New E-CAT Meeting Scheduled for Pordenone, Italy on Oct 12 [Update: Rossi teases]

There’s not too much information about this yet, but a conference about the E-Cat is scheduled to be held in Pordenone, Italy on October 12. The only details I can find about this event come from an advertisement for the event was posted in a Facebook group here

The text of the ad is not easy to read, so I can only get a few details from it. The meeting will be held at the Polo Tecnologico di Pordenone, a facility which is set up to help organizations with innovation and technology.

Andrea Rossi is scheduled to appear on the program, as well as Aldo Proia of Prometeon, Italian licencee for E-Cat technology. This may be an event similar to the one held in Zurich, which seemed to be oriented to a German-speaking audience. Daniele Passerini of has said that he will be in attendance at this meeting, and will be reporting about it at his site.


Steven N. Karels
October 2nd, 2012 at 11:31 AM

Dear Andrea Rossi,
What’s up with a new E-CAT Meeting Scheduled for Pordenone, Italy on Oct 12.

Dear Steven N. Karels:
Your question is inspiring: well, I will not go to Pordenone to clean the Dolomites with the wax: it is possible that in the Pordenione convention I will bring the final results regarding the third party validation of the Hot Cat.
It is not certain, some work has still to be done, but it is not impossible.
( He,he,he,he…)
Warm Regards,

The Dolomites are a mountain range in the Pordenone area.

  • Gerrit

    as far as I can decipher the third speaker is this guy from the “instituto italiano di tecnologia”

  • does anyone have an official public announce, a website about that conference?

    • Ivan Mohorovicic

      This is their website, but they still haven’t put the event on their calendar:

      (Yesterday the event for October 19 wasn’t on the event calender, so it might appear soon)

      I think we should ask for more information by sending an email at the address on event poster, which is “reception [at] polo [dot] pn [dot] it”

      • Ged

        So, the October event wasn’t pre-empted by Zurich! That is an interesting twist.

  • Ivone Martin FitzGerald

    I am delighted, and happy. The 12th October is marked on my calendar.

    • Ivone Martin FitzGerald……most calenders are already marked (USA ones) for October 12th..columbus day is celebrated on this day each year…..

  • Tangled Connections

    OT: interesting story from the BBC on an idea to store electricity. Might work well with an e-cat in the loop as the heat source?

    • daniel maris

      The energy storage idea is useful but energy storage is not really an issue for central generating LENR I would have thought (because you can have it running any time of night or day or in any season).

      • Cliff Bradley

        I think the liquid air idea is not going to get much traction.

        However, buffering an e-cat generating constant electricity will allow you to use a relatively small one while having the electrical storage for peak times. Electrical usage is rarely constant over a 24 hour period. Batteries are used for this now, but they wear out quickly and don’t have much storage and are expensive.

        If EEStor or some other Super Capacitor would finally get to production, that would work because they have virtually unlimited charge/discharge cycles and will supposedly have a high energy storage capacity. EEStor is still in the area of vaporware but some others are promising.

        So, if you could store a week’s worth of constant energy, for example, you could deal with hot days and cold nights for your house.

        Another example would be a car in which you only use it maybe an hour a day, but it can be charging 24 hours a day. You’d have the power you need when you need it.

        • daniel maris

          True, but will a domestic household or a car (even less so) be a suitable place for cyrogenic storage, turbines and all the rest? I doubt it.

  • edog

    I just saw a bit of an episode of the Simpsons….

    I saw a character on there… A Mr Burns…

    He really reminded me of someone! Someone who wants to create their own energy empire!

    • GreenWin

      Nikola Tesla? Thomas Edison? George Westinghouse? Enrico Fermi? Maharishi Mahesh Yogi? MIT Plasma? Queen Victoria? Admiral James Kirk? Ronald Reagan? Captain Rickover? Christopher Walken? Ming the Merciless? Fidel Castro? KAOS? Joan of Arc? Auric Goldfinger? Joseph Stalin? Louis B Mayer? The Three Kings? Antipater? Rick Ross? Henry VIII? Donald Trump? Robert Fulton? Julius Caesar? University of Utah? Austin Powers? Popeye the Sailor?

      Well… you get it.

  • Dino Bacci

    I spoke with Franco Scolari, General Director. He confirmed the meeting on 12 oct at 3.00 pm, in Pordenone
    Dino Bacci

    • georgehants

      Dino, can you get in with a video camera.

      • Voodoo

        Folks, cameras and camcorders are banned there, because at this event will be announced, that 2 old low temp e-cats are sold and number of sold e-cats is highly confidential (according to last interview).

        • captain

          Mr Voodoo,
          a few threads ago, I’ve posted my personal forecasts ’bout 3 next Rossi’seasons relating to his voodoo pardon E-Cat plants.

          I’m hanging on your words, oracle not invoked, criticize the captain and let in peace Andrea and his job.

          • GreenWin

            One sheet short of three?

  • Adam Lepczak

    In case you were wondering, these are the Dolomites:
    (HD on + full screen if possible)
    I hope to fly there too next year!

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      Beautiful video. I’ve seen the Dolomites from a distance (bus tour). Didn’t know they were that gorgeous.

  • georgehants

    Laboratory News
    Renewable energy success: hydrogen fuel cell produced using inexpensive catalyst
    October 03, 2012
    A cobalt catalyst generates hydrogen from water. Credit: Fezile LakadamyaliA cobalt catalyst generates hydrogen from water. Credit: Fezile Lakadamyali
    University of Cambridge scientists have produced hydrogen from water using an inexpensive catalyst, under industrially relevant conditions.
    The researchers, whose findings are published in the journal Angewandte Chemie International Edition, found that a simple catalyst containing cobalt – which is relatively inexpensive and abundant- can operate as an active catalyst under real-world conditions (room temperature, using pH neutral water, surrounded by atmospheric oxygen). The team are now working on a solar water splitting device, where H2 (the fuel) and O2 (the by-product) are simultaneously produced.

  • georgehants

    Is it possible that some scientists are going to think beyond nuts and bolts and the Carnot Cycle, goodness me next they will be opening their minds to silly things like the mind and other banned sacrilegious subjects.
    Is it possible science is trying to move forward instead of staying stuck in the reductionist never, never land.
    The Guardian home
    Philosophy will be the key that unlocks artificial intelligence
    AI is achievable, but it will take more than computer science and neuroscience to develop machines that think like people

    • Andrew Macleod

      Is AI an achievement we want?

      • Allen McCloud

        I’m not sure if it’s something you want. But I sure do.

        Resistance is futile.

  • georgehants

    Hank could not try any harder, I think many of us agree.

    Hank Mills
    October 2nd, 2012 at 5:07 PM
    Dear Andrea,
    I would like to humbly appeal to yourself, the directors of Leonardo Corporation, and the certificators involved in the testing of the technology to allow you to share data from a run of the hot cat in self sustain mode (steady temperature and power out put for at least an hour with no input) at the conference. Such data would be tremendously useful to those of us who support your efforts, and want the world to recognize the absolute hard reality of the technology. Cynics can complain and skeptics can howl all they want, but they would not be able to dismiss the extreme significance of such test results. Everyone with common sense will recognize that a reactor with no input power cannot stay the same temperature for even a few minutes, producing kilowatts of output, unless nuclear reactions are taking place.
    I literally beg of thee, please share such data. It would do a lot to end the mumbojumbo that is being spread by your enemies.
    Thank you.
    Hank Mills

    Andrea Rossi
    October 2nd, 2012 at 7:00 PM
    Dear Hank Mills:
    If the data we have now will be confirmed, do not worry at all.
    Warm Regards,

  • Ged

    I’d like to point at again how much a twist this is. A twist simply because we here assumed that when Zurich came out, it would pre-empt and replace the October E-cat conference we’d been told about almost a year ago. Seems that is not the case, and indeed that conference is going to occur.

    Other interesting part of this is Rossi’s excitement; more than he had for Zurich. We shall have to see what this brings, but it may be in conjuncture to the university testing.

  • H. Hansson

    Will the 3 party tester be secret? Will the 3 party tester be a friend of Mr. Rossi??.. or will it be a institution with a reputation for impartially??… just asking.

    • Omega Z

      Rossi’s been at this a long time & most probably knows most of these people. I’ve done some background searches & Rossi is extremely well connected both in Europe & the U.S.

      But it would be highly unlikely they would risk their jobs & reputations regardless of how well they now him. If they provide false witness, then they to could be charged with fraud.