Rossi: Validation Document 140 Pages, "Scientific Magazine" to Publish Report.

I thought this comment on the Journal of Nuclear Physics was worth a post of its own. I will add to it if more information is forthcoming:

Q: Dear Andrea Rossi
about the presentation in Zurich on September 8 and 9:
“Test results of the 600 degree E-Cat, validation by third party company”
Best regards
Giuliano Bettini

A:Dear Giuliano Bettini:
We will explain briefly the highlights of the report ( whose complete version is 140 pages long) and the data that eventually will be published in a scientific magazine.
Warm Regards.

The document Rossi is referring to is, of course, the report about the performance of the high temperature E-Cat modues that Rossi has said will be validated by third parties, and which he has said is of very high importance to Leonardo Corporation. If Rossi knows the length of the report at this time, it suggests it has already been completed.

The identity of the ‘scientific magazine’ that publishes data from the report is going to be interesting. If it is one of the well-known publications in the scientific world (e.g. Scientific American, New Scientist, Science News, etc.) it could bring a high level attention to Rossi’s work. If it is a lesser-known magazine it may not have the same effect. There have been reports that Popular Science have been working on a story about LENR, and may have covered Rossi and Defkalion, so perhaps that is the magazine he is referring to. Althought it’s a well known publication, it’s not really a publication that the scientific establishment looks to for authoritative content.

  • georgehants

    Best to print in his own Journal as expert peer review and censorship will delay official publication for another 23 years.

    • barty

      Yes, but he should first try a serious and recognized magazine, if one is anyway interested in printing it.

      • Luca Salvarani

        Rossi doesn’t care at all about so called “scientific establishmen”, expecially here in Italy where they are totally against LENR. If they could they would treat Rossi like Galileo Galilei or Giordano Bruno and destroy LENR research at all! The free market will be the only and deciside judge!

        • dragonX

          That is a strange position you have there, knowing that beside Rossi Italy also gave us Piantelli, Cellani, Focardi, so all the heavies in the very successful Nickel-Hydrogen reaction. If parts of Italian scientific establishment is LENR-deaf, does not mean that a hidden cast is not working mighty hard on LENR as we speak.

          • Luca Salvarani

            Dear DragonX

            1) I’ve written “establishmen”.. For example Focardi and Piantelli worked with zero support from the establishment! The work of other top italian scientists such as Preparata, De Ninno, Del Giudice in this field was stopped by our crony scientific bureaucrats.. They all worked and have worked manly on their’s own initiative: there’s not been a general plan to research in this field! With much support, and also funds, they would have discovered much more and much earlier! It’s not a case that Italy exports a lot of “beautifull minds”, expecially in the US..
            Even right now there are strong pressure on University of Bologna in order to get rid of Rossi and LERN altogether: Passerini’s blog also witnesses this!
            2) Just consider the recent government reation to Rossi… In every developed country in the world the government would welcome this kind of endeavour, expecially during this crisis…. Here in Italy it’s at best neutral and uninterested…. I hope that this technology will be developed as much as possible mainly in the US because Italy would only delate it… On the other hand you would get much more advantages than us from e-cat and this is exactly what we deserve!

    • GreenWin

      George, Randell Mills has been blacklisted from “serious” journals for 20 years now. The fact journals have refused to publish serious research like Report 41 from ENEA sponsored by a Nobel laureate – should shame these “journals” into extinction. If they are to survive this revolution it will only be because their ownership, out of self-preservation, apologizes for perverting the scientific method.

      • georgehants

        GreenWin, and thousands more rejected simply by arrogant peer review “experts”.
        If a scientist speaks outside of Dogma he is doomed, even Nobel Prize winners with nothing more to protect than their reputations, still, after being accused of having the “Nobel disease” when they start to talk the Truth, tend to stay quiet.
        Hopefully the debacle of Cold Fusion will help to put science back on some sort of sane track.

        • GreenWin

          But isn’t it satisfying to see the dawn breaking george??

          • Warthog

            I prefer to think of it as “the train leaving the station”, with the skeptics all standing in the middle of the tracks looking intently in the other direction.

          • Nice image (especially the implicit one of a few seconds later!)

          • Stephen Taylor


            A better link, I hope.

            Dr. Martin Fleischmann has died at age 85. RIP. Sad that he was not able to see the best contributions of the discovery.

          • In searching on news of this event I found this quote from Wired : “Statements like these prompt an obvious question: If nuclear fusion can be demonstrated in anyone’s basement workshop for a few thousand dollars, and could revolutionize society – why haven’t we heard about it?” Probably because it can’t be done in just anyone’s basement as it requires some skill, it costs more like hundreds of thousands of dollars and there are a lot of people who have been so brainwashed that they will not hear you even if you shout about the subject.

          • Robert Mockan

            I agree it requires more than social skills, more than a few thousand dollars, and most people are, if not brainwashed, more interested in other activities. I’m still a bit surprised the subject has actually survived as long as it has. Thanks to Rossi it certainly has been given a new lease on life.

      • Apologies seem unlikely in the extreme to me. Their history can be spun in terms of ‘necessary caution’ too easily. A few editorials would suffice to ‘reposition’ the stance of each the various scurrilous rags that have been guilty of suppression. Somehow it will be made to seem that they really truly wanted to publish LENR papers but were ‘unable’ to do so as the evidence did not, in some way, meet the ‘required standards’ (in other words, by implication it was all the fault of the researchers for being unable to write research papers properly).

        • GreenWin

          True. This excuse will be met with a pink slip.

  • Ivan Mohorovicic

    I wonder if the 140 pages (!) report will be available as a preprint.

    • Ged

      Can’t really publish the entire report in a journal; would have to distill it down to some core data, or split it into several submission, as it’s just too long (typical of an industry report). Really looking forward to seeing this, and by whom.

      I am also hoping by “magazine” he means scientific peer-reviewed journal. And it could be the 3rd party are the ones who will be doing the submission for publishing.

      • GreenWin

        I wonder how many editors of scientific magazines have burst into tears realizing this data WILL be published?? Whatever rag this does appear in will be immortalized in human history.

  • I need some Jaws music playing in the background as I await with anticipation. If Rossi is preparing to go public after withdrawing because of yapping skeptics then he must be prepared to silence them.

    Go Rossi

    • GreenWin

      kwhilborn – indeed, composer John Williams is appropriate. Along with epic director Mr. Spielberg. A project 15 years in development:)

  • PersonFromPorlock

    He probably knows the length because he wrote it. The ‘scientific magazine’ is probably The Journal of Nuclear Physics.

    I’d like to be wrong, but….

    • Francesco CH

      You are wrong.

    • GreenWin

      And your comment you’d “like to be wrong” is disingenuous.

    • I thought all of the cynics had gone. I guess not.

  • LCD

    If the content in the report is proof posiive it doest matter who publshes it.

    • jfab

      So if the report is anonymous or signed by some creditless party, and published in a tabloid, it’s fine?

    • Loop


    • LCD

      What im saying is so long as the report stands on its own merit then it doesnt matter what magazine summerizes it.

      • GreenWin

        Correct. The honesty of nearly ALL science journals re LENR is compromised by their rejection of Nobel laureate Carlo Rubbia’s Report 41 on Cold Fusion and He3. If these clowns will not publish the work of a Nobel laureate – they make themselves nothing less than puppets of ignorance.

        • Let us not forget Julian Schwinger who resigned from the American Physical Society after they refused to publish his papers on cold fusion.

    • hammerskoj

      Cold fusion in National Instruments China flier 2012:

      Page 4, last rows, via Google Translate, not revised:

      … is very optimistic about the future of the NI in the embedded applications market. Whether with the LEGO company or in collaboration with universities to attract the next generation of the most intelligent people to join the engineering field, or to help physicists to solve the problems of cold fusion, National Instruments is always committed to meet the challenge …
      Dr. James Truchard
      NI CEO

  • LCD

    so is gary wright stevn kivit like rrossi is claimiing

    • Ged


  • I’d note that the six independent validation reports for BlackLight Power’s hydrino reactors were in the range of 2-3 pages each, and done by people at CalTech, MIT and a Fortune 500 company, among others. I hope publication of Rossi’s report has equal credibility, but 140 pages seems quite excessive. See

    • jacob

      could add a lot of pages in your new book

    • LCD

      But the bottom line is blacklight power gets funding.

      • GreenWin

        Blacklight has indisputable, hard science.

  • artefact

    Financial Times: (Subscription Only)

    “In a Financial Times interview this week, Jeff Immelt, chief executive of GE, said nuclear power was “really hard” to defend financially, when compared both with gas-fired generation and certain renewables

    • Luca Salvarani

      I guess that he wasn’t thinking about LENR… Neclear fusion is one (maybe the very one) of the most difficult and risky industrial projects to finance (there’re a lot of technical reasons). Financing such a projects is really a nightmare! For this reason it will be the first “old” energy source to be dispalced by LENR, of course along with renewables that are a sort of ponzi-scheme even without LENR.

      • artefact

        i know you ment nuclear fission ..

        • Luca Salvarani

          Of course! Sorry!

      • Iggy Dalrymple

        Immelt sells natgas turbines, wind turbines, and medical gear. Supplemented of course with occasional govt bailouts.

        • GreenWin

          Iggy, you mean the wind subsidies I imagine. Many of these “programs” are thrust on industry like it or not. Some are real benefits others just pork. Jeff,like Siemens AG is positioning GE’s exit from fission and any hot fusion projects they may be involved with.

          Makes sense. Fission is wildly complex and expensive compared to selling turbines that burn methane. Hot fusion is and has been for 40 years white collar welfare. GE’s shareholders should celebrate.

  • artefact

    Video of Robert Rohner (not Bob Rohner) presenting his noble gas engine
    and a video of
    Dr. Michael Mckubre commenting on his machine!!!

    very good!

    • artefact

      and interestingly Sterling Allen filmed many inventions there but not this highlight.

      Mckubre: the produced at least 10 times the energy in. .. it is clearly a nuclear process. ..
      This is a power source that mankind needs to have.

    • Robert Mockan

      I can see why so many are skeptical. A large enough capacitor discharge in a cylinder filled with any compressed gas can generate that kind of expansion force. The fact is ALL comments about there being no waste heat, and that the input electrical power is less than the output power, are hearsay. If McKubre had copies of dynamometer tests then he would be credible, but without verified data, he would be the first to say that no one should believe him just because he says he saw the Papp engine work. As a scientist he knows that is not being derogatory about him, just consistent with what constitutes acceptable evidence in the scientific world. So what do we have? Videos that are ALL unverifiable, showing …an apparatus that is supposed to represent the kinetic energy imparted to a mass… that may or may not be accurately measured, with unknown electrical power inputs and unverified power outputs. Bleh!
      This is EXACTLY WHY THE “FREE ENERGY” FIELD HAS BEEN DERIDED FOR SO MANY YEARS, and why we still are using combustion of hydrocarbons for heat and power. What does it take to make these people realize that their BEHAVIOR is delaying even a determination of weather or not they even have anything worth looking at?! Gods! Doing lab research and writing up a proper report is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE! What is wrong with these people? If they really do have something, the delay in developing it is… unspeakable!

      • Mattias

        I totally agree with you, Robert! Well written!

      • Lloyd

        So please explain why prof guiseppe levi from the u of bologna would continue to support Rossi?

        • Robert Mockan

          Because Rossi is promoting a known phenomena. Although the lay public may question LENR, scientists who research the subject know it works, and are trying to explain it.

          But the PlasmERG “plasmic transition process” has no intersect points with thermodynamics, gas laws, known physics or chemistry. Nothing to even say here is good starting point to try to learn what is happening.

          Assuming the operating characteristics are as stated, during part of the process it absorbs heat energy without an increase in temperature. For a noble gas mixture to do that, in whatever state it is in, is inexplicable. This means that not only can the engine provide power during the expansion phase of the process, but if the expansion medium is cooled through a heat exchanger before it begins to absorb heat energy during the contraction phase, the engine can provide power while operating as a refrigeration unit. Whatever the process is, if real, it is not thermodynamic, and the Boyle gas laws do not apply. Then there is the expansion phase itself. It is described not as an impulse but as a continuous propagation effect. But propagation of what? Plasma? That is just ionized gases. And ionized gases can not provide the expansion effect for the stated power outputs unless heated to high temperatures.
          And contrary to what the company says, high temperature plasma does not absorb energy on converting back into non-ionized gas. In fact it just reaches a new equilibrium of high temperature gas. The energy put into the plasma does not vanish, and all forms of energy degrade into heat. So what is the “plasma transition process”? If the engine is real what makes it work?
          The PlasmERG videos and the comments made by the Tesla conference participants explain NOTHING about the process, and the “evidence ” presented has no scientific rigor at all. Yet the company is planning to sell engines based on this process that uses essentially no fuel and puts out enormous amounts of mechanical shaft power!

          • Lloyd

            Direct testimony from giuseppe levi is not hearsay.

          • Robert Mockan

            No one said it was. Are you sure you have the right post? LENR and the Rossi E-Cat, and PlasmERG, are not related in any way. (Correction: probably not related in any way, no body knows for sure). This post is about PlasmERG. Levi did his investigation of the Rossi E-Cat.

          • dsm2


            Robert posted “The PlasmERG videos and the comments made by the Tesla conference participants explain NOTHING about the process, and the “evidence ” presented has no scientific rigor at all. Yet the company is planning to sell engines based on this process that uses essentially no fuel and puts out enormous amounts of mechanical shaft power!”
            Robert are you confusing the two companies ?.
            I take it you do know that PlasmERG is in direct competition to Rohner Group. ?.
            PlasmERG, run by John Rohner is claiming they will deliver Papp engines this year. We will all have to wait and see.
            Bob Rohner is not part of PlasmERG but is CEO of the Rohner Group – they are rivals. I hope this helps your understanding of the issues a bit better. Bob Rohner made no claims at all about delivering engines soon. He is though building a 2 cylinder engine.
            Bob Rohner presented at the Tesla event and merely showed what he said was evidence of Noble gas expansion & contraction. Without such informational presentations we may never learn anything.
            He was not presenting a scientific validation of the process. That needs to come from scientists & what made Bob Rohner’s video so attention getting is that a scientist who is well known in energy circles stated “it is impossible but it works”. Now you are entitled to lambast the video for not being a scientific proof but it was never claimed to be. The issue here (this blog) is who has the reputation is it Mike McKubre or an unknown poster in a blog.

            If McKubre at some time (hopefully soon) offers a scientific evaluation of the reality of Noble Gas expansion contraction when plasmated, then we are looking at a new potential energy.

            Papp claimed to have had it running many years ago and did demos for TRW in California. Papp’ momentum stalled after the engine explosion that killed a bystander. He carried on with his work but never took it to any level of commercialization. Again we have Prof Gene Mallove to thank for much of what we know about Papp & his Nobel Gas engine. Mallove’s reputation is also wide & highly regarded. He thought the engine interresting enough to deserve serious investigation. Thankfully McKubre may now provide that.

            One rather amusing reality is that one of Papps engines (for which he was GRANTED patents) was dyno tested by authorities in the US, then the Dyno tester was itself tested and thus we have on record an actual validation of Papps engine but today not a single accepted validation of Rossi’s eCat. That to me makes McKubre’s remarks about Noble Gas potential a lot more interesting.
            I agree though, it is not proven but it is very interesting.


          • Robert Mockan

            Thanks for pointing out that was the Rohner group. It is a convenience to just refer to anything having to do with the “plasmic transition process” as PlasmERG.
            I give the “business” competition among the Rohners all consideration due. See here why that is:

            NcKubre is a scientist. I am an unknown poster. Good luck with learning more about the subject.

          • dsm

            Yup very familiar with that web site. It is a rather sad reality that so many of these folk are eccentric or simply oddball.
            The best hope in most cases is that something real emerges from the confusion.
            The issue re the Tesla event is if Mike McKubre gets to explain his comment about it being impossible but works. That was no simple throwaway line. 🙂

            It either means he has done some homework (he says he has known Bob Rohner for several years and the Papp engine from Gene Mallove & Rohner sent a set of videos to McKubre 6 months ago who then visited Rohner).



      • dragonX

        I strongly agree. It makes me mad also.

      • morse

        The free energy field is a bit like the UFO saga.
        As Stanton Friedman says it:
        “Some UFO’s are alien spacecrafts, most are not ! I don’t care about them !”

        But you’re right Robert, those people harm the free energy field more than they know

        • Dickyaesta

          Has anyone ever investigated why there is no sonic boom, when the UFO leaves at enormous speed. Is it a proof of anti-gravity? Or proof the thing doesn’t exist. Maybe this makes you think a bit Morse 😉

          • Lloyd

            Alternate dimensions?

          • morse

            When a UFO uses anti-gravity, it still causes a sonic boom. The only conclusion could be a technology to compensate the sonic boom effect 🙂

          • Dickyaesta

            Morse, could you elaborate on that, because I am not so sure anti gravity still causes a sonic boom. Is it not inherent of anti gravity OF NOT making waves be it sonic or otherwise?! ¨) Sorry Frank, for the off topic, but here we have at least minds open enough to think about these things.

          • georgehants

            morse, agreed , if one looks at the age of the universe, even the uncertain attempts by science, to assume that technology beyond our own pathetic efforts is not common place is a little shortsighted.
            But then most of science is.

      • joe j

        It may constitute acceptable evidence in the scientific world but the same position would be considered a slanderous attempt to suppress the technology in the cold fusion science world.

        “Between cold fusion and respectable science there is virtually no communication at all. Cold fusion papers are almost never published in refereed scientific journals, with the result that those works don’t receive the normal critical scrutiny that science requires. On the other hand, because the Cold-Fusioners see themselves as a community under siege, there is little internal criticism. Experiments and theories tend to be accepted at face value, for fear of providing even more fuel for external critics, if anyone outside the group was bothering to listen. In these circumstances, crackpots flourish, making matters worse for those who believe that there is serious science going on here”

        There is no room at the cold fusion table for the scientific method.

        • georgehants

          joe j, please be plain there is only one scientific method, do the research and follow the Evidence, stop whinging, denying and abusing as science has for 23 years over proven Cold Fusion.
          Cold Fusion has been handled for all that time by a few outside Rebels willing to gamble their careers to follow the Truth against insane and incompetent main-line science.
          Science has shown itself to be incapable of open-minded intelligent analysis of Evidence and has even used fraud to cover it up.
          Science is the one that clearly needs to grow up and start to catch up, not still sit complaining and blaming the Cold Fusion fraternity, that is O.K. where it is and needs no help from arrogant “opinion experts” from the establishment or closed-minded members.

        • There is no room at the cold fusion table for the peer review process. That is the choice of those who dictate the terms of the process, not those who are excluded from it. Because this system has become corrupted it is no longer the same thing as the true scientific method, which is more evident in CF research than in many peer reviewed fields.

      • hammerskoj
        • s

          I find this very interesting. Are they planning to change the name to something else?

          • hammerskoj

            I think no: European trademark is simply ‘E-cat’ (one opponent only, Caterpillar, but bias not accepted) and registration seems OK.

  • daniel maris

    There was a rumour on another site I think that Popular Science were refusing to publish an article on Rossi, having not been impressed by the “demonstration”. Could this relate to this comment?

  • GreenWin

    For our friend and intrepid truth seeker george hants:

    “Science is in a state of crisis. Where free inquiry, natural curiosity and open-minded discussion andconsideration of new ideas should reign, a new orthodoxy has emerged. This ‘new inquisition’, as it has been called by Robert Anton Wilson (2) consists not of cardinals and popes, but of the editors andreviewers of scientific journals, of leading authorities and self-appointed “skeptics”, and last but not leastof corporations and governments that have a vested interest in preserving the status quo, and it is just aseffective in suppressing unorthodox ideas as the original.”

    Warthog – excellent image.

    • GreenWin

      And because (pluralistic) WE have heretical blood in our veins – here is an excellent overview of heroes of unorthodox energy. The message should be coming clear – one need not have royal blood or ordained lineage to do good or great things. A Master teaches, “These things and MORE can you do also.”

      • morse

        I watched it and was very interesting. But only 4000+ viewers watched it??? It should be given on television and in schools every week so that we finally wake up !

      • Chris

        I watched what I could of this video so far (up to th 30th minute) but I remain scarcely convinced. It does not offer a plausible source for the excess energy (regardless of a detailed mechanism or model) in either of the (first) two cases. The zero point energy is a well known thing and the Casimir effect has been measured but no manner of tapping it transpires, so I don’t regard that as such a plausible source and it doesn’t help that the narrating voice makes such a hash in talking about quantum physics.

        The second guy, that’s producing hydrogen, shouldn’t be so thwarted by skepticism and needn’t even take out patents as long as they are no use; it’s a wasted expense and they don’t last forever. He could well be selling hydrogen without anybody knowing a thing about how mcuh it costs him to extract it from water, that’s nobody’s business but his own (and his chartered accountant of course). Why hasn’t he been doing this?

        • GreenWin

          Chris, this is a BBC film seen by some 3-4 million people in the UK. AFAIK Jim Griggs is still making and selling Hydrosonic heaters. Stan Meyer the water car project refused an offer of $1BILLION in cash from a Saudi oil cartel. In 1997 he was eating in a diner, he shouted he’d been poisoned, and died.

          Eugene Mallove was murdered at his rental property in Massachusetts. William Patterson died of natural causes – one of his patents on excess heat cells has disappeared from the US database.

    • georgehants

      GreenWin, very sad to have to read the Truth about science.
      It should make every “scientist” very angry, but I fear the establishment brainwashing is very deep.
      One only has to observe the many “scientists” on Cold Fusion websites, irrationally fighting against something that will show itself in time and with Research to be true or false no matter what one believes.
      Science has for 60 years mainly been in a state of denial of anything beyond a steam engine.
      The Quantum frightens them all and yet is the only reality, everything else is just a local approximation.
      Research, research, research and follow open-mindedly and honestly EVIDENCE to a conclusion, celebrate the unknown and look for the slightest thing that does not fit, then we will find the Truth.
      The past 60 years will in the future be known as the wasted years by historians, when the answers surround us in the non-material and esoteric.

      Interesting link, been known of course since Bell and Aspect’s time but new to many.
      Can the future affect the past?
      Bell about 1964, EPR about 1935.

    • Niklas

      News from David Nagel – 2012.08.03

      • daniel maris

        He’s right about needing to change the name – I’ve said that before. Get rid of the word “nuclear”.

        • Nuclear processes is what makes this phenomenon unique from chemical thermodynamic reactions, so I think LENR is appropriate.

          • That may be so, but the word does provide a tool for enemies of the technology to use. Even ‘Cold Fusion’ would be a far better term to use when introducing the concept to the general public, but it really needs marketers rather than scientists to come up with a new name. As I mentioned once before, in a world where a paediatrician’s offices were attacked by a mob which couldn’t differentiate the word from ‘paedophile’ (Portsmouth, UK, 1985) you need to be careful.

          • Senior moment: 2005, not 1985.

          • GreenWin

            Low Energy Fusion Technology LEFT. This will drive the Right wing crazy:):)

  • Ivan Mohorovicic

    The Zurich conference program has been [officially] altered once again. Newest version:

    • Ivan Mohorovicic
    • Lu

      What impresses me is all the people who are coming out in association with the E-Cat. Of course I don’t know who any of these people are and whether they have any stature but still for me this is as important as the actual results.

  • daniel maris

    Have people seen the Rossi programme (thanks to Al over on another site)?:

    • daniel maris

      Sorry – just seen the post below on that…this is not the latest version, so please ignore.

      • Robert

        Just produce a convincing paper with the names of the 3rd party testers, plenty of data that will convince the world. My sorry is this report will leave people with more questions than answers.

        • jacob

          If you do refer as to why the nuclear reactions take place,there are I have heard, a hundred theories of why it may be taking place.

          but is it not better to leave the understanding of nuclear physics up to those few in this world who understand it.

          After all we want to utilize the heat that is produced into money saving ventures,

  • hammerskoj

    Rossi and Switzerland “overunity” people: a new love?
    Note this speaker on Rossi’s Zurich congress:

    Dr. sc.nat. HANS WEBER, London/GB and Zug/CH
    “Innovative Concepts for the Conversion of Heat into Electricity
    High efficient method for electrical power production via low temperature heat with demo”

    A primer from scientific work of Dr. WEBER:
    … “somit ist die fuenfte Kraft eine Urkraft, welche ganz neue Energieloesungen und Materielleumwaldungsprozesse hervorbringt. … Die Entdeckung der fuenfte Grundkraft ist die groesste Entdeckung seit Einstein.”
    … “and so, the fifth force is one of the fundamental forces [of nature], from which [is easy to derive] new energy solutions and transformations of matter. … It is the biggest discovery since Einstein.”

    I am puzzled, to say the least.

  • Stephen Taylor

    Sadly, Martin Fleischmann has passed away at age 85.

    (Not verified yet but no reason to doubt the source.)

    • Stephen Taylor

      Jed Rothwell confirms on vortex “died yesterday”.

  • Torbjörn

    “26 years ago, National Instruments redefined instrumentation.
    This summer, we’re doing it again.”

    “Be there when everything changes.”

    • Very portentous. Let’s hope that proceedings live up to that strap line.

    • artefact

      New RF and Microwave Product From National Instruments

      probably that is what Rossi needed from NI.

      • That is the key. This aspect of Rossi’s devices doesn’t receive anything like enough attention.

    • GreenWin

      Yes. Here is a list of presenters who have been left off the official program – most likely due to NS issues:

      Alexandros Xanthoulis, Defkalion
      Francesco Celani, INFN
      George Xanthoulis, Defkalion
      John Hadjichristos, Defkalion
      Peter Hagelstein, MIT
      Symeon Tsalikoglou, Defkalion
      Fancesca Sarto, ENEA
      Vittorio Violante, ENEA Frascati Research Center

      It also seems probable that Ansaldo Energia is preparing to enter commercial LENR via Rossi/Focardi technology. They will likely manufacture and sell the 1MW units for industrial and small business applications. The Ansaldo parent Finmeccanica has been blocked by Italian government from selling the unit.

  • enoughAlready

    You true believers are just too easy…
    “data that eventually will be published”
    did you miss the “EVENTUALLY” in the sentence?

    Like EVERYTHING else Rossi has promised he will push the “data” out into the future…..then he will invent ANOTHER round of new data which will supersede the prior set….and it just so happens will be even further out in the future.

    As much as we ALL want this to work Rossi is clearly not going to deliver.
    He should put up or shut up.

    • georgehants

      enoughAlready, your analysis is so deep and profound I have just fallen over with admiration.
      Keep it up and you may be excepted on the sceptic websites.
      I think you may have to add a few more assumptions, innuendos and insults before you become a master debunker.
      But keep trying we are all admiring your efforts.

    • Rockyspoon

      Says who? You? Are you an investor; do you sit on the board of directors? Or are you just some impatient know-it-all that wants his cake and eat it too except you haven’t contributed a single dime?

      Consider. Think. Retract.

  • Robyn

    “We will explain briefly the highlights of the report ( whose complete version is 140 pages long) and the data that eventually will be published in a scientific magazine.”

    Well, it’s a very thin sentence to decipher. “Nothing now. More eventually.”

    And I would be on board with the people doubting this guy, except he is not the only one finding substantial results. NASA, MIT, the EU’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, and let’s not forget, Martin Fleischmann, who was, at the time, one of the world’s foremost electrochemists.

    So, I am FINE with Rossi being cagy, being vague, or being otherwise hard to pin down. The research is serious. The results are only now starting to come in.

    And in a few months, we will see if Rossi, or someone else get’s a reactor to the public first.

    Either way, it’s coming.

    I’m sick and tired of Moore’s Law taking so long before the Singularity, but that’s coming too, and so is Nano-Technology, 3d-Bio-Printing, and Room Temperature Super-Conductors.

    I am fortunate enough to remember The Newton by Apple. So I don’t mind a little patience.

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