Video of Brillouin Energy’s Phase I Reactor in Action

A video recently posted on Brillouin Energy’s Youtube account shows a test of their Phase 1 system in which cell in which a compression wave from their Quantum Reactor (Q) is passed through an anode in open beaker of water. Brillouin’s Robert Godes demonstrates what happens when the Q is turned off and on in this system. The video description states, “There has been some clamoring to see a reactor in operation. Well the Phase II system is a bit like watching paint dry. It is completely enclosed. But this clip, actually 6 clips strung together, is some what exciting.” Full documentation of the Phase I reaction can be found here.

  • Ivan Mohorovicic

    Not exactly related to Brillouin, but speaking of videos, there’s also this interesting one on LENR by Joe Zawodny of NASA Langley Research Center. It’s been uploaded yesterday so it’s still fresh:

    • edog

      interesting! thanks Ivan

    • Ged

      Oh whoa, this is extremely interesting. I need to watch this more closely when I get the chance.

    • Ivan Mohorovicic

      Also have a look at this blog post by Dennis Bushnell. I don’t know when it was posted, but looks recent. I’ve seen it linked on

      • edog

        cheers again!

      • edog

        I think that’s pretty recent Ivan..
        and.. it looks like NASA is getting involved in LENR proper.

      • Ged

        That post had to have been posted after the video was uploaded, or at the same time. So either today or yesterday, since it directly references the video (and uses the same picture of the space planes as is in Dr. Zawodny’s video).

  • QC-JYM

    Video might be recent but according to the photos in the doc, that test was conducted 5 YEARS AGO!!!

    • hydroman

      Just another device that will never be independently tested, produced or sold.
      (really hard to sell non-working devices!)
      add it to the list.
      Beddini motor
      Dennis Lee
      MEG (motionless magnetic generator).
      on and on.
      good website!

      • hydroman

        for a good insight into how these “products”
        are promoted go this website and see one of the best of all time John W. Keely.

      • daniel maris

        You forgot to add NASA to your list of dodgy scammers.

        • Roger Bird

          And don’t forget MIT, Caltech, and SRI International. I just hate these crooks!!!!

  • Zero

    So possibly the secret catalyst in rossi’s reactor is simply the RFG?

    • Zero

      The media is seriously missing out on some freaking awesome stories. I can’t believe how stupid they all are.

      • DistributedIntelligence

        No sir, they aren’t stupid. Their purpose in our culture is not to provide information, it is to shape awareness according to the will of their owners.

        • Fede

          How very true! Good that some normal folks understand this controlled system of kinds!

        • xyz

          The media reluctantly publishes a benevolent news only when it can no longer be contained or suppressed. They pounce upon divisionary or malevolent news to bring forth with deliberate haste so as to scare or freak-out the sheeple.

        • Roger Bird

          Wrong! Just about everyone’s mission in life is to protect the dominant paradigm. Very few people have the backbone/courage to be explorers and pioneers.

  • john E

    more like watching paint spark.

  • Barry

    Can any of you more techy types explain what is going on here and how it relates to cold fusion?

    • edog

      This is what their web site says.. I guess that is what they are trying to show us in the video?

      “Brillouin Energy’s technology converts the hydrogen in ordinary water to helium gas, a process that releases large amounts of useful heat. Brillouin Energy technology allows this to happen safely at temperatures and pressures compatible with current industrial and chemical practices.”

      I cant really tell if that is Hydrogen or Helium coming off their electrolysis in a beaker…. maybe if I look at it again with my glasses on???

      Come on! How hard is it to prove they are making helium?.. if it floats and doesnt go bang =helium.. if it does = hydrogen .. unless its been blacklighted processed or whatever??? this is getting so confusing!!!

    • georgehants

      Barry, your deserved fame for a little more effort than the establishment makes me feel we should all address you as Sir Barry, but I bet you are very modest fellow and will settle for just Barry. Ha.

      • Barry

        Hi George, Life has a way of humbling. In the video, you can see the carpentry job I went back to the next day was shingling the outhouse section.

  • edog

    summary.. heat up the water, use electricity to split the water.. Hydrogen goes into the metal cathode or is that anode?.. the Nickel or Palladium one. The metal catalyses the Hydrogen into … sorry… that should be transmutes the Hydrogen into Helium. Water gets hotter than it should be!! Presto Cold fusion in a can!

    Oops! most importantly!!.. sorry they hit the metal with their “Q reactor beams” to make it all happen other wise its just an expensive way of making Hydrogen and Oxygen.

    Pretty simple set up. I would like to see evidence of Helium coming off.. that would sell it to me.

  • clovis

    Great, videos.
    Thanks , and keep them coming.–smile

  • edog

    Hold on!!! Brillouin

    Are you guys getting Helium or Hydrinos? coming off?
    Cant find anywhere that you proved it was Helium?

    Inert floaty gas.. could be Dr Randy’s Hydrinos?????

    Say what?

    • Ged

      One spectrophotometer should solve this mystery.

  • Peter Hunr

    Cravens identifier back in the era of 2003 or so that external stimulation was required to get the systems to kick in at lower temp and pressures.

    Radio waves are one source and laser beams and perhaps temp variations or acoustic stimulation will work. Hence the control system is based on the external stimulation which is easier to control than the reaction itself. I think.

    Now if we can figure out how to modulate the output we will be that much closer to fullo control.

    I wonder if anyone has tried a fluid bed of micronized/nano metal in a recirculating hydrogen gas jet utilizing the hydrogen as a heat transfer fluid for a hot wall boiler? Flood the boiler with radio waves for control.

    Could be fun and explosive.

    • edog

      thats what ive been thinking too.. why doesnt someone it?

    • edog

      Fluidised beds:

      Extremely high surface area contact between fluid and solid per unit bed volume

      High relative velocities between the fluid and the dispersed solid phase.

      High levels of intermixing of the particulate phase.

      Frequent particle-particle and particle-wall collisions.

      thats from wiki…. youd think it would get that LENR effect happening big time?
      Doping up those little nickel nano bits with loads of H buzz em about a bit more with some microwaves… ka BOOm??

      Cant be that hard…

      • edog

        Sorry Guys.. I think we are approaching this whole LENR thingy from the wrong angle…to make further rapid progress (for the good of humanity) we should be going down the lines of say.. the Manhattan project??? or Mythbusters… Im sure if we were trying to blow stuff up there would be more exposure..etc…

        Peace! 🙂


  • Sanjeev

    International LENR Symposium ILENRS-12 July 2-3, 2012 College of William and Mary

  • Shane D.

    Fascinating video. From near 1 amp input and higher there is a visible bright arcing luminescence. It reminded me of a second hand observers acounting of DGTs Hyperion when they (DGT) used a special glass enclosure to see inside, and saw a light as bright as the sun.

    I’m no scientist; so anyone know what could produce this beautiful effect at only 1 amp input? Fusion maybe?

    One other note from the report Frank linked to; it appears they got some help from CalTech on this experiment, as they briefly thanked them for pointing out a minor error in the body of the report.

    • Stephen

      U certainly don’t need 1A to see an electric arch. Ever seen a piezoelectric lighter? Not much current flowing there… rather, the piezo is producing a large voltage drop.

      • Shane D.

        Thanks Stephen, I just thought it too intense for that little amperage. Guess not.

        Let me ask you this; if that is helium gas produced as they claim, representing a fusion reaction byproduct… would the fusion process cause the photon emissions or visible light we see?

        I keep thinking of that observation from DGT.


        • edog

          Eh Shane.

          If you look at the vid again..

          the little wire coil to the right of the beaker is supposedly where the Helium is being produced. I think…

          • Shane D.


            What I call arcing he calls “lightning” accompanied by “popping”.

            Without the Q on lightning/popping not there. Turn Q on and both reappear.

            Seems associated with the frequency generator, or Q as he calls it, and not the electrical input.

            Thats why I’m asking.

          • edog

            No idea Shane.
            From reading their reports.. seems that the Helium is “created” inside the Nickel or Palladium anode..

            Guess it could be that snap crackle and pop stuff going on??

            There is a schematic of the circuit in one of their pdfs.

            Would be nice if they explained what was was what in their vid..

        • Stephen

          Actually you might be right in thinking that the current has a quite high but short-lived peak in terms of Amperes… during the spark, I mean. I am not sure however, I am not able to quantify. However you can still have a very low -average- current and a lot of fun sparks!

          About He, I don’t know, I am not really into this field… I am just curious. My impression is that nobody really knows in details what goes on in there..

          • Shane D.


            The “sparks” and popping are not there unless the “Q” (frequency generator) is turned on.

            Electricity is always on, but without Q there is no spark/popping/bubbles (helium). So it’s not electrically induced arcing… It is frequency induced. I’ve never heard of that and that is why I asked.

            I think the only reason Brillouin showed this video was to show a correlation between Q to the arcing/popping/bubbles, while also visually proving that it wasn’t electrically related.

    • edog

      electrons and photons.

    • Roger Bird

      I created an arc slightly more bright than what is in that video across a gold gap in water with less than 12 amps at 232 volts. That would be about 2784 watts. It was not easy. It was in my basement so I did not have much in the way of instrumentation. It was fun, but I know that it would be difficult if not impossible to get an arc with 70 volts and less than one amp.

  • Camilo

    This last video in which Zawodny appears talking about their technology and what they plan to do with is is really encouraging and IMHO this NASA endorsement of LENRs and the clear languaje about the implicancies for the world, shoul be big mainstream news. I thought that after the last backpedaling we were not going to hear anything else from Zawodny, and this latest video just gave me a “mental orgasm”.

    • Matt S

      I’ve just watched it, do you think he is going to deny what he said this time?

      • Dr. Joe doesn’t need to deny anything. His title speaks for itself. He hasn’t changed jobs since his last video. He still works for climate science and EOS (Earth Observing Systems). Google Dr. Joe if you don’t believe. Observing means just that. Not touching. Not doing something with it. No tinkering. Matt, what part of observing and climate science don’t you understand???

        Let me put this another way. If Dr. Joe’s fancy and hobby were different. Let’s say he liked cooking Italian food. Would anybody be writing that NASA was involved in research to make better pasta recipes? No. Because it’s obvious that has nothing whatsoever to do with his job at NASA. But since he’s into LENR, which appears to be a science, it’s a casting call for any and every crackpot out there to say this is proof positive that LENR exists. There you have it. NASA is working on LENR.

        NASA is not working on LENR. MIT is not working on LENR. Individuals employed by those institutions are dabbling with LENR as a hobby.

        • Matt S

          CP, Thanks to Jeff Daley’s comment on a previous post I think you can see that NASA scientists are not merely tinkering with LENR; Dennis Bushnell put this article out the same day of the video post. NASA scientists are very much trying to prove or deny the LENR/LERN phenomenon. In fact I take his article as a call to arms, as it were to any scientist worth his or her salt to more or less drop what they are doing now and to look deeper at LENR as something is most certainly happening and they need to work it out pronto.

        • timycelyn

          Chuck, There is a famous flight of locks on the Regents canal in London at Bow. The are called Bow Locks.

          Been there recently as you seem to write so much of it?

          Of course NASA are involved, that is a a professionally produced video, not some amateur thing! We have their logo and title on it, under which authority he seems to be speaking. Strewth!

          Do you really think he’d spout this off as some sort of teatime hobby with their logo over it without their sanction after he had his bottom smacked after the last video?

          Give me strength… protect me from deluded prats…

        • You play with words and twist them with great alacrity. In the end you attempt to say that these people are just dabbling in a hobby as trivial as cooking. So by implication there nothing of interest and there should be no endorsement of anything from NASA nor from MIT. I call it a hobby in an attempt to disparage it and to say it is not worthy of anyone’s attention and so it may as well not exist because the people that matter to a sycophant like yourself are those at the very top of the power hierarchy and you detest very strongly those little people at the bottom who ask pointed questions and even doubt the very power structure that you worship.

          • I meant to say “You call it a hobby…”

          • xyz

            Good Zed. Good.

        • jacob

          charles ponzi,it sounds like you are coming slowly down from the fence you are on ,and i am glad you are coming around and are now believing in LENR

          welcome home

        • jacob

          charles Ponzi,maybe this is a good time to sell your shares in the oil business and utilities

  • georgehants

    This page is the perfect example of how main-line establishment science should be.
    A tolerant open-minded excited following of possible new science.
    We are nearly all, without abuse and attack happy to wait for Experimental TRUTH.
    Science needs to learn that whatever the attitude taken the result will be exactly the same, only the TRUTH will survive.
    But how much more pleasant for scientists to work in an atmosphere of tolerant interest and investigation of any possible new Evidence.
    Science will mature when all the denying “opinion experts” are put out to grass to allow a new generation of brilliant youngsters to take over.
    They must be given a free hand to follow the Evidence and not destructive DOGMA.

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  • georgehants

    There are over 2 million unemployed in the U.K.
    If the government built 10 factories turning out solar cells ready to refit roofs across the country and trained thousands to fit them, how long would it take to replace much of daytime electricity production.
    If correctly designed then all traditional roofing could be abandoned as the new panels would completely replace outdated materials.
    Am I correct, in that only capitalism prevents this benefit for everybody idea from materialising.
    The unemployed get paid benefits anyway and would only require a fair upgrade in remuneration.

    • Ed

      George, you have a great idea. The issue is not capitalism it is crony capitalism. The owning class wants to make sure it gets most of the benefit from this idea. So, no government factories. Instead factories paid for by the government but owned by the owning class with all profits to the owning class. Unemployed to do the work to keep their benefits with the owning class getting free labor and keeping all the profit. The panels installed to be owned by the owning class with monthly rental fees paid by the householder forever. All profit to the owning class. This would be allowed.

    • daniel maris

      You could also finance much of that work through increased stamp duty (our property tax on house sales). It would be a very benign tax in that the purchaser would derive an immediate benefit from the installation, in terms of reduced power bills and an annual income through selling electricity back to the grid.

  • Stephen Taylor

    More from NASA. (I don’t recall having seen this before). via Akira Shirakawa (Vortex)

    • edog

      Cheers Stephen and Ivan and Akira.

      Any comments C Ponzi? Interested in your analysis.

      anyway.. wow I mean WOW.

      Looks like NASA will get on board the LENR train… wonder if it will go anywhere?

      • Allen McCloud

        Interested in his thoughts like you’re interested in getting hemroids?

        Love all the news coming from NASA! Thanks for posting this stuff guys and gals!!

    • edog

      From that guy Dennis M. Bushnell, the Chief Scientist at the NASA Langley Research Center

      “There are some six or so groups claiming device outputs in the 100 watt range and three others claiming kilowatts. Efforts are ongoing within NASA and other organisations to validate (or not) these claims. It should be noted that these devices are essentially “Edisonian,” the result of attempts at experimental “discovery”

    • Ged

      What I found incredible is this quote:

      “There are estimates using just the performance of some of the devices under study that 1% of the nickel mined on the planet each year could produce the world’s energy requirements at the order of 25% the cost of coal.”

      This means NASA has working devices that generate a ton of energy from cold fusion, well enough for them to make this claim. It’ll be interesting to find out the details of the suite of “devices” they are investigating.

      This also means that the full potential of cold fusion has not even begun to be tapped yet, if the experimental devices are performing this well. Just think what actual, theory guided refinement would be able to bring us!

  • Warthog

    I guess I’m just dense. I would have thought that an article about a video would have a LINK to said video “somewhere” in the article. I see no such link, and a Google search isn’t turning the video up either.

  • s

    What was the COP? The field of hot fusion has been giving demonstrations much more impressive than this for decades without ever producing a useful COP.

    • Rockyspoon

      Then, based on my propensity for rational numbers-based logic, those demonstrations from hot fusion aren’t very impressive. Their COP has never exceeded unity.