Defkalion GT Discusses Business [Updated]

Peter Gluck, of the Ego Out blog, recently conducted a Skype interview with a member of the Defkalion Green Technologies management team (the name of the person was not revealed) in which DGT’s business plans and operations were the main topic.

Earlier in the year Defkalion announced they would be participating in a number tests with various organizations, but since saying that they have gone very quiet. Many people have been wondering what has been going on with DGT, and one would hope an interview like this would be an opportunity to find out some details.

Unfortunately, most of the answers to questions posed include rather general statements, many of which have been stated previously in similar ways by the company. Not much new information was included, as far as I could determine. This interview was apparently intended to discuss the business aspects of DGT, not the technology, and so we are no clearer on the results of the testing, except to learn that “Laboratory tests have been validated recently by several inventors and scientists in Italy, Japan and America. Our results in Greece are considered to be the most advanced. We are nearing a huge success with an international energy ‘breakout’. ”

From the interview we are told that over a thousand entities from around the world have shown an interest in Defkalion’s technology, and that there is ongoing assessment of interested parties which seems to be a strain on DGT’s resources. The DGT spokesperson says, “At first we intended to conduct due diligence
(physical and documentation) we realized that finances and time restrictions did not permit us. So, we have relied our efforts on understanding the commitment level of each company through various other means.”

One answer to a question regarding DGT’s industrial secret did provide a little bit of technical information: “We have constructed a product that will have more than 6 patents. Only one of them will be linked to Nickel. We expect a strong industrial espionage effort to know what is in the powder. As such, although we are protecting this secret, our competitive edge is beyond the element of powder; it is in the total functionality of the product. As such, although we initially were going to be selling the powder, we will give it free to all our OEMs as part of the royalty scheme on their sales. Eventually someone will copy it, so why base our revenues on something that could / will be copied?

As far as future development goes, DGT urges followers to have patience — more information would be coming ‘soon’. They reminded us that they would be presenting at the ICCF-17 in Korea, and so perhaps that will be the next opportunity to learn more about their operations.

UPDATE: Defkalion GT provided this status update on their web site on June 29th:


Following our absence from the public sphere, the following is a status update: We are conducting analyses of our materials using XRF and ICP-MS. We are committed that this analysis be done with the highest standards. To ensure these high standards, we are using multiple laboratories in Europe. When those results are available, we shall present them in the appropriate forum.

We also have designed and are operating a fully instrumented flow calorimeter to measure the power production of our reactor. Outside scientists and engineers are measuring the input power as well as our flow calorimeter output performance. All these results will be presented when we are confident that they will withstand the scrutiny demanded by our own interests in product development, and the scrutiny of our customers. We thank you for your continued interest in our challenging and important work load.

  • dragon

    Waiting, waiting… seems like everybody in LENR wants to wait at least 1 month till any important press release. I wonder why?

    And after all this build-up what will happen if they don’t deliver the goods? Huh?
    Should we find their addresses and go to them and give them the end deal of “an offer they can’t refuse”?

    If by September nothing happens, LENR will suffer great defeat. It is already suffering as a field as it looks weak and not serious.

    • ‘Should we find their addresses and go to them and give them the end deal of “an offer they can’t refuse”? ‘

      That comes across as thuggish. In fact the whole post has that tone.

      • jacob

        What is clear is,the powder is not going to be to hard to copy,I cant think of a better way to provide the powder for free to their dealers as part of a royalty payment,whoever thought of that is clever,and some credit is due to DGT ,obviously they are preparing to market LENR based Technology,we may not like the speed at which it is developing,but it is certainly fantastic ,to have a strong competition like ROSSI and DGT fighting to get it to market first,neither wants to give any information away at this stage that could benefit their rivals and we are starved for more technical information because of it. Things in history have been no different when it came to the development of the atomic bomb and the development of Anti Gravity Propulsion for space travel,which is still classified after 70 years.

        • Timar

          “Things in history have been no different when it came to … the development of Anti Gravity Propulsion for space travel”

          Err… surely you believe as well that the Nazis hold a hidden UFO base on the dark side of the moon, don’t you?

          With comparisons like that it is no wonder that many uninformed people think LENR is crackpot science.

          • jacob

            OH, just if you think I am a crack pot,I also believe all planets are hollow,Mars,Venus,Earth,Saturnand Pluto are inhabited with humans just like us,our moon I believe has a mining community ,supported be mother ships from Venus,but don’t take my word for it,everything in history has been covered up,and it is called surface earth for dummies,I just took to time to study history and found the Truth in a lot of ancient writings,that prove beyond a doubt our ancesters are from other civilizations from across the universe.

            It’s all backed up by ancient writings,so I have good reason to believe what I do.

            Some of you don’t even believe in Cold Fusion working unless you see one working yourself,

          • jacob

            people are uninformed because
            they they are contend NOT to know the Truth. I certainly know,my knowledge clashes with accepted reality ,and in my opinion accepted reality is
            just an illusion or a distortion of the whole truth.

            everybody has an opinion ,and so do I ,and the world will find out the truth about cold fusion as well,most uninformed people will one day just find out in the news,that cold fusion heaters are available in stores across the country.I don’t take any blame for scaring people away from this site.

      • dragon

        Obviously is sound thuggish. But it is not meant to be taken as a call for murder or something like that. Just to show the mood of the moment regarding all this delaying that these guys are doing. Got it?

        • jacob

          dragon,I am sure there is some tension between Rossi’s and DGT’S camp, but probably more like a Mexican standoff ,and neither side is giving away free information and are to preoccupied with being the first to mass produce LENR units,and are probably held up getting their units approved and certified and waiting for patents,and going through legal procedures with lawyers and having to deal with thousands of inquiries,and meetings with potential distributors and new dealers,not to mention building and planning the factories working on some remaining glitches and intermittent problems on their production ready prototypes,frankly is is a bunch of people running around like chickens with their head cut off and running around half confused,unless there is some good leadership at the helm,some progress can be made in time.

          we wait.

          I think they are to busi,they forgot or did not take the time to give us a step by step play to keep us up to date on everything that is happening with LENR.

        • You should wipe your feet before entering here from the Independent non-eCat News.

    • On the up side, I suppose cold fusion always seeming to be 30-60 days in the future is an improvement on hot fusion that is always 30-60 years in the future!

      • jacob

        BIG OIL is in BIG SHOCK and is in BIG TROUBLE
        maybe not in 30 to 60 days but in 90 to 180 days.

        hot fusion on the other hand 250 billion of new homes and big boats in driveways,and free lunch and hot air.

    • AstralProjectee

      It does not matter if they deliver CF by September or 2013 what matters is they they try to bring it ASAP which they are probably doing anyway.


  • DGT talking about “a strong industrial espionage effort” is like the pot calling the kettle black!

    • Claes

      Haha, precisely! I’m a lot more suspicious about Defkalion than about Leonardo. Reggio Emilia and those areas in Italy where Rossi operates has a very strong track record in fine mechanics and technological tinkering in general. More than can be said about Greece really.

    • There is a certain irony here! DGT stole the original design from Rossi, who in turn had based it on Piantelli’s lapsed patent…

      In the end, all any of them will be able to do is patent construction details of their particular ‘evolved’ designs, perhaps chemical catalysts and hydrogen donor mixes, and stimulation/control systems.

      That would be great as it would leave the core information open to anyone to develop in their own distinctive way – just as Rossi and DGT appear to have done.

      • dsm

        Peter do you have any links that prove “DGT stole the original design from Rossi” ?

        Rossi has said repeatedly he never let DGT anywhere near an eCat & any statement from DGT that they did a spectrum analysis is meaningless because that analysis would never explain the structure of the Ni.

        The so called secret catalyst (as Rossi already stated) was only present to generate atomic hydrogen so it didn’t need to be supplied from an external source.

        Saying DGT “stole it” is really unprovable.


        • Alexandros Xanthoulis of Defkalion speaking to Ny Teknik, August 5 2011.

          “Let’s say I have the formula of Rossi, but I’m not saying it officially. My scientists found a way to make it….

          ….I know what he’s got in the reactor, I know everything. It was a spectroscopy made by the university of Siena. It was an equipment made by the University of Siena. It understands everything that’s inside the reactor. So we know the components.”

        • Sanjeev

          Yes DSM , they stole it. Lol. And the irony of irony is that they admitted it in public.

          Probably this is a Greek style of showing their middle finger to Rossi.

  • techmate

    Thuggish? Asking for real facts or proofs is “thuggish”?
    So just posting on “eskimo vortex” is non “thuggish”?
    I do not get you creationist Rossi Believers!
    Asking for PROOF is “thuggish”?
    That is just so eskimo voretex!
    Run by Bill Beatty and his sidekick Jed Rothwell?
    Dude this aint the “vortex”!
    Your reply as is all your replies so sycophantic toward Rossi!
    Explain why YOU think and your ESKIMO VORTEX buddies think that Rossi has anything!
    What has he got?
    What device (mechanism Ecat or any workable machine that exceeds energy in vs energy out!

    • jacob

      Techmate, HIDRO,GRIGGS HYDROSONICS,JOHN BEDINI are selling overunity devices and have for a long time ,

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      Techmate, why don’t you ask for a refund?
      Hope you kept your receipt.

    • Sanjeev

      I guess you are taking it all too seriously. Take it as fun, a suspense novel. That’s all you can do sitting at your PC in the comfort of your home.Too much emotional investment is not recommended, rest you are smart to understand.

      If it turns out to be true and there are products in the market to grab, you will be happy. Else you had a good entertainment. Better than TV. A win-win.

    • Omega Z


      What device (mechanism E-cat or any workable machine that exceeds energy in vs energy out!

      Geothermal Heat-pump! up to COP 5.5

      Answer: GT-HP provides up to 5.5 Kw out for 1 Kw in.

      GT-HP in time will reach Cop 10 & with low temp conversion technology being developed will produce 25% plus conversion heat to electric. Or Technically Over Unity as it would power itself plus some excess. It’s not IF this is possible but When.

      E-cat obtains it’s excess form Ni/H. GT-HP gets it’s excess from Mother Earth. Different but similar.

      E-cat would be flexible. GT-HP Limited.
      GT-HP is very expensive.
      E-cats economical.

      I don’t believe all the Claims of magnetic motors, But I do believe it’s very possible. Howard Johnson built & patented one. tho not very effective. Spent the rest of his life trying to perfect it.

      It boils down to research learning to control the fields. A matter of time.

      A research Lab recently announced that at the Nano-level they had Isolated a single magnetic pole. Basically the opposite pole was so weak that it was negligible to non-existent.

      Scale this up over time & you have 2 single pole magnets which provides for Infinite energy motor at least for the life of the magnets. Hundreds of years.

      Impossible is just a roadblock to be overcome or circumvented by those who understand this. Einsteins true brilliance was when he determined the limits set by the speed of light, was that he set out to find a way to circumvent it.

      If you believe something to be Impossible then it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

  • techmate

    has he got? What “workable device” has Andrea Rossi have?
    Who has he sold one to? “whoops” a “secret customer” who belongs to a “secret orginization” Definite proof!
    A test conducted by Andrea Rossi that confirms ALL the other “tests” conducted by Andrea Rossi!

    • Allen McCloud

      Neat. Do you have anything to say about Defkalion though? This isn’t a Rossi post.

    • Andrew Macleod

      Frankly I believe because of the evidence that I have dug up on the subject. If you feel the need to do so yourself by all means do so. Your combative tone tells me that any proof provided wouldn’t suffice.

  • GreenWin

    Again, my business concern would be how does a potential licensee determine if Hyperion is worth 40M Euro?? Does a licensee get hard data verifying the DGT (albeit under NDA) process?

    And on the legal side, is a licensee indemnified from legal actions against DGT? What if someone sues for infringement and a statutory injunction is issued?

    Barry knows, these questions represent stones in a stream. I prefer to think the presence of Mike Melich and Dave Nagel at DGT tests in Xanthia suggest an underlying collaboration amongst parties. It makes more spiritual sense, and LENR represents a spiritual maturation for the human race.

    Further, there is fascinating synchronicity in the nations developing “new fire” are two of our greatest and oldest cultures – Greece and Rome. Cool their sons and daughters bring us this gift. We wish all parties divine speed forwarding the evolution.

  • Lu

    As Frank describes, there is not much new said in this interview. I really hope Defkalion succeeds and I haven’t written them off completely, but surely they must realize that among the masses (i.e., those not privy to test and product results), they have zero credibility. None. Nada. The end result, at least from my point of view, is that these kinds of interviews come off as a bit pompous and delusional. I’ll wait till August before revising my opinions.

    • jacob

      Lu ,correct hard to change your opinion if you don’t get solid proof , but i am sure it will come in time,I feel we will have the solid proof by the end of November,and have a feeling it will be covered by media all over the world 2 weeks after the solid proof is provided,and change could happen very fast after that,the price of crude could bottom out,because of speculation on the futures

      • Lu

        jacob: Don’t get your hopes up. Defkalion has a long history of missing dates. They so far have lived up to being the classic over-promise, under deliver company. Of course, if they deliver what they claim, even if it’s a late, all will be forgiven!

      • GreenWin

        At risk of tautology I remind Lu Defkalion (and e-cat) have a “long” history of about 2 years. Hot fusion research has been with us 61 years and missed every prediction they’ve made. Both Defkalion and Rossi use private funds. Hot fusion has taken $250B from global taxpayers.

        Keeping this in perspective alleviates frustration re: LENR development.

  • jacob

    brent Crude oil price today,brent crude oil price today, brent crude oil price today,dropping because of a new cold fusion process to hit the industry in a few month,to replace heating oil and natural gas.

    • Lu

      More like, fears of recession and oversupply.

    • Andreiko

      Dumping dure voorraden ruwe olie is begonnen,althans,zo lijkt het!

    • GreenWin

      Commodities traders in particular are a paranoid lot. They spook easily at suggestion oil will fall below $72/barrel:

      Where can oil possibly go but down??

      • jacob

        did read it,thanks GreenWin

      • krack

        Oil can only drop so far. Large suppliers expecially in the middle east need to cover the cost of running their country – these places do not have other sources of income – thier country would cease to function if oil prices drop much more. Hence, they simply can’t reduce their prices much more. The other suppliers that are not so relient on the income from their oil can not fill the gap from the east.

        • GreenWin

          Countries caught long on their oil reserves have little excuse IMO. Take Norway, few know that Norway holds the second largest petroleum trust fund on earth (only Abu Dhabi is larger). Worth about a trillion $$ in 7 years – it is invested globally providing income to pay for Norway’s governments and broad social services.

          i.e. If these big oil countries reaping billions of global dollars have not been saving through investment funds… too effin bad.

  • georgehants

    So have Defkalion with smoke and mirrors, convinced some investors to part with 40 million each.
    Allowing that the people putting up the cash are not crazy, then knowing who some of these investors are would about clinch things.

    • dsm


      DGT as best I can tell have never announced taking money but have stated they have a list of organizations ready to invest (assuming their product works as claimed).

      I do agree though that large orgs who want to invest must & should do their own due diligence and then assess the risk & invest as they see fit.

      What really caught me eye was that they say they will have patent protection but they have filed none that we know of. This suggests (educated guess) that some other org is developing their reactor & that org filed the needed patents. Also worth note is their mention that of 6 patents that they say will protect the ip, only 1 relates to Nickel. Interesting.


    • daniel maris

      George there is no more evidence to say DGT don’t have anything as there is to say Rossi doesn’t.

  • Ivan Mohorovicic

    Official poster for the July 2nd LENR workshop to be held in the house of the Italian chamber of deputies.

    Stefano Concezzi from National Instruments is also in the list of participants, interesting.

    • Andrew Macleod

      Very interesting indeed.

    • GreenWin

      Looks like Italian politicians are taking a higher public profile. This will force the technology further into the public arena. And make the public wonder why it has taken government so long to develop LENR.

    • Ivan Mohorovicic
  • Dave from NJ

    Question: What is the eternal temperature of Tonton?

    Answer: Luke warm.

    • Andrew Macleod

      Eternal temp?

    • jacob


  • daniel maris

    My view is Rossi and Defkalion are mutually affirmative. If Rossi is genuine, so is Defkalion and vice versa.

    • chris robinson

      Yes but the $64000 question is , who do you invest your hard earned loot with.Who has the technological edge . Do you go with the highest COP or temperture conversion to steam . Perhaps the best strategy would be to simply sit on the sidelines and see what Brillion , Piantelli cr other LENR players can develop over the next few months.

      • Barry

        Good advise Chris. I think we’ll know a lot more after the Korean CF Conferance in August.

  • jacob

    something strange is going 0n with crude oil prices,even though Norway is producing 500000 barrels less a day due to a strike of oil workers ,crude oil still dropped 2 more dollars to 77 $ a barrel,it is a sign of a serious bad world economy ,or the speculaters got cold feet with Cold Fusion LENR 47$ left to go to hit 3o at around January 2013,

    selling of Oil Stocks may be a good idea at this point before they turn into pennie stocks

    • Matt S

      Hello Jacob,

      I read this yesterday via axil axil on i vortex; basically there is a possible over supply situation going on, which is having an effect on oil prices. How sustainable this is and what cost it will have on the environment is anyones guess??

    • Omega Z


      I’m sure the present Oil price fluctuation is mostly Economic outlook. I’m sure the Oil companies are watching LENR developments, But the only near term threat to them is Black Lights possible fuel cell research & development. If your aware of them, You know they move very slow.

      It’s long term futures that will indicate any real moves here. It’s been pointed out that BP has done some wheeling & dealing on Oil rights, But those can easily be discounted due to the 10’s of Billions they need to raise for the Gulf disaster.

      For real evidence you need to keep track of all the Big Players for Illogical moves from the Norm. This is hard to detect, because even with LENR, About 50% of oil will still be needed indefinitely.

      Coal also isn’t a good indicator at this time because it’s already under pressure from political elements. Natural Gas is plentiful now so reductions in production also tells us nothing.

      The U.S. recently approved a New Nuclear Power Plant. The First in decades. If this should suddenly go into a holding pattern, Would be an indication. However these type of things take several years to break Ground, so it could continue for awhile.

      One thing I do find Interesting is what GreenWin pointed out & that is, Siemens dumping Solar investments & their connections with Rossi.

      These are the kind of Developments will have to watch closely for indicators on what is happening.

  • edog

    Where should I invest!!!??

    $150 Aussie Dollars for a Refill Cartridge every 6months plus the $2500 for the Roosi ecat probably plus 10% GST on both.
    That is a lot of cash for 20 cents worth of nickel.. (I mean a 20cent piece)… have they been getting ideas from printer manufacturers? where the printers are cheaper than the ink cartridges??

    Defakalions business model.. not quite sure about it…
    I think will wait for the cheap chinese copies and get three.

    But that Blacklight Battery looks to be the best so far.. has multiple verifications and pumps out zappy juice directly!!! but.. they are very slow!!

    But wait! I would pay double that price happily for an open sourced Athanor device.. just out of principle… All the rest just seem to be about making the rich guys richer…
    We have an opportunity to really make a difference to the status quo here.


    • $150 is a very long way from Rossi’s original $10 estimate (which was pretty ridiculous). Like the printer manufacturers, if this is going to be a main source of revenue, cheaper rip-off versions would probably appear just as soon as they had been taken apart to see whats in them. DGT seem to be admitting that there is nothing magical about them, and theirs at least could be copied without difficulty.

      I continue to believe that the question is moot though, as if home heaters ever get to market, their use will be taxed to an extent that will level the playing field with other energy sources.

      • Omega Z


        I think it’s highly possible that Rossi has a product, & I think others will follow. When is the Big Question.

        What concerns me is how much the individual will gain.

        We have a light bulb that’s 80% more efficient then your current light bulb.
        It will save you $50 on your utilities over the lifetime of this bulb.

        It’s only $48.95. Please add appropriate sales taxes plus $9.95 for S/H. Order today…

        • I share your concerns Omega. I think a few people have already made your point with back-of-envelope ‘lifetime’ calculations for capital cost and the cost of electricity vs. natural gas, based on the info we think we have about the home e-cat specs. Add another $300 a year for cartridges, plus the necessity for large thermal stores and other new plumbing, and the economics look very doubtful.

          From various factoids grabbed here and there, it seems that DGT’s offering may cost very much more than Rossi’s initially, possibly to the extent that the cost of running it would have to be virtually nothing, if it to compete with NG.

          For me, the highest probability outcome is that industrial scale CF plant will be introduced widely and will within a decade largely replace fossil fuels in power generation, industrial heating, marine propulsion and a few other areas, and will give rise to new industries based on agricultural and related uses of cheap power, and of course battery electric car production.

          But for the overwhelming majority of us, I think that expectations of significant and immediate change may be overly optimistic. Our (grid) electricity bills may go down a bit if governments don’t get too greedy, the world will steadily get cleaner, warmongers will have to find other excuses for killing people in faraway lands, and I might even get to see my own favourite – a new generation of airships using helium lift enhanced by heating. Apart from that I can’t see much changing.

  • James

    “…the name of the person was not revealed…” Errr, am I the only person with a brain here? The report sounds like one of those emails from Africa, asking for someone to look after US $100 million, tax free… you know, those scam emails.

    Anonymous rubbish!

    • Content-free and insulting comments that seem to be made just in order to use the word ‘scam’ might be better appreciated elsewhere.

    • Omega Z

      Mainstream News Reports

      A Senior Official stated ta ta ta, ta ta ta

      This is off the record as he isn’t authorized to say anything so his name is being withheld…

      This is a daily occurrence in the mainstream news.

    • Bigwilly

      I would tend to agree. Anonymous information especially in this field (commercial LENR), is less than worthless.


  • georgehants

    What I meant in my previous post was that if Defkalion can name a good number of investors who have been convinced of the validity of their E-CAT enough to put up 40 million each, then all scientific validation is unnecessary.
    Science will be left poking around in the ashes trying to understand how their “opinion experts” could possibly be wrong, as they are on many other things.
    When it becomes clear of the terrible crimes that science has committed and the many people who have died or suffered through a 23 year delay in Cold Fusion purely to protect the ego’s and positions of the religious scientific elite, hopefully many heads will deservedly fall.

    • Omega Z


      What Mainstream Science & Governments have suppressed over the decades is a shame. But the Mainstream populace is unaware & it appears that they have done just enough or making it appear that they have to cover their backside.

      They can claim that they have been working on it. The General population will believe & things will continue.

      Note that some of those researching other LENR projects though on the fringe haven’t been completely ostracized from the mainstream. NASA, Spawar, Etc.. This gives them plausible deniability. Funding records can be fabricated & placed in proper places to be found & so on. Those of us who know, should we speak up will just be conspiracist.

      • georgehants

        Omega Z, I think the old tactic of calling people conspirators has been seen through and ended.
        There is and has been a proven conspiracy from the science administration, supported by many closed-minded members of that disgraceful fraternity to hide and debunk Cold Fusion.
        The cheap defenses of the people who wish to defend the Dogma ridden status quo of science, have been shown as incompetent frauds and conspirators.
        As in many subjects in science the time has come and Cold Fusion has given the opertunity, for scientists to stand up for themselves and society and demand the Truth and only decisions based on Evidence and not “expert bloody opinion”
        I set the challenge for everybody on page —
        The Evidence for the phenomenon of UFO’s is indisputable and clear, they are either —-
        -An illusion of the mind, (hard to understand with multiple witnesses and radar confirmation etc.)
        – material manifestations.
        -something beyond known science and understanding.

        There is undeniably a conspiracy to stop open-minded unbiased, professional research on the subject and many people including scientists fall for this brain-washing.
        There is no rational reason with so much clear Evidence not to fully research the subject.
        Anybody arguing against research has an Agenda that is inconsistent with the simple search for TRUTH in science.

        • georgehants

          Can I make it clear I do not wish to discuss what UFO’s are, but why with indisputable Evidence of a phenomena they are systematically debunked rather then openly researched.

    • George, I have to agree with Omega Z I’m afraid. A perception management system that is able to hide for decades the venal criminality of bankers, the corruption of government by drug, chemical and oil cartels or the real extent of the consequences of Chernobyl and Fukushima, will have no problems at all with rewriting the shameful history of ‘cold fusion’.

      • georgehants

        Peter, good morning, then as the little boy on the dyke said to him-self, it is up to me.
        Do you not agree that all of us have a responsibility to use the Internet for putting right these things that in the past have been so easily hidden.

        • I think that those who now get their information about the world though the internet will always be far more aware of the truth (assuming they know how to filter the information) than the vastly greater number that is happy to swallow the pap dished out to them by the msm.

          Anyone who tries to correct the mistakes of the past, and for that matter the corruption of the present, is to some extent pushing on an open door on the web (shills and trolls excepted of course).

          The sad fact is though, that there are very large numbers of people whose awareness will never rise very far above managed ‘news bites’ and the sea of entertainment that has been so thoughtfully provided for them, and who will never come into contact with our words of timeless wisdom.

          • georgehants

            Agreed and in many ways understandable as people are kept busy trying to pay a mortgage and survive etc.
            But we must appeal to the people who like to feel they are more “intelligent etc” than the masses.
            Some encouraging things are happening, the Leverson inquiry is digging fairly deep and has uncovered the conspiracy of silence and corruption from the police, media, and government.
            The banking fraternity, if this latest Barclays conspiracy leads to an inquiry, may do much good.
            Some Wonderful things happening, much because of the Internet that if all moderators are as wise as Frank and remove all trouble makers can achieve great things.
            We must not feel over-powered by these conspirators, but overcome them with a clear calling for TRUTH in all areas.

    • Pete

      Yeah, right. LENR is struggling to be accepted by mainstream due to a conspiracy perpetuated by a “religious scientific elite”.

      Must be a relief to have such a simple-minded world view georgehants.

  • andreiko

    Geachte weldenkenden,

    De olieslurper en CO2 leverancier de”‘auto”‘wordt al rijp gemaakt voor electrische aandrijving,zodat de plaatsing van de e-cat-stirling onder de motorkap een futiliteit wordt,zelfs electrische oplaadpunten worden overbodig.De e-catcentrale zal alle andere vormen van energieproductie qua kosten en milieu vriendelijkheid ver achterzich laten.De gasleidingen zullen ook overbodig worden omdat waterstof indien nog gewenst goedkoop uit H2O bevrijdt kan worden ,de verbranding van H2 indien goed uitgevoerd geeft zelfs zuiverwater.Dan de ruwe olieprijs waar gaat die heen? ruweolie zal relatief snel overbodig worden
    de prijs wordt dan??? u mag het zeggen.

    • jacob

      30$ a barrel,some vehicles are running from onboard produed hydrogen ,made from water with high frequency current ,separating oxygen and water,stanley Meyer and also a japanese company,built a car that runs on water,I have been involved with free energy for 30 years,I bought plans from Howard Johnston’s magnetic motor,and seen many breakthroughs in free energy,most of it was ignored by Science and never made it to market,LENR AND COLD FUSION are only the tip of the iceberg ,and energy shortage has never existed , but was just a lot of hype, similar to when we ran out of wale oil,scaring people ,TODAY OIL is obsolete,just a tool for keeping us consumers hooked,oil has been an expensive addiction.
      thinking about the possibilities with established Science is great, electric vehicles could have been the norm,there is all kinds of ways to produce enough electricity by natural forces alone,by solar,wind,hydro,wave power to run the electrical needs of the world.

  • Robert Mockan

    Discuss business, to assure investors that it will be business as usual? The existing pricing system always adapts to maximize revenue to corporations introducing new technology, regardless of benefit to the consumer.
    How does that work? Costs to the consumer will be minimized to “just barely” persuade the consumer to buy the new product. If LENR technology is developed, and “controlled”, then people will still be debt slaves to the system. To break this scheme, we must have OPEN SOURCE NUCLEAR FUEL. Every person needs to know exactly how to MAKE the CATALYST. It is inexpensive, made out of common materials. The commercial products using it too expensive? Roll your own! But we must have the catalyst! Otherwise it really will be “business as usual”. And like solar cells on roof tops, or any other alternative energy, and like biodiesel from algae, it will be a long time coming.

    • Garry

      They can have all the patents in the world, but that won’t block people from learning how to reverse engineer this. It will not be hard to determine the structure of the nanoparticles and determine the catalyst and to deconstruct the device.

      I agree completely with your sentiments that the need is to recreate this as open source. In addition, once the Dekfalion tech is out, and Rossi’s, and people see what it can do you can expect a FLOOD of research into the area that will drive the market prices down down down.


    • joe j

      Money is the most important substance in all creation. Most humans are born with an affliction that cause them to devote a large part of their lives acquiring it for various reasons. I like to think i was born without this particular malady or a mild form of it at best. With money you can acquire all other commodities available for sale on this planet. Its foolish to think under any circumstances that other concerns will ever be put ahead of cash or the unholy pursuit of it.

      • Robert Mockan

        The insane oligarchs that rule this world might disagree. For those psychopaths POWER is the most important substance in all creation! They use money merely as a tool. That is why they control the making of it, through the monetary system they devised to also make debt slaves of their opponents. Power is the ability to control, and crush if need be, all opponents. To make them fear living, because their lives can be made a living hell, much worse than death. Indeed the people they make slaves will beg to kill them before the psychopaths are finished with controlling their minds, destroying their lives, and the lives of all people they love, and destroying all things they love. KILL, CRUSH, DESTROY! SUFFER ALL! POWER is the most important substance!

        • GreenWin

          Wow. Robert, getting a bit dramatic. I am sure such entities exist somewhere in the shadows. But they are simply NO MATCH for the enlightened. The human race is long overdue for such enlightenment and it is on the way. Not only in the reveal of LENR – but in other spiritual ways. Money and power are exigencies of the material world. The material world is infinitesimal.

          • Barry

            GrteenWin, you got a way with words man.

          • Barry

            typo meant “GreenWin”

          • Robert Mockan


            the entities I refer to, the “insane oligarchs”, call themselves the “enlightened”.
            One of their descriptions is the “Illuminati”, meaning the enlightened ones. But today there are many factions of power seeking psychopaths– and all could be found out through psychological testing and prevented from doing any more damage to society. At least they should be prohibited from holding any public office. If a board of directors of a corporation wants to have one in their organization, that would be their decision (but see below about posting psychopaths to a “list”, like a sex offender list). The testing should be mandatory for ANY one seeking public office, and failing the tests should result in posting to a “psychopath” list, like the “sex offender” list, that can be previewed by the public with full transparency of the kinds of people you would not want to associate with, or have near your children.
            Needless to say, the “insane oligarchs” that literally own much of the world, would probably all be posted to such a list.
            Would anything like this ever be implemented? Unlikely. The public does not even demand that the candidate for President pass a test showing it at least understands the Constitution, before swearing to observe and obey it. How dumb can people be?

          • Barry

            That mindset won’t go far Robert. You’re insulting the leaders and you’re insulting the people under them. Who’s left.

          • Robert Mockan


            I do not consider statements of fact to be insults. In any event, I am not insulting real leaders, or responsible people. And there have been some. But let us stay on focus. If not by testing them, how else can psychopaths be detected and removed from doing more damage to society, since they excel in hiding their true nature?

          • Barry

            There is darkness in everybody. The upside is everybody has the Light within, even Republicans.

  • H. Hansson

    Just wants to point out that Defkalion have been offering lip service for over a year now. “almost pregnant” style message coming in intervals… In general Greece people are the wrong people to do business with… just look how they try to back-step the deals with foreign governments regarding loans.

    I hope Defkalion proves me wrong.. I really do..

  • Barry

    Defkalion is listed to give a talk at the upcoming International Conference of Cold Fusion in Korea August 12th through the 17th (along with, Brillouin Energy), so now there are commercial companies who are taking part of the program. Seems like a big step forward. Many other all-stars of CF will be speaking as well. Can’t wait.