Latest Rossi Projections

As always, followers of the E-Cat story are interested to know when things are going to happen. Andrea Rossi provided today on his Journal of Nuclear Physics site a few pointers, which while rather vague, at gives us at least a provisional timetable about what to expect and when.

Q: Could you tell us how long the 600C reactor has been running continuously?

A: We are testing the 600 C E-Cat since a couple of months, and we had to resolve problems that emerged. We will continue the tests for at least another month, after wich we will publish a report. In this precise moment I am testing it, and it works, it works.

Q: So have you decided upon a date to end the extended period high temperature reactor test?

A: We need at least one more month to get sure results.

Q: When do you think there will be some LENR news for ordinary journalists to cover for their regular, layman readers.

A: Now the question is clear. Yes, I think so within months.

Q: When will it be released or made publically available? – weeks, months, years.

A: Months.

Just to be clear, there are two separate E-Cats being asked about above. The first two questions deal with the new high temperature E-Cat that according to Rossi is able to provide 600C heat; the second two questions are dealing with a working E-Cat that can be examined by members of the public or press — I think he is referring to a 1 MW plant that Rossi has said will be delivered to a non-military customer.

Whenever Rossi is asked about when the domestic E-Cat will be available he says that the timing is out of his hands — it will depend on when and whether it receives safety certification from the agencies he is working with in both Europe and the United States.

It’s interesting to see that Rossi reports encountering problems that needed resolving — not really surprising, but it seems to have pushed back the announcement of ‘important news’ that was supposed to have been imminent just a few weeks ago.

E-Cat watching is a pastime that requires patience!

  • Lu

    It looks a bit like Rossi is timing his results to correspond to, or maybe event to preempt, the results from the August 12th ICCF. He definitely considers himself to be in commercially competitive environment so I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Remember that we at one time were only a few days away from results, then almost three weeks ago we were weeks away from results, and now at least another month. What can one do except wait or give up?

    I did ask Rossi today if he is actually producing steam with these high-temperature tests and if so if the steam was at 600C. After waiting on moderation, the question disappeared. I must have posted from a bad IP address, LOL.

    • artefact

      <it looks a bit like Rossi is timing his results to correspond to..

      think so too.

    • GreenWin

      I suppose patience is the virtue here Lu. You have good insight to what may be happening. Of course there is great precedent; we’ve been waiting and paying for hot fusion for 61 years!!

    • Casey

      The problem is, that somebody don’t understand simple answer rossi gave. That the 1MW unit working in 600*C E-CAT is in process of testing. And that while they are testing, any new problems have to be corrected. Also he say that the testing need another month to get proper information.
      Is it so difficult to understand.

  • daniel maris

    I can’t understand why Rossi is happy to spout off on JNP but not link up a simple webcam so we can see the machine and his technicians working with it, if only for a few minutes.

    • Bigwilly

      No reasons come to mind? None at all????

      • jacob

        don’t worry about it

    • AstralProjectee

      That would not do too much on the lines of evidence.


  • Stephen

    Infinite waiting for infinite energy 🙂

    • jacob

      we are from free energy

  • Stephen

    I will post something many of u will like… a joke about hot fusion 🙂 It goes more or less along the following lines: “While doing research on hot fusion, scientists have discovered a new fundamental constant of nature… i.e. the number of years that we miss before we get a working reactor” 🙂 Btw, the constant value is about 30y.

    Now the bad part… unfortunately AR is not very different 😉 big stuff is coming, always tomorrow. But it’s big, sooo big.

    • Pete

      Free beer here, tomorrow only. LoL

    • jacob

      Steven,AR is not sitting on billions of research dollars,so it is very different,and not funded by our tax dollars,and funded by his own money ,wonder how many millions of hot fusion research were used in making boat payments for the rich and powerful.

      • Stephen

        True… even if I always wonder if and how much money he collected from privates up to now. Maybe not even a single dollar, but sometimes I have a bad feeling.

        Of course HF was a much more structured research effort and there is no doubt N reactions really happen there… but I guess it is f**king difficult to get sth useful out of it, I think it must be more like an extreme engineering problem. Maybe it will just turn out to be a (massive) bad bet… but a bet is a bet, isn’t it? I remember there was a nice tokamak in one of my kid science books 🙂 it was cool but normally I think it will remain just a drawing in my memories! But with LENRs it is not even clear what is going on, if anything… people expecting a more clear evidence and demonstrations are also understandable…

        • jacob

          as I said before if and when the LENR commercial units become available after all the bugs are worked out of it,and produced in larger quantities and it can be openly demonstrated and tested by anyone who is interested in buying one or just wants to go and look at one,then a point is reached of more openness and then all the cards are on the table face up,for anybody to witness including the Press ,Science will have to accept the technology of LENR ,even though they can not figure out how it works,Science is not working with a full deck of cards,because the current table of elements is incomplete,not including half a dozen smaller atoms than hydrogen,including hydrinos ,and failing the consider the ether magnetic vortexes,that cause chaos and free energy in vibrational Physical forms of excitation because of the shear speed of the moving electrons and protons.

          I consider Walter Russel’s table of elements to be accurate .

          • Stephen

            When (if, and I hope so) that happens it will be a great day Jacob… I think that many researchers would be happy to recognize there is something really new to study. People tend to become conservative at times, but a true scientist should be thrilled at the idea that a new evidence is putting his/her theories into serious troubles, as science is not a religion and it should have no dogmas… just models which are strongly supported by experimental evidence and which are most likely all imperfect or even plain wrong, at close enough scrutiny.

            Truth is that when everything works just as expected… it is a boring tragedy: that is the death of science, not its triumph…

            However, I think a scientist will also not believe at any “blip” one sees on the screen… that’s why it is important that extraordinary claims are matched by a strong evidence… (strong hope does not count 😉 …)

          • jacob

            good points but Science does not really matter anymore,it is outdated and obsolete,and no better than a 386,no a286 computer,just really slow, just waiting for the computer to get the next sceen,please do not put your trust in the science of today,because it has a bad virus and could srew up your own knowledge,or better yet,forget all you learned all your life and start over,only read books they put on a pile to burn,only read books by authors which are controversial ,just to start over.
            the brain is a funny machine,if you are told over and over again there is a energy shortage ,you will take it as fact,so really you have been messed with,there is no energy shortage.

    • K

      Just as the proven oil reserves of OPEC. 30 years the same numbers.

      • jacob

        fossil fuel is another joke,that will found to be wrong,our mother earth produces the oil by an unknown process,and also coal,it is both mostly carbon ,trees take carbon out of the air to make wood,they take CO2 and keep the C to make wood and release the O2 in the air,mother earth knows COLD FUSION very well,it is not yet understood how mother earth made oil and coal and the source of the carbon ,but if it was from fossils, there must have been a heck of a lot of fossils ,that according to ??Science?? got shoved on a pile is as hard to believe as the big bang hunch and we are from apes hunch,??Science?? give us a break we are not that stupid and dumb ,we are offspring from intelligent beings and don’t need ??SCience?? for DUMMIES anymore.

        • Iggy Dalrymple

          “Deep Hot Biosphere” – Thomas Gold

          • jacob

            just read some of THOMAS Golds book on Script ,so anyone who goes against common believes is controversial ,I guess I am a fan of controversial people,there is more Truth to be learned from these people,that you will get anywhere else,controversial people usually don’t care if they are controversial,they usually know who they are ,and have a Voice and are Leaders.
            ThomaS Gold seems to be such a person,and I just read some pages of his book and know he is right.

  • AstralProjectee

    It will be great if in a few years we can see a TV show with all the big players in LENR on 60 minutes. That will be unbelievably great.

    They can get Rossi, Piantelli, John from PlasmERG, Randell L. Mills from blacklight, Mark LeClair from nanospire, and Defkalion, and Robert Godes from Brillouin. I think the companies would do the show if a bunch of company CEO’s are there.

    If we could see only half of them in one show that would be an historic moment.

    • jacob

      They may be paid in a few years to come on a show AP.

  • John

    I wonder whether Rossi will use safety certification as a reason why the E-cat never gets released. It wouldn’t surprise me. If it happens, I’ll link back to this comment to tell everyone that my prediction was correct.

    • Tom

      I wonder if the powers that be politics will use that as the reason not to release the Ecat. That to me would be unsurprising.

    • jacob

      John,Rossi is not the one who does the safety certification,so it is out of his hands,if the domestic E-cat does not make it to market,it will not be Rossi’s fault ,so John,can you predict who stops LENR to reach the market? and uses the safety
      certification as a reason ,UL? CSA? TUV? .

    • alex

      But the 1 MW passed its safety certs, why cop out by saying he will hide behind something out of his control. If you were designing something the earth has never seen yet, is it not plausible you would have a hard time getting your product to market? Not to mention, never being able to wash the skeptic mud out of your face. I would say it could be a scam if Rossi just stopped talking about it altogether, and removed his website. What can he possibly gain now, if he is falsifying, from continuing to update us? I don’t follow the story closely anymore, but I can’t deny this is a real as he says it is, and will be sure to be on board if he ever offers shares or first buyer bids. Not because I am ignorant, but because I choose to believe him based on empirical knowledge.

      • psi

        I agree with this analysis.

  • joe j

    I wonder when i will be able to buy a new ecat as my furnace is going bad. I hope it will be made in china by cheap child labor instead of an expensive robotized factory.

    • alex

      no way, keep the jobs in the country there are bought in. This free trade crap, has to go. Put high tariffs on stuff that is just “made in China” so companies move back to the US or country they are from.

      • joe j

        Not everyone enjoys paying 4 times as much for local products. If you have tons of cash to throw around great for you but some of us have to make our limited dollars go as far as possible. Thank god for free trade.

    • Tom

      For something with such broad demand as energy, give me cheap robotization any day.

  • freethinker

    I am confident thar LENR is real, but as time goes by I must admit that my trust in AR is failing. His is continously moving the point of crucial information release on. Remember the non-military customer that should be official within weeks? When was this? March, April? But instead, there was the the outstanding achievement of 600 deg C reactor, not shown, that would bring thi almost to a level of mobile perpetum. I think that AR need to release something NOW to actually have any hope of keeping creedence with any objective, free thinking, human. I am now seriously worried that he is, if not a con, a pathological mytomaniac. He will go on, like perpetum mobilis, keeping the last followers on their toes until it simply ends with a whimper…

    • Tom

      As yet he’s had no promise set in stone. If LENR is real he shouldn’t need to go on pretending. He’ll either produce the goods or he won’t. If he has nothing I’m glad at least he has the balls to put the idea out there.

    • Stephen


      If he is really on something and has an almost working prototype, if he is not asking for any funding from anybody, etc… why to behave like that? Talking and talking, promising this and that and then delaying forever everything? He should just shut up, disappear and show up with a working device. Then he will become the king of the universe. Within these perspectives (he’s really on something, etc…), his behavior does not make any sense to me.

    • Don Witcher

      Rossi moves his target dates a couple of months and he is crucified by all. Hot Fusion moves their target date by a couple of decades and they are rewarded with another twenty billion plus dollars or Euros.

      • Dave

        Don the difference is that Rossi says he can do LENR right now. He says his device works. In fact, he has claimed it’s been heating a factory for years. If works he should be able to let a independent 3rd party verify that it works.

        In contrast, nobody on the Hot Fusion side is saying they have a working reactor that can produce useful energy. They’re still working on doing it.

        • GreenWin

          WRONG Dave! Rossi/Focardi are private citizens spending private money. NOT tax dollars! They owe you nothing.

          Hot fusionists promised taxpayers useful energy 20 years after they started in 1951. In 1970 hot fusionists said they needed more time and MORE tax MONEY – but in another 25 years they would deliver cheap, unlimited, non-radiative energy. Same story in 1995 – and just recently the $6B dollar ITER project demanded another $10B before they break ground.

          Sorry Dave, hot fusion has had 61 years and $$250Billion to give the taxpayer useful energy. They have delivered ZERO. SCAM!!

          • GreenWin

            I’ll qualify that last word. According to the strident and vituperative language of the skeptopath… this is a scam.

  • ryano

    Put up or shut up. Tired of this tripe. Seriously tired. Done with this garbage as of right this very moment.

    • I’m disappointed that Rossi is not going to give us ordinary journalists any news for a matter of montha, but I found his answers credible. He is apparently being very cautious – as he really must be – with the high-temperature devices. They have the potential to do some real damage, to kill people, if they explode. I hate the waiting, though! Why can’t he put out a press release at least once a week, like normal companies? ExxonMobil probably puts out two or three a week!

    • Frank

      ‘Put up or shut up’ – that’s what the scepticals are requesting from the very beginning on.
      But as long as ‘true believers’ just accept ‘Rossi says’ and ‘dog-and-pony shows’ as prove for his claims – and spur his heroic saga, he can go on like that …

      • Actually, I’m quite looking forward to the next ‘dog and pony show’ (as the skeptics would have it) – from anyone!

        The ‘Rossi says’ to ‘DAPS’ ratio is getting a bit out of balance. However, as others have pointed out, there is little to gain and much to lose from such demos now, unless what is being demonstrated is a ready-to-go product, rather than yet another leaky and unstable prototype, or an experimental testbed. If what is shown is anything less, the media won’t report it, the scientific community will disparage and ignore it, the opposition will crank up the dirty tricks, and the rest of us will just keep chattering away.

        • jacob

          To bring to the marketplace one good nonleaking ,dependable,great working E-cat, would bring LENR acceptance in a short period of time to science and Industry

          • Dave From NJ

            I disagree. It will never be accepted unless the associated theoretical physics is completely understood and documented. No government driven by big oil will allow these reactors to function without full disclosure and full understanding of their operation. Be real.

          • jacob

            be real yourself,and tell me what will happen to LENR,if the US NAVY and Phillips are involved in it already,is the lobby representing Big oil going to dictate to the Government ,I think not,Industry decides what and what not gets to market.It is Their right and if they are well enough organized it will be done,they just have to outsmart big OIL ,who are going to have to suck it up,after all we do have windmills ,solar and HYdro power,big OIl did not like it ,but they had to suck it up,don’t tell me to get real,I am as real as real gets!,with no apologies.

  • Paul Richards

    Just sayin;
    There is no country on the planet with a greater commitment to brown coal power and the poor infrastructure it supports than China. So it is not puzzling that your site has been black balled on the mainland.

    • daniel maris

      It’s probably something I said about Cheating China, tormenting Tibet and murdering journalists, at some point. LOL Their software is probably pretty good at picking out that sort of thing.

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  • He who believes, for it creates, and not, at least respect the position of others. The important thing in all this is to understand that Andrea already has commitments with partners and agents of a business that is just beginning.

    If it were a simple model new clothes or shoes, because I do not think this was very relevant today, because in this world everything moves with a constant dynamic speculation to sell and make a profitable business. Now imagine what it means to change history in the energy sector is unprecedented that can bring great effects and a strong impact on those who are threatened in their interests.

    So I think that the pasciencia is the goddess of truth and justice. We will continue to watch, with the living hope that we will soon have the truth and we will benefit from this great opportunity that promises Andrea for a not too distant future. I’ll keep an eye on, looking for the ultimate truth.

  • georgehants

    Frank says “E-Cat watching is a pastime that requires patience!”
    Not quite as much patience as hot fusion watching.
    August could be a good month all round for Cold Fusion, fingers crossed.

    • Dave From NJ

      Hot fusion research is junk science.

      • Not junk science, junk technology. The hot fusion science is there, the theory is correct, but the technology is impractical.

        The very reverse of LENR, ironically, given we have technology that works, but no agreed theoretical explanation.

      • daniel maris

        It’s junk materials science for sure…that stuff is f***ing hot!!!

        • david

          using thorium instead of uranium in hot fusion is quite intriguing…. and a good way to not waste millions of dollars abandoning plants or create much radiation or waste..

  • georgehants

    If Defkalion are presenting in Korea then that could be very big, as they like Rossi promise COP6.
    Any conformation by Defkalion automatically means Rossi is legit.
    Hope they give something solid.

    • Dave From NJ

      Mike McKubre’s comment that whatever physical process is at work here it is the same one in ALL these devices by the “law of conservation of miracles” is very funny.

  • Karl

    That LENR or anomalous heat generation or Cold Fusion is for real is to my mind without doubt. It’s of course frustrating to wait for more and more evidence from Rossi and outer innovators.
    However, I think we have to understand that Rossi has quite a challenge while he (as I understand) prepares for at least three different versions of the E-Cat:
    1. 10 KW 120 degree COP 6 – lap top alike for home office usage – in the process of UL certification
    2. delivery of 1 MW of industrial type of multiple E-Cat 120 C degree arrangement – he has announced he will be able to give names on at least one customer
    3. verification of a 600 degree C E-cat prototype that will be ideal to produce electricity via external devices plus using heat for other purposes.
    Anyone being involved in real product development and certification issues understand that this is quite a huge and complex undertaking and can’t be done overnight. Still I think we have to give a lot of credit to Rossi to entertain us fairly open with is very unusual by anyone in serious business. His activities have certainly increased to interest in this energy source and kind of smart marketing at the same time. The resistance against putting research funds into the segment, prevent patent processes ignore it in main stream media may turn out to be a double edge sword that will enable low cost relatively simple Cold Fusion products to instead spread quickly by word of mouth emerge under any radar.
    I have difficulties to understand how any one organisation or interest could stop the CF/LENR process. It is driven by quite a number of dedicated researchers and innovators some with seems to be considerably funded anyway. Not any enormous type of funding is required, like in the case of ITER.
    The special condition that is required is also successively becoming clearly thanks to people like E. Storms et al. Storms is pinpointing the special conditions that is required to generate the nuclear process that release heat (without dangerous radiation) under influence of heavy or light hydrogen on cracks in lattices of various metal not exclusively on palladium and nickel. In this way it may speed up and ease for many to finally nail down a plausible theory as well which will simplify the enhancements processes. This was pre published on this site recently. He has also submitted it to J. Condensed matter Nuclear Science, June 2012.
    A lot of things have happen the last 18 month according to my mind and I guess we still have to be a bit patient. Perhaps some news is coming out from the CF conference in Korea in August. Rossi may have to cope with this event even if he is not present himself.

  • Dave From NJ

    You need flux or electromagnetic pulses to spur the reactions. I think Brillouin Energy has a better chance than Rossi to be successful since they claim to hardware and software that completely controls the electromagnetic pulses. Seeing the reaction is one thing. Having absolutely control over the reaction is an absolute necessity for commercialization.

    • GreenWin

      Dave from NJ, a very large body of LENR research indicates there is not just one way to cause reactions. Some, as you note like Brillouin use an external energy source – either magnetic or (according to Brillouin’s patent app) acoustic. But this does not account for phenomenon where no magnetic or acoustic energy is applied. Nearly all the initial electrochemical experiments did not use such a source – yet they produced nuclear artifacts, heat, He4, etc.

      That said, it will be fascinating to see Brillouin demonstrate their ideas at the ICCF 17. We wish them well.

      • artefact

        I think of if there realy are now some companys with working technology, I suppose they will try to get other long time LENR scientists in their boat. At the ICCF for example. It will be interesting to watch that in the future.

      • Dave From NJ

        Yes, I am aware of the body of LENR research. At this point, I find most of what Rossi does as a side show. He may have something but I do not think he is capable of bringing to the market by himself.

        What I like about Robert Godes is he seems to have a pretty firm grasp on and how to control it. Brillouin has a much more interesting business model by reclaiming coal burning plants that have been shut down, lots of partnerships, and licensing of the technology.

        My hope is ICCF 17 confirms Godes’s way of thinking which is almost identical to Dr. Edmund Storms papers.

        I am not cheerleading one company or effort over another.

        I wish Rossi and you guys well whoever “We wish them well” includes.

      • Dave From NJ

        RE: But this does not account for phenomenon where no magnetic or acoustic energy is applied.

        Actually, this is really silly thing to say. It seems to me this just proves your lack or our lack of understanding of the whole effort.

        Whatever physical process is driving LENR, I would imagine Rossi and Brillouin are tapping the same physics. I like Mike McKubre’s comment that whatever physical process is at work here it is the same one in ALL these devices by the “law of conservation of miracles”

    • Omega Z

      @ Dave

      In October Rossi was managing control mostly manually, But, Since about the first of the year he has been using a computerized control panel probably very similar to Brillouin’s.

      Just a Note: Back around March or so Brillouin made a statement that Rossi’s stability problems may be the lack of a control panel. Probably they weren’t aware at that time Rossi had started using one.

      They also said Rossi was welcome to study theirs, which I founding refreshing. One competitor reaching out to another instead of trashing them.

  • Dave From NJ

    No matter how successful Ross is with his prototypes it may not matter. It will never be accepted unless the associated theoretical physics is completely understood and well documented. No government driven by big oil will ever allow these reactors to function without full disclosure and full understanding of their operation. Be real.

    The good news is I believe the theoretical physicists are so close to having the model perfected that the conference this August may be a world event.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Hi Dave: Who should be validating whom? If Rossi is generating 600 C steam shouldn’t he be the one who should be scrutinizing the theoretical physicist?

      • Dave From NJ

        The Rossi effort should be independently validated and verified.

        The problem is E/C2 = m means E is enormously large. It’s just common sense that would not want a device that could potentially wipe all of New York City if it were defective.

        Don’t get me wrong I would love to sucker punch big oil. But we also need some common sense here.

  • Dave From NJ

    I think some of the more interesting applications I have heard people talking about were batteries for cell phones and laptops that would have so much energy they would probably outlast the lifetime of the device.

    If you have batteries built on LENR technology, you could have ducted fan flying cars with stability gyros and automatic GPS navigation. Holy cow!

    But I would be happy to see home water heating with LENR technology first just so the price of oil drops back to $20 per barrel where it belongs!

  • Roger Bird

    If Rossi is telling the truth, then this news is breath-taking. If he is lying, then he can eat human excrement and die!

    • GreenWin

      Rog… couldn’t it be any kinda excrement??

      • BorregoBum

        Actually, Kopi luwak is quite expensive and wouldn’t be an appropriate punishment…

  • GreenWin

    Since much of this site revolves around the development of the Rossi/Focardi e-cat which is one (albeit spectacular) implementation of LENR; I thought it helpful to look at an even-handed overview of cold fusion history. Scott R. Chubb PhD, cold fusion research physicist at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory in DC, wrote a paper circa 2000 on the evolution of the controversy. It is well worth a read and provides further insight to the commitment of NRL (and other Navy) to development of LENR. Here’s a preview:

    “With time however, [1990s] a large number of groups presented evidence that the phenomena could be reproduced, albeit in a somewhat unpredictable manner. More significantly, probably, is the fact that evidence of a potential, quantifiable causal link (associated with a nuclear by-product, He4 at levels consistent with the observed excess energy) began to be observed in a number of experiments in a manner that suggested that a new phenomenon (other than conventional fusion) could be involved (Arata/Zhang, Bush and Miles, McKubre.)

    An important point is that because this kind of evidence was radically different from what had been anticipated, it was not included in the initial analyses and critiques of the initial work. As a result, the simplest arguments against “Cold Fusion” subsequently have proven to be potentially flawed.” Dr. Scott R. Chubb, Naval Research Lab, Washington DC.

  • GreenWin

    Of course Rossi’s “latest projections” could well allude to the multi-dimensional universe some call our world (aka “Our Town.”) But they do make a scintillating stage on which to premier humanity’s first bold step to galactic adolescence. It is entertainment on a grand planetary scale.

    And to enliven the show we have a growing cast of luminaries including those from two recent conferences: the American Physical Society 2011 Session Y33: Cold Fusion (recall APS was pivotal in scuttling Pons & Fleischmann)

    And the just completed 2012 Space, Propulsion & Energy Sciences International Forum – with a dozen cold fusion-related presentations including those from David Nagel, George Miley, and New York’s own Robert DeBiase (on the mysterious Casimir force.)

    Maybe those Mayans were on to something – not just the end of a calendar, but the opening of a Kubrickian New World.

  • Sanjeev

    I’m sure this is covered here well, but I’m posting this link just to show that its not only the pro-lenr blogs that are covering the corrupt practices at MIT.

    It is sad to see how greedy and wealthy people are trying to suppress the lenr research and are successful in diverting the money to their own scams. Its really unbelievable that this is happening at such a grand scale. The people controlling the scientific funding are so powerful that they can put top executives of a co out of their jobs.

    Equally unbelievable is the fact that not a single journalist or another scientist has taken trouble of visiting this public experiment at MIT since last 6 months to see whether it is really running and producing correct data.

    All I know is that a musician went there out of curiosity. That’s 1 person out of a billion qualified people on this planet. Very strange….

    The story of Rossi doesn’t look so strange to me now. It’s not worth now because of all the secrecy and non-statements and air-castles he managed to make in last one year.

    • GreenWin

      One reason MIT is rapidly losing its place as a prestigious school of scientific excellence is it has been put up for sale. MIT President Susan Hockfield has just announced MIT is accepting money and direction from Saudi Aramco – world’s biggest oil company. Sad but true.

      • Sanjeev

        That should explain it all. Thanks for the link.

    • Dave From NJ

      The only problem with your comments is both the hot AND cold fusion guys lost money. I bet there were a lot of departments at MIT that lost the funding over the last few years and it probably had nothing to do with what they were working on.

      • Sanjeev

        That make the situation even worse at MIT. It simply means that its infiltrated with money hoarders instead of scientists now.

  • Martin

    Rossi talks a lot about certification which is allegedly pending for at least the home E-Cat. Well, the EU is pretty open in its activities. There are many websites, very big databases and tons of documents. It is not easy to search through, but I bet you will not find a single mentions of Rossi or E-Cat or LENR or whatsoever.

    • Francesco CH

      Rossi is doing something wonderful, wonderful and REAL. Three directions are going on:

      1) Reasearch on the E-Cat, in order to further increase the maximum working temperature for the E-Cat

      2) The domestic version of the E-Cat

      3) The delivery of a 1MW plant for a non-military entity within July

      For the 3) certification can be done in one day. It is not a certification for a mass-scale product, instead it is a certification given “stand alone” for each single plant, each time a plant is scheduled to be delivered. For this specific kind of certification there is very few bureaucracy and very few to report “externally”.

    • Ged

      He’s going with UL, not CE, so far as we know. UL is confidential until certified.

      • Martin

        UL is US only. For Europe you need the CE mark.