Robert Duncan at NIWeek on the Anomalous Heat Effect

Here’s an interesting video from this week’s NIWeek in Austin featuring Professor Rob Duncan from the University of Missouri. Duncan is becoming a bit of a rock star at LENR events these days, and I think for good reason. He has the solid ‘let’s go where the data takes us’ attitude, which is really all that LENR proponents have ever wanted. It is interesting to see him taking the main stage at this National Instruments conference and talking unashamedly about the Pons and Fleischmann effect, which he calls the anomalous heat effect, is in fact real. Professor Duncan has said that he has received some criticism from other scientists, but he simply states that we must follow the scientific method dispassionately and follow the data.

This video also features National Instruments’ Greg Morrow who talks about how NI has been involved in measuring the anomalous heat effect.

  • ChemE

    The biggest scoop to come is that it is not Cold Fusion, Hot Fusion, LENR or any of the other IT IS HAWKING RADIATION (quantum singularity evaporation). This IS UNDERSTOOD in current Physics!

    • Kim

      Sounds good to me. I have read
      the theory and it makes sense.

      Lets use this and get on with
      Producing Product.

      I understand the need for theory to
      drive the intimacy’s of control and

      With the size the industrial scientists
      ego’s of today’s, we could be years if not
      centuries arriving at why it works.


    • Why do you insist on pushing a theory that has no basis for its application in this phenomena? What experimental data suggests it is due to evaporation of black holes?

    • dsm

      So are you saying the anomalous heat effect from LENR is actually due to micro black-holes in the lattice emitting positive mass ?
      I really doubt that is what you mean ?
      Cheers DSM

      • ChemE

        No, the singularities are evaporating mass into low levels of nuclear radiation, primarily showing up as heat. This is the quantum goo that universes are made of.

    • Stephen Taylor

      ChemE, the paper you mentioned in the following short explanation of your theory, can you give a link please?

      Link to short explanation follows as a reply, sorry.

      I am still trying to figure out if this is entertainment or serious. No offense intended but there has been a bit of tongue in cheek humour about. The link to your paper would be helpful. Thanks.

      • Stephen Taylor

        ChemE, the paper you mentioned in the following short explanation of your theory, can you give a link please?[email protected]/msg68666.html

        I am still trying to figure out if this is entertainment or serious. No offense intended but there has been a bit of tongue in cheek humour about. The link to your paper would be helpful. Thanks.

      • ChemE

        Well, I am serious but you might be entertained…

        I just happen to be very interested in climate change, cold fusion, quantum mechanics and Steven Hawking/black holes and the universe.

        I think we have just tied them all together at the quantum level.

        Whereby fusion is condensing matter, my theory is the EVAPORATION of matter into the quantum goo that universes are made of. Heat just happens to be one of the by-products

        • ChemE


          And I forgot to mention that solar and wind SUCK as energy sources and are much better for sun tanning and flying kites!

          • GreenWin

            Green heresy! But true.

    • Geez ,
      Well at least I can now forget worrying about global warming ,another Ice age or Asteroid

      We all gonna end up as a Singularity because of Rossi

      • Stephen Taylor

        LHC would have already had us, Chris.

        • Yes Steve.
          I believe some well credentialed scientists
          stated that we should all now be in the afterlife after the LHC was fired up.

          Since we are in the realms of somewhat extreme speculation.
          And at the risk of making a complete fool of myself , can anyone give me an opinion on whether or not the LENR phenomenon challenges the fundamental tenets of the uncertainty principle in any way , shape or form . I have read most of the LENR theories in an attempt to get a tiny modicum of understanding into my Alzheimer riddled brain .
          My lay understanding is that current theory decrees that sub atomic particles cannot be contained ,in any way shape or form, at the quantum level .The particles always find a way to get free when boxed in . However some of the more accepted LENR theories now state the nickel crystal configuration restrict the hydrogen ions to the lattice interstices . These ions can then apparently be subjected to control by vibrational energy consisting of radio or magnetic frequencies . This would appear to lay me a contradiction regarding uncertainty principle , or am i completely wide of the mark.?
          Robet Godes does mention the uncertainty principle in his theory of the phenomena .Also i am aware that Einstein never accepted this theory “,God does not play dice” .

    • Warthog

      If true, how does that process yield helium-4. It is pretty settled that in the case of Pd-D systems, that the major reaction pathway yields heat and He-4.

      • GreenWin

        Good question.

    • LCD

      I dont see how gravity can get that strong though.

  • jacob

    Why not just call the heat effect and LENR just Cold Fusion again,since Fleischmann and Pons made no mistakes,

    Just for shoots and giggles call it just what it really is

    COLD FUSION in honor of FLEISCHMANN and PONS,we owe it to them.

    Cold fusion works again it should say in any newspaper ,as a head line the world over and broadcast on CNN.

    • Karl

      I agree.

      • Karl

        I have to add that I can agree it would be simpler and it could be quite good to have the term Cold Fusion to reappear in the media light from many point of views.

        The multiple methods to create energy, heat (Rossi) or electricity (Blancklight) or direct mechanical rotating power (PlasmErg) indicate though, there may be many variations of chemical and nuclear preparations and processes that is going on. It will probably take some time until we grasp theoretically the various phenomena and will be able to nail precise definitions.

        • Peter_Roe

          I have the feeling that if real, the ‘plasma transition effect’ (Papp engines) may be due to effects that are not directly related to the ‘cold fusion’ group of devices. The plasma effect would probably have to be due to the noble gas atoms or ions suddenly exerting a temporary repulsive effect on their neighbours though some unknown mechanism.

          This might conceivably be the momentary formation of an abnormally large-radius electron shell around a significant proportion of the gas atoms, or maybe some entirely new field effect. First we need to see one of these things working.

          • jacob

            Peter Roe,what I will tell you may be of interest to you as you must do much research for your book.
            Since I actually built prototypes of what ever i decide to built,I have to come to an understanding level to plan and research everything I can get my hands on.
            Of course my mind has been on the Papp ,but I understand what happens to many things subjected to high voltage STATIC electricity DC ,just lately I was talking to a farmer whose barn was struck by lightning,some cows died and the 3 people in the barn were carried as if weightless thrown across the barn.I have examined the ground which was hit by lightning right after I have seen the lightning bolt strike the ground,and also a day later,to see what happened to the vegetation,and I have concluded and interesting fact,the ground can get quite frozen from the lightning bolt,it can instantly freeze a tree and split it in half,but the most interesting thing is what it does to water, water simply explodes when subjected to lightning,the Germans in WW2 were doing experiments with using water instead of TNT,by subjecting a few ml of water to high voltage static electricity, the interesting part as well was suddenly after the explosion it was followed by an implosion returning the water back to its original state,in that case water vapour,it was also found massive overunity was a result.

            Aside besides lightning you can witness the proof for yourself in your own place.

            static electricity pulling apart dry clothing ,if it is done in the dark you can see the sparks and resulting sounds,which are none other than small exploding water molecules and implosions,any capacitor discharge is static ,with its loud snappy scary sparks resulting in causing mini thunder,one knows to not touch or short them out with your finger,unless you want the end of your finger to blow off.

            I no longer work with extreme high voltage,as I got thrown around by my homemade tesla coil twice.

          • jacob

            sorry it was meant for Joe Shea,my mistake

  • JohnW

    “People will always remember the first word association with a topic. The imprint was made in 1989. The name will always be remembered world-wide as ‘cold fusion’. Get over it. Call it what it is as an honor to those who have dedicated their lives to making the impossible …possible”

    • Peter_Roe

      I agree with that. Technical accuracy is less important than some other factors, including simple memorability. Otherwise we’ll probably end up with some mouthful such as ‘Cascading Nucleonic Reactions in Metal Lattice Surface Defects’. CNRMLSD – very catchy.

      • Barry

        Agreed x 2. When I ask people if they have heard of Cold Fusion, quite a few haven’t. When I ask if they have heard of the term LENR, it’s an extreme few who have. And now RD, as much as I admire him, wants to call it “Anomalous Heat Effect”. Scientist get so left-brained about this. The press named it CF. It’s a catchy title and I hope they will settle on one term and not get hung up over the description. Though Martin Fleischmann said he hated those two words.

        I mean, they call Rap, music. Some things are just oxymoronish.

  • Rob Duncan is a stalwart example of what a scientist should be – a man with a truly enquiring, open mind who can discern between reality and opinion and bring us the best of the future. God bless him!

    I hope some of you will enjoy my just-published short story, ‘POWER: A Story of Cold Fusion,” at http://www.american It’s about a half-hour read.

    • Stephen Taylor,524/3196.html

      Joe, I hope that is a better link. Readers, he said short story. Fiction, remember fiction? Entertainment? Yes, thanks, Joe.

    • GreenWin

      Fully agree Joe. Rob insists that NOT studying (meaning funding) LENR is like NOT going to the doctor cause you’re too sick!! And he reiterates regularly, if you don’t believe there is a real effect here, you’re ignorant of data.

  • barty
    • hammerskoj

      VERY important post of CURES:

      • artefact

        Translated with babylon:

        “Power Density: minimum value 480 kW/kg, probable value 3.3 MW/kg. Energy Density accordingly. Stable temperature over 1200 °C. No difficulty in turning on and off. Preliminary data to refine.”

        • Astonishing power densities and apparent controllability – but what do they refer to?

          • artefact

            To the e-cat. Cures seems to be involved in R&D.

          • Thanks. I must try harder to keep up!

          • georgehants

            Can I ask again, is their in the reported advances of Cold Fusion a definite conformation of transmutation of any kind.

          • Ged

            There has been definite measurements of He4 and H3 production during deuterium reaction in a palladium lattice. The link to that paper was posted by hammerskoj a while ago. There have been other papers showing the palladium being transmuted into cadmium (I think), as well.

            As for nickel and hydrogen, I am not as familiar with the literature on it, so I can’t tell you what has been investigated or not so far for that.

        • My computation are differents

          I compute 32W/g (assuming just 10W, not 14W).
          But if you compute the power per surface (surface is that active zone according to experiments) is 15kW/m2
          and with micrometer powder, you have 2/3 m2 per gram…
          thus 10kW/g of powder

          Rossi with a claimed 10g of powder is 10 times less brillant than Celani.

          anyway, the nanostructure of Celani wire might be better than nano powder.
          Defkalion said that one of their patent is on powder, and maybe is is a similar nanostructure treatment.

          the 3.3MW/kg of rossi seems to say that he can produce 10kW with 3g of powder… seems realistic (3 times less than the 10MW/kg of celani converted to powder)

          • Ged

            Interesting work, Alain. All within a similar ball park, but the peculiarities and differences are important. Studying those, we can uncover more of the underlying parameters to build better reactors.

      • hammerskoj

        New VERY important post of CURES:
        Last answer to Nevanlinna, ‘hot’ details on e-cat.
        We are near Rossi outing, I think.

        • barty

          hammerskoj, can you translate it please? Google Translation is very unclear…

          • hammerskoj

            Yes, I can revise goggle translation but not now – I am busy.

          • hammerskoj

            Very rough editing from Google Translate :

            [he speak on Nevanlinna claims of e-Cat stability]:

            The [real] measured value is to 480 kW/kg, the 3.3 MW/kg is a very likely estimate deriving from experimental considerations. This estimate will be refined with more precise measurements, … and at the time being is exact only to the order of magnitude. What you are expecting from a true fusion reactions? Additionally, the weight of the nickel in the denominator [of energy formula] is so small that we go mad before and after the trial, fought with handling of only tenths of a gram of active metal… . These [energy] numbers are conservative because we don’t account in th estimate the heat removed from e-Cat by convection [about 8% at 1000°]. The Nickel is in a powder state and is difficult (perhaps impossible) to obtain resonance phenomena [in the reactor], because the grains “break” any shock wave. This exclude at all the existence of shock waves, because they don’t find in e-cat the [right] morphological conditions to arise and propagate. Now we have several hundred of actual tests done in [very] different conditions and don’t have ever any trouble. I would suggest to all to be careful with [theoretical] hypothesis because … solid-state physics is to-day yet to be “discovered”. And quantum mechanics, with all its mathematical difficulties, don’t help that much… . To get from it a very trivial result you need high math. And I am sure the the phenomenon in e-Cat is really complicated. New physics is coming, no matter what the others say.

          • LCD

            Okay who are these guys?

            Why is microscopic resonance of SPPs not a consideration anymore. Is that what hes referring to or simple phonon respnance?

          • Ged

            LCD, I agree. I don’t think he is thinking about things in a small enough scale. It’s the metallic crystal lattice that’s important according to all our data, and even those fine grains are still a metal lattice.

            Quantum mechanics do explain it and apply, as we’ve seen with ELTB theory. I think they are just trying to see it in a different way.

          • GreenWin

            Fascinating! This fellow is apparently on the Rossi verification team and confirms the lower number of 480kW/kg. This seems the low extreme but experimental constant at the moment.

            Of course what we do not know is timeline. Is there lessening of heat after 90-120 days e.g.?? Surely the lattice is destroyed at the nuclear active sites – but at what rate for the observed output??

            Ged, something to consider: we know there is a confirmed but small appearance of Casmimer energy at ~10-20nm plate gaps. This energy is “virtual” as it comes from the vacuum (physics says impossible) Given similar geometry in LENR Ni grains, how does this small, force get amplified by H1 fractionalization (Mills) and resonant transitions??

            Kind of a great time to be poking around science isn’t it?

        • Niemand

          Is here at least one person, who knows what excuses or delays talked Defkalion folks at NIWeek session 8/8 ?

          • Ivan Mohorovicic

            August 8, 2012 11:59 PM


            Have you any information regarding the presentation of John from yesterday? I did not see anything on Vortex but since I am new to that medium I would like to double check…

            Peter Gluck
            August 9, 2012 12:15 AM

            Not yet. I have spoken with him yesterday at phone Austin time ~14.00and he told he will start the presentation soon. DGTG has recorded the speech plus Q/A on video. NI has also to put it on You Tube, however it is some delay- Frank Gordon’s and AkitO Takahashi’s presentations are still not out. Perhaps later today, now it is night in Austin.

    • Chris

      Good advertisement, this video, tee hee.

      Anyway it seems Greg says a bit more than Rob does. Interesting in any case.

  • georgehants

    Andrea Rossi
    August 9th, 2012 at 2:52 AM
    Dear Francesco Toro:
    2- now we are ready for the Carnot cycle, soon we will have the electric power. We are working with the Swedish R&D Center of Siemens on this issue. At the same time we are working on the direct conversion, but this is another movie.
    Warm Regards,

  • barty

    Russian News Site

    “NASA and Boeing has published the results of a study for the environmentally friendly subsonic aircraft. One of the promising directions in this area is the use of reaction LENR, formerly mistakenly called cold fusion.

    Google Translation:

    • Chris

      Errrrrrrrr why is this Russian site the only org announcing this? Do they give a link to the original source or can one be found?

    • GreenWin

      This has been around since May. There are 104 mentions of LENR in the document.

      It does underscore NASA and their contractor Boeing Research, GE Aerospace, etc as participating in the design study.

  • georgehants

    I don’t know if anything different in this report but Ruby always worth a read.

    James Truchard opening NIWeek 2012: NI gives free LabVIEW to cold fusion scientists since 1989.
    August 8, 2012 / Ruby Carat

    • Oilprice magazine has published an article on the Celani presentation by Brian Westenhaus –

      He takes the view that although this is important news it is still not the time to bring the story to the public’s attention as this could lead to false expectations which migh damage CF development. He could be right.

      Nothing on Celani’s presentation at NI’s Youtube channel yet. That seems a bit odd, but possibly it will be posted shortly.

  • Oilprice magazine has published an article on the Celani presentation by Brian Westenhaus –

    He takes the view that although this is important news it is still not the time to bring the story to the public’s attention as this could lead to false expectations which might damage CF development. He may have a point, considering what happened when P&F published prematurely.

    Nothing on Celani’s presentation at NI’s Youtube channel yet. That seems a bit odd, but possibly it will be posted shortly

  • Peter_Roe

    Oilprice magazine has published an article on the Celani presentation by Brian Westenhaus –

    He takes the view that although this is important news it is still not the time to bring the story to the public’s attention as this could lead to false expectations which might damage CF development. He may have a point, considering what happened when P&F published prematurely.

    Nothing on Celani’s presentation at NI’s Youtube channel yet. That seems a bit odd, but possibly it will be posted shortly.

    Note: The blog is currently rejecting most of my posts, so I’ve changed my ‘identity’ slightly to see if that helps.

  • ChemE

    My Theory. If I am right it is a new universe. If I am wrong, that is OK too

    Quantum Singularity Engine
    Stewart D. Simonson
    [email protected]
    8/9/2012 Rev 3
    Dedicated in Memory of
    Martin Fleischmann
    (29 March 1927 – 3 August 2012)
    Eugene Mallove
    (June 9, 1947 – May 14, 2004)
    Since Pons & Fleishmann identified anomalous heat effects in 1989 (at the time labeled “Cold Fusion”), determined scientists have studied the effect in earnest in order to discover the fundamental cause(s). Identifying the cause and optimizing the effect could possibly lead to a worldwide clean source of energy and help solve our climate change crisis. Published theories outlining the primary causes include, but are not limited to: Cold Fusion, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENRs), Hydrinos, Beta Decays and the production of Ultra Low Momentum Neutrons, Sonofusion, Crackfusion as well as others. It is generally believed that the effect is nuclear in nature due to the wide results produced by many independent laboratories and companies researching the subject. Some common traits seen in many of these reactions are as follows:
    • Low level anomalous, continuous heat emission(mW to kWatts claimed), sometimes lasting for days, weeks or months with moderate, little or no external stimulation
    • Various nuclear reaction products including , but not limited to Photons, UV light, Visible Light, X-Rays, Gamma Rays, Gravity waves, Tritium, Helium as well as condensed matter resulting from the
    • General sensitivity of the effect due to electromagnetic radiation including UV, Laser, electric arc discharge and or current as well as ultrasonic radiation.
    • “Heat after Death Effect” in which the reaction continues to carry on after external stimulation is removed, sometimes for days.
    • Effect seems to occur in cracks or voids within a lattice and also after high loading of a metallic lattice with hydrogen or deuterium.
    • Similar effect has been claimed within a noble gas excited by a plasma arc.
    • Similar effects have been studied as emanating from lightning strikes and ball lightning.

    Up until now, most theories have considered these effects to be primarily based on nuclear Fusion related processes (cold or hot) and/or low energy nuclear reactions.
    This paper summarizes a NEW theory for this anomalous heat effect which utilizes one of the only other known nuclear processes to exist in the universe, the creation and evaporation of singularities (also widely known in culture as “black holes”). Macro scale singularities are predicted to be at the center of our Milky Way galaxy and exist in many others galaxies within the universe. It is also believed that micro or quantum singularities may exist in the universe and actually contain much of the “dark matter” hiding in the universe. Micro or quantum scale singularities are less known due to an incomplete theory of quantum gravity at Planck level scales. It is however believed that they do exist in nature and may actually account for a larger part of the overall mass within the universe contained within black holes. These quantum black holes might also explain the missing dark matter predicted within the universe. Singularities can be quantified using the same properties as atomic particles – mass, angular momentum and charge.
    It is known that stars above a certain mass can collapse into a singularity at the end of their life. It is also recently known that black holes actually evaporate over time through the exchange of matter and ions at their surface or event horizon. Hawking predicted that in the vacuum of space quantum particles and anti-particles will trigger evaporation at the surface of a black hole as one of the pairs are “trapped” by the black hole and the other is emitted. As the ions pass the event horizon the singularity in turn will radiate as a black body a spectrum of primarily low energy nuclear particles such as photons, quarks and gluons, etc. Much of this radiation will manifest itself as HEAT.
    Recently, at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, a concern was made public that the collider might create micro black holes from high energy particle collisions. It was worried that these black holes might in turn cause destruction through further collapse of matter or emission of high energy particle waves. Studies were done to show that based upon some assumptions of quantum gravities effects and additional dimensions of space and time at quantum scales that indeed the Collider imparts enough energy to create quantum black holes. It was estimated that a collision energy of between 1-8 TeV between particles could create black hole singularities but that they would evaporate within fractions of a second from the time created, causing no harm to the surroundings other than releasing some low level radiation, mostly as HEAT.
    Penrose showed in 1974 that a black hole can be formed in classical high energy head-on collisions. In 1987 Hooft claimed graviton dominance and black hole formation at the Planck level, which has been further clarified. The production of black holes during particle collisions can be easily understood based upon the hoop conjecture suggested by Thorne in 1972. The hoop conjecture states that a black hole forms if and only if a large amount of energy is packed in a small region that can be surrounded by a hoop with the Schwarzschild radius of the energy. Voids within a lattice can provide an idealistic environment for this phenomenon as a large amount of energy can be concentrated at the moment of particle collision. The voids also maximize the graviton potential based upon the radius of the void.

    The collision energy is supplied by heating the gas within a closed volume in addition to electrical stimulation made to the lattice or particles and in turn micro arcs or potential discharges are made across the voids and cracks within. In quantum models with large or highly warped extra dimensions, gravity becomes strong at a low scale in a TeV range so that one can conclude that a reactor that provides multi-TeV collision energy can produce black holes with TeV~1 sized event horizons. As I stated before, quantum singularities can also carry a charge. This charge can be exploited in order to maximize the ionization potential of the singularity. A negatively charged singularity would feed preferentially from positively charged particles and vice versa.

    Based upon the background theory above and weighing heavily upon recent research of potential quantum black hole production at the CERN LHC I theorize the following:

    A new source of energy can and has been realized based upon a quantum singularity engine. The primary source of heat and radiation is NOT COLD FUSION nor is it fission or beta decay. The primary source of heat and radiation is Hawking radiation from the evaporation of quantum singularities. The effect can be triggered and maximized by adjustment of the following parameters:

    • Heating of a gas to increase the kinetic energy of gas particles within and increase the rate and energy of particle collisions.
    • Loading of the gas within voids of a lattice or structure/vessel whose void diameter is optimized based upon the hoop conjecture radius.
    • Electrical stimulation of the lattice to create multiple arc discharges within to provide maximum adequate energy for particle collisions (1-8 TeV). Electrical stimulation can also be provided by an electrostatic fluidized bed of lattice particles suspended in a gas.
    • Assuming creation of a quantum singularity with charge, emissions and heat output can be maximized by providing it with oppositely charged particles for consumption. These particles, such as atomic Hydrogen can be provided by the same arc discharge that provides kinetic energy to the particles.
    • A nuclear emissions spectrum will be evaporated from the singularity as it decays. Based upon Hawking’s papers, much of this will be low energy particle emissions albeit at a very high localized temperature and provide very useful, high temperature HEAT for the world. It is conceived that the lifetime and size of the singularity’s event horizon may be controlled by the operating temperature and initial energy of the collapsed singularity.
    • Hawking radiation may lead to additional condensed matter after striking the lattice.
    • The “heat after death” syndrome is caused by the evaporation over time of the singularities.

    Direct study of the radiation spectrum and heat output of the quantum singularity heat engine will provide scientists with invaluable evidence for the following:

    • Number of extra dimensions of spacetime at the quantum level since this will have a direct impact on the number and size of singularities created and energy required, emissions spectrum and useable heat output.
    • Clues to the hidden Dark Matter and Energy within the universe.
    • Ability to create new materials as well as entirely new universes.

    • barty

      New NIWeek VISITOR Video at the Celani Demo:

      Watch at 1:10

      • Ivan Mohorovicic

        Good timing!

    • By what method are these multi-Tev singularities created?

    • Stephen Taylor

      ChemE, thank you for posting this and the arxvix references to the LHC concerns and ways miniature black holes might be formed. It is a real stretch for me to get my arms around all of it with only BS chem/bio but I do find it all interesting reading and respect your insight, courage and effort to put it together and post it here. I will follow the discussion here and elsewhere and continue to study as time permits. Thanks!

    • lukedc

      Most of this is plausible but I don’t agree with this statement.

      • The “heat after death” syndrome is caused by the evaporation over time of the singularities.

      If the quantum phenomena requires electromagnetic stimulation to propagate quantum singularities, by reason of process when the stimulation is ceased the production and collapse of the singularities should immediately stop. No more excess heat production….

    • vbasic

      I am hoping ChemE’s theory is NOT true. I’m hoping something easier to control, such as Robert Godes/Brillouin or Randall Mills/Blacklight or Widom-Larsen. Because singularities in ordinary matter might explain the negative experiences at Nanospire where de Broglie Matter-Waves extended many meters beyond the experiments and Mark LeClair and Sergio Lebid were sickened for over a year. And then there was the major earthquake in Bologna which hasn’t had one in over 500 years. Before anyone says only tectonic plate movements cause earthquakes, here in Ohio, used water injection wells from the by-products of fracking were causing earthquakes in Youngstown. Once the injections were stopped, the earthquakes stopped.
      I hope the earthquake in Bologna was a co-incidence and not black holes from LENR experiments. I still believe LENR is safe, BUT please I hope the power DOESN’T come from singularities. The most cogent argument against that is high velocity protons hit the earth from space all the time probably impinging metals etc. and we are all still here.

  • Ivan Mohorovicic

    A video of Celani’s “Anomalous Excess Heat” demo from NIWeek – very interesting:

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