Summary of Città del Capo Radio Metropolitana Interview With Andrea Rossi

Andrea Rossi has recently been interviewed by the Bologna-based Città del Capo Radio Metropolitana, which has been published in a series of 8 videos. The Interview is in Italian, so I am extremely grateful to E-Cat World reader Renzo for providing the following summary for English speakers.

Part 1 – Tesla’s dream
The theory explaining how it works will be published once the international patent will be granted (now it is pending). Rossi doesn’t want to end up like Meucci.

Part 2 – The Theory
2 years ago Rossi and Focardi believed that energy production was due to transmutation of Nickel into Copper. In these years, all the experiments have made it very difficult to believe that the process was so. The main effect is the thermalization of low-energy Gamma (50-120 keV). The transmutation of Nickel into Copper is a side effect. In fact they have found traces of Copper in the dust, but this does not justify the energy produced, because they should have found more copper.

Part 3 – Regarding Siemens:
The journalist asked if the production of electricity is in development in collaboration with Siemes as stated on the Prometeon presentation (but they deleted that part a few days ago). Rossi looks surprised and says it is totally wrong, he explains that he’s doing a research with swedish Siemens in order to optimize a turbine for adapting to the ecat for maximum efficiency. Siemens is a supplier but not involved in research at all. He asked Siemens what kind of use the ecat could be good for and their R&D center of Stockolm studied the question and also sent a consulting engineer to Bologna to do some measurements, they made some proposals and a study is underway. That’s it.

Part 4 – The tests underway
Their purpose is studying “How much energy?” not “How does it work?”

Part 5 – Regarding the criticism and skeptics.
Those who shout for independent tests are either adversaries or competitors from traditional energy or renowable energy subisidied with taxpayers’ money. According to them “independent” means “done by them.” But this is not independent, is made from the competition.
The criticism should be divided into two categories.
First category: scientists paid by competitors. For these, if Rossi walked on water they would say that he can not swim.
Second category: intelligent skeptics, who are skeptical for example, because Rossi has not yet published the theory. These are skeptical in a noble sense. For these people Rossi has the greatest respect and understands them,

Part 6 – Andrea Rossi and Tesla’s dream
Rossi is ready to sell 1MW thermal plants to civilian customers, last year he sold one to a military customer since they have no problems with safety certifications. The plant in Bologna used for the october 2011 presentation had many faults and it is still there because he build a second one for the military. He estimates the life of a plant is 20-30 years and the cost is repaid after 3 years at most.

Part 7 – Andrea Rossi e il sogno di Tesla
The home ecat will take time because the safety issues are greater, last year he underestimated the time required

Part 8
The hotcat is still in R&D, measurements are underway and Rossi is cautious. When possible he will try to produce electricity. It will be virtually infinite energy with self sustaining mode. What will happen then? The answer politically correct is “all will be integrated etc. etc ” but the real answer is that if this technology is fully developed, it is a TOTAL REVOLUTION. “

  • Renzo

    Rossi has always tried to underplay the ecat revolution but for the first time he admits that if the hot-cat works it will wipe out any rival energy source

    • KenLebrun

      Maybe he realizes now that they’ve made enough progress to reach the point of no return. Boasting early on would only create more opposition, both directly and indirectly from the current energy tycoons. That’s what happend to Fleischman and Pons. Rossi seems more and more brilliant every day. Good job sir. Keep up the good work. And thank you for your sacrifices.

  • Dickyaesta

    Sorry Frank surely you soon discover it yourself but capitulo: Rossi: Approx 20 E-Cat Reactors Running Above 600C June 24, 2012 Has disappeared I can only get it back in weBview history. Thanks again for all the hardwork you put in this site. Another thing I was wondering if it is possible to back read my postings or other persons’. It is such a gigantic work toremember or find when I posted something.I should have marked it somewhere but I didn’t. I was out more than a month in Hospital. I am still not very well but I can keep up a bit with the reading.
    Thanks once more,

    • admin

      This is the link to the post you are referring to:

      I have recently added a search box to the site (top right) where you can search by username. There is still a lot to wade through, but ctrl-f can help you search an individual page.

      Hope you feel better!

      • Dickyaesta

        Thank you, everything helps these days and a little in the future I wil be able to warm my feet on a not so hot ecat and I will be in heaven (not literally)I still have some time to go
        Greetings Dickyaesta

    • Claes

      I really hope he will succeed. I would really love it if somebody of his colorful kind would turn out to be the real deal. Besides its effects, it would also make a wonderful story! Just imagine the hot fusion researchers having to say to one another one day that “well – I guess we can just go home?!”

      To be honest – my enthusiasm for Rossi’s prospects have gone down a little bit since the failed test – which wasn’t performed by competitors but by investors who were prepared to invest and who must have been VERY interested in getting a positive result IF it worked and a negative result if it didn’t. They would have nothing to gain from getting a false negative result.

      Why – oh why – did he show them the hot cat? Why not the low temperature one? I would love to know that… If he has indeed delivered one that works he would have been home safe if he had let them measure that one instead.

      • KenLebrun

        I believe the “Inside Leak” contributed to this. It may not have been his intentions to release so many specifics on the hot-cat so early on.

      • Ged

        They probably were looking to invest in the hot cat product specifically.

        • Ville Kanninen

          To my understanding, the question was not at all on investing money to the company of Andrea Rossi, Leonard Corporation. From his statements, it looks like he even don’t want any investments from outside now, he wants to keep the ownership of the IP for himself.

          It was the current North European distrubutor of E-Cat, Hydrofusion, which tried to get the investment. It looks like they might lack the capital needed to build their business.

  • bob

    I was just wondering, what about the robotic plant he was building in Florida? Is it being used? has it been completed?

    • Ash

      The consensus is that it never existed. It was all a translation error.

    • I am not sure, but I guess he has the space and maybe bought some robots and little bit looked into how to program them, but its completion is waiting for the specs from the certifiers.

    • Renzo

      Since the home ecat is on hold, pending safety certification, I guess the factory is on hold as well

      • Ash

        But it was under construction in March!

        “The robotized line is already under construction. The factory will be in the United States of America, the E-Cat will be a Made In The USA product, both in the industrial and the domestic version.” Andrea Rossi on Cold Fusion Now

    • bob

      oh well, so much for the factory with the million units per year 🙁

  • Gerard McEk

    Remark on part 5:
    Dear Mr. Rossi,
    I really like to to believe you, never the less you wil need to have an independent public entity like SRI, KEMA, or university to peer review your claimed results. There should be no need to provide any details about the interior or control principles, however, that entity should do this review at their own chosen premises and with their own instruments. The test should last so long that excess energy due to any chemical reaction or build-in battery can be excluded and a significant excess is determined. That is the only way to convince the world that you are up to something. Maybe you have done this already, but I have not seen this yet.
    Regards, Gerard McEk

    • LCD

      Dear Gerard once you convince the world, you will have 1000000x more competitors.

  • Barry

    Thanks Renzo!

  • LCD

    When we studied the possible mechanisms of how the energy was produced through PRIMARILY Ni to Cu transmutation, it was difficult at best. However now that Rossi has basically said it is a side effect it makes more sense with other pieces of evidence/details.

    One of the biggest pieces of evidence is Brioullin. Their claims are that essentially the NAE takes place in Ni but Ni is not part of the exothermic reaction except as a catalyst.

    Brioullin, whom I knew nothing about 6 months ago, basically claims that the exothermic reaction comes from the buildup of Helium from protons/neutrons.

    In fact when Brioullin went from a wet system to a dry system like Rossi they claimed (no i don’t have the link) that their pathetic COP of 2.5 ish rose to 10. Briollin is much more open about their LENR hypothesis.

    So we may be coming to a convergence here on how LENR works. And incidentally it does fall more inline with that Storms thinks the process is.

    • georgehants

      Now three videos from Hydrotron.

    • Max S

      it is true, these seem to converge. But there is one concern with this. With such a drastic change of concept, the e-cat patent just collapsed. Rossi based his patent exclusively on the concept of transmutation…..
      But what difference does it make, it would not be granted anyway.

      • LCD

        Great point max. I’ve said it before. Patenting this stuff without a theory has almost zero long term value. You’ll be scooped. Better to license whatever tech you have now to r&d companies but continue working on a product to sell.

  • clovis

    Hi. guys.
    I am so glad to see that Dr. Rossie has some protection , this is very good because our man with a vision for our world, could not have been able to withstand the onslaught that would have overcome him, after lenr breaks out it will be too late to put the toothpaste back in the tube,., its seems he is doing a superburb job of not getting his cart before the horse.


  • LCD

    Day after somebody provides undeniable proof that LENR+ is real:
    Oil prices plummit. Chaos ensues.

    3 Days later:
    Oil prices come back up as people realize LENR cars will take longer to come online

    1 week later:
    Prices of oil plummit again as E-catworld readers retrofit a Chevy Volt with a LENR+/turbine unit that recharges the battery 24/7. Chaos ensues.

    …I don’t know what happens after that.

    • admin


    • georgehants

      As always in these cases (unlike science) one has to have an opinion to react and last week I have sold every share that we own.
      Two reasons —
      1, Israel seems very likely to attack Iran.
      2, Cold Fusion may be close to being confirmed.
      One can never tell overall effects with these things and one can only take an educated guess as to any long term repercussions.
      In this case I choose caution and as usual only Time will tell.

    • GreenWin

      I think a LENR Sterling genset to replace the 1.4L ICE will work without need for battery charging (except maybe to start LENR.) Nice scenario.

      • Adam Lepczak

        Quite possibly. I predict that in a very short time, Dr Rossi will be able to compress the size of the reactor down to a single AA battery for a 10KW unit. I mean within a year he has managed to shrink it from the size of a large suitcase down to a cylinder. Who knows what will happen by the next year?

        • GreenWin

          We confirm “all the world’s a stage?”

          • edog

            Hey Renzo!
            Thanks very much for the translation!
            If you have time…. could you give us a brief idea of what is happing with Mr Hugo Abundo and the Hydrobetatron/ anathor reactor… the pirelli high kids??

            Much more info and way more interesting than Roosi! and his brood of ecats

        • Voodoo

          You really want inside of your pricey iPhone 6 something with temperature 1050°C ?

  • Renzo

    I omitted a part where Rossi aknowledges that the january 2011 presentation sparked renewed interest in LENR and nickel-hydrogen systems like a return of the “zombies”. And he calls the various researchers a “colourful bunch” and he’s not worried by their efforts at all.

    • Peter_Roe

      He probably should worry just a little about Brillouin ($20M investment from Sunrise Securities of New York – collaboration with SRI International – Chinese patent…).

      • LCD

        I think Brillouin’s reactor and the ecat/hyperion are similar.

        • Peter_Roe

          I suppose that given the history, there would have to be commonality between Hyperion and e-Cat. Brillouin seem to have got there pretty much independently. The theoretical frameworks seem to be converging too, so it seems that they are all watching one another quite closely, despite Rossi’s bravado.

          The race is on, but personally I can’t decide whether it’s Rossi or Godes who will be first with an industrial CF boiler ready to market. I suspect that all DGT have is a ‘super e-cat’ developed from Rossi’s prototype, and that it may not be much good. Maybe one of McKubre’s (or was it Storms?) ‘dark horses’ will come out of nowhere and leave them all standing.

          • LCD

            I think right now you have to go with Rossi because it’s not wet which has certain temperature limitations.

            BEC could not get past a measly COP of 2-3 I believe then they try a “dry” version of the system and Wala they start reporting COPs of 10.

            Not sure what the recent investment in BEC is for but they way they describe the process, the way Storms envisions it, and finally the statement by Rossi that “Ni to Cu is a side effect” to me clearly points to a commonality. And I think Storms may be on the right track.

            Recently an article came out of an experiment that was run on a 500nm wide fiberoptic cable. The experiment was simple, heat it up, and let it cool. Does it follow the, Planck Law. Answer is that it does not but that’s not so unexpected, we knew that to some extent with quantum dots, (was cool to demo) what was unexpected at least to me was that the connection to “cracks/features” in an Ni lattice was not made by me earlier.

            In light of that experiment we can imagine micron sized Ni particles absorbing common “heat” wavelengths but nanometer features in the Ni not being able to later re-radiate heat at the full BB spectrum for that temp. They can only radiate to the limit of the local geometry which could be in the shorter nanometer range.

            This means that you favor shorter wavelengths over longer ones in the “NAE” and basically means that re-radiated energy can be more intense than the absorbed energy, enough to cause “effects” that can approach Nuclear required energy densities. Similar to a laser absorbing energy from a flash lamp broadband and radiating via stimulated emission over a narrowband.

            Anyways if that theory is true then a Ni cone shaped geometry with a very very thin tip might be what’s needed for the NAE.

            Just some thoughts.

        • Shane D.


          Yes, Brillouin and ecat may share some common LENR traits. I don’t have your physics and LENR research background, but I also wonder about the other players in the field, and how they tie in to LENR. For instance:

          BLP and their CIHT cell. Mills claims a different theory, but the performance of his cells is in line with LENR. But then again, the CIHT looks so different (like a fuel cell to me).

          Global Energy Corp and their technology that no outsiders seem to understand, yet they (GEC) have a heavyweight team of nuclear industry insiders, along with some former SPAWAR LENR researchers on board, a method that they say is based on LENR, and a product they claim ready for market:

          Then there is Nanospire with their cavitation cell that seems to have the same COP as others are reporting (3.4), and that founder Mark LeClair claims to be the true LENR reaction (cavitation with creation of water crystals) others are seeing. But how does one reconsile cavitation with the ecat?

          There are a lot of theories/observations/lab effects floating about, just waiting for a real Newton/Einstein type to put it all together it seems to me. Very interesting how this is all bubbling up here and there, from so many different quarters, so many unconnected dots, different personalities, different parts of the world, that all seem to have some common thread…. LENR.

          Then again, just for you skeptics, instead maybe we need Sherlock Holmes to piece all the evidence together to bring the fraudsters to justice.

          • LCD

            Shane good question. I think DGT/Rossi/BEC are similar.

            I think Mills is possibly similar but I don’t like any of the theory he’s brought fourth. Simple analysis of his mathematics shows it doesn’t work. He may have the effect down but I don’t think he knows why. If the hydrino exists he hasn’t shown how.

  • georgehants

    From Defkalion Forum.
    Dear drew,
    we do not know where Sterling Allen got this not-even-close-to-real info on his last report. Please be so kind to ask him as he has not contacted us since last March, when he payed a short visit in one of our labs.
    Since last April, we conducted successfully 21 official tests many days each, with the presence and under the protocols agreed with very well know international labs, using also their instrumentation. The last two such official test runs only, from September 5th to September 14th, lasted in total more than 55 hours starting/stopping the reaction and controlling reactor’s performance at will. These two tests were the last official we conducted in Greece with our R5 lab prototype reactors and the present calorimetric setup, whilst the next have been scheduled to take place in Vancouver in the new R6 version pre-industrial single reactor in Hyperion complete prototypes, following in general the specs we have released already.
    An official announcement from our company within the next weeks will inform you the peer-reviewed journals where the results of all these tests so far will be published by the independent testers.
    Thank you for your attention

    • georgehants

      Hopefully should prompt an interesting response from Mr. Rossi.

      • Renzo

        a lawsuit?

        • daniel maris

          Hope DGT are telling the truth this time. We will see.

        • Voodoo


          just resetting their countdown timer from

          5 days to newly 35 days

          • Peter_Roe

            That’ll give the naysayers something to have a bit of fun with. The poor souls don’t get that much opportunity these days.

          • John Littlemist

            This is bad. Hopefully Frank makes a headline out of this.

          • admin

            I don’t think it’s a major issue. The countdown was always listed as a tentative one: “here is a likely timing countdown”.

    • LCD

      I know for a fact that DGT has performed at least one independent third party test with qualified individuals.

      What I don’t know is why they have not released the results. Well I thought it was because control was not shown to the degree they advertised.

      Anyways, maybe they are going to in the “next weeks” whatever that means.

    • artefact

      From your link by DGT:

      Dear georgehants,
      We are not publishing the third party reports. Obviously we will link them and reference on them after their publication. Independent scientists that will sign their papers related with the Hyperion reactors testing have the right to name their associates and anyone else that helped or contributed during these series of tests.
      As for the date of publication LCD, still we are not informed.
      Thank you

    • Sanjeev

      Very good news. 21 tests should set a record.
      Hopefully the next-weeks will not turn into next-years.

      • Voodoo

        These 55 hours test(s) are in-line with leaked info about 2-3 days survivability of their spark plugs.

  • Ivan_cev

    To this point one one secret 1MW module has been sold to a secret military customer. (who should be reverse engineering it by now).
    The tested 1MW module that produced .5MW was not sold and still in Rossi lab.
    Siemens is not working with Rossi, is just a supplier. (Basically he got a quote from them).
    Rossi is ready to sell 1MW thermal plants to civilian customers but not further test on this, as He is developing the hot cat.
    From the Oct 2011 1MW test only one 1 Module was sold in a full year.
    There is not interest in the market to buy cats? or there is no interest in the providers to sell cats? or the product is not ready to be sold?
    How His business will grow with no sales!
    Rossi business is to sell e-cats or licences?

    • captain

      To this point, with Rossi’s permission, U can BUY for U an 1MW industrial thermal plant and do whatever U want: measures, tests, all and really all what U want: and plz, leave to Rossi his problems, ’cause as he stated many times, he’s on the right path to solve’em by himself.
      Siemens or not Siemens, Suedes or not Swedes, friendly forums or not friendly forums.
      All he needs is to be let working in peace.

      And the cash he needs comes only and only from his hard job, not from taxpayers, not from Sweden, be sure.

  • NJT

    Rossi’s latest comment from his blog:

    “Andrea Rossi
    September 24th, 2012 at 9:53 PM
    Dear Readers:
    We are making in Miami a wonderful work. We are raching tremendous results with the High temperature reactors. We will give the results as soon as possible, but I, honestly, think we are working well. The measurements are taken by the peer reviewers of the formers Testers. The results are the same, but we made substantial improvenents. We have been able to eliminate the internal cylinder without melting the reactor, so now the measurements are easier. We have the electric power, this is the truth.
    Andrea Rossi, from Miami, Florida, USA.”

    • Kim G. Patterson

      “We have the electric power”

      I will translate for everyone…

      The COP is approaching Electric Power creation feasibility.


      • Voodoo

        Sure, plus they have huge value of waste heat as excess premium

    • Peter_Roe

      “The measurements are taken by the peer reviewers of the formers Testers.” is an interesting phrase. At face value it would imply that one or more SGS scientists have written a paper on the hot cat tests and submitted it to a peer reviewed journal, which in turn has passed the paper to someone else who is now trying to verify/falsify the results.

      “We have the electric power…” Rossi seems to be claiming that he is actually driving a small turbine/generator (or is it a solid state TEG?) to make electrical power. Without figures though this is not hugely significant, as clearly there is enough heat coming off the hot cat to drive a small steam boiler (although it would have been more convenient to use the centre tube for this). I have a small model steam engine and generator left over from my distant youth that will run a pea bulb for ten minutes on a small amount of alcohol fuel, but sadly it is not going to solve the energy crisis.

  • LENR4you

    Off topic:
    Someone posted in a blog:
    When LENR is real and everybody will use it the ocean will be soon converted to Helium.
    So i did some calculations for fun when Hydrogen is made of water:
    – total worldwide energy consumption ~505EJ (2010)
    – LENR Energy per H Atom ~10MeV
    – 1 m³ Water there are ~2.23*10^28 H-Atoms

    Calculated water consumption per year:
    ~ 15000m³
    or a Cube with 25mx25mx25m
    or 4,5 olympic swimmingpools
    (I hope I`m right)

    Now we can calculate how long humanity will need until all water on Earth is converted into helium 😉 LENR4you

    • Timar

      ~ 15000m³

      I doubt this would counteract the rising sea level due to climate change 😉