Rossi Reversal: No E-Cat Plant for Italy

Just a day or so after stating that Leonardo Corp. would be be building E-Cats in Italy, Andrea Rossi changed his mind. The reason behind the reversal: a statement by an Italian official in response to a question raised in the Italian parliament about Low Energy Nuclear Reaction as a potential energy solution. A letter by Italian Secretary of State, Professor Claudio De Vincenti was published on which seems to shed doubts upon whether Italian governmental policy would look favorably on E-Cat Technology.

Some sections of the letter (Google translated):

At the present state of research on low energy nuclear reactions, reproducibility, although improved over the last years of the last century, is still unsatisfactory . . . As for the energy catalyzer called E-Cat . . . it has become evident that many doubts arise on the device due to the fact that the mode of operation have not been disclosed by the inventor. In fact, both the substantive aspects of the fuel composition, the internal structure of the catalyst are still covered by trade secret . . .

There are various and conflicting statements by the inventor. Occasionally, Mr Rossi stated that within his unit “does not produce nuclear reactions”, implicitly excluding, the device can be considered a nuclear reactor. In others, however, the engineer stated that the ‘ E-cat produces only the weak gamma rays that can be easily shielded with a layer of lead. This will not be enough to make the device easy to marketing a product.

Apparently this statement was enough to give Leonardo Corp. pause. Rossi stated that after a meeting, the company decided that “the production will be focused on the USA alone, for the first years.” In a later post, Rossi gave an explanation for the decision:

The false statements contained in the answer that the Italian Government guy ( a deputy minister !!!) has given are a clear signal. If you analyse the language and compare the evident lack of specific information of this guy with the arrogance of his conclusions ( for example: “the patent will not be granted in Europe”, and he knows nothing of the pending patents, or ” Rossi in some occasion said his apparatus emits radiations, in other occasions said the contrary”, which is false because I always said that no radiations are emitted to the external of the apparatuses from the E-Cats, and I always said that the low level gamma rays inside the E-Cat are turned into heat) and compare the arrogance of the statements with the evident lack of information,as I was saying, the signal is clear: lobbies bound to the government have acted. Add the fact that a person, financed by the taxpayer, is blowing on the fire to try to stop us to promote more public funding to state owned companies that produced only chatters in 20 years of work, shake the all and the resulting cocktail is: better we stay away from there, if I want not to get stuck in the mud. We will sell in Italy our production, but will work safe in the USA and, probably, in Sweden, where we are organizing a strong organization.

For those who have studied Rossi’s life, it is not surprising that he would want to steer clear of any conflicts with Italian officials. He was imprisoned in Italy about thirty years ago for his involvement with Petroldragon, being convicted for the improper storage of contaminated waste. Rossi has said that he feels like he has been given a second chance to make a success of his work in the United States, and it seems he feels that the USA is a place where he can carry on his business in a free and fair business environment.

  • This is reading more and more like a telanovela. Let’s try to find a good title for it. I propose:

    Days of Our E-cats.
    The Trials and Tribulations of Signor Rossi
    Rossi and the Transcendental E-cats.

    • John

      We should have a poetry competition.

      • Sparks

        Okay, I’m in:

        There once was an inventor named Rossi,
        With an e-cat unstable and lossy.
        He said “the fix is in”
        In hopes he could win
        The $1M prize from Dick Smith the Aussie.

  • DistributedIntelligence

    I’m a little uneasy with Rossi limiting his production to the United States. This technology is so disruptive to established powers and oil monopolies it seems naive to expect an open exchange on the free market of this system.

    The powers literally re-engineered the Anglo-American empire to run on oil and plotted dominance based upon the control of its supply and distribution on the planet. Rossi isn’t just challenging established physics, he’s threatening the central pillar of western imperial architecture.

    • Bigwilly

      I am uneasy that you are uneasy about some small detail in an ocean of hot air, lies, reversals and misunderstandings.

      Its like scholars “deciphering the bible” to adhere to modern science.

      I guess Im just a skeptic though with mean intentions.


    • I am uneasy with your interpretation of the development of an economic system based on fossil fuels as having been the product of something akin to a conspiracy. If I tell you that the second law of thermodynamics limits what physical systems are possible is it correct to call that a man-made or nature imposed law? If a way of running an industrial society evolves that relies on the cheapest sources of energy, should we call that a product of a man-made conspiracy or the outcome of a set of rules and initial parameters of the economic system we have all of us adopted? To call such a thing a conspiracy stretches credulity and cheapens the word.

      • Bigwilly

        Excellent comments Zed. I am sure you know though that you are posting on a forum/blog that is awash with conspiracy laden rhetoric.

      • Tom

        I thought you were smart… but seems like you have no idea what petrodollar means… or for that matter fractional banking…

  • dragon

    Of course there is a better way to show people how good and real E-CAT is. Just make a huge demonstration with 20 E-CATs and let many scientist to check and verify the input-output for many days. If patents and certification are almost done, nobody can copy or certify or do some damage to Rossi’s commercialization plans. This is also a good way to secure a well deserved Number 1 for Commercial apparatus in Cold Fusion history.

    It is better to show something than to fight back with words.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      Right, like Tesla. Rossi is on the right track.

    • The demonstration of a product is coming. He is correct to not waste time with demonstrations or even to turn such a thing over to an independent laboratory. If he should, then to what end? As he has said, if he shows a cop of 6, some people will want a cop of 7, if he shows a cop of 7 some people will want a cop of 8, ad nauseam. He owes us nothing.

  • Lu

    Rossi is playing with words. The Italian official says Rossi said “does not PRODUCE nuclear reactions” while Rossi responds with “no radiations are EMITTED to the external of the apparatuses” [Caps mine for emphasis). Since the E-Cat does produce gamma rays it is a nuclear device, albeit a new form, and prudent precautions need to be taken.

    The Italian official is substantially correct in his assessment of what is known about the E-Cat. Rossi’s Trust which made the decision not to manufacture in Italy at this time is probably his wife and/or a few close friends who are waiting for some $$$ from the Italian government (or don’t want to pay $$$ to the Italian government) to build the factory in Italy.

    I wish Rossi would just get on with it and release his product so the world can judge the verity of his claims, which is really all we have as the official states.

  • Antonella

    You aliens do not have any idea of how Italy goes.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      Antonella: Apparently you are right. Please give us your insight into what is going on, where are the true Italian scientists? Why don’t they speak out?

      • Antonella

        What I think of italian scientists…well,
        I feel very… disappointed. Engineer Massa, who would be going to test Abundo’s Athanor, has not found other interested people yet, he still has no real team.
        It seems that none of the scientists are going to act, all of them stay in their universities doing their business.
        Scientists are just asking to test the E-Cat, they are not interested in testing a primitive LENR device, first because cold fusion scientists do not need any evidence, they already know that it exists; second, IMO, because almost all of them have their own patent, given or pending.
        They will not stand for Rossi, they are all one against the others, they will not fight together against the lobbies.

        • I think it is a money problem. There is no funding for this kind of research, and that chances that you will get a bad reputation when you publish something about LENR is very high, which too translates into money problems. I am sure lots of scientists would love to do research on this topic, but they have to feed their kids too

          • Antonella

            well, scientists have told me that researchers in the Universities can do what they want for about 50% of their working time and use the University facilities. Furthermore cold fusion experiments are not expensive.

        • Antonella: Thanks, very enlightening comment.

  • Hurley

    Rossi would need to do more than just a demonstration. Just look at MIT. They have a “proof of concept” running and open to the public. They can not even get fellow scientist at MIT to get off their fat ass and go verify it before declining funding. Now that Rossi has the temperature for the Carnot cycle he can give a demonstration with an electric generator and power up something big. Like Edison and the Worlds Fair.

    • Sergio

      I agree, except for the giant screwup at the end of your post. Tesla and Westinghouse lit up the World’s Fair with AC in 1893, not bloody Edison.

      • Per

        Yep. Edison has gotten to much credit already.


      • Daniel M. Basso

        And while we’re at it, Thomas Edison was big son-of-a-…

        Not mentioned in the above comic is that Edison was big supporter of intellectual property rights, suing whoever he could. Yet, he was the first person to ever commit copyright infringement, by copying and distributing a French movie in the US without giving the author a single penny. Tell me about hypocrisy…

    • I also agree with your criticism of the scientists at MIT. (I have not, however, received evidence of the BMI of the scientists involved.)

  • BeerFizz

    Hmmmm… is this the first time he has talked about production in Sweden??

    • Antonella

      it is the second time

    • No, this is not the first time. In fact the address is a Swedish operated site, and he seems to have a good relationship with the Swedish investors.

      • Per

        No again. Rossi has hinted that the production might be in Sweden before this time.


  • User

    Where is my baksheesh!

  • Slammer

    I think it is obvious that during Mr. Rossi’s discussions with the officials in Florida over whether the device is nuclear or not that it was a misinterpretation due to language barrier. for example. Qustion “Is it radioactive?” their intention is does it use radiactivity, whereas interpretation by Mr. Rossi might have been “Does it emit radioactivity?” would explain the contrary seeming nature of his statements. If I were he I would use a human PR person for making all statements and have a translator listening during interviews. These people are really being overly zealous. Although I do admit he should have recognition of high level parliment people.

    • Slammer, I think you are basically correct. From my understanding Rossi says that he told the Florida official that: there are no radioactive parts to the e-cat and there is no radioactive byproduct. This has always been Rossi’s contention. For the Florida official to interpret this as “no nuclear reaction” is reasonable considering current understanding of “nuclear reaction”. It is also fully reasonable in light of the Florida official’s concern for public safety.

  • Bigwilly

    Rossi: I’m building E-cats in Florida

    Florida: He isn’t building them here.

    Rossi: I’m not building them in Florida

    Rossi: I’m building E-cats in Italy

    Italy: He isn’t building them here.

    Rossi: I’m not building them in Italy.

    Naive Supporters: Hmmm when he builds his E-cats I hope it has a turquoise colored on/off button. That is my fave color.

    • Tom

      China’s giving me freedom? Oh well, for the freedom’s sake, I’ll build them in China.

  • Kim

    Andrea Rossi has to jump through the hoops
    of Regulations,Certificates,patents, ect… ect…

    Its pretty obvious that this is the choke point

    We all know it.

    Pure Control


    • Bigwilly

      I would add “invention, validation, justification” to that list.

      More like pure subterfuge.


  • kirk

    Thank you Frank for the great interview with Andrea Rossi……..
    I’ve been following the story since Mar 2011
    I first heard about the nickel hydrogen anomoly when Blacklight power announced their success several years ago I believe Andrea Rossi has made an amazing discovery and is not a fraudster but to keep my sanity over this I just look at this as a soap opera entitled Andrea Rossi (Edison or Madoff) and his Amazing Magic E-Cat …… I beleive in the E-cat

  • georgehants

    [Vo]:Professor Miley- Infinite COP?
    Ron Kita
    Tue, 15 May 2012 04:49:56 -0700
    Greetings Vortex-L
    Infinite COP=?
    “Huge implications for Deep Space Energy and Near Earth Travel”.

  • Gordon Docherty

    Before going too far down the road of “Men in Black” conspiracies, you might like to consider the power of vested interests – you just have to look back through history to see the effects (often disastrous) such interests have had. The fact is, established empires don’t often give way easily, even when “logically” they should. So, no-one should expect an easy ride for LENR/LANR/CECR, even as the world crumbles around us.

  • GreenWin

    Italian Secretary of State seems out of his depth. It is a rather simple task to determine what if any radiation is emitted from an e-cat. Manufacturers worldwide have built millions of x-ray producing consumer products called televisions. CRT’s produce X-Rays and have for the past 60 years of manufacturing. It is simple to certify the safety of CRTs – in the USA it is done by the FDA:

    “The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has the responsibility for carrying out an electronic product radiation control program, mandated by the Electronic Product Radiation Control provisions of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. Through its Center for Devices and Radiological Health, FDA sets and enforces standards of performance for electronic products to ensure that radiation emissions do not pose a hazard to public health.

    Manufacturers of television receivers and computer monitors containing CRTs must regularly certify that their products meet certain performance standards. All TV manufacturers must submit written radiation safety reports to FDA outlining how they assure that each unit coming off the assembly line complies with the federal x-ray radiation limit.

    These reports contain a description of the manufacturer’s quality control and testing program and the television’s radiation safety design. Manufacturers also must maintain records of test data and prepare an annual report to FDA summarizing these records. The FDA has the authority to ask for radiation safety data including results of x-ray leakage tests from selected sets to determine compliance with the standard.”

    Let’s not forget high frequency RF (microwave) from a billion cell phones, and energetic microwaves from a billion ovens! No hysteria. No Secretary of State (usually an arbiter of Foreign Policy.) Just consumer products meeting safety regs.

    If Italy wants to lose the manufacturing jobs – Rossi should take em to a country that likes innovation, jobs and less political bulls**t.

    • PersonFromPorlock

      “It is a rather simple task to determine what if any radiation is emitted from an e-cat.”

      Too true. All you have to do is put a Geiger counter next to a working e-cat and… oh, wait.

  • The last time we were on this topic on this forum someone compared the radiation in an e-cat to background radiation. The next time I get a speeding ticket I will tell the cop that the world is spinning at a rate of about 1,000 miles per hour. In the grand scheme of things I wasn’t going so fast. If Rossi can do an end run around the FDA with that logic I can’t see why a cop would still write me a ticket!

    • GreenWin

      Yeah Charles. It has been claimed by a number of experimenters as BELOW background. I mean, arghhh… my microwave oven emits more radiation than my e-cat???

      You can also tell the Cop the sun revolves around the Earth whose dangerous cosmic rays blinded your third eye. Hopefully you don’t get Judge Judy.

      • Ged

        Something can emit less radiation than background, if it happens to be devoid of radioactive elements in its metals and other parts of construction. That, and it’s also sealed and been evacuated of air to prevent radon from being inside it.

        However, you’re right that this is unrealistic. There is uranium in our metals, our water, our bodies; and consequently it gets in our metals and plastics during production (there is also trace amounts of radioactive iron-60 in our metals). There is radon everywhere, and it’s the biggest source of radiation we deal with. Radioactive potassium flows in your veins, and radioactive calcium is in your bones.

        Radiation is just unavoidable, but in -theory-, you could make something be below background if you poured insane amounts of effort to separate out all the radioactive isotopes during construction.

        Now, the e-cat itself is lined with lead, which blocks radiation from the interior, so it can’t give off anything above background–or that is, anything above what the materials its made out of give off naturally.

    • Ged

      For your analogy to work, the cop would have to pull you over for speeding while you were -standing still-. If something does not emit radiation above background, then it is adding no additional radiation to you.

      Conversely, chronic radiation is not dangerous (does not damage DNA), and is in fact -required- for life to work .

      So, stop being so scared of radiation. It’s only dangerous above a threshold, and that threshold is well above background (talking a thousand times above background here).

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  • MJS

    The government official did not make up that Rossi has said both the device emits low levels of radiation and needs shielding AND later on that it emits no radiations. I remember this and was also confused by his contradictory statements. Now Rossi is claiming he did not say both these things. It’s no wonder people have a hard time believing him. He needs to get his act together.

    • georgehants

      It would seem one needs to be clear if you are talking about radiation being emitted inside or outside the shielding.

      • MJS

        You mean it’s like saying a fission nuclear power plant emits virtually no radiation because living just outside it for one year exposes you to the same amount of radiation as eating a banana. No, I’m sorry but it’s pretty clear that Rossi has muddied the waters as much if not more than anyone else about his device.

        • At any rate the gamma radiation is said to be negligible.

          Do you use a smoke detector or cell phone? No amount of fission radiation is good to health and every type has different risks and the word “radiation”
          itself discribes hundreds of very different types of energy.

          The paladium cold fusion process the emmission is nearly absent or at insignificant levels.

          It is very easy to latch on to out of context statements to propagate the spread of distorted reality perceptions.

          For instance although the “bannana” radiation is moderate realtively speaking it does not compare to the same hundreds of types radiation in a fission reaction.

          Which is heavier a pound of feathers or a pound of lead?

          • MJS

            And so what? The point is that Rossi has mixed-up and messed-up issues by flapping his gums in unthoughtful ways. He talks about others blowing hot-air but he’s done some himself.

            Now, I’m not saying his device doesn’t work almost like he claims, I’m saying his contrary public statements screw-up his credibility.

          • “No amount of fission radiation is good to health and every type has different risks and the word “radiation”
            itself discribes hundreds of very different types of energy.”

            It is false. you repeat the stupid linear law without threshold.

            under some treshold, radiation activate heat schock proteins, and prectect the body from following genotoxic aggression, like radiation, sun, chemicals.
            that is the well known ormesis, which is a proved fact with various experiements showing how fun it is.
            look a Tubiana articles fpr reference.

            like on cold fusion, forget about wikipedia which is infiltrated by extremists that even refuse ormesis, despite the scientfiic old and recet proofs, and the tota coherence with modern understanding of cancerogenesis and genotoxic agression multi-threshold defense system.

            anyway below 100mSv/year, especially if spread among one year and not one shot, it have no real effet, even good.

            ormesis apears like small long term effects appears above 100mSv/y…
            toxicity is in fact a bit like moderate sun tanning, protecting from sun burns, but causing some genotoxicity if abused for long…

            anyway even the 1Sv dose which make yous really sick, only increase cancer mortality from about 34% normal, to 37% (measured on population at Hiroshima and Nagasaki).

            smoking, drinking, not walking to go to work, fat food, is much more effective in increasing cancer that a hard irradiation that make you vomit.

            the popular belief on irradiation is totally crazy. good work of disinformation, quite similar to the belief on cold fusion (believed as unreliable, fraud, errors, few energy… despite recent proofs)…

            to understand how beliefs can be locked in false knowledge:
            based on roland Benabou collective delusion theory.

          • Ged

            Actually, low levels of chronic radiation pose little risk to DNA, and in fact are required for life to work as we know it.

            Kinda strange, but we do need radiation to live properly. But again, this is low doses, 0.3 cGy.

            Just thought I’d throw that out there as it’s interesting to me.

      • Robert Mockan

        As far as describing it as a nuclear reactor, that does not change. Gamma radiation indicates “nuclear”. It does not matter if Rossi has radiation shielding inside or outside. If there is gamma radiation, it IS a nuclear reactor. The Italian authorities would be understandably concerned, in my opinion. Misunderstanding or misinterpreting aside, Rossi IS trying to market a nuclear reactor.

        • Robert Mockan

          Ah, by the way. I have no problem with nuclear reactors. The internal heat of the earth is generated largely by the decay of radioactive isotopes… thus by definition we live ON a nuclear reactor, in the sense that nuclear reactions are generating geothermal energy. So what? I think Rossi needs to confront this issue head on, and admit, yes, he is trying to market a nuclear reactor, but then explain why it is safe for use.

          • Shane D.


            I wonder if that is such a good idea from a public relations standpoint? The average public freaks when “radiation” is mentioned. Even something so benign as the banana analogy above… if only they knew.

            Just the movie “China Syndrome” effectively shut down the United States nuclear industry for 30 years. Nuclear is a touchy subject and lends itself to political agendas.

            It’s possible of course to do as you suggest and call it what it is… nuclear, without stopping LENR products in their tracks, but to do so you’d have to have the green groups on board.

            They do have a history of hyping the nuclear issue to have their way. They may see the importance and they may not.

            They were wildly for wind and solar until the turbine blades started killing birds and blocking their view off of Marthas Vineyard, and solar installations required clearing widlife habitat.

            Maybe we should just say it ISN’T nuclear like Rossi is doing? Ignorance can be bliss as they say.

            No more bananas for me! See…

          • joe a

            Only little girls are afraid of a little hard radiation.

    • Ged

      Both statements are true. There is on contradiction, so I don’t see exactly where it’s confusing you.

      The -reaction- emits low levels of gamma rays in the keV range (very low level, I did the calculations in a much earlier thread for everyone), and this radiation is absorbed by the lead (only need 1.6 cm at most to absorb it all). So, the -device- emits no radiation above background. Put another way: No radiation can escape the device to a level that would be indistinguishable above background.

      So, there is no contradiction and no confusion from what I see. Just need to pay attention to what’s being discussed and -where- the radiation is being measured: inside the device or outside the device.

  • Sparks

    Somebody (“John”) suggested a poetry competition at the end of this thread. So here goes — If you’ve got something better, let’s hear it! ….

    There once was an inventor named Rossi,
    With an e-cat unstable and lossy.
    He said “the fix is in”
    In hopes he could win
    The $1M prize from Dick Smith the Aussie.

    • Wonder

      My poem!

      There was once an italian named rossi
      who made up stories that were lousy
      he sang his song
      they sounded all wrong
      And the puppets all danced in thongs


      p.s. I really hope Rossi can pull off an e-cat 🙂

    • Wonder

      hahaha nice!

      • Wizer13

        Always, he was, afraid of snakes and puppets ;
        Skeptical brats rejoiced over his threats ;
        But they still could be proven wrong ;
        And their jaw would be as long as a horse d**g ;
        When you’ll be warmed by the heat of cold fusion ;
        Remember that not so long ago you were in denial ;
        As for me it’s delusion ;
        To think that oil is eternal ;

    • dsm

      An Italian inventions man
      Built a reactor inside a tin can
      It spluttered and hissed when he used catalyst
      But from Italy got itself banned.


      • Wonder

        haha. love it!

      • Sparks

        Thumbs up!!

  • Wonder

    They say the tragedy of a liar is that a liar will never be able to trust anyone else. This is true with our friend Rossi. Rossi is paranoid of snakes, because he is one himself.

    I admire defkalion for knowing when to stop speaking, and now that they have showed pictures, more power to them.

    Rossi just keeps talking and talking and telling stories. Talking about fictitious factories, magical elf robots, and temperature stability. The sad thing is that he probably did stumble across something and as he said, the market will decide. My bets are not on this snake. So I’m cheering for anyone but Rossi and his fake academic journal.

    • Jim

      “Rossi is paranoid of snakes, because he is one himself.”

      Oh please. You know only what you hear in the media and that’s little.

      Snake bitten people are also afraid of snakes. If you’d bothered to research the least bit, you’d know he’s been bitten before by the italian government. He’s got every reason to not trust them.

      And btw, snakes are not afraid of other snakes!

    • jacob

      hey,Wonder,before you shoot off your mouth,please,please,pretty please do at least
      3 minutes worth of research on the subject of LENR
      Cold Fusion ,oh sorry ,i mean have at least the
      foggiest clue about it at all ,before you comment
      on something you seem to know nothing about.

      don’t be fooled by your knowledge ,whereby you base your opinions ,you are just another victim of
      text book fraught science.

      • Wonder

        i think we have to be realistic here. I’m not saying thy lern or cold fusion isn’t real, please re-read my post.

        It’s a critique of a man who has had an abysmal communication strategy. As well, when I do research, it’s with real academic journals with REAL peer review.

        Again, I believe there is something real here, but Rossi has provided so much miss information, let’s watch and see what the market decides 😉

        • Wonder

          Ps. I really do hope Rossi is successful. I know he has faced a lot of critisim, hopefully the criticism is taken in a positive and constructive manner.

          • RGCheek

            I dont think Rossi has been lying so much as there is much confusion in translation and his responses.

  • The Italian politician was inaccurate and his statement seemed to rely on media snippets many
    who are unfounded skeptics.


    “At the present state of research on low energy nuclear reactions, reproducibility, although improved over the last years of the last century, is still unsatisfactory. In addition, research on the phenomena in question is still limited to laboratory level since the day the most successful experiments conducted to date have detected only developments of heat for power equal to a fraction of a watt.”

    This both misleading and inaccurate.

    Equally as puzzling is Rossi’s sudden comdenation
    this statement, it is hardly news it was made on January 23, 2012.

    It is a general opinion of what was floating around or known in the media at the time.

  • s

    My prediction, which is my opinion only, is that: (1)there won’t be an Ecat factory anywhere within the next 5 years. And (2) there is a high probability there will never be an Ecat factory. I base this on my opinion that the Ecat “story” has, since October, been following the same pattern as many OTC/ pink sheet startups. This is to say a lot of talk, marketing, and publicity, but very little in the way of independently verified technical progress.

    • RGCheek

      So what?

      And I predict that in five years you will be sweeping streets in Bogotai.

      My, how easy that is, but it proves nothing.

  • Well, then every old TV Set is a dangerous nuclear reactor.

    • alex

      Positively Correct, X-rays can be produced when electrons, accelerated by high voltage, strike an obstacle while traveling in a vacuum, as in a TV containing a cathode ray tube (CRT. Hell, back in 69′ the government limited x-ray emissions from TV receivers to 0.5 milliroentgen per hour (mR/hr) was issued. They called it safe enough. Perhaps we can find out what a home e-cat produces. I’ll bet you wouldn’t find yourself staring at it 8 hours a day a foot away from it, so you could turn the knob between reruns of howdy doody, and mickey mouse cartoons.

      • alex

        Ask OJ’s lawyer if he thinks cell phones are considered safe. Oh yeah, you can’t he died from cell phone radiation to the brain. Sure it was non-ionizing radiation, but you also won’t be making calls from your e-cat.

        It really would be BS, if he couldn’t get a patent for these type of safety reasons.

      • alex

        I’ll ask Rossi to compare the radiation danger of his e-cat to a few commonly used home devices. It could put us users at ease, and make safety concerns seem trivial. The idea of it being a viable common place device, would be something for believers, and skeptics to chew on.

      • alex
  • Although it’s bad for Italy – which could be turned around economically by the potential success of the E-Cat – I’m glad for America that it is our economy that will benefit!

  • SeanMac

    Rossi is smarter than he was as a lad, he is done trying to reason with the Italian Mafia, he will stay where it is safe to develop his tech in peace.

    • Francesco CH

      In this case, the “Italian mafia” is two energy&nuclear groups: one Italian and one French.

      So, it is something very different from what you can think.

      • Rockyspoon

        You have a point–Rossi’s technology could completely make the current nuclear paradign In France and Italy irrelevant in a matter of months; nobody would contine with the current approach when there’s a LENR device with so much potential (assuming it can be demonstrated say, in October).

        However, those that thwart forward progress on the energy front are playing a dangerous and risky game–their actions could carry criminal liability except for one thing–it’s France and Italy, the capitals of crime. I feel sorry for their citizens, however.

        • RGCheek

          For every energy industry that might lose business and try to obstruct LENR, there are twenty that will save billions in energy costs.
          But I guess those just dont count in the conspiratorial world view?

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  • Roberto

    So, is there a de facto agreement between pseudo-skepticals and italian politicians? I offer, as an italian, my congratulations …

    • Roberto

      In order to avoid misunderstandings: I am obviously ironic. There’s plenty of people that know exactly that e-cat is a scam, and I’m asking to myself why don’t they show us their negative evidence.

    • Roberto

      In a situation of doubt it is rational to be doubtful. Everybody who leaves the doubt in favor of a certainty, must do this with some sort of positive or negative evidence. So De Vincenti should have the duty to show us why he talks that way to the mass. His speaking is the same as Rossi’s speaking. I can be pseudo-skeptical with De Vincenti. He’s probably a fraudster.

  • john29302

    Evidence of no such .5 megawatts of heat are generated from the megawatt generator he claims to have done in Bologna in October. No one can answer simply where this heat went. That much could be felt, seen, made evident in some form. Rossi giggled and cavorted, pranced and touted wildly around saying the device was performing. Yet there was no such thing occurring as claimed. That much heat cant be exchanged, it cant dissapate instantly, it would be like a 500, 000 watt oven. an exchanger would heat a pool, fill a hot air balloon in 5 minutes,etc. his only hope is he wants to make it appear a hoax. big oil make a billion every hour in profit. They would have him killed. Its like a fact of life that he would be snuffed. if rossi does trump the oil companies and be allowed to thrive with a working product the oil execs should be all fired for letting him live. he is still breathing due tue they know its a big fat juicy lie.

    • RGCheek

      john, you dont know what you are talking about. Rosi was running tons of cold water through his e-cat and it heated an average of 5 degrees centigrade.
      As to your conspiratorial rant on assassination, you are ridiculous. Stop watching so much murder mystery TV.

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  • Andre

    Работа реактора доказана. Зачем они оплевывают Росси!!! Он же продал свой дом ,чтобы сделать реактор!!!
    Это уникальный пример ,когда ученый одиночка победил газовую и нефтяную мафию

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