Hagelstein: Public Invited to See Continuing Cold Fusion Demonstration at MIT

At the recent “Atom Unexplored” conference in Torino Italy, Dr. Peter Hagelstein of MIT gave a presentation about some of his work in the field of low energy nuclear reaction research, concentrating on the work of his colleague Dr. Mitchell Swartz. Swartz has invented a palladium-based device he names a NANOR. When an electric current is passed through the palladium, excess energy in the form of heat is produced which, according to Hagelstein, is over 14 times the input energy.

In this talk, Hagelstein says that this NANOR has been running at MIT since January, and it has continued to produce excess heat far beyond anything that could be accounted for by a chemical reaction. Hagelstein says that the public is invited to take a look at the device in action.

As we have come to expect these days, there has been very little reporting of this development outside a few blogs on the Internet. It would be interesting if some of Hagelstein’s peers at MIT would take a look at the NANOR and make some comments — or even if some outside experts could pay a visit. Hagelstein’s talk can be seen in the video below — his presentation starts at around the 52 minute point.

  • Thomas

    It’s getting interesting …

    Imagine how much energy could people get out of LENR who know how it works …

  • Barry

    Governments are not cooperating with the research and development of LENR. This is where it is up to us to make a lot of noise. Peter Hagelstein told how the powers that be, at MIT are still thwarting the research of LENR. I was shocked to hear how research money that was being donated to LENR research was being turned away by MIT higher ups. Rudely too. I think there are a lot of Hot Fusion politics going on.

    Our own government won’t cooperate and fund something that a Tech High school in Italy is making impressive advancements in.

    We can do something. This is our turn to peacefully make some noise to wake up the world.

  • GreenWin


    With MANY thanks to Pekka Janhunen who painstakingly transcribed the following comment from Dr. Hagelstein at yesterday’s Atom Unexplored conference in Torino:

    “There are many other experiments on my wish list, one is to do a replication of the Piantelli experiment which I consider to be one of the most important experiments that’s out there in the field. And there are many other things on the list.”

    “The other issue is how to get support for such work. In the United States at the moment, outside of a program under Dennis Bushnell at NASA there is no, currently as far as I’m aware, there is no other government support for any work in this area for such experiments. I recently had the experience of working with a large company in the U.S. who’s interested in pursuing experiments in this area and helping out. So we put in, we discussed with the technical people at this company of the possibility that they might put in some money for the support of the replication of the Piantelli experiment. So they got the agreement, they got the money, they got it to MIT, and we thought: good, now we can make some progress.

    However, a very famous physicist at MIT who is involved in the energy program found out what we were trying to do, and he cancelled the program and he called up the vice president of the company and said some things that weren’t very polite about the research. And not only did the funding not come and the experiments didn’t happen, but my colleagues at the company were very worried about where the’re going to work next. As you know, there’re unemployment issues currently in our bad economy, so there’s a fundamental difficulty with respect to getting support for the experiments, and what that means is that the science can be expected to go very slowly for these reasons, until a solution is found to this problem.”

    In effect Dr. Hagelstein has blown the whistle on blatant, potentially illegal, intervention in the scientific method at MIT. As Pekka noted – in his country this would cause an immediate investigation and action in court. The United States cannot expect to excel in this critical technology unless political corruption of this caliber is apprehended and prosecuted.

    • Barry

      Good work Green Win, I think its time to wake the 99!

    • Robert Mockan

      Dr. Eugene F. Mallove wrote over 20 years ago about government threatening to withhold federal funding of other research programs at any school or university that allowed any work on cold fusion.
      The modi operandi has not changed. Leading scientists are coerced into being complicit with obstructing progress in the field. What Dr. Hagelstein is describing reveals the government policy is still in effect.


    • It seems unlikely that the US can be the incubator for CF due to the overwhelming degree of protectionist corruption in the science establishment and politics. Most attempts by researchers there seem to end the same way – loss of funds, ‘career malfunction’, disbandment and strange silences.

      Things are as bad here (UK) and probably in most larger ‘western’ states, and even in Russia and India. In view of the desperate need for clean energy, this behaviour is psychopathic: it is both criminal and morally repugnant, literally a crime against humanity. Perhaps there will be a reckoning one day.

      I think that researchers in CF may need to give serious consideration to temporary relocation in a more friendly environment, although there is obviously a problem with deciding where this might be the case. Finland perhaps, or the Baltic states? Norway or Sweden? The Czech republic? Maybe Austria or Hungary?

      What an astonishing situation.

      • GreenWin

        Peter, how about ITALY? Where the most progress seems to be made. And the home of many great scientists & artists including:

        Da Vinci

        De Sica

        Italy is a beautiful country and as we are seeing these days, an open minded home for the arts and sciences.

        • Possibly, yes, but I was trying to avoid ‘mainstream’ EU members in my list as the EU is the tool of the bankers and other corporate interests. I think that interference is highly likely if/when commercial CF offerings appear in Italy, although the European way of managing things tends to be more subtle (or at least more discrete) than in the US.

    • I would answer like president Karzei about leaks from wikileaks : I’ve learn nothing, that I’ve not been complaining for long time.

      just read “betrayers of the truth” by Wade&Broad…

      similar in big corporation.

      there is a problem, but not specific , nor new, nor small… IMHO it is at the origin of todays lack of real technology breakthrough in occident. the key of failure in science is : rational funding!

      fear to be accused by electors, by investors, by bosses, by managers… of risky/irrational act.

      • Wizer13

        It’s the same problem with waste pyrolysis a few years ago in Canada. The government of Ontario didn’t want to take the risk in funding a technology which wasn’t yet proven. It took the initiative of municipalities to approve such a device an built a first start-up company.
        And now, we see Plasco Energy group, Pyro Genesis in Montreal, Enerkem in Sherbrooke, and many others.
        Just wait and see. When something works, the rest follows by itself.

      • In a sense you are correct about the pressure from electors, investors, bosses…to show positive progress. But the problem runs deeper. It originates with our failure to tolerate failure. People should be allowed to fail as there is much to be learned from the experience. The key is to be able to rise again.

        In the case of scientific research, the failure to find evidence of some phenomena via a particular experiment is not a total failure as it demonstrates to other scientists that the rout explored by way of that failed experiment should not be taken again as it is a dead-end. In other words, “Don’t look under that rock right there as I have already looked there and found nothing of interest.” Failure is not a total failure.

    • GreenWin

      Here is how the initial cold fusion fraud went down at MIT in 1989:


      Note that “Profs” Ron Parker and Ballinger tried to weasel out of the libelous statements they made to the Boston Globe. Except Eugene Mallove caught them. And there was an audio recording to back up what the Herald reporter wrote. This corrosive caliber of “scientist” should be drummed out of academia forever. And set an example for other academics that corrupt, self-serving manipulation will not be tolerated, and should result in criminal charges.

      • GreenWin

        errata: Boston HERALD.

      • Wes Moore

        Was Eugene Mallove not murdered? I think the suspicious circumstance had something to do with being shot when he approached a tenant at a property he owned.,. that is according to the police report

    • RobM

      Well, here’s the page with the faculty at MIT. I wonder if putting pressure on them to expose the “very famous physicist” by filling their mailboxes with protest emails would net any further information?


      • Barry

        It’s a “Who done it!”. Hope we find out.

    • RobM

      I just wrote my senators and representatives to demand a congressional investigation. Suggest you all do the same!

  • Hampus

    I am guessing Hagelstien has a long contract with MIT, a ten year as they are called I think. If he didn’t have this he would emidiatly be fired :(.

    How can his colleagues be so stubborn that they don’t even look at his device? In the office next to Hagelstien there sits people that claim cold fusion don’t work, and they won’t even look at the evidence, all they need to do is walk a few meters but they are to lazy to even do that. When (and I mean When) cold fusion is General knowledge I hope that these people get fired!

  • Sooner


    • Fibber McGourlick

      No, it’s because the part of the scientific establishment engaged in the nuclear fusion field is totally committed to protecting their established ideas and their never-to-end hot fusion projects. They are adamantly opposed to exploring new phenomena in the field, and so they represent the exact opposite of the scientific ethos. We’ve seen it all before. They are the Catholic Church and Hagglestein is Galileo

      • Zalomi

        Not quit Fibber ,it is a political corruption, many politicians in America want to keep America captured by the Mideast muslim oil producers – and first of them is Barak Hussien Obama.

        • GreenWin

          Don’t you mean the little corpus of puppeteers Obama works for?

        • Could you please name some of those politicians and point to evidence that proves your contention? And what has muslim to do with it. There are also blue-eyed-Arabs producing oil. Is it OK that we are leashed by them? I think your bigotry is showing.

        • Job001

          Barak is more closely characterized as a “neutered scapegoat” for prior failures as evidenced by the creative unpatriotic attack underway for 3+ years. I am a neutral independent who also sees widespread bipartisan corruption in need of definition and prosecution.

  • daniel maris

    This is so frustrating from all angles.

    Why don’t the mass media take an interest?

    Why doesn’t Hagelstein put this machine on the internet with a webcam? It’s hardly a difficult thing to do.

  • Jerry

    Now .. you can see what Rossi was up against, he just decided to fund and manufacture everything himself there was no other way, Main Stream Media and the Oil Lobby would never let LENR move forward.

    • As Rossi himself says, there is no conspiracy against LENR. People just don’t believe him because it is thought impossible with current physics, that is all.

      • I wonder Martinus, have you actually read Pekka Janhunen’s transcription of the Hagelstein comment in Greenwin’s post below?

        We have no idea why Rossi said that there was no conspiracy against him ‘any more’, but whatever the reason it has little bearing on the blatently corrupt protectionist action of the ‘very famous physicist’ at MIT.

        • I have read it, and I believe the reason the famous scientists wants this experiments stopped is not a conspiracy, but just because he just thinks it is nonsense. Unfortunately, lots of egos are involved in science – it often progresses one death at a time. This is not about conspiracy theories, but simply about defending “his” theory when it is challenged.

          • right.
            it is sincere group delusion.

            it is what I explain is that article
            the idea is based on Roland Benabou group delusion, rational denial.

            the “patterns of denial” of Benabou that I quote in the article, explain what you say.
            people are not having conspiracy, but just sincerely believing they are right, but at the same time they manipulate their own brain, not to see what oppose their beliefe, because it would make them “sad”.

          • We do not go in search of the truth so much as we go in search of the evidence that supports our preconceived notion as to what is the truth.

            I once had a much higher opinion of scientists but today I realize that they are just slightly more sophisticated, egotistical human-beasts.

    • Main Stream Media have nothing to do with it as they are mostly brain-dead and dependent on the opinions of the scientists they turn to for opinions on various subjects. The Oil Lobby is mostly interested in rights to drill not to suppress. Yes, Rossi is correct to take a commercialization path as the academics that should have an interest in this have dug themselves in to the point that their reputations will be ruined when the dam bursts.

  • georgehants

    It is unforgivable that science is being once again dragged through the mud to satisfy the closed-minded and Dogma worshipers.
    It is becoming a sad time when scientists are so disrespected and laughed at that they are frightened to tell people their jobs.

  • Robert Mockan

    Nichenergy (Piantelli process) is reporting 65 thermal watts out at 280 degree C. from a 1 kg reactor for 2 months, with NO power to the cell. In other words the reaction is self sustaining. If one were to increase the size to 200 Kg reactor, that would generate 13,000 thermal watts. At a very feasible 15% conversion of thermal power to electrical power that would be about 2 kilowatts of electricity. Note also there does not seem to be any deterioration of the reactor performance. Only long term performance tests will prove it, but it might very well be operating 10 years from now with just annual re-fueling with a small amount of hydrogen. Rossi claims a much higher thermal power output per unit mass of reactor, but his COP is only about 6. Defkalion is claiming a COP of what, 20? But Piantelli is self sustaining the reactor that means COP is infinite in his design. All other things being equal, Nichenergy is the leader.

    • Bruno

      All sorts of people “reporting” excess energy, but little or no proving of their claims. I pray that Rossi, Piantelli, Mills, Dekaflion etc… all turn out to be the real deal, but I have become skeptical.

      • georgehants

        Bruno, it’s good to be “fairly” skeptical, but never good to prejudge, abuse or deny.
        A true scientist only follows the Evidence and never, never, follows “opinion” no matter from who or where it comes.
        Always, do the fair and open-minded Research or a Jewel could be lost.
        If Rossi, Defkalion turn out to be total frauds it does not change the crimes that science has committed against them and many other pioneers and Rebels, because until the final Evidence is in, only a fair wait and see attitude can be taken.

        • Bruno

          Don’t you think that Rossi has brought a lot of it on himself by not following through on his promises? Guaranteeing a publicized October 2011 test run by an independent, “unimpeachable” independent American corporate buyer and then not doing anything of the kind? We wound out with a secret “buyer”, running a test using a secret “engineer” that nobody knew anything about as a front man. As in previous tests, it wasn’t run long enough to discount stored chemical energy and the observers weren’t allowed close enough to inspect the apparatus, check calibration or do any real due diligence. Then the 1 MW unit was “sold”, but re-appeared in Bologna, apparently unsold. Then claims about a “robotized” factory in the US to make 10 KW home e-cats were seemingly contradicted when Rossi was officially (ie under threat of perjuring himself) questioned by a Florida government official. We keep hearing about all these grand plans, but we’ve never even seen validated proof that the his basic device works. I’m not saying for sure that he’s running a scam, but he sure as heck does everything possible to raise suspicions.

          • Job001

            Recall that without patents these processes cannot be protected from infringement. The patent office is denying cold fusion patents wrongly as part of the historic cult of “perpetual motion”, which obviously they are not.
            Personally, it is my hope it all goes “open source” for the good of humanity.

  • georgehants

    This is why Cold Fusion and many other subjects are treated the way they are.
    Time for scientists to start thinking for themselves and not following a corrupt and closed-minded establishment.

    LCD Reply
    December 13, 2011 at 2:32 am
    This is from “the snake’s” website. A little insight into why the Obama administration is probably not going to acknowledge Rossi.
    “In 1989, Steven E. Koonin attacked the characters of “cold fusion” discoverers Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons at the American Physical Society meeting in Baltimore, Maryland.
    ‘‘We are suffering from incompetence and perhaps delusion from Fleischmann and Pons,’’ Koonin said.
    At the time, Koonin was a professor at California Institute of Technology; he is now the undersecretary for science at the U.S. Department of Energy.”
    The scientists sat silent for a moment and then all
    stood up applauding this pathetic man.

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  • Red_Baron

    Dear friends, I have mentioned in other threads, there’s only one way for the fast release of LENR technology is open source. If Peter Hagelstein, or another scientist, has a LENR experiment possible, should describe it in detail in a document and publish it on the internet so that everyone knows and can reproduce. You can not put all hope in government institutions, because we know that governments do not serve the interests of the majority. We all know this, because they are surprised by the difficulties and barriers imposed on LENR technology? energy is all energy is control, is abundant food, clean water anywhere in the world, is subsidize the development of humanity and unlimited exponential. Abundant and cheap energy means more freedom, less government control. The shortage is disclosed as a motivation for, poverty, inequality and justification for the wars. If there is no shortage, in what manner govenantes the world can justify? would simply not justified. Because there is no support for LENR? we already know, the reason is control by the shortage. If there is a viable LENR experiment should be open source, is our best hope. warm greetings to all.

  • Bruno

    If it turns out the the technology has been suppressed these 20 plus years, people need to go to jail. Think of the federal money wasted, not to mention the oil wars and huge oil driven trade deficits. Find out who suppressed what, follow the money trail as high as we can, and lock them up.

    • I’m really not sure it’s been deliberately “suppressed”. I think what we see here is the result, all these years later, of academia seeing the basic crucifixion of Fleishmann & Pons and what happened to their reputations and careers. Their mistake was only to make the nuclear claim too early, while others failed to replicate F&P’s experimental conditions properly. “Cold Fusion” soon came to be synonymous with the worst of bad science. F&P literally had to leave the country to get work. Now, most of the folks who saw that came to believe that CF was just plain bad pseudo-science, and they closed their minds to the possibility. As new research came to light, they saw it was associated with CF and immediately dismissed it as “having already been proven to be false” – hence, they remained completely unaware of the breakthroughs in our understanding that led us to find that the process was not only real, but that it in fact was able to be explained by Standard Model physics – no leaps of faith required. So the conspiracy was only, I believe, in that there was a conspiracy for these people to protect their jobs – the way they put food on the table for their families – and CF was an easy thing to avoid.

      Now, many of the same folks who originally pronounced CF as completely bogus have awakened to the new research, and many are on board now. The mass media will take a while to catch on as well, and for much of teh same reasons – they announced what amounts to the biggest breakthrough in science in human history once, and then had to take it back. They’re going to wait now until there are units selling in every Home Depot and Lowes on the planet before they take that call up again! Fortunately – and as a result of the initial controversy – the information about the basic principles and requirements of CF/LENR are ALL over the internet, available for anyone – and this is the big point – anyone who WANTS to take the time to research them. The people who most need to see this new material are the ones who made up their minds about CF back in 1989, and still believe it, and anything associated with it, to be a waste of time and effort. The people who still believe it to be bogus are either fearful on their own, or are being advised by people who are. But they will, in time, be forced to see anew because this stuff is the real deal and it’s here to stay.

      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        You are letting some “scientists” off way to easy! There are those who used their positions of power to influence others for their own gain and to retain their power. How many billions of dollars have gone into hot fusion since 1989 so these “scientists” could retain their money and power?

        • You are right – there will always be small minded, self-centered people who will use anyone or thing to their own advantage, regardless of who it hurts – but ultimately, my focus simply doesn’t include even one single electron volt for retribution – only for working in and bringing about this technology. Those who did ill will be shown, and their circumstances will take care of them then. I’m keeping my eye on the prize – clean, cheap, renewable power for everyone, everywhere, as soon as possible.

          • Bernie Koppenhofer

            How many millions have died in the last 5 years because of unsafe water…..we have to make an example of those who knowingly thwarted LENR for their own gain, so it does not happen again.

          • Pipmon

            I quite agree with that stance. Most who seemingly ‘thwarted’ further study into CF did not do so maliciously. If true it had an obvious potential to roil their comfortable routine and so at the first ‘glimmers’ of doubt they just wished it away. By simply deciding not to spend any time on it. Just like when you decide every day whether to clean the snow off your sidewalk or watch TV instead. A decision that’s yours to make and you make it to suit your purposes. No one was stopped from working on CF if they wanted to (though it was made very clear that it was a suicidal career choice)
            Those whose position was/is to allocate funds to researchers have more to answer for of course, but their position was essentially the same. Now, no doubt, they only wish it would all go away. This IMO explains the actions of this “influential” physicist at MIT. For these people their next review should have pointy questions as to their acumen in deciding which “horse to back” in the very competitive field of fundamental research. Only a very few who went beyond their jurisdiction in attempting to squelch CF research should be taken to task (very publicly, which would be just as fatal as anything else that could be done) for interference beyond their legitimate domain of influence.

        • Yes, yes, you want to beat someone. The chances of prosecuting anyone is zero. So, perhaps some day the table will be turned and you can persecute those you feel threw a wrench into the CF machine.

  • Zero

    Open to the public? Sign me up, I’m going.
    I’m just a 2 hour car ride away from MIT. I’ll post pics after I go.

    • I’ll probably see you there – I’m about an hour and a half away!

      • vbasic

        One of you should bring a
        Geiger counter. Or at least ask permission of MIT to use one of theirs.

        • LOL! I remember the days of “If it’s nuclear, where are the dead grad students?” 🙂 We know why there is very low radiative energy now – despite the fact that neutrons, tritium, 4He, and gammas are produced (verified, peer reviewed studies) – there are a number of principles which, if you’re even slightly motivated enough to research, you can find online. Surface Plasmon Polariton Coherent Resonance (Widom-Larson theory) for example – explains how both the Coulomb Barrier can be overcome, as well as the fact that the gamma path is only around a few angstrom units in length. But W/L isn’t the only theory around to explain the observed particle/energy production. If you haven’t seen the CERN seminar from Mar 22 of this year, the address is http://cdsweb.cern.ch/record/1433865 and it’s a great start. Download the PDFs and then watch the vids. You can also find a huge treasure trove of research from the 2009 U of Missouri conference on LENR at http://research.missouri.edu/vcr_seminar/may09.htm

          And of course there’s http://www.lenr-canr.org/ – but that has something of a “true-believer” feel to it, and while I need no convincing any longer (I’m actively building CF cells now) I figure it’s best to let the guys from the US Navy’s weapons research arm (SPAWAR), Los Alamos National Labs (LANL), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Corp, Lawrence Livermore, etc., do my “convincing” for me. A lot of these guys are converts from teh Hot Fusion world… go figure! 🙂

          Happy reading/viewing!

        • dragon

          So? Did any of you got to MIT to check? Any pictures or other details?

          • Pete Hagelstein is probably just settling in back from Torino, Italy after the “Atom Unexplored” conference (great video, btw). I’ve got plans to head out that way on 5/20 for the MIT Electronics Flea Market, and will probably be looking to schedule something around that date. I’ll keep everybody posted – but I’m not sure they are passing these comments along any more – some of my comments are still “awaiting moderation”, so their attention may have moved to other more popular stories… we’ll see 🙂

        • LOL! I remember the days of “If it’s nuclear, where are the dead grad students?” 🙂 We know why there is very low radiative energy now – despite the fact that neutrons, tritium, 4He, and gammas are produced (verified, peer reviewed studies) – there are a number of principles which, if you’re even slightly motivated enough to research, you can find online. Surface Plasmon Polariton Coherent Resonance (Widom-Larson theory) for example – explains how both the Coulomb Barrier can be overcome, as well as the fact that the gamma path is only around a few angstrom units in length. But W/L isn’t the only theory around to explain the observed particle/energy production. If you haven’t seen the CERN seminar from Mar 22 of this year, the address is http://cdsweb.cern.ch/record/1433865 and it’s a great start. Download the PDFs and then watch the vids. You can also find a huge treasure trove of research from the 2009 U of Missouri conference on LENR at http://research.missouri.edu/vcr_seminar/may09.htm

          And of course there’s http://www.lenr-canr.org/ – but that has something of a “true-believer” feel to it, and while I need no convincing any longer (I’m actively building CF cells now) I figure it’s best to let the guys from the US Navy’s weapons research arm (SPAWAR), Los Alamos National Labs (LANL), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Corp, Lawrence Livermore, etc., do my “convincing” for me. A lot of these guys are converts from teh Hot Fusion world… go figure!

          Happy reading/viewing!

  • clovis

    Hi, guys.
    now wouldn’t it be kinda thick, for the U.S. too just set on the side line, in regard to lenr. when so many other country’s are moving ahead with their understanding and replication of the lenr anomaly.–Clovis .

  • Francesco CH


    Rossi reached 300 celsius degrees (=572°F) in a stable way.

    • Frank

      To be more precise:
      Rossi SAYS “We have stabilized it at very high temperatures…”

      Just more hot air – as always, not providing any evidence

      • Francesco CH

        The specific level of reached temperature is 300 celsius degrees (=572°F).

        • Rogerborg

          Do you even know what “evidence” means?

          • Ian

            What do you want to do? Touch it?

      • Bigwilly

        Ya? My LENR device is stable at 301 Celsius degrees…

        so chew on that.


  • RedRyder

    I have done an experiment of posting some information in the comments sections of the (yaaaahhhhooooo) article
    (Thousands march as Japan shuts off nuclear power)
    the first comments I posted were removed.
    I then posted another stating of MIT opening this to the public, they have allowed it to stay so far?
    Have been getting replies, some saying it’s too good to be true and others thanking for the information and stating they are looking into the information. I will keep up the task of trying to get more information out to the public on this. I very much respect what you all are doing!
    Thank You!

  • GreenWin

    Remember back in 2009 when Dr. Pam Boss of Navy’s SPAWAR lab announced the CR-39 confirmations of energetic particles? Here is how a TV station in Salt Lake covered the story:


    A story that SHOULD continue today – especially in light of Dr. Hagelstein’s revelation of high level corruption at MIT. The complete absence of free press in this sim is pathetic.

  • bill wallace

    end products? Heat is great but what else? When will they stop the experiment to examine the electrodes? If you wait until the reaction stops on it’s own you could lose information.

  • lenr-liker

    Has anyone seen any initiative or interest around conducting meta-analysis of the existing research on LENR? lenr-canr.org has a lot of material, and newenergytimes.com has a section categorizing some of the most suggestive research. It seems that if all the titles on lenr-canr.org were put in a database and categorized and cross-referenced by researcher, institution, findings, dates, replicability, etc. that the resulting work product would be useful. For example it might help legitimize grant requests, inspire experiments, attract sponsors, etc. Probably the researchers now in the field know of who else is participating, but maybe people on the peripheries don’t know the full extent of findings, and this might help amplify their interest. Not an overly simple thing to do, but I don’t see any reason why it could not be done with discretionary resources available to an interested lay group. So again, has anyone seen anything like this? Or think of reasons why this would not be worth doing?

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  • Axtell

    “Cargo Cult” dogma, as described in “Overshoot”, by William R. Catton Jr., pages 187 to 195, (University of Illinois Press, 1980) is strong here.

    Sample excerpt:

    “Space Age Cargo Cults

    “The cults that won Cargoist adherents among the citizens of advanced nations were not always obviously religious. The Type II belief held that great technological breakthroughs would inevitably occur in the near future, and would enable man to continue indefinitely expanding the world’s human carrying capacity. This was a mere faith in a faith…”

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