Spreading Awareness of Cold Fusion

I can’t help but reflect on what Barry Simon said in the video he released of his visit to MIT. I think that many of the readers here can identify with his sentiments.

“I’m going to get off my computer chair and try to do something about this . . . There are cold fusion machines surfacing all over the world . . . It’s not a matter of if it’s going to happen, it’s a matter of when it’s going to happen . . . To all you politicians out there, ninety some percent of us want this to happen, we don’t want an oil-base economy . . . to all you reporters out there, why aren’t you covering this? Educate yourself because something is happening every week now . . . cold fusion has already given me something, I don’t have to wait any longer — cold fusion has given me hope.”

I started this site last year for many of the same reasons that Barry expressed. I learned about something — Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat — that I believed could have a very important effect for good on the world. Since that time I’ve learned that it is not only Rossi who has discovered anomalous effects in his research — there are many researchers and inventors who are finding that a new way of extracting energy from matter is possible.

The natural inclination when you learn about something you think is good and exciting, and could be beneficial to lots of people is to share it — hence this site. The miracle of the Internet is that you don’t have to be in a position of power or wealth to communicate something with the world, all you need is a connection. Still, there are plenty of obstacles facing one person in a world of billions in getting a message out. The weight of prevailing wisdom is great, and entrenched thinking is hard to change.

My sense is that in time, as more people learn about the evidence for cold fusion/LENR, and as that evidence grows stronger that there will be a thaw in the glacier of indifference to the topic, and perhaps it will be a very fast melt once a working product is in the marketplace.

The odd thing is that one would think that it would be professional scientific reporters from media sources well-known for uncovering important breakthroughs that would be covering this story, and alerting the world to the potential of this technology. But that is not the case. There are a number of web sites and blogs that are following the story, none of which are connected with traditional media outlets. Myself, I am a distinctly non-technical person who struggles to understand much of the science discussed in relation to LENR. And the first video of the MIT NANOR device comes from an interested musician.

To my knowledge, the only substantial coverage of cold fusion in the traditional media has come from Europe — NyTeknik in Sweden, and Focus and REI TV in Italy, Wired.co.uk — but practically nothing from US media.

So what should be done? I actually don’t see the necessity for protesting the lack of media coverage, or starting an organized campaign to build awareness. At one time, and not too long ago, the Internet was unknown to all but a few people in academic and military circles. Now it is an essential part daily life. There was no organized campaign to build awareness — knowledge of it spread because it was a useful technology that had obvious benefit to the average person.

I think that with a revolutionary technology like cold fusion, awareness will grow naturally by word of mouth, internet posts, youtube videos, etc. And when cold fusion products come on the market it will be impossible to ignore. Eventually professional journalists will come around.

  • I suspect it will take an energy crisis such as a war in the Persian Gulf that drives the cost of gasoline to seven or eight dollars a gallon to get people interested. Money talks.

    As far as getting our congress people interested I would advise you to relearn the use of a pen and a piece of paper and snail mail as those are the letters they read and all the rest is thrown in the circular file.

    • If it makes you feel any better about US fuel prices, take a look at this table – http://www.mytravelcost.com/petrol-prices/.

      Very recently diesel reached a fraction under £2.00 per litre in my area of the UK – $12 a US gallon!

      • Just to stay ‘on topic’!:- About 60% of UK fuel prices is the government’s take, which they would need to replace by taxing LENR to the hilt when it is finally permitted here (shortly after Qatar and Saudi Arabia get it, I suspect).

  • Jason

    I get frustrated when there is important technology and everyone in the field is satisfied to continue to make toy applications or restrict their market to a niche for the wealthy. I am so excited that people are beginning to make usuful products available to the whole world. I know that it takes a huge effort to get from laboratory to consumer product so I am giving Mr Rossi a lot of patience. I beleive he will deliver when the product is ready.

  • Yes, the winds will change, no doubt about it – providing working products emerge, then it will happen very fast. Of course this is the main problem: no proof, no product, no public openness yet.

    With one possible exception: the Pirelli High School project. Why don’t we try to get together, world’s apart as we all are, and finance a copy of that experiment ourselves? As I understand it, all the necessary instructions are there?

    • “worlds apart”, of course, not “world’s…” =)

    • edog

      very good idea!
      Anyone from Australia interested? Anyone speak Italiano well?
      Would be nice to get a working LENR Cell down here… In Australia that is. I know there are quite a few vocal(textal) readers who seem to be Australian.

      Is a total shame that our country will probably suffer the most from an LENR energy revolution and we as a “first world nation” are doing absolutely nothing about it.

      Besides, I am pretty bloody confident that Dick Smith is a top bloke and would honour his bet. Could be worth a shot? Im sure he didnt stipulate that you had to develop the tech.. just show it working???? Doug??

      Is it possible to book lab time? A place with all the relevant gear? .. someone who knows what they are doing?
      Ill chuck in! live web feed when we turn it on.. stand by advice from the Pirelli kids.. heaps of sceptics (self included) invited to poke, prod and play the devils advocate. couldnt cost that much.. could it???? Hugo Abundo has handed over all the instructions.

      • Would an e-cat operate in an upside down position?

  • timycelyn

    Frank, I think natural dissemination, in the manner you outline, is by far the best course.

    There is a tremendous amount of movment, excitement, and uncertainty in this area at the moment, and it probably serves no good end to expose it all to wider public gaze right now.

    True, we would all get a ‘lift’ from finally reading a balanced summary in -say – New Scientist, but I submit the glare of media attention would be quite damaging at present. Look at the twists and turns this story has taken, the wall to wall Rossi-isms and so on, none of this would look too good under that type of scrutiny.

    Also, hype will tend to alarm/sensitise further the massive vested interests that may -depending how this unfolds – take serious at least short term hits from widespread adoption of CF.

    This attention cannot be avoided, but the later these forces become really active, the better. I would prefer for something – like Rossi’s home heater – to be on the market before these forces really marshal themselves and start some serious, as opposed to desultory, political string pulling.

    Rossi is right, rather than go on a publicity campaign, just get a product to the market, as it will surely sell itself.

    In the good old saying from my past employers (ICI. [RIP]) “Keep the good news coming slowly….”

  • Lu

    Well right now all you can say is that LENR is a interesting scientific development with only a potential to be truly useful as we all hope. As such it’s not worthy of front page headlines–yet. If and when LENR is accepted by the scientific community as showing over-unity characteristics then it will garner attention much like superconductivity, quantum computing, and nanotechnology etc.–interesting developments with huge potential but still many years away from practical use.

    Commercialization of LENR at consumer and industrial levels would be front page headlines were it to be proven. Unfortunately developments in commercial and industrial LENR are firmly situated in the realm of false hopes or even scams territory right now. The one sliver of hope we have is that if Rossi, Defkalion, and others are to be believed, commercialization, or proof of commercialization, will occur by this fall. The possible involvement and early adoption of LENR technology by the US military and/or NASA would also qualify for this level of acceptance. This level of achievement would be big news and I say rather than try to spread the news (which hasn’t happened yet), let’s just watch and wait. Things will play out soon enough.

  • Gary Ellsworth

    I am 71 and hoping that yet in my lifetime I will be able to drive a E-Cat powered car across the country. Hopefully in the years to come, if we still have an economy, a new, wonderful world will be here based on E-Cat energy. I wish I knew what I could do to bring on that world before I am too old to enjoy it.

    Gary W. Ellsworth

    • Per

      You are doing the best thing you can. Just staying tuned. The work is already in progress and the mentality of Andrea Rossi is that he will not show anything from now on until he has something that cannot be ignored.

      When a critical mass is convinced you will have a singularity. That is, the news will spread so fast and the interest will be so grand that there will be a development like nothing we have seen. And with tens of thousands of engineers devoted to applications new things surpassing imagination will be developed…


    • John

      I’ve got bad news for you buddy. I don’t think you’ll be packing your bags and taking that trip. I’m 48 and I won’t be making that trip either. However, you can do something now. Buy some solar cells, and create hydrogen. Store the hydrogen and then create methanol using carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Either run your car on the methanol or use a methanol fuel cell and use the electricity created to drive an electric motor.

      This is *guaranteed* to work. Today. LENR isn’t today, and there is no guarantee that it’ll work in 10 years time.

      • Do you have a photograph of you and your example of the apparatus you recommend others use?

  • andreiko

    Ik ben het niet eens met de stelling dat LENR langzaam gebracht moet worden in de media en door de media.

    Indien LENR onweerlegbaar zijn intrede kan maken zal geen enkel land excuus kunnen vinden voor het ontwikkelen van kernenergie voor de energie voorziening. Voor medische doeleinden is dan nog een optie, die onder internationaal toezicht acceptabel kan plaatsvinden.
    In mijn visie kunnen oorlogen voorkomen worden door zo snel als mogelijk LENR in de markt te zetten.

    • JWR

      What is the reason you insist to write in Dutch, even after people on this blog have invited you to use the Google translator if you are not able to write English.
      You are also missing common sense!
      Dutch speaking people, who follow this blog, they all read English, probably even yourself.
      Further you should not mix up LENR with “nuclear energy”. The latter word is reseved for energy generated by “fission” type of nuclear reactors! And unfortunately there are countries having difficulties with it.
      LENRs, low energy nuclear reactors, do not have the drawbacks of some type of “fission nuclear reactors”. So try to avoid to use the word “nuclear energy” for energy generated by LENR.

  • Barry

    Havenheed mentioned below the Pirelli High School project. Here’s the story of the century and it is getting very little media. If there is someone in Italy with a digital camera and has some connection the the High school. I’d encourage you to spread the awareness.
    One thing I’ve learned in the last 24 hours is any idiot with a camera can put something out there in a big way. I have a camera. And I’m also an….hey, wait a second. Well you get my point.

    • edog

      hahaha! I agree with most of that Barry.. you can do the music for any of my vids if you liek. 🙂

      Yep, what is happening over there with the Pirelli High Kids? Daniele on 22blogspot is trying to keep up but its all in Italian(which makes total sense).. Hugh Abundo is the guy to talk to..

      By the way, from what I can figure.. their reaction has only gone for a few minutes till the catalyst or something goes kaput.

  • Al D

    I have posted e-mails with LENR news and this sites’ URL to many mainstream news magazines and TV news outlets and they consistently ignore it. I think that they are waiting for a real Mainstreet product. There have been so many false starts for LENR in the US since Pons and Fleischman that they are still a little skittish. There was a brief mention on the Forbes website a month or two after I e-mailed them, but who can say if it was a response or just something that they ran across.

  • Bertuswonkel

    There was a 60 minutes special of CBC on US tv.

    I think the subject is to still to experimental and there are still to much mysteries which makes extensive media coverage difficult. I contacted several politicians and journalists with the request to investigated the subject. Some thanked me for the information but noted that the difficult science behind the subject made it impossible for them to make an accurate assessment. I think we will have to wait for a scientific consensus to develop on what actually happens and how it can fit into the standard-model. Alternatively, the E-cat or some other device will prove the phenomena by being commercially successful. Until that day there is not much to report for the main stream media. There is no need to inform the general public on speculations and possible theories.

    • Rush Holt, whom I knew in high school, is in Congress now from New Jersey, and Cranbury, NJ, where BlackLight Power (which made a huge announcement today on the validation of their hydrino technology by 6 science teams from MIT, Cal Tech and Fortune 500 defense companies) is located in his district. I have tried to get him interested since he is a physicist, but to no avail. I also called the White Office of Scientific and Technology Policy and left a message, and also wrote one, to its director, Dr. John Holdren. I call Sen. Nelson about it and never get a response. These people are either brain dead or dying, I’m afraid. There won’t be any headlines like there was on St. Patrick’s Day 1989 for Pons and Fleischmann. At least there won’t be any b.s. from MIT that it doesn’t work, either.

      • Well done for trying, Joe, but the word seems to be out that if you want to stay in politics/research/business then you should stay well away from ‘cold fusion’.

  • John

    What should be done? Get a working machine that you can buy. If that happens, everyone will buy them. If not, it’ll just disappear in the public mind like cold fusion did in the 90’s.

    • vbasic

      Yes. Correct. Websites like this are great, but mainstream media wont touch it until as you said. Plus, as long as most Physicists deny it or are skeptical while its in developmental phase, their views will count. Once those products are bought and work, the Physicists opinions wont matter.

  • LittleKangaroo

    I’ve also sent a whole bunch of e-mails to different newspapers, but till this day I haven’t received a single answer. There seem to be difficult to get the mainstream media to do anything before a working machine is shown by anyone and approved by trusted scientists.

    And the world keeps spinning… We all keep breathing… We’re all waiting for the world to change.

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  • This will replace gas in all cars and trucks over the next decade and is comparable to the invention of the wheel/fire/computers.

    Science breakthroughs do not impress people anymore. People may care about what Brad Pitt is wearing, but not about something that will revolutionize the world.

    High school students have done open source cold fusion and stated their methods so I am sure a reputable news agency could confirm his breakthrough.

    I think we will wait until there is absolutely no doubt cold fusion will be in cars before the media decides to run with this. It is a shame because it could be a revolutionary story for a good writer.

    The 60 minute look at cold fusion was 3 years ago, and that was about a year too late. If they would profile it now they would really have a story. They would at least be able to investigate.

    Maybe a celebrity backing the story would help. Justin Bieber would at least be heard.

    I also have sent emails to W5 and 60 minutes and every car company. I did my bit to attempt awareness, but …..

    At least people can tell you what Miley Cyrus wore to the Billboards, so there is hope for the world.

  • GreenWin

    There is no coverage – even in western “democracies” where a free press lets all manner of off-beat, underground, left and right journalists (e.g. in U.S. Jack Anderson, Woodward, Bernstein, Neil Sheehan, Beacon Press, Hunter Thompson, Buckley, Capote, Seymour Hersh, Sydney Schanberg etc.) write all kinda controversial but true stuff. Not here. Wonder why?

    It’s not a democracy. There is no free press. You live in an unconstitutional, totalitarian world. Welcome to THX 1138. Sorta makes inspired altruism a joke, eh?

  • Barry didn’t visit MIT by the way. He visited a bootleg undercover project at MIT. If anybody were to ask MIT if they were working on LENR/Cold Fusion officially the answer would be a clear and unambiguous: NO. I think the media is doing a great job. Fantastic job. I would be upset if they did write about cold fusion/LENR. Currently there is nothing to write about because NOTHING is happening. Nobody except a high school in Italy is willing to divulge what’s in their little black boxes. Apparently nobody reproduced the high school experiment anyway. The list of excuses about why these great inventors can’t say what’s in their black boxes is as diverse as the wild claims that they make about the capabilities of those boxes. Barry said “we’re going to have to take it on faith” that the thing is real. We don’t “have to” do anything.

    • Well said. I couldn’t agree more totally. I would very much like for cold fusion/LENR/LANR to be real. But I ask, “Where’s the beef?”. So far, it’s been a lot of talk, a lot of claims, but, so far, just a long list of excuses about why one isn’t allowed to see the actual device or independently test one.

      • Ged

        There are plenty of published accadmenic papers describing the operation, and the construction of LENR devices. You can pick up one of those papers and replicate if you wish. That’s your “beef”. Furthermore, detailed instruction on constructing an LENR device are right here on this web site. Why don’t you give it a shot and “independently” verify it all yourself? Seeing is believing, as they always say.

        The “black boxes” you refer to are ones were the production of energy by LENR is commercially viable, and being pursued (patent reasons). I don’t think the MIT demonstration matches that, nor am I sure how much of a “black box” that one is. If it is yet undescribed, I’d chalk that up to the individuals preparing a paper for publication.

        • Ged, I think there may little point in engaging with the kind of routine and determined negativism displayed in the posts you are responding to. The style and content are all too familiar to anyone who has spent any time on ECN, even if the ID is different.

          • timycelyn

            Peter – one of my fears is the same negativists start sinking this group.

            I’ve like it here and what I read, it would be a shame if that changed…..

          • Tim, this seems to be an ongoing danger for any CF blog that allows the weeds to thrive. On past evidence of Admin’s moderation I’m pretty confident that weeds won’t be permitted to get out of hand here.

        • GreenWin

          Peter’s correct. The skeptopath behavior pattern is easily recognized.

          • It’s so standardised you’d think there must be a ‘how to’ manual somewhere!

        • OK, please provide a link to the best of the academic papers you are referring to — and provides complete instructions on how to build a cold fusion/LENR/LANR device, where to obtain the parts, and that is guaranteed to work.

    • Barry

      Hi Charles, Did you take your meds today?
      Your misquoting me again and yes, it is from MIT. I did not say “we’re going to have to take it on faith” I said “I had to believe” and I do. That is my choice and my opinion. And it’s true, you don’t have to believe in anything you don’t want to.
      I don’t understand your toxic motivations Charles. And I’m afraid it is you who I don’t believe. Peace and Light Barry

      • timycelyn

        Barry – truly well said.

        Peace to you too.

        • psi

          Ditto. Charles, peace out.

      • Filip

        NO one doubts your integrity here, Barry, no one!

    • I peace upon you Charles baby.

    • Barry

      There was a class on Cold Fusion held last January by Peter Hagelstein at MIT. As part of the class Mitchell Swartz was gracious enough to bring in the NANOR CF/LENR device. That’s the one that was set up and still running when I made the video.
      Peace and Light Chuck

  • Jimr

    The only thing needed to spread awareness is a glassed in enclosure with an Ecat type device operating with a couple of kw or more output and automatic recording devices facing the viewers measuring input/output. Some reputable people verifying the hookup, the room locked and the device working for 2 or 3 months with NO operator intervention. The word would spread rapidly.

  • Jim

    There won’t be any need to spread the word. When someone starts selling a consumer device, people will hear about it fast. Heck, when I buy one, I’ll be showing it off to my neighbors. I expect whatever store sells them will be advertising them too.

    When the large version starts getting used by companies that are willing to admit it, the market for it would appear suddenly.

    At that point, cold fusion will become accepted fast.

  • GreenWin

    “One of the advantages of LENR power generators is
    that they might be widely adopted very quickly.
    Usually, it takes roughly a decade or two for pervasive
    adoption of even the most popular technologies. . .
    There are two reasons why the adoption of LENR generators
    on a very large scale might happen relatively
    fast. The first is that they are not complex systems.
    Already-available manufacturing processes will suffice
    for their production. Hence, emplacement of a large
    manufacturing infrastructure should be relatively
    cheap and fast. . .The second reason for fast adoption
    of LENR energy generators is economic. If they are as
    cheap to buy, operate and refuel as projected, they will
    lead to remarkable savings on energy for consumers.”

    David J. Nagel is the CEO of NUCAT Energy LLC (nucat-energy.com) and a Research Professor in the School of Engineering and Applied Science of The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. His name also showed up on photos taken at the new Defkalion factory and test site in Xanthi, Greece.

  • Sojourner Soo

    Hello all. I’ve a question: What are the dimensions of the Home version E-Cat expected to be? I’ve read about the “size of a laptop.” Ecat.com shows graphics of a cube shaped reactor. Can somebody let me know?

    • artefact

      30 * 30 * 12 centimeters

    • The projected unit is supposed to ‘piggy back’ on an existing fossil fuel boiler in some way that has not been specified. Also the issue of apparently slow responses and the need to go through the 30 minute (I think) startup process after anything other than a very short shutdown have never been addressed. Rossi doesn’t seem to talk much about home units these days, and the omens generally don’t look too good.

  • clovis

    Hi, Frank.
    You and i think a lot alike ,thanks for confirming my thoughts, at least i know i’m not the only one ,and thanks to all you big thinkers, love the conversations, not the debating,—smiles

  • palace planetarian

    Local activism, consumer purchases, or business investment is not possible or even worth attempting until there are lenr products available for purchase and use which can be verified to work for believers and unbelievers. One of the most creditable space blogs commonly insults those in NASA who have refused to dismiss LENR and demands thier immediate reoval for wasting taxayer funds endorsing fraudulent voodoo or fake science. That will not stop until NASA and anyone else can have complete, unrestricted access to working devices or experiments. I hope and pray that happens sooner rather than later.

    • AstralProjectee

      HAHAHAH…. I had no idea about the NASA thing. That’s funny. Looks like NASA does not want to make a fool out of themselves.


  • GreenWin

    NASA Announces
    Abundant, Clean/Green, Energy

    “When you fully grasp what this represents, a very inexpensive, clean form of power… it would be the sort of technology that would fuel our future growth and expansion, and have the ability to raise the standard of living of the entire world.” Joe Zawodny PhD, NASA Langley Research Center


    As good as innovation is – we need to see the solutions innovation provides actually implemented in the greater community. Talk, videos, announcements in the dark do little to quench thirst, feed the hungry or lessen tribal conflict. Building the hardware and distributing it to those in need does. Thanks to BB, Joe et al, LRC.

  • Palace Planetarian

    Anyone familiar with philosophy and, the philosophy of science and religion in particular,should not fail to see that there are elements of a religious war in this situation perhaps more than a scientific dispute.

    The glory of science is that it offers rules for settling disputes that are not available in other areas of our life. So Einstein could go from a laughing stock to a hero because an experiment in 1919 that verified relativity by observing an exlipse where a gravitational field of a star affected the path of photons.

    The sad embarrassment is the number of supposedly reputable, highly paid, glorified members of the scientific establishment and fellow travelers who are completely ignoring what many, in fact, many who are creditable, say is solid, independently verifiable scientific evidence that LENR is real.

    They are acting like followers of a divinely reveled truth and engaged in the persecution of heretics. When and if the the time comes that dependable, reliable LENR products enter the marketplace it will a triumph of entrepreneurs over a new type of a supposedly scientific religion that refuses to express even a little curiosity in experimental results that conflict with their current version of what they seem to treasure as a revealed truth. It really seems more a reluctance to consider what might be a threat to entrenched interests i.e positions, grants, academic reputations etc.

    Those who have profited by this repression and delay of the emergence of what appears to be the coming of a new age of abundant clean energy as a consequence should suffer all due and fair consequences for the harm they have caused. That is, should this revolution finally make a break through that cannot be repressed any longer by anyone and that time, fervently hope for, will come sooner rather than later.

    What will be really satisfying about this revolution is that it has had to bubble up from the bottom fighting one type of entrenched interest after another. Should LENR become real it will one of the bright shining moments of humanity of which we should all be very proud.

    • It’s not really ‘religion’ as such, just that religiosity, personal avarice, scientific luddism and protectionism all reflect aspects of our ape heritage. These behaviour patterns are connected with survival and dominance, and are often repressed in individuals as being socially unacceptable.

      However once they enter ‘group think’ and become institutionalised, they become dangerous and socially destructive. Such ways of thinking persist because the process of institionalisation provides cover in the form of a ready-made ‘rationalised’ frame of reference and most importantly, the social support and approval of peers within the group.

      • georgehants

        Peter, you mirror my thinking but then express it with a little more finesse.

        • I’m sure your comments have all the ‘finesse’ I can muster and more, George! Your comments and the links you often provide certainly contain much more ‘food for thought’.

  • Al S

    Something good always happens on my wife’s birthday, and here it is! LENR is taking off.

  • Antonio Ruggeri Dr. Ing.

    The whole saga of the e-cat and its “clones” and the reason why the World of Science is absent from the stage, is mainly due to the fact that the whole Scientific establishment has no answer to many questions, the most important of which is:”is the model of the atom a plausible and acceptable one, or its representation is completely off the mark?”.
    I am sure that many top Scientists have realized that the e-cat is just the harbinger of a true great revolution, and a new branch of Science is going to be borne out of it :”the Science of transmutation”.
    It will be based on a revolutionary concept of the atomic structure and will cause loss of face for the whole establishment which until now adamantly denied the existence of the basic substance called Ether (or similar names).
    The atomic model supplied by the acceptance of Ether in the Universe as the primigen form of energy, existing outside the physical mass, can superate the impasse and that is the way the research must go from now on.

    • As well as the various contenders for a new power source, there seem to be scattered reports (often linked from past pages of this blog) of many ‘strange’ effects including catalytic decomposition of water, anomolous heat and other energy imbalances, curious surface effects in metals, evidence for ‘hydrinos’ and so on. One of the better sources is Science Daily at http://www.sciencedaily.com.

      Many of these reports are concerned with particular small niches of physics, but taken together they seem to point to a whole new branch of science that includes elemental transmutation but goes well beyond it.

      lenr-liker suggested earlier a new database of LENR experiments and reported phenomena, but it might be more useful to instead pull together a collection of links to all possibly-related experimental data, to include virtually everything that may shed light in some dark corner, in order to spark ideas and connections in those working in the field.

    • GreenWin

      Dr. Ruggeri – you have broached the very substance of the conflict. Most unfortunate is the conflict is fueled by the establishment belief that “a loss of face” arrives with a new understanding of science. This is the failure of public comprehension that science is learning – a process in perpetual transition. There are no immoveable laws or constants not subject to change and evolution.

      The human experience in this coming revolution should be to learn that all things will change, grow, diminish. It is the wonder of the creation. No loss of face is necessary when growth and change are the substance of learning.

    • jacob

      now Dr. engineer,do you remember in your training
      what causes inertia ,for instance then centrifugal
      force is not a ficticious force anymore ,if one would consider the aether .

      so i am an expert in centrifugal force , and it
      has a quality of reaction free force creating free
      energy from the back ground or aether forces of the universe.

      as a badly out of balance tire on a fast moving car can destroy the suspension of a car,without
      slowing the car down.

      textbooks have to be rewritten to explain unexplained behavior of centrifugal forces and the free centrifugal forces of the pendulum as is
      has already been proven by academia

  • AstralProjectee

    Do you think we will discover how to make aether like tesla once the world scientific community discovers how close minded they have been?


    • jacob

      astralProjectee ,aether is not made, it exists all around us as ,it is a medium not understood by science ,it exists right across the universe and it is what ties this galaxy together and this medium connects us with the universal creator and the dream world and transmits the radio waves in space

  • palace planetarian

    The one real issue is whether there are reliable, creditable experimental, reproduceable experimental results that even enemies and non-believers can verify. Many like me acknowledge that those who are determined to insult scientists like Dr.Hagelstein still have some legitimate arguments. But,we are betting that the experimental results or commercial reality will soon be so irrefutable that the establishment that has persecuted those exploring the possibility of LENR and done everything possible to repress this good news for humanity will justifiably be defeated and replaced. Because, of the take no prisoners repression the stakes for those engaged in this repression are getting higher. When humanity realizes that this gift could have been changing lives years ago if not for thier resistance, as in all true revolutions, I would not want to be in their shoes.

    • Sadly there will never be any torch-bearing crowds streaming towards the ivory towers. Public ‘opinion’ is largely dictated by the tabloids and TV news media, and will not include any suggestion of what might have been, or who exactly prevented it.

      • jacob

        peter ,public ‘opinion’ is largely dictated by the tabloids and TV news media , is about as well as it can be said to reflect the reality.

  • palace planetarian

    The bottom line is that good, reproducable experimental results always trump theory, no matter how entrenched. Yes, it’s a painful process. But, it one key feature distinquishing features of empirical science versus religion and philosophy. Soon, I expect and hope that those who continue to ignore evidence, hopefully the reality of LEnR, will lose the support in the institutions and the public that has sustained them for more than twenty years. What a great day that will be.

    Until then, I will be watching, reading, hoping and maybe joining the ranks of the experimenters. Part of the problem is that big science has become sort of a priest hood that only acknowledges what other members of the priesthood does or says as worthy. Yes, that’s ok and correct 99.9+% of time, except in moments and times when whole system is overturned. Maybe it is time to ressurect Edison and Tesla. There is a no more exciting time for the intelligent. Is such an exciting time near. I am am hoping and betting that it is. But then even I have been wrong on occassion. We will see.

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  • lenr-liker

    Well, what IS within reach is using commonly available crowd-sourcing technology to build a database that would provide a publicly available meta-study for LENR, based on categorizing public domain research, such as at lenr-canr.org. That would promote awareness. But nobody seems interested.

    • palace planetarian

      I am interested and, though not an august personage, I am somebody.

  • joe

    I am sorry guys but I think you’ve got it completely backwards.

    The ones to blame are not the media and the scientific community but the cold fusion claimants for behaving like a bunch of secretive assholes. Secret catalysts and proprietary technology, way to go Rossi and co.

    I personally couldn’t care less about the details to replicate the experiment if the effect would at least be confirmed independently. Where is this confirmation? Oh wait, Defkalion has some but are keeping it secret right?

    Maybe this proprietary MIT/Nanor thingy which seems to be non-replicable? Is there actually any independent data about it?

    Or to use Rossi’s bloomy language: Cold fusion is a circus full of clowns.

    • palace planetarian

      Perhaps your right. i doubt it. But, we will see.

    • georgehants

      joe, according to your logic, hot fusion and much else should never have received any funding as they have never shown a working device.
      Science had it’s chance 23 years ago with P&F and failed miserably.

      • hydroman

        Cold fusion has had its chance for 23 years and has failed miserably.

        You had it a little backward.

        • TPBurnett

          Not succeeding reliably is not the same thing as failing miserably.

    • Bigwilly


      I concur with your sentiments. It is always tough for me to swallow “big science, government business, evil people, etc etc” have suppressed otherwise surefire ways to make cheap energy.

      If a device can be proven the world will beat a path to its door and use it. If P&F could have replicated/reproduced their experiment it wouldn’t matter what supposed scientist said or did. My humble opinion is that people, (scientist, governments, rich, consumers and all of us), are just that…people. We all want the same thing…more of everything whether it be money, power, land, bigger car, smarter children or whatever. I know their are altruist exceptions but civilization was not built on altruism.

      I am glad of the recent acceleration in this field and independent results and validation.


      • Bigwilly

        Oh and one more thing.

        Hot fusion? Yes, looking back it appears to be a complete waste of money and time but surely it is not the only example of wasted government or private funds.

        I dont for a second believe the “hot fusion gestapo” has put the clamps on cold fusion.


  • georgehants

    There are some in the establishment aware of the problem.
    From New Education
    New Science Standards: Bound for Glory, or Running Behind?
    By Arthur H. Camins

  • georgehants

    After the complete failure of establishment science with the Cold Fusion story, it needs to be shown if they have learnt any lessons.
    If one takes a subject such as DNA water memory, the situation is much the same, good Evidence from experiments for an effect beyond known science.
    Will they continue to give irrational “expert opinion” saying it is impossible or be scientists and follow the Evidence fairly and professionally without abuse and unfounded denial.
    Something again that if True will have tremendous meaning to science and life.
    The lessons from Cold Fusion, if learnt, can bring science back the respect that it’s continual abuse of subjects outside a narrow reductionist 19th century philosophy has destroyed.
    The World is Quantum not classical.

  • GreenWin

    The not so clever excuse for the LENR blackout is now that it is the fault of private enterprise “secrecy.” As if government has not claimed the same in its LENR programs. Thus we have the reasoning for attack on all proprietary IP. Joe would, in his world, eliminate patents, copyrights, trademarks, and have artists, inventors, scientists, all work without lawful protection of their inventions or ideas. This is the view of the totalitarian, the communist and fascist – who demand obedience to the State, Brotherhood or Hive.

    Why not just come clean? The SPAWAR program which published important new LENR research was silenced by Rear Admiral Patrick Brady in November of 2011. Navy has their reasons – albeit they should never forget whose money they live on.

    Since then (in the U.S.) we have had only the mewling of cowering “writers and editors” – none of whom have the vaguest understanding of a free press, the First Amendment, or in Joe’s case, the Fourth Amendment. Granted Admiral Brady was annoyed that a Fox News reporter phoned a named party at SPAWAR (a generally classified operation) asking for confirmation on the October test done in Bologna.

    That is the price of a system of government that raises a free press and the First Amendment above all other concerns. “Congress shall make no law. . .abridging the freedom of the press.” Admiral Brady and powers in government should never forget it is the blood of American men and women in uniform that defends those Constitutional freedoms. It is the one common order that all in government swear to – “To protect and defend the Constitution.”

    A SPAWAR spokeman told us they are transferring the LENR research out of their organization to “organizations within the federal government that are better aligned to continue research regarding nuclear power. We have taken initial steps to determine how a transition of low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) research might occur.”

    Real journalists, those with a modicum of courage and cojones, will read this as Admiral Brady’s assent to cover the story outside SPAWAR. AND THEY SHOULD FOLLOW THE MONEY. Like Woodward and Bernstein did. Like any honest investigative reporter. And Publishers and Editors should crawl out from under their desks and do what any citizen who respects a free press would do – PUBLISH THE TRUTH.

    Is it a conflict between government and a free press? Sure it is. That’s what makes the Constitution a sacred document worth fighting for. Need some background? Look up the Pentagon Papers that pitted The New York Times (when it had balls) and Washington Post against the Pentagon and the Executive Branch.


    The entire conflict went to the Supreme Court which then ruled 6-3 in favor of the Times and Post:

    “In my view, far from deserving condemnation for their courageous reporting, The New York Times, The Washington Post and other newspapers should be commended for serving the purpose that the Founding Fathers saw so clearly,” he said. “In revealing the workings of government that led to the Vietnam war, the newspapers nobly did precisely that which the founders hoped and trusted they would do.” Justices Hugo Black, Thurgood Marshall, William O. Douglas 1971, United States Supreme Court

    No, Joe, this sim publishing blackout (in the U.S.) isn’t about ahole inventors’ protection of intellectual property – it’s about a totalitarian government mired in years of corruption and obfuscation – and a few courageous citizen-journalists willing to stand up tell the truth. As prescribed by law.