Latest E-Cat Report Received — To be Posted Oct 12th.

Just a note to E-Cat World readers — I have received from Andrea Rossi a copy of the report that he will be presenting at the E-Cat Meeting to be held on October 12th (tomorrow) in Pordenone, Italy. I have been given permission to publish it here in E-Cat World, but not before 7:00 a.m. US Eastern Time on October 12th, so I will post it as soon as I can after that time.

  • Ivan Mohorovicic

    Are you in the position to tell us if it’s more “Decisive” than the one from Zurich?

    • Lemuel

      Kudos to you, and A.R too. He was true to his word that he’d supply you with a copy.
      Any journos reading this blog?
      (A. R. posted this yesterday ….”I think that at Pordenone we will get some fun”.
      Warm Regards, A.R.)

    • Redford

      That would require you to tell what was not decisive in the one from Zurich. Actually defining before a list of things that would be “decisive” for each of us in advance, then admit when the list is satisfied would be good practice. I wanted 3rd party check with detailed methodology and measurements, and I already had that from Zurich.

  • Fyodor

    Does it clearly identify known third party testers who performed the tests?

  • daniel maris

    Well it sounds pretty interesting! Great news. 🙂

  • Adam Lepczak

    it would be nice to finally know the name of the “secret military customer”…

    • Casey

      To niemozliwe.
      It impossible. Such company don’t want anyone to know, what they are doing.
      We have to wait for civilian customer as Rossi said.

  • Hampus

    About 12 hours then 🙂

  • Voodoo

    Pure speculation: If report confirm self-sustain capability of Hot Cat for some weeks duration, would you want be a big owner of some coal or uranium mine ?

  • Robert Mockan

    This may be interesting, but we already know what he will not be saying.

    His report will not contain any details that might scare companies with vested interests in the status quo. That rules out saying he has higher COP than 6 at high temperature, or how the LENR catalyst is made. He will not say the certification process for retail products is completed, or give a definite date for selling product. And he will not disclose exactly who the military customer is. He will not say what his theory is about how the LENR process works. He will not say the “robotic” E-Cat production factory is finished, or where it is. He will not disclose any new cost estimates to the consumer for E-Cat water heaters.

    So what will Rossi be reporting this time?

    I have no idea, and that is what makes it interesting. Rossi continues to surprise saying so much, and so little.

    • LilyLover

      (To counter the snakes of wetness of the steam & to prove Hot-cat is real).
      He’ll provide data showing COP6ish @ T>1000C for Hot Cat running more than one month in self sustain mode.

      Wow, who needs Vegas to speculate?

    • Luca Salvarani

      To Robert,

      I completely agree with you! so I’m not expecting too much from today meeting (here in Italy it’s already friday)…. What I’m really interested in are the universities reports, scheduled for november… let’s see…

    • jacob

      at least he is still saying something,still better than nothing.

    • Robert Mockan

      It is now three days later, and after Rossi got roasted about all the errors in his report, he did manage to reveal that COP can be much greater than 6!

      So I was wrong about his not revealing that. I raise his grade to C for what he has accomplished, but his report grade stays at D. How can a CEO with a doctorate to his name be such a poor writer?

      He definitely needs to hire someone to write his reports.

      (Ah hmm, I am available for hire, but since he is on the other side of the planet I suppose that will not work out).

  • LilyLover

    As someone said, let’s spell it out… what in tomorrow’s report will make us happy? And then judge if Rossi over-delivered or not. Rather than read, know & want more and NOT be happy.

    Hot-Cat run @ COP10+ @T>1000C for 10+ days will make me happy.

    I’ll trust his data, as much as I’ll trust if it were by third party.

    If the data shows sine-wave peaks above initial ramp and later rectangle, it’ll fit my theory & I’ll be happy with it.

    • Luca Salvarani

      To Lily

      It’s very likely you will be disappointed because Rossi will say COP 6 COP 6 COP 6… at least for some months for not to scare companies with vested interests in the status quo, as Robert correctly pointed out.

  • Miles

    Latest e-Cat report? Is there anything “New” in this report or is this more regurgitated wording of information we already know.

    • admin

      There is information that is new to me.

      • Miles

        Thanks Frank. This will be like opening a birthday gift – you just don’t know what to expect.

      • Luca Salvarani

        Maybe you can tell us if there’s a COP calculation in that/those report/s? Thanks anyway.

  • Frank Sedei

    I believe his statements will be positively profound.

  • jacob

    Everybody should remember, there has been enough information provided to predict the outcome of the future of the E-cat.
    The Hot-cat and E-cat will not appear in homes for years,agreements have already been made to limit the cop to 6.
    Industry will benefit from this technology,while we pay through to nose for high energy.
    Don’t put your hopes up,and wait for a miracle.
    build your own units that harness available solar ,wind and units extracting energy from space time energy.
    If you want the job done right ,do it yourself.
    Consumers usually don’t get a free lunch.

    study Bruce Depalma ,Robert Adams from New Zealand , and you may understand space time energy, gravity and levety and it is not what you think it is.

    But your own education will limit your understanding of space time energy,too bad Albert Einsteins work was not completed to include magnetism and gravity as forms of energy working together with electricity.

    Understanding those very properties will enable you to harness artficial gravity in rotating systems to tie in to the wheelworks of nature.

    Wishful thinking is all that is left ,E-cats in homes will remain a pipedream for many years,and is not going to happen.

    Hundreds of inventers have been shut down already,hoping to make a difference for the little guy.

    • Miles

      “The Hot-cat and E-cat will not appear in homes for years,agreements have already been made to limit the cop to 6.”
      “E-cats in homes will remain a pipedream for many years,and is not going to happen.”

      You’ve got contradicting statements. I disagree with what you’ve said. If there is money to be made, they will sell an e-cat to anyone, businesses or us small folk.

      People are making Money by selling excess electricity from solar panels, you don’t have to be an electricity company.

      So why would an e-cat be any different in creating your own energy needs?

      E-cat (power) / solar panels (power) = Same Energy.

      • jacob

        Miles,give your head a shake,what makes you think the E-cat will get a safety certification for home use.

        Right now the italian E-cat dealer put his foot in his mouth,saying The Hot-cat ran on self sustain mode for some time,now he is saying he is not really allowed to talk about it.

        I don’t see a contradiction!!

        Big Oil is doing a lot of damage control behind the scenes ,and they will succeed in keeping the E-cat out of peoples homes,arguing it is not save in a home,even if it is.

        If big Oil does not manage to do that,they are doomed ,and controlling the media and keeping the knowledge about LENR in the dark ages is their goal.

        LENR is capable replacing Oil as an energy supply altogether.

        But is anybody in government rushing to get LENR established,the answer is NO.


        • Omega Z


          We can Only hope the E-cat/LENR technology develops fast enough to replace Oil as to conversion to Electric cars.

          In the U.S. Oil makes up less then 1% of Electrical Production & is phasing out as we speak. Maybe 2% for Home Heating also being phased out.

          Truth is the Oil companies have little Concern of LENR technology other then Maybe Investing in it. They know it will be around 30 years to transition. They Don’t care.

          They already have a Basic Transition in Mind. All their plans & Oil Investments are based on 35 to 40 years & out. Oil will cease to be Economically feasible for transportation needs at that time. They’re already aware that Availability & cost for large scale transportation will be finished. It will only be used for non transportation needs supplemented by Synthetics just to meet that the other usage demands.

          Most of the World’s Recoverable reserves are nowhere near what is claimed & far more Expensive to recover then what they report. Note that most of the Middle-east Oil is expected to drop to a trickle in 20 years. Many are already considering stopping Exports of Oil.

          They along with Governments exaggerate these numbers for 1. Market stability/Panic factor. 2. Financial manipulation. Example Indonesia borrowed 10’s of Billions for Economic Expansion. Just a couple years after this was done, it was Determined that 75% of their so-called reserves never really existed. But it served their short term Goals. They also are considering stopping exports.

          Bio-Fuels are not realistic. According to NASA if Every single source right down to the Last blade of grass was used for Bio-fuels we would still come up 70% short at Zero growth.

          At this point even Coal reserves would drop 3 times faster then presently projected. Leaving Natural Gas as the Only Viable Fossil fuel within about 80 years or so. And face it, Even Wind & Solar tech depend on some amount of Fossil ingredients for manufacturing. Even Nuclear has a limited future lifespan. There is a limited supply fissionable Fuel available on a world bases.

          At this Point only LENR shows promise of a long term Future for society. Otherwise things look bleak.

          • Omega Z

            Someone re-posted my post on another site questioning my 2% of oil used for home heating so I’ll add this from the Washington post.

            Just 6 percent of the nation’s households use heating oil, but they tend to be in some of the coldest parts of the country where heating needs are high, mainly in the Northeast. About half use natural gas for heat and 38 percent use electricity. Five percent of households use propane and 2 percent use wood.

            Calculating 6% used about 1/3 of the year would be about 2% of oil use Considering demand peeks/lows probably less. NG being about 1/3 to 1/4 the cost figuring price/efficiency, Oil is being phased out about as fast as NG lines become available for hook up.

            Not a bad Guesstimate for an old guy using 15 year old data & trends I worked with back then.

    • b4FreeEnergy

      Hi Jacob,

      “THE INTERNET IS FULL OF INFORMATION how to build them” ???

      The internet is so full of information and RUBBISH that it’s pretty difficult to find the right information and separate utter nonsense from interesting material!

      Your message can only mean that you’re totally independent from any energy supplier yourself and are “off the grid”!?

      Since you apparently know where the right information is hidden, could you be so nice to post a link here?

      Apart from the necessary knowledge, not everybody has the skills to build these things himself …
      But hey, I can’t wait for that link!


      • jacob

        Bruce de palma and Robert Adams from New Zealand have given it to the world.
        And you want it to be interesting as well?
        All I can say replicate,get your bud off the computer and replicate.
        If you don’t have the skills,learn them,any intelligent person should be able to built them,but it’s not going to be easy.
        Gaining the nessesary understanding first is a must!!
        I am building another heater soon,selfrunning ,hope to put it on Youtube.
        It will be rotating pendulum 10 kg,attached to a shaft rotating in bearings which are attached to 4 hydraulic cylinders with check valves to turn 10 ton of force created by the pendulum into a 1 inch stroke into a 50 gallon flow per minute through a 3000psi pressure relieve valve,selfrunning by driving the shaft of the pendulum with the pressure created by the eccentric force transfered to the cylinders to a hydraulic orbit motor,hocked into a consistant 3000 psi source and output energy just be controlled by one hand valve,controlling the speed of the hydraulic motor.

        Knowledge gained thanks to Velico Milkovic,who actually has a patent on such process.
        hydraulic cylinders attached to 500KG suspended frame(free to move horizontally)
        Electric starter motor just for startup,output calculated at 50 Hp ,with 10 KW thermal output from cooling of hydraulic oil.
        Ok it is going to be kind of big,but I may change my mind on dimensions and weight of pendulum.
        but never the less,at least 40 hp is surplus energy.

        To get you head around study all the work of Velico Milkovic and Jovan Marinov.Understanding is key.

        Put a weight on a string and swing it around fast in circular motion,spin it twice as fast gives you 4 times the pull on the string,overunity caused by artificial gravity harnessing space time energy,this force is proving by Velico as overunity of 9 to 1 ,but gets multiplied by the rpm of the pendulum

        The unit I have planned to built will be selfrunning,and anyone who has a mechanical mind should give it some thought.

        Most people know a bad imbalance in a tire at high speed could damage the suspension of your car,but your car needs no extra power to turn the wheel with an imbalance,neither does your car need extra power to travel over a really bumpy road,the shocks get hot but its free energy as well.
        sorry no links ,I gave you enough here B.!!

    • georgehants

      My bottle of good stuff is in the fridge as it has been many times in the past, but always had to come out again unopened.
      Does not stop me having my red wine though.

      • tommaso di pietro

        A lello…le 7 am so’ passate da un pezzo;))))
        Hei man…now it is 11 o clock’….where is the report?

      • Now we know what the juice is that inspires some of your posts, George 🙂

        • georgehants

          Tony, Ha, I think that if a teetotaler started following Cold Fusion they would very soon be visiting Alcoholics Anonymous.

    • Peter_Roe

      Jacob, I agree with your prediction that CF technologies will most probably be co-opted and ring fenced by the military and then ‘big energy’, and will be introduced slowly (and on their terms) with little financial benefit to the plebs. I’ve said much the same thing myself on many occasions. Rossi’s back-pedalling on ‘home units’ (as well as his downplaying of the potential of the ‘hot cat’) seems to confirm that he has pragmatically decided that he must play ball with TPTB to some extent, in order to be ‘permitted’ to continue with his venture. Perhaps today’s report will throw some light on how far he will be allowed to go under present arrangements.

      However, as b4FreeEnergy says, I can’t agree that there is any coherent information available on the web that would allow someone to build a workable CF energy source. That is what the replication efforts are about, and it is clear that replicators are having to spend a great deal of time and money even to verify basic principles, let alone build usable power devices. If any practical information was available, I’m sure they would take advantage of it, rather than ‘reinventing the wheel’.

      • jacob

        Did not mean CF,Peter

        • Peter_Roe

          Fair enough, Jacob.

          However, I can’t agree with you about DePalma’s device (which he has been proposing for years) or about the various other devices you refer to. Centripetal (‘centrifugal’), magnetic and inertial forces are just that – force, not energy. The moment you attempt to extract energy from such systems, the same amount is required to be input in order to maintain the system. There are and have been many claims of ‘overunity’ knocking around the net, a few of which appear to have substance, such as Meyer’s water energy system and other ‘Brown’s gas’ set-ups, certain Tesla coil arrangements and so on – yet AFAIK there is not any single set of ‘instructions’ that would enable a competent engineer to build a workable device that outputs more energy than is put in. The moment DePalma or Milkovic wheel out an actual generator that works on the principles they claim, I will eat my words – but not before.

          And BTW, it does take more energy to move a wheel vehicle over an uneven surface, because energy is input to the suspension movements during the process. Likewise energy is lost when a wheel is unbalanced, in this case due to the inertial up and down movement of the wheel itself, tranferred into the vehicle as severe vibration. Just like running on a flat tyre, nothing mysterious happens – you just use up more fuel overcoming increased losses. The more you can minimise such ‘rolling resistance’ the more efficient the vehicle becomes.

          That isn’t to say such things as ‘OU’ devices can’t exist – personally I’m reasonably sure they can, and that theoretical science will eventually expand to explain how – but just that working plans to make such things simply do not seem to be currently identifiable, at least with any certainty.

          • Peter_Roe

            Correction: DePalma’s associates, not Bruce himself, for obvious reasons.

          • jacob

            but with Veliko Milkovic,it is now proven to have overunity and nobody disputes him on that,but some of our current laws regarding ficticious forces,like enertia and centrifugal need to be cleared up by science to include the ether forces responsible for the ficticious forces ,Veliko also proves centrifugal force is overunity in certain parameters,but Bruce Depalma and Tewari from India,have come up with the new theories,that also explain the loss of weight of their machines during operation.
            Certainty ,from my own replications it is a hit and miss to get it right,but I know how to harness energy from the ether.

          • Peter_Roe

            I agree that forces such as inertia, gravity and magnetism (and various nuclear forces) are not really understood, and that better understanding will emerge in due course. There also seems to be evidence that such forces can ‘couple’ to underlying fields or energies under certain circumstances in ways that are beyond any current theoretical background. The only point I’m trying to make is that no replicable device for doing so seems to exist at the moment, despite the many claims.

            I wish you every success with your own experiments.

          • Redford

            Well it is 7:12 now in NYC…

          • jacob

            Peter,the ether is like an unlimited fuel,not just according to me but according to Veliko and Tewari and Depalma,ether is energy,combined in magnetism,gravity and electricity,the very force which is responsible for perpetual atomic spin in all matter!

          • b4FreeEnergy

            Ok Jacob, I’ll ask it again, are you off the grid or not?

            If all the information you need is available and obviously you know where it is and in your own words: “Certainty, from my own replications it is a hit and miss to get it right, but I know how to harness energy from the ether.”

            – What is keeping you from producing your own energy/electricity and become energy independent?

            It’s not that I don’t want to get off my but, I just paid close to 1800 euro’s to fill my petrol tank and keep the central heating operational for another winter season. You need to go outside and have a job to be able to keep that oil burning game for central heating going!

            So moving my but again in my free time after work needs to be targeted to something which has a remote chance of being successful in the end, I don’t have the time nor the money to try out every wild idea about free energy you can find on the internet.

            If then somebody says all the information you need is out there, you just need to gather it and do the work, you have my full attention but you already mentioned you won’t post the links… Why not?

            It will be already difficult enough to build a working system having all the information you need available without any unnecessary hurdles.

            I do believe that you can ‘tap’ all the energy you need just like you put a water wheel in a river but what’s the recipe? How to do that?

            That information is circulating on the internet? Really?

            Henry Moray could apparently already do something similar in the 1930’s but we’re still burning oil and nobody seems to be able now to replicate what he did back then! (Not even his own son)

          • jacob

            Ok b4,…/directory;james_d.hardy’s self-looped-water-pu…

            Where Hardy’s unit is tapping into the ether is through a very good design on the impeller on the water pump,artificial gravity pressure built up, and the effect of impact of a high speed on the paddles of the aluminum wheel,twice the speed 4 times the impact force,free bonus of the ether’s enertia energy.

            impellers should have paddles from the center straight out to the rim,waterintake should be directed toward as small as possible area in the center of the impeller ,to reduce drag on the drive motor.

    • Timar

      I’m afraid the prevalence of notions like this are a major reason why so many scientists dismiss LENR as just another free energy nonsense.

      • georgehants

        Timar, are you saying that most scientists are unable to differentiate between opinion and Evidential Facts.
        I would probably agree with you, how do you suggest that the re-education of these clearly incompetent scientists should begin.

      • Omega Z

        It’s sad but true. Most of what you read about energy production is quackery. Tho some have possibilities with the Right people & technology to study them along with some funding.

        I actual believe a Magnetic motor is possible, But It requires a lot of research to work out the kick backs. We may be close to having the technology to make them work.

        To date I’m aware of just 1 that did work. Developed by Howard Johnson who developed the Military’s silent Engine with Dozens of Military patents. It took him 6 years and a working prototype to get his patent. He to was aware of the Industrial push back.

        Even if this Magnetic motor was perfected, the costs may be prohibitive using Earth magnets so Man made materials would have to be developed.

        On to the E-cat. I’m also aware of it’s short comings for individual/private use. E-cat=Cheap. What’s the cost for the equipment to generate Electricity & additional materials-plumbing-heat sinks Etc. to make it feasible.

        10Kw theoretically is more then any average home would need, but would be far from handling Peek Demands. A Large Battery capacity would be required. The Costs just went way up.

        It’s very Possible that the E-cat will only be Economical for home heating in the Short term. It may be Relegated to small local grids to be economical for electric generation. Likely Municipal, Maybe local neighborhood scale eventually. Private ownership years from now.

  • Voodoo

    I am thinking it is all about slight differences between southern and northern cultures.
    You know: when Italians are talking, the distance between personas is 40cm. When Swedens are talking, the distance is 140cm.

    So when northern folks read “are already on the market” they are meaning “selling and really delivering”, whether southern culture folks are meaning so: “trying to sell and manana maybe delivering”.

    This is only slight cultural differences, no bad meanings.

    • I wish this event were available via streaming video. It is sometimes an excruciating wait for meaningful information. Thank you, Frank, for giving us a deadline to view the report document.

    • Steve B

      And manana can be next month or next year….
      and when they say they “have a workable device” it may also mean they are “working on a device”.

  • Hank Mills

    Have seen the results that are to be presented and all I can say at this point is that they are encouraging.

    • Stanny Demesmaker

      your “encouraging” doesn’t sound that encouraging to me

    • Lemuel

      I guess it’s not going to be ‘mumbo-jumbo’.