Forbes' Mark Gibbs on Defkalion Report

Forbes columnist Mark Gibbs has been one of the few members of the mainstream press who has paid much attention to things going on in the world of cold fusion/LENR, and up until now he has been quite cautious in his assessment of the state of play in the field.

He has now written an rather optimistic article regarding the recent publication of preliminary test reports that Defkalion Green Technologies released. The title of his article is “Cold Fusion Gets a Little More Real”. As part of his research into these reports, he wanted to find out who it was that went to Greece to do the testing, since all names listed in the published documents were blacked out. As many people had already surmised, Gibbs confirmed by contacting him, that Michael A Nelson, a NASA employee, was one of the people who went to Greece to observe testing, and who wrote the executive summary of the report.

The information from the report that Gibbs found most impressive was that Nelson affirmed that DGT was able to: demonstrate an excess of energy; fully control the reaction; show that the reaction produced more energy than was possible from a chemical reaction; that the reactor was operating at a COP well in excess of 3.

Nelson told Gibbs that he did not visit DGT in his capacity as NASA employee, but that he attended on behalf of an organization called the Free Energy Foundation which paid his travel expenses.

Gibbs concludes his article by saying:

Even so, the Defkalion tests were, as far as any cold fusion experiment performed to date has gone, the best so far and they were witnessed by someone who is, for want of a better description, a serious scientist.

So, it appears that cold fusion, in the sense that the phenomena is a real and viable basis for energy generation, looks like a much better bet than it did a week ago. Now it’s up to the other players in the nascent cold fusion market – particularly Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation – to show more clearly what they’ve got.

My hat is off to Defkalion and Mr. Nelson for giving all of us who sincerely want to see cold fusion become a reality a little more hope.

I would add here that we have had reports from others cold fusion researchers, including Leonardo Corp. who published the third party July 16 report on hot cat testing, that indicate the reality of the cold fusion phenomenon. But it is good that Mark Gibbs has continued to follow developments in the field, and bring this latest DGT report to the attention of Forbes’ readership (which is much larger than that of E-Cat World!)

  • Blanco69

    I love your logic Filip. I have long thought the same thing. It cannot be possible for DGT to have something AND Rossi to have nothing. If even the slightest COP >1 claim is validated out of Athens then it becomes a relatively small step to come to terms with a hot cat reality. And when the hot cat is validated? Well, then we can then enjoy the ride as humanity moves on to the next era. For this reason I am also in a good mood. I might even do a Georgehants and stick something fine, French and bubbly into the refrigerator.

    • daniel maris

      I have always said that either both Rossi and DGT are genuine or neither are. To believe otherwise (that one is and one isn’t) is to indulge in some pretty complex conspiracy theorising.

      It’s looking more now like they are both genuine.

    • Carlos

      Not only that. I would say that if Celani’s experiment works as he says, then there are a lot of posibilities that Rossi also has something. Celani gives a lot of credence to the e-cat, because he uses the same principles, similar active materials, and claims similar (but somewhat lower) power densities per mass of the active material.

  • Lemuel

    Obama needs a Rossi…
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  • georgehants

    From Engineering at Illinoi
    Illinois Group’s Fusion Reactor Innovation Experiment Proves Successful in China
    By EAI on October 17, 2012 in Uncategorized
    Scientists meeting from around the world in a fusion energy conference last week proclaimed the recent success of a University of Illinois-led innovation for fusion reactors.
    David Ruzic, professor of nuclear, plasma, and radiological engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, presented results on “Lithium-Metal Infused Trenches: A New Way to Remove Diverter Heat Flux,” at the 24th International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Fusion Energy Conference held in San Diego, California. Ruzic’s paper reflected success from an experiment conducted on October 11, 2012 on an HT-7 Tokamak (experimental superconducting nuclear fusion) reactor in Hefei, China.

    • Peter_Roe

      “The success in China is the culmination of a decade of work aimed at making fusion reactors more economical.”

      You gotta laugh haven’t you. Or cry.

      I guess that article translates as ‘Please please don’t take our grants away. Were nearly there, honest!’

    • clovis

      Hi, everyone.
      I too don’t trust Mark Gibbs, because he talks out both sides of his mouth,and most assuredly not a greedy heartless neo com like forbs,
      He gibbs is probably a plant to weasel his way in and sabotage everything he can.
      But you know he won’t because the member ship of e-cat world is just to smart for his bull_hit.

      E cat,lenr needs no help to do anything from the likes of this greedy gang of thugs., lenr it here to stay, so i suggest everyone get on the right side of this issue, or loose face,
      I too have a bottle of bubbly on ice , for the celebration, any day now.
      It’s my firm belief that this coming year is going to be the most exciting times of our life, many good things are coming, nothing can stop it,–smile
      Just set back and enjoy the ride of your life.—clovis

      • hadamhiram

        Sheesh, yet another tinfoil-hat conspiracy post written like a haiku…

        What IS it with you guys? And we wonder why the scientific community won’t take LENR seriously…

        • clovis

          Just another well written , lame brain attempt to cut someone down, nice going,and i love my tin foil hat, it keeps the aliens
          from sucking my brain out and makes my grammer bad,—smile

          • jacob

            haha,nice reply

          • Adam Lepczak

            LoL at your reply…
            The Gibbs guy is a total idiot…The entire article is moronic and it shows total lack of good will re: Rossi. Everyone who follows recent LENR developments knows full well that Defkalion operates on stolen Rossi’s know-how. Therefore everything Defkalion does by default – validates Rossi. He could of acknowledge that but he chose not to.

          • NJT

            +1 for Clovis…

  • georgehants

    Paul at ECN is trying to work through the dilemma of fair optimism versus damaging irrational scepticism.
    Much respect to him.
    E-Cat World I think found a fair balance a long time ago.
    Defkalion And A Jumble Of Thoughts
    When you strip away the juvenile dummy (pacifier) spitting, eCatNews comments lend an insight to the psychology of belief and ultra scepticism. This was not my intention when I set it up but it’s there for researchers nevertheless.

    • georgehants

      Anybody who knows the equation S=k ln W should know that the gentleman concerned committed suicide due to the pressure of colleagues and establishment debunking and denying his work.
      A short time after his death he was fully vindicated.

      • Peter_Roe

        Professional self-interest and protectionism, particularly when expressed as intellectual violence, is never without consequences for others. Boltzmann wasn’t the first to suffer and will not be the last, unfortunately.

        • georgehants

          Well done Peter, your the only one that solved the crossword clue. 🙂

          • Peter_Roe

            Is there a prize?

  • GreenWin

    Mr. Gibbs’ tepid tale is another glimpse at the mainstream’s attempt to rewrite history as they wish it to be. Read Gibbs’ earlier CF stories – filled with references to “Believers” who fret that cold fusion was suppressed by “The Man.” Transparent attempts to paint CF advocates as foil hatters. Mr. Gibbs, had you a REAL journalist bone in your body you would include the following in anything you write about CF:

    “Schwinger was the 1965 Noble Prize recipient in physics, and arguably one of the leading theoretical physicists of the 20th Century. His 8 cold fusion papers about theory to explain it in 1989 were rejected by the American Physical Society, and he resigned in protest. It was the first time ANY of his papers had ever been rejected. He had this to say:

    ‘The pressure for conformity is enormous. I have experienced it in editors’ rejection of submitted papers, based on venomous criticism of anonymous referees. The replacement of impartial reviewing by censorship will be the death of science.’

    (His theory papers were not published until years later, and today are the basis for the leading theories about how cold fusion works).

    Norman Ramsey received the 1989 Noble Prize in Physics. He was co-chairman of the ERAB panel evaluating cold fusion for funding in 1989. He had to threaten to resign from the position if the other panel members followed through with an agenda to cut all future cold fusion research. They finally made a small concession for very slight federal funding, but without significant effect because the funds went to hot fusion research centers.” Robert Mockan 9/21/2012

    Not to mention Nobel laureate and Italian ENEA President Carlo Rubia’s now famous “Report 41” on the confirmation of He4 in Cold Fusion experiments – refused publication in 41 “science” journals. Or Nobel oaureate Brian Josephson who has argued for twenty years that mainstream science should not dismiss CF outright.

    Gibbs’ “reporting” is lame compared to real journalists like Jack Anderson or Woodward and Bernstein. A real reporter would see the obvious malodorous attempts at suppression of CF and write a Pulitzer Prize winning story.

    • I think you’re being very unfair to Mark Gibbs. He seems to be a careful, thoughtful writer who takes quite a bit of risk in pulling for cold fusion in a business environment that is tremendously skeptical. We’re lucky someone like Mark Gibbs is out there. I’m sure it hasn’t been an easy slog with his editors, who are very, very conservative people – likr their publisher, Steve Forbes.

      • Peter_Roe

        I don’t think GreenWin is being in the least bit unfair. Here are a few quotes from earlier Gibbs articles in Forbes:

        “From the way they argue I’d guess that many of the Believers probably also wear tin-foil hats. Some of the messages I’ve received from people who appear to be in this group are astounding not just for their lack of basic grammar but for their inability to express coherent thought.”

        “…the Believers are erring in a completely opposite way. Despite a lack of solid evidence and based on the slim, unverifiable test data from the E-Cat trials revealed to date, they still just believe. They post in blogs, in forums, and on Web sites long and often impassioned arguments based on their interpretations of physics, quantum mechanics, chemistry, string theory, numerology, and maybe even the divination of goat entrails.”

        “The best explanation of why the E-Cat can’t work can be found in a terrific blog posting titled “The Physics of why the e-Cat’s Cold Fusion Claims Collapse” by Ethan Siegel, a theoretical astrophysicist.”

        “National Instruments and Cold Fusion? (Update: Disproved)” Headline, Nov 11

        “A profile such as the E-Cat’s that makes it appear the device is made from Unobtainium and that such a thing has been hyped for the last year or so warrants serious attention.”

        However, if he is open to new information I suppose that offsets his earlier virulence to a certain extent. I think an apology for some of the comments above would not go amiss though.

        • GreenWin

          Thanks Peter. You found more Gibbsian dismissive material than I. I see no reason to tolerate this kind of backhanded attack on CF advocates, be it from a conservative rag or underground newsletter. The facts are this area of science is now and has been denigrated by the mainstream orthodoxy. And I will continue to demand balance in “reporting” on CF that refuses to acknowledge the history of its suppression.

          THIS is IMO, the only way to cleanse the stench of corruption pervasive in mainstream attitude toward LENR. If “journalists” like Gibbs quit writing about CF – fine. We have lost very little. If they want to step up to be a real, objective journalist and report the sordid history of CF – they will ride a wave of protective power to the truth. I am highly skeptical that Gibbs or Forbes have the cajones to do so.

      • GreenWin

        Joe, this merely reinforces the fact there are no real mainstream journalists covering this story. And there have been none since Rossi’s October 28th 1MW demo was accepted in Bologna. If Mark has to depict CF advocates as fanatics to get published – we don’t need Forbes.

      • Barry

        You’re joking, right?

  • Fibber McGourlick

    The point is that an independently audited test has been done that proves Cold Fusion is real, and this result has been announced to the public in a prestigious magazine. This is a transformative advance. Surely the world will now take notice of the reality of CF. In the light of this momentus event, all the comments about movies and other side issues is idle chatter.

    • GreenWin

      The prestige of Forbes and its reporting on cold fusion is highly doubtful, Fib. Gibbs’ reporting has proved to be as flaky as a day old croissant – scientists have known CF is real since the P&F announcement.

      • Barry

        I smell oil.

  • RedRyder

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  • georgehants

    From Scientific American
    Energy & Sustainability
    October 22, 2012
    Rising Energy Costs May Usher in U.S. Freight Rail Revival
    Rail built America in the 19th century and now it may be poised for a massive resurgence in the 21st century as high fuel prices make it competitive again.

    • Peter_Roe

      Perhaps a new generation of steam locomotives powered by 5MW CF boilers is on the way! Airships may be out due to lack of helium, but at least we could see steam on the rails again. (Unfortunately they will probably look just like diesels).

      • clovis

        Hi, Guys,
        What’s the old saying, there is nothing new in the world, or something.–Smile.

        • clovis

          What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

          Ecclesiastes 1:9.

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    • admin

      Thanks, got it!

  • Dear Friends,

    I have tried to explain the implications of the excellent Gibbs paper.
    It contributes to the realist vision of LENR