Press Release: E-Cat Technology Certified by European Agency SGS [Update — Swiss Licensee Says Inaccurate]

A press release has been issued by Uta Stechl, the director of E-Cat Vertrieb, the German licensee of E-Cat technology, stating that E-Cat has been certified by European agency SGS.

E-Cat Vertrieb (E-Cat Sales) also has a newly available web site that provides some information about its services along with technical specifications of the E-Cat plants it is selling. For now it looks like the only model it offers is the low temperature industrial plant.

The company will be attending the upcoming conference in Zurich. I hope we can find out more from them at that point.

UPDATE: I received this from Swiss E-Cat Licensee Adolf Schneider:

You made with the so-called “Press Release: E-Cat Technology Certified by European Agency SGS” a terrible mistake.

This press release which was originally published by Uta Stechl is totally misleading. Uta Stechl is not the german licensee, only a member of the licensee group and not in any kind director of sales. And there was a misunderstanding about the certification, the certification is in course and the certificator’s name is not known.

Especially the big header is and was misleading.

  • Karl

    It is just to lift “hat off” for Rossi – Great work done.

  • jedslater

    That is great news, we really needed that confirmation!!! man, if this really is true I will party for 7 day’s and 7 night’s….

    • Ged

      We need confirmation of this by SGS, stat. But this is the sort of thing that’s a yes/no, so we should find out quickly.

      • mikeG

        After Sunday if all goes well we will have cold fusion verified and lets see how long it takes to realize home cold fusion generators?

  • Mike

    For the whole world, I do hope this is true. If it is, Rossi will be listed as one of the greatest humans in history.

    • Charles

      Well, at least he will be ranked up there with Pons and Fleischmann.

      If E-Cat proves true, I will personally nominate Ross, Pons and Fleischmann for the Nobel Peace, Economics, Physics and Chemistry Prizes.

      I hope the Nobel Committee reads this! When does the voting take place?

      • Robyn

        Very unfortunately, the Nobel isn’t awarded posthumously.

      • Ged

        Dead people don’t get Nobel prizes 🙁

        • Andrew Macleod

          If everything turns out for the good they should make an exception in his case.

  • Andre Blum

    Worst quality press release ever.
    That being said….

    HOLY CRAP!!!

    • the quality is bad because of google translation, the original is better ( It begins with a long list of keywords (to facilitate search engine searches I guess).

      • Andre Blum

        In fact, I read the German one (I’m Dutch) and it is bad, bad.

    • mcloki

      Indeed. I guess this is the proof everyone is looking for. So does this live up the standard for third party verification? SGS looks legit.

      • jfab

        AFAIK, it has nothing to do with 3rd party verification. It’s a security certification, it means the reactor isn’t dangerous, that’s all. It doesn’t mean it works. For all I know, a non-working e-cat would be quite a safe equipment.

        • mcloki

          Why would SGS verify parts sitting on a table. SGS would be up for so much professional ridicule. Wouldn’t the e-cat have to do what it said. Reading the googled press release they mention the COP number so I believe they certified something that was working.

        • Renzo

          Yes CE is only a security certification but the test we are talking about was a calorimetry done for a long period of time by third party engineers. Rossi and mostly Fiorevanti have explained that in detail

        • Certification have to be done under normal operation.
          This mean that if they don’t check the COP, they will check that it produce the maximum theoretical power rated, from the maximum input power…
          Not to check it works, but to check the machine is tested under real condition.
          they will also check the production design models, not an early lab prototype.

          Moreover SGS if they know they are working for a possible scam, would triple check that point… not yo be made, publicly accused of supporting a scam, even if they are not liable…

          This kind of (swiss) agencies are paranoid about their reputation. This is their capital.

          now the question is whether the SGS certification is real. If yes, the COP is maybe not exactly 6, but not far at least. It works.

          • jfab

            I hope you’re right, as we all do.
            But for the moment it looks like smoke and mirrors to me. We need an official SGS press release with the details of the tests they did.

          • georgehants

            jfab, we have all seen your comments around, please don’t try and make out you are hoping for an E-Cat or any other breakthrough Technology.

          • jfab

            You think I’m not hoping for breakthrough technology? Who doesn’t? I’m just a disillusioned ex-Steorn believer who sees exactly the same pattern unfolding in this Rossi story. I prefer to think it’s not true and be happily surprised and the end, then the other way around.

          • George, you are right to be suspicious, and the attempted camouflage is unconvincing to say the very least. The phrases, general style and content of the posts (not to mention the repetitiveness) are very familiar from ‘the other place’, and pretty well every other CF blog on the web. You can change the ID, but not these ‘fingerprints’ – at least not for long.

          • jfab

            Yes I often add comments on any blog I encounter when I feel like it. Most of the time I don’t care on which pro-Rossi blog I’m on, as they all look the same, will all the same BS. Yes most of my comments are highly skepticals about Rossi claims, and enthusiastic about LENR/CF. But I never changed my username, it has always been jfab. So I don’t know what “camouflage” you’re talking about 🙂

          • Ged

            Alain is right. Certifications have to be done on the fully working device. These people aren’t dumb. Be careful of coming off as disingenuous.

          • I think the words ‘certification’ and ‘validation’ may be being used inaccurately. Most probably the latter is the case.

          • Ged

            True enough. It’s a subtle nuance depending on the “official” nature of the context. Definitely not an easy part of the English language to wrap around.

  • Gerald Voortman

    Whoow….. I followed this website for about 2 years. But if this is true!!!!!!! I’m almost as exited as I was as a kid in 1989.


    • Steve B

      SGS is a known international testing house with worldwide operations.
      Basically they measure things against protocols. They test according to specified standards. So, we need to know what have been the standards, what specifically SGS has certified.

  • vbasic

    “When you need to be sure.”

    I like the SGS heading on their homepage. Their website is From google searchss they seem to be the international go to company for verification and certification. Rossi is NOT playing around. If is was, he would have gotten some phony tests from a Leonardo subsidiary or some never heard of college.

  • Wolf

    Could someone ask SGS on this? Why aren’t they the persons who release a press statement on this?
    And yeah – also in German this is a really ugly press release… The google translate even sounds better 😉

  • Filip47

    I presume their talking about the industrial plant, not the home-unit.
    Nevertheless: a possible breakthrought!

    • jedslater

      It doesn’t matter if it is only the 1MW plant, if the darn thing works we will see the domestic one soon! now we need to confirm the confirmations 🙂 but FASCINATING STUFF….

    • Of course, if Rossi did not lie, he have only certified the low temperature industrial e-cat, made with 10kW modules.

      Home e-cat cannot be yet certified… too long.

      • What is the prize of the industrial 1MW plant? Would it not be possible to get together 100 of us home-owners and ‘simply’ dismantle it, leaving us a hundred home e-cats? =) Of course, for Rossi to sell it to us, we would have to claim industrial use.

        • Ged

          It’s 1.5 million, so that’s $15,000 from each person if you get 100 together. Not really worth it, I’m afraid.

          • Oh, that much? I think I’ve heard that number, now that you mention it, and then too I thought that was a bit over the edge… What’s the deal with that? Is it the container that costs? Ok, maybe wrong forum to dwell on this, just thinking out loud.

          • Jordi Heguilor

            It would certainly NOT be the cost of the container. Used containers can be had for next to nothing, they are used as cheap storage sheds all over the world.

            In any case, until we see PROOF that the Ecat works, we might as well be discussing about the average life span of unicorns.

  • Andrew Macleod

    I’m sure the secptics will deny as much as possible, until the report is verified. Claims of non-working units are safe, the report wasn’t released by a 3rd party. Ect ect. When the time comes and irrefutable proof comes forward they will pull their tinfoil hats over their eyes and ears and refuse to acknolage anything had happened.

    • Wolf

      Until now it could just be the same strategy that Rossi has been pulling off, i.e., name dropping. Rossi spoke about Siemens, National Instruments and Walmart… Neither of them confirmed the existence of the E-Cat or validated that the E-Cat is working as promised. So, we now have a German E-Cat licencee, who drops the name of a large company without any proof. Especially as the press release looks… ‘weird’ or at least not really professional, even as a native German I have problems reading some parts, it just sounds strange. So yes, I am one of those ‘sceptics’ who is sill waiting for a real proof – this press release isn’t it yet.

      • Detail! National instruments claimed LENR is real and proved, and they admit to have approached Rossi, yet sold nothing. They started a LENR community just after those claimed contacts, and few month before Concezzi claiming LENR is real.

        For the rest it is real, and predictable. It mean nothing, not even lies.

        • Wolf

          These are hints, but not proofs, especially not of the working existence of the e-cat. What I’am waiting for, is a final, irrefutable proof of the e-cat, not a bunch of name-droppings, rumors, etc.

      • Andrew Macleod

        Rational sceptizim is appreciated even encouraged. You are waiting for PROOF. That’s fine I am too. I’m more commenting on the fanitical sceptizim. Like those at shutrossidown(dot)com that are so blinded by their beliefs of fraud. Openmindedness is a virtue.

  • timycelyn

    We may get a bit more detail on this in the next few days. Remember Rossi recently had the following exchange on his blog (posted here before, if I remember correctly):

    Dott. Rossi, please correct if I’m wrong. If I understand correctly there will be:

    1) Disclosure on September 8th (during the Zurich conference) of a validation by a third party entity (private company?) already performed earlier this Summer;
    2) Disclosure within Mid-October of a University validation
    3) Additional disclosure of a third party validation to be yet performed, very soon, with videos, etc.

    That would be three different independent validations. Am I correct?

    Andrea Rossi
    September 4th, 2012 at 2:23 PM
    Dear Ecco Liberation:
    1- yes
    2- this depends on the University, not on me: I cannot decide for them. While point 1 depends on me, point 2 does not.
    3- probably
    Warm Regards,

    It seems probable that this certification by SGS is the ‘validation’ referred to as no. 1 on the questions list. So we may well hear mor detail over the weekend…

  • What is concerning is that
    E-cat Deutschland claimed similar license to sell…
    maybe they are resellers, or scammer…

    Or this one is…

    or Rossi sell two license, or split licenses from various clients…
    have to be cleared.

    • Adam Lepczak

      he he
      It seems like this video might be totally appropriate:

    • Don Witcher

      Gerd Neumann confirmed that Uta Stecht is associated with him. Posted on FB.

      Gerd Neumann Hallo! Frau Uta Stechl ist eine Kollegin von mir. Sie ist genau wie ich an der deutschen Vertiebslizenz beteiligt.
      Wir arbeiten zusammen!

      • Andrew Macleod

        It has the feeling of a true leak, incomplete information and all.

    • Ged

      Hm, it is possible there could be a sublicensing clause. But it is curious. Maybe you’re right that each country gets two licenses. We’ll see if Rossi confirms these guy’s claims too.

      • Steve B

        Check their websites. Considering that Neumann and Stechl work together, it is quite remarkable that their e-cat device specifications are totally different in various criteria !

  • jedslater

    We will see in due time wont we? it is only a matter of months if it works! he can’t drag that much longer into 2013 before the project start to stink, so I am sure that we will see something soon…

  • Adam Lepczak

    It seems that the SGS office is located in the same building where the Rossi’s conference will take place:

    “Technopark Zürich, Technoparkstr. 1, 8005 Zürich, Auditorium”

    So there is some link to both companies already…But I guess an official SGS press release would be handy…

    • Renzo

      Technopark seems a kind of tech hub:

      “TECHNOPARK® Zurich hosts more than 250 high-tech companies, service providers, research and higher education institutions – which engage a total of 1,750 employees.”

    • Ivan Mohorovicic

      It seems SGS is located pretty much everywhere in the world.

    • Philippe

      The Technopark accomodate a lot of coorporations, as its name denotes. If you want to organize an event, it “the place to be” in Zurich.

      And the speech of the 8 September is organised by a swiss/german coorporation, note by Rossi. Rossi is only one guest.

  • Jacob

    Actually St.Peter was the leader on Cold Fusion and all other nuclear phenomena.
    St.peter predicted 2000 years ago ” The time comes when the elements decompose”.
    St.Peter was a simple fisher man.

    • edog


    • Chris

      Yeah, cool, some Peripatetics claimed that Aristotle had predicted Galileo’s use of the telescope to observe stars. What else did Nostradamus predict now?

      • Ged

        Chilli cheese fries.

  • Tangled Connections

    My guess is the info is real but was due for release on the 8th. Oops

  • Alexvs

    Does anyone see something new? Something reliable?
    At SGS site nothing about E-Cat even no CE certification.
    Where does all these confusing news come?
    Be aware, at Internet you can find all kind of false and misleading informations.

    Oh. Now I see the update.
    It is a pity. It was an appropriate post.
    The moderator should be more prudent.

  • Ivan Mohorovicic

    Just wondering, if SGS is the testing company, how would NDAs apply as Rossi mentioned some time ago? Unless it’s him/Leonardo Corp. who want an NDA on the results.

  • Ivan Mohorovicic

    [double post]

  • jedslater

    Let’s see how long we can hold our breath……

  • mcloki

    Well this is clear as mud now. Well we can wait till Saturday and the conference then.

    • Tangled Connections

      Interesting that in the update, Mr Schneider doesn’t say that SGS is not the certificator. He could have but he didn’t. And the original info did come from a member of the licensee group so maybe Mr Stechl just made a big mistake in releasing the info now.

      • SGS could simply be the 3rd party Rossi used to observe his trials of the hot cat, and who will verify that the device does what is claimed. This would not be ‘certification’, but it could be a part of the process.

        • Ged

          A good point. That’s a different type of certification, as in verification. All these non native English speakers…

        • Tangled Connections

          I think you could be right. Rossi is very forceful and specific in his denial but doesn’t go as far as ruling SGS out of the process entirely.

      • Mannstein

        Uta is a female name. Couldn’t possible be Mr. unless you’re refering to her husband.

        • Tangled Connections

          Yeh my bad…. Posted before checking.

        • Lu

          The press release is still up. It’s been viewed 2830 times.

          Uta Stechl is mentioned in the Zurich Program:

          5.45 pm Advantages of 1 MW E-Cat-Plants for Process Heat Generation
          Application Possibilities of E-Cat plants for industrial processes
          Uta Stechl, Dipl.-Ing. (FH), Stechl GmbH, Tuessling/GE

  • Andre Blum

    So it IS true!! (nothing more convincing than a denial!)

    I read this update from Switzerland as:

    “Uta Stechl spoke before her turn. She’s right, of course, but is mighty unprofessional in leaking this info. We are all angry about it and all we can do now is deny it”

    • Alexvs

      Are you joking?

      • Andre Blum

        not at all.

    • Steve B

      Actually the website even says Stechl GmbH is the name of the company…
      this is incredible !
      Who will buy equipment worth mio of dollars from such kind of people ?

    • Silverarrow

      more on Uta Stechl. Actually she is an internet car dealer

      • Andrew Macleod

        Cn you verify it’s the same person?

        • Andre Blum

          Yes it is the same person. The ‘impressum’ page lists the same address

          (Dipl. Ing. FH Uta Stechl GmbH
          Kellerstr. 15
          84577 Tüssling)

      • barty

        Okay, then this woman has also no glue what the ecat is and how it works.
        She just smelled the money…

  • Alexvs

    can you find Adolf Schneider.
    He must be cautious.

    • Wolf

      Another “trustworthy” person in this saga…

      • Ged

        Still need to see what SGS says, just in case this is somehow leaked info. But with the other licensees going “wait a minute now…” it is hard to trust these German guys at all.

  • I understand the Update so that Schneider’s “certification” indeed means certification of the home devices, whereas “zertifiziert” in Stechl’s press release means something different – and that Schneider didn’t understand this difference but assumed that Stechl meant the same thing with the term as him…

    • Alexvs

      zertifiziert is the particip of zertifizieren. The noun would be Zertifikation.

  • edog

    Hi Guys.

    I get this horrible feeling that the people involved in selling reselling the ecat tech.. are money hungry and that is all. Why has Roosi allowed his invention to be so disrespected like this? Is he just after the cash too?

    I thought with something this important there would have been a lot better organisation, cooperation and teamwork.. at least a superior governing body supervising the project…

    To me it seems like a bunch of hyenas ready to attack.. ??

    Am I wrong??


    • jedslater

      If the E-Cat works as promised all hell will break loose!! you can be sure of that, and all the money greedy blood sucking business men will come out of the woodwork! You can’t stop that. The good thing is that the technology will spread quickly around the globe. 🙂

    • Matt

      The e-cat is in the absolute earliest stages as far as being a consumer product. I think you are wrong to assume that there would be more organization when it’s still the stage of getting organized. I wouldn’t expect anyone to get buy a license from Rossi if they didn’t expect to make money from it.

      • daniel maris

        Incorrect,Rossi has made clear that he expected production of the domestic E cat heater by July 2013 at the LATEST i.e. the product design and prototyping was all complete.

    • Andrew Macleod

      Yep everyone wants to make a buck. I don’t blame them. Those who get in early will make the most. What is needed is a Celani device or others so there good market competitiveness to keep prices down.

      • edog

        opps sorry andrew.. too many wines after dinner… I do actually totally agree with you!! I was reading another post and replying to yours!

    • Alexvs

      You are right. Mr. Rossi should have been the first to deny false news if he really wants to be credible which could be not the case if E-Cat is a scam.

    • Renzo

      The italian licensee Aldo Proia is competent and professional, the australian mr Robert Green seems a decent guy, then there are the licesee for north europe (I remember they were a couple of physicist) they have been quiet lately but they have a good looking website.

      All the recent mess has arise only from the swiss and german licensee that look amateurish and with some dubious background.

      • barty

        That’s exactly what makes me suspicious!

        Gerd Neumann seems to come from the “free energy” area, talked much about UFO’s, corn circles and aliens etc. in the past.
        He has no clue about LENR and how the ecat is working in coarse.
        He is about to damage the little trust the germans have into the leonardo corporation.

        Also his english skills are nearly unusable, so he isn’t able to get informations from this blog and other sites.

        And now there is a second german player.

        The swiss company has also a very shady history.

        • Renzo

          Well in the end it will make little difference, some sloppiness could delay the diffusione of the Ecat in Germany but not in other countries. I only hope Rossi will not get into trouble because of them

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      Just Capitalism at work. It does get ugly. But it will also get this new technology to consumers fast, our world needs it desperately.

      • edog

        agreed Bernie!
        But Roosi does.. did have the power to control the release of “his” invention….
        open the flood gates? or control the flow?

        I dont think he has an idea of either concept…. we need this tech and fast… we just have an incompetent captain at the helm.. who could easily sink the ship… and he is not willing to look at the charts or the weather to safely guide the voyage.. I believe he is a conquistador!!!

    • amateur at least.

      anyway if e-cat is real, one could be greedy for less. but being greedy does not prevent to be professional.

      • edog

        These guys remind me of doing business with many chinese I have dealt with… they have never heard of the fairy tale.. about the “goose that laid golden eggs”..
        they are just in for the quick buck.. the future be damned…

        these are not the people we need in control of this tech… this implies that these people dont see a future in the ecat tech.. therefor dont care that much .. as long as they make some quick money?

        am I wrong?

        • Jim Johnson

          Right, wrong, racist…who’s to say?

  • Andrew Macleod

    On a funny note I see many names posting here, that I have seen posting on other not so popular ecat sites.

    • edog


      • In my language there is a saying fit to this, translated it’s roughly: That dog yikes whom the stick strikes (Se koira älähtää johon kalikka kalahtaa) 🙂

        • edog

          hahaha Pekka!… and what the hell does that mean??

          the dog bites whom the stick strikes?

          that looks finish!??


          • “älähtää” is difficult to translate, but it means a short sound that a dog can make which is not quite barking but close. I used yikes since it rhymes. Made it into verb: to yike, yikes.

          • Hampus

            Updated Rossi said just now in his talk that It’s true!!! SGS had complete controll over the “classic” ecat and they verified that it’s producing excess heat!

          • Andrew Macleod

            Your(dog) reaction(yike) to my comment(stick).

          • Precisely.

          • edog

            anyway… this is the only place I vent my views on this very important topic! 🙂

          • edog


  • Alexvs

    As the intrincate complex of enterprises Leonardo Technologies Incorporated, Leonardo Corporation, Ampenergo, Defkalion were not enough, now licensees are coming to confuse (and diffuse) just a little more the whole story.

    • edog

      yes … is there a point to it all? or just paranoia and confusion?

  • edog

    “misleading” is a powerful word in my Australian English…

  • georgehants

    Andrea Rossi
    September 5th, 2012 at 1:40 PM
    Dear Pasquale:
    Today somebody, saying he is our German Licensee, has made a press release saying that we got the product certification . It is totally false. I never gave that information, who made that press release has totally invented it and also the name I read is not the name of a Licensee of us. Probably this action has been made to try to damage us. We have in course a product certification, but it will take time.
    Conclusion: the press release of today regarding our certifications is false, not authorized, misleading. PLEASE NEVER CONSIDER A PRESS RELEASE OF US IF IT DOES NOT COME FROM ME, SIGNED BY ME.
    Our attorney is considering any action.
    ANDREA ROSSI, ceo of Leonardo Corp.

    • daniel maris

      “It will take time”…yes, but how long Rossi? This process can’t go on indefinitely.

      • Ged

        And which of the three products? The process may not be indefinite, but it can take a looooooong time.

  • Omega Z

    About SGS

    SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. SGS is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. With more than 70,000 employees, SGS operates a network of over 1,350 offices and laboratories around the world.