Celani Wires Received by the MFMP

Changing subjects for a moment, there is an announcement from the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project that they have received wires from Francesco Celani which they will need for the reactors they are building to replicate the Celani cells. Apparently there is some good cooperation going on between Celani and the MFMP, but it seems that Celani is keeping his wire preparation process secret.

Here’s a video of the same with some cryptic numbers visible for a while.

I’m beginning to think that the hardest part of bringing LENR to the world is not making working technology, but helping the world understand what is going on here and why it is so important. Kudos to the MFMP for making a serious effort in this regard.

  • MK

    There is a possibility to donate to the MFMP. I suggest that every person who is interested in LENR and the truth about it considers this.

    • HeS

      How to donate anonymously? I do not want to register.

      • MK

        Write “Anonymus” as your Name, some donators have done so (see list of donations)

        • There is no necessity to register.


          • Only First name and email is required and you can choose anonymous.


  • daniel maris

    Brilliant news! Let’s hope they get some good results with this wire.

  • Barry

    Go MFMP! I admire Prof. Celani for being an open source, but it seems he keeps some secrets as well.

    • Peter_Roe

      Celani’s ‘surface preparation process’ seems to be the equivalent of Rossi’s ‘catalyst’ (which could also be a surface treatment process). Both are happy for people to see the configuration of their apparatus, and hand out some information, but keep vital information secret. This way it is possible to gain attention and eventually funding, without actually giving away your IP. Which leads me to think that Celani may be playing a game very similar to Rossi’s, and intends to attract funding and begin commercialisation once he has independent 3rd party replication (MFMP) using his proprietory wire. He has a lot of ground to make up though.

    • Omega Z


      Only Celani demo is open source.

      He is working with others on advanced product that will be patent for market.

  • Kim G. Patterson

    Yea Frank we seem to be at the point of

    God has given us a tremendous gift and mankind
    is taking a big you know what on it.


    • Kim G. Patterson

      Its seems that Americans are more interested
      in some nut jumping out of a balloon at
      100,000 feet!


      • dandelion

        Please, do not insult other people for their wondrous achievements, even if they mean nothing to you. It spoils the beauty and usefulness of this site.
        Thank you.

        • Kim G. Patterson

          Have not insulted anyone.

          • Kimball

            I’m American, and your comment can be interpreted as insulting.

            Just saying…


        • zvibenyosef

          I’m with Kim, cant see the point of jumping 100,000 ft. Now cold fusion is something really worthwhile, that will change the world and make life better for everybody

          • Barry

            There is room for both. I’m quite impressed with the jump and CF is finally starting to get the credit it deserves. Exciting times! For our generation it is the equivalant of General Relitivity and the long awaited eclipse that proved it is starting to happen.

          • clovis

            I thought It was all put on by red bull.

      • jacob

        The Americans are not to blame for this,it’s the controlled media thinking it may boost the ratings.

        • clovis

          myself, i woulden’t care if you build your own, or even your friend one because not that many people would know how or would want to build their own.
          But when you start to build and sell them then he will want his dews.

  • Andrew Macleod

    Off topic….. By mistake I came across this website, it’s on a redirect. http://www.ecat-world.com/

    • timycelyn

      Frank – that’s a real backhanded compliment to how you’ve built this blog up! But a leetle bit cheeky of them, though…..

      • admin

        It’s ok, to be expected. It’s not the first either.

        • jedslater

          OT: Today I needed to refuel my boat, damn $4.2 a gallon?? going up all the time. I got so mad I tried to find a electric conversion that would replace my 340HP diesel engine. Not easy to find but then I stumbled over this http://www.e-vconcepts.com/preview_004.htm maybe it is time to give them a call 🙂

          Still properly not cheap but with a HOTCat reactor hmmmm …. dreaming.

  • simon
    • Kim G. Patterson

      Very Good Find.

      If Celani is going to provide the “Special Isotan wire”
      to Academic Institutions, How is it that these same
      Instituitons will not be able to figure out the process
      of “Special Isotan wire”.

      What I mean is if every thing else is open source, then
      when they figure out the process of the wire coating or
      whatever…Then what???

      Why not just provide the process for the wire and save
      the a whole lot of people a whole lot of time.

      Or is that the point, so that all the mainstream scientists can come up to speed on this new energy



      • HeS

        Prepare this special wire is patented by Celani.
        Main goal is to confirm (by independent team) that excess heat is real.

        • Kim G. Patterson

          I’m very frustrated this A.M.

          I understand and have full respect
          for the process and the people that
          is underway.


        • Omega Z


          I don’t think Celani has the patent on the wire.

          I believe he left that to the person who prepares it for Him.

          • HeS

            Patent description.

          • Ivan Mohorovicic

            This is an old patent on a preparation which is different than what is used on his current wires.

    • Thomas

      Simon, the wire on ebay was over 20 years old.
      In Germany the ZIP-Code was changed from 4 digits
      to 5 digits nearly 20 years ago. But the good news:
      The manufacturer is still alive.
      Product specifiction here:

  • buffalo

    dont b ridiculous people.do u guys honestly think that the celani process is the only way to get huge surface area on2 a constintan surface,therz thousands of far simpler ways eg.controlled etching,electrodeposition etc.

    • Kim G. Patterson

      I Agree


    • Andrew Macleod

      Agreed as long as the process to manufacture these surfaces are cheap and quick there should be no problem using anything/method.

      • Kim G. Patterson

        Its about consciousness.

        Were so close to understanding, yet
        we still are sleep walking.

        A new Renaissance is upon us.

        Lets Get it done.


    • Ivan_Cev

      buffallo, ok post the best method and make some demo, and lets try to replicate your way.

    • LCD

      If size/geometry is all that matters then manufacturing NAE’s would be quite cheap. it’s just that nobody knows what is actually fully required yet.

  • buffalo

    btw google this people,’hydrogen-iron resistor wikipaedia’.celanis device existed b4 we were born lol!

    • Kim G. Patterson

      They were used to stabilize supply
      voltage in a circuit.

      I wonder what would happen if
      you use nickel instead of iron.

      I’m sure you would see the same positive
      temperature coefficient


      • buffalo

        indeed kim.and perhaps somebody should measure energy output v input in one of these gizmos.perhaps iron is slightly lenr active.perhaps some of these gizmos use other metals?

  • Renzo

    Daniele Passerini has published the 4th part of his report from Pordenone, it is a transcript of Rossi’s answer to eng. Scolari when he asked why Rossi hasn’t looked for a partnerships with big industries, for large financing, for holdings, etc: “you should have 9 factories… if you have 10 thousands requests, you meet them all, all!!!”

    Rossi gives the following answer:

    “So, yes… your speech is logical, the problem is complex… because first of all we can do the steps according to our legs, so the investments that we can do are the investments that we can do with our own money. I refused holdings until today because … because maybe all of you saw the movie about Mattei, the one with Volontè, it came out when I was twenty… and the famous phrase of Mattei is “when a dog joins forces with the hounds, he ends up being pushed aside and eventually the bowl is only in the hands of the hounds.” So – as you can see – it may be that our business strategy is not as naive as it may seem, because we must keep in mind that our financial development must be such as not to depend on entities that could not only put us aside, but even suppress the technology itself, because the problems in this area are much more complex than it seems. I have said it before, when I was asked the question about the possibility of applying this technology to large power stations etc., I said what I was told, I did not say what I think … [Applause of those present].
    And when I say that we have received ten thousand requests, but in the meantime we begin to provide only a few hundred, it is because we do not know who the rest are … meanwhile, we begin to do this with our own means. The projections of the business plan that we made are such that the profits from the sale of the first plants should have an exponential growth as to ensure that other requests can be safely met. If at this time we went to look for funding for the necessary funds to immediately build ten thousand plants, we would inevitably have a debt that could be toxic. You know, loans are like whiskey, a glass is good, two-liters kill the liver. So I want to have funding only if I am very sure that I can return that money anytime I can legally be required, because otherwise this could cause the consequences that we have said before. So the business model that we have chosen is a very aggressive model within the limits of safety to remain in control of the technology. We are keeping to this premise in all the world where we operate … in the United States we have made an extremely important deal… but we have to maintain this philosophy not only in our interest, I think, but also in the interest of the technology, because – look – to the point where we are, I say with absolute sincerity that I have had proposals such that I could say “ok , I will sell everything, take the money and with the money I make a life for me, my children, my children’s children and the children’s children of my children … and then for the others it’s their own business!” [laughs] We chose instead of attending the development of this creature [he points to the Hot-cat] in order to be quite sure that it will grow up and graduate. [applause of those present]”


    • Karl

      A good view of his philosophy – a true inventor is speaking.

    • Peter_Roe

      A very powerful off the cuff speech. He verifies quite a lot of speculation about the bribe offers and financial tricks that will have been employed in an attempt to wrest control of e-cat technology from him, by interests to whom money is no object.

      Probably one of the most telling quotes from this must be “when I was asked the question about the possibility of applying this technology to large power stations etc., I said what I was told, I did not say what I think …” I like this man more with every revelation.

      • GreenWin

        I agree Peter. Any callable loan can be used to appropriate the underlying security – in this case the e-cat IP. What has appeared to be fits and starts is likely a series of rebuffs and lateral moves to sidestep the “hounds.” We will eventually see an indictment of the hounds who have tried (just go to the catnewsite) to derail this project. This alone should be enough to house clean and prosecute the unrepentant.

        Ivan, note the man has already turned down “the dollar!”

        • Ivan_Cev

          If he is not there for the “dollar” you will know already how the ecat work, and what the catalyst is.
          but you do not. so he is chasing the “dollar” Rossi way.

          • GreenWin

            Indeed, the Rossi way guarantees the technology actually gets into the public domain. To sell out, partner, accept tainted “loans” or “investments” from the midgets of mediocrity – would guarantee e-cat’s demise.

        • Sadly for the powermongers, it is very difficult to fool a man who is far more intelligent than they are.

        • What I don’t really understand is why Rossi doesn’t make public the details of each sleazy attempt to stop him or to acquire his technology, as it occurs. Exposing these things to the light of day would seem to me to be a useful insurance policy. The source of anything more serious would then be obvious.

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      Remember when Steve Jobs handpicked one of the big boys, John Sculley, to be his CEO and then Sculley fired Jobs, the creative genius of Apple. Big business, given sufficient time, will eventually self-destruct….but that’s good….if you fail to innovate, you fail.

    • georgehants

      One day it will be something important in the history books of Cold Fusion.
      A true Rebel.

    • GreenWin

      Slightly off topic but of interest is how hard it is to find current marketing for a technology ideally suited to the e-cat. Just three years ago (BR Before Rossi) the carbon trust and climate agencies world over were in love with the WhisperGen CHP concept. A dishwasher sized heat, hot water, AND 1kWe generator.

      Alas, today, mincing midgets of mediocrity have disappeared many of these CHP appliances from the marketplace. Why? With a well insulated e-cat kicking out 10kWt, a WhisperGen could produce 3.0kWe plus heat and hot water year around. We should not rest until any issues blocking home e-cats are resolved and sent scampering to the hound pound.


      • Mark

        It is very strange that Rossi did not
        do a demonstration of E-CAT in action,
        like Celani did at ICCF.
        The conference took 8 hours…the start-up
        time is 4 hours… so another 4 hours would
        be enough to show that input is not used
        and the temperature did not fall.
        I bet that all people would stay 4-5 hours
        more to witness the miracle!
        Why Rossi did not do this? Any thoughts?

        • lukedc

          Not sure out of an industrial lab that would even be allowed. Whether that thing works or not, I would say that the insurance on the venue would cover that.

          • Mark

            The E-CAT was safety certified.
            Celani did his demo without
            any official certification beforehand.
            Any other thoughts?

          • HeS

            @:”The E-CAT was safety certified.”

            No. Only 1MW plant is safe certified (for industry purposes).

        • Peter_Roe

          Celani’s apparatus produces a few watts of excess power. Rossi’s hot cat produces 10kW. It is not safety certified. Your suggestion is completely impractical, and simply a vehicle for innuendo intended to introduce doubt. Please go tro11 elsewhere.

        • It may have been prohibitively expensive to transport a device, and the host site may not have wished to see it perform absent insurance coverage that might be prohibitively costly. This is just my speculation.

    • Andrew Macleod

      Thanks for sharing Renzo, very inspiring.

  • LCD

    Maybe people have already touched on this.

    I applaud Rossi for seeing this thing “graduate” and not letting “toxic” finances develop.

    However I fail to see how any IP defense is going to prevent people from making their own home kits or prevent people from very quickly finding alternative methods of doing the same thing better.

    If that’s the case then it doesn’t really matter what he does up to the first point at which his secret sauce is revealed. Which is the same as the first point at which the general public (or the Chinese) have access to his device.

    could be wrong i suppose.

    • clovis

      myself, i woulden’t care if you build your own, or even your friend one because not that many people would know how or would want to build their own.
      But when you start to build and sell them then he will want his dews.
      I think his stragity is to be first to market, and become a household name,
      Enought said,

  • Ivan_cev

    If there is a replication, expect a Nobel price for Celani and the MFMP guys.
    Once the replication is done, and the science taken seriusly then the power of the human ingenuity will develop the devices fast.

  • Sanjeev

    About Pop Sci article, from vortex:
    http://www.mail-archive.com/[email protected]/msg71976.html

    Meanwhile NET has launched a new set of attacks on Rossi.

    It looks like someone had hacked one of Rossi’s personal website and defaced it. (I’m not so sure about this one)

    And finally the 4th news item – HUG were doing LENR experiments on Ni-H (before Celani Replication), and they have some old things to sell on their website.

  • Kim G. Patterson

    I’m am a champion for Andrea Rossi
    and all cold fusion endeavors.

    I’m been getting to emotionally involved
    and need to back away for awhile.

    Frank runs a clean site.

    Taking a break and will be back when things
    are more definite.


  • Brad Arnold

    “I’m beginning to think that the hardest part of bringing LENR to the world is not making working technology, but helping the world understand what is going on here and why it is so important.”

    “A volume about the size of a #2 pencil eraser of water provides as much energy as two 48-gallon drums of gasoline. That is 355,000 times the amount of energy per volume – five orders of magnitude.” ( http://oilprice.com/Energy/Energy-General/New-LENR-Machine-is-the-Best-Yet.html ).

    One of the main reasons people tend not to believe LENR is that it is “too-good-to-be-true” (not to be believed or likely to be real). BTW, don’t expect competing energy concerns (oil, natural gas, coal) to do anything but create further “reasonable doubt.”

  • Omega Z

    @ Frank or Anyone else who may know for sure…

    When Celani did his Demo at the NI conference or ICCF wasn’t there something disclosed about his wire that the person who developed the specific make up retained the rights to it. I’m sure I read that or saw it in 1 of the Videos.


  • andreiko

    De eenvoud van de HOT-CAT (droge reactie)zal zorgen dat binnen kortetijd in ieder, dorp ,stad,land, all over the world ,de HOT-CAT gemaakt kan worden.

    Het waarschijnlijke mengsel van nikkelpoeder met coolstofpoeder en H2 onder( high pressure)met verwarmings element ,en het kleine volume van de HOT-CAT onderbouwen mijn visie.

    PS / Text Netherlands.