Report: China Grants Patent for Brillouin Energy LENR Boiler Technology

Cold Fusion Now is reporting that Brillouin Energy has been awarded a patent by China for its LENR-based boiler technology, a development that will certainly be good news for the company, especially following the rejection of its patent application by the US Patent Office earlier this year.

One of the problems that any company faces that tries to patent an LENR system in the United States is a longstanding policy not to approve any cold fusion system because of skepticism that it is a viable technology.

In the March 2012 rejection letter of Brillouin’s patent application the USPO patent examiner stated:

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary claims and substantiation. The finding of lack of utility and enablement may be overcome if an independent committee of peers in the pertinent fields, such as a third peer review by the US Department of Energy, were to conclude that cold fusion or low energy nuclear reactions were shown by the basic research continued after the latest review by the US Department of Energy (December 1, 2004: see the report made of record) to be reproducible and thus have utility. Applicant could have his invention tested by such organizations as the Department of Energy or NIST. For lack of utility the test is whether there is preponderance of evidence against utility or not.

It seems now that China’s attitude towards cold fusion technology is not so stringent as that of the USPO, and it will be interesting to see what effect the Chinese action might have on future cold fusion patent applications in the United States.

  • I’m guessing that despite this development, no effort whatsoever will be made to sort out the corrupt practices of the USPTO, so Brillouin, Rossi and possibly others will focus their efforts on other parts of the world that provide some IP protection. That will probably mean that the US is the last country in the world to adopt cold fusion (although of course, puppy dog Britain will be right there with you yanks, just slightly behind France and Russia).

    • georgehants

      Once again, probably not the politicians fault who rightly rely on their science advisers to advise them. (Very silly mistake)
      Can anybody show a copy of the advice being given to politicians about Cold Fusion by these “experts”.

      • I think you’re being too kind to politicians, George. Political leaders are probably given all sorts of advice, and just choose to listen to those that support their own agendas for political and financial advancement. If individual ministers are too dim to know when they are being sold to by lobbyists, they should be doing a job requiring even less brainpower than politics (I can’t think of anything just now, but I’m sure something will come to me).

        • georgehants

          Ha, two fights in the same direction, I think politics will always be impossible to correct in any meaningful way until only people with a track record of concern for all the population equally are allowed to enter parliament.
          How this could be done, I have no idea in a capitalist World.
          But incompetent science based, in theory, on Evidence and research, as against political opinion should be far more easily corrected.
          One has to see the advice the politicians are receiving openly and publicly, to then be able to blame them for any failure to follow good advice.
          All the while the scientific advice is hidden so that these “experts” can hide in the woodwork, we can not clearly determine who is at fault, I think.

          • Lets assume all of them – its simpler that way!

            Maybe one day we’ll be able to build a true democracy, perhaps using the internet to ‘blackball’ incompetent or corrupt politicians in real time, rather than waiting for periodic ‘elections’ to get rid of the worst (or most careless) offenders. That would keep the b*s*a*ds in line.

          • Iggy Dalrymple

            “Most importantly, I no longer believe that freedom and democracy are compatible.” – Peter Thiel

            I agree. So long as the populace can vote themselves handouts, democracy is doomed to failure.

        • Mannstein

          The problem is the majority of US politicians are lawyers who have zero understanding for science or technology.

          They couldn’t recognize a world changing scientific discovery if it stared them in the face.

          • Same here (UK). Currently a bunch of ‘public school’* educated toffs utterly untroubled by the slightest knowledge of science or technology (that’s the sort of thing the proletariat exists to do for them).

            * = expensive private schools pretending to be charities.

          • GreenWin

            Who has time for science when there are crumpets and clotted creme to consume?? On other blogs we have the self-appointed like Joshua Cude who claims the only opinion of value is that of a nuclear “expert.” This is how they sell their climate drivel – only a “climate scientist” knows – common sense be damned!

          • And according to the IPCC, not just any old ten-a-penny ‘climate scientist’, but ‘the world’s top climate scientists’ or ‘hundreds of the world’s leading scientists’. Who can argue with that!


            Crumpets and clotted cream??? You mean ‘cream tea’ dear boy – jam scones and clotted cream served alfresco with a pot of tea. Crumpets are served at High Tea, completely different thing don’t y’know!

          • GreenWin

            Thanks for the epicurean correction Peter! I have enjoyed the scones and creme repast but not as I recall, the crumpet. This likely has tipped a hat to my commoner background.

            It has been too long a while since last at Tisanes Tea Rooms Broadway, Worcestershire!

      • Hii Hi Ming

        State capitalism under a communist cum socialist regime Vs Pure capitalism in Democratic regime. The former had enormous vest power to take care of the whole country while the latest is restraint by forces of the interest groups.The outcome here is pretty obvious !!

        • that is the position of the author of “the next convergence”. Quite promoting Chinese and Asian elite for their capacity to govern for the long term interest of their country and not to get support of lobbies and clients…

          this book looks liberal (economically, le says that republic will love it at first look), but in fact it is very critic on many occidental bad policies, like neoliberal/crony (US like) and leftisteuropean (protecting the olde economy against changes, instead of protecting the people so they quickly change to the new economy).

          It seems clear now taht China will soon get to OECD level… On my side I’m afraid US and europe will get dow to Turkey/Hungaria level, driven by neoliberal lobbies defending the old economy and calling for a battle to lower work cost, lower state expense including education…

        • Omega Z

          Hii Hi Ming

          All Governments are corrupt. How does China explain all it’s billionaires which will soon exceed the number in the U.S.

          Of 1200 to 1300 billionaires in the World, only 1/3 are now in the U.S.

      • GreenWin

        george, politicians are included in the LENR blackout. As Steven Greer points out, certain rogue programs controlling advanced technology are illegal and therefor have no standing under Constitutional law.

        ALL expenditures of taxpayer money are subject to civilian oversight. Those that are not – are illegal. Disclosure of their activities is not subject to national security protection.

    • Karl

      The worst enemy of humans beings is our tendency to obey.

      • Wrong place – deleted by author.

    • joe j

      China has never been big on enforcing standards and practices so its no wonder they do not require any supporting scientific evidence from inventors that their claims actually work. Such is the typical practice of most all in the CF field, to accept everything at face value and never question less it destroys the field.

      • Even leaving aside the totally unfounded nature of such a claim – what difference would it make? If Brillouin offers a product that works, based on whatever they have patented, then it is valid and their IP is protected in China. If they can’t, then it will quietly fade away. Or is the whole point of the comment just to make vacuous negative assertions about ‘the CF field’ in general?

        • Steve B

          Peter, you do not understand how the patent system works.
          It is not good enough to show that a device is working for getting a patent granted.
          A patent can only be granted when an invention is new (against prior state of the art), applicable and suffciently disclosed. All patent offices operate on this basis. Many of the LENR patents are weak, too vague (especially Rossi´s patent). It is not the system is corrupt, as you boldly stated, the inventors have done a poor job. And Joey is right, China patenting practices is by no means a standard, neither in the examination, nor in the enforcement.

          • Steve, as the one-time holder of a UK patent, I have a vague idea of what is involved.

            I doubt that Brillouin provided a working boiler to the Chinese patent office – the application would have been purely a paper exercise. A patent requires sufficient information to allow a competent person to replicate the item described, and in the case of novel inventions, must describe in detail the principle of operation. As you yourself say, all patent offices operate on this basis.

            Therefore, if Brillouin have had a patent granted in China, their submission must have met the standards required. If the patent is valueless then it is hard to see (a) why China provides the service and (b) why Brillouin have reportedly seen fit to use it. Patent application processes cost time and money, and have no value other than to protect intellectual property in the country in which they are granted.


          • And on the necessity, cost, and enforcement standards:

          • GreenWin

            Steve B, I think it is YOU who does not understand how the patent system has been corrupted to become a controlling gateway to knowledge (along with purported science “journals.”) The variety of specious excuses given by the US Pat Office when rejecting LENR-type applications is the evidence.

            When house cleaning commences the USPTO will be one of the first to get swept. Rejections of dozens of LENR-type applications will be the convicting evidence.

          • captain

            quote from and thanks to

            Help End “Heavywatergate” and the 24 YEAR USPTO Coverup

            Now it deserves to fully quoted

            HEAVYWATERGATE continues at the USPTO led by a corrupt Group Art that mischaracterizes facts about cold fusion on federal documents. Why? To cowtow to higher-ups who have competing financial interests such as energy stocks and other commodities. Not to mention the fact that this helps their own foreign counties while America remains at War over energy — and millions die every year because of inadequate energy for clean water

            The Patent Office has claimed falsely that there is “no utility” to cold fusion. Really? Does anyone believe that lie? Clean, efficient energy production of no use? The corrupt USPTO Examiners dare falsely purport that there is “no utility” to the science and engineering of cold fusion – the technology of ultraclean, highly efficient alternative energy, while hiding their own tax returns and stock investments.
            Despite past open demonstrations, and hundreds of peer-reviewed publications, they claim falsely that there is no operability. There have been open demonstrations of cold fusion at MIT to which the USPTO Examiners were invited. But their allegience is not to the US Constitution or justice or science or truth.

            It has been 24 years since the announcement of cold fusion, the crash of Exxon Valdez, and the start of the coverup of cold fusion (Heavywatergate). Ask your Congressmen and women to DEMAND AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE Ultra corrupt practices of those individuals within the US Patent Office who continue to cover up cold fusion applications and other alternative energy inventions. Remind them that the USPTO has refused Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests by falsely purporting that the “public has no interest”. But YOU do, don’t you!!!!

          • GreenWin

            Thanks for this post captain. It is a hard rain gonna fall on the USPTO. Expect to see a growing number of “early retirements.”

      • NJT

        There are millions of patents that go nowhere, lanquish and die…

        • GreenWin

          Yeah, especially those REJECTED for political reasons.

    • NJT

      Peter, unfortunately for us you are absolutely correct…

  • georgehants

    Another subject like Cold Fusion that incompetent science has spent all it’s time denying and debunking.
    New Scientist
    Evolution could explain the placebo effect.

  • georgehants

    Oil has a new update but the system will not let me load the link, anybody else can try.

    • Lu
    • Another well balanced ‘semi mainstream’ article from Brian Westenhaus. I wonder how big OilPrice’s readership is?

      • Ged

        Fascinating he mentions McKubre saying that there are six companies he watches attempting to bring cold fusion to the market, with three of those companies not being publicly known. Now that really peaks my interest.

        • And that’s just the ones McKubre knows about. The planet’s lawyers are going to have a field day, at least.

  • Morgan

    seems they are calling it Quantum Fusion – looks promising

    • Ged

      That’s what I would term it from a conceptual point of view. Rather than kinetic fusion (hot fusion), LENR exploits the quantum world, especailly Bose-Einstein condensates (which are a quantum phenomenon) according to the best explained theories.

      • That eliminates the hydrino-type theories though, before they’ve been disproved. How about ‘quantum nucleonics’ to leave the bets open?

        • Ged

          It may not eliminate hydrinos, actually. They can either be a different process, or part of the process. They are still a quantum phenomenon, as you point out, since it’s a collapse of the electron shell to a special below-ground quantum state. This could shield the nucleus more, theoretically, and allow atoms to get closer — weakening the Coulomb barrier and/or making a Bose-Einstein condensate more likely.

          In any case, the LENR we know of other than blacklight all gives fusion products; thus it is a type of (quantum) fusion. I’m not sure if blacklight has seen the same, or if it simply is drawing power from hydrino formation without any subsequent fusion events.

          • GreenWin

            Ged, Blacklight’s name derives from the predicted and repeated observance of soft x-ray spectra from Ni+H experiments. It is Mills’ theory that this is in part the confirmation of the new state of H, at fractional ground.

            BTW, Rob Duncan and the former SPAWAR director both state they observe soft x-ray in LENR experiments.

          • Ged

            Oh, I know. The “new state” for hydrogen is just the electron shell collapsing closer to the nucleus and releasing the associated energy with that drop. Theoretically, any atom could do it, but hydrogen is by far the simplest with a single electron and most basic S shell.

            This process could be part of LENR in a larger context, or unrelated. There are many ways to generate X-rays in the process of fusion. The specific X-ray spectral lines and energies are what would have to be evaluated very sensitively to tell if the X-rays of SPAWAR and X-rays of Blacklight are coming from a similar source or process, or from different processes.

          • GreenWin

            Yes. I don’t think that’s been published – though Blacklight’s spectra occur at very specific frequencies and would be easy to confirm.

          • freethinker

            Found the patent at SIPO. Kind of long url so used :

            Sorry if link has already been contributed, have not had the time to follow all comments

          • freethinker

            ..and I find myself replying to myself after looking at the dates…. 2009.03.25. .. Its publication date. This cannot be the same patent….

          • Freethinker – I can’t load the link for some reason. Do you have a direct URL please?

          • OK, got it now. Godes has apparently been looking ahead for some time. ‘Profusion Energy Inc.’ seems to be another of Godes’ companies, and holds a number of patents in many countries.


      • Omega Z

        According to Cures, the quantum phenomenon has been mentioned in Rossi’s camp. No Details.

  • Hii Hi Ming

    I do not think that China patent office is dumb. And China is making enormous progress in this area. If you are an inventor of a great invention that goes nowhere with the USPO whereby China is willing to give you that protection, you have to keep moving ahead rather than held back by USPO.

    • Filip47

      Ofcourse their not dumb. In the US there’s a huge oil-lobby with a lot of influence in The White House(a lot of campaign money is at stake), try to overcome that is nearly impossible.
      That way, they’re digging their own graves.
      Chinese are great in longterm visions.
      My short term vision 🙂

      • Daniel Steward

        Absolutely, this is the big advantage that a communist country has. They don’t have to rely on short sighted, profits tomorrow at the expense of profits ten years from now corporate leadership to make good decisions. Our big corporations are hanging on to todays profits by suppressing anything that threatens that. When the LENR tidal wave finally crests we’re going to get hammered.

        • GreenWin

          On the contrary Daniel. Short-sighted energy companies will get hammered. The people will benefit from far lower power bills, followed by near minimal power bills (as home LENR appliances become available.)

          The cold fusion field was so thoroughly demonized by academia and petro-lobbyists even had a CEO wanted to invest in CF, they would never have.

          We need to invent protections to prevent a repeat of this corruption. First steps are a far more equitable publishing process like we see from online publishers. Term limits on politicians might also prevent entrenched policy and lobby influences. And a new approach to education demanding open-mindedness in all areas of study.

          The lessons learned from the vilification of LENR can go far to enlightening the human condition. I hope they will be embraced.

  • Sanjeev

    Great !
    Now LENR R&D and product development can continue at rapid pace in China. Others are going to follow and it wouldn’t be surprising if the first LENR products are manufactured in China.

    • Sanjeev

      US has a market of may be only 100 million units compared to billions of units in other parts of the world, so its only logical to have a world patent or similar.

    • It’s probably a given that when commercial production of any CF device begins, part or all of it will be made in China due to the generally lower manufacturing costs there. It’s therefore essential for anyone going down this route to have patents in place before sending production specs etc. to any Chinese company. If Rossi now has a viable theory of operation he may need to follow Brillouin asap.

      • Biberian says 21 lab in chine work on LENR.
        Maybe they accepted it because they read the papers, and don’t hear the old lord of science… maybe it works in china already.

        I won’t be surprised if they produce other reactor.

        if so they will keep them for their own usage first.. like e-bike, because more useful to help their growth than our.

  • GreenWin

    Humiliation of the USPTO and its overseers continues.

    • GreenWin

      According to legal documents we have one Patent Office Agent Harvey Behrens who has consistently rubber stamped “Reject” across cold fusion applications.

      • Andrew Macleod

        Harvey isn’t worried. His pockets are lined.

        • Roger Bird

          When we the people discover that LENR is real and that Harvey Behrens blocked it’s acceptance, Harvey needs to be afraid.

          • GreenWin

            Roger, nice to hear from you again. Of course Harvey will have to answer for his actions, but what of his handlers? Are they so deeply shadowed they’ll not be outed? Will Harvey fall on his sword? It will be important to document the trail that took industry and government down this path of inimitable corruption.

  • Fibber McGourlick

    The refusal of the U.S. patent office to recognize patents for LENR devices won’t matter in the longer run. Once someone can demonstrate a working device, the scales will fall from everyone’s eyes and the world will rush to embrace the transformative breakthrough.

    • Kim

      Unfortunately you are absolutely


    • Andrew Macleod

      And unfortunatly the countrys that first adopt the technology will be the ones to reap the greatest rewards. I hope our
      Politicians don’t dally too long.

      • Kim

        Free Energy does not create any debt.

        It frightens the children too.


    • Roger Bird

      I doubt that there will be any limitations on who wins; there won’t be any losers.

      It would be nice if the bureaucrats who refused to acknowledge LENR were to be fired, but after watching the DNC and their fiasco with God and Jerusalem, I would not be surprised if the guy is given a metal and a promotion.

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      I wish I could remember his name but about a year ago I watched a video about one of the latter-day CF researchers and in the video he tells how he was able to get a patent only by obfuscating his explanation and carefully avoiding any mention of unexplainable energy, fusion,etc.

      • Omega Z

        That wouldn’t be BLP would it.

        They have several patents that slipped through with creative writing in their patents, thou others have been denied.

    • Miles

      …and I will be there to embrace it. I hope China gets the ball rolling.

      • georgehants

        There are two reports from science reports on small Websites of this, but conformation would be needed I think.
        Mitt Romney Believes in Cold Fusion?
        Is this authentic? If it is, now I have heard everything:
        Q: What role should government have in promoting certain industries or economic activities such as homeownership, or manufacturing, renewable energy or fossil fuel energy, exports, or just advanced technology? What sort of subsidies and incentives do you favor? You had some of these in Massachusetts, I know.
        ROMNEY: Very limited — my answer to your first question. I’m not an advocate of industrial policy being formed by a government. I do believe in the power of free markets, and when the government removes the extraordinary burdens that it puts on markets, why I think markets are more effective at guiding a prosperous economy than is the government.
        So for instance, I would not be investing massive dollars in electric car companies in California. I think Tesla and Fisker are delightful-looking vehicles, but I somehow imagine that Toyota, Nissan, and even General Motors will produce a more cost-effective electric car than either Tesla or Fisker. I think it is bad policy for us to be investing hundreds of millions of dollars in specific companies and specific technologies, and developing those technologies.
        I do believe in basic science. I believe in participating in space. I believe in analysis of new sources of energy. I believe in laboratories, looking at ways to conduct electricity with — with cold fusion, if we can come up with it. It was the University of Utah that solved that. We somehow can’t figure out how to duplicate it…

        • I remember seeing this text earlier, perhaps one year ago or so.

          • georgehants

            Ah, Pekka, sorry if so, it just came up on two different sites today.

          • Hampus

            Yes he said this, in a interview. I remember seeing it a long time ago

        • GreenWin

          Randy Hekman who ran for the Senate seat from Michigan and lost – is a strong supporter of LENR. Randy has a degree from MIT and favors government involvement in developing LENR. He’s a staunch religious conservative making odd bedfellows with non-mainstream. But at this stage we need all the good men we can find.

          • captain

            Cures’s back with this


            • Black out (fusione Fredda, Andrea Rossi…)
            • di Cures
            • – 21:06 07/09/12
            • Fra moltissimi dubbi e incertezze sulla opportunità di farlo, penso che Rossi, se non cambia idea, renderà nota una relazione di una prova interna, effettuata per potenziali clienti, che riporta dati preliminari, prudentissimi fino all’autocastrazione perché ha trascurato un bel pò di potenza irradiata per evitare contestazioni. In allegato ha le registrazioni strumentali. La maggior parte sono di una termocamera e una parte sono manuali registrate di fronte agli invitati che, naturalmente, non vogliono essere citati. Polemiche in arrivo. Come al solito. Con Rossi non ci si annoia mai.

            Non vedo l’ora che si facciano presto le misure universitarie e che finisca la telenovela mediatica.

            very very interesting, but it’s in italian

          • GreenWin

            He says “…attached is the instrumental recordings.” (data??)

  • Iggy Dalrymple
    • Kim

      I read this book by Ayn Rand

      She said that if you understand the dominant philosophy of a society, you can predict its course and its future.

      She is write on.


      • georgehants

        Change the philosophy and you change the future.
        That is why correcting the irrational scientific philosophy is so important.
        Science should lead to a better age, not be sidelined by fear of the Quantum, the un-materialistic and things beyond known science.
        The Dogma and “opinion experts” must be removed, to allow young exciting new minds to do the only thing science is for, search openly and fearlessly for new natural knowledge in every conceivable area.

        • Kim

          Its called Human Creativity and
          common sense.


          • GreenWin

            Agree with you both. And the idea that human society has been effectively controlled and cloaked from empirical truths. That cloak is being lifted, and it may shock some. But how else to make progress toward enlightenment if not by throwing off the yoke of ignorance?

  • Kim

    No mention of a patent at


    You would think it would be news worthy.


    • vbasic

      Until 3 or 4 months ago, Brillouin had full details of their technology, and complete press releases on their web site. Since their breakthroughs and upcoming commercializing, they changed the website and closed everything except to their associates.

      • Kim

        Not forward Progressive.


        • Simple IP protection – actually very encouraging.

  • vbasic

    Wow! It’s a busy week for Brillouin. Nextbigfuture has reported they just got 20Mil in conditional funding. The condition is one some fans of LENR have been hoping for. They have to find a small scale shut-down fossil fuel plant and convert it operate on their hot tube LENR devices.

    • Kim

      Do you think that Brillouin or Hot-cat
      would make a better conversion.


      • Omega Z


        Viewing Brillouin’s product & Rossi’s, I think Rossi’s looks like it may be a better fit. But that’s just my Opinion based on Rossi’s latest projected model. Note, Neither is set in stone yet.

        Personally, I think the more products the better. One could choose what works best for individual projects. But I think the Government may have a say so in avoiding monopolies in individual settings/industries.

      • vbasic

        I would think the Hot Cat, if
        1200 C is true and constant.
        Brillouin’s supposedly has better
        control of their process though.

        • Omega Z


          According to some of Rossi’s responses on his blog, The high temp E-cats can be variably adjusted. Tho anytime your working with heat there will be a lag time.

    • daniel maris

      Really? Do you have a citation for that?

    • Sanjeev

      The news for $20 mil funding to set up a power plant (for real, no tests), the contract with SRI and this patent. A good time for BEC.

  • Omega Z

    OK! Here’s my thoughts on the Brillouin patent in China.

    It’s not that big a deal as Some may think.
    Rossi’s E-cat is patented in Italy.
    Both have filed patents in multiple Countries.

    The Important coveted patent is the U.S. Followed by the EU.
    The patents obtained in China & Italy & the additional filings in other countries is a paper trail. A Documenting of their claims for later. When All This eventually ends up in a Court. I think many of us in our anxiousness for this to come to market sometimes lose sight of the Big Picture.

    Personally, I’m Curious as to what Proprietary info Brillouin Left Out of the Chinese patent. As we know, this would NOT be kept secret from China’s Industrial complex very long- OH Already. Robert Godes is not Stupid.

    When they do bring this to market, I would speculate that components may be manufactured elsewhere other then China. Vietnam, Thailand, Etc, where labor is cheaper. Current trend.

    Hopefully, this will add additional pressure on the USPO & the EU to get moving.
    ALL of these LENR Entities are going to have to fight the System. ALL will have to fight their way through the Certification Process. You can Also bet that any who try to shortcut the System will be Prosecuted by the Law. Remember this when you say they should just do it.

    I’m sure Brillouin is watching Rossi & following his lead so should Rossi fall they can switch coarse. The PTB are already at the Helm. This technology will go thru the Industrial/Commercial route. Maybe in time it will reach the people. Maybe?

    It’s been mentioned that the Theory is not complete & this is all they need to keep it out of your hands. A Weak Argument considering if you follow this thinking, you could forbid the people having refrigeration/cooling apparatus. A theory that is not complete, as many others aren’t complete.

    When all said & done, It could be the Lawyers who walk away with the Mother Load from this technology. Not the Inventors.

  • GreenWin

    At the risk of not-conforming (those here subscribe mostly) I propose the Brillo Chinese patent is years too late. As is the need for Rossi to obtain a separate US patent. Why? Because there is already a functional patent covering hydrogen energy in the United States and it appears to me, Rossi is making use of it. The patent I refer to is US Patent # 6,024,935 (February 15, 2000)for: “Lower Energy Hydrogen Methods and Structures.”

    Call me crazy (okay you have:) – I see in this patent, most of what Ing Rossi is producing in his prototypes. In a couple of days we should see the latest e-cat news confirm the commercial introduction of Dr. Mills’ brilliant work. I propose it is Mills theory that will hold true (mostly) explaining the transition of H1 to H(n/137) or hydrino state – with the catalyst facilitating the removal of “holes” of energy from the electron orbit allowing it to move closer to the proton.

    There are other reasons to go down this path – confirmed in part by Robert Mockan re present knowledge of H2. It seems that time has arrived to acknowledge this work of Mills and an extraordinary team of fellow scientists. I do some creative writing on occasion, and I cannot imagine a more astonishing tale than that which has brought this technology above ground (oddly by going below the ground of hydrogen.)

    Along with certain vision comes, it seems, certain frailty. It is works such as this that gives vision rise above frailties. As our friend George Hants would say… What a wonderful world.

    • daniel maris

      If true he certainly deserves the Nobel Prize! Mind you, this whole business just underlines how most of those prizes are ridiculous. With some very rare exceptions – people like Einstein, Newton and Maxwell – most scientific and technological advances involve a lot of people working along the same lines.

    • Kim

      Academia can not believe that hydrogen can exist in
      the ground state below 1

      Let alone fractions there off…


      • GreenWin

        Kim, another lesson cold fusion teaches is, purported “experts” – especially those hiding from the real world in academia – know very little.

        • freethinker

          They know a lot, it is the inability to embrace new ideas that is the real prblem.

          • barty

            From the LENR Facebook Group, it’s in german language:

            “‎Gerd Neumann, Sie reden so als würde ich die Technologie anzweifeln. Aber das tue ich garnicht.
            Die Reaktor-Demonstration von Francesco Celani auf der NIWeek 2012 beweist dass das LENR Phänomen real ist. Aber es zeigt auch wie der aktuelle
            Stand der Wissenschaft ist. Nämlich bei einer Wärmeenergie-Ausbeute von einigen wenigen Watt.

            Andrea Rossi BEHAUPTET nun er hätte über die letzten 20 Jahre einen Weg gefunden, diese Reaktion soweit zu optimieren dass er inzwischen mehrere kilo Watt (kW) aus einem einzigen Reaktor holen kann.
            Aus verständlichen Gründen gibt er keine Details bekannt; das machen andere Unternehmen die technische Entwicklungen vorran treiben ähnlich, bis ihnen ein weltweit gültiges Patent zugesprochen wird.
            Ich hoffe ehrlich gesagt dass der ecat genau das hält was Rossi verspricht.
            Leider gibt es dazu derzeit keinerlei unabhängige Bestätigungen, sodass ich da lieber pessimistisch bin und mich nachher freue, anstatt jetzt schon die Korken knallen zu lassen.
            Vielleicht kann man letzteres ja am Wochenende und im Laufe der nächsten Woche, wenn ein seriöses wissenschaftliches Magazin POSITIV davon berichtet.

            Was mich allerding wirklich stört ist das Verhalten und Auftreten der deutschsprachigen Vertriebs-Lizenznehmer!
            Das hat mit der Technologie in sofern nur etwas zu tun, dass eben diese Lizenznehmer sie völlig falsch und inkompetent darstellen!

            Rossi hat sich im Verlauf der letzten zwei Jahre immer wieder gegen seine Gegner durchgesetzt, und langsam ein kleines bischen Vertrauen aufgebaut und auch Personen optimistisch gestimmt die Anfang 2011 noch laut gelacht haben.

            Die deutschsprachigen Lizenznehmer, allen voran die TransAltec AG (, sind leider dabei dieses hart erarbeitete bischen Vertrauen wieder komplett durch ihre eigene inkompetenz und misserablen Auftritten zu zerstören.

            Ich finde es sehr traurig dass Sie als angehender Unternehmer nicht im geringsten auf meine – durchaus konstruktive – Kritik eingehen, und stattdessen versuchen mit irgendwelchen Glaubensbekenntnissen von der Sachlage abzulenken und die Menschen auf ihrer emotionalen Ader zu treffen.

            Wie gesagt, ich glaube an LENR, und hoffe dass der ecat ein Gerät ist das seinen wissenschaftlich fundierten Gleichgesinnten (Francesco Celani Reaktor) weit vorraus ist.

            Aber wenn ich, als potentieller Kunde, mich über den ecat informiere, stoße ich auf Seiten wie Ihre oder der TransAltec AG.
            Dann lese ich dort schon auf der STARTSEITE etwas von “Schwingungen des Universums”, “Raumenergie” und anderem mehr als fragwürdigem Kram aus der Esoterik- und Pseudo-Wissenschafts-Ecke und soll mich dann über die erstaunliche Kompetenz dieser “Unternehmen” freuen?

            Ein potentieller Kunde, der mit dem Gedanken spielt sich ein neues Heizungssystem in den Keller zu stellen, informiert sich vorher GRÜNDLICH über die Möglichkeiten, verfügbaren Techniken und vor allem deren Effizienz.

            Ich weiß nicht ob es im Interesse von Andrea Rossi ist, dass seine Technologie (sodenn sie existiert) jetzt SCHON WIEDER auf die gleiche Stufe wie die “Raumenergie” oder “Vakuumenergie” gestellt wird.

            Ich bin wie gesagt ein Befürworter von LENR, oder wie auch immer man dieses Phänomen nennen will, aber es sollte interessierten Mitmenschen auch korrekt, sachlich UND SERIÖS vermittelt werden.

            Es ist irgendwie enttäuschend dass Sie immer nur an Glauben und Hoffnung appellieren, aber nicht auf die Tipps eingehen die ich ihnen genannt habe.
            An etwas glauben kann man in der Kirche, in der Wirtschaft geht es um Fakten!

            Trotzdem viel Erfolg in Zürich! (ist Ernst gemeint)”

          • georgehants

            Bugger, I may have been a German in a past-life but can’t remember a word of the language.

          • Alexvs

            You should. Indoeuropean languages are all similar.
            At least for a non indoeuropean speaker point of view.
            English and German have in common:
            -Centum group.
            -Germanic subgroup.

          • Ged

            Sadly, that doesn’t mean we can translate it a priori :<

          • edog

            Hi Guys and Girls.
            Just been checking out Daniele’s great website
   there if you dont know.. its all in Italiano but google translate works well.

            My Hero Mr Hugo Abundo has put some pictures and videos of the latest Athanor device and this little letter below! Go Open Source!!! 🙂

            bring on the moderation!

            ITALY AND THE LENR
            (Author: Ugo Abundo)
            A tribute anticipated “on trust and professional respect” to Andrea Rossi, Rossi, Celani, Piantelli, Cyril and many other very valid, so not being able to list all …

            Cold Fusion sees Italy committed to the highest levels of inventive genius, ability to look from new points of view, results, and with different types of approach, but only want to show the value of innovation we carry with us.

            And with Francesco Santandrea [ed. writing in 22 steps of love and around the nickname Spaxio] “dare” push to compete even in theory, as we will soon have a chance to show during a conference that is organized with the Institute ISPRA L. Pirelli on bases, results and perspectives LENR, of course we will promptly update (also to invite you all).

            In one section, will be exhibited in conjunction with a technical summary of the theory that whatever we were doing, and we are now analyzing together for the appearance of potential key to understanding the new processes in the studio.

            Today we have uploaded to Youtube video 4, respectively:

            Experimental set-up (1/4):
            Experimental set-up (2/4):
            Experimental set (3/4):
            Experimental set (4/4):

            NB we had to change the name because HYDROBETATRON “Hydrotron” is already registered.

            Above, in the spirit of Open Source we have chosen from the beginning.

            Thank attention, and greetings to those who follow us in this work, often bearers of valuable criticisms and suggestions, always (99.99%) of construction.

            Best regards, Ugo Abundo.

          • edog

            Just a thought guys and girls…
            If you have a youtube account we might be able to ask Mr Abundo some questions (as he seems to be the owner and uploader of the videos) through the comments area??

            I will start it off!

            🙂 😉 🙂

          • Could you clarify, who wrote this text? It’s not Gerd Neumann but someone addressing him, right?

          • barty

            Yes, it’s addressed to Gerd Neumann.
            The post is from “Mark Us”:

            It’s because Gerd Neumann is allways beating about the bush. Someone gave him tips how he could make his “e-cat deutschland” website more professional, and he is only talking that we should believe him because he is investing much money, and such nonsense.

          • mikeG

   copy and paste here to translate

          • georgehants

            A long comment from Wladimir Guglinski on Rossi page.
            The upshot seems to be to my great pleasure that Rossi is saying his effect does not rely on known physics but on new theoretical physics.
            Beyond known science, I certainly hope so.
            Wladimir Guglinski
            September 7th, 2012 at 8:20 AM
            The future of Theoretical Physics depends on Andrea Rossi
            Andrea Rossi
            September 7th, 2012 at 10:20 AM
            Dear Wladimir:
            The future of Andrea Rossi depends on Theoretical Physics.
            Warm Regards,

          • Very brief synopsis: the post appear to be in reply to one by Gerd Neumann. The commenter basically says that LENR appears to be real, but expresses doubt about Rossi’s claims. He goes on to say that despite the reservations of many, Rossi has gained some credibility and support, which is now threatened by the unprofessional behaviour of people like Neumann. In particular he mentions concepts mentioned by Neumann such as “vibrations of the universe” and “vacuum energy” which the commenter obviously thinks are woo woo, and by association will bring CF into disrepute.

          • vbasic

            Thank you for the translation and explanation. I can’t figure why the OP barty thought it was important to post the entire comment. It was only someone’s opinion. Why did it need so much space? I wish he would clarify.


          • Don Witcher

            In order to understand the post you need to read the considerable dialogue that has transpired with Gerd Neumann on the Facebook page. Its quite complex and still in progress. There are 124 posts and counting.

          • Don Witcher

            For those that don’t know, Gerd Neumann and Uta Stechl are the licensees for the sale of ecats in Germany. Therefore Gerd Neumann’s post’s give considerable insite into the current state of one of Rossi’s marketing team. Gerd Neumann’s website will have live streaming of the Zurich conferance.

          • GreenWin

            A heads up – the notification system on the USTREAM video link returned a porn spam site. I expect Rossi’s conference to be subject to lots of subterfuge. This would be a battle line for pathoskeps and old energy cartels.

          • georgehants

            UK government earmarks £10m for open access publishing
            The money for scientists to publish their research in open access journals will come out of the existing science budget.

          • GreenWin

            This is good progress in dismantling the old fiefdoms. The article notes that the European Commission is also going this way. You recall that the EC recommended substantial funding and broad research into LENR following their new materials workshop last year.

            “The government is adopting a funding model proposed by Finch called “gold” open access, where – instead of university libraries subscribing to journals – researchers pay commercial publishers or learned societies to publish their research, but access to their results is immediate and unrestricted.”

          • GreenWin

            Thank you freethinker – excellent observation.

      • atanguy

        This is what this announcement make me think of:
        A new John Kennedy is needed…

    • The patent race will probably come down to specific technical innovations, and battles to prove that various systems do not derive from previously patented ideas. Rossi might do well to focus on patenting (in China and Europe initially) things like the core technology of the ‘hot cat’, and the idea of supplying hydrogen from alkali metal hydride mixes rather than as gas (a feature that is likely to be critical to success in non-industrial contexts). And of course the famous ‘catalyst’ – always assuming that this is not already patented or published somewhere. Lawyers will probably make more money than inventors when CF begins to be implemented for power generation.

      • GreenWin

        Peter, with the vast global demand for cheap energy, it seems clear there is enough for everyone. I suspect we’ll see some mega-battles like those waged now between Apple and Samsung. What’s interesting is little product is kept from market – since there is so much cash in consumer electronics. The courts allow both sides to continue sales until a resolution. Then, a small portion of product is required to alter or license the winner’s technology.

        i.e. Big market legal battles do not halt commercialization of high demand products.

      • Omega Z

        Peter Roe

        I believe Rossi has filed for the EU patent, Also in limbo. Thank you USPO???

        Rossi has Reservations about China since way back according to a Cures post. Stealing the product I believe.

        There was also a post on his blog from someone about China & India market(40%) & Rossi said to the effect they are studying the problem.

        Yep. The Lawyers will catch the Mother Load.

  • mikeG

    looks like Brillouin Energy is not wasting time, they became involved with the Sand Road guys and that’s where all the money is and they know how
    to bring ideas to market fast they have been there many times over the years.

    • I’m afraid this is not really good news. China’s record for ripping off American technology is well-known, and there’s no reason to believe it won’t now happen to Brillouin. Many will say, well, that just means China can cut down its greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the cost and increase the availability of heat and power. It may actually mean that, but if it also means Chinese companies will prosper as a result, it will then also mean that American jobs will be lost and the American economy will suffer further. The blame will then be put on the next Obama Administration when it should actually rest on the outmoded and inefficient US Patent Office, which stubbornly persists in standards and beliefs that have been bypassed by the miracle of innovation and discovery – something it should lionize, not fight. If technology like the E Cat and hydrino reactors is exploited first by the Chinese, it will mean economic devastation here. It is truly time to rise up against the US Patent Office and demand reform!

  • georgehants

    For anybody who does not have, from Cold Fusion Now.

    Here is the link for a Live Stream of the E-Cat-Hot Honeycomb Zurich conference taking place September 7-8.
    Not sure what the live stream will offer, or if it will work… We’ll see.
    “September 7-8 E-CAT licensees conference will be held in ZURICH (CH)”

    • GreenWin

      So far nothing shows up. What could they show? Certainly not a product demo.

    • Omega Z


      I believe that’s 8th & 9th

      Under-Direct Link to Ustream

      Goes to page that shows USSTREAM page with Zürich 09.2012 Live

      Above Direct link shows-Beginn ist am 08.09.2012
      . ab 14.00 Uhr

      • georgehants

        Omega Z, agreed Ruby had it wrong on Cold Fusion Now, she has corrected it.

      • GreenWin

        WARNING: A link that notifies users when the Zurich stream goes live – has returned a spam porn site. Best to stay away from the USTREAM notification system – looks like a hack.

  • Filip47

    What the German means: Rossi is making extra ordinary claimes, hard to believe, that he, on his own, developped working usefull CF. Compared to Rossi, Celani and others are peanuts. Hopefully Zurich will bring more answers unill then no champagne, no sigars, not until the fat lady sings.

  • Paul Maher

    “One of the problems that any company faces that tries to patent an LENR
    system in the United States is a longstanding policy not to approve any
    cold fusion system because of skepticism that it is a viable technology.”

    The above statement is only true because of a few reasons. 1. This LENR science is beyond the technological auspices of the US Patent Office, or 2. Fossil Fuel owns this branch of government, or 3. The DOE simply has no balls at all.

    NASA loves LENR. Sometimes I wonder why they haven’t brought the DOE and the Patent Office to task. Or for that matter why Dr Dennis Bushnell or Dr. Joseph Zawodny haven’t been appointed to the Secretaries post in the DOE. Then you’d see something happen. Who in the hell does the Patent Office think it is, anyway!!