Rossi Not Expecting Media Attention from Upcoming Conference

While some people have been expecting, or hoping that the upcoming conference in Switzerland where Rossi will speak about his technology and new test reports might start to bring about media attention, Andrea Rossi is not one of them. He recently said about the conference:

“About the media: sincerely, I do not think our convention of Zurich will raise any interest: as I always said, what counts are not chatters, what counts are working plants.”

From Rossi’s perspective reports and conference addresses are not going to be enough to get the media involved in this story, and from the almost complete non-coverage from any media of any LENR activity, which has been considerable over the last couple of years, I think he is probably right. My expectation is that this conference will be covered in the same web sites that have been following the story for some time now, including here, of course. I am pleased to say, that although I won’t personally be in Zurich, E-Cat World will be receiving a report from a conference attendee which will be published here.

Even if the much-discussed E-Cat test report that will be released just prior to the conference confirms the LENR claims that Rossi has been making over the last couple of years, I would be quite surprised if there was much coverage of it in the media. LENR is almost completely off the radar of most mainstream journalists. If it was a report of the latest testing of some unreleased Apple product, it would be a different story, however! Rossi has reiterated that there won’t be any demonstration of his technology at the conference, so there’s another reason for the media to stay away.

I don’t think Rossi’s intentions at this point are to interest the media. His targets with these conferences and reports are probably serious players in the world of engineering and business who have their ear to the ground and are looking to pick up on something new and useful, even if it has not yet hit the media in a big way.

  • Protz

    ‘there won’t be any demonstration of his technology at the conference’ – well that’s a surprise! 😉

    • I would have to say that it would have surprised me if there had been. Rossi has said repeatedly that there will be no further demonstrations, only a 3rd party verification. As he is not prone to sudden changes of plan, such innuendo seems rather pointless.

    • Ivan_cev

      Rossi is really funny in this “no chatters but working plants”!!!!, so demo one!
      and stop your chatter, Rossi is the biggest chatter of all

      • h_corey

        A “demo” is not a working plant. His goal is to make money. Not demo or talk about his plants. He wants sales and plants doing useful work for his customers. If you do not believe his previous demos, then you will not believe another one, but I bet a sale of Ecats to independent businesses would change some skeptics minds.

        • GreenWin

          No, sale of e-cats to independent business will only provide new targets for pathological deniers. The Deny, Delay, Defend training given to professional deniers requires debunking any and all evidence of the target. Prediction: when e-cats enter small industry – sudden, mysterious “fires” will break out.

          These tactics are older than Croesus and used to defend the crumbling fiefdoms of the money changers.

      • Luca Salvarani

        What’s your problem Ivan?
        If you don’t trust Rossi… you have simply to stay away from him: don’t listen to him and don’t buy his products! Very simple and easy! Rossi is risking his own money so he can do whatever he wants with his money without asking your permission! I’m really surprised you don’t get this! because this should be a very clear concept for our english and american frineds (here in Italy we have a sort of “soft collapsing comunism”… so I can perfectly understand the italian misundertanding.. here in Italy people don’t even understand real entrepeneurs like Rossi, people only like politicians, public employees and whoever rob taxpayers’ money: they are considered smart people instead of “stupid” entrepeneurs…). For this very reason I hope the e-cat technology will leave Italy as soon as possible: we don’t “deserve” this technology!

        • Petrol

          Rossi is activly collecting money for distribution deals we know about. It is inaccurate to say only Rossi’s money is on the line.

          • Luca Salvarani

            OK! But it’s not YOUR money at risk! I suppose that those distributors aren’t forced to do business with Rossi so it’s not my, or yours problem…

      • Filip47

        A 3rd party verification is enough for me, ofcourse from a reliable institute. Even better than another demo with undefinable grafics, wires and boxes.

        • captain

          Dear 3 musketeers, Jacob/Dragon/Filip,
          here’s a link (already posted by admin) that though transgoogled, is worth to be carefully ‘studied’ by You.

          Cold [Fusion] regards.

          • dragonX

            Dear captain. Not good enough. Please do better next time and send me a link with one of this points in it (preferable all):

            1. Credible third party test signed and approved by… well… third party itself, not Rossi. Then we can hammer them with questions (wouldn’t that be beautiful?).

            2. Credible industry company or military entity (example: Siemens, NASA, DoD, US Navy, etc.) coming forward with this technology.

            3. Satisfied clients interviewed and asked all details about ECAT plant’s operations and usefulness (also, at this point, real videos on how the technology works).

            I prefer all 3 but any one of these will do.
            I love a good story, but in these hard (and very dangerous) times I prefer daily reality.

          • captain

            Cold Fusion does exist has been …invented and practically tested… by US in war as a weapon.
            The results on people? Same as in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
            AS PER SAID LINK.

            The came Rossi, with no dangerous radiations LENR:

            For me, if U don’t understand this time, I’ll endeavour to grant U a patent of ….

            And this to kind Admin’s attention.

          • Filip47

            at Warp speed you’re going so fast, you miss all the details.
            I believe I interprete the whole Ecat story with an open mind.
            More realistic than sceptical.
            I am affraid to have too high hopes.
            Live long and prosper.

      • Lu


        It’s about time we hear of a working 1M plant. Rossi says by the end of the year.

      • Lu

        From and interview March 29, 2012: How many 1 MW plants have you currently made and sold?

        Andrea Rossi: One 1 MW plant has been made and 13 are under construction. We would like to consolidate the first 14 before expanding. The oak must grow proportionally to the roots, otherwise hostile winds will sweep everything away.

    • Coltrane

      Have Kim Kardashian there…then the media will deem it important.

      • Ditto.

      • DragonX

        If I have to choose between the following 2 choices regarding ECAT public press release, I am all for choice #2:

        1. Press release of E-CAT for Mainstream Media with public demonstration

        2. Press release of E-CAT for Mainstream Media with public demonstration assisted by Kim Kardashian

    • Ged

      Peter Roe is right on, this is all as has been stated ages ago. Nothing new.

      • daniel maris

        and nothing would be easier for a scammer than to arrange such a “demonstration” at his own conference. So absence of demo means nothing. Anonymity of third party doing the verification will of course raise suspicions of a scam – quite rightly in my view. I hope Rossi does better than some others in this field.

  • It seems that Celani has now lodged a patent ( that describes in more detail his nickel surface preparation methods (Acknowledgement to Dale G. Basgall posting on ECN)


    This invention relates to thin layers having high catalytic capacity produced on nickel surfaces and a process for obtaining them, the said layers being characterised by a very high specific surface area and the fact that they essentially comprise thermally-stable nanostructures. The said nanostructured layers are characterised by high adhesion to the substrate surface and high resistance to temperature and thermal shocks. Their catalytic properties are explained by the increase in capacity and speed of adsorption of hydrogen and its isotopes by nickel and its alloys.

    In particular, through the technique of adsorption by direct Ni/H2 contact, the invention makes it possible to obtain very high values of hydrogen adsorption in Ni (H/Ni atomic ratio≈0.7) quickly and economically. These storage values open up the possibility of using nickel as a source of hydrogen in fuel cells.

    This invention may also be particularly useful in that field of experimental activity known to those skilled in the art by the names of Cold Fusion or Condensed Matter Nuclear Science, with the aim of generating heat of probably nuclear origin.”

    BTW apologies if already posted – I have been away for a few days and haven’t had time to fully catch up!

    • (Admin please delete if old news here).

    • GreenWin

      This is excellent. There are MANY projects underway to replicate this experiment worldwide. It will go far to proving the evidence of excess heat in a simple Ni-H2 loaded cell. When Rossi introduces the next e-cat iteration with validation documents – the entire proposal will be hard to deny. Except of course for the paid deniers working for an array of industry and finance agents.

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    It’s as if the King did a very slow strip-tease, so slow that no one in the kingdom noticed, not even the AP….except for one small child, and of course the free-energy nut cases like me and y’all.

    • Karl

      I think we who seriously follows the emergence of CF/LENR know by now that the phenomena is for real. There are quite a group of very serious and qualified people out there that have proved it. Everyone will have to thank them in due time. I just think we worry to much about the ignorance of MSM and the science community. They just practices the well known human strategy of ostrich behaviour. Put the head in the sand and the potential danger you don’t want to touch disappear.

      • DragonX

        You want MSM coverage all year long? Bring Kim Kardashian into LENR field on any position she likes: leading researcher, entrepreneur, commentator, assistant researcher, assistant in all LENR demos (that one will be perfect), etc.
        It will guarantee LENR coverage even over USA elections. Image title:
        KIM KARDASHIAN BRINGS FREE ENERGY TO THE WORLD!!! Cold Fusion is the new Hot Fusion – Bikini style.

        • Ivan_cev

          brilliant idea….you absolutely correct,
          observe some of those amusing videos that gets 6M views in youtube but LERN just few hundreds, maybe thousands.
          so some marketing guy, needs to get a subliminal message about LENR,
          Maybe present the NAKED truth!…… etc

        • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

          He said: “I just think we worry to much about the ignorance of MSM and the science community.”

          He means we do not need to worry about MSM coverage that much.*

          That’s actually the opposite of what you interpreted. Did you not understand what he said?

          • dragonX

            Of course I did understand him. I just ignored him and said my piece. I do that rather regularly. 🙂

  • Andrew Macleod

    Sceptics will never believe until Rossi does what they ask. This up coming report will still leave wiggle room for the sceptics. Its a good move by Rossi and company, controversy stirs the pot. Im not holding my breath for this report, I don’t think it’s going to be the proof everyone is looking for. I’m still giving Rossi the benifit of the doubt, and will read what kind of performance he is getting/claiming out of the ecat now. Meow!

    • GreenWin

      Andrew, you are correct. If Einstein, Plank, Newton and Feinman were resurrected from the dead and signed off on a Rossi validation – a significant portion of the deniers would… scoff. Why? Pathological behaviors manifest from deep seated envy, rage, insecurity. Rossi dismisses deniers as will the general public when they begin to grok the impact of low cost, abundant green energy on Earth.

    • Miles

      It all depends on what Rossi defines as “Publication” worthy. Even if the publication say’s LENR is 100% real, who’s going to believe what someone wrote!

      Nothing wrong with taking the time OK – Perfect execution on something that’s a game changer / earth moving needs extra attention.

      I’m happy to slowly digest the small bits of the “Publication” on 8th or 10th of Sept. The wheels are in motion.

      • admin

        I think the release of the Report will cause some people will pay more attention and take what Rossi says more seriously.

        Some will continue to doubt despite the word of other testers …

    • Grauber

      this congress in Switzerland isn´t the right platform for LENR, cause it is not respected by the industry.

      Adolf and Inge Schneider – these names are involved with that magnet-motor Perendev, that never came to production. Its inventor went to jail instead and I´m afraid, their business-links will fool Rossi also.

      The best platform for production and distribution of Rossis invention
      seems to be companies like Siemens or General-Electric.

      The establishment protects its markets from revolutions –

      • GreenWin

        Grauber, the difference is this market is like none that has ever existed. The implications of abundant energy on Earth are so great it has gained support of influences larger than any corporation or its paid protectors. Keep following developments. You will see an extraordinary evolution in the human race. Billions of lives will get better and there is no human force capable of preventing this.

        • dragonX

          Didn’t you understand what the man is saying above?

          Some of Rossi speakers and licensees were previously of ECAT business involved in a scam. If you add up… Rossi had PetrolDragon history and these Adolf and Inge Schneider had Perendev history. That is not good news at all.
          Don’t you now the saying: “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” ?

          • GreenWin

            Many people developing non-orthodox, disruptive energy technologies have died mysteriously or been jailed. Martin Luther King was arrested and jailed 24 times. Mahatma Gandhi spent a total of 7 years in jail. Nelson Mandela 27 years in jail. Galileo spent years under house arrest.

            i.e. big fuggin deal, all kinds of good people have jail time. Read what I told you again guy. There are far bigger forces in play than your puny ad hominem attacks.

  • GreenWin

    While Ing Rossi may not expect orthodox press at his September shindig – the field of LENR continues to permeate high impact web publications and !! enlightened science journals. HERE is an excerpt from “Conservpedia – The Trustworthy Encyclopedia’s” Cold Fusion entry:

    “The field, still being actively researched, has been covered in many academic publications in recent years, including a featured review by Edmund Storms, “Status of cold fusion (2010),” in Naturwissenschaften, October 2010.[4] The abstract of this review included:

    The evidence supports the claim that a nuclear reaction between deuterons to produce helium can occur in special materials without application of high energy. This reaction is found to produce clean energy at potentially useful levels without the harmful byproducts normally associated with a nuclear process.

    Springer-Verlag is the second largest scientific publisher in the world, and Naturwissenschaften is their “flagship multidisciplinary journal,” published since 1913. The appearance of this review in a mainstream peer-reviewed journal is a milestone in the recognition of cold fusion, after so many years of neglect.

    Research is ongoing in many laboratories around the world.

    The field has expanded from deuterium in palladium to also include hydrogen in nickel and nickel nano-powder, low energy glow discharge, and transmutation experiments (mostly in Japan). Research funding sources in the US include the Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration (DARPA), and the Department of Defense, Threat Reduction Agency. “

    They do not list NASA, Boeing Research, SRI, ENEA, Universities Illinois, Missouri, Purdue, MIT, etc. But this is a MAJOR change in spin from the old total denial days. Progress? A little. The walls of Jericho took weeks of conditioning before they fell.

    • GreenWin

      On the technical side Lew Larsen is updating his theory slideshow with a report on “High Temperature Superconductivity in Patches.”

      Presumably “Patches” is not some town in Mississippi but a reference to metal lattice surfaces. Interesting this arrives just as Rossi completes high temp e-cat testing.

      • GreenWin

        After reading a little further into the claims – a patent issued to D. Tripodi in 2006 appears to support the presence of superconductivity in PdHx at stochiometric ratios >=1.0. A significant drop in Pd resistivity at 300K (26.85C) suggests these type LENR reactions may be enhanced by near zero electrical resistance. The SC effect appears also in the hot spots where anomalous heat appears, making HTSC.

        This suggests possible applications throughout electronics, sensors and motor designs. And experimental uses in accumulating Dirac or vacuum energy.

      • Barry

        That’s what I like, pictures.

  • Observer

    Let me translate: “About the media: sincerely, I do not think our convention of Zurich will raise any interest…”


    “I’m not really going to share anything of value, so no one would dare stake his or her career (or even personal reputation) on what I say or do.”

  • The amazing thing about LENR is not LENR itself. It’s how Frank can come up with stories each and every day to continue the conversation and hope and controversy on this forum. He’s a better man than I. I would have gotten frustrated and thrown in the towel a long time ago.

    • admin

      Hi Charles, it’s been an interesting story to follow that’s for sure. I see reasons to keep up with it.

    • David

      You don’t give your self credit. You are tremendously capable of blowing unlimitied amounts of smoke on this board.

    • captain

      You should also have the honor to sit for a few seconds on a hot Rossi’s black box.
      Your honor and my pleasure to help U.

  • Rossi needs Media Attention like a hole in the head.

    If you get my drift..

    He just needs to sell 10 commercial operations running and producing electricity.

    • Miles

      +1. Well said Conrad.

      LENR will get traction and media attention when people start acknowledging the gains. You need actual “physical” products to sell – Not scientific papers documenting it’s potential. The average Joe just doesn’t care because not everyone is excited about LENR – Like Us Folks on this forum.

      Get a Product to Market NOW. I want to buy a Domestic e-Cat in 2013 !!

      • Grauber

        The democratic green party of germany, which is member of the german parliament ( we got more than just two parties ), was interested in one of Rossis former presentations in Italy.

        Now everything is silent aboud LENR.
        We stopped nuclear reactors since fukushima -the atomic-energy-lobby is trying get a renaissance for their business.

        There seems to be more than exitemend aboud LENR —– fear !

    • Interested

      Conrad says: “He just needs to sell 10 commercial operations running and producing electricity”

      This seems a reasonable statement until you consider how unreasonably blinkered humans can be.

      The Wright brothers demonstrated sustained powered human flight in December 1903.
      Even as late as January 1905, Scientific American magazine was publishing doubts that it ever happened: “If such sensational and tremendously important experiments are being conducted in a not very remote part of the country, on a subject in which almost everybody feels the most profound interest, is it possible to believe that the enterprising American reporter, who, it is well known, comes down the chimney when the door is locked in his face–even if he has to scale a fifteen-story sky-scraper to do so– would not have ascertained all about them and published them broadcast long ago?”

      Most of us are remarkably dependent upon the mainstream media (MSM) for our information.
      I could easily imagine Rossi not appearing on MSM radar – and therefore not entering popular consciousness – for quite some time AFTER E-Cats and Hot-Cats have gone on sale.

      • s

        They didn’t have the internet or TV in 1903 so information traveled slowly. Nowadays, if a reputable entity put it’s name on the line by publishing a paper saying with no doubt these high power LENR claims were true and independently verified, everybody on earth would know tomorrow.

        • yest, but at the same time there was less control procedures in research units, less review, and people could quickly test others ideas just few weeks after they where proposed.

          Today information spread in seconds, but all is paralized by administration, democratic supervision, corporate supervision… science is not democracy, on single man who disagree can be right…

          the big problem today is that is research spread quickly, the “inquisition” “Fatwa” can spread at the same speed, and block any chance of research on a blacklisted domain…

          like for species we need island, that ecosystems get not too connected, not too fast, so new ideas have a chance to develop before being faced with dominant predators.

          islandisation is a good method to conserve biodiversity…
          Maybe ENEA, SRI, Nasa GRC, Spawar lab(opps get targeted and eaten in 2009), and the lost lab of JP Biberian are example of such lost place where the dinosaur don’t care to eat opponents…

          • Two examples of well based scientific technology have been rejected by the public.

            Global warming and Genetic engineering (billions of people would be starving without it)

            And one totally unproven theory has been embraced by most of the planets population – God.

            So it is very hard to say how long it will take people to get excited about LNER.
            Maybe they will reject it as witch craft and say that it is dangerous.

            Hey, re: global warming – all these E-cats getting heat from nowhere – warming the planet??

          • Stefan Flüeler, Zurich

            Well, while the mainstream media surely will ignore the Zurich LENR Convention, a considerable amount of relevant people of the Swiss particle science community certainly will attend.
            I bet my last shirt, dozens of particle physicists from the Swiss Federal School of Technology (ETH Zurich, ETH Honggerberg, EPFL), from Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) and from CERN will be there.

            Ironically, back in 1989 Fleischmann and Pons once held a colloquium presenting their findings on Cold Fusion (soon after their discovery) at the EPFL Department of Chemistry, thanks to Prof. Michael Graetzel, who invited them. Graetzel is the inventor of chemical photovoltaic cells based on titan dioxide films sensitized with some special dyes, and also of a certain very efficient type of Li-Ion batteries. Moreover he invented solar electrochemical cells which directly can split water into hydrogen and oxygen by sunlight.

          • don’ forget the startup called “lenr cars SARL”, financed by business angel around EPFL incubators.

            maybe the LENR believers of 89, just hide under the radars

  • Brad Arnold

    I would like to sincerely apologize to Rossi for my previous suggestions that he sell his formula and act as a front man while LENR is developed by a corporation with deeper pockets. I am reading the book “Atlas Shrugged,” and I am beginning to understand the concept of a “builder.” Let me qualify this by saying I am not subscribing to Rand’s meta-physical reality hook, line, and sinker. All I’m saying is that I understand why Rossi is doing it his way, and furthermore, why it must be done that way.

    • georgehants

      Brad, if the World had a few more genuine honest people willing to say I think I was wrong, instead of the unpleasant morals that we have developed, the World would start to move toward a Wise and Wonderful place.
      I am now older and feel a terrible sense of responsibility that my generation has contributed in such a big way, toward the decline instead of enhancement of our children’s futures.
      For a child reading your comment it could lead to a lifetime of understanding and fairness rather than the selfish motives that are taught as a norm today.

    • zvibenyosef

      Ayn Rands philosophy is persuasive. The idea that hard work and entrepreneurship should be rewarded is something that everyone can agree with. However after gaining the trust of the reader she abuses that trust, by rejecting the role of Government in protecting workers rights to safety in the workplace or a decent living wage. She also forgets that it is the Government that makes entrepreneurship possible, by creating the infrastructure, the roads the electricity grid the communications networks etc etc. Her ideas have been used by the Republican party to justify gutting the social safety net, cutting education for the young and medicare for the elderly. Ayn Rand also hypocritically went against her own philosophy by accepting help from the government to treat her cancer at the end, but she never retracted her statements that people should not accept help from the government under any circumstances. I am sorry to inject politics into this discussion, which should only be about this wonderful new energy source. It is not Ayn Rands fault that her ideas have been used by Republicans to destroy the middle class, but her greedy selfish philosophy fits perfect with their own.

    • Roger Bird

      Brad Arnold, I applaud you for your “not subscribing to Rand’s” metaphysics. Selfishness is a fact, now. That should not make it a religion.

  • Roger Bird

    I find myself agreeing with Rossi 100%. Chat can be countered. Working units cannot be countered.