Engineering News (SA) Publishes Article on LENR

South African trade magazine Engineering News has published a quite positive article abut LENR written by Jeremy Wakeford which reviews the current state of affairs in the field.  Entitled “LENR appears to be gathering steam”, the article discusses the work of some of the key players in the field — Francesco Celani, Andrea Rossi, Robert Godes — and also talks about NASA’s involvement, providing quotes from Dennis Bushnell.

Wakeford mentions two possible explanations of the LENR phenomenon, the Widom-Larsen weak interaction theory, and Robert Godes’ Controlled Electron Capture Reactions theory. In concluding the article he writes, “the evidence seems to be accumulating – and the supporting theories slowly catching up – that human society may, over the coming years, undergo an energy revolution on the scale of the fossil fuel revolution or the discovery and use of electricity.”

While there is not too much new information in the article, it is good review of some of the recent developments in LENR , and it’s interesting and quite unusual to see such a  positive assessment of the field in a serious and fairly widely read publication. Facts and statistics about Engineering News can be found here.

  • Slowly but surely, and thanks to the devotion and persistence of many researchers, word about LENR/CF is finally getting out. Imagine, as the authors say, a world without fossil fuels, where energy is everyone’s birthright and is always plentiful and very cheap. For all but the polluters, it will be a paradise.

    • georgehants

      From Cold Fusion Now
      An Explanation of Low-energy Nuclear Reactions (Cold Fusion) by Edmund Storms

      • Robert Mockan

        In the video when Ruby asks Storms how important experimental data is (about 13:52 into the video) his answer is classic Storms, and one of the reasons his thoughts are so widely respected by scientists. He answered that experimental data is the only reality, that everything else is just imagination. It is an attitude that skeptics would do well to embrace when they point to all the scientific “reasons” why LENR is “impossible”, then conclude all those reasons must mean all the experiments indicating otherwise must be in error. They have it exactly backwards. It is the experimental data that comes first. Like he says, any theory must begin and end with the experimental data. And we might add, that as long as there is experimental data not explained by theory, then theory is incomplete.

        • Don Witcher

          I think that this Storms interview is one of the most important presentations we have seen recently. What he has is a good working hypothesis that could form the basis for an organized government funded multilab research program.

          To admin: I personally think that this interview with Storms deserves its own Blog.

          • Robert Mockan

            Storms mentions Brian Scanlan is doing the math analysis to explain the process going on in the cracks. A quick search reveals Scanlan is a member of Kivalabs LLC, listed as a solar energy research development company in New Mexico. Storms is also a member there holding an executive position. Possibly the core structure for a government funded multilab research program is already in place. I suppose it would depend on how ambitious they are. Scanlan is 50, but Storms is at least in his 70s. Getting on. The research money was needed 20 years ago. All the original cold fusion scientists are either gone or close to it. The younger crowd of scientists still have not shown the subject the kind of interest it deserves.

        • GreenWin

          A Q&A follows in which Storms describes the size of the lattice defect “cracks” at around 10nm. This is consistent with Arata and Ahern both of whom mention this size as critical to catalysts. It should be fairly obvious now that the geometry of the lattice is key in dissociating H2 to Protium, to begin the reaction. Also, 1W heat requires 1×10^{12} atoms reacting. These Nuclear Active Sites are busy like bees.

    • Robert Mockan

      When the day arrives, I wonder if classic car collectors are going to be able to get a permit to drive, for example, their Model-T, around town to show it off.

      • GreenWin

        While gasoline might not be readily available – ten gallons of ethanol is easy to make. Some folks still make it themselves in a bathtub! And YES, permits will be issued to collectors of old cars, airplanes, go-carts and (a further future) anti-grav skateboards.

    • jacob

      Joe,you hit the nail on the head,where energy is our birthright,but living on planet earth should involve not paying taxes,but all should work together in harmony ,providing services to each other ,governments are not needed,if we all worked together as one with love being the ruler
      great things could have been accomplished,but laying a burden on us where we have to work 5 or 6 month out of a year for taxes and government services is crazy.

  • Omega Z

    So- Rossi says he’s working with National Instruments. N.I. confirms
    Then Skeps say he’s not anymore.
    Rossi says, He switched to Siemens, But still consults with N.I.
    Skeps pounce again. But N.I. says YES, Pretty much what Rossi say. Still consulting.

    N.I. provides Unibo with hardware & software usable for LENR research.
    But some at Unibo deny LENR work going on. Rumor of Radiation testing equipment being prepared. Some mumbo jumbo rumor? concerning this subject??

    Now Unibo is to provide Data on the E-cat in October. NO Denial.

    Meantime over the last 1 1/2+ years Certain creditable Entities have been involved with Rossi, 1 Mentioned high powered -Government & Big business type people involved around Rossi in January. Out of about a dozen creditable people overtime you get nothing. They are tight lipped & say very little. Nothing Negative. At most you get a wait & see.

    Rossi says working with Siemens again/still to develop electrical Generation with the New Hot Cat.

    A Siemens Rep was contacted about this. Response was I don’t know, We’re a large company, I’m not aware of everything. Even if true, It’s very likely this Rep would say something to a superior.

    Basically you have a No Comment. No confirmation. No Denial. No distancing of Siemens from Rossi.

    All these Entities have Prestige & Reputations at Risk. None of them Distance themselves from Rossi. They are ALL Silent. Many who were no longer involved with LENR research are now deeply Involved Again.

    You can Draw your own Conclusions.

    Over a year ago someone asked Focardi why Rossi was able to get such good results when He & Piantelli hadn’t. His Answer: Rossi tried things that He & Piantelli would have never thought of.

    • Renzo


      • timycelyn

        + another 1.

        Good summary, highlighting how one overall picture stands out, but the skeps survive by not discussing this whole picture, but whining about small, carefully selected bits of it.

        • Peter

          These are all great point that are needed to be remembered. I’ve thought this time and time again but never found the words. Great job!

          • Sanjeev

            Thank god there are no Mark Gibbs clones in S.Africa.
            He actually did some research rather than reading Wikipedia. Good work.

          • Barry

            Heh heh heh

          • GreenWin

            That would make him… a Journalist! An ultra-rare breed in this game.

        • Andre Blum


          • Barry

            +1 Well said Omega

          • GreenWin

            +1 with the rest here. Don’t forget Ansaldo Energia the $1.8B Italian nuclear and fossil power company. Their physicist witnessed Oct 28th demo in Bologna. Their CEO Senior Adviser appeared on LENR Panel at NI Week. hmmm.

          • Barry

            I know waiting is excruciating, but let’s not forget, so much progress has been made in the last 6 months.

          • Roger Bird

            It seems excruciating because our desires for results are so strong and our attention is riveted on the very latest news. This is actually happening very rapidly compared with other developments just as important. Agriculture and fire probably took 1000’s of years to spread around the world. And agriculture is still in development in many parts of the world. The first utilized steam engine happened in 1698 with Thomas Savery’s patented steam-powered pump that he called the “Miner’s Friend”. But it took a long time to get developed into something of real value.

          • Robert Mockan

            Actually, the first utilized steam engine was made by Papin and used to power a steam boat, before Savery and his unworkable primitive pump, and almost a hundred years before Robert Fulton made the steam boat in the United States. In addition, Papin used his engine in a turbine configuration, using steam pressure to force a jet of water against a paddle wheel. Fulton is credited with making a “practical” steam boat, but if Papin had not been murdered about 100 years before, his advanced steam engine designs would have predated jet turbine engines by almost 300 years. I suppose eventually this story will eventually be written out of history books altogether.

          • Omega Z


            I value your opinions but, The 1st known use of steam used for mechanical systems was during the Roman Empire.

            It was used in Theater performances to manipulate animated scenes without performers in conjunction with knobbed spindles, ropes & Gears. It was also used in churches for different functions. All was very impressive to the masses who didn’t understand what was happening. This was a knowledge known by very few.

            It was a Sphere on a Rod with 2 right angled tubes protruding from it. Heating the Water filled Sphere jetted steam from the tubes rotating it.

            Had it been scaled up & the Rod connected to wheels by gears, the Romans would have had the first steam powered cars.

            With that 1 little jump, We can only speculate what else would have evolved. Steam paddle boats, Steam powered super weapons etc, etc… Armies could have advanced at breakneck speed. They truly could have conquered the World. 1 little leap would have advanced society by a thousand years overnight with advanced agriculture & travel to name just a couple.

            1st known can easily become 2nd as we learn more about our past. History shows a pattern of Societies Learning losing & relearning knowledge.

          • Robert Mockan

            I suppose the sphere design would be the aeolipile, that Heron of Alexandria wrote about. We may never know for certain why steam did not develop 2000 years ago for motive power. Papin had to devise methods to make metal vessels that could hold steam under high pressure, and that technology was not developed in ancient Rome. Castings for pressure containers might have been used then, but welding and even strong riveting was unknown. Almost all documented records of human history were lost with destruction of the Library of Alexandria, so no way to reliably determine how often, and when, the insane, preventing development of advanced technologies, have struck. But one thing is clear. There are more of the insane today in positions of power than ever before. I believe the pattern you refer to must also take into account many reasons for the destruction of knowledge by the insane, not just by accident, that has prevented progress.

    • captain

      Rossi is working 16/24 and here are some selected answers quoted fm ==>

      Andrea Rossi
      August 21st, 2012 at 10:45 AM

      Dear Stefano:
      We already gave enough demonstrations. Now we have to make plants, working plants, not demonstrations.
      Warm Regards,

      Andrea Rossi
      August 19th, 2012 at 2:01 AM

      Dear Iggy Dalrymple:
      As of today we are 63 persons, and growing up (three years ago we were 3, two years ago we were 6, last year we were 13).
      Warmest Regards,

      Andrea Rossi
      August 18th, 2012 at 8:57 AM

      Dear Marco:
      The design allows many solutions for the assemblies. The one you suggested is one of them. It is very likely, anyway, that the first 1 MW plant we will make will be driven by gas, not electricity, to make it more economically convenient. I am designing the burners right now, while I am answering to you, with our engineers.
      Warm Regards,

      Andrea Rossi
      August 16th, 2012 at 11:48 AM

      Dear g.Luca from Italy:
      Do not worry, now it’s time to make plants, real working plants making real Megawatthours, no more time for useless chatters. The time of table toys which give space to any kind of chatters is over.
      Warm Regards,

      Rossi is working hard and not selling fried air to ask for taxpayers’ money.
      He’s going on ONLY with the money earned by selling his products.

      And this is referred mainly to skeptics and the like.

      • hammerskoj

        Not exactly. We don’t know if Rossi has raised funding.

        • captain

          I’m talking of only what’s known from Rossi’s words.

          If U have any evidence of what U say, ok, otherwise don’t mention it, just to give skeptics/puppets/snakes the opportunity to pollute forums like this one that, without their rants, are going on so well.

          Anyhow, the unknown ‘military’ entity should have acquired 12 or 13 1MW plants, and Rossi should have received from them the money.

          If and only if Rossi has delivered them x or y or z plants, it doesn’t matter: for sure (suppose the US Navy) they’ve got a sufficient number of plants to carry on their tests, and that’s OK for both. But Rossi should have surely received all the agreed money for the technological products sold them.

          In addition to other industrial plants sold to at least 2 different customers.

          Almost surely Rossi has received absolutely no funds for FREE, this must be well known!

          The NASA, also, is going on on its way to the LERN, and they are patenting from time to time (they can do it by themselves without undergoing USPTO, if I’ve well understood), and ‘privately’ some ‘discoveries’.

          As Rossi has already said, strangely, many of his ‘secrets’ are already in possession of the NASA 😉

          On the other side, hard is the way for Rossi to have his E-Cat patented by USPTO and/or validated by official US certificators.

          So, for the same technology, 2 different weights and 2 different measures. Think about it.

          Anyhow Rossi is working hard like a mule.

          • hammerskoj

            Wrong bias. Your statement is an affermative statement. You must proof it, not I the opposite. I don’t fear the snakes, I fear the ‘opportunistic’ lies.

        • Hampus

          Rossi can’t finance all this by himself, he has founders.

          • captain

            Leonardo Co., of which Rossi is now CEO, is no longer belonging 100% to Rossi, since when other investor(s) came in.

            It’s understood that when talking of E-Cat and Rossi, usually we mean the Leonardo Co.

            For sure, it’s also this understood, that new Investor(s) have brought thi$: if not, what else?

            But, as I’ve said before, we refer to Rossi’s money, that is to Leonardo Co. money.

            It’s not difficult to understand it.

    • dragonX

      Who in the right mind will say no to free energy?
      Skeps are there because there is no definitive proof of these affiliations you describe. We can put together all positive points and make a positive unconfirmed picture. We can do the same with all the negative points and make a very negative unconfirmed picture.

      What I would like to see is proof of affiliation and not wishful thinking based on the fact that NI, Siemens and others don’t even bother to say NO to a question about Rossi. The matter of fact is they did not say YES yet. So we can conclude, at the same time, the best and the worst about Rossi. That is the case with all of our assumptions about everything. In other words that is not news.
      News is when Rossi shows something amazing and is approved by big guys with a loud voice. Then skeps will be happy too.

      That being said ICCF-17 was weak. Brillouin (that said we will be first on the market) did not present anything and Defkalion (that said they have Hyperion ready from almost a year now) did not show anything.

      The only real news for this summer was 14W (not yet third party confirmed) by Celani at NiWeek. That was it.

      • Ged

        Not to quibble, but it isn’t “free energy”. It is important to always shoot down that statement, as it is both completely untrue, and attempts to compare LENR with the actual bs “free energy/over unity” stuff out there.

        NI has said YES about Rossi previously, as Omega points out. Moreover, in the business world, if you do not say “no” then it’s a yes. I’ve never seen a case where that was not so.

        There was a lot more real news this summer than Celani. Kobe-Technova showed powerful information. The panel discussion, if you watched it, made unequivocal statements about the reality of LENR, and was very potently pushing for commercialization, if you pay attention. We haven’t seen any videos from ICCF-17 so far as I know, so we can’t say if it was “weak” or strong. But NIWeek was pushing hard on the LENR front. Moreover, NI are the ones who set up Celani’s reactor (listen to the NI representative there at the beginning of the video of Celani’s reactor), so I think we’ve got plenty of third party (or I guess second party, if you don’t trust NI) confirmation as it isn’t Celani’s hands alone in this pot.

        As far as NI, ENEA, and many others are concerned, the main lab work for LENR is done, and everyone is aiming to commercialize it now.

        • Ged

          All that said, we still don’t know about Siemens, as an “I don’t know” is completely different from a “no comment” and means that it really is unknown to that representative, but a possibility. Hopefully we can track down someone in Siemens who is in the position to know one way or the other.

        • GreenWin

          Siemens CEO Peter Löscher has an interesting perspective on disruptive technology:

          “Increasingly, Löscher said, those key scientific ideas will be coming from collaboration outside the corporate walls. ‘I have found out that disruptive technology is happening [every]where in the world — big and small but usually fast, creative and innovative. Consider that 90% of the innovation agenda is happening outside of any organization. So you have to make sure that your business is truly connected.'” Wharton School speech

          • georgehants

            Great find GreenWin and hopefully very true, only way to bypass the establishment etc.

      • Thanks to “Engineering News SA and Omega Z” and all the other great posts, we now have some updated information on the ‘Rossi E-Cat Saga’. We DO NOT have the definitive proof or evidence that Rossi has a commercial ready Reactor(s) and will now manufacture and sell these E-Cats.
        Perhaps on Sept 8 and Sept 10, we will have an INDEPENDENT THIRD-PARTY VALIDATION REPORT to confirm that Rossi is real and E-Cats are coming soon! jdh

        • Ged

          We shall see indeed!

      • Francisco

        DragonX, every post I see from you only criticizes the e-cat. If you are so skeptic of it, why do you even keep up with it? Are you some sort of professional skeptic?

        It feels like all you do is pollute useful discussion.

        We don’t need to know every time you are unconvinced because you don’t have proof.

        • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

          I’ve tried to reason with him a couple of times, but in the end you do not really get an answer. He seems to feel the need to redundantly point out that there is no irrefutable proof over and over again, although we all know that. In this regard he seems a little retarded since he aparantly thinks we don’t know this.

          For me it’s a bit like Schrödinger’s cat. We don’t know if Rossi’s claims are true until we have irrefutable proof. Until then both options are true. I just prefer to talk about the possibilities of such a device in the hope it is true. Dragon just points out the possibility it may not be true. That mostly kills true discussion and I find his position boring and through the overuse of same argument a little offensive as well.

          I suggest we ignore him in the future until he has some useful addition to the discussion.

          • captain

            I’ve tried to reason with him a couple of times, but in the end you do not really get an answer. He seems to feel the need to redundantly point out that there is no irrefutable proof over and over again, although we all know that.
            I suggest we ignore him in the future until he has some useful addition to the discussion.


    • jacob

      Omega Z ,that is a great reply and in contrast ,the sceptics ,sincere as they are,overcoming brainwashing by current dogma ,is going to be a challenge for them.

      Many have been fooled and will awaken ,maybe on this forum.

    • Filip47


    • Adam Lepczak

      The most telling is the fact that few months after working with A.R., NI not only is involved in LENR but they also organize a major scientific conference about it AND give their software/instruments to all major LENR players.

      Bottom line: Whoever controls the energy source also controls our world. At this time Rossi is our “Muad’Dib”

      “He who controls the spice controls the universe”

  • georgehants

    Report from Bio Fuels Watch .com
    I cannot put a link to the above report as it becomes marked as spam on these pages.
    Can be found at —-

    • georgehants

      H. Hansson
      August 25th, 2012 at 4:27 AM
      Dear Mr. Rossi,
      The last several months you have been very upbeat about two issues in your comments on this website.
      That it soon will be enough confirmed and verified information about LENR for ordinary main stream media and journalist to write for their readers in laymen terms.
      That you very soon will have a valid certification for your industry eCat.
      Do you still have the same positive view on above issues?? ..
      H. Hansson
      Andrea Rossi
      August 25th, 2012 at 4:45 AM
      Dear H. Hansson:
      Thank you for your important questions.
      Here are the answers:
      1- Yes
      2- The safety certification process for the industrial plants has been made. Besides this, within October will be finished and published the indipendent validation test made by a University.
      Warm Regards,

    • George – Isn’t it fascinating to see these two articles listed together on the News Now index page:-

      “Is Cold Fusion Finally Being Accepted by the Scientific Community?

      Fleischmann dies: He deceived the world with cold fusion.”

      The BioFuelsWatch article you point to seems to be rather ‘pessimistic’ overall – pretty much as if the last 6 months of developments had never taken place. This seems to be an increasingly common way of downplaying the reality of CF, as now proven by Celani – “it may be real, but it is a small effect and will take decades to develop”. This is simply a variant of Arthur C Clarke’s second stage of acceptance (It may be real, but it’s not important).

      • GreenWin

        Peter, read the “biofuels” thing again. It is probably the work of the DDD disinformation team. First they claim people are working on “muon-catalyzed fusion.” Then they say: “it does not satisfy the basic concept of cold fusion in which the fusion process can be conducted with minimal energy input at room temperatures as maintaining a constant low temperature requires additional energy output that detracts from the overall benefits of the reaction.”

        To be believed they will have to cite research documenting the production of “large amounts of… thorium 232.” And “low temperatures.” I don’t recall seeing this mentioned in any of the 23 years of papers published by CANR. It appears this claim has already been falsified by certification of industrial e-cats.

        • GW – yes it was my impression that this was written by someone who had either half understood the material available, or was possibly distorting it for the usual reasons: “and their disproved theory has been dubbed the “Fleischmann-Pons claims” etc.

          I took the thorium thing to be a misunderstanding of the GEC GeNiE reactor proposal, but on re-reading the whole piece a bit more carefully I agree that it appears to be largely invention, deliberately written in order to deceive. The biofuels industry evidently feels as threatened as oil and nuclear, and is reacting in exactly the same way. Sad.

          • GreenWin

            It will have little impact. Actually biofuels should see expansion as LENR slows the demand for petroleum fuels. Heavy lift aircraft and trucking vehicles will rely on liquid fuel for a long while. IMO demand for Jet fuel and diesel from algae or cellulosic biomass will increase. Ethanol in South America and emerging nations will continue until the light duty transport fleet converts to electric.

            I doubt this blog has any influence whatever in any market. But it does raises flags.

          • Yes, I agree that CF will provide greatly increased opportunities to ‘biofuels’, which will become a means of storing CF-produced energy in a way that can be utilised by existing road and rail vehicles, small boats and even aircraft. Much of the feedstock could be waste materials such as sewage, food production wastes, domestic waste and so on.

            From the Pavlovian ‘move along, nothing to see’ article though, it seems that those in the industry are so blinkered they are unable to see this. Those that maintain such stupid and limited viewpoints will be swept aside by those who see the opportunities, just as in many other industries.

      • georgehants

        Peter, yes and there are only all those reports because of the demise of Fleischmann.
        A very good site for news on many subjects, as you can select an topic and it will find all reports on that subject.