E-Cat World Launches LENRConnect

I am pleased to announce the launch of a premium E-Cat World service: LENRConnect.

LENRConnect is a site designed to become a worldwide community of people interested in getting involved in the emerging world of LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions).

The promise of LENR as an energy source is motivating many people to want to find ways to get involved in helping move it forward. We want LENRConnect to be a space and a community where people can find others with similar interests and share, learn, collaborate, and hopefully have fun in the process!

If you would like to participate in some way, we’d be very glad to host you on LENRConnect. If you are interested in science, replication, commercialization, social impacts, open source projects, education, or other aspect of LENR you might find this community helpful. This new site allows users to create profiles, form groups (public or private), post in forums, chat, message, share images, videos, documents, etc. — in other words, it is a social site built for people interested in getting involved in the LENR movement. We welcome people from all parts of the world, and encourage a variety of languages to be used here.

LENRConnect is a fee-based service. Costs for access to LENRConnect are as follows:

1 Month Membership $6.95
3 Months Membership $14.95 ($4.98 per month)
6 Months Membership $24.95 ($4.16 per month)
12 Months Membership $44.95 ($3.75 per month)

When you sign up you will have 30 days in which to try the service, and if for any reason you wish to discontinue your subscription within that trial period just contact us within the trial period and you will receive a full refund.

E-Cat World itself is not going to change. We will carry on doing what we have always done here in following the LENR story. If you are happy following the news and joining in conversations on the public side of E-Cat World, please continue to do so. (Remember the public forums page, too!).

But if you are looking for additional ways to participate in the LENR movement, you might consider signing up for LENRConnect. Click here to go to the registration page.

It’s a pleasure to be a part of the E-Cat World community — thanks to all for your contributions!

Frank Acland


  • Damn, Frank! That’s a lot of money!

    • GreenWin

      Joe, LENR is a $20 Trillion undertaking. This is for people who want to enter the profession.

  • Miles

    Frank is quick to capitalise on something that isn’t available or proven. Yet!! 🙂

  • AstralProjectee

    I don’t have the money to pay for it, but if it was free I would use it.

    I think the next big thing after LENR will be to find out what the Tesla technology was. Like super cheap energy through the aether. I bet this will be the new thing after LENR that will take off. It needs a lot of collaboration and ideas and small people for it to really take off. Nerds that like putting together electric boards in their free time. I think this will take off since it will be the next big thing that can be made on a tabletop.


  • NJT

    Ouch! ????

  • I think its a great idea Frank!

    You have spent many free hours keeping us informed.

    I’m really keen to invest in something at some stage.
    I am 99% committed to the fact Rossi really has some world changing (saving) technology.
    I’m keen to ride the wave, because it could be a very BIG one.

    I’m not joking, my power bill is $7,000 + per week in New Zealand winter. + gas for my car…
    I need an e-cat asap!
    If $4 per month gets closer to that – I’m keen!

  • $7 bucks a month is nothing if you are serious about getting involved in LENR. Many professional organizations have small fees. It’s a filter. I am looking forward to it.

    • Pachu

      Its not about the amount, its about we have a community, and in a community sense we like open source things, not fee-hidden things.

  • Karl

    Frank, I’ve tried to sign up but did not get any mail reply?

  • as much as I would like to support your work with this site, i think a fee based service for a community is highly unlikely to work.

    • T Lee Buyea – Fla. News Service Miam

      ??? Who is Frank and will Mr Rossi be reporting to him?
      Tom Buyea Miami, Florida

  • freethinker

    I think the aim is for PROFESSIONAL lenr people. Even though a comparison is not fair check out eg. IEEE dues at

    There is no shame in charging money for that service, I think there will be some tme before you reach some kind of critical mass in terms of population, though.

  • georgehants

    Not wishing to spoil the new venture, but many of the contributors to Cold Fusion discussion on these pages, should be paid for the time and energy they spend keeping the World informed of a Wonderful breakthrough in science.
    Without them, we would be left with official science denial and debunking that has gone on for 23+ years.
    Science should pay to learn from here, how following Evidence and supporting all research with tolerance and Enjoyment leads to a community of open-minded, progress oriented people, who have no fear to give the True Scientists (the Rebels mostly) every chance to demonstrate their Theorys or Research.
    Without the core information there would be nothing to follow.
    Hopefully many “outsiders” will be willing to join LENR Connect to bring up the numbers and learn from the only open sources in the World, the Free Internet.

    • georgehants

      Edit,See my reply to Wes above.

  • vadim

    When I try to enter LENRConnect site my Antivirus (Kaspersky) says that this site are trying to download virus code on my computer from api.ning.com. Is this true?

  • daniel maris

    Hope it goes well. NOt sure I can justify the money but it sounds like it could become a forum for suppliers, investors, licensees, and experimenters.

    • That is exactly how I see it. I hope the new site becomes just that, but for the moment I am simply an observer, not a participant.

  • paulc

    Frank – good idea here, but offer the 30 day trial for 1.99 (initially)then auto bill for – something lower – has to have content first, with the low intro more people will try and contribute. – Best, Paul

  • Matt S

    Good luck Frank, hope your new venture works for you.

  • dennis lynn

    It does not feel right.

  • Andrew Macleod

    Having an up front fee probally won’t work…..a free service will gain a following and then a fee/membership to “unlock” more features… This would still allow the serious people to discuss in private while the casuals to be part too.

    • Andrew Macleod

      Well I guess that’s what your trying to do…. Your sales pitch however seem to come across as a new service for a fee as opposed to more features on an existing service for a fee.

  • Fisher

    Sorry, man…This just looks damn ugly. It’s just a tad early to start charging for anything involving this technology which still hasn’t been proven.

  • Wes

    I don’t see what the uproar is about. Frank, owner of this site and one who has volunteered thousands of hours of his own time to the LENR community, advertises on this site a complete separate site which he has created. And readers complain! Really!! LOL!

    • georgehants

      Wes, Completely agreed, I below was not thinking very clearly about what you say.
      Thanks for putting me right.

    • GreenWin

      Seconded Wes, altruism and good will create material opportunities evidencing a law of balance. Frank is highly deserving of a financial resource. Congratulations Frank – good idea.

      • admin

        Thanks, GW.

  • Robert


    The market will end up telling u what this sight is worth.
    You value your time nothing wrong with that. I visit this sight Dailey and enjoy the technical aspects of LENR, physics and chemistry even when I can’t fully get my head around some of the technical stuff. All the sniping and off subject insults and bs get really old.

  • admin

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for all the comments — I understand some of the negative reactions (and was expecting them), and appreciate the encouraging ones. One thing I would like to emphasize is that E-Cat World is not going to change — in fact I hope it will grow and develop over time, and of course access to it will always remain free.

    As someone mentioned here, LENRConnect would be more suitable for people who want to some kind of work in the LENR field and would like a place to meet people with similar goals and interests, network, learn, offer services, collaborate in private spaces, discuss, etc. I suppose you could call it a kind of service for professionals (although as yet, there is not much of an LENR profession) — it’s for people working more seriously in the field.

    Of course I have thought long and hard about this, have sought advice from others, and have come up with a plan according to my best judgement. Whether it will sink or swim remains to be seen .

    I do appreciate the input, serious comments are taken seriously.

  • Joe Varcadipane

    Anthony Watts has had one of the most sucessful, science based, climate oriented web sites in the history of the web. His site is still, to this day, free. Although he does have a link for donations, I believe that these are to help defer the cost of running his site. Which he clearly states.
    I understand the need to establish a forum for “professionals” within the new field LENR, but a pay wall set up to fund personal progress, does not sound very altruistic. When one sees the idea of a fee based service, to help foster the growing field of LENR, without seeing where the fees actually go. One does have the tendency to get a bit suspicious. Maybe a similar direction would raise fewer concerns.
    I think you would find that there are more of us out there than you think, who would be glad to support you for your time and effort. While keeping all the discussions and input “open sourced”. I believe that is one of the main arguments, from the beginning, about LENR research.

  • Of course you could always join Havenheed..! It’s free and increasingly focused on anything regarding self-sufficiency. 😉

  • john Tait

    What a fabulous way to achieve an early low level entry into a LENR profession. A lot cheaper than College or University, and these days, with much more guarantee at the end of the on going “course”…. Providing that after all Dr. Rossie has achieved… countries like mine, that being Canada, embrace this technology and extend their graces… Damn those dirty oil sands.

    Good luck frank!

    Anyway, I had earlier ordered two units with a price guarantee from our rock star of LENR Dr Rossie. I hope that our hero is still as honourable now as I found him at the beginning of his rise to nobility.