Video From The Atom Unexplored Conference in Torino

In Torino, Italy today, a conference entitled “The Atom Unexplored” is taking place in which presenters are reporting on activities in LENR and high energy nuclear reactions. The morning session was devoted to LENR, and videos of the two morning sessions have already been uploaded here. More information to follow.

  • Bo Carneholm

    I been following this process day by day, reading al and every comment for a long time, my belive has gone up and down by the day, but freinds, now I realy feel convinced after taking some part of this videos, thanks for giving us this uppertunity to watch them.

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  • GreenWin

    “The existence of the anomalous phenomenon is now without doubt, because there is a large amount of absolutely irrefutable and unassailable experimental data.

    Today it is pathological to deny all the results that have been seen and measured. For example it is necessary to explain how it is possible that charged particles that you can see here… and here a bigger one… with energies greater than 6MeV, photographed in the cloud chamber can be emitted by a simple metal rod just after extraction from the [LENR] cell.” Atom Unexplored – Prof Francesco Piantelli Univ. Siena

    Piantelli’s talk also includes graphs showing a stable production of thermal energy (around 300C) AFTER the electrical input energy is terminated. If I heard properly, this phenomenon continues for “several months.” Rather astounding.

    What an astonishing field of energy research. Makes hot fusion look like klugy old oil refinery.

  • barty

    I think it’s time to set up a website which describes in simple words what LENR is, and where interested people can find more detailed information about it.

    In short words: A website for the “common man”, translated in english, spanish, french, italian, german for e.g.

    Then everyone can refer to this website to spread some basic knowledge about LENR to friends etc.

    What do you think?

    In my oppinion the most people don’t know LENR, and the information available is to “complex” or in the wrong language for them.


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