Video of Cold Fusion NANOR Device at MIT

Many thanks to Barry Simon for sending me a link to this video he made of his recent visit to MIT to see Dr. Peter Hagelstein and film the cold fusion NANOR device invented by Mitchell Swartz and JET Energy Inc. which has been running there since January of this year. It’s a very interesting video made all the better, in my opinion, by the lovely music which is included, courtesy of Barry’s own Starry Night Band.

  • Per

    Thanks for the video. I agree that 0.1 W doesn’t seem much but if it’s 0.1 W generated with LENR then it is revolutionary.

    My hope is that this can be proven academically then the discussion might be ignited and valuable resources may be directed towards this research.

    Good work Barry and nice music!

  • Stephen Taylor

    Powerful. Delightful. Thank you so much for this lovely gift. Stephen T.

  • Karl

    Fine video Berry.

    I see this blog as one of the better sources in this topic and it is more or less clean from poisonous sceptics. A healthy portion of sceptic position is always good and to my mind but we should be much more sceptic to how major science process handle and mishandle the story of CF/LENR. Fine work by you Frank. I’ve been following the CF/LENR saga quite intensively the last two year, since I read about Rossi demos in Ny Teknik; one of the few generally available scientific/technical newspapers in the world that until now have presented information open and honestly. In spite of less speculative news from Rossi, Defkalion and other players in the field during 2012, the relatively silence in media persists and the attitude noticeable from larger “respected” science community still strikes.

    I wonder if we are not being misled by the science community, and the community misleading it self away from truth in the science process with its significantly (over)spending. For example hunt for the missing Higgs particle and Hot Fusion proponent’s ambition to take the sun down to earth based on certain “theories”. Personally I deem it interesting and valuable to increase the collective knowledge of man. However, we may not forget that huge project like LHD Cern and ITER offers a good number of carrier possibilities for those involved in the scientific community. As such it could limit a healthy insight and prevent competing alternatives to emerge especially if these do not offer similar personal benefits and any scientist regarding position is just a human being after all.

    Just imagine the fragments of tax resources in comparison that would be needed to once and for all “kill that Rossi CAT” or one the contrary officially proof the waste amount of anomalous heat that is possible. In the latter case we can create unlimited clean energy resource and have access to a real game changer to the better for all spices on this earth. It should be a proper time by now for media and or science community to walk the line without risk to be deemed fools or else being blamed for preventing honest publications after it is openly shown by Ross et al.

    Imagine the positive effect cheap fossil and fission energy once made to ease the social-, economic and political sphere. It has created wealth on one hand but at an increasing cost on the environment and the wars to grasp the limited natural resources. There is not hard to imagine that CF/LENR anomalous heat innovations will take us far beyond the effect cheap fossil and nuclear fission fuel once made to improve wealth, ease living conditions.

    The human ability convert natural resources into real value, work and wealth forms the basic national economy theories. In the case any human or family on this earth on any location should get access to almost free and clean energy that last virtually forever, almost everything imaginable can be possible. One may think of a village located for example on the African desert, that now could easily create its own housing, food and living in conditions similar to any location on the earth. Of course one can consider this a romantic and naïve view but as usual if we have the tools we can use it for the good or the bad.

    I believe CF/LENR is real but I think it gradually creates other challenges, like an increasing flow of products and use of multiple natural resources, like mines, forest, soil etc. The environment movement should in such case need to move into direction of protection of such resources. Perhaps

  • In case any of you have also been following Blacklight Power, there was a very significant press release today in the WSJ:

    • Zero

      Well this is interesting… I wonder how this will effect LENR. It sounds like there’s going to be a competitor right out of the starting gate.

      While it might not be directly relevant to LENR or the E-Cat, I think that this deserves it’s own blog post.

      • GreenWin

        Definitely worth a story of its own. Stunning how fast all the LENR action is arriving in black – even without mainstream press.

        • edog

          Thanks for the video Barry! Lovely relaxing music too!
          Too bad we couldnt see inside the box 🙂

          How about this BLP Energy Catalyiser ??
          Read the reports? Pretty bloody impressive!!

          Anyone up on Mill’s Theories? I want to know how reactive his low energy state “Hydrinos” are?

          What I really wannna know is:

          Could you fill a blimp with them and make it go pop??

          • edog

            Found the answer myself..
            As described by Mills.

            “The Hydrino molecular product is safe being inert and is also much lighter than air; so, there is a fast rate of its escaping to space after being released into the atmosphere.”

            Anyone for future possible maybe airship rides??

          • Ged

            Being a lower energy level, it should make the hydrino far less reactive than normal hydrogen (less likely to share that now tighter bound electron). In fact, it may even prevent diatomic molecularization. I need to read through the theories to see if that’s the case. If so, then hydrinos would beat out helium for the lightest gas. Of course, containing them within a blimp without them leaking out of the material would be very difficult.

          • Omega Z


            Sometime in the 90’s Mills stated that the universe was expanding at an accelerated rate. Recently, 2 Scientists received an award for proving it.

            Mills has been drug thru the wringer just as Rossi has been. He also started his research in the 90’s.

            His Education has also been questioned as it doesn’t really pertain to this specific type of research.

      • theotherguy

        So… what happens to the hydrinos? Are they inert? Do they recombine with O2? do they still behave chemically as H? Has he experimented with them to see if they are harmful to life forms? Just curious.

        • edog

          This is what Dr Randy thinks..

          . “Based on a vast body of data, the Hydrino product is very likely the dark matter of the universe (left), a form of matter so stable and inert that it has defied identification over decades despite the astronomical observation that it accounts for almost all of the mass of the universe. The terrestrial implications, confirmed by the Company’s laboratory data, is that Hydrinos are safe and non-polluting, and the corresponding source of power is inexhaustible. ”

          So.. if I fill my Hindenburg II up with hydrinos… it shouldnt go bang!!

          But will it cause a repulsive anti gravity dark matter effect and cause it to transmute to a different universe??

          • Ged

            I doubt it’s responsible for dark matter. The reason for that is that hydrinos have characteristic spectral lines which allows them to be identified uniquely as different from hydrogen.

            Dark matter, on the other hand, does not in any way interact or produce light: that is, dark matter has no spectral lines at all. The hydrino theorems do not fit the behavior of dark matter. Hydrinos would also be expected to interact with normal matter (they still have a charged electron and charged nucleus), while dark matter does not apparently interact with normal matter in any yet detectable way, just generates massive amounts of gravity.

          • Patrick Hannon, Ph.D.

            Actually, I’ve been following Mills for years. The transition from the top “ground” state to lower “ground” states is non-radiative. Thus, there will be no spectral lines to directly observe this transition. Hydrinos, in their various formas, matches quite well with the observed properties of dark matter.

    • If Blacklight’s claims really stack up, and a prototype can be developed for an affordable price, my guess would be that this technology has far greater potential even than CF heating units for small scale operations. Generation of electrical power without a heat engine, AND large scale production of hydrogen that could be used directly by existing IC engines and domestic boilers – astonishing if true.

      I like the phase in the press release, “Experts agree that…” so beloved of establishment pronouncements.

      Downside: this looks like a natural for home power and car propulsion rather than big ships and grid energy. That would make Blacklight an even bigger target than Rossi.

      • GreenWin

        They do share much in common, Peter. But Dr. Mills has been around far longer. He was working with Air Force back in 1991 on CF replication of P&F and his own cells. The good news here is the avoidance of the steam cycle – which has always been annoying.

        This should open up some work on other methods to capture and utilize energy created in these plasmas. Dr. Miley just gave an interesting paper on direct conversion of fission-based plasma to electrical energy. There are several ideas and even patents in this arena.

        It all spells good news for human beings who are just now seeing a tiny piece behind the curtain.

        • I don’t quite know what to make of this apparently simultaneous emergence of several ‘impossible’ technologies before breakfast. It somehow seems inherently unlikely that nothing new emerges in the energy field for 60 years (since nuclear fission) then at least three of them come along within a window of a year or so.

          As you say, we’re only being allowed glimpses of what is actually going on behind the scenes. It all somehow smells of gamesmanship – but whose game it is, and for exactly what purpose it is being played, seems to be anyone’s guess. And 99.9% of the world’s population is still being kept away from the show…

          • Omega Z


            Black light has been around for years. It’s just been very slow progress & missed planned dates on when things will happen.

            My opinion is they’ve slowed themselves down by getting side tracked.

            They devote to much time to other areas where the Technology can be used instead of finishing the main project.

            It’s as if they want to have a monopoly (Patents) on all the possibilities before anything is completed.

            Rossi has at least set a path for the Home E-cat to come to market before focusing on bigger E-cats that can produce Electricity.

            It’s also my opinion that Rossi has opened the door for others who also have been working on LENR to come forward sooner & even stepped up the pace.

            I think the timing has worked in Rossi’s favor also with the World energy crunch & high Oil prices.

            More people are interested in alternatives where if Oil was still cheap they may not be.

            If the present Green energies really were cheap or competitive with fossil fuels they may not be so interested.

            I think many people in the World have figured out that when our Governments Tell us that Solar & wind will be competitive with Fossil fuels,
            What they Really Mean is that it will be competitive right after they put a 200% Tax Levy on the Fossil fuels.

          • Omega – yes I think you are right about the ‘coming out’ effect that Rossi has had. As you say, most of these technologies have been brewing awhile, and the Rossi/DGT ‘race’ has probably triggered disclosures that wouldn’t otherwise have happened. It seems a little odd that they all seem to have matured to the point of demonstability at more or less the same time, but probably (as you say) this is due to Rossi’s mind-focusing effect.

            Re. manipulation of the energy supply, the determination of the current government here (UK) to skew the market in favour of nuclear fission is remarkable. One of the first acts of Cameron’s government was to kill a massive tidal energy project that could have easily competed with at least one new nuclear station. Since then they’ve tried every trick in the book to slip vast subsidies to nuclear generator companies, and to simultaneously hobble fossil fuel with outrageous demands such as full ‘carbon capture and storage’ – a technology that doesn’t even exist. They’re currently trying to get yet another bill through that will basically make the UK domestic consumer pay directly for new nuclear as opposed to state subsidy, which is barred by EU rules.

            Sometimes you might almost think that their personal fortunes depended on it.

  • Lu

    Wonderful, simply wonderful. Thank you Barry for video and your thoughts. We all share your hopes and aspirations for the success of cold fusion and you’ve described it marvelously.

  • Filip

    This is great stuff, Barry!
    This video must go around the world.

  • Zero

    Great job on the video Barry. I wish I could of gone, but it’s just before my wedding and I’m a bit busy right now.

    • Barry

      Zero, you got to get your priorities straight. Oh well, Happy wedding, Barry

  • Adam Lepczak

    Great example of citizen journalism. This idea is so important that all of us have a stake in it. We should do all we can to ensure that pioneer like Dr. Hagelstein can go on with his research unobstructed!

  • fablette letterman

    Rossi can produce 120-600 C hot water/steam with cold fusion, start belive or soon you miss the train and the station 🙂

    • edog

      Start believe?
      Well looks like for the believers, that Black Light Power can make electricity without the steam.. were talking electric trains now Fablette.. not your oldskool roosi steam engines!! Get on board!…. if its for real…

      • I was rather hoping to see a new generation of steam locomotives on the rails, and so far Rossi’s boiler looks like a better bet for multi-MW power of this kind. Also for new cargo and passenger airships and great steamships (I suppose side paddles the size of Ferris wheels and gothic style engine rooms would be too much to hope for!).

      • Omega Z


        Trains are already electric. Their powered by diesel powered generators.

        As far as Black-light, I’ve read different versions. One version indicates producing steam to produce electricity by turbine generator.

        Another process implies direct production to electricity.

        There’s not enough clarity or info to determine if there is actually 2 different processes or if it’s being misreported or interpreted.

        Like all theses projects, we’ll have to wait for more info.

        The Black-light process does produce a waste product per say, but those wastes have uses for other things.

        Such as Excess hydrino’s can be captured & used for cheap Rocket fuel that’s 10 to 100 times more powerful then present fuels. Bigger ships/payloads, Faster travel to wherever, Asteroid, Moon, Mars. Also the power generation to provide a magnetic bubble to help protect the crew from radiation.

        Somewhere on Black-lights site is a chart that shows the different wastes produced & what they can be used for. A better term I guess would be useful byproducts.

        The fact there appears to be multiple LENR processes is a plus. You can match up with whichever process works best for the job at hand. Also no one entity will have a monopoly.

        I’m rooting for all of them & if any or all of them pan out, You still Need to thank Rossi for helping open the Door.
        It’s helped allow others to come forward & others to step up the pace which makes it harder for certain powers to put the Genie back in the Bottle.

        • Omega Z

          I stated hydrino capture, It may be a type of plasma. It’s been quite sometime since I read these details.

  • Karl

    Once upon a time the demo of CF stirred up the science community enormously. When it is finally proofed the remaining weapon against cold fusion used now is silence from big media and big science. Therefore this example of citizen journalism conducted by Barry is of such an importance.

  • GreenWin

    Thanks Barry. A great bit of public service and reporting. Something we need to expand as old media fails to honor the First Amendment.

    On the news from Blacklight, where Dr. Randell Mills has pioneered LENR in various permutations – come this quote:

    “However, after having reviewed Dr. Mills classical theory, participated in experimental designs and execution, and having reviewed vast amounts of other data BLP produced, I have found nothing that warrants rejection of their extraordinary claims, and I encourage aggressive optimization and fast track development of a scaled up prototype,” said Dr. Weinberg. “To be able to use hydrogen from water as a cheap and nonpolluting source of power would represent one of the most important technological breakthroughs in history.” Dr. W. Henry Weinberg, Professor Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and Applied Physics at California Institute of Technology, Professor Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and Materials Science at University of California, Santa Barbara, CTO of Symyx Technologies, Draths Corp.

    • GreenWin

      I should add, appropriate to Barry’s NANOR video, Dr. Hagelstein is a admirant of Mills’ hydrino theory – though he has problems with the GUT.

  • Filip

    The sculpture is a Janus Head(Greek god), which inspired the name for the Janus Particle(developed at MIT)
    For technical info: see wikipedia

    • Barry

      Thanks Filip. I was enthralled with the sculpture and never thought it would become so central to the story. I thought it was interesting that on both sides of Janus the right side of the brain is missing. I think a lot of people at MIT are the left brain type. And I left wondering if the artist was making a statement. I never got his name but I’m going to go back soon to find out unless anyone out there knows who the artist is.

  • “There are very intelligent people who deny the thing exists”. Wait, didn’t I just hear the guy say a few sentences ago that we’ll have to take in on faith that the thing works?

    • edog

      Read these yet Charlie P?
      Your views? Oh.. did you like Barry’s Video?

      • GreenWin

        Frank… do we have to endure this guy’s skeptopathetic insults? Barry deserves better.

        • Barry

          Thanks GreenWin, Charles is making a great effort to be negitive on purpose. Frank don’t cut it for my sake.

          • admin

            I just hope we can have a measure of common courtesy here — even if we disagree with one another.

          • GreenWin

            The music is lovely and Ponzi’s insult was utterly beyond the scope of this blog. Thanks Frank.

      • edog

        EH?? Frank just deleted Charlies negative comments about Barrys music!!!

        I thought it was cool.. in a medieval way!
        Made me wanna drink mead and joust

    • Barry

      Charles, it is a mystery how some physicist are holding onto the old form of disbelief in CF/LENR. I think Valerio Ciampoli said it best at the Atom Unexplored, how it is now pathological science to deny the data of experimental results which are now being seen and measured. (I’m paraphrasing. Boy, you got to hand it to those Italians.)
      I think the physicist at MIT who sent back the donated funding is committing pathological science against repeatable science data and is thwarting something far greater than putting a man on the moon.

  • dandelion

    Thank you very much, Barry!

    • dandelion

      … and Frank, too.

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  • Bing
    • edog

      pretty good summary

      Read the actual reports.

      How come Rossi cant get his act together?????

      Cause he has nothing???

    • Ged

      This is fascinating. Makes one wonder if hydrinos, if proven real, are part of the process of the low energy fusion reactions we potentially see in Rossi’s and others devices. A lower energy state electron would drop closer to the nucleus, and could decrease the coulomb barrier. In fact, it could provide intrinsic energy to overcome the barrier.

      I have seen some physicist theories on the cold fusion process that rely on the electron of hydrogen being captured by its proton to form a neutron, and this neutron then fusing into the acceptor nucleus (nickle for instance), to release energy. But for an electron to be captured, it would have to shrink very close to the core, such as the hydrino hypothesis apparently operates by.

      It’s exciting, and hopefully more labs will do experiments to investigate the putative hydrinos or other processes going in in the blacklight process.

  • edog

    sorry.. that was for Charlie P…

    thought I replied to his post???

    • There is a gremlin in the works – that’s happened to my posts a couple of times too.

  • edog
    • GreenWin

      Isn’t this just magnificent? Here we are going to have a replication of the High School Athanor experiment. And this comes about at the same time Lew Larsen published his slideshow on turning tungsten into gold (via an LENR process.)

      Can the introduction of anti-gravity devices be far behind? Seriously, low cost energy is a great step forward for humanity. Angels in the details.

      • This stuff seems to be coming at us so thick and fast I don’t think many here would bat an eyelid if PESN announced the first commercial antigravity disk powered by a magnetic torque amplifier!

        • georgehants

          A magnetic approach to lattices
          Nanowerk LLC
          The behavior of particles in
          peter you may be closer than you think. –
          From NanoWerk
          strong electromagnetic fields, along with arbitrary control of the said fields, is central to both condensed matter physics, and quantum information science. As an extension of their work on generating synthetic fields, …

          • A lot of that makes me feel like Cat in Red Dwarf. I’ll have another go when I’ve had my second cup of coffee! So far, the take home seems to be that atomic charges and other descriptors such as spin can be manipulated by laser-induced micromagnetic fields (Raman fields) and mixing RF and a Raman field allows atoms to jump between energy states. All this at near absolute zero temperatures.

            It feels as if it may be relevant to LENR surface effects, or at least is probably a part of the same branch of science, but I think it needs someone like Pekka to take a look on behalf of us physics illiterates!

        • jacob

          or just dc static electricity to cancel out gravity , gravity is bio magnetic flux caused by the sun.

          Great video of just more evidence of CF

  • georgehants

    After spending over a year battling some very unpleasant people on other web pages who’s sole purpose seems to be to personally attack, abuse and distort the Cold Fusion world and its open-minded but fairly skeptical followers, I must personally thank Frank for his ability to keep these pages free from purely destructive comments.
    Everybody has their say, for and against, but can feel free to just comment or read and enjoy fair views from all angles.

  • What’sUP

    Hi Barry,

    I liked your video, and your music.
    Every legit bit of news concerning cold fusion/LENR gives me hope too.

    That is why I support the:
    The Open Source LENR Project®

    Keep up the good work.


    • Barry

      Wow, Thanks What’sUP, I didn’t know there was such a project. I’m looking forward to checking it out.

  • daniel maris

    It’s good, it’s interesting (thanks Barry!) but clearly it’s not game-changing. At those power levels one can always query the measurements. I think you need to get up to tens of watts to drive away those doubts and challenges.

    I hope they will develop this further so they are getting into that range.

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      So a machine can run for months and because it’s low power, it may be a delusion? I think I know who’s deluded.

      • daniel maris

        I never said that. I said doubts and challenges will remain – and I meant by that that they will be difficult to dispel. It would only take a slightly faulty reader (ammometer??) to give you a slightly faulty reading.

        Taken to the extremes, if you built a 10 GW power station out in an isolated location, there is going to be no room for scepticism whatsoever.

        but I think at 10s of watts, we do move away from the “faulty measurement” objection.

  • Ed

    And I though regional accents were dead due to TV.

  • Ed

    How much below 1 gram?


    How much does one ton of the material cost?

    • TPBurnett

      Note that from the various research so far indicates that the LENR reaction is a surface phenomena. You should not consider the NANOR device as being optimized for maximum power out per metal used. The NANOR device’s purpose is more for proof of principle.
      The devices that use micro-powder metals that have a vastly larger surface area for the weight are going to yield and output power to weight ratio of metal more to your liking.

  • dsm

    Thanks for the video – very good.

    Also Frank you may be interested in this Lewis Larsen slide show . LENRs turning other metals into gold !. An intriguing read.
    Cheers DSM

  • Bigwilly

    Just saw the video.

    Thanks for sharing Barry. I’m glad top men are working on this phenomenon.


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  • Camilo

    A very enthralling video from an average person that “got off his ass” and went to check for himself the “cold fusion” device at M.I.T. that is kept running by Dr. Mike Hagelstein. I just ended hearing what this honest guy says in the video, and could not avoid sheding tears. The questions he asks himself, how a simple person can perfectly get how important is the development of this technology, is really moving. This has given me new hopes.

    Thanks Barry, and that was an awesome music!!!!

  • Palace Planetarian

    Powerful in it’s simplicity and integrity.

    In fact, this video is almost a call to arms. One which I am ready to respond as soon there is public proof. It is not yet time to storm the gates of Scientific American, not yet. It will be as soon as Rossi or someone else produces some cold fusion device that can be examined and replicated by skeptics who get the results he gets. My impression is that moment will arrive sooner rather than later.

  • georgehants

    A lesson that main-line science may learn from and everybody of course.

    Don’t fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things. The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have. – Louis E. Boone

    • Filip

      The things that have to mean the least, one can discuss for ever. Louis P. Boon

  • georgehants

    Science News
    Severe Nuclear Reactor Accidents Likely Every 10 to 20 Years, European Study Suggests.
    ScienceDaily (May 22, 2012) — Western Europe has the worldwide highest risk of radioactive contamination caused by major reactor accidents.

    • Thanks, George – I live about 15 miles from one!

    • Seriously though that is a very worrying report. Why morons like Cameron and his cronies continue to push new nuclear so hard is one of life’s little mysteries. He may have less technical knowledge than the average hairdresser, but presumably someone on his staff is paid to know the facts and to supply advice – or perhaps he gets all his information from EDF lobbyists.

  • Omega Z

    First, I’d like to thank Barry on the Video.

    And Now, I’d like to point out a concern about LENR.

    Since December, When I read different articles & reports something hasn’t felt right. I’m not talking about Rossi or others being Frauds or scams. Not even doubts about LENR being real. Just something. Nothing Specific. Until Now… Certain statements have become more frequent.

    It’s been mentioned on multiple sites about the Powers that be, Big Oil or whoever you believe, May try to stop this technology. I’ve Stated before they don’t have to stop it. They can just control it. Buy it up & sell it to you. For them it’s just a change in the product they sell you or generate in a different way.

    Here’s some things that slip through now & then. Notice when someone states that a 50Kw plant can provide electricity to 30 homes. That the Average home uses about 1.5Kwh per month. This is implying a Central Utility Company just as you have now. This is not individual home units.

    It Indicates that entities behind the scenes may/are probably already in the process of hijacking your plans for cheap home produced Energy. The numbers they use indicate an average peek demand for 30 homes. Not Individual homes.

    A good electrician that knows his trade or anyone who has a home generator for when the power goes off can figure this out.

    If you have a 5Kw(5000 watt) generator, you know you can’t run everything in your home. You’ll overload the system. You can run the basics or different appliances at different times. 12,000 BTU Window air will use about (3.5Kw)-3500 watts. Microwave or blow dryer uses about (1.2Kw)1200 watts.

    A 3 ton Central A/C about 10500 watts(10.5Kw). Electric water heater 7000 watts(7Kw)(Can’t use these). Ok. You get my drift I hope.

    Utilities can use averages such as above because not everyone uses peek power all the time. Most of the 1.5Kwh you use each month are used in short spurts during certain times of the day. You can see that running a Central A/C & Electric water heater simultaneously would require nearly a 20Kw generator alone. Even thou you only use a total of 1.5Kwh a month.

    If they are hijacking the technology, It’s not all bad. It’s just not what most people are hoping for. It’s still much better overall verses the Fossil fuel situation.

    What it would mean for me. Presently I pay 12 cents a Kwh.
    .06 for fuel- .03 Op-cost/profit- .03 taxes. =12 cents.

    .01 for LENR- .03 Op-cost/profit- .03 taxes. = 7 cents.

    A 5 cent Kwh savings. But, At the mercy of power failures.

    A Couple more observations of statements.

    Rossi has Implied that when E-cats can produce Electricity, It may be quite sometime before they would be allowed certification because of safety factors.

    A Statement by Black Light Power that they May just lease you a BLP power unit for a vehicle instead of ownership although not conclusive at the time of statement.
    They have also indicated individual home units, But, Their licensing the Tech to Power/Utility companies. This does not fit the Home unit scenario.

    Personally, I could see/understand a transition phase/period, But I think about half way through the transition there will be a big push for regulations that would prevent personal units in the home. Ever…

    Maybe I read to much into their statements & actions. But I don’t think so…

    • “Maybe I read to much into their statements & actions. But I don’t think so…”

      I don’t think so either. There have been many indications of backstage manipulation, including closure of CF research facilities, people failing to appear at advertised venues or companies ‘going dark’ just before going public, backpedaling by outspoken scientists, and so on.

      Barring a miracle, I believe that full control of new energy technologies by corporate and military entities is 100% inevitable. Privately controlled energy production simply cannot be countenanced by governments (who would lose a huge chunk of their revenues) or by multinational energy corporates (who would lose their investment in nuclear, and much of their profits). I imagine the US military will also try very hard to ensure that no form of CF ever becomes public property.

      Not only that but it seems to me unlikely that consumers will see any noticeable benefit as and when CF boilers are retrofitted in existing generator plant, as the fossil fuel savings will be recycled into further conversion to LENR, and also used to offset the corporates’ losses on nuclear power. Governments will also want to rake off their slice on a fake ‘conversion to green energy’ basis.

      At one time I thought that full suppression might be underway, mostly based on the very worrying degree of control TPTB have shown over the offline media, but I think that was/is simply to gain time in which to get their ducks in a row behind the scenes. It seems probable that preparations are now well in hand, to be enacted as and when various parties get near announcing availability of devices – if they ever permitted to get even that far. Fake ‘safety’ issues will most likely be used to place all such new technologies in the same controlled category as nuclear fission, and if necessary incidents may be manufactured to ‘prove’ the supposed dangers.

      Until relatively recently when we have seen the apparent intimidation of CF researchers, the absolute silence in the mass media about this story, and the cover up and downplaying of the (ongoing) Fukushima disaster, probably few of us realised just to what extent the world is controlled by self-appointed ‘shadow governments’ operating from behind the scenes, largely through corrupted politicians and other influential people. I think we are soon going to witness the full extent of that control in the case of the new energy technologies, including Rossi’s e-cat. In fact I think there are a number of indications that both AR and DGT may already have sold out to the US military, as the price of being allowed to continue with development of MW+ units only.

      If I live long enough I might even become cynical in my old age.

      • GreenWin

        Peter, a major flaw in your process is the belief that “TPTB” are somehow unmanageable. However they are in fact little more than a tiny gaggle of rather selfish, grandiose people. Their powers are inexorably diminished in the face of those far greater – making TPTB, a pack of playground bullies – readily brought to heel.

        Remember too this gaggle has a nose for profit. Do a bit of math in figuring where the profit lies in manufacturing several billion CHP home appliances. Honda, Mitsubishi, GE, Siemens, all have. Add in installation and maintenance contracts –

        Say a 5kW electrical plus heat and hot water (~3.5kW typical CHP config) unit costs $1k US… x 1B units = $1T. Add in another $.5T in install and maintenance revenue PLUS local micro-grid utility fees (micro-grids replace big old grid) – you get a $2.5 TRILLION business over a 2-year window. Now throw in guv’mnt graft… er, tax, nominally @ 10%… $250B new tax revenue on a recurring basis.

        There is real money for everyone in the new energy business – just it takes IMAGINATION to bring it about.


    • Barry

      I have to disagree with you guys. The internet is a tool of empowerment that wasn’t around twenty years ago. Just look at what mass communication did for the Arab Spring. Even our conversation. right now is going around the world.
      I think revolutions (peaceful ones I hope) are about to become the style. The generation behind us are communicating and connecting is ways we never imagined.
      Maybe I’m being the optimist, but I think mass communication is helping us to wake up and Cold Fusion is going to be impossible to be thwarted by the big guys. Even if all the emerging CF companies don’t take the nobel path and sell out, maybe the Pirelli Tech school will come through.

      • DDearborn


        Actually the “Arab spring” which was a joint US/israeli operation benefited israel and israel only. The operation was designed to remove from power those governments that opposed israeli imperialism and replace them with puppet dictatorships friendly to israel’s demands. Of course publicly some appear to be otherwise. In short the internet was used as one more tool in the war machine arsenal to manipulate an outcome that as usual was contrary to welfare of humanity. For a brief time the internet approached a free and open venue for the common man. However that brief moment in time is long gone. And it never had any impact because it happened before the advent of afforable and available global high speed internet. The only way the world will be free from these monsters is by the citizens collectively saying enough is enough and acting as one united people against the 1%

  • Anonymole

    And we wonder why LENR/CF has an image problem.

    “Here, let me show you this magnificent LENR experiment…”

    It’s a cat box with a couple of multi-meters hanging off it, sitting on a folding table, in a filing room.

    Between AR’s tinfoil wrapped bulbous boilers, to Defkalion’s farmhouse factory, to this cat box in a corner – sheesh! Is it any wonder why LENR is not take seriously.

    Maybe Godes or Miley can come up with a shining star LENR example that can actually be presented to the public. Awareness people! You can’t build awareness with cat boxes and tinfoil. The public, as shallow as they are, demand style, polish and aesthetics.

    • dragon

      Anonymole… you make a correct argument there.

      LENR needs better design.

  • GreenWin

    Lest we forget what this story is about… Barry had the wherwithall to go out and document the MIT / Hagelstein experiment proving the very real F&P Effect. Sure it’s not much to look at compared to the big ole ITER, and Tokamak hot fusion gargantua. That avenue has cost humans $250B over 60 years. We have not one milliwatt useful power.

    The wise know in simplicity comes great powers. Thanks again Barry for bringing your vision, hope and talents to this arena. Inspiring!

  • John Ivens

    How can anybody give it credit when such an amateur video is put out ?
    Instead of approaching the experiment intelligently we are given totally irrelevant footage of a river and various musical instruments in the Foyer,
    plus shots of charts on a wall which were never explained.
    It made me want to grab the man and shake him, demanding that he took the subject seriously.
    Is it beyind your wit to set up an experiment under controlled conditions,ensuring that energy input and output are scrupulously monitored, and
    beyond manipulation?
    If you can’t do that then you are wasting everybody’s time.
    We want to know that it works.
    We want an explanaton as to why it only works intermittently, and what could be the reasons for this?
    We want to be assured that Big Oil cannot interfere with the progress.
    This is either the saviour of all mankind, particularly the Third World, or it is a gigantic hoax.
    Get serious please.

    • Barry

      Hi John, There are a lot of technical videos out there. I guess I wanted to put one out that was less tech with two main messages. One, that there really is a Cold Fusion project going on at MIT and the other is the idea that funds got turned away. I am embarrassed that our country does not spend more on CF research. If you want more technological detail I suggest you google “The Atom Unexplored” Take care, Barry

      • Tim Baird

        Hi Barry, I enjoyed your vid. Approaching something so seriously scientific from a right brain perspective was great. Your shots of the grass definitely looked greener to me. Lets hope so.

        • Barry

          Thanks Tim, You’re right, lets hope so.

  • Roger Bird

    The evidence slowly keeps getting better.