Rossi: “Important News” Coming Within Week

Andrea Rossi has got the attention of E-Cat watchers with a short statement yesterday: “Within a week we will have important news regarding the high temperature reactors.”

With a statement like this there is lots of room for speculation, but based on what Rossi has been saying lately, my guess is that the news will probably be the release of data from the tests that have been running on the high temperature E-Cats since Rossi also said yesterday “We will publish the tests and the COP calculation. The COP, anyway, is not different.”

To see data from these tests will certainly be interesting, and could raise the stakes in the newly emerging LENR industry if stable, reliable 600C reactor temperatures are reported. Of course, without third party confirmation of the data there will be room for skepticism from those who do not take Rossi seriously — but Rossi’s style has not been to satisfy the skeptics and he likely to release information on his own terms.

  • daniel maris

    Rossi needs to up his game.

    Another statement with no corroboration will be very underwhelming. At the very least, we need another actor in his drama – someone we can hear confirm the reality of Rossi’s machine.

    • Mahron – A4 B2

      Rossi better have a working machine.

      • Or what? You’ll personally meet him on the playground after school?

    • Peter Poulsen

      “The show must go on”

      But yeah nomatter what he says ill be waiting to celebrate until he can give us real proff that he actually have a working device.

      I dont need to see a stable device. Personally i dont care about how stable it is. Just to get confirmation that a device exist that in selfsubstainable mode can produce kW/h’s of steam is groundbreaking enough for me.

      • Stability and sustainability seem to have been a major problem with CF, and not just for Rossi. AR has danced around the issue with short tests and excuses for over a year, but if he *has* cracked the problem, perhaps he can now deliver some form of proof of concept – even if a demo device is not completely self sustaining (no way to generate electrical power yet). If he can’t, or won’t for his own reasons, then we will not really be much further forward.

        • jacob

          AR ,may have cracked the problem on how to install the 600 C.Ecat to replace the fuel rods in the nuclear submarine.

          • jacob

            But in reality AR’s big news,could it be his 600C.Ecat is now hooked up to a Siemens
            power plant? It is plausible considering Siemens had a turbine capable of running at
            450 Celsius ,

            I call it !

          • “Ecat is now hooked up to a Siemens power plant? ”

            Yes, that would be quite something. Siemens would also be a good ally for Rossi to have in the turmoil that would follow any incontrovertible demo.

        • jacob

          The lead shielding can stay in place to absorb the heat.

          • Dave

            With big companies like Siemans and the military behind Rossi, anything is possible really. If they really believe and it has been proven to them that it is real, look out, an energy revolution is coming.

          • Marine propulsion fission reactors would have to be de-fueled then removed c/w shielding for decommissioning in specialised areas. A one for one drop-in replacement would be needed for each design.

  • I’m not sure exactly how it feels to have ‘bated breath’ but I’m fairly sure I’m not experiencing it quite yet. I do hold a little glimmer of hope that the news will be both important *and verifiable* though.

    AR must be aware of a certain, shall we say, lack of hysteria in response to his pronouncements, even among the ranks of the hopeful. It could be quite damaging to his standing to trail important news and then just deliver more ‘Rossi says’. Not (as has been observed many times) that it matters a mouse’s fart what we blogwatchers think or say.

    • Ditto.

    • NJT

      “A mouse’s fart” – Well, at the moment, we supportive bloggers are the only one’s in the world making a ‘contributive stink’ about all this cold fusion/LENR stuff! That should count for something as to being support for all those doing the heavy LENR Research & Development work?

    • Anonymole

      We’ve held our ‘bated breath’ for so long most of us have passed out.

      It’s Rossi who should ‘abate’ his breath, at least until he can show the world rather than just tell the world.

      But, better bated breath than baited breath, which most LENR “announcements” are spoken with – which generally stinks.

      • GreenWin

        An excellent cure for bated breath is to stop breathing. For a while, that is.

    • Jim Johnson

      “baited breath” is what you get from eating “damp squids”

  • In my view the news, if this comes from a reliable source, then it is important to understand that, as time elapses and finally give the green light to patent most likely continue to see news like this, which will give all the believer in order to keep our attention on the subject.

    This would be a shame to stay here rather than empty and sensationalistic news and a little smoke to calm things down. So I prefer to think we are close to the truth and that very soon the light will …

  • Karsten

    Rossi bette show a working Homeunit, THAT would be an “important news”…

  • Rossi is either a fool or very smart for keeping quiet.

    If he has a great product then he is a fool because Blacklight and Brillouin seem ready to start licensing, and even though he has claimed to have experimented with Nickel/Hydrogen could he argue his case in court?

    If Andrea Rossi has nothing then he is smart to keep quiet because once other people come out with working products he can attempt to sue them for a piece of the pie.

    I think he has something but nothing stable or he would demonstrate. His longest demonstration has lasted 18 hours. Not even 1 full day before system collapse.

    My money is on Blacklight 1st, and Brillouin 2nd. Rossi might get honorable mention.

  • Oh if Rossi’s word was only more trustworthy.

  • GreenWin

    None of the e-cat “news” is particularly exciting. What IS fascinating is to see the steady stream coming from other players. Blacklight is rather astonishing considering they have independent validation of a system that not only produces excess heat, but manages to convert it to useful electrical power – using water for fuel.

    Zawodny’s NASA test chip is startling in that it is firm proof NASA takes LENR seriously enough to do mass materials testing. Chief Scientist Bushnell and LaRC are firmly behind LENR. Three NASA divisions are now active in LENR research.

    ATHANOR people have published OpenSource details of their tungsten-based cell with COP 4 plus transmutation.

    Miley, Kim, Godes, Ahern, Pinterelli, Celani, Jet/Hagelstein all appear involved with their own commercial efforts. Dr. Duncan is administering a $5.5M research study at U Missouri. Energetics Technology USA is set up at U Missouri Life Science Business Incubator…

    AR has clearly been working with knowledgeable scientists – Navy’s Mike Melich remains on Rossi’s Board of Advisers. Rossi has perfected the 1MW unit built in Bologna and delivered it to his customer. The higher temp bodes well for steam turbine generators and if stable will make cogen CHP systems practical for residences.

    All in all an formidable amount of progress in less than a year from October 1MW ecat test. I can say BRAVO to all these scientists and businessmen who see the future powered by cold fusion.

    • ‘sright – plenty of ‘players’ now, so we don’t have to go find cliffs to hurl ourselves over if Rossi’s announcement is a damp squib.

      • GreenWin

        “Damp squib.” Delightful!

        • A common Brit phrase that obviously hasn’t made it across the pond yet!

        • Not to be confused with ‘damp squid’, which is what you try once on a Spanish holiday.

    • Nice summary of where we are. ty.

    • none

      Blacklight has not INDEPENDENTLY validated their CIHT cells. What they have done is invited scientists to their facility and gave them a look at the device running. That is not INDEPENDENT validation of a technology.

      • jacob

        oh none, were you one of those scientists,alright already ,please do some more reading on the subject and please join the CF winner section

        • GreenWin

          jacob, pity the frustrated troll.

    • Barry

      Good summary GreenWin.

  • Jeff

    “Important news” will occur when an independent third party can buy something from him and verify for themselves. Until then there is no “important news”.

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  • Mahron – A4 B2

    @ Bruce Fast

    Or he will look real bad. there can not be any misunderstandings at this point, even if he does not have a stable reactor, he either has the recipe for LENR or he his a fraud.

    I will also will steal his lunch money to punish him.

  • Neville

    Claims without validation are just that .
    Andrea, give us a working product or outside
    confirmation that your units do work.
    Either that or get of the pot.
    Neville Frazier

    • edog


    • Andrew Macleod

      The only pot Rossi is sitting on is his own, if it takes him 2 years to take a dump then so be it.

  • Larry Jameson

    I remember thinking back in 89 that if Pons and Fleishman were right wouldn’t it be an amazing wonder. Now I know from the many experiments that have been published that the concept of cold fusion itself is true, which in itself is a miracle. Whether it’s fusion of protons and electrons or fusion of protons with protons makes little difference. The principal is real, proven and it’s clean. All that’s left is the refinement of physical laws and engineering. It amazes me that so many people find it unbelievable that a phenomenon discovered 23 years ago and quietly studied ever since is now an emerging technology. That’s not exactly rushing things.

    Rossi has stated time and again, that for perfectly good reasons, he will let the market judge his invention, which can only happen once his invention is available on the open market. Anyone who thinks this latest upcoming announcement will be bogus if it’s not validated will be disappointed. However, the people who know from their own research of published material, that the principal of running at 600 degrees Celsius is valid will be elated.

    The progress that’s been made over the last year or so is truly astounding, even if it’s not on the market yet. The home heaters are only a couple of months into the approval process and already that technology is bordering on obsolete. As more and more attention and research is focused on this field we will continue to see it improve exponentially. A year ago all we heard about was Rossi, then it was Rossi and Defkalion, then Rossi, Defkalion, NASA, Brillouin, Blacklight, MIT, the US military and on and on. We are just at the start of the curve and the number of researchers and amount of research money expended will continue to rise exponentially from here.

    I think Rossi will be the first to market. Many others are making good progress but few of them are talking about actually building something. They all plan to license their technology at some point in the future. Rossi has actually built production reactors for home and industry which puts him out in front of the others.

    Many think Rossi’s claims are bogus but so far I have not heard a single official voice say anything that would discount his claims. It would take a lot of sand for a foreign alien with a relatively high profile like Rossi to repeatedly claim that he’s working daily with the US military if it weren’t true. The US desperately needs this technology. Not just to save the planet but to reestablish their credibility as a world leader and to reinvigorate their economy. I would not be the least surprised to hear that the reason nobody can find Rossi’s secret US production facility is because it was built on a military base. It’s that important to the US national interest. I wonder how many other inventors and entrepreneurs have the resources of the US military at their disposal.

    Larry Jameson

    • jacob

      Larry Jameson,very well said,it certainly appears
      the US navy’s involvement could be both, protecting
      Andrea Rossi , and his technology from the puppets
      and snakes and with AR’s help converting a entire fleet of Navy ships,submarines,helicopters, and next what ? US Army making their operations more efficient? heating their huge complexes ,fuel reduction for all their transportation allowances
      to have more money , let’s see, better care for our Veterans , better equipment for the troops,
      smarter weapons, that would make a lot of sense.

      so is the military a staging ground for this new
      Ecat technology ?

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  • edog

    Henry Harris.
    “Without Fleming, no Chain; without Chain, no Florey; without Florey, no Heatley; without Heatley, no penicillin.”


    “Without Pons, no Fleischmann; without Fleischmann, no Focardi; without Focardi, no Rossi; without Rossi…. no eCat.”

    AHhaha… yeah right!
    NO eCat.. thats the important part of the statement.

    Rossi could have, should have been great…think of the lives he could have changed, or saved.
    Unfortunately he is a selfish man, he keeps his secrets close to his chest, living in the past, keeping the rich and powerful on top, all talk no real proof. Unwilling to share for the benefit of all the planet. Does he think he is the only one who can save us? Why doesnt he open source his discoveries???? Is he that greedy?? His reasons, circular talk and telling untruths are lame in the least.

    I think he has something. I am disgusted he wont share.

    • edog

      GO! The Pirelli High Kids!!
      Their thinking the way of the future. They are the future, Rossi is the past, a wannabe tycoon.

      Am I wrong?

      • jacob

        AR of all people has answered more questions than anybody else,has been upfront ,he appears to be arrogant , but could it be ,that his confidence is mistaken as arrogance

        the question “am I wrong ” only time will tell

        • edog

          Meant, would you share one of the most wonderful beneficial discoveries in history? or keep it to yourself to gain personal power?


          • jacob

            ok edog,it’s some fine nickel powder in a pressurized containment and high heat with
            pressurized hydrogen ,and a catalyst of maybe iron to produce more hydrogen along with a electric heating element that heats the nickel and iron.
            It is no secret that hydrogen is produced in contact with red hot steel in a steel mill.
            now that everybody knows ,who is actually going to built one ,or many for the benefit of mankind.

          • jacob

            personally ,I believe that to be the case, but i would tell everybody about it and publish
            it ,but I personally would not built one ,I built self running centrifugal force powered units ,the one i am building right now is a unit with 2 water wheels mounted on one arm with a central shaft between the 2 wheels which will operate at
            200 rpm ,and the arm with the water wheels rotates at maximum 1800 rpm ,causing a G-force of 1000 times heavier to flow into the wheels that have 6 water scoops on each wheel for a total of 12 scoops on each wheel, 3 scoops will be partially filled with 250ml
            of water which will weigh 250KG on each side of the wheel for a total of 500Kg
            on both wheels at 200 rpm
            causing torque by step up gearing to cause a rotation of the main shaft at a gear ratio of 1 to 9 to produce a gross torque of about 40 ft pounds ,minus friction losses and water return from the sump at a loss of 20ft pounds ,net return or net power from the enviroment,the back ground,the ether or the quantum of tapped power from the vacuum of 20 ft pounds of torque at 1800 rpm
            of its maximum speed ,total pressure on each bearing on water wheel 2 metric ton,
            material used structural steel, tensile strenght 55000 psi, aluminum wheels could increase its live span
            on the bearings,carbon fibre
            would be ideal ,and could increase power output 4 fold
            dimensions of waterwheels 9.5 inches with 2 bearings on each wheel,waterwheels with gears rotating around stationary small gear,spacing between wheels
            about 4 inches ,all shafts run parallel to each other
            water flow at maximum 200 rpm times 500ml equals 100 kg of water per minute of recirculating water flow ,
            water fed up the centre out ward into the water wheels. resulting force net 20ft pounds at 1800 rpm
            amounting to almost 3.5 hp
            self running output ,controlled by a water valve
            and started with an electric motor, just hope this one will work ,not all do depending on the quality of construction.
            this one is the first of its kind ,proof of concept i guess.
            so edog eat your heart out ,this is proof I share

      • Barry

        It seems like when CF breaks through, it’s going to have Italian roots. U.S. students don’t seem interested. edog, maybe we’ll have to wait for the Pirelli High Kids.

    • Mahron – A4 B2

      Yeah, that’s the strangest thing for me. If someone discovered such a great thing one would think that the first reaction would be to share it and convince people it is real, not try to make a heather and sell it.

      • edog

        Do ya reckon Rossi reads Frank’s blog??? Reading this right now? Or just sticks to his JONP blog?

    • He;s just like Marcono, Edison, Ford and others in that respect. They all wanted to benefit from their inventions, and they did.

    • Andrew Macleod

      Rossi very well could have open sourced his ecat. However he is in his full right to do what he is doing. He has had and lost more money than I dream to have and dedicated a portion of his life to see this to fruitation. How much is 2, 5, 10 20 years of someone’s life worth? By the hours he works even if he profits $ 2 million in his first year it will probally only work out to $10 an hour. If everything he’s saying about the e cat is true he deserves to become stinking rich.

      • edog

        Would you hold back from the world technology that could change it for the better, Andrew?

        • Shane D.


          Rossi isn’t holding anything back from the world. Just the opposite in fact. He is developing a low cost, enviromentally friendly new energy source.

          Maybe in an “ideal” world all the Rossis’, Gates, Jobs, Edisons would do as you, and too many others here suggest, and that is to sacrifice monetary reward for the good of mankind.

          Nice sentiment, but history has proven this altruistic approach to be less productive for our well-being than good old capitalist greed.

          Yes, greed is good, and if Rossi proves right, then you, I and future generations will enjoy a much better future, due to his selfish pursuits.

          More power to him and the Steve Jobs, Bill Gates of the world.

          • Barry

            In the story of Faust, he sold his soul to the devil for the secrets of Alchemy, but then he could not feel the uncanny experiace of the revelation of scientific discovery. I think evetually we learn to “Be Not Greedy” cause thats when the abundance unfolds.

        • Andrew Macleod

          Personally I believe that open sourcing is a great way to improve this technology, and it would get distributed faster as well. The problem is not with Rossi but with “the system”. Right now you need a patent to protect your invention/idea(hinders growth and development). But without it there is no room for people like Rossi they will never make money so why would they do all the leg work?(hinders innovation). A change to the system is needed.

        • jacob

          edog ,Paul Pantone shared his plans
          to convert engines with his invention on the internet what 12 years ago, and some companies like
          Hypnow and Ecopra started selling kits to hook up to trucks cars, with fuel savings up to 50 % .
          I bought some kits to mount on big trucks ,and all i got was between 5% and 8% savings ,i could have had the distribution for Canada,but with
          my disappointing results I lost interest fast.
          IF knock off units ,built by startup companies start making Ecats,i would not be buying from them until they are proven to work for a very long time.

      • psi

        Agreed. Thanks for injecting some reality into the discussion.

      • John

        “By the hours he works even if he profits $ 2 million in his first year it will probally only work out to $10 an hour”

        This is the perfect example of why children should stay in school.

        • Andrew Macleod

          Dude I’m not a child… But you’re a troll.

  • We don’t know, either, whether third-pary verification is part of what Rossi will unveil. There’s no reason to believe anyone would know if that was happening in the past few months. I am hoping for UL certification soon, too!

  • GreenWin

    Here is a subtle but extremely significant turn of attitude within the hot fusion community. Thanks to SKrivet at NE Times, a letter written by Dr. Heinrich Hora, Emeritus Professor and Chair of Theoretical Physics at University New South Wales – highly respected expert in laser driven fusion energy – acknowledges Dr. George Miley’s LENR “discovery.”

    “What is going to be an alternative is energy from Low Energy Nuclear Reactions LENR, discovered by Miley 1994 and as proved phenomenon seen from the unexpected measurement of the Maruhn-Greiner effect [7]. From early results it was evident that surface effects are involved under gas-loading conditions for deuterium in palladium [8] leading now directly to the successful preference of nanoparticles [9].”

    Steven published the letter on a page discussing the recent return of $1M to DOE by Princeton’s Thermonuclear Fusion Lab.

    • Sanjeev

      Very good sign.

      • Possibly a good sign that the hot fusion folks are preparing to ‘adopt’ LENR as their next black hole fund swallower, as politicians start to get doubts about tossing wads into plasma fusion machines.

      • GreenWin

        Dr. Hora is near legendary. He is also quite old and is likely unafraid of any fellows in or out of his field. But his opening the door to LENR is a giant step for hot fusionists; the smartest of whom WILL adopt the new science and the funding accompanying it.

        What is fascinating is to note 60 years (and $$billions) of trying to force ignition in elaborate magnetic confinement. Yet we see fusion and heat merely by changing the shape and scale of the “bottle” in LENR. Isn’t nature wonderful?

  • Here we are, discussing half a dozen solutions to our global energy needs using LENR. LENR works. We don’t know how, but that’s not the point. The real question is, why hasn’t the world lept on this, given it has been validated so many times.

    On the same page is a link to LFTR tech articles, discussing Thorium reactors, which are proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be safe and effective. There is a 20 k exclusion zone in JAPAN, one of the world’s most advanced and populated countries, all due to a nuclear disaster, but where is the outrage? Where is the government response? There is only spin, and more spin.

    Is there a conspiracy to keep cheap energy solutions off the market? Of course, in the same way that there was a conspiracy to keep slaves working on plantations in the South before the Civil War. The Oligarchy has no power or wealth at all without control of essential services and commodities. It wouldn’t matter what happened, the elite will maintain their control down to the last man.

    This is why nothing will ever happen with free energy if it is up to the Oligarchs.

    Free energy, if realized, means the end of history. The end of power elites. The end of the monetary system and the eventual end of all forms of slavery. You will not need a job. We won’t really need a government either, since there will be no need to steal.

    We all know this of course. But if we are waiting for governments to approve or fund this, or industry to back it, we will be waiting a very very long time… Just ask the Thorium guys.

    I am considering a solution to this problem now. I hope to have an answer soon.

    • Kim


      You are correct in your assessment.

      A Free Source of energy for the people
      is suicide for the Bankster/Gangsters.

      They know it.

      All this talk about arrest of bankers and
      coup at the white house.

      They would all go away as soon as people realized
      that free energy was easily available

      Would not have to lift a finger. Done Deal, bye bye!

      This is where the real war is at.

      That is it in a nut shell.


    • jacob

      Linda, very true, free energy existed long ago ,and
      there have been many book burnings through the dark
      ages ,which we are still in, because we are kept in the dark,if it wasn’t for the internet we would be out non the wiser and not enlightened.
      It blows my mind how we could have been fooled ,in
      what appears to be a democracy ,but is more like an
      illusion and a bad dream.
      The government does what it always did,take our money,then tax us on after tax dollars, and leave us with little or none

      • dragon

        We always lived in a illusion. Elite is still fooling us… but less and less. They are making mistakes which makes them human. There is hope…

      • Filip

        Strange that ‘they’ allowed something like the internet by which they signed their own fall. So it’s maybe not so organized like your trying to make out.

        • Robert Mockan

          They are just as dependent on human progress to reach their goals as all of us. The Wide World Web promised an acceleration of progress, that was one of the original reasons for the development. The problem with the insane oligarchs is that they are ultimately completely self serving, without empathy for their fellow human beings. Thus their characterization as psychopathic parasites using the debt slavery fiat based monetary system they devised to control people and obtain their power. Make no mistake, they benefit from the Wide World Web. Otherwise, it would not have been “allowed”. We are living in an extremely precarious situation

          • jacob

            robert ,i agree with you 100 % on this subject ,and they use it to make money,but in the end the availability of the internet to the general public has exposed them
            and their deeds for all to see

      • jacob

        Wasn’t the computer developed in the back of someones garage, and the early version of the internet developed by the military?
        perhaps the rockerfella’s didn’t pay attention.

        I wonder how often they think about cold fusion right now,while the are about to lose their oil shirt ,but they sure as heck can’t
        tell the military what to do,as with the internet,the military gets to spy on us,and we can learn some things that are hidden from us,almost like a 2 way street

        they spy on us ,while we get smart

      • jacob

        thank you administration ,you have been
        good to me, since i am off topic so many time,and i like to say I am sorry.

        Just wish so much a better world for everybody ,as there should be an abundance
        for every one ,and all should prosper and
        live life to the fullest.

        • Barry

          Well put jacob.

    • Telecommuter

      Wow! Just wow!

      In what way would a new energy source change anything?
      LENR, if it ever produces usable energy – is not free. It still costs to build the reactor/engine and to keep it running.
      It is assumed to be much lower cost, but all that does is open up a great opportunity for new products [i.e., LENR energy producing devices]. The manufacturers will still need capital – which comes from banks and the market.

    • Jim Johnson

      So, I haven’t quite figured out how cheaper energy is going to remove the need to grow food, mine minerals, ship products, sell goods, deliver health care and create quality media entertainment, without the intervention of engineers, governments, capital and capitalists.

      Neolithic village living might be nice, but it’s going to be a little tough to convince the 7 soon to be 9 billion people on this planet to give up their toys.

  • Roger Bird

    I believe in LENR and I believe in LENR-on-steroids. I believe that there very well may be commercial LENR products just around the corner.

    This “announcement” by Rossi is nothing more than more hot air.

    • dragon

      I hope your prediction will be wrong. Too many important announcements lately… but no definitive proof yet on pretty much anything.

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  • alex

    I believe them, and don’t fit your criticism. All of the energy I consume already comes from renewables, all built by me. I think they and you don’t know how truly bad the situation in government is. Those Banksters are going to be the cause of the downfall of the US dollar, just in time to cause a civil war here. It’s fine if you don’t believe me, it doesn’t matter. I think Rossi’s device may make it just in time to offer some way for the US to rebound, but we will surely fall without doubt within a year or two.

    • alex

      Sorry this was meant in reply to a troll off Linda’s post below.

    • jacob

      alex,you are in my opinion very much up to date on our present reality,and then the patriots ,that will stand up for their own rights and the rights of
      their fellow country men,the same men that fought to preserve the freedom of rights and the United States Constitution will have a target on their back,because these are men of strong character and
      to the government a tough crowd to control,I am watching for signs for the bottom to drop out of the economy,that may trigger a mechanism to shut
      our counties down without warning and may catch everyone off guard ,I live in the country and have
      at least stocked up on food, i know it is off topic a little, but I hope to god ,that it will not happen until people have their own energy needs covered.
      It starts with the government not being able to pay the public servants ,massive layoffs no fuel supply no trucks able to deliver goods,food shelves in stores empty ,mass panic ,utilities shut down , no electricity no heat or air conditioning, US dollar worthless.
      so that is why everyone needs to be more self sufficient ,including LENR,Cold Fusion,Joe Cell,Orgone energy,implosion engines,Joseph Papp engines,centrifugal force multiplier engines,testatica free energy generators,engines running on water vapor with static spark or plasma ignition,yes folks static blows up water molecules ,lightning bolt causes thunder.there is hundreds of way to produce free energy,thanks to Mother Nature,thank you

      • jacob

        next time you rub your feet on the carpet and touch a door nob ,see a big spark between your hand and the door nob ,and hear a loud snap ,know that it was water molecules
        blowing up that were in the moisture in the air ,also capacitor discharge is static discharge, also a distinct loud snapping sound,electric fencers,and pulling apart dry bedsheets,these little snaps water molecules exploding,a couple of ml of water subjected to high voltage static discharge explodes like dynamite,flame speed 3000 miles per hour and it will push a piston real well,maybe too well.

        • Telecommuter

          Where do you get these things from?
          The sound produced when an electric spark jumps an air gap is from the rapid expansion of the the air – not from molecules of water exploding.

          Did you just make it up?

    • Jimr

      Alex, I somewhat agree with you about the countries condition however you left out the most important group causing our bankruptcy, the congress and admisration. Most people don’t realize every man , woman , and child is indebted $50,000 in the U.S. The Icat will have to materlize very soon to have a chance.

  • alex

    Hey, this past weekend, OddBox Films went to PESWiki to film Sterling Alan as their first interview in doing a documentary on exotic free energy technologies. I’ll bet Rossi will give them an interview, and hopefully give them something to work with.

    • Phil

      Once sterling doesnt start talking about the number 23 being behind everything again he should do fine.

  • Jim

    Multiple parties are showing a variety of energy producing devices with different elements, catalysts, beds, triggers, etc. The rapid pace of developments would tend to indicate that the first to market is not likely to be the most stable or efficient device. While we dream of the energy abundent future, the reality is likely to see a number of bankruptcys as prototypical devices are released in the face of leapfrogging technology. Think Commadore, Atari, Daisy, and hundreds of other small companys with first out the door products.
    Have a bit of patience my friends. The next 30 years are likely to be most remarkable as this technology improves geometrically in many different directions.

    • Cliff Bradley

      Jim, I couldn’t agree more.

    • Jim Johnson


  • georgehants

    Rossi is either living his dream with immense reality and attention to detail or this is the discovery of real experimentation.

    Andrea Rossi
    May 28th, 2012 at 4:20 PM
    Dear Ville Kanninen:
    Very good question. We have found physical reasons to this limitation, and we are going to publish this fact along with the theory.
    Thank you.
    Warm Regards,
    Ville Kanninen
    May 28th, 2012 at 3:47 PM
    You said that COP 6 is the highest possible.
    Have you found some very fundamental physical reasons to this limitation (which you will publish some day) or is this just because of the current engineering choices ?
    kind regards
    Ville Kanninen

    • I wonder if this is to be the announcement? I think it would need to backed up by pretty hard evidence if it is to have noticeable impact.

      COP 6 is just not good enough – we want MORE! (stamps foot)

      • georgehants

        Peter, is it not a scientific statement that cop 6 is a physical maximum.
        That means Rossi is far enough into the experimentation that he is giving parameters to his effect.
        How much more scientific can one be, we still unfortunately need to see the pudding.

        • It sounds more like an engineering limitation for a particular system. Perhaps it can be exceeded if you don’t mind melting a few windows!

          • Lu

            COP of 6 may be a limit based on the science. It may take X amount of energy to create conditions for LENR and then LENR releases Y amount of energy. (COP would be (Y-X)/X.) This process at it’s most efficient will have an upper limit for the COP given by the formula.

            For example W-L says in one form it takes .78MEV to create ULM neutrons and then one gets 5MEV when Ni absorbs these neutrons. The COP here would be 5.4.

            I’m not sure what is going on but it’s also possible that there are more than one kind of reaction ongoing and that proper engineering can maximize the highest reaction but there still will be a limit.

            I think Rossi is hesitant on speaking about theory because of all the patents out there. He doesn’t want to implicate himself as relying on someone’s patented idea. I’m not expecting much from his theory disclosure as he strikes me as not willing to disclose it even if he knew. JMO.

  • georgehants

    If Admin will allow —
    Rossi has not only brought Cold Fusion in 18 months, to the forefront, that main-line science has been denying and debunking for over 23 years but has given us all the opertunity to see how the administration is fooling not only their own scientists but the public and media and governments at large.
    Subjects with more Evidence that Cold Fusion that the administration tries to debunk and hide.
    Remote Viewing.
    Near Death Experience.
    Placebo Effect.
    Quantum biology, especially Brain.
    DNA Water Memory.
    Altered States of Consciousness.
    Etc Etc.
    Please, I do not wish to discuss these subjects, they are just examples where the Evidence is overwhelming for a phenomenon, but instead of science doing it’s job of investigating Evidence for any effect in the Natural World, they not only turn their backs, but run a campaign of misinformation against the True scientific Rebels who as with Cold Fusion refuse to be dictated to by the Religious DOGMA of the establishment.

    • Ged

      Telepathy: what evidence do we have there, and by what mechanism?

      Remote Viewing: They call those cameras, but otherwise that’d be the same category as “telepathy” with the same questions.

      UFOs: plenty of objects are unidentified.

      Near Death Experience: better understood at this point as related to the loss of proprioception. The “white light” people see is due to the slowing down of the optic nerve as it and the eye starves of oxygen. Seeing “white light” is actually the inactive state of the eye, and seeing black is actually the most active state of the eye. So when you die you see white as long as your optic centers in the brain haven’t turned off before the eye.

      Placebo Effect: No one is trying to hide that, it is well known now and real.

      Quantum Biology: Enzymes do use quantum tunneling, especially of hydrogen protons, as part of catalysis mechanisms. Nothing mysterious here beyond the general spookiness of quantum mechanics.

      Ghosts: see “telepathy”.

      DNA Water Memory: DNA does not have a “water memory”, it has a methylation memory (and histone modification memory) otherwise known as epigenetics, which are inheritable across generations. But water has nothing to do with it, nor can water store memory as it exchanges rapidly and has no “switch” properties.

      Altered States of Consciousness: They call those drugs.


      There really isn’t anything being hidden by anyone. Cold fusion is honestly the only science I know about that is legitimate and is being illegitimately demonized by the “scientific establishment”. But that is rapidly changing.

      • GreenWin

        Ged, on one issue alone – Altered States of Consciousness there is a growing body of study indicating very real physiological effects of e.g. – meditation:

        “These findings demonstrate that a short program in mindfulness meditation produces demonstrable effects on brain and immune function. These findings suggest that meditation may change brain and immune function in positive ways and underscore the need for additional research.”

        George uses a broad brush to describe a dismissive attitude toward areas of science affected by human consciousness – which could be all areas to some degree.

        • Ged

          Errr… again, there is no one dismissing altered states of consciousness. That’s been known since the first person fell asleep, or delerious from fever, or had a hormonal swing, or took the first drug, or got the first blunt force trauma to the brain. It’s also well known the meditation puts the brain into a sort of sleep like state, which is by definition -an altered state of consciousness-.

          I have no idea why anyone is trying to say this is some new discovery scientists are trying to cover over and hold back. It is -absurdly easy- to alter your state of consciousness.

    • jacob

      georgehants,it is really very simple,what science
      can not understand or does not want to understand,can not be be taught in our schools,if it is not understood.

      Ged ,telepathy is similar to radio transmission,advanced races use it as a main form of communication,we use it to pray and communicate with our Universal Creator,we are tied into a universal conscience of the universal
      creator of all life,explaining it away is just distorting our own reality.We are all gods because we are sons and daughters of god,his name is Alfa and Omega,both male and female.

      • Ged

        Show me these “advanced races” and how to get into contact with them. I’d love to see their digs.

        So, are you claiming the brain gives off electromagnetic waves (where is the brain’s transmitter?) that can travel sufficient distances to be both picked up (what is the brain’s transceiver and where is it located?) by another brain and decoded (remember, the brain is already a noisy place with many discrete areas that do specific functions)? Praying isn’t telepathy, as you’re saying it’s a conscious broadcast by you, rather it’s simply the knowledge of an omniscient God, since omniscience is all knowing in the first place.

        Also, not to nit pick, but it’s actually “Alpha”, the greek letter. Alfa sounds too much like alfalfa to me. I don’t think I’d want to be feeding God to live stock.

      • Phil

        …. you are aware that you’re insane right?

    • Jim Johnson

      George, I would bear down on Homeopathy. It’s been around for 200 years; it has a huge user base (100M’s); the Swiss Government has recently published a report asserting that it is efficacious and should be covered by insurance; it will change world health when it is medically accepted; and it leans over into several of the topics that you list above. 2nd best of all, there is no scientific explanation for it, which creates a giant, heated group of the most virulent sort of skeptics. But best of all, you can go to thousands of pharmacies in the US (and more in Europe) and *test for yourself whether it works*, rather than having to complain about some entrepreneur taking too long to put it on the market. So, if anyone insists that if science can’t prove it, it isn’t real, I suggest that they *go try it out*, or at least admit that they can’t get away from their keyboards that long.

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