US Senate Candidate Kerrey’s Cold Fusion Ties

I was interested to discover today that former Nebraska Governor and Senator (and 1992 presidential candidate) Bob Kerrey, has been involved in consulting for Israeli company Energetics Technologies, which is involved in cold fusion research. According to an article in the Washington Examiner, Kerrey earned $800,000 from the Sidney Kimmel Revocable Trust for his work with Energetics Technologies, a company that is working at the University of Missouri with the Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance.

Kerrey, a Democrat, is again running for a seat in the US senate, but his candidacy is considered by most political analysits to be a long shot this year. Politico reports that Sidney Kimmel has donated the maximum allowable contribution of $5000 to Kerrey’s campaign. Despite these connections (and not surprisingly), I have not been able to find any mention in Kerrey’s campaign literature of any mention of cold fusion/LENR as part of an energy policy — but it would be interesting to learn more from Kerrey about his involvement in the field, and what his thoughts are about cold fusion as a viable energy source. Any Nebraskans out there?

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  • clovis

    Hi, folks.
    I think LENR should cut across all political and fields of science.

  • I only wish I could review what Kerrey did earn $800,000 in consulting fees.

    • I only wish I could review what Kerrey did to earn $800,000 in consulting fees.

  • daniel maris

    Both capitalists and communists tried to “own” electricity in the early days.

  • The ‘Energetics’ story seems to be a fairly muddled affair. It seems that ‘Energetics Technologies USA, LLC’ est. 2009 in Columbia MO, was formerly an importer of lab gear from Valencia, Spain ( and was later(?) “conducting research and experimental development in the physical, engineering, and life sciences”.

    The company is now ‘affiliated’ with Energetics Technology Ltd, of Omer, Israel, who have been studying muon-catalysed fusion and carrying out ‘gravity beam’ experiments. The cold fusion researchers now seem to be based in the US, and have been funded for some years by the S. Kimmel Institute, while the gravity beam folks back in Israel are currently seeking sponsorship of $1M for their research!

    Robert Duncan, vice chancellor for research at the University of Missouri, was apparently asked by CBS to look into CF, and subsequently followed some work by Energetics, and by the SPAWAR CF team. He was apparently impressed by SPAWAR’s results but didn’t say much about Energetics that I’ve been able to find.

    I too would love to know what Kerry did for his $0.8M. It would appear to be valuable research money that might have been put to much better uses.

    • Omega Z


      Robert Duncan was invited by 60 minutes to look at Cold Fusion research being done by McKubre at SRI research. I believe SRI is/was an Israeli research center.

      Duncan went in believing CF had already been debunked. After spending time looking over McKubre’s project & looking for flaws in the process & data, came away thinking CF needs serious reevaluating.

      I believe McKubre is presently involved in research with Energetics at University of Missouri Business incubator. Their intent is to develop a product to be brought to market.

      In a Missouri Newspaper article, Robert Duncan was asked if he thought Energetics would provide his research efforts with information about CF, Responded, Probably Not. Private Enterprise seldom share knowledge, as their more market/patent oriented.(Secretive)

      Robert Duncan’s research is possible because of the $5 Million donated by Kimmel Who is suppose to be worth about a Billion dollars. But some sources say most of his money is gone, by way of donating to causes & charities.

      Hopefully I have most/all of the facts right. Duncan has been pushing hard for Federal Research funding. As of yet, nothing is happening.

      • GreenWin

        You’ve got most of it wrong friend. SRI is a highly respected research facility formerly associated with Standford University. McKubre has been involved with CF research for 20 years.

        Rob Duncan is Vice Chancellor of Research at University Missouri and does not rely on grants from private parties to conduct research.

        “Sidney Kimmel, the founder and chairman of The Jones Group Inc., established the Sidney Kimmel Foundation in 1993. The foundation, along with the Sidney Kimmel Foundation for Cancer Research, has awarded more than $750 million to philanthropic causes.”

        “I chose the University of Missouri for this important gift because it is a comprehensive university, experienced in using its deep scientific research capacity across many fields with its firm commitment to serve the public good.

        This may be futuristic, but when it comes to energy, our future is now.” Sid Kimmel

  • georgehants

    A couple of names that should learn about Cold Fusion may be Obama and Cameron.
    And the 99% of the scientific community that still believes nothing exists beyond the steam engine.

    • I’m sure both are aware of developments, but these don’t fit in with their plans. Cameron seems to me to be a rather sinister and dangerous individual who is carrying forward an agenda that has nothing to do with the welfare of the UK population. I’m sure many Americans might say similar things of Obama.

    • Barry

      I wonder if politicians are waiting for something solid just like the rest of us. When something comes out politicians are going to jump on it. Though the Republicans get a lot of oil money. The Democrats do to but not as much.

      • Politicians are waiting for us to lead them. The wait like vultures scanning the body politic, taking its pulse, marking its movements and when it sees a pattern that it can take advantage the swoops in an claims the gore for its own. We had better not wait for leadership from a bunch of scummy politicians.

  • Filip
    MIT Professor Donald Sadoway invented a liquid battery, which can store ‘left over’ electricity in times of abundance(expl summertime from solar), so it can be used whenever needed.(breakthrough!)
    He is very enthousiastic about his invetion, he probably would like to see it commercialized, he have put a lot of effort into it, he is smart and arrogant.
    My point is would he as a scientist support CF when proven knowing his battery wouldn’t be necessary any more. Professors and politician are not different as common people, opportunistic as hell.
    It’s psychology, even at that level.
    Protecting their little pathetic lifes.

    • Filip

      this was ment for the previous story on conspiracy, sorry.

    • Daniel M. Basso

      Batteries will still be useful for a long time, no matter what energy production means is used.

    • Interesting. I wonder what the efficiency is? Pumped water energy storage is surprisingly efficient at about 70/75% return, so it would have to be reasonably high.

    • Claes

      Well, depends. The difference between scientists and politicians is that the density of assholes is higher in politics. There actually exist people with integrity in science, although the way funding works this days you’re heavily punished for having integrity. Still, some are really just curious about finding things out. These exist and are not that uncommon, so who knows, maybe he’d be thrilled… but just as likely not.

      • My dear who started in science and continue in politic (as sidekick), tell me that science is a good training for politic backstab.

        in both Money is essential, humans factors too, battle of ideologies, ego battle…

        NGO no better (if not worse because less controlled).

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  • Peter Hunt

    Th8is is strange. I wonder if the $800,000 was just a back door political contribution. This does not fit Kerry’s image or past as an educator and Congress person but times do change.

    • Yes, the $800,000 for “consulting” should be correctly interpreted as a bribe for making a political connection for a company to a source of money or business connection. I would love to see the actual work performed. The end product was probably no more than a dozen pages of blather.

  • Peter Hunt

    This is strange. I wonder if the $800,000 was just a back door political contribution. This does not fit Kerrey’s image or past as an educator and Congress person but times do change.

  • Max VonSydow

    Sooooo, has anyone outside the Rossi family had a chance to examine the e-cat while Rossi’s not around to see how well it works? If anyone buys one please post how much you paid and if it works.

    • Charles Stewart Jr

      In my opinion, Rossi is a Republican supporter who is trying to ruin AlGore’s discovery of Cold Carbon-Greenback Fusion.

      • GreenWin

        Don’t be ridiculous. Algore discovered the internet.

        • Barry

          Al Gore heated his indoor swimming pool with $800 worth of oil a month(no joke). That’s where he lost me.

          • Barry

            ps That was back when oil was a lot cheaper.

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  • Roger Bird

    Please, keep it a secret that Kerrey is interested in LENR. You don’t want to destroy his chances.

  • RGCheek

    Kerrey is a forward thinking person, so I dont see any reason to be surprized.

    I saw an interview that Romneyu did and he mentioned LENR as something worth investigating.

    LENR is real, but there are too many vested interests hiring/encouraging astro-turfers to humiliate anyone that gives it fair consideration.