Waiting for October Again

October 2011 was a key month in the E-Cat Story — when Andrea Rossi conducted demonstrations of his E-Cat technology to some interested parties in Bologna, Italy. We know that not everyone was bowled over by these demos, and many people are watching and waiting for more definitive evidence of the E-Cat’s validity. Now October 2012 is now on the calendar of E-Cat watchers, with Andrea Rossi making the following statement on his Journal of Nuclear Physics web site:

Dear Antonella:
In October we will make a convention of all our Licensees and their list will be put in our website.
For now we are just organizing the network. It is also premature to talk of prices, since the prices for the domestic E-Cats will be set after the certification, which is in course. Only the price for the 1 MW plants is fixed, and the 1 MW plants are the sole item that Leonardo Corp can sell now.
To have more information, please go to
Warm Regards,

What will go on at a licensee convention is unclear at this point, but Rossi has spoken in the past about such a meeting and indicated that this will be a time where licensees will get detailed information about the domestic E-Cats that they are going to be licensing, and one would expect there would be demonstrations of working models at this time. No details yet, of course — but we can again circle October on our calendars.

  • Ivan Mohorovicic
  • Lu

    We are supposed to be getting detailed domestic E-cat specifications by then, September I believe, with orders being taken around that time. Lets hope there some kind of demo/independent test or my order will be cancelled. This is assuming certification or pending certification occurs.

    Also if Defkalion even remotely has the goods, we will know by then since independent test results of the core Hyperion and later the Hyperion system will have been published and Rossi may have to change of plans by opening up a bit.

  • GreenWin

    I am re-posting this because it is so important to the general movement of the LENR mindset.

    Here is what the inventor of the X-PRIZE Peter Diamandis has to say about the current state of the planet:


    NOTE what he says about DIY INNOVATION and High School kids (e.g. Pirelli High School – Rome)

    Peter uses the example of space tourism now a reality from Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic – being developed by a team of just 30 people led by Burt Rutan. Previously it took billions of $$ and a big government program (NASA) to accomplish less.

    • daniel maris

      Also, contrast Space X’s achievements with the Space Shuttle era that NASA inflicted on us.

      • wes

        Before NASA there was no space experience, no space technology. Space X stood on the shoulders of NASA to achieve what it did. It would be good to know some history before you open your mouth to disparage those who pioneered and have sacrificed much.

        • dragon

          NASA is “THE First” Space Agency. It was not made in principle for the people, but for the government, so they can get to the Moon and aquire new tech that was not available at the time…

        • John

          Actually the Soviets got into space before NASA.

          • jacob

            john,anyone who believes the Russians were in space first,are fools ,who were misled .
            the still Top Secret Roundwing
            Planes took to the skies in 1943 and were able to travel
            into the void of space in 1948
            the reason NASA did not continue its mission to the
            moon was ,they were told not to come back by those that mine the backside of the moon.
            NASA’s last mission to the
            moon was botched ,they were
            going to drop a nuke on the moon ,which was eliminated and destroyed
            by a superior intelligence
            Russia has been always behind in the space race
            and always will.
            Russia is far behind ,they
            do not believe and are un friendy to the Aliens ,the US has around 5000 registered Aliens from other
            planets , that you could not
            tell the difference if they walked right beside you,Russia has no registered
            Aliens and they are not welcome.
            the purpose of these aliens
            are, they fill high skill
            Jobs in plastics ,metalurgy
            computers and so on.
            we are reinventing things that existed before the great flood ,when the earth
            was under full cloud cover
            and the suns rays never reached the earth,and the secret of old age ,is to stay out of the sun which
            damages our bodies and food ,which
            are bombarded by x ray gamma
            microwave ,uv ,that shortens our DNA strands thats all folks,
            eat food grown in glass green houses ,and stay out of the sun,
            Cold fusion is a source of energy in other worlds

          • @ Jacob:
            Is your tinfoil hat of your own design and construction?

        • daniel maris

          I haven’t disparaged NASA’s achievements from the pre-Shuttle Apollo era. But the sad truth is that NASA persisted with a technology (the Space Shuttle) that wasn’t working – not for a few years but for 30 years. That is borderline criminal in terms of wastage of public money.

          By sucking up so much money so needlessly, the Space Shuttle (and also ISS – another useless mouth on the teat) prevented progress in thousands of areas of space exploration.

          It is a v. sad episode and to pretend otherwise is to defy the just verdict of history.

          • dragon

            I do not agree with you Daniel Maris.
            USA was not ready to spend Trillions of money in manned deep space exploration.
            Space Shuttle and ISS is a great Pit Stop to get new tech, slowly and with no huge risks involved. The amount o social changes when a civilization becomes space bound are too great to do it in a matter of decades. I am for slowly getting of this Planet. Let’s see if we can cure this planet and manage it nicely before we run to MARS or Europe or Titan to make a mess there.
            We need more technology and it is not coming cheaply. It will be great for Russians and Chinese to join Europeans, Japanese people and USA in getting this tech together, but we are still a divided Planet and maybe LENR will help to change that.

          • GreenWin

            dragon, presumably you mean EuropA Jupiter’s icy moon that NASA has proposed to visit with a ET-seeking probe.

          • I absolutely agree with you. The space station is the great white elephant of our age and the space shuttle was designed for the purpose of putting that great useless mass into orbit.

    • GreenWin

      Here’s an even BETTER link to Peter’s thoughts:


      Check out Jason Silva’s video INSPIRED BY ABUNDANCE (following the TED talk vid)


      THIS is where we are heading. And LENR will be leading the way since it is absolute, irrefutable proof there is a universe of abundance waiting for us. “Interesting” is too tame a word.

      • jacob

        that’s great,GreenWin , there is an abundance waiting for us , Cold fusion
        has been possible since the beginning of
        time ,but our peers ( parents) didn’t want
        us to know,and the world has been educated
        to makes perfect slaves for our bosses .
        luckily i decided over a decade ago to
        create my destiny ,and became selfemployed.
        you have been taught to be the best employee by our schools ,so your boss can make money by hiring you ,and if you make them lots of money ,you keep your job and you may get promoted ,and when you get old
        and slow ,you get fired ,a paid slave ,educated by teachers that were taught by
        this system ,which is still in the dark ages,suppressing knowledge and history of
        our past Civilizations ,suppression of knowledge has been going on for thousands of years ,and sacret knowledge is only
        taught to a chosen few ,who are sworn to secrecy ,including the the monarchies ,kings ,and some rulers of this world and their trusted servants.

        and the joke is on all of you !!!!

        • You must have been home edjimicated.

          • jacob

            Zedshort,I was educated in West Germany in the seventies,but also worked there for 3 years in Emden Germany ,near Tyssen Nordseewerke ,and some of the
            Germans ,that were soldiers in the 2nd World War were telling stories that were too unbelievable to be true,stories about the Kugelblitz,some of you may have heard ,the Foofighters,alien technology
            only given to the US ,these
            are well known,however the were protecting US and UK bombers ,by hovering and providing a protective shield between the german
            duesenjaeger and the alied bombers ,they had 500 of these foofighters,and they were the Deutsche Luftwaffe’s worst nightmare
            the german planes if they crashed into these foofighters ,broke in pieces

            the information on that can
            be found in a book that can be downloaded for free ,and is called ,

          • jacob

            sorry,Zedshort,just checked the availability of the online book, and it can be read for free,on at least 3 different sites ,and it is called ” Genesis of the new space age ” the secret development of the roundwing
            airplane ,and a very detailed history of things unknown by almost everybody
            details of UFO crashes,describing in detail,declassified top secret information ,gives names places and times ,and they are a challenge to believe,400 pages of information, I have personally seen a scout craft hover and witnessed takeoff
            at unbelievable acceleration ,in 1986 in Canada

        • dragon

          You sound just about right. It is logical that the Elite will keep secret knowledge to themselves and use it in a brutal manner on their subjects (slaves). It was always like that in history.
          It is a bad deal for all of us but this is the only way they can rule all of us.
          Now, the only thing that remains is to see HOW can we get to the point of self-ruling?

  • georgehants

    My bottle of Champagne has been in the fridge to cool a few times in the last year or so ready to celebrate an E-Cat or Hyperion that was to be demonstrated, but each time the outcome has remained inconclusive and the booze goes back in storage.
    I am still very hopeful for both of them, but it would be a shame if Rossi is put in the shadow by Defkalion releasing first as we still do not know where their technology came from.
    Saying that a working conclusive demonstration will be appreciated from wherever it comes and my bottle will very quickly be empty.

    • Ged

      What in the world has happened to Defkalion and all its promised information?

      • daniel maris

        Defkalion have indicated their prototype is scheduled to be made public in July – two months away.

        If they renege on that, we have to consign them to the dustbin along with Rossi.

        • dragon

          Overall, 2012 IS an exiting year. Imagine 2003 or 2006… nothing as exiting as 2012.
          I hope 2013 to be a crazy year, when everybody goes crazy about this LENR technology.

    • Shane D.


      Have a glass of that Champagne for the MIT cold fusion experiment that has been running now for 2 or 3 months.

      With some imagination one can find enough reason to celebrate a new LENR milestone every day…. I am proof of that. I’m through a couple cases of bubbly since the Oct 6th Rossi demo.

      Today I am celebrating last weeks conference (just found out about it) in Turin… cheers.

  • Casey
    • georgehants

      Casey, great find, does anybody have info on Roger
      Allowing that it could still be a con, they sound very convinced of the technology.
      Hopefully we all are rolling along.

      • Courious why the

        10KW Home E-­‐Cat
        Heating Unit
        Estimated Price $A 2500.00


        When Rossi has quoted about 500 euro$600 USD) often.

        Makes a difference. Some of the estimates seem inflated.

      • GreenWin

        Roger Green is a New Zealand citizen who has been selling an ethanol process (appears to be Dan Nocera’s water splitter catalyst) under a banner he calls “EcoGlobal Fuels.” He has not published a CV or bio, and claims a PO Box in New York City is an “office.”

        While this inspires little confidence, Roger appears to be a sincere entrepreneur interested in renewable fuels, breakthrough technology, and combating climate change.

        Before anyone spends $1.5M on a 1MW ecat – he and Rossi need to produce independent verification of e-cat COP, system safety & stability, and self-sustain mode specifications.

        Roger is not related in any way to GreenWin – the pseudonym of a Martian captive and native New Englander. Roger’s photo looks nothing like GreenWin – who looks more like ET;)

    • Ged

      Really fascinating. Their calculations and “anatomy” section for the E-cat are especially telling. Sounds like they have units on hand, or at least more inside knowledge than we usually get.

      Also of interest is their “we have witnessed the unit running in self sustained mode”. This could simply be a call back to the previous demonstrations of the E-cat, or something specifically, and privately, that they have seen. No way to tell for sure unfortunately.

      • Shane D.

        Hard to believe anyone would invest in the Ecat wthout either witnessing a demo, or seeing a report from a credible neutral vouching for it’s authenticity. Hopefully this Roger Green and others have… we’ll see.

        But then again, there are “suckers born every minute” so it wouldn’t surprise me in the least had they married Rossi on trust alone.

        I say this as a former “believer” in Rossis’ ecat whom switched to neutral after he (Rossi) misled us on the 1MW unit, along with a few other things. Otherwise, I am not a skeptic.

        Pretty clear now that Rossi is selling franchises. Hopefully these investors have done due diligence and invested wisely. If so, it would not only be profitable for them, but for mankind and the enviroment also.

        • Dave

          It’s possible that what Rossi is selling is the scam of selling E-Cat franchises. In other words, those who have bought an E-Cat franchise for a whole country will sell sub-franchises to people for parts of that country. There is a scam with it somewhere because it’s obvious that it never worked.

    • alex

      One odd detail: Steven Krivit was named as an author to this supportive document. I thought he was an avid critic.

      • Omega Z


        The Krivit supporting statements I believe was made before the falling out with Rossi. Nearly everything in the document is dated. I’ve read most of their info over the months since the October Demo. Some of it isn’t totally up to date.

        This Document is supposedly part of a preparation for a Web Site. Probably to be updated in the fall if all goes as reportedly planned by Rossi. If the Document is Legit?

        When Rossi was asked on his blog if he was aware of the pdf document, His response was “Yes”. Good catch.

        Rossi’s response can be taken different ways. Good catch as in….
        Yes he’s aware & approves or
        Yes he’s aware & doesn’t

        As always, Rossi’s use of English creates a lot of confusion.
        In Interviews where he translated Italian to English for Focardi & in his own interviews, you see him use the wrong words in his responses many times. Even when he gets it right, the necessary follow up for clarity doesn’t always follow. Hence, the reason for so much confusion.

    • Sanjeev

      This should have become a big news by now. For the first time we have someone else here, talking of Ecat, and not the usual Rossi says….

      There are no new pics or any news there, and it looks like a marketing blah blah. But something is better than nothing.

      Does anyone knows these two guys ? Credentials, history etc?

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  • John

    Is anyone really surprised by this? He always seems to be 6 months away.

    • Ged

      He’s been saying Autumn for a while now, so it isn’t a surprise as it’s already been known since last year.

      On the other hand, the new info is this convention of licensees and the posting on-line of the list of them. That’ll be cool.

      Hopefully we’ll get more leaked info way ahead of then though.

    • Bigwilly

      Mr. Rossi only has words. That is the only thing he has given. What justification does anyone have to believe that he has a commercially viable product?

      This is not an inflammatory question either. None of his demonstrations hold any merit to prove commercial viability.

      Perhaps I’m too harsh? Please enlighten


      • georgehants

        Everybody is aware it may not be true, so you are left with being a fair optimist or a boring pessimist, one makes one’s choice, just human nature.
        One wonders with the pessimists what they say to their young children who say they are going to win Wimbledon one day.
        I suppose they say don’t be Stupid the statistics prove you will never win Wimbledon.

        • Stephen

          I think there is a wise mid point… let’s call it “the disappointed neutral guy”…

          Then this can come in the pessimist or optimist flavour, depending on one’s sensitivity… but in the end I think we are not given sufficient elements to really figure out truth in this story.

          Note this situation is only due to AR’s behaviour. This gives a sharply pessimistic twist to my feeling about this story… because it’s a behaviour I don’t understand and makes not sense to me… but this is just my taste. Rationally, I can only be neutral.

          • alex

            I think your thinking outside the box looking in on someone thinking outside the box. We have a possible world changing event as exciting as watching grass grow, and the inventor keeps us well informed of the several year long event in gross detail. The only way to get more evidence is by interviewing all those who have attended live presentations, or attend the one he will provide for the public. Until then, it is very much like believing there is the possibility of life on other planets. A scientist can calculate the probability, and you can research UFO phenomenon until you are blue in the face, but it always comes down to where you place your faith without the empirical evidence to prove it. Skeptics won’t stop the technology from coming out, and believers can’t will it into existence either. So, we wait….

          • Bigwilly

            Hey Alex,

            You say, “We have a possible world changing event as exciting as watching grass grow, and the inventor keeps us well informed of the several year long event in gross detail”

            Who are you talking about? Surely not Rossi. Most of what he has said has been untruths.

      • Mike

        since he is not asking for money, publically, at least, why not just just wait? No need to call him a fraud when he’s not asking for anything. If he shows up in October with something real, great, if not, well it’s been a free story to follow.

        • Stephen

          I would bet something on the fact he’s getting some money from somebody who is easy to impress… we don’t know for sure what he’s doing behing the stage…

          • I’ve offered him my money, and he was unwilling to take it.

        • dsm


          Rossi has taken $millions from licensees for the home eCat.

          One is Roger Green of Australia who paid over (some months ago) a 6 figure sum for the rights to Aust, NZ, Indonesia & several pacific islands. Roger Green is now publicly listing his company as the agent for these regions.


          Roger has *never* seen a home ecat nor the factory even though he asked to do so when visiting Rossi in Miami. Rossi instead let Green visit the 1 MW plant in Italy.

          So when you post that Rossi has not taken money from investors, what are you basing the statement on ?.



      • Bigwilly

        It would seem the only logical position would be either indifferent, (middle of the road), or skeptic given zero evidence and an ultra extraordinary claim.

        I enjoy the discussions on this board and would label myself as an indifferent. I have no reason to believe Rossi. I must admit that I view optimists as naive or patho-optimists if you will who may be given to emotions rather than logic.

        But make no mistakes, my self and nearly anyone who has doubted Rossi, Defkalion or whoever would gladly eat their words if he miraculously produced a commercially viable product.

        Thank you for your responses,

        • Stephen

          I fully agree with you… we are at step zero: an exciting technology, which is NOT impossible but which has not been proven in any decent way. He have just tons of words and few so-called demonstrations which could easily turn out to be fake.

          So the final result is: no result… we are still waiting…

  • daniel maris

    October? October is too late for Rossi. We need to see some real signs of a genuine device well before then.

    • Mike


      • daniel maris

        Because he has indicated his million unit production facility will be up and running by mid 2013. I think if that is real, then we will be getting signs of that reality well before October 2012.

        Rossi has had many chances to give reassurance about his operations. He has failed. Why for instance did he never mention that the 1 MW plant was still in this Bologna facility and why has he never confirmed whether it has been shipped out?

        He may come good in the end but he will never win a prize for effective communication with the public.

        • joe

          Nuclear fusion was thought to be only 20 years away about 60 years ago. Do you think real scientists that work at NIF will achieve fusion ignition by November like they say or will Rossi beat them with his secret stand pipe.

          • dragon

            Not to defend Rossi here, but nuclear Hot fusion is a diferent animal than nuclear Cold fusion. They cannot be compared. Besides, NIF is a military operation, we don’t know what they did or not yet.

    • alex

      Oh, October won’t produce a device. He only stated that he will gather a list of companies he will license to sell his device, which we won’t know about until he ships the device to those licensee. It is still up for grabs on when that happens. I could guess is October 2013.

      • May be the italian high school kids will bulid a space heater or something for extra credit by autumn.

        • They’ll be powering their scooters with LENR before Rossi produces a home heater.

  • Zalomi

    Actually i don’t trust this site – I feel it part of the Italian Mafia gangs.

    • Frank

      Of course, in case one is clear sighted and takes in consideration the possibility of a scam, then one has consequently consider that a scammer and his associates will take advantages of internet-blogs for their (cheap) ‘PR’.

    • Francesco CH

      If it is true, then we must melt you into acid.

      • Karl

        That’s funny – the Italian Mafia behind and backing the Cold Fusion movement. Rossi made naturally a deal with the Mafia after his past oil adventure in Italy.

  • Omega Z

    Just to point out.

    Between Rossi & Defkalion, Rossi is most probably well ahead on bringing a product to market.

    Not taking time to track down the name,, But the visitor to Rossi’s facilities in January who mentioned the behind the scenes goings on with Government types & such said that he saw Rossi’s production prototype home E-cat.

    This would be the version sent to the United laboratories for certification. Defkalion’s prototype wont be ready before July.

    Defkalion, also hasn’t said (that I know of) if they will have theirs certified or will leave it to their licenses. Probably the latter as Different Countries have different requirements which will effect costs. This is considering that they can only market in their own territories. Why pay the cost of certifying your product for countries your not allowed to sell to. This just increases the costs.

    Rossi is having his certified in the U.S. The advantage of this is that the U.S. United laboratories can certify products for all the different requirements of different Countries. A one stop shop. It costs more up front, but is cheaper then certifying in each Country as most requirements are redundant once you’ve certified in the U.S. With only a few exceptions, the majority of Countries have far less stringent requirements.

    Note: For those who are impatient & wonder why it’s taking so long for the certifications thinking Rossi is dragging his feet.

    I did a little research on the United laboratories certifications in the U.S. Was surprised to find that they do Several Millions of certifications. Per Year.

    Understand this is a Government run Bureaucratic testing Agency. Getting a product tested for market with their work load in a year or less. Amazing. If you don’t understand what I mean, then you’ve never spent 6 hours waiting in line to get a license plate sticker.

    • This is not a government run bureaucracy.

      From Wikiopedia:

      “Underwriters Laboratories Inc. was founded in 1894 by William Henry Merrill. Early in his career as an electrical engineer in Boston, a 25 year old Merrill was sent to investigate the World Fair’s Palace of Electricity. Upon seeing a growing potential in his field, Merrill stayed in Chicago to found Underwriters Laboratories.”

      was non profit until:

      “On August 28, 2007, the nonprofit and tax-exempt UL announced that its Board of Trustees had resolved to develop a for-profit testing and certification subsidiary.”

      Approved as a contractor for testing by the government.

      • Omega Z


        Your right, but the U.S. postal service is also labeled a non Government Independent entity.

        We know where their marching orders really come from. It’s just semantics.

        If certain Government entities were to tell them not to certify anything that has to do with Cold Fusion, what would they do?

    • Roger Bird

      This sort of extended posting about what Rossi is going to do is sort of like long theological treatises about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. I believe in angels, and I believe in pins, and I believe in LENR-On-Steroids, but Rossi has lied so many times that I don’t see how anyone can trust him.

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  • You have said it all.

  • GreenWin

    Sometime in 1999, Dr. Carlo Rubia, Nobel Laureate Physics, Director General CERN, Higgins Professor Harvard University, Italian Knight Grand Cross, and Chairman of Italy’s ENEA (Energy and Environment Agency) requested three Italian physicists to study the “cold fusion” phenomenon.

    Antonella De Ninno, Antonio Fratollilo, Antonietta Rizzo, with the supervision of Emilio Del Giudice and Giuliano Preparata of INFN – the National Institute of Nuclear Physics, went ahead and spent 36 months doing careful experiments. Those experiments eventually proved excess heat, He4 and elemental transmutations in P&F-type electrolytic cells:


    Their completed study in 2002 and resultant paper is titled:


    It was later referred to as “Report 41” – because the finished paper was submitted to 41 international scientific journals including Nature and Science. All 41 journals rejected publishing the paper. For various flaky, hard to believe reasons.

    Here is an Italian RAI Public TV News report on the suppression of yet another study proving cold fusion / LENR is a very real and viable alternative energy source:


    Interestingly, Dr. Rubbia who ordered the study and helped edit and refine the final paper, suddenly went silent. The researchers could not contact him and taxpayer funds invested in the research was flushed down the toilet. However, the recent Open Source publishing of the Pirelli High School cold fusion experiment appears to utilize some of the Report 41 research.

    • Seriously there could be an open source device
      if the glass materials in the experiment were placed into a newly designed integrated stainless container as a controlled application.

      Lab experiments are all redesigned for a more permenent process in industry.

      If this design or small device was made open source without patents for any manufacture people could get on with it.

      Those who built the device from the plans would have to agree not to patent it or improvements.

      A true non profit organization could manage this with separation of direct ties to industry in its charter.

    • Roger Bird

      It doesn’t matter except to embarrass dumb-asses who prefer theory and authority over evidence. LENR is already way too big and way too open to be suppressed by anal retentive uptight a$$holes.

      • Unfortunately it means that at least one more decade has been wasted. There are probably many more such initiatives that have been so deeply buried that not even Greenwin could find any trace of them. A similar fate could still easily befall Hagelstein and his colleagues, as funding is removed and publication is refused.

        It is now pretty clear that CF research in the US is a complete waste of time and effort. All serious workers in the field, both academic and commercial, should take their knowledge and expertise elsewhere, asap.

        • GreenWin

          Peter, not a complete waste of time – just need be done with private sector development. We will need to expose the strong arms in cases like this. This is the second Nobel laureate who has been threatened or silenced with regard to LENR. UK’s Brian Josephson has a similar story.

          The day of reckoning will come. The ne’er-do-well villains will be apprehended and marched to the gallows with great fanfare! The ghosts of Bruno, Galileo, Copernicus, and Martin Luther will dance a jig, and tired overseers will creep off the planet for less challenging colonies. He he…

          • georgehants

            Rossi has said from the beginning he needs to bypass all academic interference and the only way is to release a working E-CAT on the market.
            If he has one he has been shown a very wise man.

          • Maybe a little less than wise when he focuses manufacture on the US? (Usual ‘Rossi says’ caveats).

      • jacob

        Roger Bird are you related to Admiral Roger Bird that was doing flights in the Arctic and Antarctic and found the land beyond the poles?
        Cold Fusion works ,suppressed it was ,and that’s a fact.
        suppressed in the media , schools ,universities that are heavily influenced
        by endowment money from big business.
        being naive and ignorant to the real facts
        keeps people stupid and leaving them with a distorted reality .

        • Roger Bird

          That would be Robert Byrd that you are thinking of. No relation other than we are both human beings.

          I am a LENR-On-Steroids believer. I just think that the toothpaste is out of the toothpaste tube and it cannot be forced back in.

  • Roger Bird

    This time I won’t be waiting. I got my email address registered with all the right news sources, and when something besides hot air happens, I will get a message to that effect and go and check it out. Otherwise, I am finished waiting with excited breath for Rossi.

  • PersonFromPorlock

    What will go on at a licensee convention is unclear at this point, but….

    …will anyone be terribly surprised if Rossi reveals that the licensees have unanimously voted to keep both their identities and the record of the meeting secret?

    • The truth would come out anyway. Like the fact that I bought the licensing rights to sell e-cats on the island of Majuro. Nota bene: by the time the e-cats come into service the place will be gone due to global warming so I got the license for cheap:)

  • GreenWin

    Astonishing isn’t it to read of brilliant scientists so HIGH UP in government – who become compromised, intimidated, and ultimately corrupted. Dear Dr. Rubia, Director General of CERN and Chair of Energy and Environment office ENEA. Then there is Ron Ballinger and Ron Parker at MIT’s Fusion Lab who trashed Pons and Fleischmann and continue to this day by corruptly interfering with fellow Dr. Hagelstein’s experiments.

    These men have slowed scientific advancement pre-meditatively causing untold hardship for billions of human beings – just to satisfy their inflated, self-involved egos.

    To be fair Dr. Rubia seemed to want the right thing. But once the data proved LENR/Cold Fusion to be very real – he disappeared – likely threatened with violence to family and friends. Mainstream science has lost all credibility – appearing little different than big racketeers institutional like tobacco, waste, casinos, and prostitution.

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  • David

    I do not believe that Rossi has the resources or manpower to do anything that might get a product ready to ship. I believe that when he broke from Defkalion he broke with the only contacts he had who were capable of getting this off of the ground. Now he waits, making claim after claim hoping to stay in the news until Defkalion comes out with a product. Then he will sue them for “stealing” his reactor.
    I do belive in LENR. I do not believe Rossi will ever finish a working device.