Rossi Provides More Information on High Temperature E-Cat Testing

The following is a guest post written by Hank Mills.

Mother Of All E-Cat Tests Ushers World Into Nickel Age

Since the E-Cat saga began, Andrea Rossi has been continually answering people’s questions. On his Journal of Nuclear Physics site, via emails sent to him, and during interviews he responds to question after question from countless individuals. I find it very difficult to remember a time when he has not responded to my questions, even if there are certain topics he cannot address. He must be careful not to give too much critical information away in order to prevent very real competitors from using the information to figure out the technology, and try to claim it as their own.

Despite the fact he cannot tell us every little detail of how the technology works, we should be very thankful he is so communicative. Not all exotic energy inventors are so willing to engage with the public. Recently, Frank Acland and myself composed an email for Rossi, asking many different questions about the E-Cat technology. As usual, he responded promptly (the next morning) and provided all the answers he could. Some of the answers were short, but we also obtained some interesting bits of information. (Questions are listed below this article)

The most important bits of information are about the extended test of the new high temperature E-Cat.

600 Degrees C

Andrea Rossi stated in the email that the new high temperature E-Cat — that can produce 600 degree steam with a COP of 6 — has been operating continuously for 40 days. That’s right, 40 days! Forty!

Forget 18 hour tests like the one Dr. Levi performed in 2011. This test has lasted so far for 960 (nine hundred and sixty) hours, and is planned to last at least 90 days. The E-Cat has been operating non-stop producing 600 degree steam. This is big news. It should be on the front page of every newspaper in the nation, and being discussed on every news network. It means that the solution to the energy crisis is here. There is no further need for ridiculous carbon trading schemes that destroy jobs, no more need to fund hot fusion research (that has never obtained even a COP of 1.1 with billions of dollars in funding), and no need to put millions of dollars into conventional alternative energy technologies. Wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, and other energy technologies are about to be obsolete. Fossil fuels are going to be considered worse than obsolete. They will belong in the fossil fuel age, not the nickel age.

With 600C steam high efficiency turbines, Stirling engines, and even thermalphotovoltaic systems can be used to produce electricity from E-Cats. Basically, the E-Cat is now capable of powering our world. It can do so without producing pollution, without producing nuclear waste, and without emitting radiation into the environment.

The technology also offers dirt cheap energy. Can you think of any other power source that could consume only 1.5 grams of a cheap substance, probably less hydrogen, and produce 10 kilowatts of output for 40 days non-stop?

Basically, with the E-Cat technology the fuel cost is a non-issue. The fuel to power your home for a year could cost less than a value meal at a fast food restaurant.

New E-Cat Details

This test is being conducted with a new model of E-Cat. The test is using a single module that contains a single reactor core. The reactor core is rated to have an output of 10 kilowatts, and a maximum safe output of 20 kilowatts. We have previously been told this reactor core is smaller than the previous version, but uses more shielding. Instead of many grams of nickel, it only uses 1.5 grams. Instead of a hydrogen canister, a small tablet is placed into the reactor that absorbs and releases hydrogen depending on the temperature.

Interestingly, atomic hydrogen is being produced both by “catalysts” (one or more chemical elements placed into the reactor core in addition to nickel and hydrogen) and by another method. Perhaps by being able to carefully control how much atomic hydrogen is generated the system can remain more stable. Perhaps this is what allows for 600C steam in a stable manner?

Like previous E-Cats, a drive has to be applied approximately half the time to keep the reactions stable. If the drive is not applied the reactor can run away, the reactor core can get too hot, the nickel can melt, and the nuclear reactions will cease. Also, a radio frequency generator is used as in previous E-Cats. Finally, it has been confirmed that copper is still the main transmutation product.

However, there are many aspects we do not understand about the new E-Cat. Rossi has claimed there have been many changes both to the design and the theory. Hopefully, in time we will learn more about these changes.

Upcoming Test Data

In a matter of weeks test data from this extended E-Cat test should be posted. In a matter of weeks the test will not be complete, but hopefully we will get test data from at least part of the test. Perhaps several days or weeks.

This test data should hopefully put to doubt any doubt in the minds of any reasonable person that the E-Cat technology works as claimed. The tests in 2011 actually proved that the technology works, but these tests should prove that the reactor is now totally STABLE at high temperatures, and can produce 600C steam temperatures over long periods of time — actually, FOREVER! (Ok, maybe the E-Cat cannot work forever. Eventually, after years of use it will need to be re-fueled, after a decade or so a part may need to be replaced, or perhaps the super high steam temperatures might do something to the metal. However, these tests indicate an E-Cat can produce high temperature steam and remain stable for a very long period of time).

E-Cat Fever is Only Starting

The E-CAT fever started with a temperature of around 100C in the year 2011. Now it has reached 600C and has been burning non-stop for 40 days. Very soon the mainstream media will be forced to take notice of this fever. When that happens, they need to give recognition to the REAL media outlets like E-CATWORLD that covered this technology when they would not! They will be forced to admit their skepticism, cynism, and ignorance allowed the alternative media to be the ones not only to break this story, but also to keep reporting about it.

While the mainstream media sleeps, the E-Cat fever will continue to spread.

Thank You Mr. Rossi

We should all be thanking Andrea Rossi for answering questions about this technology, working non-stop on it, and enduring undeserved criticism. The fact is that the E-Cat technology is the only proven, practical, robust, and high temp cold fusion technology on the planet.

Hank Mills

Below are the questions that Hank sent to Andrea Rossi, along with Rossi’s answers

1) Is it correct that at this time you are testing an individual high temperature module and not an entire one megawatt plant? IT IS CORRECT

2) Does the new E-Cat module (that would be linked together to produce a one megawatt plant)contain multiple reactor cores? NO

3) What is the rated output of each reactor core in the new high temp E-Cat module? What is the maximum safe output (in torture testing) of each core? 10 kW; 20 kW

4) When did the extended test of the new high temp module begin? APRIL

5) How many days has the new high temp module been running continuously as of today? 40

6) How many days is the test planned to run? AT LEAST 90

7) You mentioned on your blog that there are still problems to be resolved. Can you elaborate on what problems remain? NO

8.) What would you consider as a successful outcome of this extended test? STABLE AND RELIABLE WORK BEYOND ANY REASONABLE DOUBT

9) You have stated that the high temp E-Cat module self sustains approximately half of the time, and then a “drive” is applied the other half of the time. From what we have been able to gather in the past this drive is applied to stop the nuclear reactions from becoming too energetic and “running away” which could lead to the melting of the nickel powder. Is the idea of the drive being applied to stop a thermal run away still correct? If not, can you provide some explanation of why the drive is activated? (Perhaps a more interesting question would be what happens in tests in which you do not activate the drive?) THE SITUATION IS NOT DIFFERENT FROM BEFORE UNDER THIS POINT OF VIEW

10) What is the new expected date by which you expect to be able to post test data? WEEKS, NOT MONTHS

11) Extended production of high temperature steam at 600C with a COP of 6 is extremely impressive, and would be of huge value to every nation and military on the planet. It could quickly make certain nations — even unfriendly ones — energy independent. Are you aware of any intent by your military customer to classify any aspect of your technology? NO

12) You have stated there have been many changes to the E-Cat technology. This honestly perplexes me, because I have put a lot of time into trying to learn as much as I can about how your technology works — it has literally become an obsession. ME TOO. AND IT IS IN CONTINUOUS EVOLUTION
The news that a lot has changed makes me wonder if my understanding is now very incorrect, and if I may be spreading false information when I talk about the E-Cat. THE SAME HAPPENS TO ME, AND HAPPENS TO ANY HONEST SCIENTIST: THEORIES ARE LIKE THE WATER OF THE RIVER OF HERACLITUS, WHOSE WATER WAS NEVER THE SAME.

Obviously, you must be careful not to give away information that could be used inappropriately by the very real competitors and “snakes” out there. But could you perhaps provide a few examples of how the technology has changed, even if you have to remain vague about the details? For example….

a) Are catalysts (chemical elements other than nickel and hydrogen) that participate in the production of atomic hydrogen still used in the reactor core? YES. Or do you produce atomic hydrogen in some other way? YES TOO

b) Is a radio frequency generator still utilized in any fashion? YES

c) Stable copper is not an unfavorable transmutation product to produce. It is not radioactive and has some value. Can you indicate what the current main transmutation product(s) are in an E-Cat? If it is no longer copper, are they more or less favorable? Are they still stable? WE HAVE ONLY COPPER AND IS STABLE

  • Hank Mills

    I will hang around if anyone has any questions.

    • Andrew Macleod

      Great work Hank.

      • Hank Mills


      • NJT

        Yes, thanks Hank and a big thanks to Mr. Rossi and his crew. Please keep us (the world) informed and up to date on this fantastic progress for mankind…

    • I submitted the following to JONP:

      “Dear Andrea Rossi,
      Can you help: I cannot get the numbers given in Hank Mills’ recent email interview at to match. The interview describes 90 days (expected) operation at 10 kW with 1.5 grams of nickel. This translates to 34 MeV per nickel atom. This is somewhat more than what can be liberated by turning 62Ni or 64Ni to copper, even if all the nickel would turn to copper. Can you clarify, I suspect that some of these numbers or assumptions are wrong?”

      (Sorry that I mistyped in the version sent to JONP.)

      • Maybe the main energy is from hydrogen, and only some of the nickel transmutes into copper, but that is only a side effect, like losing part of the catalyst. If nickel is mostly the catalyst and not the main reactant.

      • Ged

        I agree with Svein, one can’t overlook the hydrogen’s energy contribution. Still, I’d like to see your full calculations.

      • atanguy

        I confirm your measurement, if 1.5g of Ni disappear in 90 days it will produce 21.6 MWh or about 32MEv/atom Ni(58.9) . Something to ask Rossi about and also how does he manage to have 600 deg. C steam from thermal neutrons using Pb as a protection/heat exchanger?

      • Now Rossi effectively confirmed at JONP that the produced energy is between 30 and 60 MeV per original nickel atom. Such high energy production only appears possible if there is a catalytic fusion-fission cycle also involved, probably operating between Ni60 and Cu63, that turns protons into He4 without consuming the metal. Maybe that’s why it’s called E-cat.

    • Dan Plavsic

      Thanks a lot for great work covering this story… Thanks a lot to Alberto Rossi and his team for the NEW FIRE.
      I believe that we are living in truly remarkable times in History. I strongly believe in what Mr. Rossi is doing and I do hope that every person in the world will soon be able to benefit from results of his work.
      God Speed Mr. Rossi!

  • GreenWin

    Thanks Hank – this sounds encouraging. Since there is nearly two months (50 days) remaining for this longevity test – would Ing Rossi consider publishing data from first 45 days? Say input energy, temp/time, steam temp, steam volume??

    And since this is essentially a new reactor – will he not have to submit it for certification again – after test completion and manufacture design updates?

    Great work. BTW, Andrea said he would give us news in one week – it is today June 4th – just one week since his statement.

    • GreenWin

      I am on Pacific time…;)

    • GreenWin

      AND THANK YOU Frank for your investment in this remarkable adventure. If there were no intelligent distribution blackout – this would be a Pulitzer Prize winning story!

    • Hank Mills

      I do not know what data he will publish. I’m hoping he posts as much as possible.

      When it comes to certifications, he has already stated that the high temperature E-Cat design will require a seperate certification. I am not sure when this will be obtained. The low temp E-Cat has already been certified from what we have been told.

  • This was a great bunch of questions and I’m glad to have those answers in lieu of the test results that were promised earlier. I have nbioted an upsure of interest from large, multinational corporations like Northrup-Grumman in our article at The American Repoorter on the BlackLight Power hydrino reactor validations, and i have a wonderful sense of a “quickening” of significant interest in these new technologies.

  • Filip

    Thanks! Hank&Frank.
    I am proud to be part of this, even just as a reader.
    If all this is not true, it will have a tremendous impact on my personal life. But I am hopeful and optimistic. This is what mankind needs to survive.

    • Barry

      I like your attitude Filip.

  • John

    “It should be on the front page of every newspaper in the nation, and being discussed on every news network.”

    Oh it will be, I promise. Once a device is available for independant testing.

  • Goldader


    diese Visionen von Rossi ist bald Realität.
    Erzählt man dies Jemand der nichts von Freier Energie
    weis, wird man für verrückt erklärt.
    Die Dummheit vieler Menschen ist grenzenlos und vertrauen nur dem Mainstream.
    Ich habe die Kalte Fusion im Heiztechnik Dialog Portal dargestellt, mit Links und wurde hierfür belächelt.

    Das Volk hat sich dem Mainstream schon angepasst und merken nicht wie diese dummen Menschen manipuliert werden.


    • edog

      um what?

      • Barry

        Doesn’t sound too complimentary

    • Stimmt, “gegen Dummheit kämpfen Götter selbst vergebens”, against stupidity gods themselves contend in vain. So human, menschliches allzumenschliches.

  • dan

    It just sounds too good to be true.

    I sincerely hope this is real – purely because of the potential to transform the world fro good. We have millions of people in fuel poverty in my country – there must be billions over the world.

    It’s all too cloak and dagger for me at the moment. The sooner this patent issue is resolved and we have units for examination the better.

    • Omega Z

      Once this is resolved, you will have one installed & forget it. If it works, examination will be forgotten. This is what happens.

  • Hampus

    What about the sale of the prototype to a European customer? Did he say anything about that? When will it be sold? And to whom?

    • Ged

      Last we heard wasn’t that two months away?

  • Grazie per aver divulgato questo articolo

  • georgehants

    “The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it.”
    Woodrow Wilson

    • John

      You can’t know the strength of the stream when you’re swimming in it unless you check your movement against a stationary point outside the stream and you know how fast you usually swim. Obviously old Woodrow never did physics.

  • Antonella

    Hank, Frank,

    thank you very much 🙂

  • Omega Z

    Thanks for the update Hank & Frank

    Maybe in the future versions of the Home E-cat, will see some of these enhancements included to some extent.

    If you don’t mind I’d like to point out something I came across.

    Many of us know that when you mention Bushnell or Zawodny being involved with LENR at NASA, Someone will always say that NASA allows a little leeway in their employees tinkering on their own pet projects. That this not a NASA project.

    Here is a link that indicates otherwise.

    LANGLEY-> Center Innovation Fund Project.
    Lists Projects for funding.
    Joseph Zawodny first on the list for 2012. Watch Video.

    Published on May 23, 2012 by NASAinnovation

    If NASA is funding this, Then It would be a NASA project. NASA supported. This would be beyond tinkering or hobby.

    • Ged

      Yep. It’s taxpayer dollars, and thus subject to full oversight. The project had to be proposed and approved. And it seems like Zawodny is the star of the show, which means more internally has been shown to convince administrators to funnel resources into this, than has been released to the public.

    • NASA is not funding it. It is not a NASA project. NASA does not support it. This project is exactly that tinkering and hobby. You are not the fool here. It is very easy to mistake this for a real NASA project. Dr. Joe is pulling a snow job on everyone. He’s a zealot and probably believes that he is doing the right thing here. LENR/Cold Fusion needs to grow up. Part of the process will be to get rid of this kind of name dropping and associating itself with reputable institutions which wouldn’t give the science the time of day otherwise.

      • Omega Z


        NASA is & has been funding LENR/W-L for several years thru Langley, albeit at a low level of $200K plus & as of the end of 2012 will have funded it over $700K for both Satellite power & possible Rocket Engines.

        Darpa is providing funding to SRI who very recently signed a $2 Million dollar deal with Brillouin to build a LENR Reactor.

        • Omega Z

          Just to Add, NASA is aware of Langley’s research as they get an Annual status report.

  • Martin

    What puzzles me is that AR is testing and testing and testing, while allegedly at the same time factories are being built in several yet changing countries, robots for automatic manufacturing of e-cats are ordered and certification is in progress.

    • daniel maris

      Yes, there is a kind of consistency – the 1 MW heater, the small home heater and now this electricity generating protoype are serving different needs. But on the other hand, he seems not to take anything to fruition, which is suspicious.

      • When should he have taken this to fruition? What do you consider a reasonable schedule for Mr. Rossi? It has been over one year since the primitive demonstrations of February 2011.

        • daniel maris

          He has already indicated that the home heaters would start production by July 2013 at the latest. For me, that means really we ought to be hearing something concrete by October this year, whether in terms of certifications, factory building, verification tests or similar.

          On the 1 MW plants, it seems to be the case that they are assembled manually, not on an automated line so I think we should have had some details about a customer by now. He was supposed to have sold 14 I think it was. Why are they all secret? Why has news about their operation not leaked out? It’s a puzzle. But on the other hand that was quite a machine he had there. Scammers can’t normally be bothered with something that intricate.

          • Omega Z

            daniel maris

            All but 1 of the 13 or 14 1Mw plants were sold to the Original Customer.

            Only 1 was sold to another Customer who has agreed to make it available to the public to see when all the particulars are taken care of.

            I Even think that could be put on hold by the First customer if they happen to be Military.

            No one wants the onslaught of public attention at this time.

  • Lagwin

    Though i hope the E-Cat is real and working i’m still not getting my hopes up to far as i’ve not actually seen proof that it works beyond the video last year which was about 50/50 on whether or not it worked.

    The sooner he gets a video/live stream of it running with all the proper inputs and outputs measured the sooner i’ll jump on the bandwagon.

    • daniel maris

      Yep, given it would be so easy for him to do, and would not divulge any secrets to competitors, it seems odd he doesn’t.

      So once again it’s a case of “If true, fantastic and fascinating – but why don’t you show us it’s true.”

      It’s all very odd, because a scammer could easily put up a scam video as well – so either way one wonders why he doesn’t.

      • mcloki

        Until he has something to sell or something to say putting up video would just be worthless. The cake isn’t baked yet.

        • Lagwin

          To use your analogy the cake IS baked just not finished with all the trimmings, he has an item that he can show to the world finished or not.
          I’m hoping that the current test has some video footage that will be released with the results.

          • Bernie Koppenhofer

            He would be stupid to release any video. The skeptics would be all over it, laughing at his “crude” equipment, why doesn’t he do this why doesn’t he do that, “that three pronged plug is secretly supplying power to the E-Cat”, “how do we know there isn’t a secret battery”, and my favorite, “the metal mass of the E-Cat is storing electrical energy”, on and on and on. The only way is to create a product and sell it, and that is exactly what Rossi is doing. The skeptics are going to have egg all over their face, and I am saving all their quotes.

          • Sorry Bernie, but the ‘skeptics’ won’t have egg on their faces. For them its just a job, and nothing personal. They know the true score as well as the rest of us, but hey, you’ve got to pay the bills.

            When the story breaks in the mainstream, they’ll just abandon their compromised IDs and pour back under new ones to warn us all of the ‘dangers’ of LENR to pave the way for a licensing regime.

        • daniel maris

          Well then, why did he do all that semi-public testing last year of a machine that clearly wasn’t ready for market.

          • Omega Z

            daniel maris

            He made those tests at Focardi’s request. He would have preferred to wait a while until it was more refined.

      • Tom

        “It’s all very odd, because a scammer could easily put up a scam video as well.”
        I think that’s exactly why he doesn’t. People dismissed the 2011 tests as fraudulent and they could just as easily dismiss any video. The only real proof now days is personal experience and that’s what Rossi is working for, an E-cat in every home.

        • Bigwilly

          No, I think independent verification is still as credible as it ever was.


        • daniel maris

          Well that’s one possible answer, but then why doesn’t he shut up on JNP? Why keep prodding the embers of speculation with the poker of comment? It’s pretty pointless if he is genuine and genuinely working towards a marketable product. His comments just incite argument on the web. They achieve nothing else. They are going to convince investors are they?

          • Bernie Koppenhofer

            As a result of his JPN he has over a million pre-orders for his home E-Cat and has received hundreds of suggestions both good and bad, but I bet the good ones have been very beneficial to the progress of his E-Cat. Besides that I think it is just his nature to be a communicator.

  • Frank Foster

    I put in my pre order last nov, for the home unit
    is that still valid. and if so will it be the new and inproved ecat?

    • Peter

      That’s really a good question. Mr. Rossi states he is testing a single core e-cat, and not the 1MW plant. But he does not say if this e-cat is the home e-cat or the industrial e-cat.
      So how will this affect peoples order requests?

      • Martin

        Not quite impossible that those people will be affected in getting neither. 😉

      • Lu

        I believe Rossi has stated that the high temperature E-Cat is not the same as the domestic E-Cat, which is currently under UL examination and on schedule for mass production early next year (subject to UL certifications). My guess is that the high-temperature E-Cat is a different E-Cat core altogether and will first make it’s way into an industrial version of the E-Cat (different again from the current heat producing one).

        On the other hand, Rossi has made claims in the past that the home E-Cat will be able to be retrofitted to produce electricity when that comes. I kind of wonder about whether this would be possible. It would have been an interesting question to ask.

    • I think he has said on JONP that the home units (whose schedule depends on certification) will stay as they are, i.e. they won’t be 600 C devices.

      • Omega Z

        Asked of Rossi many times and Answered many times. The First E-cat will produce hot water…

        The Home E-cats under certification at this time will produce Hot Water. Any changes other then those requested by UL would start the whole process all over.

        Vast majority of Rossi Contradictions are created by us. Not Rossi. By extrapolations & misinterpretations & misinformation we create.

        When will E-cats be available. 12 to 18 months. This becomes 12 months to most & a departure towards the 18 month time frame by Rossi becomes a contradiction.

        Will home E-cats produce Electricity. Rossi’s answer… We will work to make this possible.

        For most, this becomes YES!. What he really said is he will try to make this possible in future versions. This actually requires advancements in other technologies outside Rossi’s field. Just as he has stated that heat pumps for cooling will be up to the after market. Presently not economical. But easily could be in time.

        The E-cat is just part of it. 600`C E-cats probably won’t be available because of safety factors for home consumers. Electric Generation would require lower temp generating systems to become reality.

        Realize there are people working on this & if home E-cats come to market with improved version to become available latter, That these people will step up the pace to get in on the low waste/heat generating market.

        The 600`C core is basically a proof of concept at this point. Just a single core probably on a bench. Once the technical problems are worked out, I have no doubt they’ll be incorporated into all the 1Mw & larger systems. There for the commercial market. Not us. They can afford to have round the clock technicians on hand. This means drastically lower certification requirements.

        Once this is done, you will probably see some of the improvements incorporated into future home versions within safety limits. Possibly improved enough to generate at least some Electricity to become self sustaining at a minimum..

        So, the home E-cat is pretty much set in stone waiting UL certification. That’s what you will get. It’s a start in the right direction.

        Anything else will depend on future development & research. The home E-cat will have to be install & forget. That is what the consumer wants & all they’ll except. The Present home version fills this bill. If advanced versions are inconvenient, most consumers will settle for just a cheaper monthly Utility bill. They don’t want the hassle. Just a fact.

        Much development will be required for anything more advanced for home use. This is going to take time. Just a Fact…

        As for contradictions… Rossi freely admits to sticking his foot in his mouth on occasion. They are still learning new things about the technology everyday.. He even admits being overly optimistic on time frames on occasion.

        Everyone has been guilty of that sometime or other.

  • Redford

    “Forget 18 hour tests like the one Dr. Levi performed in 2011.”

    Any not Rossi test beats the crap out of any Rossi test any time for the public. Levi’s test is very relevant to me. Rossi’s test is interesting but its ability to convince is way weaker.

    • ww8th

      My concern is the repeatability of manufacturing an E-cat and achieving LENR. The early research was troubled with some units working and others not working. Is Rossi’s E-Cat one out of 100 where the LENR process achieved operation??

  • vbasic

    Disappointment. I was expecting a test device the size of the planned Brilliouin boiler, not a tiny demo module. ”We have previously been told this reactor core is smaller than the previous version, but uses more shielding. Instead of many grams of nickel, it only uses 1.5 grams.”

    • Disappointed? Why? One module or a container full, it makes little difference. Either way it would be what we have been waiting for; cheap non-fossil energy.

      And as this version seems to produce some radiation (extra shielding) the corporations will ‘allow’ it as that makes it ‘nuclear’ and so completely controllable. They won’t even need to get their tame politicians to introduce new legislation (always a bit obvious) – just a classification tweak is all that’s required.

      • Even if electricity producing versions cannot enter homes, if they are available in 1 MW scale, say, it’s a lot closer to the customer than a 1 GW fission plant for example. Although not per-home, a 1 MW scale might still imply an effectively decentralised energy system where only local grids would survive.

        • Yes, that would probably be the optimal solution, possibly with parts of the grid remaining as ‘interconnectors’ for load balancing, power storage and backup.

          But it’s not the one the existing energy providers would like. Unless they can retrofit existing non-nuclear generator plant they will probably do their best to prevent its utilisation. Unless of course they can lay their hands on taxpayer’s money to offset their losses (for the very best of ‘green’ reasons, naturally).

  • G_Zingh

    There is still a lot of engineering that has to be done before he can submit for certification. I was touring a gas fired power generating plant in AZ and the engineer there was telling me that they wave a broom in front of their path if they suspect a steam leak. At those temps and pressures it is invisible and will cut off your fingers and cauterize them at the same time. It is impractical to have 100 10 Kw E-cats in a row for a 1 MW plant.

    Here is a recent email exchange with Mr Rossi.

    What you propose is a connection in series. Yes, we tested it and it is the kindofapplication we have to go through. There are problems to resolve, though.
    Thank you for your kind attention,
    Warm Regards,
    Andrea Rossi

    Il 2012-06-03 09:13 G Singh ha scritto:
    Dear Mr Rossi,

    Happy birthday.

    I have some thoughts that may or may not be relevant/possible. Have
    you tried hooking up several E-cat reactors together though some
    system so that they are in the same primary fluid?

    If you can get say ten of them spaced accordingly inserted from above
    in some vertical tank that had the primary fluid, heat exchanger and
    water/steam flow compartments welded together you could increase
    refueling time by an order of magnitude, decrease the chance for human
    error, and decrease chance for failure between fittings of ten
    E-cats. The ten E-cat reactor system would come refueled from the
    factory, could possibly share the same hydrogen connection and maybe
    a fourth of them could even share the same electrical connection.
    Certainly this would test your new found stability for the 600C
    reactors but it might be something to keep in the back of your mind
    as continue with your tests.

    If this could be perfected for one tank then the output of one could
    simply be welded to the input of another to give you what ever flow
    rate and temperature the application required; keeping redesigning
    costs to a minimum. And if you are entertaining suggestions for
    preheating the reactors with steam wouldn’t it be more efficient to
    move hot primary fluid from one E-cat to the next? Certainly this
    creates a whole new set of engineering problems and I leave it as a
    suggestion for your consideration.

    Personally I find myself reading your blog in fascination and am
    always amazed that you allow this level of interaction with your fans.
    as always best of luck.


    G Singh

  • Pachu

    “It should be on the front page of every newspaper in the nation, and being discussed on every news network”

    On what proof ?

    “I can travel in time, anonymous sources verified, put me in the news”, really ?

    I dont dicard Rossi, but you need to focus, until he really does things they are just words, and he changes his words a lot.

  • Hank & Frank, I would say that you are the dynamic duo of the news about the Ecat. It really is very encouraging to hear good news about the new achievements that are having Andrea Rossi and his team in search of the “miraculous power”. There can be no more struggle, fight the “status quo”, but when the victory, many human beings shall enjoy any chance to grow and to live acceptably. I’d say, mankind will remember all the Ecat before and after Ecat, and if it does not, then the event will not be brought to the masses need, then we will continue with our egos in tow. So, I want to ECAT can keep the dispossessed a chance to progress. Many more we are hopeful that the skeptics, many more dream of a better future than in death without cause.Deshacer cambios

  • Robert Mockan

    What I get from these answers is that:

    1. The temperature is constant at 600 C.
    2. COP=6 is an average, because half the time the catalyst is self sustaining, and half the time it has electric power going into it.
    3. The nickel is turning into copper.
    4. Hydrogen is the fuel.
    5. It uses radio waves at some frequency in some way.
    6. Other chemicals are added to make atomic hydrogen in some way.

    Beyond that, it is not clear.
    But given those answers, I know what the critics will be focusing on.

    Previously Rossi has used the water remaining after steam generation to calculate thermal power out, and measured current and voltage to calculate electric power in. I do not want to even start explaining how many times scientists have discovered errors in the cold fusion work of other researchers using the Rossi methods of calorimetry, that when corrected caused a COP variation from greater than 1 to even less than 1.

    By definition of average, and given that Rossi says part of the time the catalyst is “self sustaining”, then the math indicates some of the time COP MUST BE greater than 6. Rossi says electric power is being used to “stabilize” the reaction (when it is being used). Stabilize usually means control, but controlling the temperature by keeping it down by adding electric power does not make sense. Yet he also says COP=6 is a limit. What happens when you add MORE electric power? Does the limit go lower? The ambiguity in these ROSSI statements will frustrate critics no end trying to interpret what they really mean.

    It is clear that even AFTER these latest tests, critics will continue to criticize, skeptics will continue being skeptical, and every body will still be demanding “confirmation” of the data. They will say proof of COP=6 is still needed, other methods of calorimetry need to be used, and that there is error in the temperature measurements, power measurements, and so on.

    If Rossi would release more details and his data up to this point in time, that would be very helpful, in my opinion. But whatever happens, this latest round of testing is NOT going to silence the critics and skeptics.

    • Agreed entirely. Too many unlikely unsubstantiated claims, too many contradictions, even for the optimists – let alone the skeptics. It might be better if Rossi just stuck to ‘plan A’ and didn’t make any more claims or promises until he has ‘real world’ proof in the form of a marketable device.

      But then what would we all have to witter on about without the ‘Rossi says’.

      • GreenWin

        Of course this “story” resulted from essentially monosyllabic answers to Frank & Hank’s email query. And clearly AR doesn’t give a hoot about skeptos – he’s building a product for commercial sale on a mass basis.

        Two things seem positive from this – 600C for 40+ days and he’s got some kind of hydrate pellet to provide the H2. Of course another review from Kullander and Essen or Brian Jacobson would help to qualify the claims.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      Robert Mockan: Good posts, thanks. I agree the skeptics will never be satisfied until we have an E-Cat in our basements and we are convinced it is saving us money. Even then super skeptics will say there is something wrong with our gas/electric meters.

    • Ol’ Bab

      Think a bit. After startup the temperature is 600 deg, and obviously NO external heat-as-heat source is then needed. That leaves the RF and probably also a sizable modulated current through the apparatus as the power inputs. These are varied in level, frequency, and/or waveform, as needed to control the temperature and the stability.

      Perhaps the temperature control loop is continuously via the RF power. Probably the stability control is separate; a stability booster regimen is given every hour or so as needed, using several variables.

      Rossi is merely stating in effect that the total power from both inputs never exceeds one sixth of the output heat power. And further, that it is on average much lower.

      To directly address your point, the “simple” minimum COP must be (much?) higher than 6 so that the overall COP is still over 6 while applying the stabilizing regimen.

      Ol’ Bab, who was an engineer

      • Robert Mockan

        Good points. What you are describing sounds very much like the Brillouin Energy concept. They have a contract with SRI International to design and build a reactor.

        BE says it is an electron capture reaction that turns hydrogen into neutrons, and that in turn sounds very much like the Widom-Larsen theory.

        Yet both of those are different from the Piantelli hypothesis. And Rossi seems to be basing his work on the Piantelli experiments.

        We need more information.

      • Robert Mockan

        This RF subject brings up an entirely new problem. One does not use a power oscillator to create high power variable RF, but a linear power amplifier being driven by a variable waveform and frequency oscillator.
        A 1 kilowatt linear is several times larger than the E-Cat, and for really high power would b tube based and use high voltage transformer power supply. No equipment of this nature has EVER been observed at any Rossi demonstration. And if the equipment were in another room and not visible, one one need coaxial cables and connectors from the source to the point of use. No connections of that type has EVER been observed either at any of the Rossi demonstrations.

        So this whole subject of RF power being used is… questionable, in my opinion.

        • GreenWin

          Maybe he’s using a baby monitor in the 900mHz band to babysit the reaction;)

        • Maybe the ‘RF’ is not radiated EM but a ‘chopped’ DC or AC current flow through the Ni substrate? I believe there are suitable RF ‘switches’ available off the shelf that can handle large currents. Eddy currents produced by random ‘circuits’ within the nanoparticle mass would produce their own micro-EM fields, if for instance magnetostriction is required to ‘re-energise’ the nickel at intervals.

          • Robert Mockan

            Electric power coupling to make eddy currents would be much better if an induction coil were used about the catalyst container. Pulsing the current would generate a pulsating magnetic field that would induce pulsating eddy currents and cause magnetostriction of the nickel particles.

            Now , RF can be used to power an induction coil, but Rossi has NEVER even hinted at an induction coil. Instead he has said RF, and did not go into how it was being applied.

          • When I first saw the ‘plumbing fittings’ pix I speculated that the apparently functionless external stainless steel ‘band heater’ casing might in fact contain a copper coil for EM induction. This still seems to me to be a possibilty.

          • Robert Mockan

            > Peter Roe

            If induction is involved, I wonder if it might be more efficient to rotate a wheel holding powerful permanent magnets near the nickel. That way electric power would not be needed to “stabilize” the reaction?
            If the coupling is very inefficient from electric- power-to-induction-coil-to- nickel, a rotating wheel holding magnets might require less electric power to rotate.

    • Ged

      It seems like the electrical power added is to keep the system evenly heated. From the curves we’ve seen previously, and from Defkalion’s work, we can see the system fluctuates wildly in heat output after a time; kinda like fits and starts, like a car engine that’s starting to knock and lose timing.

      Could be to smooth out the reaction, even heat is required, without pockets of intense heat or cold. That would definitely make for a difficult stability problem.

    • dragon

      I remember you said once that you are interested in replicating Cold fusion and that you have the means to do it.
      Did you try to replicate the ATHANOR cell from the Italian high-school?
      It will be interesting to know if ATHANOR can be replicated (even with low wield) based on those instructions leaked on the Internet.

      • Robert Mockan

        I have the equipment, the knowledge, and the means… except my time is being taken trying to maintain income to cover the cost of living. People may not realize it, but the USA economy right now is far WORSE than during the Great Depression of the 1930s. And there is still no light at the end of the tunnel.

      • Robert Mockan

        The ATHANOR experiment is actually like a few others described on Jnaudin web site.

        About the ATHANOR. Yes, I did try to replicate a miniature version of it. I used a pyrex 200 ml test tube with side arm, tungsten powder in bottom of tube, one tungsten TIG electrode with a alumina tube about it from the stopper into the tungsten powder, the other TIG rod going into water with dissolved potassium carbonate that filled half the test tube. Used a Variac transformer and started an arc between the rod and powder. Flash of arcing, the stopper popped out, and the water and powder got blown out of the tube by the gas evolution and boiling.

        ATHANOR experiment 1: failed due to small size of test tube not allowing for gas and boiling.

        ATHANOR experiment 2: (not completed yet).

        Going to use 1000 ml reaction flask with cover next effort.

        • GreenWin

          Why cover? The reaction will take place in an open air beaker.

          • I should have said ‘toroidal’ circulation pattern. This would ensure that all particles become fully loaded with H from the simple electrolysis process, and are subjected to a voltage gradient for part of the float/sink cycle.

          • ‘toroidal’ comment belongs under the ‘conical shape’ one.

            Admin, we need a short-term edit function.

          • Robert Mockan

            The cover holds the corks and rubber plugs that the tubes, wires, electrodes, thermometer, and so on, penetrate and are secured to.

          • GreenWin

            Put a vent in it. The cover that is…

        • It’s possible the conical shape is important to present a large SA to the electrolyte, and circulation of the particles. Nascent H forming on the particles at the surface would lift them into suspension, and as the H is absorbed, they would then sink again. The conical shape would allow the falling particles to slide down to the sides of the bottom mass without preventing the ‘lift off’ process continuing nearer the centre. I think this churn may be at the heart of the ‘fluidised bed’ that is mentioned, producing an overall circular motion of the mass of particles, up from the centre then down from the sides.

          • Robert Mockan

            I knew that the fluidized bed design would not be duplicated with powder just at the bottom of the reaction container. I would need to add an inverted funnel above the bottom powder and have the powder in it. But one starts with the simplest approach and works up from there. In the 1000 ml container I will also have room to place an inverted pyrex funnel for the “fluidized” powder layer.

        • Barry

          Robert, you’re building an ATHANOR!!!! How cool is that. I guess you’re one who has a good grasp on a lot of this CF stuff. If you get a COP of 4 you will be proving it is repeatable science. I hope you’re videoing some of this for us right brainers. Good luck, keep us posted and don’t blow yourself up, Barry

  • Hank & Frank, I would say that you are the dynamic duo of the news about the Ecat. It really is very encouraging to hear good news about the new achievements that are having Andrea Rossi and his team in search of the “miraculous power”. There can be no more struggle, fight the “status quo”, but when the victory, many human beings shall enjoy any chance to grow and to live acceptably. I’d say, mankind will remember all the Ecat before and after Ecat, and if it does not, then the event will not be brought to the masses need, then we will continue with our egos in tow. So, I want to ECAT can keep the dispossessed a chance to progress. Many more we are hopeful that the skeptics, many more dream of a better future than in death without cause.

  • Tryer

    Something tells me Andrea is talking too much.

    • Robert Mockan

      I agree. He is saying way too much. Loose talk sinks ships.

  • Robert Mockan

    More lead shielding? Indicating more radiation?
    10KW to 20KW thermal power from 1.5 gram catalyst?

    It is difficult to convey just how small a volume that is. Given the density of nickel, 1.5 grams is about the size of a BB shot pellet. Or a pea.

    Apply 10 KW to that volume and it would not just melt, but start to vaporize, in just a few seconds.

    The only possible way Rossi could be preventing the catalyst from melting is if it is a thin film applied to a heat conducting fin, like a copper sheet, being cooled on the other side so the temperature does not exceed 600 C. The lead shielding would need to enclose the entire reaction area. Since lead melts at 328 C, that also means the lead must be kept away from the 600 C reaction.

    I can see some interesting engineering problems if one wants to minimize the reactor weight. Lead is heavy.

    • Robert Mockan

      On the other hand, one could probably surround the reactor with molten lead, and use the liquid metal in a primary coolant loop. Maybe a large number of sealed stainless tubes filled with the Ni and H2 fuel, with the molten metal circulating about to provide thermal inertia preventing too rapid a temperature change at any time, and supply heat to the steam boiler. Still a big weight problem.

      • Robert Mockan

        I’m talking of course about a many megawatt reactor system when using molten metal. For the E-Cat demo Rossi is doing he could just wrap some sheet lead around the whole E-Cat.

    • Ged

      I take the “more shielding” to mean more thermal protection from the 600 C temperature. It is a lot easier to insulate 120 C than 600 C in a safe way.

      • Robert Mockan

        That is one interpretation. Mine is that shielding refers to the radiation, because the correct word for what you describe would be “insulation” (and you also use it that way).
        So what is the real deal? Maybe Rossi will enlighten us more soon.

    • Edwin Crook

      I suspect that it is not the nickel that gets hot. If the reaction in (or on the surface of) the nickel gives out gamma rays and the some other substance absorbs them, it is the other substance that is getting hot.

      • ww8th

        Lead is not the only material that effectively absorbs gamma rays. Iron/Steel is also a very good gamma ray absorber, for example.

      • Robert Mockan

        That is an interesting suggestion, but there are several reasons for doubting it is correct.
        The 510 Kev gamma that is observed in the E-Cat is from matter to energy conversion by annihilation between an antimatter positron and an electron. The absorption mechanism at that gamma energy is mostly Compton scattering, that results in lower energy photons and an increase in temperature of the mass it is being absorbed in.
        Thus, in theory, what you suggest is possible, but nuclear reactions that make antimatter are inefficient, and the waste heat from the primary energy generation process would greatly surpass the energy contained in the antimatter that might be generated. What this means in an E-Cat is that although some gamma energy is present, it would be only a very small fraction of the total energy in the LENR system. Most of the energy release is appearing as kinetic energy in the nickel catalyst. Thus the problem with the catalyst melting if heat is not removed. We also know that it is not gamma rays that heat the catalyst, not only for the reason mentioned that production of antimatter particles is inefficient, but also because Compton scattering is a volume effect, and would be occurring throughout the mass of the E-Cat. But from what Rossi has said about the internal construction there is an inner heat conduction wall transfer, from the catalyst holder, to the coolant. That means the energy is being released inside the containment, and is not being released throughout the mass of the entire E-Cat volume. I would like to know the Gray number but Rossi has not disclosed what it is. The Gray number of a gamma source has the dimension of joules of energy deposited in 1 kilogram of any kind of matter. That might help in understanding the precise energy generation mechanism of LENR devices, and would tell us also exactly what percentage of the total energy is coming from antimatter annihilation, and what from other nuclear processes, in the E-cat.

        It should be noted that Rossi does not have any chance avoiding the Nuclear Regulatory Agency eventually redefining what kind of nuclear reactions they have jurisdiction over, and coming down on his trying to market the E-Cat like a ton of bricks. It does not matter what one might want to believe, Rossi IS planning to sell a “nuclear” reactor. Antimatter synthesis is ALWAYS a nuclear process.

  • mark

    If Rossi have had a working heater with 10W,
    not 10 Kw, and COP= 1.5 and not 6, he would
    apply for a patent in all Patent Offices
    on Earth and Mars, giving a full disclosure
    of the design and chemical components.
    As long as he is not doing this obvious
    move, the jury is still out.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      mark: Our outdated patent system simply does not work that way. (and the system has just been overhauled by our geniuses in Washington) Mr. Rossi must work with the system we have.

      • mark

        Dear Bernie,
        Rossi’s claim does not have a disclosure
        of the design and of the catalyst.
        It is absolutely logical that the US Patent
        Office rejected it. The problem is not
        with the patent system, the problem
        is with Rossi… if he have had a working
        10W heater and presented the gist, any
        country would immediately issued a
        patent… btw, why he has not applied
        in Sweden? Didn’t people from Uppsala
        come to the October test?
        And what about Italy?
        The patent rights is still the guaranteed
        way to make money and any honest and
        serious inventor knows it.
        IMHO, to present a good, working 10 Watt
        LENR device means much more than to
        promise 600 degrees oven.

        • Omega Z


          Rossi could go to the patent office E-cat in hand. Demonstrate it for six months & be refused a patent.

          I could go in with the same E-cat in a different packaging, clam Wisdom Larson theory & probably obtain a patent without even demonstrating it.

          The Wisdom Larson theory isn’t even a unproven theory.

          The U.S. Patent office is presently a political football when it comes to LENR.

          BLP & Brillouin are also having trouble obtaining patents without having many lawyers involved & dependent on exactly how the patent is written.

          NOTE: Rossi does have an Italian Patent. That protects him in Italy only.

          Also several members of the Swedish skeptics society are now involved with Rossi in a business manner I believe to market the E-cat in their Zones. These would be some of those involved with testing his E-cats in 2011.

          Even thou they are the ones who stated the tests weren’t 100% conclusive because of oversights on their part as testers, They considered their oversights to be highly/extremely unlikely to show different results.

          As an example they didn’t check a wire for voltage. The wire was to small to conduct the current necessary to produce Their temperature readings without burning in two or melting in some fashion. This oversight on their part left the test labeled Inconclusive.

          In another test, they failed to check under the wrappings of 1 of 3 insulated pipes. Their oversight & something that Rossi could not have been aware of.

          He allowed them to check anything & everything except the internals of the Core. The Core was excluded of any known energy source that could produce power at shown scales by it’s size & weight.

          So these tests were considered to be inconclusive because of their oversights. Not Rossi.

          Those tests must have been pretty convincing for them to get involved with him. They have their reputations at stake & nothing to gain unless the E-cat works & goes to market.

          • mark

            Thanks for Your reply !
            So, we have wait another
            45 days to get a report
            produced by Rossi himself….
            It reminds BLP, Randell Mills
            news about selling six licenses
            to build 500 KWh facilities
            in different parts of the

    • Hank Mills

      He may have filed additional patents that cover the catalyst that we are not aware of. If he has not the technology is still real. Patents do not give total protection of your technology. You can file a patent, and still have your tech stolen from you. Remember, it is still the policy of the patent office to automatically deny all cold fusion related patents. By filing a patent application covering the catalyst there is a chance that the patent could be rejected, but everyone else in the world would gain access to his technology.

  • Andre Blum

    Hank and Frank,

    I very much appreciate your efforts in bringing this story to us. I really do. Over the last months, while things have gone really quiet on other LENR blogs, this has remained very worthwhile to come back to on a daily basis.

    That being said, I hope you don’t mind giving some feedback.

    You would do me a great favor if the two of you would sync up a bit on style. Hank, you like to bring tiny bits of new info their broadest context, which is more suitable for ‘general public’ of which you can never know whether they have been following the latest. In this case, you have managed to make Rossi’s 78 words into an 1100+ words essay adding not much, really, above Rossi’s words at face value, to the reader who is up to speed. Also, as others have noted, you don’t seem to take much distance, making your words sound a bit too evangelizing for my taste (reminding me too much of a very gullable character you worked with before on another less esthetically pleasing site).

    Personally, I think Frank’s style is better suited for a blog like this. Not too much repetition, factual (where at all possible) and with healthy reservations w.r.t. reality of it all.

    • dragon

      Both styles bring value.

      • dsm

        To who ?

        This lead in “Mother Of All E-Cat Tests Ushers World Into Nickel Age” without any validation by third parties, paints Hank as extremely optimistic.

        That type of bloging will do more harm to LENR than good. However, if Hank himself has been and seen and tested, one could understand such exuberance. But, I would have serious doubts that this has happened.

        There is always the fear that Rossi is using this set of announcements to preempt why he wont be showing a certified home ecat to his convention of dealers in Oct 2012. If that event passes without anyone seeing a ‘proven’ home ecat then it would be very unfortunate for those investors.


        • Hank Mills

          So are you calling Rossi a liar?

          The fact is that if he has claimed that his E-Cat has ran for 40 days non-stop producing 600C steam, it has done so.

          If you doubt it, then you better be doubting every detail given to you about any product you purchase.

          The fact is that the unwarranted skepticism has increased to a ridiculous level. Andrea Rossi proved his technology works in 2011, with the help of multiple scientists and engineers that participated in over a dozen tests.

          If he says he is producing 600C steam non-stop for 40 days I see no reason to not believe it. I believe it just as much as if Toyota stated that they had a new Prius coming out with a 100MPG rating or if Intel said they were coming out with a 5ghz computer chip. I have no reason to doubt them.

          • GreenWin

            “…the unwarranted skepticism has increased to a ridiculous level.”

            Which means the old school and their toadies are desperate. And that means Rossi is winning.

    • dsm


      Very well said and very politely put. And 100% on the spot.



      • edog

        what did andre say?

    • Hank Mills

      The fact is that all of this is real. The E-Cat is not science fiction.

      Lets review what is taking place.

      — 600C steam is being produced from an E-Cat using nickel and hydrogen.

      — It has been running nonstop for 40 days.

      — It consumes no radioactive substances, does not produce nuclear waste, and does not emit radioactivity into the environment.

      The fact this is taking place is reality, and not fiction.

      Some people seem to be in doubt that this is “really” happening. They need to wake up and realize that reality holds MORE possibilities than science fiction.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Hank and Frank: Thank you. I hope you are busy creating your next batch of question. I am interested in where he is getting his funding. Is it non military? Is it corporate rather than government? If it is corporate, would we recognize the name? What safe guards have been made to insure that Mr. Rossi will not lose control?

    From everything that Mr. Rossi has said it is my opinion he is being funded by a corporate entity, that has given him wide control, but a relationship like that can be very tricky with legal land mines. What does this group think?

    • Karl

      I guess the Rossi venture is funded by one or a group of ven.cap possibly in Europe to whom he has demonstrated that what he has is for real. It is obvious that the US military is one of his current customers. Through the relation with them he get some help to refine his products. The military people can be good customers at an early stage.

    • Adam Lepczak

      If the 1MW LENR generator works and Rossi is cooperating with the DARPA/military, I’d say that by now he is better protected than the US President. I’d imagine that if the military sees a potential in Mr. Rossi’s idea he will enjoy an unlimited funding, protection, and full support of US military machine (and also CIA and FBI). There is no bigger priority for the US interests than the energy independence. Yuu could compare the goal of energy independence to the size of the sun. At the same time, the US “war on terror” would be the size of the moon in terms of priorites. Sun is much bigger than a moon. By now, Rossi has an unlimited resources and contacts.

      • dragon

        Actually what you say there makes me think he is not fully cooperating wit US military. By now, he will be already in full black program and nobody will ever hear about his name. But instead he is speaking regularly. So conclusion is that he is not under US Military “protection”… yet.

        • GreenWin

          Unless YOU are in the black dragon.

          • psi

            Lol. Welcome to the epistemological muddle.

          • GreenWin

            Except philosophy does not quash treason.

    • Hank Mills

      I think he is getting hsi funding from a number of sources. One source is probably his military customer, also he has sold licenses to the technology across the world, and he may have other sources of funding. Additionally, he sold Leonardo Corporation to a “trust.” He is the CEO but he does not own the company.

  • > Very soon the mainstream media will be forced to…

    Before that happens Rossi will be forced to name at least one other person other than himself who has seen or worked on this contraption and can vouch for its authenticity.

    • dragon

      I agree with you. But instead of the word “contraption” lets use “world-changing device”.

      • John

        I agree that this is a “world changing device”. How many world changing devices have been made is the last 200 years? Let’s say on the high side, 1000. Anything from the typewriter to the zip to a magnet. How many people have been born in the last 200 years? As a guesstimate, 20 billion. So the ratio is about 1 to 20 million that any one person will produce a world changing device. That’s a rather low number. What proportion of people are scam artists? As another guesstimate, one in 1000 for a good one. Maybe. Let’s say one in 10,000 for an exceptional scam artist.

        So we’ve got one in 10,000 and one in 20,000,000. Which is more likely? By a factor of 2,000 it is that Rossi is a scam artist. Note that I’m not saying he is one, it’s just that I have no proof that what he is saying is true. Nothing of his has been independently tested, by someone or some group I trust.

        Here is how I see this ending: Rossi throws his hands up in dispair and say that the “effect” is unreliable or simply stops working.

        I actually do believe in cold fusion, after reading the book Fire and Ice back in the ’90’s, in case people think I’m a non-believer. But I just don’t see it in this case (and I believe that cold fusion is too unreliable for common use).

      • psi

        Why would you object, Dragon? “Contraption” does the job of dismissing months of testing and development with one prejudicial word. That’s important if you want to distract people from the accumulating evidence that the device and its development are real and that we are living through a welcome paradigm shift in power generation.

    • Hank Mills

      Lots of different scientists tested the E-Cat in 2011 and proved that it worked. There is no reason to doubt that Rossi’s current statements are not accurate.

      • Hank Mills

        I should have said that there is no reason to doubt that Rossi’s statements are accurate.

        The tests in 2011 proved that his technology works as claimed. There is no reason for him to lie now about his tech.

        • psi

          Either Rossi is a sociopath and the many scientists who witnessed the October 2011 tests are fools, or the technology is real. I’m with you Hank. Maybe we are wrong, but it seems to me that Rossi’s continued public statements about new developments further support the legitimacy of the entire process of e-cat development — and that’s before we even mention Defkalion, Brouillon, etc. For skeptics to accommodate these developments they must postulate something like a mass hysteria among dozens of serious scientists, all of whom have validated the underlying reality of the LENR phenomenon.

  • Robbie

    In a matter of weeks test data from this extended E-Cat test should be posted. In a matter of weeks the test will not be complete, but hopefully we will get test data from at least part of the test. Perhaps several days or weeks…………….. is this the same matter of weeks we have been told of for much more than a year???? To date we have had nothing of value except the 1MW system that was shown to likely be a fraud. Please assure me this is not just another step in the same saga.

    • Hank Mills

      We have had lots of info of value. There were over a dozen tests in 2011, all of which were successful. The one megawatt E-Cat was not shown to be a likely fraud. An expert military engineer with thirty years of experience in thermodynamic systems witnessed the test and signed off on the results.

    • psi

      “likely to be a fraud?” “Has been shown….” Those are your opinion — your *interpretation* of evidence that is to a certain extent ambiguous and capable of multiple interpretations. It is not my interpretation.

  • Stephen

    Reading (bad) news about the economy really makes me want to be a believer… I hope one day AR will stop being such an entertaining story-teller and give us some facts… either an off-shelf product, a verifiable report, a truely open experiment. Anything, as long as it is real. So far, I cannot tell the difference between all this and sci-fiction.

    • Hank Mills

      There have been verifiable reports and open experiments. Have you ignored all the tests that took place in 2011? The tests were conducted with the help of many different scientists.

      The E-Cat is not science fiction. It is science fact. Anyone who thinks otherwise has simply been brainwashed by the super cynics and the competitors who have been trying to attack Rossi, in order to “muddy the waters” so they have time to figure out how his tech works and claim it as their own.

      • AstralProjectee

        Hank, I can agree with the first part of what you said. But the idea that most of the people that are attacking the E-Cat are doing that to give themselves time to figure it out themselves makes no sense to me. I think that’s not true at all.

        Most of the people that attack the e-cat and Rossi are just brain washed by the mainstream scientific community that cold fusion does not exist and if you give it credit you a crack pot just like all the other crack pots.

        Unfortunately it does not help when real frauds widen the stereo type gap and spoil it for people like Andrea Rossi.


        • Hank Mills

          I am aware of one particular individual (I cannot reveal his name) that publicly has attacked Rossi’s technology, and has went so far to call Rossi a fraud. However, privately he is convinced the technology works, and wants to figure it out so he can patent it himself.

          • AstralProjectee

            He is not the majority. Sorry, Hank I have to disagree with you on this one.


          • Andrew Macleod

            Snakes and clowns.

        • jacob

 wouldn’t see the truth ,if it fell on you,basing your opinion on all you know,is outdated an obsolete,just open your mind to more studies and understanding.

      • Stephen

        I am not being brainwashed by anyone… it is just that “on my standards” this thing has not been demonstrated in a reasonable and acceptable way in any of the past tests. Note I am not saying this is science fiction but rather that this is *indistinguishable* from science fiction. I have no acceptable elements to tell the difference. On top of this, I tend to be skeptic, but that’s just because of AR behavior and past history. Rationally I can only be neutral and wait (and wait… and wait… etc).

        I’m even telling that I’d love it to be true. I can even tell you I believe there is something real in low-energy nuclear reactions. BUT what I see from AR is not enough to me, sorry 😉

        • Hank Mills

          If you are not convinced that the ECAT has been tested in a reasonable and acceptable way then your standards are far too high. I will admit that the E-Cat has probably not been tested as well as a hundred academic skeptics would like. They would like it to be tested with a hundred sensors attached, with fifty different thermometers, a testing protocol reviewed for years, and many more years to go over the data. However, it has been tested MORE than well enough to prove the technology works.

          By any engineering standard, the technology has been proven to work. For example, scientists a hundred years ago were saying the first aircraft were not really flying, despite hundreds or thousands of witnesses. However, the first airplane builders knew the planes were working. They knew it because they worked with them every day, and flew in them. The same thing is happening with the E-CAT. Skeptics and academics are howling because the E-Cat is not being tested in a lab with a billion dollars worth of equipment. However, the technology works anyway.

          I am glad that an engineering standard and not an overzealous academic standard is being used to develop the E-Cat. If the academic standard of the cynics were being used, we would not even be producing a hundred watts of heat. If the cynics had been the ones to test and design the first aircraft, it would have not been developed for another 20 years.

        • Robbie

          I agree. and wait and wait and wait.

      • Stephen

        Btw, what AR performed are not open experiments but rather “shows”… which have always been almost completely out of control of the public. In those conditions no clear conclusions can be drawn on the machine, I believe. Sure, you have patent protection… but I think this is 99% an alibi rather than a real issue.

        • Hank Mills

          The experiments have not been shows. They have been actual experiments. The experiments were performed with a number of different scientists watching and helping. The conclusion is that there is a huge gain of energy.

          What the catalyst is does not matter. There is no non-nuclear source of energy that could be powering the E-Cat. Why do you think he needs to go the patent route? Why do you think all the details of this tech need to be revealed?

      • Robbie

        Rubbish…….there has not been; to my knowledge; a single proven demonstration that was open to inspection.

  • Torbjörn

    Nice article. Mats Lewan did prove that heat was produced in the self-sustaining mode for almost four hours during the demonstration 2011-10-06.

    Roland Pettersson and others have seen the new design of the consumer version of the E-Cat.

    It’s unlikely that Rossi woud lie about the high-temperature E-Cat.

    • Hank Mills

      I agree. He would not lie about it. There is no reason for him to lie about it.

  • AstralProjectee

    I am addicted to E-cat news.

    • There are probably groups you can join by now.

    • Omega Z

      Yellow pages

      E-cat Anonymous.

  • dragon
  • Omega Z

    A 6 year old in a National Spelling bee, A 16 year old figuring out an age old physic problem that Physicists hadn’t been able to crack. A 21 year old becoming the youngest Doctor.

    All Headline Major Media News. All discussed for days.

    An Italian high school class demonstrates LENR COP 4. Doesn’t make Mainstream News in the U.S.

    Is there a News Blackout of LENR????

    • Hank Mills

      Yes, there is almost a total blackout. There may be a tiny blurb here and there, but the biggest breakthrough of the past hundred years is being ignored. It is an absolute travesty.

      Eventually, there will be a point where the mainstream media cannot ignore cold fusion any longer, and they will have to report on it. When that happens we need to remind them just how worthless they were to humanity.

      • GreenWin

        It has been more correctly called “distributed intelligence” (misnomer) – there is no journalism or news media involved.

      • Hiram

        There is no “blackout” man, don’t be silly.

        There is nothing to report except rumors. There is no hard evidence of any kind, just Rossi’s claims – not even confirmation from his clients,

        I personally think LENR is for real, given how many teams are now competing. But if I was a journalist, what would I report? “Rossi says”? No, the reporting will start when Rossi shows a real, working device, and not a second sooer.

        • GreenWin

          Hiram – spend a little time and read the work of a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist: Seymour Hirsch, Katherine Graham, Ross Anderson, Bill Dietrich, Mary Ann Gwinn, Alix M. Freedman, Kim Murphy…

          As NASA titles it, “Clean/Green Abundant Energy” without pollution or radiation – costing a fraction of hot fusion, and far less than coal, oil, PV, wind… No Hiram, there’s no story there – for grunts that take orders from distributed intelligence command. It’s BAU for Kim Jon Ill.

      • Hiram

        There is no “blackout” man, don’t be silly.

        There is nothing to report except rumors. There is no hard evidence of any kind, just Rossi’s claims – not even confirmation from his clients,

        I personally think LENR is for real, given how many teams are now competing. But if I was a journalist, what would I report? “Rossi says”? No, the reporting will start when Rossi shows a real, working device, and not a second sooner.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer


    • GreenWin

      Actually Omega, you are IN the blackout.

      • Omega Z


        Yes, I know. The U.S. media only tells us what their handlers tell them to.
        I was being sarcastic in that last line about the Blackout.

  • AstralProjectee

    Frank: “Basically, with the E-Cat technology the fuel cost is a non-issue. The fuel to power your home for a year could cost less than a value meal at a fast food restaurant.”

    If find that hard to believe that the price would be that low. Anybody have thoughts on this.


    • Hank Mills

      Nickel powder is cheap. The processing of the nickel powder including the catalysts is said to be one tenth the cost of the nickel. Nickel is only a few dollars a pound I think, so 1.5 grams of nickel would cost almost nothing. If you bought the fuel at Walmart or somewhere, the majority of the price you would pay would probably be shipping, packaging, etc. The hydrogen would be even cheaper.

      • daniel maris

        One thing to remember – nickel is highly poisonous. I think installation of cartridges would definitely be a job for professionals.

        • DonCornelius

          Thank Gawd you pointed out how poisonous Nickle is! After all, it is well known that Nickle was responsible for the complete annihilation of every man woman and child in the U.S. in the 19th century due to its use in so-called “nickles” that were used by evil capitalists!

          Fortunately, all toxic substances, including soap, bleach, gasoline, fertilizers, *TOXIX* aluminum, flouride in toothpaste, TOXIC mercury in environmentally-correct light bulbs, TOXIC materials in solar power panals, and any traces of TOXIC metals found in any electronic devices have been completely eradicated from peoples homes. Obviously, only a highly-skilled team of PhDs in multi-billion dollar hazard suits should ever be allowed within 100 miles of these substances or human kind will go extinct before next Tuesday.

          • GreenWin

            I feel you Don. Thanks for the train.

        • Ron

          Really? Then don’t touch nickel coins!

          • Fortunately our (UK) guvmint has reacted to the danger posed by our cupro-nickel ‘silver’ coins and is in the process of replacing them all with stainless steel. Its really good to know that they think of nothing but our safety and welfare in this way.

            Or just possibly it might have something to do with the old coins being worth more in metal than their face values.

  • Omega Z

    It’s been stated by a couple visitors, that many business & military types have been present around the 1Mw E-cat.

    Considering all the News about the U.S. military Being under Extreme pressure to find different & sustainable energy sources, It’s highly probable that the U.S. Navy is the secret customer. Considering LENR is still quite Controversial, They wouldn’t want it made public until it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt & capable of fulfilling all there primary needs.(Electric generating ability.) Solyndra Complex.

    They’ve also recently been told (By Congress) that replacement energies must be competitive or cheaper then present sources. This narrows their options quite a bit. Bio-fuels are more expensive & solar & wind aren’t dependable or cheap. This pretty much promotes nuclear of some sorts. LENR if optimized fills all the requirements & more. But, they won’t go public until they have all the t’s crossed & I’s dotted. (NOTE: Every NAVY Capital ship burns 2K to 6K Gallons an hour at seas multiplied by about 400 Ships.)

    Navel personnel have also been associated with Black Light Power & Brillouin Energy. Brillouin just received 2 million in funding in a Deal with SRI who is also involved in LENR. SRI is Also receiving funding by DARPA. It would appear that the U.S. Government is silently getting into the LENR act when this is coupled with the NASA funding.

    All these entities have been reported to had visitors From the Military, NASA, AND the BIG Corporate World. Large Power producers/utilities, GE, EXXON, BP, Amoco, Shell, among others.

    There’s definitely things going on behind the scene.
    MY Opinion. There making preparation for transition & Dibbling up the PIE.
    Corporations do work together in this Fashion contrary to mainstream thinking. They set standards & market share etc…

    I did some calculations a while back on present NAVEL propulsion systems verses Rossi’s proposed 45Mw E-cat. Initial costs would be higher. Size would be larger. But overall cost & efficiency gains made it very viable. Size would be offset by drastic reductions in fuel containment volume. Ship cost could be scaled down in size. Operation cost reductions in manpower & fuel costs along with less support ships necessary.

    Now, With Rossi’s new core(at 600`C) replacing 3 to 6 of the present cores, You’ll have smaller E-cat power plants & most likely price reduction. Your probably looking at being able to change out (Retrofit) current Propulsion systems with modifications instead of incorporating this technology in New purpose built Ships.

    Just replacing the engines in all the Maritime ships in the world-50K(Not including Military vessels) would be the equivalent of removing 300 Million cars from the Road.

    Another possible Cost Savings. Changing 1 core refill verses changing 3 to 6.

    • I think this interest has been apparent for some time. Unfortunately, neither the military nor the corporate energy sector are characterised by their social responsibility. The ‘black hole’ beckons, and small scale/personal LENR power generation systems are becoming about as likely as fairies.

      • Omega Z

        I agree that’s very possible.

        I believe it will come out big commercially and once done will be regulated away from the individuals by those large entities.

        Then again, It could be like whack-a-mole. One day they’ll miss.

  • Pingback: Rossi Provides More Information on High Temperature E-Cat Testing | ColdFusion | Cold Fusion | Free Energy !()

  • vbasic

    OMG! The November elections. If the buyer of the 1MW unit was the Navy, the administration could be holding Rossi from doing a big reveal with third party validations until October. Then, with everything a ‘go’ he would be given permission to show everything, and the President could later have a big press conference saying what a game changer it will be, and express gratitude the US bought the first one and would buy many more. It would validate his alternative energy policy and shake up the political world.

    • Robert Mockan

      When lipstick is put on a pig, what do you have?

      A pig that looks like lipstick was put on it.

      Moral of the story?

      The only people who will believe Obama about anything, will believe anything.

      • Unfortunately we now live in a world where the last sentence is true of almost any politician. It is usually a case of voting for the least worst option unless you are lucky enough to have an exception on your ticket.

        • GreenWin

          The reason the political slogan of the day is, “Elect Better Actors.”

      • AstralProjectee

        LOL I am going to be laughing when Rossi is on 60 minutes in the future talking about “sakes” and “clowns”. LOL


        • AstralProjectee

          Sorry wrong spot I’ll repost. That was the website codes fault.

  • Andrew Macleod

    “Indisputable proof” will be a great step. I hope the tests are being done in such a way as to leave no cracks and is published by people with an “indisputable reputation”. Not a Rossi says type of report.

  • AstralProjectee

    Would it be cheap enough to convert lead into gold? That would be interesting to see play out.


    • AstralProjectee

      That is efficiently of course.


      • Omega Z

        If everyone can produce gold then what value would it have?

        None, As even Manufacturers would have it as a byproduct.

        • Gold would still have the value of the materials transmuted, plus processing costs etc. Say four or five time the value of copper? Also, new uses would probably be found for it, increasing demand.

          • Omega Z

            Hey Pete

            My train of thought was if Itel was using LENR to power their plants, They would already have the Gold in house for their Microchips as a by-product/waste.

            Others looking at this, Their looking at getting Rich. But then everyone would already have it.

            But I agree. It will have some value or use. But nobody will get rich.

            Also, I read an article a while back that some in Nanotechnology research thought it might be possible in 20 years or so to produce more then we would ever need for Near zero cost.

  • GreenWin

    Hank mentioned to his knowledge the home e-cat has been certified. At the lower temps. That’s fine. I suspect a separate product for high temp home use will need separate cert. Since this will essentially be a Combined Heat and Power device eliminating pollution – it is eligible for tax breaks and subsidies in many climate-wary nations.

    • Was it the home E-cat really, or maybe it was the industrial one. Perhaps Hank could comment.

      • GreenWin

        I have been corrected Pekka. It IS the 1MW unit that is cleared for industrial use. Pardon my confusion.

  • georgehants

    Hank, you are making the page very lively, well done.
    Must say as one of the strongest supporters of fair, open-minded, non-abusive, give any Rebel scientist outside of the establishment all the help we can and never prejudge–
    That one still cannot say with certainty that Rossi or Defkalion have what they say.
    Fair optimism works both ways, one never prejudges but also one cannot except anything until proven beyond doubt. (fair skepticism)
    The last thing needed is any academic or establishment, “expert opinions” about if the E-CAT works, I would not trust anything they say about anything.
    We just need a few honest unbiased plumbers and fellow Rebel scientists to confirm publicly that everything is as advertised.

    • psi

      Agreed on all points, George. Hank, thanks for the update. Sorry that you and Sterling fell out. I notice he has moved Rossi back into his top five so it appears he has — wisely and to his credit — second-guessed his own over-emotional rejection of Rossi some time back. It remains to be seen (for most of us anyway) how fully Rossi can deliver, but the signs at present certainly look good, and I think that both he and Defkalion (despite the perhaps inevitable conflict) may well deliver (not to mention other players exploring the same new territories in science). Not a minute to soon.

    • Hank Mill`

      Rossi has what he claims. The E-Cat technology has been tested over and over again. There were a dozen or more successful tests in 2011 that the public were were told about. These tests utilized different scientists observing, participating, and doing calculations. In addition, different types of tests were performed (both tests that produced steam and hot water as an output). Different models of E-Cats were also tested.

      The tests were a success.

      Also, there were many private tests before 2011 that were successful. Defkalion, Ampenergo, the DOD, the DOE, and other entities tested the E-Cat. These tests were also a success.

  • georgehants

    One day science will wake up to the fact that everything is Quantum, we know nothing, anything is possible when science follows Fact and Evidence and not classical 19th century religious Dogma.

    Splitting the Unsplittable: Physicists Split an Atom Using Quantum Mechanics Precision
    ScienceDaily (June 5, 2012)
    The Bonn scientists working with Prof. Dr. Dieter Meschede from the Institute for Applied Physics of the University of Bonn succeeded in keeping a single atom simultaneously in two places that were more than ten micrometers, or one hundredth of a millimeter, apart. This is an enormous distance for an atom. Afterwards, the atom was put back together undamaged.

    • daniel maris

      A remarkable feat.

      I also like the one where they slow light down to walking speed and then to a dead halt in a special material. That might be a way of storing energy in the future I guess.

    • daniel maris

      Of course the thought does occur that we are like children playing with matches. Sir Martyn Rees might be right about our chances of survival being v. slim. Accidental self-inflicted extinction might be why we don’t see anyone else in the cosmos.

      • georgehants

        daniel, come on, optimism, we have survived this far against terrible odds sometimes.
        There is much good in the World, sometimes one has to look for it.
        You don’t see anybody else if you only believe Establishment brainwashing.
        Look at the good solid Evidence from many Rebel scientists, politicians, armed forces personnel, pilots, etc. etc.
        Like with Cold Fusion you will only find the Truth on fringe Websites like this one.

        New French aerospace report endorses reality of UFOs.

        • daniel maris


          You are free to be as optimistic as you like, but since we are travelling around a very young star, and since there are billions upon billions of planets conducive to life in the cosmos, there should in theory already be civilisations that have been around for hundreds of millions of years, during which time they should have developed pan-galactic travel and spread civilisation throughout their neighbourhoods. The cosmos should be teeming with evidence of life…

          But it ain’t there.

          Either the aliens are deliberately fooling us – putting up some sort of projection for our benefit (seems a bit unlikely) or there are no civilisations to speak of…they must all be at about our level or below. In which case, no UFOs.

          • georgehants

            daniel, thanks, but I will continue to only be influenced by Evidence, as I have given you above.
            Opinion is pointless, the reasons “why” I have no idea, but things either are or they are not and only open-minded following of Evidence has any meaning.
            If after reading the Evidence you see no reason to do more research, I find that strange.

          • Robert Mockan

            Perhaps the correct conclusion should be that any civilization that becomes interstellar travel capable is intentionally destroyed, by the “first” civilization, to protect its turf, so to speak. Take a lesson from the behavior of people on this planet. Maybe xeno-paranoia is the common condition.

          • If a member of the Royal Society of 1800 was looking out for beacons or smoke signals to betray the presence of ‘people’ on other planets he would have as much luck as we do looking for signals in the hydrogen absorption band, or any other radio wavelength. Point is ‘they’ would regard radio as we regard semaphore – we probably need to be looking for something we are not even aware of yet.

          • daniel maris

            Peter – True but on the other hand if intelligent civilisation is that easy to get going, there ought to be a full range of civilisations co-existing around the cosmos, including many in our stage of development. And don’t forget that the radio signals from our stage of development carry on for billions of years passing through the cosmos.

          • Personally I think the Sagan-type calculations may be on the optimistic side. True there are at least 100,000 million stars in our galaxy, and most probably have planets, but it is possible that intelligence combined with hands or equivalent is much rarer than supposed. Not only that but the lifespans of technical civilisations may be fairly short. Without new energy sources ours would probably would have been gone in a century or two, and unlimited population growth could cancel that gain. If the lifespan of such a civilisation is measured in centuries rather than tens of millennia, the chances of two occuring in the same stellar vicinity at the same time may be slight.

          • Hank Mill`

            The fact is that the ETs are visiting our planet right now. There are countless UFO sightings every year. 90% of them are misidentifications, but some of them are real. These UFO sightings have been taking place for the last several thousand years. If only a tiny percentage of them are ETs, then it means our universe is teeming with life.

        • Since others discuss life in the universe I dare also… I believe in a sharp Fermi paradox: either the universe is full of intelligent life which is too wise and advanced for us to see, or life exists only on earth. The path from bacteria to man is straight and plausible, but the birth of life is a complete mystery and might be an arbitrarily rare event.

          • Lets see what we find on Europa!

          • georgehants

            From daily Grail
            Posted by Greg at 01:57, 06 Jun 2012
            Why can’t we find evidence for extraterrestrial intelligence? The following video animation by Andrew Park is a fairly basic primer on the Fermi Paradox, but is probably a handy starting point for further discussion of the question of whether we are truly ‘alone’ in our galaxy:
            Given the vast number of planets in the universe, many much older than Earth, why haven’t we yet seen obvious signs of alien life? The potential answers to this question are numerous and intriguing, alarming and hopeful.

          • Hank Mill`

            I think the countless UFO sightings over the past several thousand years prove that ETs are visiting our planet. I do not think all of the sightings are extraterrestrials, but there have been so many of them I think it is likely that at least some of them are.

      • vbasic

        “we are like children playing with matches.” Especially since the matter in the Universe only composes about 5% of the Universe. The rest is Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Perhaps the state of that 5% is difficult to maintain and those ‘strangelets’ or ‘black holes’ are the normal state. Some of our experiments may endanger that rare matter. ” ULM neutrons in LENR have huge DeBroglie wavelengths because they are formed collectively in many-body surface “patches” of protons or deuterons. Depending on the size of a particular “patch”, ULMN wavelengths can be as large as 50,000 to 100,000 Angstroms. No joke. By comparison, a free neutron passing through condensed matter would typically have a wavelength of ~ 2 Angstroms. So the capture cross sections for ULM neutrons on many “target” isotopes is orders of magnitude larger than for neutrons at thermal energies. ”
        The above quote is from:

        Also, google “nanospire le clair de broglie matter waves”

    • GreenWin

      This only seems odd to those subscribing to particle theory. If you consider all matter constructed from a wave function – this is rather plausible.

  • andreiko

    Het fundament onder de E_CAT is Ni>Cu het bewijs van
    structuur verandering in de massa Ni> Cu is aangetoond.

    De beheersing van deze energie explosie via regulering van H automatisch! vanuit het gesloten A-CAT proces is een logisch gevolg.

    Deze belangrijke technische gegevens zetten mijn vertrouwen in de E-CAT op 100%

    Laat de media maar blunderen Dr Rossi gaat steeds meer glunderen.

  • AstralProjectee

    LOL I am going to be laughing when Rossi is on 60 minutes in the future talking about “sakes” and “clowns”. LOL


    • I hope and prey he doesn’t do that.

    • GreenWin

      Don’t leave out “puppet” for god’s sake.

    • Hank Mill`

      I hope he gives out names of those who attacked him, so they can be ostracized from civilization for all time. The fact is there are certain competitors out there who are attacking him publicly, when privately they know the technology works.

  • georgehants

    Rosemary Ainslie, a little while ago was lamenting not being able to get her groups papers published by “science” journals, now after being accepted by Rossi’s JONP it is being discussed with all the attention it deserves.
    If it turns out to be important, or in error, only free, open analysis without any dumb, “expert opinion” will show it.
    Rossi is showing science, the way.

    • Agree. I emailed Dr Ainslie through her blog with the suggestion she look at publishing in JONP a long time ago – I expect many others did to.

  • Filip

    He must have a battery of scientists behind him, he is moving so fast. The question is: who is delivering those white coats?

    • Robert Mockan

      I would like to know who is in those white coats.
      Find out their previous experience and we would have a lead on what science is being applied to design and make the catalyst. Is it physical chemistry? Nuclear physics? Would just research into catalyst chemistry be adequate? All of these? None of these? Rossi has a lab and technicians somewhere doing that work? Who, where, what, how?
      Inquiring minds still want to know!

    • GreenWin

      Donnie and Marie look wide-eyed into camera and say, “You think they’re angels??? Golly, gee, this isn’t Kansas.”

  • Paulz888

    More Excellent Reporting by Frank Acland and Hank Mills – asking real questions and getting Rossi to answer, soon the World will Cold Fusion is very real.

  • Barry

    I appreciate your article Hank, but what is confusing for many of us right now is even Cold Fusion researchers are making skeptical comments about other CF researchers, and putting them down as well. Even A. Rossi said “…the ridiculous theories coming from the “papers” of Widom, Larsen and accolites:” How are we to feel about the hopeful video that we saw last week from Bushnell and Zawodny?

    I want to believe, but a lot of people want you to believe what they say, whether it’s science or religion. The truth should be able to be scrutinized. At this point I’m holding out for verification.

    As far as tops on the noble path- Pirelli High.

    • Honest Injun

      Barry, the game is divisive and artificial. Due largely to a century (or more) of deceit, corruption, skullduggery, etc. You live in a world built on sham, and deception. It is an unholy conflagration of egos, fear, and fiefdoms. Treachery, paranoia and secrecy infect the entire community – one that relies not on willing, open consent of its recruits, but on lies, trickery and exploitation.

      Frankly, this world is undeserving of a gift as good as cold fusion. It hasn’t yet learned to obtain informed consent, or to make amends, or clean its side of the street – why should divine give it anything more than spit?

      Is it really so odd these infantile factions of sling mud at each other? They reap the deceit they sew. Others call it karma.

      • GreenWin

        Little question the clans opposed to cold fusion – are an immoral, corrupt lot. They have squandered $$$ billions over 60 years on hot fusion and delivered NOTHING of useful energy. Yet these clans, and their accessories in oil and utility industries – hire hoards of skeptopathic halfwits to misdirect the public on the value of this clean/green abundant energy source.

        The French beheaded the self-indulgent aristocrats that corrupted their society after their revolution. The corrupt industrial and academic clans should gravely consider their similar fate.

      • Barry

        Honest I., There is Darkness but there is also Light. In the world and in each indivisual. I can’t just focus on the darkness or my soul tends to close in on itself.

    • Hank Mill`

      The Widom Larsen crowd is the group doing most of the insulting and damage in the cold fusion community. One of the main supporters of WL has been going on the warpath for years, attacking anyone who does not worship the theory. Also, the NASA folks are obsessed with the theory, because they can falsely deny that “cold fusion” is taking place. They can say only “neutron capture” is occurring. That way they can try to spin the launch of cold fusion technologies in a way that may trick the public into not realizing that NASA and the rest of the scientific community are the ones that ignored this tech for decades.

      By the way, it was the WL folks who attacked Rossi first. About a year ago someone asked on the Journal of Nuclear Physics if his theory was related to WL theory, and he said it was not. Suddenly, a certain WL proponent started his year long attack on Rossi. Also, the NASA folks have criticized Rossi, because they do not want him to be the one to introduce cold fusion tech to the world. They want to control the launch of cold fusion, so they can spin it the way they want.

      The fact is that the public should be outraged at the scientific community, many academic institutions, and many governments for ignoring (sometimes actively trying to attack) this technology over the last 20 years.

      • GreenWin

        WL theory has been credibly eviscerated by Peter Thieberger Senior Scientist Brookhaven Nation Lab. It’s an agency power play destined to make NASA look ignorant.

      • Omega Z

        @ Barry & Hank

        I don’t have problem’s with the different theories. Each theory/process described by it’s Label, LENR, LENT, etc… All seem to have some merit & thou similar are different. Each process Casts-off different elements or mutations depending on different factors. H+NI/PD/??

        As for them sniping at each other, Don’t let it rattle you. It means nothing as far as the technology is concerned. Competing Entities snipe at each other all the time.

        There’s another possibility for the sniping. If 1 should foul up & go down in flames, It reduces the damage to their project. They do after all have different theories/labels & had after all pointed out flaws in the others theory. Like preemptive collateral damage control.

        As for the different theories, you have to start somewhere. They may all be right or wrong or something else. Rossi says his theory has changed with additional knowledge & is totally different from where it started.

  • Personally speaking I hope that Rossi succeeds in his efforts that will make good competitions and a better place for this type of technology.
    I wish him the very best as well as Defkalion

    • Hank Mill`

      If only Defkalion had paid Rossi when they were supposed to (instead of being months late) the split would have never happened. Sadly, Defkalion now tries to blame Rossi in order to hide the fact they did not live up to their side of the deal.

      • dragon

        Hey, Defkalion are Greeks, so they don’t have money. They never had. And then the banks went dark on them…

  • georgehants

    Andrea Rossi
    June 6th, 2012 at 8:22 AM
    Dear Gillana:
    I said we are going to give important information regarding the high temperature reactors, but not this week. We are completing our tests: matter of a couple of weeks.
    The earthquake did not stop our work, luckily. We continued to work.
    Warm Regards,

    • Mahron – A4 B2

      Couple of weeks … great. He is really not helping the optimists. Giving us a knife for a gun fight.

    • Wes

      That was no ordinary earthquake in Italy; Rossi fired up the e-ZILLA! Be afraid oil barons, drop the price of our gas now (worth a shot)!

  • dragon

    Waiting for real proof from Rossi. Feels like slow Chinese torture. Even if he has the tech, the fact that he prefers to roast us in our own juice for many months is not cool.
    I am sure that if he wants, he can do something meaningful to boost our confidence. But somehow, he does not want that and it is puzzling why he will not do it for the fans, especially that we are trying to help this scientific field with our support.

    • Hank Mill`

      The tests in 2011 were real proof the E-Cat works. Test after test were conducted utilizing….

      — Different scientists.
      — Different test methods.
      — Different designs of E-Cats.

      The tests all proved the E-Cat worked as claimed.

      If Rossi is saying that he has produced 600C steam we can believe it.

      • dragon

        Hank, I think it is pretty clear now (almost everybody is asking for it, in one way or another) that 7 months passed after the last test and we need another test. This time, even showing some new design on the box for the E-CAT 1 or at least another small test for the E-CAT 2 which will show us the progress he made, at least showing the bigger power of the E-Cat 2. Something, Anything with picture, even video.

        • Hank Mill`

          We are going to be getting test data in the not too distant future. Although I cannot deny that I would like for there to be a new public test with a live web-cam feed, it is not really needed. Andrea Rossi already proved his technology worked in 2011, and the test data to show 600C steam is being produced is coming soon.

      • Pete

        I am sorry Hank but there were no tests 2011. There were demonstrations. Some might call them even stage shows.

        Did the scientists attending this events run the tests? Did they actually have anything to say? Where are their test reports?

        Some might claim their only purpose was to make the demonstrations look legit, to pimp the show.

        The Rossi story seems to be a case of: “If something sounds too good to be true…”

        Please notice that I am not denying the possibility of LENR. And I’ll be pleased to see the e-cat on the market. Although I doubt there will be one. But that is just speculation on my side.

        • Lu

          Well said. I for one would like to see evidence of such an independent test by reputable and qualified persons, with published procedures, and test results. There may have indeed been tests by some individuals but the tests procedures, participants, and results are private, which is the way I think Rossi prefers it to be.

        • Hank Mill`

          There were indeed tests in 2011. To say otherwise is to lie.

          During the tests input power was measured, the device was allowed to run, the output power was measured, the math was done, and the COP was calculated. That sounds like a test to me!

        • Hank Mill`

          I think there are some people who have been manipulated by the propaganda and lies spread about Rossi by certain competitors. In particular, one well known personality went out of his way to attack Rossi, and wrote countless stories trying to convince the world that the E-Cat did not work. He wrote articles with titles like, “Ten E-Cat tests and ten failures” and repetitively tried to convince the world that Andrea Rossi was a fraudster, and the E-Cat was a hoax. He dismissed the qualifications and experience of those several scientists who participated in the tests, made statements that were flat out scientifically wrong (such as trying to use input power TWICE), and even got “personal” by posting pictures of Rossi’s home.

          Other cynics/skeptics followed his lead, and continued to attack Rossi. They spread lies and misinformation. The propaganda spread far and wide that somehow the tests of the E-Cat were inconclusive, did not determine anything, and showed the E-Cat did not work.

          However, the opposite was true. The test proved the E-Cat was producing huge amounts of excess power. Jed Rothwell on the Vortex L site wrote hundreds of essays refuting the lies that were being told, and pointing out how the tests were successful.

      • Bigwilly


        I appreciate your posts and your energy in this topic. However, you seem to have drank the proverbial cool-aid about E-Cat validation.

        Yes there were many “test” last year where credible people were present and said, “yea it works”. That in itself is somewhat promising I agree.

        The issue is there is no hard data, independent verification, simple test methods to clearly show excess energy on commercialized scale (keeping water in liquid phase etc).

        The panoply of inconsistencies and un-truths over the last year mixed with his questionable history makes jumping head first into being his biggest promoter and extolling his great success seem preposterous to me.

        Just my opinion,

  • Hank Mill`

    I need to make a clarification for everyone.

    I never said that the home E-Cat had been certified. However, Rossi is working very hard to make this happen. From what I hear he has hired a company that specializes in getting products approved and certified.

    The low temperature one megawatt plants have been certified from what Rossi has said.

    To answer a question, the home E-Cat is a unit that will produce 10 kW of output in the form of 80C hot water.

    • DeMac

      If a one megawatt plant has been certified wouldn’t that information be available somewhere? This would go a long way towards alleviating suspicion.

  • georgehants

    I put this report purely to show again the closed-minded stupidity of establishment science.
    Not just Cold Fusion but many subjects where the Evidence is strong, are denied and abused by “opinion experts”, misleading the population.
    It has always been a joke when the Evidence that talking to plants has a beneficial effect.
    For the U.K. Prince Charles and many Truth seekers are totally exonerated and yet again proven correct.

    Do Plants Think? Scientific American.
    Scientist Daniel Chamovitz unveils the surprising world of plants that see, feel, smell—and remember.
    People have to realize that plants are complex organisms that live rich, sensual lives. You know many of us relate to plants as inanimate objects, not much different from stones. Even the fact that many people substitute silk flowers for real ones, or artificial Christmas trees for a live one, is exemplary at some level of how we relate to plants. You know, I don’t know anyone who keeps a stuffed dog in place of a real one!

  • georgehants

    From NASA Watch
    Cold Fusion Update From LaRC
    By Keith Cowing on June 6,
    Keith’s note: On 26 May 2012 I posted “NASA LaRC now has its official cold fusion video online titled “Abundant Clean/Green Energy” which refers to a new form of “nuclear energy”. How do NASA’s Chief Technologist and Chief Scientist allow this stuff to be funded with taxpayer dollars without going through any of the agency’s standard peer review processes? Or do Rich Antcliff and Lesa Roe just fund this stuff with local center director’s discretionary slush funds and not tell HQ what they are doing?” I submitted a number of questions to LaRC regarding this research. I received a reply from LaRC yesterday and it is posted below.

    • GreenWin

      Here we see the vitriol that seethes out of the old school science community. They are defensive, enraged, at the thought a technology not approved by their towers of conceit – should get any funding. That is TAXPAYER funding the elite believe they have an exclusive right to dictate and disperse.

      Sheesh. American slavery ended in 1865 by passage of the Thirteenth Amendment. You’d think these elites consider the taxpayer and his tax money to be their royal property!

  • Werner

    Imagine for a moment an experienced and impartial jurist is given access to the contents of this web site. He reads about “Rossi says …”, and more “Rossi says …” and so forth. He is then asked to pronounce, based on the information presented here, whether Rossi’s claims about the E-Cat is true or false. All such a person would be able to say is that the evidence in front of me is not sufficient to either declare the E-Cat a hoax or a breakthrough. Thus we are left without an answer, insufficient evidence. Posting more “Rossi says …” articles does not help us to understand whether Rossi is taking us on a joy ride through LENR land or whether he actually has made a breakthrough and we’ll all soon be able to benefit from a commercialized LENR product. I’d like to know either way; I hope the story will end positively. If the story ends negatively, then Rossi deserves the title of the hoax master of the decade.

    • GreenWin

      Dream on troll.

  • Norbert Wallner

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    pls. tell me when one can order an e-cat for a house installation (heating, warm water, electricity) ?

    Where to buy ? What abt. the costs ?
    Isn’t it that the dead patient “electro car” will manage now the so long expected breakthrough ?

    thx !

    best regards !

    • Hank Mill`

      I do not know when a home E-Cat will be available. The last I heard Rossi had already bought all the robotics for the factory, however he is waiting on certifications. My guess is that once the certifications are obtained, it will be less than a year afterwards when you can buy a home E-Cat unit.

      I think Leonardo Corporation will make deals with local heating/plumbing companies to sell and install units.

  • clovis

    Hi, guys.
    Yahooo, the good news just keeps coming.
    40 days and 40 nights, was enough to float Noah boat.
    That should be good enough.
    Something very strange seems to be going on with the main stream press,why have they being gagged.
    We need a way to take this public, chain yourself to the doors of cnn, or flagpole setting, or just buy some press time.—–smile

    • Peter Poulsen

      im sure they will write about it as soon as his research has been confirmed.

      If the press had to write about every groundbreaking technology that some people claim to have developed, they wouldnt have time to write anything else.

      • Hank Mill`

        The fact the E-Cat produces huge amounts of excess power that can only be produced from a nuclear source has already been proven. The problem is that there are skeptics out there who will deny any amount of evidence. Also, there are competitors out there who have slandered, libeled, and flat out lied about Rossi who have “muddied the waters.” Because of them, some media outlets that might cover the E-Cat are not doing so.

        • The skeptics are a very clever, persistent and devious bunch. Any mention of Rossi’s past is sure to throw off the majority of the media and the rest are driven away by the turgidity created by the skeptics. It will take a brave lot to address the cold fusion subject. I think it is time 60-Minutes does another piece.

          • georgehants

            Zedshort, that is why the Rebels in any subject are so valuable for the World.
            This is a fringe website but one of the only places to find the TRUTH on Cold Fusion.
            The same thing applies to many subjects denied and debunked by science.

  • georgehants

    Hank, easy to see your view and I agree that personally I believe Rossi has the goods.
    But professionally one must hold fire on total acceptance until irrefutable Evidence is forthcoming.
    If we open-minded optimists, do not hold fair skepticism as good sense. then we are being as bad as the corrupt scientific administration and academia.
    Only Evidence counts and not “opinion”, no matter how fair one is, the confirmation, open and public, from the people attending the tests you mention is not clear enough to pass muster.
    It is important to follow indisputable Evidence or the terrible abuse of science by the establishment will continue.
    They hide Evidence as the norm, we must be totally willing to look at the negative as well as the positive.
    Rossi must open his doors to fair, unbiased, observers, or give details of third party’s to confirm his statements re. tests and the undergoing work and plans.

    • georgehants

      Sorry, should have gone as reply on last page.

    • Hank Mill`

      The dozen or so tests in 2011 were more than enough proof that the E-Cat tech works. I agree that it will be great to see proof of 600C, but the fact that the E-Cat tech works and produces huge amounts of excess energy is already proven. Also, I think we can trust that Rossi is telling the truth when he claims to be producing 600C steam.

      Rossi does not need to open his doors and allow excessive testing of the E-Cat. Unlike what the skeptics say, extraordinary claims do not require extraordinary evidence. It only requires a normal amount of evidence.

      Why should Rossi be held to a ridiculous standard that other companies are not held to?

      • Filip

        Also agree.

      • georgehants

        Hank we should never be at odds, I have argued strongly that the childish Dogma that science puts up as reasoning, such as, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and stupid Occam’s razor, etc. are dead-brained “expert opinion” tools that only fool the slow thinking.
        We are completely on the same side, but we must just agree to disagree over the “proof” aspect.
        As Cold Fusion is now proven beyond dispute and the fraud, incompetence and clear stupidity of parts of science are shown beyond dispute, we must all work with the Internet to free many other subjects where the Evidence for a phenomenon is clear and solid, but science again hides and debunks the Evidence on grounds of DOGMA alone.

    • Filip


  • Kim

    Obama has been told about Rossi.

    They are going to announce when obama’s
    re election is circling the drain.

    If they don’t announce you know that
    Mitt Romney will be the next president.


    • Hank Mill`

      We do not know if Obama has been told about Rossi, but it is possible. I do not think Obama has much to gain from revealing the existence of the E-Cat to the world. The fact is that Rossi has accomplished most of his work without the help of the government, but perhaps some from the military. In fact, the E-Cat is a story about how a private entrepreneur can change the world — even when the government claims their product is impossible.

      • Kim

        If you introduce the world to
        free energy, (and the time is ripe)

        Guess What?

        Your God, and the next president!

        There is no other possibility.


        • Hank Mill`

          The fact is that he has done nothing to help the E-Cat emerge. It would be no different than if an ET spaceship landed on the White House lawn. The President of that nation would have had nothing to do with it.

          • Kim

            I have complete faith in

            I’m Just biding my time until
            he has all his trees in a row.


        • lcd

          If Bushnell knows about Rossi then the presidents advisors knowbut who cares I would not bet on Rossi as first to market and even if he is he’ll probably be quickly overtaken.

      • GreenWin

        Are we forgetting how much taxpayer MONEY the US Navy has thrown at LENR?? DOD?? DARPA?? NASA?? Obama doesn’t know about the single technology that will collapse the petroleum economy???

        If Obama was an alien prevented by The Prime Directive from revealing working cold fusion – he’d leave it up to an Italian inventor with noble ideals and big cojones.

        • clovis

          Hi, ya’ll
          Mr. Obama say’s he’s green, and why hasn’t the global warming and environmental crowd not all over this.
          VERY STRANGE, I would like for someone to interview one of them to see what they think, and if they do know about mr. Rossie, why then have they have been so silent, when anyone with half a brain could see that this would save out environment.—clovis

        • GreenWin

          Clovis, global warmists are old school overseers who tried to SCAM the human race. They have been defeated. But they hate that humans are now waking up to the truth there is enough for all. Energy is ubiquitous throughout the universe and it is essentially free – if you know how to harvest it.

  • Hank Mill`

    I think there are some people who have been manipulated by the propaganda and lies spread about Rossi by certain competitors. In particular, one well known personality went out of his way to attack Rossi, and wrote countless stories trying to convince the world that the E-Cat did not work. He wrote articles with titles like, “Ten E-Cat tests and ten failures” and repetitively tried to convince the world that Andrea Rossi was a fraudster, and the E-Cat was a hoax. He dismissed the qualifications and experience of those several scientists who participated in the tests, made statements that were flat out scientifically wrong (such as trying to use input power TWICE), and even got “personal” by posting pictures of Rossi’s home.

    Other cynics/skeptics followed his lead, and continued to attack Rossi. They spread lies and misinformation. The propaganda spread far and wide that somehow the tests of the E-Cat were inconclusive, did not determine anything, and showed the E-Cat did not work.

    However, the opposite was true. The test proved the E-Cat was producing huge amounts of excess power. Jed Rothwell on the Vortex L site wrote hundreds of essays refuting the lies that were being told, and pointing out how the tests were successful.

    • daniel maris


      People aren’t asking for a lot. Rossi could have hooked one of his machines up and had a web cam on it 24/7 showing it was working. He has chosen not to communicate effectively with the public. He can’t blame us for not being very impressed.

      His tests were all a bit ropey when you get down to it.

      He really should be doing better. If he has a genuine LENR technology then his quixotic communication strategy is all the more irritating. He should be communicating effectively with people who are desperate to be convinced and to support him, instead of throwing out those stray comments on JNP.

      Tell him to up his game.

      • Why would rossi do that? Suppose he would do everything in his power to convince people that the e-cat really works. This would lead to a sharp rise in competing developments: Every government and high tech agency would throw gazillions of money on this research and get lots of patents that would make it hard for Rossi to make this also a financial success for him.

        Until rossi does not start selling the e-cat, it is much better for him if only few people believe him. Once he starts selling, believe/disbelieve is not an issue any more because people will just buy it when it works.

    • lcd

      Listen Hank no disrespect to you but next time you see Rossi ask him the tough questions and stop believing everything he tells you.

      The chances of getting a reactors of this sort to work continuously is doubtful. He may have a reaction he cannot control but I seriously doubt he has mastered control to the extent of commercialization.

      I think its pretty obvious at this point that he is having problems controlling the reaction for any extended time from reactor to reactor.

      Without a theory we don’t know what parameters to control and there seems to be way too many variables. Its not surprising DGT is likely ahead of him since they seem to be more of a group of physicists brainstorming while Rossi doesn’t seem like the sharing type. However even DGT is having control issues.

      I don’t doubt he has a high output reaction but in the circles I run in it seems pretty evident hes still not in control but putting up a good front.

    • Ivan

      We need a real definete scientific confirmation.
      we do not ask for 1MW test, 100 W test confirming without doubt Rossi tech is valid this is what we need. Rossi did open his mouth so now has to prove what he is saying is truth, is millions … trillions of dollars in the table.
      So a simple well designed test will make Rossi an instant hero. and stop all speculation in this subject. “Rossi Please give us a simple real serius scientific test of your technology “

    • GreenWin

      There will always be inhuman sewage masquerading as “experts” to cover the crimes of others. Those who attack cold fusion are in this category – and will hopefully elect less cowardly work.

  • Mike Kahan

    Weather E-Cat is for real or not will come out soon.
    What is going on with media is similar what happened with AC-power and AC-motor when Nikola Tesla invented it.
    Westinghouse Co. and his cronies did not stop corrupting stealing and manipulating until they took that invention from him not honoring contract they have previously signed and did not pay Tesla a single cent for ingenious invention given to the world.
    Just wait and see early 1900s’ repeat.

    • joe j

      Nikola Tesla got what he deserved, such is the just fate of ego irrational people. If there is a god then Rossi should end up the same as Tesla.

      Tesla stole liberally from Hippolyte Pixii, Michael Faraday and others. Standing tall on the bones of others and claiming their work as your own does not make you a great inventor.

  • joe j

    Forget Rossi and his secret physics defying games, keep you eye on the real scientists at NIF between now and October. The future will be built on the sweat of people like these not creatures like Rossi.

    • dragon

      NIF is very interesting, but it will be too expensive to be miniaturized for ones home use.

      So, even if NIF succeeds, we are stuck with Grid. We don’t want Grid, got it? We want our own personal nuclear reactor. We want E-CAT!

      • Filip

        most important… clean.

    • Don’t be silly, NIF will never, ever result in the production of electrical power. Converting that scheme into a power production device has less chance than tokamak fusion and that has almost no chance either. The NIF is mostly of use in gathering data for the testing of computer codes to simulate the behavior of atomic weapons, which is all the more reason to get rid of the NIF. I suspect you like running with what you perceive as the “big boys.”

      • MK

        It will be either a LENR reactor that will provide our future power or this:

        -> There will be( are already) significant breakthroughts and not all eggs are in one basket.

        By the way, some science fiction: The (coming) Lawrenceville reactor could also work as a proton beam impulse thruster for long range spacecrafts……..


      • joe j

        Not “big boys” just proper science and scientists.

    • GreenWin

      Funny joe… NIC requires 1.6MJ of laser energy to try to ignite the target. This is such an incredible high level of energy – even if it WERE to cause fusion – it takes a stadium full of billion dollar hardware – and STILL ZERO useful energy. 60 years, $$250 Billion – Hot fusion is D E A D.

      • joe j

        What is even funnier is Rossi and his 10 dollar piece of home depot pipe will succeed where the 60 year/250Billion effort will fail. They should be spending 250Billion every year and not over 60 years on fusion.

        I’ll take their reality over Rossi’s star trek fantasy any day.

    • GreenWin

      Let me make it a little clearer for Joe… 1.6MJ of energy is about 280 TRILLION Watts of input power. Compared to Rossi’s e-cat that uses ~400W input power, can be built with hardware store materials, and produces minimum COP of 6.

  • chris robinson

    Do you think it would be worthwhile for you guys over the other side of the big Pacific pond to contact this guy , Michio Kaku . The programs I have seen on Discovery Chanel, for whom I believe he is a scientific advisor ,portray him as an open minded futurist free thinker, who would not ,i believe, routinely dismiss any logical scientific hypothesis .

    Here is an excerpt from his blog :
    5. What is the first thing you would make if you had your own matter-fabricator?
    A. Some people may ask for diamonds, gold bullions or truckloads of cash. However, I have never desired to be wealthy. Money does not interest me. I’ve always wanted something that a replicator can never create: ideas. Wealth is something that corrupts and dies with you. But ideas can live forever and change the world.
    I had thoght of broaching this subject with my local MP here in Australia who has a branch office just a few minutes distance from my residence, however I fear it would be an exercise in futility .As you may or may not know the current Government in OZ has just introduced the toughest carbon scheme in the world , which has made it hugely unpopular . In addition there is a an huge financial coal mining interests at stake . There was a news item only yesterday on how a new massive coal mine about to open ,should pull my particular State through the government deficit caused by the GFC .( The failure of your corrupt banking system )

    • Sounds like it won’t be too long before Oz gets its first Nuclear (fission) power stations (lucky you). Artificially squeezing out conventional generation using supposedly ‘green’ concerns as cover seems to be one of the industry’s main strategies. There never seems to be any shortage of corrupt or stupid politicians to make this possible. The market in Europe is drying up so the manufacturers urgently need to find new markets.

      • chris robinson


        The Asssie goverment would never get away with building a fission reactor after Fukishima and the NZ earhquake . However we are more than happy to sell the filthy stuff to anybody who has the coin , and that includes India and China. Of course, we are asked to believe that these countries will never dream of making nuclear weapons with our particular brand of Uranium.

        • GreenWin

          Except of course both India and China have no shortage of nukes already.

  • dragon

    From the Link bellow I can sum up some new info on Athanor Cell:

    – the first entity that got in touch with Ugo Abundo to replicate his cell is a company that wants their name to be anonymous
    – they finished an agreement with Ugo Abundo on May 21st to start tests as soon as possible on the FIRST replication of Athanor cell.
    – Tests on Athanor REPLICA Reactor will start in June and publication of the results will be soon after.

    • Thanks for that update, Dragon. Let’s hope that the results of these tests don’t go ‘dark’ a few days before publication is due.

      • dragon

        unfortunately, with the company being Anonymous, I bet all cards on the results not seeing light of day soon.
        THere are 2 possibilities:
        – either Athanor cell is not working good and the company does not want to look stupid by being associated with it.
        – or Athanor cell show great promises and company goes on “dark” mode until is shows their first products on the market, like Defkalion.

    • georgehants

      Thanks dragon, anonymous seems to be the name of the game.

  • What a difficult job you have – to come up with new stories and new headlines for all of us who visit this site multiple times a day in search of fresh news. I realize it can’t happen every day, but I do want you to know how hungry we are for new stuff from you, because you are tops in this field!

  • James

    I have been following the eCat/Rossi/Defkalion et al saga since last year.

    I am disappointed that there is little factual and unbiased reporting. Hank, you write well, but you are promoting Rossi and his eCat. I understand that you want to spread the ‘good news’ but I want factual news. How many more prototypes must Rossi develop? How many more “…there will be an important announcement next week…” crap must we endure before Rossi is either hailed as a genius or exposed as a fraud.

    Sometimes no information is better than stringing peopel along – that includes the sensationalist headlines. Either it works or it doesn’t. If it does, let me see and buy. If it doesn’t, go away.

    • Mark

      Totally agree with You.
      I am also follow the saga for over
      a year. I am stunned, that many people
      who cover or comment this story
      don’t live in Realville.
      They don’t see or want to see the difference between
      tests to prove a concept of LENR and
      a test of a commercial product.

  • This E-Cat is great news, no doubt, but the US still will be dependent on other countries for nickel.

    I am not sure how much they produce each year, but they are not the top 10 countries. So, there is still a level of dependence.

    • Guru

      Dear Robert, it is highly probable, that Ni-H gadgets as E-Cats and Hyperions NOT consume Nickel. They transmute Hydrogen to Helium. Maybe some traces of Nickel are transmuted to copper, however it is not important. CEO of Defkalion wrote in letter to customer: “….. and RENEWABLE source of energy …”.

      So it is not nickel consumed.

    • GreenWin

      Robert, try to do some homework before making uninformed remarks. The nickel used in the LENR process serves as a lattice host for the hydrogen reaction. It is not consumed as a fuel but acts like a many faceted container in which low temp nuclear events take place. Tungsten, Pd, Pt and other metals can also host LENR.

      Ing Rossi used 1.5 grams nickel to run 600C for 40+ days. It is the 5th most abundant element on Earth.

    • Nickel is abundant pretty much everywhere. Since it’s only used in small quantities as a catalyst, it would probably last through the remainder of humanity’s existence.

  • georgehants

    Scientific Method / Science & Exploration
    For scientists seeking extraterrestrial life, Kepler probe is step one.
    Science rightly spends millions looking for extraterrestrial life beyond Alpha proxima, but refuses to look on our own doorstep.
    Just another Cold Fusion to add to the list.
    The True scientific method is, if you don’t like a subject, close your eyes and it will hopefully go away.

  • georgehants

    As science and medicine continue to deny and debunk the Placebo effect against indisputable and easily shown Evidence, once again research is proving it’s reality, as long as one never uses the word “Placebo” in one’s report.
    Science News
    … from universities, journals, and other research organizations
    Save Email Print Share
    The Power of Suggestion: What We Expect Influences Our Behavior, for Better or Worse

  • alexvs

    I see for the first time some posts approaching our point of view.

  • georgehants

    Some small parts of science are beginning to wake up.
    Most though continue to act as if the brain is a steam engine and Cold Fusion cannot possible be real because it is outside of classical thinking.
    How much longer will the reductionist fossils in science be allowed to preach their outdated religion to our wonderful young scientists, polluting their abilities to research the Truth.

    Weird World of Quantum Physics May Govern Life
    Clara Moskowitz, LiveScience Senior Writer
    Date: 05 June 2012 Time: 11:33 AM ET

    • jacob

      Is this the beginning of the crumbling of those
      fossil fuel tycoons,that have been giving free
      control and rule over the world?
      which appears yet as powerful as the Roman Empire,but they are unable to stop the new and coming LENR technology,even though they are hard at work trying to stop it or take control of it.
      Such is the decree of the Gods and their time is destined to be over and a new age is starting to emerge from the brokeness of these times.
      Crude OIL Prices will tumble to give relief to our heavy burden of high energy cost.

      • Mark

        Please, don’t worry about fossil
        tycoons…they will be OK.
        As of today, LENR has been proved only
        conceptually. The concept has been
        proved not only by Rossi.
        The theory is also exists, either
        WL or even Z-theory.
        The barrier to a commercial LENR
        is the fluctuations of
        the output power, totally unpredictable
        amplitude,inherent instability of the reaction… and there is not any
        theory how to handle this… it might
        be an engineering solution or the
        barrier cannot be scaled and commercial
        LENR will be just as a dream as the
        hot fusion.

        • GreenWin

          And you are sure of this because? BTW there are at least 10 theories for the F&P effect that is the foundation of LENR.

          • Mark

            There is also a solid theory
            of the ‘hot fusion’. Do we
            have commercial hot fusion
            There is a perfectly good
            theory of quantum computing.
            Do we have them in our offices?
            There is a sound AI foundation.
            Do we have intelligent robots
            in our daily life?
            The span between a theory
            and commercial stuff might
            take years, decades, or
            centuries…or never ever…

          • GreenWin

            You contradict yourself. Ambivalence.


    Jan asks:

    Is there a patent or patent application concerning
    the “catalyst”? What is the difference without catalyst?

    • GreenWin

      LENR catalysts appear to be treated like a trade secret – undisclosed in patent apps. With reason; patent offices are antagonistic toward LENR and if a patent is refused – the “secret” is still published – eliminating the value of IP.

  • Johnny B. Goode

    With all the hype about the “end of the Mayan calendar”, and the begining of a “new era”, Andrea Rossi would be a marketing GENIUS if he schedules the official launch of the commercial version of the E-Cat to the markets to the date of December 21, 2012.

    That would give him a lot of FREE adverstising. That would multiply the publicity effect.

    If I was the head of the Marketing Department of Rossi’s company, I would schedule the official launch for next December 21.

    Can you imagine the video ads? A narrator says: “Centuries ago, the Mayans predicted that a new era would start on December 2012. Now, this new era is set to arrive. Coming next December 21: the E-CAT! The new era of energy technology!” And them some sci-fi movie music theme!

    • vbasic

      No. That would be chilling, especially for people who are concerned there are dangers with LENR technology. You don’t want to introduce this new technology with a grey cloud over it.

  • M D Smith

    Dec 21, 2012 the perfect launch date for the E-Cat

  • James

    Just use it to heat water for a geothermal power station for a few weeks and everyone will know the truth.

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  • Pete

    Unproven claims.
    How much is Rossis word worth? According to his past (and that means last year and this included) its not worth much.
    But its funny to see how fast people fall for his claims again, with no proof, no replication, no product that shows it works.
    His recipe this time: Just let the dust settle and wait, and then make claims even bigger then the last ones. Voila. He said “I let my customers be the judge” but there is no judge because there is no customer. (Oh I forgot the imaginary ferries that did buy his 1MW power plant, no sorry 500kw power plant, that only runs with a 500kw generator attached to it. :)))))) ) So no customer, and no product.

    Amazing though, how people fall for this again and again.

  • DavidenEspana

    “The E-Cat has been operating non-stop producing 600 degree steam. This is big news. It should be on the front page of every newspaper in the nation, and being discussed on every news network.”

    Of course nobody outside of the cadre of true believers will pay any attention. So far this is just more of Rossi says this, Rossi says that. Where’s the beef? Unbelievably after 2 years there still isn’t any.

    Call me back when I can buy a unit at my local builders merchants – till then, looks like a scam, smells like a scam, probably is a scam.

  • Cheap as a meal? With COP 6? What about cost of electricity used to drive it? Thermopumps already on the market have COP up to 4. The Rossi invention is revolutionary, no question about that, but give me a break. Nonexpensive, well, yes, but almost free? There is obviously much room for improvement, and LENR, if real, a not very likely to change everything overnight. In very short historical time, yes, and radicaly, sure, but put some brake on your overcharged optimism.