Rossi on Conspiracies

One of the more interesting topics covered in Andrea Rossi’s recent interview with Russell Scott on the West Coast Truth radio show was that of conspiracy — a topic that comes up frequently in discussion of cold fusion technology. Scott asked Rossi if he believed that there were conspiracies involved in putting a stop to his work on E-Cat technology, and Rossi’s answer was ‘no’.

“If there are conspiracies, they have to be proven by evidence; I have no evidence of this. There is no conspiracy at all, less than ever against me. I am working very well and I am making very well my work. Of course you have to accept, and this is a physics law, when a consolidated system is changed . . . some resistance is the obvious consequence of a technological revolution. This is not a conspiracy, this is normal. The fact that low energy nuclear reactions up to now, since 1989, has not been put on the market did not depend on a conspiracy — it depends on the fact that no valid products have been put on the market. If you put a working product in the market, there is no conspiracy that can bind you, people buys it.”

From Rossi’s perspective, he has to deal with competitive forces in bring his products to market, and he doesn’t seem particularly worried about the hand of big oil, the scientific community, governments, or other conspiring entities trying to put a stop to his work. When asked whether he feared for his personal safety, Rossi responded that he puts his trust in God, and goes about his work.

The topic of whether conspiracies are at work is hotly debated in many places — including here on E-Cat World. It’s one of those topics that seems to generate lots of discussion, and it’s difficult to prove the point one way or another. I thought it was interesting, however, to get the perspective of Rossi, who is one of the people working in a field that some feel is a target of conspiratorial forces.

  • qc_jym

    IF there is any conspiracy, it’s not against Rossi, but against the whole population of this planet, period!


    • Filip

      There is no such thing as a grand conspiracie against anyone or anything, everything is random, people are individualists, with their own pathetic little lifes, trying to survive. If humanity dissapeares, it will be by accident, bad luck.
      No gods nor aliens will save us.
      That’s my opinion… if anyone is interested ofcourse.

      • So the Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, Council for Foreign Relations etc. are healthy gatherings where the power brokers and politicians meet to discuss golf and their holidays plans then?

        • daniel maris

          LOL Peter.

          My take on this sort of thing that there is no clear division between conspiracy and interest. It was in the interest of British Airways to see their old competitor Laker Airways destroyed – but then they drifted into a pricing conspiracy to make it happen.

          Interest, policy, influence, conspiracy, crime…it’s a kind of spectrum.

          Similarly it is in the interests of big oil companies and big oil produders to minimise the potential of LENR. We don’t know whether that has progressed to something you could call a conspiracy. I think the answer is probably no. We are seeing some resistance as Rossi says, but some ambivalent responses I think as governments weigh up the potential impact.

          • As you say Daniel, it is very difficult from the ‘outside’ to say when uncoordinated opposition to (or support of) something becomes coordinated, i.e., conspiracy. However, if and when a pattern of dishonest actions emerges which taken together can be seen to be actively intended to lead to a particular result, i.e., to have a single purpose, then the effect will be the same either way.

            I have previously cited the example of the current push for new nuclear build in the UK in this context, strangely immune to any reconsideration in the light of the ongoing Fukushima disaster. Just taking the present Cameron government for example, then we see the withdrawal of financial support for the Severn tidal power scheme (up to 65TWHr/Yr) within a few months of taking power, open ministerial support for new nuclear, clandestine attempts to make ‘under the table’ subsidies available to the nuclear industry, and when that failed, pledging huge support for ‘renewables’, a term which strangely now includes something called ‘clean nuclear’, and the ludicrous but legally binding promise made by Huhne to cut the UK’s ‘carbon emissions’ by a staggering 80% by 2050 – something that would only be possible if over 40 new nuclear power stations are built, AND carbon capture technology (which unfortunately doesn’t exist) is applied to most existing power stations – at the operator’s expense of course.

            The nett effect, ignoring CF and similar (as they do, obviously) has been to remove the only serious competition to Hinkley Point C and Oldbury C (now dumped for financial reasons anyway), to pile enormous costs on fossil fuel generators and at the same time to give money to EDF to reduce their financial risks building Hinkley C, and to introduce an amazingly expensive and unjustified panic to kill gas generation on the basis of an unproven, over-hyped theory about the possible future effects of CO2 build-up.

            Any one of these developments might be seen in isolation as reasonable, at least in the contexts provided by government misinformation. However, when taken together this looks strangely like a coordinated process of removing most non-nuclear power generation for various specious but defensible reasons, and creating conditions that are artificially favourable to new nuclear build. In other words, purpose, in other words, conspiracy. Pausing momentarily to adjust my tinfoil hat I would also mention that Cameron and Osborne have both attended more than one Bilderberg meeting, both before and during their present incumbancy.

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          • daniel maris

            Couldn’t agree with you more about nuclear, with its implicit subsidy from government, all the hidden costs (e.g. secret service monitoring of power stations, power station workers etc), and the lies about their efficiency (the reactors do have down time and the French nuclear reactors had to be shut down in a hot summer). The there is the uncosted legacy we pass to our children of caring for the nuclear waste.

            There’s a lot of wining and dining goes on…a lot of hidden bribes (e.g. maybe arranging for work for a child of someone you want to influence, that sort of thing).

        • Filip

          Yeah, that’s what they do. There are indeed commissions for this and that, and yes not everything is like it should be but… with a little luck, we will get somewhere someday.
          Their are also positive developpements, like for instance the case against Charles Taylor, that’s a breaktrought. And many other things, try to be a little optimistic, then we can change a thing or two.

          • Filip

            If there is such a thing as a planetary conspiracy, the internet would never have been a reality, mark my words, never!

          • Filip – If you have a moment sometime, take a look at Let me know what you think.

          • Filip

            Thanks Peter.
            Like I said above, there is a problem with the definition for ‘conspiracy’. If you ask Chinese people if there is a conspiracy against them from their own government, most of them will answer negative, if you ask them if there is a conspiracy against them from the west, most of them will answer positive. Well what do ‘we’ think? and who is right? It is not black and white, the truth is always somewhere in the middle.I case of de Bilderbergers, it was a win/win situation for Europe and the US. Europeans wanted peace and prosperaty and the US a strong Europe to stand against communism and they wanted their money from the Marshall-plan well spend.
            We now have over 65 years of peace in Europe. Ofcourse their are groups that would like to see things change for their own benefit, their always have been and there always will be. I am not naïve.
            If CF really works, it will happen, maybe there will be a moron or a group of, will try to delay it, but finally if it works everyone will jump on it. There is the oil lobby, there are the banks, etc
            but there is not one big conspiracy against anyone. The biggest problem for democracy right now I think is the war against terrorism, that worries me a little bit, because it’s lead by fear.

          • Thank you for looking at the link. Maybe the problem is not so much in defining conspiracy as in accurately identifying conspiracies when they take place.

            Obviously those who conspire will attempt to cover their actions, usually by ensuring that misinformation muddies the water. It might be argued that the Chinese people are largely guided by their own guided by their government’s propaganda, just as we are subject to propaganda about the nature and extent of terrorism in order to create the climate of fear our governments need, in order to strip us of our democratic rights.

            The internet is certainly the best tool we have to help us separate fact from half-truth or outright fiction, and of course that is why such persistent attempts to control it are now underway.

      • jacob

        Filip, everybody has an opinion ,opinions
        are based on your current reality ,which
        in time changes on new information one learns.

        We create our own reality ,our own destiny
        our own greatness .

        Our humanity does not disappear by accident,
        It is by someone exercising their choice
        of free will, to start world war 3

        we have no pathetic little lives,the moment
        we start to stand up for ourselves and others and stand up for the freedom of
        rights,our lives have meaning.

        And our Great Central Creator ,who’s
        conscience we are tied in with and most
        of us receive what is right and wrong
        is in control of all things ,but still
        gives us the freedom of choice to make
        our own choices , whether they are good or bad.
        To eventually raise our frequency to a
        higher level of vibration ,for what we are
        designed for ,humanity is in existence for
        over 3.5 million years , first humans on planet earth according to an ancient library came here 576000 years ago ,from a planet called Anwar 2000 light years away
        travel time was 1 week , at warp 5 ,which
        which is warp 1 (189000miles per second)
        warp 2 = 35,721,000,000 miles per second, warp3= 1,275,989,841,000,000,000.000miles
        per second ,
        according to that ancient knowledge ,our
        spoken words travel at etheric waves at
        50 warp ,our thoughts are said to travel
        at warp 500 to the central computer from the central sun.
        I Quote , not a single word ,not a single thought is lost but all recorded.

        we are just a dummed down version of humans
        that were convinced ,we are the children
        of former civilizations , remnants of the sunken continents of Atlantis and Lemuria
        the Athenians ,and monkeys are still monkeys , and they don’t originate from
        planet earth.
        according to ancient writings ,the reptilians ,bipedal,humanoids evolved on
        planet earth .
        Cold fusion is a simple reaction, that
        occurs between elements causing excess
        For most that is a stretch to believe,
        just 150 years ago ,the
        graduates of universities were saying it was impossible to travel faster than the travel by horse.
        just a hundred years ago ,they said it was
        impossible for metal airplanes to fly
        look at our technology now, folks
        The media is controlled ,ever since the 1980th , when ABC news ran a story of corruption about the CIA , ABC was forced
        to sell out to a company that was started
        by the boss of the CIA ,in order to keep
        their broadcasting licence

        • Filip

          Well you apparently know more than Jezus.

          • jacob

            filip,jesus is a risen master
            who was send to raise our conscience and awareness,and that he did ,and still does in the hearts and minds of those that chose to love.

            Jesus said ,those that search for the truth will receive it.

    • in a magazine about history there was an article about conspiracy theories, showing they las for very long.
      one comment to explain Conspiracy theory was about that:
      first conspiracy theories ar a way for people to interpret, justify, what is neither wanted nor anticipated.
      second, conspiracy theory is a kind of new religion, that find a coherent explanation for everything…

      there are conspiracy, but they are small otherwise it get public. however there is visible, but whose visibility is hidden by our cowardliness/complicity, power than can lobby the system. also there is convergence of (sometime irrational) interest to do things that look like conspiracies.

      for cold fusion it is simple fear of change, collective delusion that explain the LENR “ignoring”

      • Or, of course, there may actually be conspiracies..

        • georgehants

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          Thank you.

        • daniel maris

          There certainly are conspiracies!

          And people are sometimes a bit naive about how free the internet is. There is plenty of censorship. For instance Amazon censored the book by the Police detective who investigated teh Madeleine McCann case in response to intense legal pressure from the McCann’s lawyers (paid for by the fund that poor saps think is being used to “find” her). The McCann case is a classic case of how a small number of people can control the information that gets to the general public.

          And it seems we have the same with LENR. I tried to interest the BBC in what was going on – got nowhere. The BBC looks into all sorts of areas of science, many highly speculative. You would think they would have SOME time for this phenomenon. But it is as if nothing has happened in the field of cold fusion/LENR for four years! Their last reference to it seems to date back to 2009!! Since then we have had a NASA patent application – you’d think that would be of some interest.

  • The man is displaying “master morality”, whereas the conspiracy theorists are displaying “slave morality.”

  • Rossi has hinted several times at interference and threats in the past, and it is rather difficult to know what to make of his recent statement. I suppose we’ll find out one way or the other if and when he (or any other party) actually try to put a working commercial device on the market.

    In the meantime, there is a population of apparently agenda-driven individuals on certain other CF blogs who are trying to alter perceptions of this story, using ridicule, diversion, half truths and similar tactics. For me this tends to support the idea that there is active opposition to CF, even if it is not (yet) centrally directed, i.e., technically a conspiracy.

  • Lu

    Russell Scott should have asked Rossi about the clowns, puppets, and puppeteers.

    • The puppeteers are the pathoskeptics that work the puppets and the clowns. The puppets are those with some abilities to express themselves and their skepticism but cling to the conventional and mundane world that is well know and have little interest in seeing anything new come to fruition as they are in their heart of hearts just bureaucrats and rule-quoters. The clowns are the lowest of the skeptics who are capable of nothing more than sneering.

      • I don’t know if he is sincer, but at last he is right.
        about the zoology of opponents, my vision is that most of the opponents are simply living in the group delusion of the mainstream.
        Maybe Rossi is accusing some of being manipulated by lobbies, but my vision is that it is false. simple group delusion explain better.

        however he was also critics on competitors, accusing them of lying, of copying, of illusion… it is normal for a corp to criticize competitors, so I don’t care…

  • GreenWin

    There is one simple indicator that Rossi’s claim is not entirely genuine. There is an easily verified blackout of all cold fusion LENR press. Just google the key words. What pubs carry the LENR news? No mainstream press. No tangential “underground” press No Boston Phoenix, Village Voice, Rolling Stone, The Stranger, Hitchhikers Guide-type press(there is none in this sim.)

    Sure, it’s not a “conspiracy” – it’s just an order. Any honest journalist would be all over the High School kids in Rome story. Great human interest – technology aside. Kids making and publishing breakthrough energy experiments is the perfectly crafted test of free press integrity.

    Some here forget their oath to protect and defend a Constitution that says: “Congress shall make no law. . .abridging the freedom of the press.” “Congress” means Government.

    Or the wisdom of the US Supreme Court and Justice Hugo Black re the infamous Pentagon Papers, exposing Government corruption:

    “The responsibilities of a free press is the duty to prevent any part of the Government from deceiving the people and sending them off to distant lands to die of foreign fevers and foreign shot and shell.

    In my view, far from deserving condemnation for their courageous reporting, The New York Times, The Washington Post and other newspaper should be commended for serving the purpose that the Founding Fathers saw so clearly,” he said. “In revealing the workings of government that led to the Vietnam war, the newspapers nobly did precisely that which the founders hoped and trusted they would do.”

    We don’t need AR to dispel theories of collusion or overarching intelligence. A simple inet search for alternative news is all the proof that’s needed. LENR has been blacked out of this sim – due to fear from a corroded governing body that operates outside of the Constitution of the United States.

    This is an insult and offense to the millions of good men and women who have given their lives to defend that Constitution.

    • Its not just the US. The same embargo seems to apply across the English-speaking world. It probably also extends into the mainstream press operating in most other European lanagages too (Italian excepted?) but I can’t personally check that.

      • GreenWin

        In the United States it is a clear and present violation of the First Amendment. Knowing contravention of fundamental Constitutional principles is a crime against the people. And it spits on the graves of those who gave their lives to defend those principles.

      • If the suppression of LENR news extends to other societies then it suggest either the “conspiracy” is at a very, very high level or it is just an example of complacency, group- think, sloth, indifference, and stupidity. I lean toward the latter as the profile matches the human race very nicely.

        • GreenWin

          That is some full on stellar racism Zed! Where you from – Mars?

          • daniel maris

            It’s reverse racism – he’s sick of all that “Little Green Men” talk, and the stereotyping in our press and films, the idea that they can’t keep their lasers in their holsters or that the sight of a teenage Earth girl makes them wants to get their probes out.

            I have some sympathy.

          • GreenWin

            Racism of Zed’s making is akin to hate speech and further separates people.

            Damn Daniel – don’t you know sci-fi when you read it?? Wasn’t ET a sweet little guy?

        • Pimp

          …or it could be both.

      • Sojourner Soo

        I agree, Peter, about the mainstream press and the environmental organizations ignoring these LENR developments, especially the Italian high school kids’ story. Canadian MSM has yet to publish a single story about LENR, which is hardly surprising considering it is estimated that the tarsands will provide a $2 trillion boost to our economy over the next several decades. It’s considered treason in Canada for the press to say anything other than positive things about the tarsands and pipelines. Our media certainly isn’t going to trumpet any threats to the tarsands or the status quo.

        The environmental organizations are something else entirely. I’ve long wondered why David Suzuki, a well-known zoologist, environmentalist, and television personality in Canada (CBC’s The Nature of Things), has not said a word. I wrote him about Rossi’s E-Cat ages ago, so I know he knows about it. In fact, I’ve written to dozens of politicians, environmental activists, scientists, academics, climate change scholars, etc, to no avail. It’s all very strange and surreal here in Canada. In fact, it’s creepy. There is most definitely a conspiracy going on alright against LENR in Canada. There’s little doubt in my mind.

        • Hi Soo.

          It sounds as if the situation in Canada viz. tar sands extraction is similar to the one here regarding new nuclear. I can’t think of any better word for these things than conspiracy.

          What is most sinister (as you say) is the the silence, sometimes collusion, of parties who should naturally be opposing these agenda-driven political decisions.

          On some occasions the conversion appears to be sudden, usually coinciding with attainment of a position of relative power. It is difficult to believe that people can be routinely ‘bought’ by special interest groups, or equally routinely threatened into collusion or silence, but their behaviour often leaves few other explanations. The only alternative I can see might be if their previous behaviour has been fake – a front used solely to achieve their ambitions (which is possible of course).

          There is no doubt in my mind either that large scale conspiracies are now the rule rather than the exception in national and supranational politics.

          • GreenWin

            Come on Peter. These people aren’t “bought.” They’re following orders. Not everyone is for sale. But in a military dictatorship – everyone follows orders – or is shot.

          • Sojourner Soo

            Peter: I think the environmental groups fear funding cuts, as well as having their charitable status challenged. Our current federal government has the knives out for these groups, claiming they are funded by foreigners, that they are too engaged in politics and that they are often “radical terrorists,” etc. Yup, Harper’s government has a war happening against anybody and everybody who speaks out against the tarsands and the pipelines. Canada is becoming a very strange place, because of the tarsands. David Suzuki actually had to quit the board of directors of his own environmental foundation, the Suzuki Foundation, because every time he criticized the tarsands, his board would get nervous about it, fearful of our increasing fascist government.

  • georgehants

    Conspiracy, I think is not the correct word as it can be interpreted in many ways but all of them must imply that the action is in some way illegal.
    We, I think are talking about a campaign that is immoral or blind, meaning to hide, distort, embarrass, debunk, abuse, belittle, deny etc. etc.
    That these methods are used, in this case by science, the media and crackpots are indisputable.
    The word I think will have to be Campaign unless anybody can think or make up a better word.

    • For comparison and example, was the dissolution of Soviet Union a conspiracy, a campaign or a simultaneous action of individuals like in a school of fish? I suspect the latter, but I’m not sure. My point is that this kind of questions sometimes remain unanswered for a long time, perhaps forever, also in major events like that.

      But I think that when Rossi says that he hasn’t been suppressed recently, we should believe him. He certainly knows it better than us.

    • ‘Collusion’ perhaps?

  • Pimp

    I think that we have a real problem in our society when it comes to this hatred of the word “conspiracy.” People don’t want to call things conspiracies even though they really ARE conspiracies. When was the last time that you heard the Iran-Contra conspiracy called a conspiracy? Usually people call it a “scandal” or an “incident” or the plurals of those two words. This is despite the fact that the most proper, best-descriptive term for the whole thing would be “conspiracy.” In Rossi’s interview he may have said that he does not believe that there is a conspiracy to try to suppress cold fusion, but there have been other things that he has said in the past that do, clearly, indicate that he DOES believe that there is a conspiracy working against him. This is particularly easy to see when he is talking about “puppet snakes” and their “puppeteers.” We need to start calling things conspiracies when they are conspiracies. If we did that, then it would be a lot harder for the government and regular people to say that conspiracies don’t happen or are not easily kept because people would be using the term all of the time. We would very easily start to realize that conspiracies DO happen.

    • Well said, Pimp.

      • Pimp

        Thank you, Peter Roe.

      • dragon

        And the truth shall make you free.

      • Most of the time it just confirms you are being screwed.

    • Robert Mockan

      Can any person add another few, or thousands(?), to this list?

      • Well congratulations. You might have found the few, the 0.0001% of the total of the conspiracy theories that have been floated that had something behind them. So, what are we to to with the other 99.9999% ? Don’t forget the others of that large majority that pollute people’s minds with fear and in general create a gigantic clog of dross not even worth considering for one fraction of a second.

        • Pimp

          Zedshort, this is exactly the sort of talk that you would not be able to get away with (without making yourself look like a fool) if people used the word “conspiracy” when it applied, rather than hiding from the word at all costs – even when it is true. This type of incorrect, false argumentation is dangerous and makes people less willing to look into conspiracies without looking crazy. In reality, if people would stop fearing this term we could create a society that would be the exact opposite. A lot like what Dennis Rawlins said in the sTARBABY article.

    • Filip

      I think there is a problem with the definition for ‘conspiracy’.

      • Pimp

        Uhhh…I dunno. There might be a problem with how some people think of the word and how they use it. I tend to use the more broad definition:

        any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result.

        Although I usually add the stipulation that it has to be something that is intentionally kept in secret from most of the rest of the group – be it a small group or a large group, like a society.

  • sparks

    If Rossi keeps talking like this he may win me over.

    Really, it’s good to publish this manner of sane, logical, and well-grounded statement, to counter some of the wild claims Rossi has made in the past (which are not looking like they are going to pan out as originally advertised).

    That said, I am still waiting for signs of the promised start of mass production in Autumn 2012.

    • A2E

      Rossi, commented on his own statement about this. They are ready now to begin, if the safety regulators finish, and a final design can be worked out. So, if Rossi had it his way, yes, I believe he would have started in 2012. My guess, would be wait for the final production prototype announcement, and he will have them on the market within 6 months of that date. Patent granted or not.

  • andreiko

    Welke samenzwering zal de LENR kunnen keren ??

    • GreenWin

      Öffentliche Kenntnisse in einer günstigen Energiequelle.

      • jacob

        greenwin,sie kuennen es besser in englisch
        sagen,so alle menschen fuennen es besser verstehen

        • Or even in Dutch rather than German, so Andreiko can understand your reply!

    • Filip

      I don’t understand your question, altought I am Flemish.

      • No, it doesn’t survive Dutch-English machine translation either!

  • georgehants

    From The Nation.
    News of the Truth always from so called fringe publications, not the main-line media.

    Laura Flanders on April 26, 2012
    Twenty-six years after the meltdown at Chernobyl, the legacy of the 1986 explosion lives on.
    “It is a disaster that left a 30-kilometre uninhabitable exclusion zone, displaced hundreds of thousands of people, and still threatens the lives of tens of thousands,” writes Greenpeace today.
    All these years and a triple meltdown at Fukushima later, the industry and its supporters have yet to learn.
    “The nuclear industry still hasn’t realized or admitted that its reactors are unsafe. Reactors are vulnerable to any unforeseen combination of technological failures, human errors and natural disasters. That puts the tens of millions of people living near the worlds more than 400 reactors at risk.” Write Greenpeace’s Justin McKeating.

    • Hi George,

      They (World Nations) want these Nuclear fission Reactors for there BOMB making components foremost, energy production is secondary. What can the avergae citizen do?

      Also, what happened to :

      That blog site has just gone DEAD with no comment from the owner/operator as to why – pathetic!

      • georgehants

        Neil, you said “What can the avergae citizen do?”
        Just protect and use the Internet fairly I suppose, everybody has a chance to make a difference if websites take seriously the need to remove, troublemakers and those who get enjoyment from disrupting a fair conversation or point.
        Maybe Paul got fed-up with the rabble on his site.
        Will thank him though for over a year of hard work.

      • Hi Neil. Certainly bomb-making was at the top of the agenda when governments universally went for uranium based reactors rather than thorium. These days there is an embarrassing surplus of plutonium available in high level waste dumps and the spent fuel ponds of the world’s reactors. I think that part of the continued drive for ‘new nuclear’ may simply be seen by stupid politicians as a way to ‘burn’ some of this waste before they run out of places to put it. Certainly all currently planned new reactors are dual purpose – designed to run on U238 or to burn ‘mixed oxide’ fuels containing a high proportion of recycled plutionium when required (i.e. as soon as the plants have completed one slightly-less-controversial uranium cycle).

        Ecat News seems to be a ‘goner’. Paul Story’s last leader shows his loss of any faith that CF is real, and mentions his other commitments. The blog became overrun by the louder and more obvious shills and then posting either failed or was shut off, so I assume he (Paul) has abandoned it. I contacted him through his private email a few days back but did not receive any reply, but I assume that he knows the current situation but is not interested in doing anything about it. Pity, it was a lively forum, at least before the shills took over. You’ll see a few familiar names here now!

        • daniel maris

          Yes, he’s Paul seems to have disappeared at just the wrong time – when we have real an open confirmation from the Pirelli kids!

          It’s a shame as the two fora were developing distinct identities with E Cat News being the place to go for some fairly detailed technical discussion, and E Cat World here for more “latest developments”.

          • I suppose that the bright side is that both may appear in one place now! That is, so long as Hody et al. are not allowed to take over as they did on ECN.

  • abc

    Didn’t Nikola Tesla put his faith in God, also? And he got murdered.

    • georgehants

      Conspiracy’s come in many forms but better described as informed ignorance on many occasions.
      Just like Cold Fusion the Truth is hidden.
      Faith scientifically has been shown to make people fell happier and be healthier.
      Not in Religion but faith in a better existence somewhere.
      From Medical news today,
      Is there a connection between faith and health?

    • Tesla died of a heart attack.

    • Methusela
  • Red_Baron

    I have a question, because WWF and Grenpeace not support or engage in issues related to LENR? We see expressions of support from these organizations. They are of opinion formers, may contribute much to open the information on LENR for the world. Do not they know? I do not believe it.

    • That is a good point. I hesitate, for some reason, to attempt to turn such organization’s attention to this LENR issue. I’m not sure why, as it seems that they too should have a burning interest in anything that could have such a potentially positive impact on life on earth. Maybe I fear that such an effort might seem manipulative. But really, any organization with an agenda attached to the earth should be alerted and informed. If a letter to the “heads” of the organization does not work then, once again we would have to begin at the grass roots level.

      The very idea, that once an organization becomes organized it fails to think, hear, and communicate except along very restricted ways is disturbing to me, but also interesting. Bureaucracy = calcification.

      • I think your final observation is entirely accurate. Established organisations such as Greenpeace now have as much to lose as governments and the energy providers (i.e., virtually everything). Because of this, as much opposition to CF might (sadly) be expected from the stakeholders in the environmental movement as from anyone else.

        Even at the grass roots level of the movement I have personally encountered many people with a kind of semi-religious zeal about ‘saving the planet’ that closes out any rational analysis of the facts almost totally.

  • Jan Holík

    V České republice je ticho po pěšině….
    Žádné informace o výzkumu LENR či E-CAT.
    Všichni čekají (?) jak to dopadne.

  • I guess it does depend on the definition. There
    are accounts of groups were not simply passive or
    neutral and apethetic in 1989.

    They won the day no matter how baseless and false the assertions were to the point of influencing policy at the patent office and DOE.

    With the recent increasing evidence of the phenonmenon not as many overtly debunk or ridicule
    cold fusion.

    There still are many in the establishment who simply choosen to ignore this technology and the
    great potential it has to help us all.

  • georgehants

    From Facebook with thanks (Joseph Fine)
    Terrestrial Nuclear Processes
    zero momentum light element reactors
    A Handbook for LENR
    by John P. Wallace, Ganapati R. Myneni, Michael J. Wallace, Robert D. Pike and Glenn Westphal
    A first look at intense terrestrial heat sources, volcanic activity,
    as a nuclear process.
    Partial Contents: Defeating the Coulomb Barrier, Zero Momentum Processes, Volcanic reactions, Quantum Alloy Design, Reactors

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  • Tom h

    Anyone got a good response to this:

    ” What all the cold fusion people ignore is
    the fact that any natural phenomena,
    especially one involving ambient conditions
    rather than specialised circumstances, will
    always exhibit itself naturally within the
    universe without human intervention. OK,
    so stars are an example of fusion, but long
    before humans even existed there was
    already a natural thermal fission reactor in
    existence in Africa producing heat.
    In a universe that is relatively cold, you
    would expect that cold fusion would be
    popping up all over the place to present
    curious anomalies of energy accounting —
    but it doesn’t. For example, how likely was
    it that ancient cyanobacteria were able to
    develop photosynthesis?; and on that basis
    why is it that other ambient temperature
    physical phenomena such as “cold fusion”
    have not have been incorporated into living
    processes? If it were possible you can bet
    that nature would be there before us to
    naturally exploit the principle, particularly
    one which as a source of energy confers
    such a significant biological advantage.
    On the basis that we don’t find this
    phenomena cropping up naturally I think
    we can discount the idea of “cold” fusion.”

    The guy says cold fusion shiuldnt be taken serious for the reasons he stated anyone got a response for that? It would be very much appreciated!

    • Pimp

      My response is…this is just not true. It is not necessarily the case that a phenomenon like cold fusion would be showing up everywhere. A phenomenon will not “always exhibit itself naturally within the universe without human intervention.” This guy does not get to define truths into existence like that.

    • As I understand it cold fusion is in part something that occours in a plasma state of matter. The plasma state has not been fully explained. We know that it exists and is reproduced under certain artificial conditions such a welding as well as under natural conditions like lightning strikes.

      The guy above has no proof cold fusion does not occour under certain conditions in nature. Unless you were on the spot doing a sub atomic analysis a few atoms in cold fusion might only register as a barely or unmeasurable localized increase in heat. Pure gasoline burning did not occour in natural biologial processes. This does not say that there is no such thing as gasoline or it’s combustion.

      • the condition is not plasma.
        It is on the opposite either lattice, or more probably in surface of a lattice.

        this is why the hot fusionist did not accept it. It is as different from hot fusion, as semiconductors are from electron beams.

        todays theory seems to converge to an electron capture by a proton, in a strange lattice or surface condition, producing a neutron, that then is absorbed either by an hydrogen nucleus, or by a metal nucleus…

        how the potential barrier of electron capture (the Z0 boson creation) is overcame, is variable among different theories (widom larsen, brillouin/godes, takahashi TSC,…).

        • I concour that I don’t think it is necessarily the same type of plasma state but this is one explaination I have heard as part of the process as I recall in the context of the energy feild surrounding the capture of the electron by the proton.

          Arc plasma has been described as a fourth state of matter between solid and liquid in metal in the presence of electricity.

          The description I think of is that the lattice is the structural lattice of the larger atoms of the metal in a near contact with a smaller hydrogen atom nearly between the metalic atoms.

          • I read somewhere recently that an electron can temporarily separate in two, in a way that separates the spin and charge. This work looked relevant to a possible mechanism that might explain how the ‘Coulomb barrier’ might be sidestepped. Unfortunately I can’t remember where I saw this.

          • ‘erewigo:

            A whole page of links to electron splitting, quasiparticles, ‘orbitrons’ etc. It seems that it is a 3-way split that separates spin, orbit and charge quasiparticles. I don’t know if these discoveries are relevant to CF but intuition says they may be. Unfortunately any real understanding of the implications is way above my pay grade, by and large.

            Pekka – are you around?

          • Peter Roe: Difficult topic, but breaking the electron at least shows that one can get quasiparticles do surprising things. Maybe a proton hole quasiparticle, if such would exit, could work similarly similarly to muon catalysis. A quasiparticle cannot undergo fusion, but maybe it can catalyse it.

    • If CF requires non-melting temperature, metal and gaseous hydrogen, this combination of requirements is difficult to satisfy in the natural universe. Hydrogen gas can exist only on large bodies (giant planets and stars) whose gravity is sufficient to bind it. But such bodies have no solid surface where non-molten metal could be in contact with hydrogen.

      Regarding living organisms, not even ordinary metal matrix is used by biology (except humans for their technology), so it is no wonder that CF isn’t.

    • This is an entirely specious argument. The fact is that this process seems to rely on free hydrogen and nickel metal (or deuterium/palladium etc.) under very particular circumstances which include stimulation in the form of heat and an electrical current or EM field.

      Such substances and conditions could only exist deep within the Earth, where some form of ‘cold fusion’ may well take place. Unfortunately our knowledge of the Earth’s core is minimal, and we simply would not know about it. Perhaps some of the Earth’s core heat derives from CF, or perhaps it occurs naturally on other solid planets with significant amounts of hydrogen in the atmosphere. The fact that we humans haven’t knowingly observed it in nature most probably just reflects our limited knowledge.

      This kind of self referencing argument belongs in the 19th century, not the 21st.

    • Bård Havre

      He should try this link:
      this gives a good basic introduction to LENR.
      The references covers most,if not all of his objections. It runs about 50 pages, with 200+ references to publications documenting LENR in all sorts of environments, including biological.
      Good reading! (and good riddance to illfounded scepticism)

    • Sanjeev

      Who is this guy? He seems totally out of date. A simple google search will bring a number of articles, books and papers on the matter of LENR in biological systems and in nature.

      Please also check the reference list below this article.

      I can’t paste more links here (banned) but you can search for “Nuclear Fusion and Transmutation of Isotopes in Biological Systems
      By Vladimir Vysotskii and Alla Kornilova “.

      Recently there was a presentation on LENR in atmospheric lightning. Neutrons and gamma rays are produced during thunder storms. I can’t remember the author or paper, perhaps it was Celani.

    • AB

      Cold fusion requires “specialized circumstances”. Certain nanostructures, pure materials, a certain temperature range and a trigger.

      Also: doesn’t superconductivity not occur in nature either?

    • pg

      What are you talking about.
      If we want to play this, we should ask ourselves why didn’t any plant or animal used the solar power to directly produce elecricity or hot water? That I think would be a considerable biological advantage. Is the question stupid enough?
      Or if we want to go further, why didn’t concrete “manifest” itself, hell, limestone, water and sand are all over the place!!
      Following your reasoning, I should say that solar power exploitation and house building should be considered impossible due to nature failure to provide it.

    • Claes

      Well, the argument is what is referred to as adaptationism or Panglossianism in evolutionary biology. It’s a fallacy that is classical and that biologists take great care to avoid. Evolution is path-dependent, or non-ergodic in physics lingo. It goes on from wherever it is. It isn’t an optimization process. Howcome no animals compress air to eject lethal projectiles? Why no wheels? Because they’re impossible, no of course not, it’s because the path that were taken just didn’t lead in those directions.

      • Sanjeev

        Good points. I agree.
        I can also argue that since hot fusion and fission are not used by biological system, they are non-existent and we should stop all funding for them. 😉

        But they occur in nature, if not inside living organisms. To assume that LENR is not occurring in nature is a bit premature. No one is looking for it so carefully.

        The thing is, natural low temperature transmutations is not a formal subject of study and is polluted by things like ORMUS and ancient alchemy. Result is that if you say you have a powder that turns into all kinds of elements on heating, you will be branded as a crackpot.

        Of course unless you are Mitsubishi, who just found something similar.

    • Ged

      Metamaterials, which can make objects invisible, create hyperlenses, and have all sorts of incredible nanotech properties do not occur in nature. They are completely artificial and man made. That is the very reason they are called “Metamaterials”.

      Nature does not explore every combination, or ever condition, or every avenue available in the sum total space of reality. In fact, very very little of all the room in the natural laws is actually explored by nature.

      Nature is locked into a certain set of conditions, but we can create whole new ones. Take a look at all the different types of ice we can create, which don’t happen naturally.

  • georgehants

    Could I suggest an experiment as to removing conspiracy theories.
    They cannot survive if only the Truth is given and called for.
    Below is a link, now we need no opinions of any kind, we just need the Truth, how do we find the undistorted TRUTH.
    If True then the implications are immense, if false then just a good story, nobody hurt.
    Remember no opinions just, How Do We find Out The Truth.

    From ABC News Medical Unit –
    Real ‘Beautiful Mind’: College Dropout Became Mathematical Genius After Mugging (PHOTOS)

  • barty

    A popular german mainstream science magazine is reporting about a new transmutation reactor in belgium.

    The reactor should defuse nuclear waste:

    • Sounds as if it may be similar to the GEC GeNiE reactor ( From what I remember of the first GEC site (now removed) the device relies on microwave stimulation of an LENR reactor. Running the thing for hundreds of years to process waste looks a little problematic.

      • no, sound like the classic fast neutrons reactors. the “incinerator” reactors.
        that is since 20 years one of the 4 research tracks that french laws on nuclear safety ask about long term radioactive wastes.

        new Research of Super-Phoenix descendant is working on that, and no more on surregeneration (because we already hace 400years of energy, as incinerable waste)

        GEC Genie propose another way to generate the neutrons, with LENR.

    • Robert Mockan

      Someday when people get over the idea of LENR (they start believing they always knew it was true!), they can go through the acceptance process all over again with transmutation.

  • Andrew Macleod

    I don’t know about any conspireies but if i was running a company and had billions of dollars on the line I would have a plan in place to deal with the potential competitors. Keep your friends close, your enemys closer.

    • Robert Mockan

      Paint conspiracy with a broad definition and every person knows about.. not hundreds, or even thousands.. but millions of conspiracies. Not the details of all of them (who does?) but the fact of their existence. Where? What?
      Every criminal trial is not about guilt or innocence. It is about proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Innocence is assumed until proven guilty. When you have the two teams of lawyers working on their cases, they are both engaged in.. (wait for it!).. conspiracies! Defined as simply more than one person working towards a goal, and generally done so with the details kept secret. Contrary to the myth that conspiracies are uncommon… they are actually the MOST COMMON of team efforts in competitive environments!

      • you are right, but big conspiracies, conspiracies that are responsible of huge world event, don’t exist. because it would leak.
        they are billions of small scale interest, small conspiracy (scale of family, board of director, gang, lab team), that converge to a single emerging fact, like increase of price, oligopoly, group delusion…

        at our scale those conspiracies are individual behaviors, not conspiracies.

        • Robert Mockan

          If you say so.
          I suppose the Manhattan project to develop the first atomic bomb does not count?
          Or the purpose behind the formation of the Federal Reserve? Some people might say centralized banking has global ramifications.
          Bilderberg group meetings? Some might say the consequences have global impact.

          • Claes

            The Manhattan project was a secret military project. The military can put the lid on reasonably well since it’s explicitly designed to do so and is lavishly funded. Even so it often fails. The Bilderberg group etc. I mean of course powerful people agree on things behind the scenes. Their power to actually run the show is however much less than they and you think. The scary truth about who’s behind the wheel: nobody is. It’s a maelstrom of contingencies and people trying to second-guess each other. The world isn’t predictable enough for any conspiracies of magnitude. I mean they can’t even keep their sex affair secret even if their whole future can depend on it.

  • Roger Bird

    The only conspiracy that I am interested in is that of my conspiring to drive down to Home Depot and buying a home ready LENR device. All other conspiracies are more hot air.

  • Shane D.

    Who needs to talk about conspiracies when LENR offers so much more intrigue, mystery and drama? I’m not talking just about Rossi and DGT…

    Take, for example, Nanospire who’s founder Mark LeClair has claimed to develop an anomalous heat effect from cavitation in water, through a process that no one, except LeClair, seems to understand.

    He has had the process vetted by the Navy Research Lab (NRL), Edmund Storms and also the State of Maine Radiation Control Program. LeClair claims heavy transmutation similiar to supernova nucleosynthesis with proof of up to 78 isoptopes observed and also diamond. This is accomplished with no harmful radiation, unless one does it wrong -as LeClair and Serge LeBid attest to by getting acute radiation poisoning… not once, but twice.

    Of course, it’s not so simple and clear cut as it sounds, after all LENR never is! If you go to Sterling Allens PESWiki site he interviewed LeClair a few days ago. Lots of controversy about what Storms really said, what the NRL found, what transmutations were really observed and so on.

    Did LeClair and his partner LeBid really get radiation poisoning? You be the judge. Even LeClair has replied in the comments section. Interesting stuff.

    Like I said; do we really need to go around in circles about conspiracies when there is so much more right here, in real time, happening as we speak?

  • morse
    • If I had to put money on any of the current ‘contenders’, Brillouin would currently be my first choice. They have a long history, are businesslike and seem to know what they are doing, and are supposedly aiming for the corporate market (coal/oil/gas boiler replacement) which is the sector least likely to be blocked by vested interests. All IMHO of course.

    • Robert Mockan

      If the Brillouin hypothesis about electron and proton forming a neutron is correct, expect the government to come down on the company like a ton of bricks on an bug. Synthetic neutrons could be diverted to react with uranium 238 (added to the nickel) to form neptunium 239, that decays into plutonium 239. In other words, any person with a Brillouin reactor using nickel, could make plutonium 239, from readily available natural or depleted uranium. Besides cheap atomic bombs, readily available plutonium 239 would enable building a 2 stage thermonuclear bomb of 30 or so megatons, from information already available in the public domain. These are city killers. (Cities like the size of Los Angeles, reduced to rubble and everything incinerated in a several mile radius around ground zero).

      So your question will be soon answered. If it is “true”, Brillouin will NEVER market anything.

      • Filip

        Thé gouvernment, duh?
        As I mentioned before to the Americans on this blog, there is more than one gouvernment on this planet.
        Sometimes it’s exhausting to discus with Americans, there is one country and the rest of the planet is parkingplace for their cars.
        Maybe the technology is already sold?

      • Robert Mockan

        Correction: “the government” s/b “the Empire”

  • GreenWin

    One thing has become clear – we know there is ZERO free, independent, critical thinking press in this sim. It is fascist. Totalitarian. Treason. Mirrors Stalin, Mengele, Goebbels, Attila the Hun… pathetic.

  • buffalo

    4get bowt conspiricy against test-tubes with a lil steam cumin off them i.e. Lenr. Theres much more reason to suppress a hydrogen combustion economy.hydrogen is trillions of times more abundant than oil.hydrogen strait from sea problemos amigos

  • maybe lenr is the conspiricy?designed to keep diversion from the real mcoy,a hydrogen fuel driven economy,cheap vastly thats a real challenge to petrol no?

  • wes

    Historically large conspiracies against the development of competing products and services have not fared well. Powerful railroad interests could not stop the development of trucking. IBM’s mainframe executives could not stop the development of microcomputers. Yet, somehow it is imagined there exists a huge Voldemort-like conspiracy effectively stopping the progress of LENR? More likely we are just too busy watching ‘Dancing with the Stars’ to reach for them.

    • They are conspiring to ignore LENR.

      • wes

        Never underestimate the power of money seeking profit. If a venture capitalist can turn a buck by investing in some form of LENR, the conspiracy is toast.

        • daniel maris

          Wes – get real…how many potentially redundant dollars does the global oil industry have invested in oil? I would think something of the order of several trillion dollars.

          I am not sure if you fully understand what it means if that investment were “stranded” i.e. if North Sea and Gulf oil rigs became redundant. That would be a huge, huge, huge loss.

          So it is naive to think that people wouldn’t fight to protect that investment.

          • Filip

            That’s what Wes means, never underestimate the power of moneyseeking profit. That’s what happened to the oil industry, that’s what’s going to happen with LENR, ‘if’ it works.

          • @Daniel “So it is naive to think that people wouldn’t fight to protect that investment.”

            And the most obvious route is to get your tame legislators to make CF experimentation or manufacturing illegal on spurious safety grounds. There is plenty of money to be made in drugs production, but it is probably not something that many legitimate enterprises would think its worth getting involved with.

      • your theory is not far from the more validated by fact theory of “collective delusion”.
        each individual decide individually to ignore the facts that might make him feel less rich/proud/safe.
        that explain many crazy suicidal behaviors like Enron, Chalenger, Subprime, much better than conspiracies. nor far from “clivage” (split counsciousness beween bbelieving in a lie and acting to hide inconvenient).
        explain also why in hierarchy subordinates sincerely follow referencesthe boss delusion.
        detailed theory :
        look for the patterns of denial by roland benabou to laugh a little on stupidity of brains

  • alexvs

    Tom h’s post is a very curious introduction to what we could call biocentric point of view.
    I say biocentric in the same sense we use the term “anthropocentric”.
    Weird stories as for example the one that tells how suppressing Ca in the food for hens does not avoid that the eggs have their CO3Ca eggshell.
    This would explain the mith of the hen of golden
    eggs (lol).
    But let us be serious. I have found this thread highly interesting for the contributions, apart from the trivial subject of conspiracies and Rossi’s ayings.
    And being in this mode I want to submit to the consideration of fellows something that have attracted my attention from the very start of nuclear research.
    Please, notice how easily the alpha particles go in and out of nuclei. Large nuclei as 210Po, 238U, 232Th are natural alpha emitters. Bombarding lighter nuclei as 27Al with alpha particles transmutes 27Al into 30P + n(which decays to 30Si) or C into O.
    Being 4He nucleus the smallest of all elements, even
    smaller than 1H, one can think that the compound of
    two protons and two neutrons has a high degree of stability and compactness. It is a fact that animated by a large momentum, alpha particles have enough energy to penetrate the nucleus. By some unknown reason alpha particles are able, in spite of having double charge than protons, to overpass the Coulomb barrier more easily.
    Since the discovering of neutron (1933) it has been the most used projectil in nuclear research leaving alpha experiments in a second plane.
    Of course is neutron the ideal particle to interact with nuclei but it is true that alpha particles can interact too.
    Further research in this area could be done with limited resources. Formerly because 4He is an off the shelf product and latterly because He can be ionized, accelerated and focused to any target using available equipement.
    My favorite among these would be a kind of sputtering
    system using He instead of Ar / Ne.


    • alexvs

      I meant: What do you think about?

  • AB

    Vaccines are an example of conspiracy and mass delusion in my opinion.

    My interest in this area was sparked when my brother suffered mild (fortunately!) neurological damage from a vaccine. He complained about vertigo and sometimes had difficulties keeping balance. I understood that doctors are not objective when my father, a doctor himself, pretended that nothing had happened and insisted that it was merely psychological.

    • the question is on which side is delusion and manipulation.
      I don’t talk of conspiracy because it is public, taht some sectarian anti-technology movements try to fight any of symbol of progress.

      disease are much more efficent in causing auto-immune disease… if you fear immunization, fear disease.

      this anti technology movement is not a conspiracy but a psychological consequence of rich people getting sad because things grows slower, because they lose tehir status for the richests…
      then group delusion happens, even group pathologies…
      believe me, but in place (and in times) where people die of disease, they love immunization.

      in health domain, most of the mediatic noise is on group delusion, and facts, proven facts are invisible under the smoke of fear.

      media enjoy those fear salesmen, priest of apocalypse, because it sales paper and airtime.

      • AB

        That’s ignorance speaking, Alain.

    • AB

      Some education:

      Relative trends in hospitalizations and mortality among infants by the number of vaccine doses and age, based on the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), 1990–2010

      “Our findings show a positive correlation between the number of vaccine doses administered and the percentage of hospitalizations and deaths.”

      • wes

        Does this study consider the number of deaths which would be expected to occur from disease IF those vaccinations had not been administered?

        • AB

          This is an interesting question in general and this study does not attempt to answer it. It’s difficult to answer actually because there are so few unvaccinated children.

          The same author has shown that countries with the most immunizations have paradoxically the highest infant mortality rates. While there are certainly going to be other factors involved as well, there’s still a rough relationship that emerges.

        • AB

          Probably the most reliable data about vaccine safety comes from studies testing vaccines for animals. This is because vaccines for human use is such a controversial (manipulated) area.

          It’s a lot more accepted to say that in animals, vaccines cause cancer and autoimmune disease than to say the same in regards to humans.

          • AB

            One only needs to compare this recommendation for dog vaccination to typical human vaccine schedules:

            “If vaccines are given at all, they should always be kept to a bare minimum. Dogs should only be vaccinated for diseases that they are truly likely to be exposed to, and vaccines should be administered as infrequently as possible. In the past, the standard was to vaccinate annually. Although frequency varies with each type of vaccine, recent research has shown that most dog vaccinations are effective from three to seven years, and some last for the dog’s entire lifetime. Titer testing can be used to determine whether a dog still has the needed antibodies and can help prevent over vaccination. Dog vaccinations are often administered several at a time, in 3-way, 5-way or 7-way bundled shots. Adverse reactions and impact to the immune system can be minimized by administering vaccines separately and waiting three months in between each vaccination.”

    • AB

      Some more:

      Influence of pediatric vaccines on amygdala growth and opioid ligand binding in rhesus macaque infants: A pilot study.

      This study is of great importance because nobody had ever tested if all the recommended vaccinations are safe in children when taken together as per immunization schedule. Individually they might be, but all together are not.

    • Indeed. In the past their use may have been beneficially intended but now with ‘a vaccine for everything’ it is all to do with greed and population control, with no regard whatsoever for the wellbeing of recipients.

      Also see:

  • Barry

    I admire A Rossi’s down playing of conspiracy. Conspiracies sound a little paranoid, but there are definitely capitalistic and political powers at work. When I listen to some of the Hot Fusion, Cold Fusion people, they sound as polarized as the Republicans and Democrats.
    I’ve often wondered the true motivation behind people like John R. Huizenga . Was it arrogance or research money grabbing that spurred him to write “Cold Fusion: The Scientific Fiasco of the Century”. Is that a sound scientific approach to newly discovered phenomenon? I don’t know his motivation but an incredible amount of Hot Fusion research money seemed to be at the bottom of which way the wind blew back in 1989.
    Fleischmann and Pons were insulted by US scientist but the Japanese said” Maybe there is something too this. Let’s at lease look into it some more and see if anything turns up. Then they set F and P up with a lab in France. The Japanese took the true uncontaminated scientific path.

  • PAM

    Conspiracies do not exist ? The United States were created exactly out of a conspiracy. If conspiracies do not exist so the USA do not exist.

    • wes

      It was created by farmers who rejected the notion that their breakfast beverage (tea) should be taxed.

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  • xy

    I came to a conclusion that most of conspiracies are “distributed” in their hosting systems. Many many people in the government bodies and industries follow various egocentric rules and the over-all impression is that there is a managed conspiracy. Though there may be impulses from the “top”. E.g. a person working for a publishing company that gets paid for ads by windmill company simply won’t publish an article on LENR, since it might work against himself in various ways. E.g. a government employee won’t tell on corruption since he’s got a fine job in the office. The threads are very thin and it’s interesting how well it keeps alive.

    • good description…
      many room-sized conspiracies, and global-sized network of different converging selfish interests…
      True also that some well placed selfishness and tiny conspiracies can have big impact, if nobody oppose, by lazy selfishness.

      if a conspiracy get bigger tha a room, it leaks, but converging interest can hide that public data to the mind of the population.
      look like conspiracy theory, but not coordinated, just converging.

  • GreenWin

    It is apparent that acknowledging real conspiracies like the tobacco industry conviction on racketeering charges or the whisleblowers at Camp le-jeune or the coverups of atrocities in warfare – is too much for some here in the blogoshpere.

    This is yet another confirmation of the unwillingness of officials to look at their dirty laundry and clean it up. Which may not be a “conspiracy” – but is a failure of moral standards.