Defkalion Releases Photos of Lab Testing and Factory Preparation

Just a quick notice to bring attention to the recent release of photos from Defkalion Green Technologies’ recent lab testing and also of the production facilities that are under construction in Xanthi, Greece. Some of the photos of the labs include screen shots of data from measuring equipment in their labs, and astute observers might be able to make educated interpretation of what they represent. There looks to be considerable activity going on in the production facilities which appear spacious and modern. It looks like they are still in the construction and factory preparation phase. The slide show is dated May 2012, although it’s not clear when each of the photos were taken.

  • PersonFromPorlock

    Interesting. But let me be my usual churlish self and point out that ‘third party results’ doesn’t mean a lot unless the results are actually released by the third party.

    • GreenWin

      Can’t argue with that Person. It does look like they’re doing something and have purchased property in Xanthi. A very nice town from what I can tell. We wish them luck in bringing this product to market.

      Independent test results would put a lot of doubt to bed. How about it fellas?

      • dragon

        Last time they said Hyperion will be ready on July 2012. Lets wait until then.
        If by late summer (end of August) nothing happens, then we can start calling them names again.
        This release looks good though. Nobody sane enough will spend so much time and investment in a scam that is based on releasing new untested technology. Looks legit.

        • daniel maris

          IIRC in their latest statement on the matter they finessed things slightly by saying the prototype would be ready by July 2012. I am sure everyone here would settle for a properly tested and authenticated prototype, though final proof must await genuine marketing.

          I remain concerned that DGT is a licensing op, which seems to be the scammers’ preferred MO.

          However, if this is a scam it’s a very elaborate one.

        • That’s my feeling too. It all ‘feels’ completely authentic – a business going about its business. The promises that were made about publicising the test results were obviously a mistake, but they seem to be firmly on their new course.

          I hope that the (even more) chaotic period that now seems to be inevitable for Greece over the next few years doesn’t derail their progress. Once Greece is out of the euro though (and possibly the EU), attention will shift rapidly to Spain, Italy and Portugal and hopefully they will be able to recover quickly (perhaps with the assistance of the biggest new industry on the planet!).

          • hydroman

            and again i will state.

  • Karsten


    Is there a lead shield against radiation in the pictures ?

    • There is a lead tube presumably used in conjunction with the radiation sensor by one of the 3rd party testers. No external shielding seems to be in evidence that I can see, even around the bare reactor unit. I can’t read any scaling from the monitored radiation readings shown in one frame, but evidently there is some radiation produced.

  • daniel maris

    Wow! Brilliant photos. In terms of photos alone, Defkalion have always been the most convincing. I think that would have to be a pretty sophisticated scam to photoshop all those images. It’s much more credible to believe they have working machines and a factory being readied for production.

    It’s the first time we’ve seen a facility that size being got ready for production. Certainly gives me a warm feeling inside!

    I was v. hard on the way Defkalion closed off communication with the outside world, but this really does go a long way to making up for that.

    • dragon

      If only Rossi will include some photos in those long interviews of him.
      I think there is a good chance that Rossi is legit, so why it bothers him to put some interior images at least?
      Common Rossi, we (the fans) are demand it. Put at least 5 images that shows SOMETHING!!!

      • alex

        There is some interior footage of his facilities during the handful of tests Rossi has released. The 1MW test in October 2011, showed the courtyard outside of his Italian facility briefly. At an earlier update before that test, there was a viewing room with protective glass, and workbenches. Most of his interviews seem to be conducted in some white cinder block de-briefing classroom however. So far the work all appears to be done in the same building, not several different locations. What he hasn’t shown, is the front door, and the surrounding area for landmark placement. I’m sure for a good reason. Would be nice to know.

  • GreenWin

    A brief look at the data projection seems to indicate a reactor with zero input power and a ramp from 6kW to 7.5kW out during a 27 minute run. There is no data on how they brought the reactor to this point.

    Water flow total appears to be 2.5L/min at a temp of 60C stepping down to 20C across the time line.

    Water flow Total (356.2) does not appear to coincide with water flow rate. It’s hard to read…

    It’s a reasonable data simulation.

    • The thermal output traces seem to follow an interesting ‘stepped’ pattern. Pulsed heating or EM input?

      Tantalising, but playing devil’s advocate the ‘new facilities’ in preparation could be a factory interior preparing to make anything from kit cars to demountable bandstands!

      Nice to see something emerging from the darkness though.

      • GreenWin

        Peter, more intriguing than Defkalion’s “factory” – is trying to picture a “demountable bandstand.” It drifts toward fleshy innuendo…

        • Sorry Greenwin, try as I might, I can’t conjure anything ‘fleshy’ from that – I think it must be a personal thing!

          It was just something that came to mind as there is such a factory in my area – they make portable crowd seating, bandstands and concert stages. The factory looks similar to the photos inside – a few bits of steel on the floor, and various odd-looking fabrications lying around.

    • GreenWin

      They also appear to be using a rather old DAK 1-1A Russian calorimeter and software.

    • Ged

      What’s weird is the slide that shows reactor power (which is a constant zero), power in and reactor heat power out. The heat power out should be the actual measurement of the reactor (since it doesn’t generate electricity, which stays zero of course). It does rise above the power in line, but it also steps downward while the power in line stays constant.

      So what happened, why does the heat power out slowly fall off? In fact, in the very first ambiguous graph you see the same thing. The lower curve (power in?) stays relatively the same while the upper curve (heat out?) peaks and then drops off over time. It’s like the reactor can only last a little while and then loses its reaction?

      We really can’t interpret the data without knowing the testing procedures. But, from the graphs, everything looks weird; not how one would expect it to perform. In short, those graphs just don’t make sense.

      • Sparks

        I see that too in the graphs. It looks like the reactor loses its erection — perhaps a result of premature excitation. However, I believe there is a plan to add Viagra to the catalyst, which should solve at least the first problem….

      • you should see on their dead forum. they have explained their control method.
        it is a pulse control.
        the reaction weaken with time by design to allow to control it and avoid burnout…

        what you seems to show a good working.

  • Per

    I think the factory is located here:

    • artefact

      thats it! good find!

    • alex

      Wonder when that Google Earth Photo was taken. It appears to be recent enough to look like the photos released by Defkalion here on 5/10/12. Some Google Earth photos don’t appear to get updated often, so if the dates match I would believe this to be their facility. However, if the GE photos were taken a year or two back, then I would lean towards holding up the BS flag. The GE photos appear to show the planning stage of the factory floor out just north of where the Defkalion photo was taken from.

      • Per

        That was exactly my though when I saw the GE photo. Is it strange that already the GE photo has the structures outside that Defkalion hints at being factory planning stage as you mention.

        It raises some questions.

        • daniel maris

          People always seem to have difficulty accepting the idea that a new factory may be located in an old building. I don’t know why. A factory refers to a process, not a building.

      • Per

        The GE picture is taken 18-6-2007

      • alex

        If you look carefully enough, you can see Copyright 2010 Google faintly in the photo-frames. Dunno, I think everything is a conspiracy.

    • GreenWin

      Appears to be an old metal works or steel factory. Big i-beam sitting center floor is not used by LENR.

  • Ironically, I’m writing a novella about a LENR manufacturing facility, and several of the pictures resemble what I have described in the novella. It does seem like things at Defkalion, while moving along, are still a very long way from full-tilt production of the Hyperion.I think most people are going to wait for the version that also produces electricity. What is hard to understand is why heating water and then using steam to produce electricity, which are both familiar and well-known technologies, should be so hard to integrate.

    • Per

      Because of the conversion efficiency heat to electric together with requirements in high temperature to get those efficiencies.

      Although electricity is generally easier to use, much of it is converted for heating anyways, especially in the colder regions. So they already have a HUGE market making heat only.

    • Camilo

      The whole efficiency stuff related to the lousy conversion at low temperatures.

  • Seb

    Is it me or is there a spark plug from an internal combustion engine sticking out from the reactor?

    • Robert Mockan

      LOL! That IS a spark plug!
      They make good inexpensive insulated electrical feeds for vacuum and high pressure, and can withstand temperatures to a few hundred degrees.
      But THAT plug looks so used? What did they do take it out of a junked automobile engine?

      That is SO funny to see in an official picture release. (At least I use NEW plugs! LOL!)

      • Adam Lepczak

        I have suggested a spark-plug to Dr. Rossi as a way to put an emergency “stop” button to the E-Cat device. In case of an emergency, send a kill-spark to the reactor that fuses and melts the nickel -> hence reaction can not continue. Spark-plug is capable of producing temperatures way above the melting point of the nickel.

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  • Jerry

    Defkalion looks so third world, the offices are very dated as is the equipment, not like the more professional Rossi operation, never the less I wish Defkalion the very best.

    • Third world? Sorry, but what are you talking about? It looks like any new factory setup you might see on the outskirts of Livermore.

      I too wish them the very best 🙂

  • daniel maris

    One point always worth bearing in mind, I think if Defkalion are shown to be genuine, I believe it follows almost certainly that Rossi was genuine.

    • georgehants

      That’s why prejudgment is always wrong and can be very hurtful.
      Fairly skeptical with everything, but open-minded and willing to question even the most powerful DOGMA.
      If it is a fraud they have never fooled us fair people, who are willing to give them every chance.
      But if real, it shows the over skeptics to be the fools that they are.

      • Bigwilly

        I beg to differ. If the entities do show a commercially viable product the skeptics would still have been in the right for being skeptical given Defkalion/Rossi’s behavoir.

        • georgehants

          Bigwilly, Well there’s a lesson in how to be completely wrong and still believe your right.
          You have convinced me. Ha.

  • Tom

    Makes you wonder what some real funding could do for cold fusion.

  • Hi guys,
    Does anyone know if they are still on target for a July/August commercial product release?

    Can anyone confirm that?

    • GreenWin

      Linda, this being May already and there is no production line, parts department, QC, burn in, final test, or shipping areas in the “factory” – any commercial product beyond a working prototype by August would be a genuine surprise.

      But then, LENR has some powerful friends in some powerful places…

      • Thanks. You make a good point.

        They might sell a few hand-built devices. That would be an amazing breakthrough in itself.

        Also, I seem to recall they were following a licensing model. That would mean that while they could have a factory of their own, they would not be limited to what they could themselves produce. It is possible that one or more firms better set up than they are could roll out something a lot faster than they could do given what we have seen in the photos.

        The licensing model is the only way to go really. It could all be done out of a law office if that model were followed to it’s logical conclusion.

        Very interesting.

        • Meta

          They need the factory at least to produce the kernels if nothing else since their BP means they supply the kernels to all licensees. This in other words means that licensees can only produce printers , the kernels or printer cartridges for the whole world being supplied by Defkalion. Bit like them having the only oil well. Which would be worrying for a licensee depending on a supply chain from a very unstable Greece.

  • GreenWin

    In case you guys didn’t see this yet:

    “But let me ask you something, when I move my cursor on picture 20 the following pops up:

    C:usersDefkalionDesktopPP defkMelich pics 069.jpg

    What do you think that means?” Ransompw

    FYI, Mike Melich PhD is a Naval Post Grad professor of physics. He teaches courses on cold fusion and is listed as an Adviser to A Rossi’s Journal of Nuclear Physics representing the US Dept of Defense.

    • Wheels within wheels, it would seem. I suppose the obvious conclusion to jump to would be that the US military may be one of the ‘testers’, which could be why things went suddenly quiet.

      • P.S. Greenwin, thanks for keeping an eye on what going down at ECN for us – personally I can’t be bothered to wade through the endless verbiage generated by the popeye team and hody/milstone, but I am obviously missing the occasional gem.

        • georgehants

          Peter I keep away as well, visiting there is bad for one’s mental health.
          Here one can just look and comment fairly on the evidence, which is all that counts.
          Still no “proof” but good vibrations from Defkalion.

    • Sebastian

      Not all images have a “Melich” tag.
      There are quite some with the name “Nagel” and one with the name “SAM”. Could anyone interprete these names in a meaningful way?

      • Per$.shtml

        Scroll down to 20. You will see a picture with the text:

        “ICCF-14 conference organizers David Nagel (left), Michael Melich (right) Photo: Edward Wall “

        • DaveS

          Downloaded the ICCF-14 conference PDF document ( and guess who the copy editor was?
          Jed Rothwell! If Nagel and Melich were active during the 3rd party testing at Defkalion, could Jed have been far away?

      • Stanny Demesmaker

        How do you see those tags ?

    • Jim

      Some of the other pictures have “Nagel” in the popup, who I assume is David Nagel from GWU.

  • Partyyy

    additional jobs positions Defkalion:

    • timycelyn

      Browsing through the job titles is quite revealing. Looks like they plan a big marketing drive in the Balkans, for example.

      Again, looking at this together with the pictures just adds a little more to an impression of realism.

      Cash is a bit short? Yes
      Ingenious bodgers? Looks like it!
      Secretive? Yes
      ‘Go ‘ button pressed? Yes
      Scam? No way


  • georgehants

    From The Union of Concerned Scientists

    No technology—wind included—should be up on a high pedestal, unassailable by facts or logic. Rational people can and do disagree about what should matter when it comes to our energy choices, about how to value the trade-offs. But those discussions can and should be grounded in an understanding of the facts as best as they can be determined, not in some fantasy constructed by over-zealous opponents or proponents.

  • At page 6, in the first picture on the left I can see a Signalhound SA44B USB spectrum analyzer, the same I use in my ham radio workshop. Nice hobbyst instrument up to 4.4Ghz range.

    They use a simple wire as antenna or probe to monitor RF radiation from the reactor.

    • Lars B

      And on page 14 you can see a sparkplug at the
      center of the end cap. I wonder what that it is for?

  • It is growing difficult to believe the whole E-cat/Defkalion event might be contrived to scam investors. The possibility of some pseudo-LENR device that runs briefly but then fails to perform is growing more difficult to believe as increasingly large numbers of independent investigators and entrepreneurs are becoming involved. I just wish we could hear more from Dr. Duncan. Is he willing to give a thumbs up or down to the whole idea of LENR? Surely he and his people have had time enough to draw some conclusions.

    But with respect to research into the field the real problem boils down to, “How do you get academics to touch the third rail of scientific research.”

    • GreenWin

      Zed, Dr. Duncan was the principle scientist hired by CBS 60 Minutes in 2009 “More Than Junk Science” to disprove the cold fusion claims of various LENR scientists. He came away perplexed and convinced that something was happening he could not explain with classical physics.

      Dr. Duncan has recently asked for well organized government funding of LENR R&D. He also is heading the AHE (Anomalous Heat Effect) studies at the Kimmel Inst. Nuclear Renaissance – University Missouri.

  • Nicholas Payne

    one slide shows data 4/10/12

  • Barry

    Hi all, Off the subject. I Went to MIT yesterday. Peter Hagelstein is a gracious man. Unfortunately he asked me not to video the interview. Though I was able to video the “Nanor” the CF/LENR device. I asked PH if I could put it on Youtube and he recommended I ask Mitchell Swartz. So I emailed MS and surprisingly got a quick, gracious reply this morning. He said the device is owned by JET Energy Inc. And to send him a copy of the video to get clearance from them. I don’t think either one is sure of where I’m coming from. I don’t blame them. I’m just a guy off the street who just wants to spread awareness. Sorry for the wait all of this isn’t as instantaneous as I thought it would be. Hopefully I’ll get a written report out tonight and if all goes well a video of the Nanor next week. Peace, Barry

    • SH

      Great work, Barry! Looking forward to read your report and hopefully watch your video..

    • artefax

      thanks for your effort!

    • Ben

      Thank for the report Barry. Also, thank you for being proactive and making the trek to MIT. This endeavor needs less voyeurs and more doers like yourself.

      While you’re negotiating getting your video up on the web, perhaps throw out the idea of providing a live stream of the device. I don’t know if any of the parties want that much attention but it’s worth a shot. I would be willing to use my blog to help publicize the effort and even try to raise funds in order defer any costs if such an arrangements could be made. Perhaps the admin here would be willing to do the same.

      • dragon

        Barry, first I have to say BRAVO!!!

        Second, Ben’s idea about a web-cam on the system looks interesting and very useful for showing NANOR to others. I can certainly use this on the special Forum where I am trying to raise this subject.

    • Filip


    • Filip

      You’re too hard on yourself, Barry!
      It’s real amazing what you accomplished.

  • vbasic

    Wow! I think the equally impressive signs of progress is their hiring spree.
    Logistics, Procurement, Factory Manager and HR Manager with experience of more than 250 people. Plus, the all important PR Media Relations and Conference Management, because when they go on sale, world-wide media and the scientific community will swarm. Rossi, you better hurry and get your e-cat out there and hire some PR people also.

    • GreenWin

      Wouldn’t it be strange if Rossi’s Leonardo and DGT were actually working together? With breakthrough technology provided by Randy Mills’ Blacklight Power?? No?

      Dr. Mills is an astonishing person.

      • dragon

        If Dr. Mills is astonishing how come BlackPower didn’t bring nothing to the market 4 years after their supposed breakthrough with hidrynos?

        He is not even on the media’s “radar”. back 2008 he said he had this 50 KW electric system ready to go… Where are his hydrinos 4 years later?

      • GreenWin

        Gentlemen, do you really think Blacklight can continue to employ a staff of brilliant scientists and develop state of the art technology whilst conducting no business? Are you in the dark? Energy is a business conducted above and below the radar.

        • Ash

          Mills and BLP have been promising results for twenty years, while spending over $60m in investors money.

          The only new energy source in that equation is a perpetual line of suckers.

        • GreenWin

          Just what you’re supposed to say.

    • jfab

      just more smoke and mirros

    • Bigwilly

      This may as well be nothing. Some fancy slides to be sure but any good power point engineer can give you those.

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  • timycelyn

    L someone from Defkalion seems to keep an eye on some of the blogs! Those intriguing little pop up names have now disappeared from the presentation (on my machine anyway).

    • DaveS

      No mistake, the names have disappeared. The 2012-05_StatusPicturesFinal.pdf version that I downloaded yesterday, which has the pop up names, had a date and time stamp of 5/10 and 4:04:15 PM. Today’s version has a 5/11 and 12:26:51 PM date and time stamp and no longer displays any information on the photos.

      Defkalion clearly does NOT want to identify David Nagel or Michael Melich as 3rd party testers at this time.

      • timycelyn

        So the stable door has a nice shiny new bolt on it. Meanwhile, the horse is rapidly disappearing over the horizon. 🙂

      • Per

        This kind of verified them as third-party testers. Good job 🙂

  • psi

    David Nagel:

    Wow. That’s all I have to say. Wow. This definitely feels less and less like a scam.

    • GreenWin

      It is nice to see some Cali talent coming on board. Dave will be a significant asset.

  • Stephen

    Oh nice… after the words… the pictures!
    Still zero facts.

    “How could it be?”, “Why?”, “What are the chances of a twin scam?”, etc, etc… I think these are misleading puzzles. The only fact is that there is no fact. Still waiting @ step 0: a very cool but unproven technology. How long have we been sitting in this position? Months? Years? Can’t remember anymore…

  • LENR4you

    nickel nanotubes

    On page 7 shows the two gas connection
    On page 21 you see a blue bottle it is H2 and a green bottel it is N2.

    very interesting article about nickel-molybdenum-nitride:

    Maybe they use the nitrogen to produce nanotubes.


    • hydroman

      Nice pictures of a wharehouse. Some photos of a what looks like a high school science project.Great pictures of some perhaps scrap metal outside a window. A factory? A professional test set up? Sorry I do not see it.
      Wait I just put on my rose colored gullibility enhancing glasses AND YES LOOKS GOOD! Only my nose is now detecting the aroma of Pure BS!

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