George Miley’s Lenuco to Present at TechConnect Showcase

TechConnect, an organization which aims to  connect innovative technology companies with investors and funders, will be holding its TechnConnect World Summit and Innovation Showcase in Santa Clara, California from June 18-21. One of the presenters in the cleantech segment of the event will be George Miley of the University of Illinois, who will be trying to attract interest in his newly founded company, Lenuco. Dr. Miley has been involved in research in the LENR field for some time, and has built a gas-loading cell which he has reported produces verifiable excess heat.

Here us the excecutive summary of Lenuco provided in the TechConnect program.

Location: IL, US
Speaker: George Miley
Title: Manager
Primary Industry: Renewable & Non-Traditional Energy

Executive Summary:

The discovery of practical applications of low energy nuclear reactions has created much activity and interest worldwide. Our approach using hydrogen loaded nanoparticles to produce heat that is converted to electrical output offers many advantages over others. Lenuco was founded to commercialize this technology and has a 2 pronged business model. One prong is to develop the technology for use by NASA to replace pu-238 radioactive power sources in future space probes. The second prong is to provide small to medium range distributed power source for home and industrial use. Both uses capitalize on the high power density and low maintenance, radiation free, long lifetime characteristics of LENR power cells.

The TechConnect program shows that there are a large number of companies making presentations at this event. Each will be trying to spark the interest of potential funders, so Dr. Miley will have a task ahead of him to try and stand out from the crowd. It will be interesting to see if his presentation will be convincing enough to find someone with money to invest in Lenuco’s vision and technology.

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  • Dr Miley would probably be far more successful in finding backing if he could present at a similar convention in Europe. Germany in particular has the money and expertise for development, and a pressing need to find an alternative to nuclear fission. A foothold in Germany would quickly open up the European market to his company.

    • Warthog

      According to a quick look at the TechConnect site, they “are” an international operation. I suspect there will be German companies tapping into their network.

  • LittleKangaroo

    Lets hope the eyes of the world will open up for LENR more and more. It is people like this that’s going to get the attention that this technology deserves out to the public. I’ve spread the word to countless newspapers both in Europe and the US and NONE have replied or put any of the articles in their columns.

    It seems to me that there are some kind of silent resistance going on and all the media is in on it. We had a article in my country on LENR in one of the biggest newspapers on Rossi back when he had his October testing, but then it went silent. I believe our government put a lid on it as they stand for the main funding to all the large newspapers we have. It’s really sad that no one is willing to talk about this..

    Not even a “what if it was true” article pops up anywhere… We need more people to have showcases like this to get the word out. I would be more then happy to do this myself, but I’m not a scientist and have no background in physics accept for 3 years at high school.

    Crossing my fingers for LENR and hope to god that the technology doesn’t get strangled under big oils fat ass…

    • LittleKangaroo

      Have to say that my country is an oil producing country and LENR being real would probably be pretty crap news for our government and that would probably be the reason it went dead in the news.

      Our government has a track record of making news articles that put them in a bad light disappear, or things that go against them in any way.

      It’s pretty sad, but money rule the world I guess. Or oil rule the world might be a better term..

    • “I believe our government put a lid on it as they stand for the main funding to all the large newspapers we have.”

      Where do you live? Your government funds newspapers?

    • Rui

      It is actually nuclear chemistry, not a physics background you need 🙂
      You’re right, oil controls the world. That’s why I’m sceptic these guys will have a fair chance until the big oil conglomerates and governments are ready to accept the change. Ideally the LENR scientists would sell their patents to the oil giants, so that they could make the technology switch without too much money.
      Even without the fuel income, there it’s much money to make from crude oil. Think of plastics, lubricants, cement and a all array of chemicals.

      • The figure for non-fuel use of oil seems to be in the range 11-14% (e.g.,

        I’m not sure that big oil is going to be happy with a minimum eighty-odd percent loss of revenue – in fact much more as oil will be in glut when its not needed for fuel. However, conservatively I would think that the transition would take 20+ years in the case of air transport (airships) and at least a decade for cars and trucks (battery electric), which should coincide neatly with declining reserves. The oil, gas and nuclear fission corporates will be happy so long as *they* have exclusive control of the introduction of LENR (because it is ‘unsafe’ for the oiks to mess with this ‘nuclear’ technology).

        • daniel maris

          I think it depends on the LENR entry level. My best guess is that the cost of LENR could be something like 2 cents per KwH.
          Might not be cheap enough to dislodge oil immediately. But it if was say 0.2 cents, then we might see a quick collapse in oil as fuel.

          • I think it is reasonable to assume that the path of least resistance will be LENR boilers designed for retrofitting to oil, gas and coal fired power stations, and for use in marine propulsion.

            Oil is only used in less than 10% of these worldwide, so the impact, even of rapid introduction, will be minimal. Despite the attraction of replacing heavy oil engines in large ships with LENR steam engines, the engineering will take at least a decade, and as replacement proceeds, oil prices will fall, in turn reducing the incentives to invest in conversion.

            So neither of these major areas of oil use is likely to have any sudden or deep impact, and the ‘controlled’ replacement of oil will probably be completely acceptable by the energy corporates (so long as it is they who make the profits from the new energy source).

            LENR in the home or in your car on the other hand…

  • andreiko

    Geachte;wetenden, denkenden, enz… graag wil ik u vragen mee te willen denken over het thema LENR en waterstof(H2). In mijn visie zal het niet meer nodig zijn om enorme hoeveelheden gas in te zetten voor verwarming of vervoer de koppeling LENR > electrisch zal zowel voor verwarming als electrischrijden mogelijk worden.Graag uw mening.

    • JWR

      Stuur uw post naar;
      Groene Rekenkamer
      R de Mos PVV tweede kamer
      R Leegte VVD tweede kamer
      Laten we ophouden met windmolens!

  • Barry

    Waahoo! It seems something is happening from all angles. Is this the year for Cold Fusion? It was fascinating to look up James Patterson and his magical miniscule beads he used for the Patterson cell. His claim was he was getting 200 to 1 output of energy. And then he died and it all seemed to disappear. But I guess George Miley picked up on it. I think he deserves the Cold Fusion award of the day.

    • Ben

      Miley began working with Patterson over a decade before Mr. Patterson passed away. Miley began his research the same year he won the prestigious Edward Teller medal for physics (1995). He was enlisted by Patterson’s company to independently verify the Patterson cell and has been a cold fusion researcher ever since. Miley was successful in replicating the Patterson cell but the results were not nearly as robust as those obtained by Patterson. Patterson himself had difficulty replicating earlier results once the first batch of his “magic” beads ran out.

      However, this is an ongoing controversy about that. Some say Patterson’s and/or people working at his company could not industrialize the process of making the beads, while other’s say Patterson just quit trying and lost interest after his grandson, who was running the company, died suddenly of a brain aneurysm in his early 30’s.

      But, you are right, Miley has never stopped trying to fully replicate the Patterson results and has used a variety of methods, many different from the original Patterson cell. It appears that he has had some success using the gas-loading, nanoparticle method that is currently the state of the art.

      I wish him the best of luck with his ongoing efforts to commercialize the technology through LENUCO, and that he is able to get the funding to advance his work. It is my understanding that some companies have shown interest but nobody has been serious enough to show him the money yet. Perhaps his fortunes will change after TechConnect.

      • georgehants

        Ben, thanks for info, very helpful.

      • GreenWin

        Thanks Ben.

      • Barry

        Yeah, thanks Ben

      • Ben

        Your welcome guys. I am gratified that I am able to add something positive to the discussion. I know I learn much from all of you as well.

  • Methusela

    Rossi says that the first 1mw was a prototype. A new one was built in the usa and delivered to a military customer.

    The proto is being refurbed and sold to a eurupean customer in July.

    • Francesco CH

      Andrea Rossi

      May 13th, 2012 at 8:03 AM

      Dear Pietro F.:

      I have been authorized to give the following information.

      The 1 MW plant has been delivered and is working in a military concern. It has been made in the USA, after the October test of the prototype made in Italy; such prototype will be delivered, with the modifications which we will complete based on what we learnt from the model at work, to a European Customer in July. I have not been allowed to giuve this information until now.

      We are working very much and very hard to be as fast as possible. For the domestic E-Cats we have the necessity of the certification made. The industrial plants will get the necessary certification within weeks.

      Warm Regards,


      • Frank

        Probably Rossi needed some quick explanation why the 1MW container is still resting in his garage in Bologna … 😉

        BTW: Didn’t Rossi tell the authorities in March that he doesn’t have any production in USA?

        But ‘true believers’ will for sure have a reasonable explanation for this contradiction

        • Francesco CH

          …And you now it for sure because yesterday you went to via dell’Elettricista in Bologna and saw the 1MW container with your own eyes, right?

          Rossi is a master to dodge poisonous bullets: you need to be patient and all the puzzle pieces, that now seem unsuited, will interlock.

          • Francesco CH

            A master IN dodging poisonous bullets

          • Frank

            No, I didn’t see it with my own eyes (maybe others did and were wondering why it still there) – but you just have to read Rossis statement. He said that the ‘prototype’ will be modified and delievered in July. So, isn’t it just reasonable to assume that the ‘prototype’ is still in his garage?

          • Francesco CH


            I asked you because I did it (last week) and there was no presence of the 1MW container. So, someone had already moved it.

          • Frank

            So, do you have information then where the ‘prototype’ is going to be modified now ?

            In case you have contact with Rossi, could you please remind him about his promise to donate for children with cancer (since he now allegedly sold the first 1MW plant)

          • Francesco CH


            It will happen only WHEN AND IF the European (civil) customer will decide to do so.

            As far as I know, there are concrete possibilities.

        • Antonella

          My idea is that the 1MW is in USA territory outside the American continent. Perhaps a military base in Europe?
          I know that Nato and Navy italian bases are USA property as Embassies and Consulates are.

          ..I asked Dr Rossi on JONP and.. obviously received a “no comment”.

        • Francesco CH

          Not in Bologna, nor in the United States of America.

          • Francesco CH

            I was answering to Frank
            In my personal opinion, Antonella’s idea is not a bad intuition.

      • Lu

        “For the domestic E-Cats we have the necessity of the certification made.”

        What does this mean? Which certifications is he talking about? It sounds to me like Rossi has acquired his certifications and the only ones we know about are the UL ones. If this is what he is saying that would be huge news.

        • Lu

          Iggy Dalrymple asked Rossi about this. So it doesn’t appear to be the UL ones and Rossi may have just been saying that they have applied for certification.

          Dear Dr Rossi,
          Earlier today, you replied to Pietro F., “For the domestic E-Cats we have the necessity of the certification made. The industrial plants will get the necessary certification within weeks.”

          Are you saying that the domestic E-Cat has now received UL certification?

          Iggy Dalrymple

          Dear Iggy Dalrymple:
          As I repeatedly said, the certification process is in progress and we cannot foresee how much time it will take.
          Warm Regards,

        • Francesco CH

          The problem with the domestic E-Cat is that the domestic certifications are truly f***ing diffucult to obtain and I will be positively surprised if Rossi can get them.

          I do hope that US & Europe will not f*** themselves with this certification bull***ts… In the worst possible scenario India & China will happily release two pences copies of the E-Cat, so it will be another self-inflicted idiotic competitive disadvantage for US & European economies.

          • Lu

            Certifications may be difficult to obtain but absolutely necessary if you ask me. However, desparate times require desparate measures and I’m sure that if the E-Cat and LENR is real, it can be fast tracked.

            If certification is going to be a problem I agree China and India and maybe Russia will probably have versions out before the USA and EU.

    • Francesco CH

      Do not worry for “the great country of Italy”: here we have broad shoulders!

    • alex

      Quote from above: “For the domestic E-Cats we have the necessity of the certification made.”

      X-Prize Quote, refering to two months ago: “UL also said that they had not even established any certification requirements for products like this.”

      My statement: I think this means Rossi is just ironing out certification requirements now. Ask UL in a few weeks dude. I’d like you here your negative spin on it.

  • GreenWin

    Dr. Miley should do very well at this convention. The market to replace highly toxic Pu238 RTGs in NASA deep space projects is a captive market. Pu238 is so dangerous it takes special requests from NASA to DOE to make 1-2 kg. Replacing radiative thermal energy with non-radiative LENR – at far lower cost will make NASA space probes less dangerous to the solar system and NASA engineers.

    A 250W LENA fuel-less power source would have a huge market for APS applications both commercial and military.

    • GreenWin

      Another thing that is so interesting is to watch how many LENR researchers have filed patents and started companies. How many people go to the expense and trouble to start a business based on research if they don’t believe 100% in the commercial potential of such ventures?

      This is all more proof and evidence that we are well on our way to the Human Energy Renaissance. A spectacular enlightenment brought about by an elegant natural phenomenon.

      After all, Dr. Miley reports his gas loaded cells start producing excess heat with absolutely ZERO energy input! The nano crystalline geometry of the metal lattice splits H2 which then condenses driving something like BEC effect. From there nucleons fuse releasing enormous energy. This is astonishing to today’s science.

      And of course highly annoying to old schoolers heavily invested in centralized energy and controlled science.

      Oh well, we are in a good and abundant universe. There is energy everywhere and billions of human beings are about to gain access. One great caution – let’s not over eat. And show appreciation for a benevolent cosmos.

      Hope that’s not too preachy.

      • Frank

        ” How many people go to the expense and trouble to start a business based on research if they don’t believe 100% in the commercial potential of such ventures?

        Well, if you get hold on substantial fundings for your business, then it can be very benefitial for one to start any research business, even when you are not sure if you will ever suceed with your research.
        You need to grant yourself (as a CEO) an ‘adequate’ monthly salary, a representativ business car …

        • GreenWin

          Er, many entrepreneurs run startups with no salary and no “business car.” They do so because they are passionate about their projects and are willing to work for little or nothing – to begin.

          The skeptopath cynicism falls on deaf ears here Frank. You might find more agreement over at Josh Cude’s sycophant ecatnews site.

    • “The market … is a captive market.”

      Granted – but as an auxiliary power system in satellites/space probes, it is a market of about 100 units/year absolute max! Even as a frost protector for cars (or whatever) the market would be minimal. At the moment it is ‘just’ the best proof of principle for LENR available, but it has some way to go to commercial viability.

      • GreenWin

        Correct Peter. But NASA is at work on a Free-piston RTG for higher power output on longer journeys (e.g. Europa submarine adventure.) IF George can replace the Pu238 with LENR this would be big. A 1-2kW unit would have hundreds of uses in APUs alone.

  • Jerry

    Rossi is a experienced business man and it shows, it is obvious in how he is handling this very difficult project against great odds he knew the only way to succeed was to do it himself, we wish his Success !

    • PersonFromPorlock

      Whoops! The existence of Rossi-spam is accidentally revealed.

      • I saw something similar on another blog recently – same post, two different ‘authors’. How does this work then – some kind of ‘press handout’ thing? Most odd!

  • Steve55

    Rossi is a experienced business man and it shows, it is obvious in how he is handling this very difficult project against great odds he knew the only way to succeed was to do it himself, we wish his Success !

  • Francesco CH

    Some information are leaking, in the coming weeks other news will leak.

    I was able to collect two news:

    1) it is true! The industrial E-Cat plants are ready & stable, and they are under certification process right now;

    2) for the domestic E-Cat there are many problems. But the main problem is just one: the E-Cat is perfect. Rossi created a perfect machine, and here the real problems start. Basically, the industries operating in the energy field want to obtain the maximum advantage from the E-Cat for themselves AND NOT FOR THE HOME CUSTOMER. So, they are trying to actively operate in order to delay and delay and delay the certification process for the home version of the E-Cat. A hard fight is going on behind the curtains and there is also the risk that the due certifications for the home version of the E-Cat WILL NEVER BE GIVEN. This would be a disgrace because, as I have already written, THE DEVICE IS PERFECT. It works perfectly, and it is a jewel of engineering.

    • Francesco CH

      Some information have been leaked, in the coming weeks other news will leak.

    • Lu

      Francesco CH;

      I appreciate your information and also your opinions about the E-Cat. You provide one one few insider sources of information about the E-Cat and LENR that we have–please keep it up!

      However, in my opinion the E-Cat is far from perfect. At a COP of 6, the E-Cat is barely economical. Defkalion’s Hyperion if true with a COP of 24+ is much more economical.

      The certification of the E-Cat is a big deal but it will be too important to be denied. The people and free enterprise will prevail, IMO.

      I also believe that the biggest benefactors of the E-Cat will be the energy and utility companies as they are among the biggest users of energy out there. Oil and other forms of energy will not go away. The E-Cat and other LENR devices will allow energy companies and utilities to produce and sell this form of energy for much longer.

      These are just my humble opinions. We shall see ONCE THE E-CAT BECOMES DEMONSTRABLY AVAILABLE, which it is currently not. All we have from Rossi, as he likes to put it, is a lot of tongue wagging and hot air (and not from the E-Cats).

      • alex

        Why can’t Rossi still sell it, and just have the customer sign a risk waiver. Then just grandfather in the safety regulations with a proven track record?

        • alex

          It’s like Fireworks, you know they could be dangerous, but as long as they warn you, you can buy them by the truckload.

          • Robert Mockan

            Um.. maybe not the best example. Here in California for the individual it is illegal to sell the best fireworks, illegal to buy them here,illegal to cross state borders to buy them and bring them back, and illegal to actually light them up. The last time I launched rockets I had to buy them in Nevada and stay there in the desert to launch them. Rossi will not have a problem selling any where else in the world, but I too would not be surprised if LENR technology is prohibited in the USA.

          • Surprising. I thought that here (UK) was probably the only place where adults are not to be trusted with big fireworks (or toy guns, or penknives, or…)

    • Antonella

      Did Andrea Rossi tell you that, Francesco? I mean the “there is also the risk that the due certifications for the home version of the E-Cat WILL NEVER BE GIVEN” part.

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  • alex

    Frank probably doesn’t allow Troll’s to own much spotlight. It would be reason enough for me to pull them.

  • GreenWin

    Trolls are welcome at the site.

  • Omega Z

    For those discussing UL Certification & insider Info.

    This is covered by NDA. You will get No information from them.

    How can I be sure that proprietary information will be kept confidential?

    Confidentiality is a very important aspect of our work at UL and is outlined in the application form that UL sends to customers at the beginning of projects. Furthermore, UL employees must sign an application form which contains a confidentiality clause when applying for employment at UL.

    Can I obtain the test results from the investigation of a UL product?

    Data developed during the course of an investigation is proprietary. UL signs a contractual agreement with all customers stating we will maintain confidentiality and refrain from disclosing third party information obtained in confidence. You can, however, purchase a copy of the appropriate Standard that indicates the requirements a manufacturer of a particular product will have to meet in order to obtain UL Listing, Recognition or Classification.

    Other searching indicates Data is encrypted & available only to the client & those of need to know. Confidentiality may include the clients name & product.

    So those who would want to find verification or lack there of from UL. Not Likely.

    • Ged

      Given this, the lack of UL saying “no” means “yes”.

      • Omega Z


        Actually it means we don’t really know. We can’t even verify there is an insider. It’s just here say.

        Personally, if I had a job working for UL, I don’t think I’d want to jeopardize it breaking NDA. A job stressing products & destroying things in the Process. Getting paid for it. How cool is that.

        Paid stress reduction.