Video of Celani and His LENR Cell

This video has just been brought to my attention. A visitor to NIWeek who goes by the name of ‘bluesmovers’ has uploaded a video of Francesco Celani’s LENR Cell (not sure it has a name yet) to YouTube and includes Celani himself talking about his machine, and showing data related to it. Celani is a bit difficult to follow with his Italian accent, but one can make out most of what he is saying.

  • mcloki

    It’s getting more and more difficult to be a sceptic. Now comes the improvement phase.
    Living in very interesting times.

    • Pachu

      LENR keeps getting “applications” O.O

      🙁 Disclaimer: i read some other papers of this guy and i dont think he is rigth…

      • barty

        Bad application.

        But it shows (theoreticaly) how much energy could be released at once.

      • Ged

        Increasing gravitational forces? Yeeeeeeaaahhh… I’m not so sure about this idea.

      • How timely. After scam accusations, ridicule, and media silence, next comes ‘danger’ to ensure that the technology stays safely in the ‘right’ hands.

        Without even any tested theory of how CF works, or a single piece of evidence to support the proposal, we get some unknown researcher claiming to show how to make a cold fusion bomb? It may not be too long before this story at least is picked up by the popular press, as is presumably intended.

        Edit – just checked on Google – it’s all over the place (100 results)

        • Robert Mockan

          Aquino is not exactly unknown. It is just that his name is mostly associated with gravity control theories. He is a fringe science researcher, but is a real physics professor at an accredited university in Brazil. The article about the nickel hydrogen bomb is a bit over the top even for him, especially since the LENR process has a stochastic nature that makes it difficult to initiate nuclear reaction of all the fuel at once. Even his “increasing” nuclei gravity effects would not positively affect the stochastic nature of LENR, given current LENR theories, but it might be useful to LENR in some way if the effects were real.
          On the other hand, if his gravity theories are correct, one would not need nickel and hydrogen. One could use any of a large number of “hot fusion” nuclear fuel candidates, and such nuclear devices would be lightweight, and would not require any uranium. Just materials like lithium, boron, beryllium, hydrogen, and so on. In fact, such a device could be held in the hand, and when detonated could destroy any large city. A LENR bomb would be a very weak and primitive device by comparison. He describes a 20 kiloton device weighing tons. If his theories are correct, they would enable multi megaton devices.

      • Robert Mockan

        Fran De Aquino has published much about his theories, but I’ve never seen independent successful replication of his gravity experiments.

        There may be a way to demonstrate the effect he is talking about, that of increasing gravitational force so it exceeds electrostatic repulsion, to enhance LENR, using one of the Celani wires pre-loaded with hydrogen gas.

        See this article:

        If the “ultrathin wire” in Fig. 2 is replaced with the Celani wire, and ELF current is sent through the wire, then according to Aquino that should reduce the presently stochastic nature of LENR, and increase, perhaps greatly, the thermal power output.

        One might call it the ultimate “activation method” if it works.

        Thank you for your link. I’m putting this idea into my notebook for when I have funding to pursue it. You mentioned you work in cyber IT. It might be interesting to insert the Aquino equations from his web site into a math spread sheet and chart some of his functions with a variable range spread to see if the gravity control equations are valid

        • artefact

          interesting. Another dot connected.

          in the video _ttp:// at 0:53 you see the hexaflourid _ttp:// again.
          in their last presentation _ttp:// on page 4 it was visible on the first chart top left.
          I’d love to know what atoms are connected around it…

          • artefact

            I answer myself. It should be the nickel lattice which is drawn on the same chart. So the sulfur hexaflurid is embedded in the nickel lattice.

          • artefact

            So much information. Still reading the technical PDF. Wow. .. This week was (and still is) one of the best since Jan 2011. And next week will be very interesting again.
            Taylor has to add some things to his presentation for next week.

          • Celani did more for LENR with this one demonstration at NI Week than Rossi did with all of his pipe dream promises.

          • artefact

            I did not talk about Rossi.

          • Peter Poulsen

            well until rossi have something to show exept talk then yeah, i consider Celani’s presentation more important atm.

            I dont think many deny LENR anymore, but it is still up to discussion, if this technology has the possibility to be a alternative to fossil fuels.

          • > I dont think many deny LENR anymore

            If you had all of the money in the world and your life depended on it could you buy a LENR reactor TODAY?

          • Carlos

            if my life depends on owning a LENR reactor for whatever reason, and I have all the money in the world, I would buy it.

            Unless you meant buying a LENR reactor instead of any other alternative that would also save my life, but could only do so if it works.

          • Can’t buy Defkalion’s unit before year end. I wouldn’t bet my behind on that date. Can’t buy Rossi’s ecat right now either. Celani is not in the business of selling. He’s a scientist. Brillioun is brilliant and you’ll just have to wait. And the list goes on…

            Come to think of it. Not one single demo or production unit is available anywhere in the world as of right now.

            > I dont think many deny LENR anymore

          • Peter_Roe

            This kind of rearguard nonsense is getting really tedious. LENR is coming quite soon, even if only in industrial form for the time being. Learn to live with it.

          • GreenWin

            Seriously Chuck? Skeps? At this stage it doesn’t take a soothsayer to recognize a coordinated effort. I think we can drop the “Attack Rossi” scenario – it has served its purpose.

          • No need to attack. The LENR folks do their own dirty work. Take a look at the NI Week youtube video of the Defkalion presentation. Starts off ok but then goes into LENR explaining away why the center of the earth is hot molten lava and why stars are the way they are. Sounds really looney.

          • GreenWin

            No more idiotic than THIS bit of “education:”


            They discuss the anomalous heat effect. The solar coronal paradox is anomalous heat. Mainstream is stumped – about most of life turns out.

          • jacob

            1 megawatt units are already for sale ,just buy one

          • Andre Blum

            This Celani demo really means a lot to me for my belief in Rossi. Let me explain:

            Rossi is very secretive, but he has been claiming practical levels of very reproducible excess heat with H2 and Ni since at least early 2011.

            On a 23 year timescale that may not seem long ago, but try to imagine what the CF landscape was like at that time that he first made those claims. Almost everyone was working with Pd and D2. They were getting very low power levels and suffered bad reproducibility. True, there were promising reports about Ni and H2 at that time, but that too was all milliwatt stuff and troublesome.

            In no way was it very likely at that time in January 2011 that H2 and Ni would very soon lead to a substantial increase in power levels and reproducibility, and so would make *practical* use and commercialization of LENR possible.

            So at that time, the probability and credibility of this all was considered very low. It was all just… insane.

            Now, this setup by Celani at NI-Week is in many ways a summary of all the progress made within the much more scientific (and open) part of CF over the same period of 18 months. And – lo and behold – as one of the few following the H2 and Ni path, Celani has now apparently completely solved the reproducibility issues and is getting power at orders of magnitudes higher than what was usual. He has a portable setup that he can pick up and demonstrate at a conference, no sweat.

            With that we are very rapidly closing that credibility gap Rossi left. It is not so very far stretched anymore to believe that there may be this extra small trick we have to add to get that power up those one or two orders of magnitude to where Rossi says he has it.

            The improbability that Rossi is a scam, but picked exactly the right description for his setup in early 2011 is now getting higher and higher.

            It find this very, very reassuring stuff.

          • Robyn

            Excellent point. Thanks.

          • h_corey


          • Supervisor

            Folks, I am pissing blood by laugh.

            At page 33 of Technical Presentations there is visible that
            Hyperion reactor in fact is PRODUCING Nickel, Cobalt, Zinc and other.
            NME Norilsk is awaiting crushing times !

          • artefact

            That was to be expected. Other LENR devices showed similar results.
            (for example: )

          • Supervisor

            Yeah, folks here and on others forums was half year ranting on theme: “In world is XXX million tonnes of nickel, when 4% will go to LENR reactors for what years is this sufficient”

            and bum, nickel is no problem, Defkalion another plus X months delay from real serial production

          • artefact

            I’m pretty sure precious metals get produced in small amounts if you include certain matals in the “fuel”. Though they will consume part of the produced energy. (see for example: )

          • GreenWin

            No wonder we moved off the gold standard.

          • jacob

            the left over used nickel is not used ,it still remains mainly nickel,with some copper,I am sure it could be melted and recycled,maybe even worth while doing.

          • jacob

            all you see is some printouts with ink, how can that be firm proof to you ?

          • What is it that you don’t like about Rossi’s demonstrations? Are you angry that you were not allowed to attend and have to look at the data available to all of us groundlings, or is it that you don’t have the ability to understand the data? You sound very frustrated.

        • Niklas
          • artefact


      • Robert Mockan

        Correction: “.. to see if the gravity control equations are valid” s/b “.. to see if anything unusual turns up.”

        Successful experiments are needed to confirm the mathematics.

    • artefact

      From the technical PDF:
      “We realized that 58Ni, 60Ni, 62Ni and 64Ni stable
      Engineering LENR as a geometrical problem
      The Nickel shape in a LENR reaction
      • isotopes where “willing” to participate in a LENR
      reaction, whilst 61Ni was not. So there was no
      need for any costly enrichment method”

      I now think that Rossi wanted to point us to a wrong path with his enrichment or he uses a very different reaction method 🙂

      • Supervisor

        I detected that Rossi used during 18 months at least 150-200 specially designed purpose lies/disinfo. I most love his spec disinfo about “we will web cam streaming October test” followed with “publicity is last thing what I need”.

        • artefact

          I do not treat that as lies. Disinfo is more appropriate. With defkalion you see that there is very good competition.

        • drew

          In DGT’s post
          “This forum will be open for discussion on August 20th, 2012”

        • jacob

          why should we believe anything you are saying,we don’t know you from a hole in the wall,did you add up spelling mistakes?

          we should all get together and present you with a well deserved sticker or star for your sticker book.

          • Robyn


          • Peter_Roe

            Not unduly so.

        • Omega Z

          You confuse 2 different time lines.

          The Web Cam Demo went with the Defkalion partnership Time line.

          The October test continued under new agreements & became semi private.

  • daniel maris

    Great to see up close!

  • Ivan Mohorovicic
    • barty

      WOW, didn’t see that!!

    • Ged

      Oh wow, they are returning to their forums? This is a big change.

    • artefact

      DEFKALION is back!

      • artefact

        “if you thake a list with the 100 biggest companys in the world half of them we are talking about joint R&D in order to see for their views how they can use this technology”

      • artefact

        “The simple reactor goes up to between 5 and 8 KW and I repeat the cost is less than half a cent per KW/H”

      • georgehants

        Hope this time they moderate the comments as last time it often was just chaotic nonsense.

        • s

          Defkalion seems to claim their prototype produces 16 to 92 Wh per pulse. They claim to send 10 energy pulses per hour in the document from their website. So, this works out to average power of ~ 160 to 920 watts. The staircase increase in temperature/ internal energy of the flow fluid duirng the pulse is also visible on the chart from their website. If a reputable independent third party can verify these results, I will believe them.

          • I guess that Vladimir Vysotskii and maybe others are going to do that in ICCF-17, is he reputabl enough?

            (i really dont know)

          • Supervisor

            Xanthoulis publicly alked about 5 to 6 kW output from reactor, what is slightly inconsistent with above mentioned 92 Wh from one pulse

  • artefact

    Akira Shirakawa on Vortex:

    Videos (direct links)

    Alex Xanthoulis in LENR panel discussion

    Technical presentation
    Part 1 – _ttp://
    Part 2 – _ttp://
    Part 3 – _ttp://

  • barty
  • Lu

    I’m very happy to see Defkalion presenting information about their Hyperion product. Hard to believe that Rossi, Celani, and Defkalion are all doing the same thing–LENR. Like chemical reactions LENR may be a whole family nuclear reactions waiting to be discovered and used. The prospects are very exciting.

    Three things jump out at me after reading Defkalion’s PDFs. One, they’ve done on the face of it an amazing engineering and scientific feat. Quite remarkable really and it will be interesting to hear any scientific reaction to their claims.

    Two, there still is no independent third party identified which will vouch for Defkalion’s results. Enough said on this one.

    And third, their laboratory prototype, while impressive in the engineering and scientific realms, is operating in the less than kW range and I have to question whether they will be able to scale this up to the kW range as indicated in their specifications for a commercial product. They say they will be introducing their industrial prototype in the next few months so we will have to wait for this I guess. It seems they have a long way to go and they are now saying next year for “production lines and support networks.”

    Very exciting all around however.