Author Craig Shields on Cold Fusion

I came across this video which features an interview by George Alger of the web site with Craig Shields, author of Renewable Energy : Facts and Fantasies and also editor of of the 2GreenEnergy.

Shields devotes a chapter of his book to cold fusion, and says that from his research and discussions with scientists, he believes it is a legitimate science which still has a long way to go before it can be a viable useful energy source. His position actually sounds like a number of posters on this site — maybe he is one of them!

  • Filip

    It’s not me 🙂
    Who else?

    • Ged

      Not me, either!

  • Karl

    I believe it is a fair statement he made here at this point in time. This even if he him self think that implementation could be much faster.

  • GreenWin

    Shields makes the mistake of not investigating how simple the physical components of cold fusion are. Suggesting it will take huge amounts of funding and decades to develop – demonstrates a paucity of understanding and imagination.

    “The neglect of cold fusion is one of the biggest scandals in the history of science… With monotonous regularity, apparently competent men have laid down the law about what is technically possible or impossible – and have been proved utterly wrong, sometimes while the ink was scarcely dry from their pens. On careful analysis, it appears that these debacles fall into two classes, which I will call Failure of Nerve and Failures of Imagination.” Arthur C. Clarke 2004

    • jacob

      Mr.Clarke realized in 2004 ,that science is going to hell in a hand bag.
      The Science of today will crumble and fall.
      Text books rewritten to match reality.
      Teachers are to be reeducated in Science .
      Curriculums to be reasessed world wide.
      Oil should not be used as fuel,but left in the ground,for lubing the tectonic plates as designed by Mother Nature ,to reduce the severity of earthquakes .

  • jacob

    cold fusion is working in the sun,sounds pretty practical to me, and has been used for millions of years to keep us hot,Mr. Shields wants to sell books and has to be politically correct,so he doesn’t lose his credibility,it would hurt his book sales.
    Oh .It’s not me either.

    • Bigwilly

      I thought that was hot fusion, relying on extreme pressure and temperature to overcome the coulomb barrier?


      • Andrew Macleod

        Yes that is the “theory”. Unfortunatly people now a days treat theory as fact.

      • joe j

        No clowns here just real scientists at work:

        No star trek utopia in a little box for any just hard real science.

      • jacob

        just because the sun feels hot to you,and radiates ,gamma rays and microwaves,is is plauseable ,that microwaves creating heat can be generated by a cold magnetron ,maybe Dr,Walter Russel describes it best,all suns could be cold,did anyone take pictures of the sun from space? all I can find is artists impessions of what the sun looks like from space,it seem the sun is more of a magnetic radient energy ,that is only visible from within the atmosphere of planets.
        the jury is out on this one,considering current laws of science,and considering Dr. walter Russel’s own table of elements which lists many more elements smaller that the hydrogen atoms ,that science does not consider,meaning that current science is not working with a full deck of cards,even with the best of intentions,is limited to guesswork,that can not come up with any accurate answers,but just hunches,
        I can not believe anything science is teaching,after I studied and read the books of Dr. Russel.
        Nothing happened by chance,it was all created to suit a purpose .

    • a) Cold fusion is not what goes on in the sun; that’s “hot fusion.”

      b) Believe what you will, but my opinions and viewpoints are not colored by book sales. Besides, if I wanted to be politically correct, and I’d jump on the “cold fusion is a hoax” bandwagon.

      • That particular bandwagon only has two and a half wheels these days.

        It would be rather ironic though, if it turned out that there is no such thing as ‘hot fusion’ per se, only LENR, that eventually makes large objects like stars rather hot!

      • Sanjeev

        What if hot fusion turns out to be a special case of LENR at high temperatures?


        • joe j

          What if hot fusion(high energy nuclear reaction) is a special case of LENR(low energy nuclear reaction) Really? That makes no sense at all.

      • jacob

        I guess you would have jumped on the fission band wagon after the dropped the nukes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

        Everybody has an opinion and some write books to make money.

      • jacob

        Craig,does cold fusion not create heat? but what, cold? Does the LENR process create gamma radiation ,just like the sun,radiant energy,which is absorbed by the lead to capture the heat,what happens if the LENR runs out of control,does is melt down ,and if it is allowed to meld down, would it continue into the plasma stage in a gaseous form to continue the reaktions, just like the sun? or are you saying LENR when it runs out of control,it suddenly becomes hot fusion?

        are you really guessing ,just like the scientists of today? or say what ever sounds logical in your own mind,based on what you know.

  • georgehants

    By Hank Mills, It seems Hank and Sterling are back together.
    Glad to see.

    600 Celsius – The Accelerating Evolution of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat
    Andrea Rossi’s cold fusion technology, called the E-Cat, has been developing rapidly over the past year. Currently, it is asserted that an extended test of a high- temperature module is taking place. What could the next evolutionary adaptation be for the Energy Catalyzer?–The_Accelerating_Evolution_of_Andrea_Rossis_E-Cat/

    • Gary Wright

      The 600 Degree Quantum E-cat

      The very small is a very strange place. There, one particle can be in an infinite number of locations all at the same time. A particle can jump through walls. One particle can travel two different paths and interfere with itself. Most people think these qualities can only happen with one very small particle at a time. But this is not true these qualities have been experimentally confirmed since 1909 in hundreds of experiments with atoms and even molecules.

      This leads to the question of when and why the quantum qualities of matter stop and we see reality as we see it in the world of our senses. We do not see others as being in many places at the same time, we do not walk through walls, etc. The question is why not? There is nothing in quantum theory itself that puts a limit on size.

      This problem is also manifested in the fact that all of the forces of nature are still not embodied in one theory. Roger Penrose thinks that gravity itself is what keeps macro size matter from displaying quantum effects. And this is what leads us to Andrea Rossi and his e-cat.

      To read the rest go to the website.
      Gary Wright

      • Hank Mills

        Be careful everyone, his website is full of anti-Rossi propaganda.

        • Robert Mockan

          LOL! The author may be closer to perceiving reality than most. The proton charge (the nuclei of hydrogen atom) in a Casimir region may be able to catalyze the release of electron-positron pairs from the aether. The new electron in close field proximity to the proton, or to adjacent elemental nuclei (depending where it appears), may then initiate LENR.
          The hypothesis is not my own, but I continue as I study to find substantial support for it. If true, then LENR is mediated by VERY quantum characteristics. Particularly when aether is acknowledged as mass free energy, and all matter and electromagnetic effects are merely manifestations of a more fundamental reality.
          But who knows what is real at the present primitive understanding of our existence?

          • Hank Mills

            The author is trying to say that the E-Cat technology is a farce, and openly talks about how he wants to shut Rossi down. This makes his agenda clear to me, and makes me realize just how well he fits in with certain other individuals who have attacked Rossi. The good news is their efforts are having minimal effect, because Rossi is making tremendous progress despite their efforts to shut him down.

        • Robert Mockan

          Anti-Rossi? No kidding!
          The author greatly over estimates any negative effect Rossi may have, in light that his positive effect will greatly outweigh the negative, even if he is stopped from marketing commercially. Of course I speak from the vantage point knowing that LENR IS real, and what Rossi says he has accomplished with nickel and hydrogen is a realistic extrapolation of progress one might make with reasonable funding and time.

        • Bigwilly

          Mr Mills,

          I would describe your writings as pro-Rossi propaganda before I would describe Mr. Writes as anit.

          You appear to one of his biggest supporters.

          No insult, just my opinion.


          • Hank Mills

            What I have written is the truth. The anti-Rossi folks are simply trying to push an agenda. Some of them are cynics who cannot stand the idea of cold fusion being a reality, and others are competitors trying to “muddy the waters” in an effort to slow Rossi down so they can figure out how to make their own systems produce practical amounts of output. The fact is that Rossi’s system produces kilowatts of power and no one else has been able to demonstrate that.

        • Gary Wright

          Why don’t everyone address the point of my article?

          It is typical when confronted with facts, that everything but the facts is talked about, trying to divert people from the truth.

          What I clearly proved is that Rossi LIED more than once about where this imaginary 600 degree e-cat is supposed to be tested.

          All you Rossi disciples please address that fact.

          Instead of attacking me.

          But you can’t, can you? You are all so blindly mesmerized just like a deer in the lights, that you are afraid to even open your mind and see the truth.

          And, oh by the way, if you read my writings I am a true believer, but in LENR, just not in a liar like Rossi.

          Gary Wright

          • Robert Mockan

            In my book, a lie is an intent to mislead, done either in word or deed.
            And with ulterior motives!
            So did Rossi lie? Clearly if one is contradicting themselves, multiple times as the case may be, saying first one thing, then another, it looks like a lie. But there is another part of a lie, that is implied, and that is an effort is made to hide a lie. Rossi is not being consistent with what he says, and he certainly can not hide what he says because it is recorded for all posterity on the Internet. But I do not attribute that to lying, because he is saying what he does in public, in the open, knowing everything he says is being scrutinized.
            Maybe call it a “white” lie? Maybe “exaggeration”?
            Maybe he has lots of other things on his mind? Maybe forgetful? I am often forgetful, because I generally am pushing the cognitive stack beyond the limits it was designed for. And when one exceeds 7 or so subjects in conscious mind at one time, the 8th and over items simply disappear from awareness. A serious flaw of the human brain construction not being able to multitask efficiently. Especially, like with drinking alcohol, the judgement centers go first, so people really are unaware they do not do multitasking well at all (and are the LAST to realize that). Rossi is probably trying to do too much, on his own shoulders, in my opinion.
            But is he lying?

            I just do not see it that way.

          • georgehants

            Gary, Rossi said, in one week we would have important news on something, three weeks later we are still waiting.
            Is he lying, almost certainly not.
            One has to take the Human element into amount and Logic dictates if he where a fraud, the last thing he would do is to promise something so simple and then report nothing.
            He, if “lying” has an uncanny use of psychology to be able to turn such a simple negative into a an underlying positive, Re his position.

          • Hank Mills

            No, you are just like the rest of the competitors who are furious that Rossi can produce kilowatts of power when they can only produce watts.

          • Hank Mills

            Rossi has not lied about where the 600C E-Cat is being tested! Your link does not indicate that at all. Rossi indicated that he was testing the high temp E-Cat in Miami. Then the Earthquake hit and his PERSONAL RESIDENCE in Italy was damaged. He had to fly there to check out the damage. All of this took time and slowed down everything. He never indicated the high temp E-Cat was being tested in Italy. However, there is testing and work being done in Italy.

            You are trying to twist and distort everything to convince people that Rossi is a fraudster. You are doing this because you have an agenda. Thankfully, your efforts are going to be in vain because the E-Cat technology is going to change the world, those who have been ruthlessly attacking Rossi (perhaps friends of yours) will become the laughing stalks of the cold fusion community, Widom Larsen theory will go no where, and all the negative comments about Rossi will be recorded for all time on the internet. The grandchildren and great grand children of the snakes will be able to read them, and realize that their grand parents were fighting against the technology that allowed human civilization to continue.

      • Robert Mockan

        The author said, “There is nothing in quantum theory itself that puts a limit on size.”

        Actually there is, it is called Planck’s Constant. It has a different meaning in quantum mechanics than the formula most see relating photon energy and wavelength. It helps define the maximum coherence a quantum state can manifest, in factors of time, space, and energy. Coherence is what it is all about. That is why Bose-Einstein condensates are used in many experiments, at temperatures near absolute zero. Trying to manifest quantum effects with macro objects, especially when the larger object is composed of particles of matter displaced from one another in space, may be fundamentally impossible without engineering the constants of our physical universe. And that has not been accomplished (yet).

        • Gary Wright

          Please tell me where you think this limit is reached?

          You can talk of all the different aspects of quantum theory you want, that doesn’t change the fact that quantum effects have been macro objects, up to and including molecules with many atoms, like Bucky Balls.

          Something the scientists originally thought was fundamentally impossible too.

          So, like I said there is nothing in current theory that places a limit on this.

          Gary Wright

          • Gary Wright

            been seen in macro objects

            “just a typo”

          • Robert Mockan

            I do not know where the limit is. But with the “macro” objects you refer to, they were successful only after insuring the space they were in was: 1. a vacuum, devoid of other matter, and
            2. isolated from external oscillating energy fields. that is, electromagnetic effects were not present in the space, and 3. at the moment of manifesting quantum effects the “macro” matter was in a least energetic state.

            Thus there was coherence in the relevant space for a short time interval.

            To put this another way, if nothing is happening in the space containing the atoms or molecules, then there would be longer time intervals where space coherence could be maintained. The same problem is appearing in efforts to make quantum computers. The entangled state is not stable for extended time intervals, and even exposing to minute external oscillating energy fields can destroy the coherence.

            Can the problems be solved?
            I do not know of any scientist who says they can without a breakthrough in affecting constants directly, that are derived from the fundamental structure of our physical universe.

            Can the problems ever be solved?

            Of course. But maybe not the way it is being presently understood.

        • georgehants

          Quantum after 60 years of fear from the establishment is after a bigger fear, the breaking of all classical codes in seconds, at last seeing daylight.
          It is moving into the “real World by leaps and bounds, as it was always obvious to non-Dogma huggers that it would.
          Now Macro Quantum effects everywhere, photosynthesis is a good one to investigate.
          Neurology like most of medicine is still in the dark ages, trying to keep the brain a steam-engine.
          Once the reductionist fossils are brushed aside it will be found the brain is totally Quantum at it’s base working level.

    • Lu

      Nothing new here–the usual Hank Mills dribble.

      Hank Mills still continues to claim that Rossi is producing 600 Celsius steam. My interpretation is that Rossi has never actually claimed that. In fact when asked by Mills, Rossi never really confirms it.

      H.M. 1) If 600C is the temperature of the steam, what is the temperature inside and on the surface of the reactor core? Is it close to the melting point of nickel?

      A.R: 1- 600 celsius is the temperature of the external surface of the primary heat exchanger.

      I brought this up before but no response. Rossi may indeed be generating steam at this temperature and/or Mills may have other information but I think it needs confirmation. Maybe it’s a forgone conclusion given the termature of the heat exchanger but I think a clarification/confirmation is in order.

      • Hank Mills

        Rossi has specifically stated that he has produced 600C steam. Saying that it needs clarification is ridiculous.

        • Lu

          Where has he stated that?

          Thanks in advance.

        • Gary Wright

          Please provide a link to your claim that Rossi has, in the past, claimed that he is producing 600C steam in this new e-cat.

          To prove your claim a new statement by Rossi won’t work, even if you ask Rossi to say it now to back up your statement.

          Gary Wright

          • admin


            You may state your opinions on the topic at hand, but please don’t accuse another poster on this site of being a liar. Don’t get personal.

  • I’ve just ‘updated’ Adobe flash player, now I can’t get videos to run at all. C’est pas moi, as we all seem to be playing ‘reverse Spartacus’!

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  • Craig Shields is the most articulate, and rational person I have come upon in quite some time. I’m looking forward to hearing more from him.

  • edog

    I really have missed Roosi’s big denouncement?? Havent I?
    Can someone please fill me in?

  • georgehants

    watched the film, chain reaction last night,
    Could be realistic I suppose.

  • georgehants

    Could well be in some way connected to Cold Fusion.
    Pekka !!!!!!

    Rice University News & Media
    ‘Nanocable’ could be big boon for energy storage.
    “We didn’t expect to create this when we started,” said study co-author Jun Lou, associate professor of mechanical engineering and materials science at Rice. “At the outset, we were just curious to see what would happen electrically and mechanically if we took small copper wires known as interconnects and covered them with a thin layer of carbon.”

    • Looks like an ultracapacitor, in principle similar to eg. what makes. Those that I have seen had much lower energy storage capacity than LiIon batteries, but on the other hand high cycle time, high efficiency, high instantaneous power capability and wide environmentla temperature range. Seems unrelated to CF.

  • georgehants

    Andrea Rossi
    June 16th, 2012 at 2:42 AM
    Dear Sterling Allan, Hank Mills:
    I will send to PESN the report of the official tests we are making on the high temperature reactors as soon as we will have completed the job.
    Warm Regards,

    • edog

      Thanks I think George.. Is that what I missed?

  • georgehants

    The Most Amazing Science Images of the Week.
    If only science would break through the Dogma barrier in the same way, how much more is out there.

  • andreiko

    Ik verwacht dat Dr Rossi binnen kortetijd met overtuigend en onweerlegbaar bewijs zijn e-cat zal presenteren.

    Hierbij zal een samenwerking met een multinationale onderneming bekend gemaakt worden!

    • jacob

      Andreiko, why would MR.Rossi give us ,in your opinion information on who he is working with like a multinational company?

      • Andreiko

        Om snel en overtuigend in de markt te kunnen stappen is een gevestigde macht nodig die het hele spectrum van deze nieuwe technologie beheerst, zoals bescherming van de ontwikkeling in de E_CAT
        enz….Siemens lijkt mij kandidaat NO 1 logisch toch?

        • jacob

          Ja Siemens is en groote onderneeming,met the hulp van de US Navy?

  • Bård Havre

    Handwarmers, that is not going to happen.
    Mobile phone in my pocket has happened.
    What is the difference? The latter is a vastly more complex product, and has scaled down from tens of kilos to grams in less than 30 years.

    We will se this on microchips in a few years, once the process is properly understood, which wont take long once the idiots hanging on the brakes are gotten rid of.

  • RedRyder

    The oil and many other molecules are needed for the reaction the is now happening within our planet we call earth. Their is photons being produced at the center of our planet, also in Rossi’s e-cat. The photons are reacting with matter, the reaction will change or even stop depending on the quantity as well as the wavelength of these photons. Also the reaction may change or possibly be as a throttle for control of the reactions of different types and of different states. wavelengths of light are not just a side effect, they are part of and possibly essential for the reaction to take place that we don’t understand yet today. Releasing or not releasing, when and how, “is the question possibly?

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