LENRConnect Changes

LENRConnect.com was launched in August with the overall goal of moving LENR forward by providing a networking site for people who want to get involved with LENR in a serious way.

I have decided to try to increase membership and activity on the site, which I hope will help spur forward work in LENR. There will no longer be a mandatory fee for membership at LENRConnect, rather, there will be a suggested donation level, but people can join the network without paying if they wish.

I realize that this move will make the network open to possible abuse, trolling, etc. Be sure that we will have strong moderation in place to ensure that the site is used for its intended purposes — a place for people who have a interest in serious involvement in LENR-related activity.

I hope that this change in approach will help make LENRConnect a more active and useful site. We welcome all people who desire to make a positive contribution in the LENR field.


  • Lemuel

    Hi Frank,
    Just a thought….will it make the ‘E-Cat World’ page redundant? Also, it might be a case of overkill given that I and most other readers already have several (probably enough) sites that we visit to keep up with developments. This will just add another one. Why not open up the existing ECW page to include submitted vids, docs, pics, etc. (There might even be an opportunity for some revenue-generating ads, kept to a minimum, of course) In the meantime thanks for all the effort you’ve put into the project. It makes for great reading several times a day.

  • Joe Varcadipane

    Sounds very similar to a suggestion made back when the site was announced! Frank I think you will find that more then less will donate.

  • Andrew Macleod

    Thanks Frank.

    • Steve57

      Frank – are you going to give the “option” on your sign up forum of choosing a screen name for your LENR room or must we expose ourselves to the Mary Yugos of the world?

      • admin

        Yes, you can choose your own screen name.

        • giulio mucci

          I’d like to become a member. Let me know something more !

  • clovis

    Hi, lemuel.
    I like this idea, one super site. that welcomes lenr and everything that might come out of lenr. beginning to think dark energy may play a roll.
    I know i know, everytime something comes down the pike , that can’t be explained , it must be dark energy, black matter. right.
    But i want go any further, but the hunt is in that area of the quantum level.

  • Alexvs

    A very good idea.
    We will try to contribute to this effort without references to non scientific matters and sharing the objective data gotten from our research.
    We will use the same screen name.

  • racribeiro

    Hi Frank! Great news. I’m in and part of the, as someone said above, “more than less will donate”.