Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project Launches Web Site, Campaign

The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project has now launched its web site: The following is a message of introduction from the facilitators of the project.

The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project would like to welcome all of you to participate in making a better, brighter, more secure future…

Our initial aim is to work with you all to ensure one or more of the debated LENR technologies is tested in a standardised way, in multiple geographies, with live publication and coverage of the process. We want to end the debate on both the existence and viability of this new prime energy in order to bring large scale awareness and support to its commercial application.

Once the debate moves past disbelief, our second aim will be to produce easy to access media in a range of languages that everyone can effortlessly use to educate their contemporaries and leaders.

When everyone knows and understands this new area of prime energy production, our third aim is to promote support for the players in the field so that we can all soon benefit.

We are passionate but seriously underfunded. We would love your help to socially promote the initiative and if you are able, contribute. We already have a good idea of what the replication effort will cost but there are expenses accumulating already.

The first thing people can do, is get on the forums and start proposing a new Joomla template for the site and then we can ask you to vote on what it should change to, if you feel it needs to. We want to make this whole initiative very democratic, we ask you, to help yourselves.

In time we would like catchy videos to replace the wordy pages and so we will be seeking script writers, videographers and animators to help us up the game.

Let’s light the New Fire together.

The Facilitators

  • GreenWin

    HEADS UP: Gary Wright and his GIB (Geeks in Black) have set up a troll site called It is pure hate-rossi-and-friends and links directly to other Gary Wright (kirvit) sites. Good health suggests staying far away.

    • Ivan Cevallos

      Great!!, I go there to join

      • Ivan Cevallos


    • vbasic

      And I didn’t think Wright could sink lower. The name of his new site is almost identical to this site. Trying to confuse people thinking they are coming here. Instead, tricking them into going to a hate Rossi site. The irony is, this site ecatworld is fairly objective. Although hopeful about the ecat, Admin has never avoided setbacks or skeptical stories about the ecat. The ‘fake’ site on the other hand is strictly hateful and will not have any real ecat news, especially if the news validates the ecat.

    • Andrew Macleod

      The ironic this is they are sure Rossi is fraudulent however they are the ones spreading disinformation.

  • Omega Z

    To Add to GreenWin’s Head’s Up Below-

    It appears that someone makes a post about GREAT NEWS of some respect about Rossi or the E-cat. When you click on the Great News or what ever, it takes you to the shutdownrossinow site. Noted on Cobraf & 22-passi recently. Is anyone aware of this scheme happening on any other LENR/E-cat sites???

    Now Gary Wright pops this site up ( Claims that the visitor rate to his shutdownrossinow site is way up.

    It also appears he’s trying to ride on Franks Blog Name. Does Gary’s handlers pay him by the Number of Hits.

    Attack the Man- Attack the Product- Attack the Supporters & Support Sites.