

  • georgehants

    Re. the school children and their device are we waiting now for reports from other sources who have copied their plans.
    What is the next move with this situation.

    • George, the school LENR device is a simple means of building a test bed in order to study one ‘LENR’ pathway, and I imagine that in a few weeks or months we may hear about replications.

      As a potential power source though it looks to me to be of limited usefulness, as the system would need to be very highly pressurised in order to generate any useful temperatures. Dry reactors seem to be the way to go – perhaps the school kids will take that challenge on next!

      • georgehants

        Peter, thanks, If we are accepting that their device works, is there any clue in it’s function that shows the effect to be outside the range of accepted science.
        -Does it involve any known transmutation.
        -It is in fact then, a completely new method of demonstration Cold Fusion, How many more are there, it would seem that the effect is everywhere.
        Rossi told me a long time ago that the Wonderful Alchemists “possibly” could have replicated his effect, could they have found the children’s effect easier.

        • I guess that is the beauty of a working test bed! If it can be replicated there will be a means to look directly at the questions you raise, together with various other aspects such as any photons or particles emitted, variance of output with electrical input including pulsed, presence/absence of helium emitted from the oxygen outlet, effect of EM/RF fields etc. etc.

          Personally I can’t wait to see what others can do with this system, or what the school ‘research team’ does next.

          • daniel maris

            Thanks for that Pete,

            I just looked up the definition of test bed- so are you saying that what they have done is produced a very transparent set of equipment with everything clearly laid out, so that one can easily measure each step of the process? – even if that means you end up with a machine that would be far too costly an impractical for commercialisation?

          • Daniel – yes, that’s pretty much what I had in mind when I used the phrase. There appears to be enough information provided to allow full replication, and the apparatus appears to be appears to be suitable for ‘proof of principle’ experiments and many other measurements.

            Regarding practicality (as a power source) I don’t think there would be any problem with expense, only with the fact that the maximum temperature that can be achieved in the electrolyte at 1 bar will not be sufficient to generate steam.

    • Francesco CH

      Latest news about Pirelli Athanor Cell here (in Italian):

      Basically, the article says that the cell is very easy to build, and that its construction can be completed in a half-day. The high school is ready to help other groups to build replicas of the cell, and is open to evaluate proposals to improve the cell (as it has already happened).

  • Francesco CH

    Latest news about Pirelli Athanor Cell here
    (in Italian):

    Basically, the article says that the cell is very easy to build, and that its construction can be completed in a half-day. The high school is ready to help other groups to build replicas of the cell, and is open to evaluate proposals to improve the cell (as it has already happened).

    • GP

      Unfortunately there are already some measurement issues, which have been highlighted on 22 passi. Nevertheless, the main concept looks solid, in the sense that there should be a COP well above 1, but the COP 4 that has been declared does not look realistic, and may be below commercial value.
      As usual, let’s wait and see

  • jacob

    ramo,please be patient and wait and see,time will
    tell,if cold fusion is to replace our current
    energy need and replace fission ,but its to early
    to judge ,what has developed in the last 3 month
    is that there is now 6 entities wanting to built
    cold fusion devices, that is a reality and the race is on.

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  • Roger Bird

    I did not finish the interview because we don’t need any more talk, no matter how interesting it is. We need third party confirmation and/or the selling of units.

  • Greg Goble

    WOW earn $800,000 consulting for cold fusion?LENR. What!

  • Greg Goble

    LENR Nonsense is Infecting More Respectable Educational Institutions [] This is an example of a contemporary popular culture view on cold fusion. Perhaps it could be included in this section. –[[User:Gregory Goble|Gregory Goble]] ([[User talk:Gregory Goble|talk]]) 11:50, 16 May 2012 (UTC)

    • Greg Goble