E-Cat World Reader Visits MIT to See LENR NANOR Device

Thanks to E-Cat World reader ‘Barry’ for taking the time and trouble to visit MIT yesterday to talk with Dr. Peter Hagelstein and view Dr. Mitchell Swartz’s LENR NANOR device. Here is a brief preliminary report he made as a comment on a previous thread.

Hi all, Off the subject. I Went to MIT yesterday. Peter Hagelstein is a gracious man. Unfortunately he asked me not to video the interview. Though I was able to video the “Nanor” the CF/LENR device. I asked PH if I could put it on Youtube and he recommended I ask Mitchell Swartz. So I emailed MS and surprisingly got a quick, gracious reply this morning. He said the device is owned by JET Energy Inc. And to send him a copy of the video to get clearance from them. I don’t think either one is sure of where I’m coming from. I don’t blame them. I’m just a guy off the street who just wants to spread awareness. Sorry for the wait all of this isn’t as instantaneous as I thought it would be. Hopefully I’ll get a written report out tonight and if all goes well a video of the Nanor next week.

Peace, Barry

  • Pimp

    Good job, Barry.

    • morse


    • artefact


      • edog


  • daniel maris

    Great to have apparently independent confirmatino of the device. A video will be nice as well. I can’t see any harm in a video, since we all it’s the secret sauce and the internal processes that are key to success.

  • artefact

    I wonder if I’m the only one who realysed that in the DGT Presentation on one of the drawing boards
    there is a drawn cat!
    Is that a “hello” to Rossi? Strange.

    • dragon

      Agree. Very strange…
      It is almost like a declaration of war after Rossi menaced them indirectly with lawsuits couple of months ago.
      Maybe it is time for war after all:

    • GreenWin

      Wait a second… Michael Melich on the Board of Rossi Advisers is conducting tests at DGT, right? Looks a lot like the beans have been spilled. Trying to stuff em back in the bag wastes the taxpayer money.

      We do not want to be found complicit in that.

  • Again this underscores the need for an X-Prize. How long are we going to be subjected to these monkeyshine games companies play? Someone trying to make money off of LENR translates into an embargo of information. What else is new?

    • Ged

      The fact the device is actually owned by JET Energy Inc is news to me, and a curious bit of news at that.

      • dragon

        It looks like this is Mitchell Swartz’s device and Hagelstein is just helping with LENR theory maybe to get better COP out of it or better control.
        But it does look like some kind of partnership between inventor and theoretician.

      • JET Energy. Hm? Let me look that up in Charles Ponzi’s dictionary. Yes. Jet Energy. Says right here: “a cloak which enables us to say we’re MIT but not really in order to make wild claims and not have to support them with real science or proof because… whoopie, we’re a company out to make money and revealing anything substantial would mean disclosing company secrets”. Meanwhile people wonder why LENR and cold fusion gets no respect.

        • GreenWin

          Hey Chuck, you ever get tired of playing the skep? Would you tell us if it’s a job? (in which case, hey, a guy’s gotta make a living)

          • You said I’m a skep. I didn’t. I can’t wait for LENR/Cold Fusion to be real. Problem is the waters are being muddied by this business NDA smokescreen.

        • GreenWin

          Chuck, know what’s really confusing? An NDA under clearance. So, it’s a job.

          • To be fair, CP tends to blow both ways (as it were) which is inconsistent with the modus operandi of a paid shill (a la Hody/Yugo/Milstone/Ramo and the other individuals and teams we are all familiar with on ECN).

    • We hereby dub thee: Barry the Proactive.

      • The above was misdirected. What I meant to say is that the “monkeyshines” of which you speak are intimately associated with the desire to make moola, and hopefully in vast quantities. The embargo of information is the civilian equivalent of the truth being surrounded by a bodyguard of lies.

        You obviously resent being in the position of the outsider, forced to look in. It must be terrible for someone with a too high regard for their self-worth.

  • georgehants

    Am I living in a dream or does an MIT researcher have a working Cold Fusion device that has been producing excess energy slice January and who is inviting the public to view his experiment, but the scientific world and media somehow seem to have strangely missed it happening.
    We all hope Rossi and Defkalion have the goods but we all agree I think that they have not yet proved their case.
    But is their any doubt that Dr. Peter Hagelstein is offering to prove his device to anybody taking the time to communicate with him.
    Of course this not a conspiracy, all the premier journals and administrators are far to busy trying to stop the world being destroyed by the Japanese Nuclear disaster.
    When an working E-CAT is released science will probably object that their is a one in a million chance that somebody may scold their finger, therefore it had better be banned immediately.

    • Hello George. It does feel distinctly strange, doesn’t it. A possible solution to the world’s energy crisis, and the furthest up the food chain any mention ever goes is a couple of online mags like Oilprice or Wired. This silence has gone way beyond any possible wariness of anything CF related after the physics establishment poisoned the waters in 1989.

      Here is possibly the second greatest news story of the moment, and it is being systematically hidden from the world, just as the true facts about the likely consequences of the possible collapse of reactor 4’s fuel pond at Fukushima are being concealed (this particular story may render all others fairly meaningless). Greenwin refers to reality as a ‘sim’ – sometimes it feels that he may be right. Insanity seems to rule the world.

      • daniel maris

        I contacted the BBC about this story but they showed no interest. Strange, given all the odd claims they alert to.

      • GreenWin

        Yes, Peter. And not a very competent sim at that since it simulates only the narrow mindset of totalitarian thought.

    • jfab

      The “nanor” produces a few controversialy-measured milliwatts of heat. After decades of work from these guys (Hagelstein and his friends), this is kind of disappointing. It’s interesting science, but not surprising that it didn’t make the news.

      • dragon

        Advancing from point A to point B is easy and is guaranteed.
        Advancing from unwise to wise is never easy and not even guaranteed.
        Same with old Fusion: Theory and Testing is almost impossible when it is the Unknown that you are probing. Does not matter how many days you put into it. It is always the Evrika Moment that counts.

        But if you get tired or don’t believe in it then it is surely to stay at the same point.

      • Ed

        I too want to know why they have not scaled up their device to the kilowatt range.

        • Perhaps it has something to do with the lack of basic research into the phenomena and therefor a lack of an understanding of the parameters that control the phenomena and as a result they have no handle on how to manipulate the output/input ratio and so cannot make heat, and so cannot make steam, and so cannot make electricity, and so cannot turn an ice cream churn to make you a nice dollop of a tasty treat so that you will go away…happy. Just thinking out loud.

    • People with “just do it” mentality are the ones who push things forward, like Barry for example now did what many thought many would do but at the end no one did -except him.

      The media likes to report about events of medium importance. It’s not a conspiracy, but just a human feature that too large things go beyond most people’s “sphere” so they are often ignored or bypassed. The media attention is proportional to the importance only for small and medium scale events.

      Maybe at the end low attention is good, better than a media circus.

      • “Maybe at the end low attention is good, better than a media circus.”

        I used to think the same thing, but now I believe the opposite to be true. It is pretty obvious that TPTB are fully aware of developments and already seem to be using various ‘useful idiots’ to try to hold things back. The ignorance of the mass of humanity gives them the power to do this, unchallenged. Only when a good proportion of humanity is aware of the possibilities will it become nearly impossible to impede CF research without consequences.

        • georgehants

          It is possible that Cold Fusion is another of “the greatest forces in Nature”
          Have we learnt nothing in 250 years.

          “I am attacked by two very opposite sects — the scientists and the know-nothings. Both laugh at me, calling me ‘the frogs’ dancing master’. Yet I know I have discovered one of the greatest forces in nature.”
          Galvani, the discoverer of electricity

          • GreenWin

            George, thanks for this quote. We are destined to repeat past mistakes unless we learn from them.

    • vbasic

      Soon, Rossi, Defkalion, Brilliouin, Nanospire or another company will have commercial product. However, regarding the media,
      It’s about being burnt by early promises of CF. Look, in 1995 the Patterson Power Cell got patents, heavy investment money, positive press and quietly faded away. In 2008, Blacklight Power got positive press, 40 million dollars of investment money and we haven’t heard much them them since. So until there is a successful product people want to buy, things will be quiet. I am grateful for this site and others like it though.

  • David

    Ask qustions to Peter Hagelstein


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  • chris robinson

    Regrettably I am now of the belief that the cold fusion debate is being heavily suppressed by certain vested interests. As an experiment I recently telephoned a well known scientific guru who has a segment on a talk back radio show here in Australia ( Dick Smith country ) . I informed him that a major breakthrough had occurred in Greece in cold fusion without significant Gama Rays and asked him for his opinion . He then went on to give me some inane reply on the theory of hot fusion reaction in the sun taken directly from Wikipedia and stated he was highly sceptical and the call was abruptly terminated. Of course Australia would be a big loser as the largest coal exporter in the world . We also have immense reserves of yellowcake .It appears there is just too much big money at stake for any objective arguments at the point in time.

    • Claes

      That simply sounds like an uninterested scientist replying to something he perceives as a question from an amateur on one of the currently big things in popular science. I’m a scientist and I’m curious about this, it’s hard to discuss it with collegues though, not because they’re part of some conspriacy but because being critical is essential to science. So many are very nervous about being seen as uncritical. It’s normal science. We’ll see how it goes.

      • georgehants

        I think they are not frightened of being seen as “uncritical” but of questioning the religious dictated DOGMA of the establishment and closed-minded colleagues.
        Time I think for individual scientists to think for themselves and follow Evidence and not “opinion experts” telling them how to think.

  • We all hereby dub thee: Barry the Proactive.

  • jjaroslav

    The forces that are to be expected to work against LENR…
    From a political stability standpoint, All North America,the EU,entire middle east, most of Asia and Russia,
    From a profit standpoint -OPEC and all the other energy suppliers, all the professional environmentalists (Petroenergy the biggest enemy ever fought), banks, industry and transport groups(think reframing cost and effort)

    Groups who would most profit from LENR ….. ……. China & India??? The only way to save it is to open source it… otherwise it will get buried.

    • The Chinese people would obviously stand to benefit, but their government would see CF as a destabilising force, and are in an even better position than Western governments to bury it. India (again, government rather than people) wants a seat at the prefect’s table, and will probably play ball with the ‘NWO’ crowd to get it. If the technology to make a kW level heater is open sourced, it will become suddenly difficult to obtain nano-nickel.

      Bottom line: the world is tightly stitched up and the only way us peasants will get LENR is as and when it is profitable for the ‘1%’ to introduce it, after they have taken control of it.

    • Bruno

      I disagree. I think that the Chinese would JUMP on LENR if they could. They HATE the fact that they need to spend hundreds of billions of dollars annually to import oil. It’s expensive and is their strategic Achilles heel. Their air is terribly polluted, largely due to the burning of coal. Thousands of Chinese coal miners die in mine accidents every year. Finally, the oil and coal industries there don’t wield anywhere near the influence that their Western counterparts do in the US or Europe.

      • Perhaps you are right. However if its introduction is permitted, it will probably be within the same limitations I have suggested will apply in the West: government and corporate controlled multi-MW units only – no domestic/small scale units (far too disruptive of state control).

        • jacob

          you got it peter,far to disruptive of state control, here in Canada we have the Liquor CONTROL Commission,or
          i call it a government piggy bank,marking liquor up 500%

          We been had , cant afford to drink,can’t afford to smoke,smoking
          pot is illegal. Being broke ,having no roof over your head ,can’t afford to put gas in your car,or heat your home ,even if you have a full time …is legal

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      JJ, I agree open source would be a great way to go. Isn’t that what we will get if Rossi’s home 10kW E-Cat becomes a reality? Of course he must get approval from UL which means approval from all the groups you mentioned who will be devastated by LENR/E-Cat. So…..what chance do you think Rossi will have in getting UL approval?

      • Zero-ish? Rather less if he doesn’t really have a working prototype to submit, as many seem to suspect.

  • LittleKangaroo

    I sent in a tip to the two largest newspapers in my country about the breakthrough of Andrea Rossi. On both the tip sites of the newspapers they say that ALL tippers will get an answer no matter if they use it or not, but none of the papers replied.

    My country is a big oil producing country, and news like this would be bad for us at first. I think it’s weird how ALL the newspapers of the world are keeping this silent.

    We are being lied to by “the man”.
    I have to say that the newspapers of my country get alot of money from the government and the government probably controll alot of what gets printed…

    • Yes, it is hard to understand how this refusal to print absolutely anything about CF can be so widespread and so consistent. Not even ‘humorous’ articles seem to appear anywhere at all. And as you say, any suggestions that are made to media representatives are simply blanked – no explanation is ever offered, and anything posted online is just deleted.

      A number of people seek to explain this in sociological terms – as a reluctance to break away from the herd or fear of being ridiculed, rather than any kind of conspiracy, but personally I am finding that kind of explanation more and more difficult to accept. The implications are of course quite sinister.

      • tom h



        Thats all i could find from uk newspapers one from 2011 and one from 2009, not very good considering humanities desperate need for this technology.

      • GreenWin

        Hey Peter, we seem to follow the circular logic confirming the pathological censorship of all things LENR. Even the proverbial Fifth grader can see how many big industries LENR threatens. Moreover, the inevitable investigations and prosecution of “scientists” and officials under the RICO Act (a powerful racketeering statute in US) will confirm out and out corruption of these gatekeepers.

        And THAT’S all positive! Because all systems are cyclic and all tides go out. When they return bringing fresh water and renewed life to shore – the cycle starts again. Refreshing I’d say.

    • jacob

      LittleKangaroo, newspapers, tv, media corrupted
      by big oil,big pharm and big business

      • jacob

        tell the DONALD ,OPRAH or the national inquirer or other gossip magazines.

    • Gaute

      Er du Norsk?

    • RedRyder

      Agree! Maybe it is the thousands of small
      mom and pop news papers throughout the USA,
      they should be e-mailed a recent posting on
      this subject. I would think they would gain
      many readers with this story.
      I do believe that these 10K person
      townships would be the first on the list to
      purchase, then generate their own power.
      Many now have power lines owned
      by the taxpayers and employ linemen to
      maintain it. I am sure they will go Vote
      a resounding “YES” at the local Town Hall
      and have a Local taxpayer owned power station.
      70% savings over today will rule the day!

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  • Gregoryyc

    I’d give “free” millions . No questions asked . Only to see devils horn rising from oil barons heads …. Only had I won that 560 million jackpot. I’Another thing that bugs the sh-t out of me is this. How come those jackpot winners always turn out to be bunch of idiots ignorant of any socila and world changing developements that could help all ? consider Bill Gates or Buffets ? they sure knows about it too but do you hear anything from them at all ????? Yahe sure . they have “Bill and Mellinda Foundation” to “””HELP””” sorry assed kids in poor countries … yeah sure. . It only takes couple of billions out of their 100s billion .. a one day interest payment…. . Ever thought giving them free electricity to them that would improve their living condition instantly and not require their constant nagging “help ” ???

  • The governments of the world do not want cold fusion. Cold fusion as I see it developing would make individuals independent of government controlled and taxed energy sources and government beaurocrats and polititians will fight tooth and nail to keep that power. We see certain sectors of the US government acting against the interests of their constituants over the debt issue.