Rossi: 'Leonardo Corp Will Not be the Same' [UPDATED]

I’m not sure what might be going on here, but are some comments from Andrea Rossi that will sure get the attention of E-Cat watchers:

Important news are on their way.


Leonardo Corp. will not be the same from the next week. I am in the USA, where an inportant event has been born from the last tests.

Rossi loves to talk about his work and his progress, but often he provides just enough information to keep people guessing. If Rossi’s reports from recent tests are accurate, I would not be surprised if he has received the attention of serious players in the energy world. If the Hot Cat does what Rossi says it does, it is a technology which surpasses anything in the market, and sooner or later important entities will start paying attention.


I thought this very recent exchange was relevant:

Dear Andrea,
Can you confirm whether this important news will delay the commercial availability of the warm/hot cat, or reduce the time to market?
I am worried that a big customer is buying Leonardo Corporation and the e-cat technology will be hidden away for a decade. Can you confirm that will not be the case?

Dear Mark Saker:
It will be the exact contrary.
Warm Regards,

  • I think to new important partenerships to come.

  • Gerrit

    Leonardo Corp will cease to exist and Rossi will run with the money ?

    just guessing …. 🙂

    • Sam

      thats very harsh..

      Lets hope not 🙂

    • daniel maris

      Rossi reveals he is a James Randi agent and this was a hoax all along…dream on, Gerrit. 🙂

      • daniel maris

        E Cat 1 MW certification in the USA?

        I hope for a v. credible partnership with a big business outfit that would confirm (to a high degree of probability) this is a real technology.

        He does mention Leonardo. He has previously stated a trust of some kind had taken control. Is this about to be made public? Perhaps it has some big name Silicon Valley funders?

        Just guessing.

        • Luca Salvarani

          To Daniel

          In the Pordenone conference Rossi stated very clearly, and many times, that he want to mantain the CONTROL OF THE TECHNOLOGY! His italian words and expressions were very very clear. So maybe there’s a partnership that can accelerate the adoption of the e-cat technology… but absolutely not a change of control!

          • It’s good that he has those handy eyeglasses, for the fine print.

          • clovis

            Thanks frank,
            wheoooo, good to hear, darm things are hearing up, no pun intended, SMILE

          • GreenWin

            None heard, clovis. 🙂

          • clovis


          • rbryan

            My guess for next week? 3rd party certification of results, or UL – Patent progress. Think baby steps.

          • Ged

            I have to admit, they are pretty cool!

          • Lu

            One thing we don’t know is who the US licensee is. We know who the licensee is for the Australia, Germany, and Italy as they have made themselves known through web sites and appearances at conferences but we know very little about the US licensee (assuming there is one). For such a large market and the importance of the US in Rossi’s company and product plans, I find that strange. Maybe it’s time for the unveiling?

            If not maybe it has to do with patents or even the UL certification.

          • Ged

            That is a really good guess, Lu. I would bank on that.

            Added to my little list of guesses so far in this thread!

          • Ron

            The Us licensee is Ampenergo.

          • Ged

            Maybe, but that company is currently not in (active) business as far as I know . Could be Leonardo will be its own licensee in America, which has kinda been my assumption, but a reveal of a new licensee partner would also make perfect sense.

          • clovis

            Agreed , like you i thought Mr. rossie was the american,licenese, thought i had read it somewhere could be wrong though,—clovis

          • clovis

            Just a prediction,
            (A new fire) will consume the old world, and like the phoenix a new one will emerge from it’s aches . i see good times ahead, and about time, i’d say.–smile

          • Pedro

            Quite often contracts start on the 1st of a month. Good chance the news next week will be revealed on November 1st.

          • Miles

            My assumption is that a merger of companies have been agreed to assist in facilitating mass production or that start of the e-cat manufacturing on a global scale.

            Perhaps verification which will put “Leonardo Corp” on the map.

          • Filip48

            Klootvis, it’s Mr. ROSSI.

          • Filip48


          • Bruno

            Anything short of confirmation by an independent 3rd party is nothing but smoke. A validation by a respected & unaffiliated university or commercial lab (UL, SRI etc…), or a purchase by a real customer that wasn’t just slapped together by Rossi affiliates. I would not even put a whole lot of weight in a US patent, since I’m not sure that you have to actually PROVE the technology to get a patent (might be wrong on that one).

          • Peter_Roe

            You might be wrong on a lot of things.

          • Hank Mills

            I am excited about the news that might be on the way. If the previous test results were accurate, I think this new announcement might be about self sustain mode.

          • Ivo
          • Luca Salvarani

            Let’s hope, and congratulation for your coverage of this technology! You could even win a pulitzer in the future for this…

          • H. Hansson

            I just do as I said 2 years ago.. sit down and wait for a third party validation and test of the eCat. Until that I’m not excited.

          • John

            Me too. But the question is, when? This thing seems to be dragging on way too long. Rossi apparently is still working on R&D, can’t he have a spare e-cat lying around to be used as a test subject?

          • GreenWin

            You know, every time we hear a skep whine about “dragging on” it’s a perfect time to remind the human population they have been told for 60 years that “real soon now” we’ll have unlimited clean energy from hot fusion. Sixty years and $$274 billion TAXPAYER dollars and what have these wizards given us?? ZERO, NADA, GOOSEGG useable energy.

            Yeah John, I agree, 60 years and $274 billion of the people’s money seems too much, too long, for too little. Let’s focus on THAT bamboozle for a while.

          • John

            Yeah, I’m not worried about hot fusion taking ages, because they’re actually saying that it might be 50 more years. I don’t expect it to be commercial in my lifetime.

            On the other hand, 3rd party independent verification always seems to be 2-3 months away. That’s a bit of difference from 50 years.

            Just check back to 12th May 2011 on this website. What does it say? It says says testing by Nov ’11 at University of
            Uppsala and University of Bologna. That was 11 months ago. What has happened since? Nothing as far as I can tell.

          • GreenWin

            Actually John, Ed Moses, Manager of the National Ignition Facility told CBS 60 Minutes they’d have proof of concept in a year, and commercial production in TEN years. That was February 2012. Similar promises started in 1951.

            So why not focus on the tales and promises from guys sucking at the public teat (meaning Taxpayers?) NIF is $5 Billion OVER-BUDGET according to IEEE, and acknowledged complete failure to achieve ignition as of September 30th 2012. You should read up on this:


          • John

            The thing is that I’m not American. If I wanted to complain about bad use of taxpayers money, I’d complain about the US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. 250 billion is tiny in comparison.

            Also, hot fusion and cold fusion (I do believe in cold fusion, btw) are miles apart in concept.

          • ivan_cev

            Dear Greenwin,
            You are completely out of focus, hot fusion have given a prove of concept, the current tech is not viable but the prove of concept is fully done.
            Rossi has not presented a prove of concept, and no one is asking for a fully working product. but a clear prove of concept.

          • GreenWin

            “We are a year away from scientific feasibility of it, proving it could work. We’re a decade away of proving this at commercial scale.” Ed Moses, Director National Ignition Facility, Feb, 2012 (CBS News)

            “Five billion dollars over its original budget and years behind schedule, the National Ignition Facility (NIF) deserves to be recognized as perhaps the biggest and fattest white elephant of all time.” National Ignition Facility: Mother of All Boondoggles? IEEE Spectrum 9/2012

            Read the IEEE article ivan and whine to them. All I have done is demonstrate hypocrisy in skeps whining about Rossi and NOT about the same failures ($$ billions larger) in hot fusion.

          • julius

            Ho yes you are ! if you were not, you would not be here.

          • LilyLover

            Those who live by the third party – perish by the third party.
            In the process they foul the ambiance.

          • Hank Mills

            Thank you. I just consider myself a person who wants to get the word out on what I think could be a technology with tremendous potential to make the world a better place. Our world is a pretty sad place with lots of suffering and a technology like the hot cat, if verified by the upcoming report, could improve the lives of billions.

          • ivan_cev

            Dear Hank, that big IF make you an sceptic too.

          • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

            That would be my guess too. Rossi was quite conservative on the COP of the previous test, but we can assume it was around 20 already. Most armchair experts seem to think that the COP can get much higher so maybe they found something that allows for longer self sustain mode. I think a 1MW hot e-cat with a COP of 30 would be great news.

            Still, a patent granted would be a good second place. Both would be great news.

            Since the last two days I get the vibe that the main stream media is about to get interested in LENR/CF finally. We may be closer to full media interest than I thought not too long ago. Now we just need a really, really convincing demonstration…

          • zero

            I asked Rossi about Ampenergo 2 months ago and he says the US licensee is still Ampenergo, and that we’ll hear from them when the time is right.

          • Omega Z


            Ampenergo Founders/Partners:
            Karl Norwood, Richard Noceti
            Robert Gentile, Craig Cassarino. Partnered with Rossi. I believe they sold Gensets As did Rossi’s Italian Business.

            Also Founders of Leonardo technologies inc with Rossi.

            Rossi sold out his LTI partnership. Probably where much of his research funds came from.
            Rossi then started Leonardo Corp.

            Robert Gentile was the Assistant Secretary of Energy (DOE). Also involved with DOD & other agencies.(On Board of Advisers of some)

            Richard Noceti, Ph.D. ( On Rossi’s Advisory Board. Has Many patents.

            Karl Norwood & Craig Cassarino also have serious connection.

            Note that Prof. Michael Melich (DOD-USA) is also on Rossi’s adviser Board.

            All these Entities have Major connection both together & separately.

            LTI is a Global concern, but the majority of their business in in N./S. America with dozens of Corporations & Governments. They do 10’s of Millions in sales with the U.S. Government annually.

            I found most of this Info months ago, tried tracking it all down. It soon became a maze & Blind trusts where names are not published. Sorry it isn’t better organized & Documented. I deleted most of what I had found.

            My conclusion was that Rossi is Extremely well connected.

          • Ged

            He is indeed. But that’s also why I have assumed Leonardo will be itself a licensee for USA instead of Ampenergo. On the other hand, Ampenergo can easily be spun off as a branch of Leonardo. As it is right now, Ampenergo seems to be dormant in the USA (as everyone switched to Leonardo as you point out).

            A lot of possibilities though, it can all be played in any direction.

          • Lu

            From the Ampenergo web site:

            27 June 2011, 13:18

            New York – AmpEnergo Inc. along with Leonardo Corporation and the inventor Dr. Andrea Rossi are working on commercializing the E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) technology in the Americas, including North America, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. Current efforts involve setting up strategic financial and business partnerships and negotiating licensing agreements with interested parties. At the present time AmpEnergo Inc. is not offering stock to the general public, but we appreciate the many inquiries and words of support we have received. We look forward to bringing this world changing energy technology to market and will keep you informed of future developments.


            There have been conjecture that this company is now dead. They certainly have not been publically active in the US.

            An earlier ECN post on this company:


          • Renzo

            the greek (and balkans?) licensee is prof. Stremmenos’ son.

        • NJT

          Also just speculating, but an agreement with an outfit like the Bill Gates Foundation would/could put the e-cat’s over the top…

    • freethinker

      well… lol. 🙂 He wont.

  • Chris

    NASA has bought it up and soon we’ll be flying to Mars for a picnic every Sunday morning!

    • David

      Well, a billion people still can’t have a picnic in the Earth.

      • Joel C.

        Well, that’s about to change as long as this technology comes to fruition quickly.

      • Chris

        Touchy touchy David, I was just playing the guessing game, for fun…

  • John Littlemist

    E.on ( ) announced today their withdrawal from a Finnish nuclear power plant project. This has been a number one story in the Finnish media today. E.on had a 34% stake in the project.

    • John Littlemist
    • Haldor

      And as said earlier that Siemens will quit their Solar Panel Activity:

      Who knows what now, looks significant.

      • Robert Mockan

        The article also comments reasons are competition from China, EU economic problems resulting in loss of sales, and so on. But they are retaining their wind power and hydro power divisions. This looks more like corporate appraisal to reduce net revenue loss activities and is not related to LENR.

        Sad to hear it anyway. One of my first jobs in the 70s was at a company called Sensor Technology, in Chatsworth, California, that made solar cells. The polycrystalline solar cells were being developed at the time and the hope was they would make solar energy conversion cost competitive with other energy sources. You know, like having tiles of them on the roofs of every house. If LENR does replace other energy sources we may never have the solar energy future that was once envisioned by many people over the years.

        • GreenWin

          Robert, do you recall an outfit named Micropolis in Chatsworth?? 80s…

          • Robert Mockan

            Sure. That was down the street from another company I worked at. Didn’t they make hard disk drives? They had synchronization or overwrite problems, but one of the first platter unit manufacturers.

          • GreenWin

            They started with floppies running CPM on IMSAI 8080s. Ah, the old IT days!

          • B Gates invested in Traveling Wave G4 Reactor,
            Bezos in Hot Fusion Research in Canada, why not
            Apple in A Rossi E-Cat Cold Fusion/LENR Reactor,
            for the prosperity of Humankind ?

          • For once, Apple could thing Big.

          • Correction: Could think Big.

    • artefact

      And Kewaunee nuclear plant closures because of “extremely low, long-term power prices”

      • Robert Mockan

        From a number of articles about the closure, it appears a lot more is going on than just low power prices:

        “..has become uneconomical because of low natural gas prices and the boom in domestic natural gas production tied to hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.”

        “..proposed EPA rule regarding cooling water intake structures was enough of a concern for Dominion that “they were finding that people were hesitant to take the risk and buy it.”

        “The proposed closing at the Kewaunee Power Station highlights the need to decrease unnecessary federal regulations slowing the process for companies, like Dominion, to take advantage of economies of scale and keep their businesses profitable and open..”

        Although there is no mention of LENR, if the technology replaces conventional nuclear then the Kewaunee closure will be just the beginning.

    • Peter_Roe

      They pulled out of two reactor projects in the UK back in March, so that was probably inevitable. Camoron is currently trying to arrange a big enough bribe (paid for by consumers, obviously) to stop EDF doing the same thing.

    • Also, I think I saw some news that BP sold some parts to Rosneft which then became the largest oil company, surpassing Exxon. Rosneft also bought some other smaller Russian businesses. Putin was ecstatic. (Sorry I don’t have the link so this may not be quite accurate…)

    • Fredda Drago

      The excitement level seems to be rising. Will we be able to pop the champagne next week?

      • Ron

        I notice that next week is when the Prometeon website count-down clock hits zero… Any connection?

        • Ged

          Somehow I think this is something new. But completely possible.

        • Pachu

          Prometeon count down is only for the opening of their web site, nothing more.

        • Redford

          Actually I think Proia already said it will be the launch of their commercial site.

        • Martin

          Doesn’t mean anything. They restarted the counter already recently, maybe they will again.

        • Chris

          It was postponed from the end of last month to the end of this, so it isn’t due to fresh new events. Fortunately, Proia’s latest interview suggests it maybe won’t be postponed too much further, else it would be suspicious again.

  • Pedro

    On his blog, Rossi this morning is asked the following question: “When do you think you will have finished the design of the new ultra compact 1Mw hotcat? when do you expect to start testing the above?”.
    Strange enough, he answers: “Important news are on their way.”
    This could mean the news coming is not only about the business, but has also a technological angle.

    • Ged

      Perhaps the electrical generation has been a success and is now completely?

      • Krish

        That will be the breathtaking global game-changer.

        • Not really the electrical generation part of it
          has been there what was needed is a good very
          low cost practical source of clean heat.

  • Sanjeev

    Four days to go…
    Just when I thought everything has gone quiet.

    • Partyyy

      4 days for what??

      • Sanjeev

        Next week.

        • artefact

          I checked the calender. You are right!

  • georgehants

    From ZME Science
    Bringing back the “cold fusion” dream
    Published on Wed, Oct 24, 2012 by Mihai Andrei
    In 1989, Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann made a sensational claim that would have forever changed the world we live in – if it had been true. They claimed to achieve nuclear cold fusion at room temperature using a relatively simple device, thus creating a safe, clean source of energy.
    The cold fusion dream, revisited.

    • John

      What would be the very best thing that could happen for Leonardo Corp. and Rossi???

      In my opinion it would be a US patent. So could it be that the US patent office has accepted a patent application. Could Rossi be stamping his ecats with “patent pending” soon.

      Probable not, but it would be great news.

      • Ged

        Hmm, that is very much a possibility.

        So far we’ve got:
        1) Patent approved,
        2) Electrical Generation Successful,
        3) New Partnership with a top energy company (or Bill Gates),
        4) NASA taking interest and deciding to use E-cats to allow us to picnic on Mars,
        5) Name change,
        6) Rossi running away with all the money he’s never allowed the public to give him,
        7) University or other serious third party product validation report,
        8) US Licensee reveal.

        I think these are all the possibilities yet stated in this thread. Let’s see which one bares out, and who knows, Rossi could completely surprise us yet.

        • Fibber McGourlick

          I hope it is indisputable proof by a reputable independent testing agency that the Ecat (or its kittens) really work as advertised. We still don’t have that critical item and nothing done ahead of that basic test effectively matters to the world-at-large.

          • LilyLover

            Bunch of fifth graders certifying PhDs are correct will definitely make the third graders feel confident about the PhDs. 3rd party? 3rd party? How about a third party for counting votes? How about third party for justifying the existence of bureaucracy?

        • Fredda Drago

          Thanks for putting a list together.

        • Fredda Drago

          The Associated Press reporter is finally releasing his story about the E-cat based on confirmed test results?

          • Ged

            That’s a good one, definitely:

            9) Extremely delayed AP report

            Also possible, if not probable, that if any of these guess are right, more than one may be right together.

          • Peter_Roe

            If he did, I think he may have rather lost the ‘exclusive’ status he was granted!

        • daniel maris

          3 would be my favourite. Independent testing proofs, even peer reviewed articles in prestigious journals would not clear the roadblocks to progress.

        • dash

          10) A US presidential candidate affirming that e-cat works, and would solve all the problems under his administration.

      • Here are a couple of guesses about this new development:

        1) Rossi has purchased or joined forces with Brillouin or Defkalion or both;

        2) Leonardo Corp. has been sold outright for $100 million;

        3) The “consortium” of cold fusion visionaries joined earlier this year by Randell Mills has now enlisted Rossi;

        4) A paper as important as the New York Times, or a magazine as important as TIME, is doing a major story on Rossi’s work;

        5) Rossi’s domestic e-cat unit is going to locate near the Port of Manatee in Bradenton, Fla.

        6) UL safety certification has been provided.

        Any of these possiilities would have far-reaching consequences for Rossi fans.

      • Patent wouldn’t be impossible, since I think he said something like that the patent is one reason why he does 3rd party testing. Although it might also be that the officials would want to wait for a peer reviewed paper. But one never knows, maybe it’s enough for them that someone they trust observed it.

    • Robert Mockan

      Actually they did not make that claim.

      What they hypothesized was that the nuclear reaction of heavy hydrogen may be possible in palladium, and they commented that the bulk of the energy release (that they measured) was evidently from “ hitherto unknown nuclear process or processes.”

      What they really said is as true today as it was in 1989. Another few years and who knows how distorted the story will become. Fortunately they put what they said in writing:

      • clovis

        Thanks robert,
        I didn’t have that paper , it goes in my library –smile

      • LilyLover

        Thank you.
        I think you are posting this second time…
        I wish you’d post it more often.


        • georgehants

          With thanks to Cold Fusion Now
          Alan DeAngelis
          It bugs me that none of the magazines mention what motivated Fleischmann and Pons to carry out their first experiment. This is how Richard K. Lyon explained it in his May 15, 1989 letter to C&E News (a few weeks after F&P’s March 23, 1989 press conference):
          “….From the media accounts, the Pons and Fleischmann experiment appeared to have been motivated by the speculation that since electrons in a conduction band move collectively, it is possible for a conduction-band electron to act as if it were much more massive than a free electron. Thus, if there is a dislocation in the matrix of palladium ions, a site at which occupancy by two deuterium ions is marginally possible, an electron between these two deuterium ions might, by virtue of is effectively greater mass, bring them close enough for fusion to occur.
          The contradiction between the observed large heat release and the very small neutron yield may be explained by making the further assumption that catalyzed cold fusion is a different process from thermal fusion. In thermal deuterium-deuterium fusion the 4He nuclei is an extremely short-lived intermediate; the two deuterons come together with both the energy needed to overcome the coulombic barrier. This thermal energy brings with it considerable angular momentum. Since the 4He nuclei is isolated, the only ways in which it can dispose of the excess energy and angular momentum are by decomposition to 3He + n and to T + H. In catalyzed cold fusion, however, the situation is quite different. The 4He nucleus is formed without significant angular momentum or thermal energy and is not isolated in that the electron which catalyzed the fusion event is available to remove excess energy.
          Thus one possible explanation for the production of heat without corresponding neutron production is that when fusion is catalyzed by conduction-band electrons in palladium the dominant reaction is to 4He, with 3He + n and T + H only minor side reactions….”
          Richard K. Lyon May 15, 1989 letter to C&E News

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      georgehants: Thanks for posting, the article is historical, will be important historic evidence on LENR discovery and suppression.

      • hempenearth

        “…delay the commercial availability of the warm/hot cat..”
        Exact contrary is to speed up commercial availability.

        “…a big customer is buying Leonardo Corporation..”
        Exact contrary is to allow shares to be purchased by anyone, a public company with Rossi owning 51% (or a controlling share)?

        “…the e-cat technology will be hidden away..”
        Exact contrary is to allow the public to see the E-Cat technology, probably appointment (for qualified people).

        My guess is that the Prometeon launch allowing people to see the tech in Italy will coincide with a restructure of Leonardo Corporation allowing the public to purchase shares.

  • clovis

    I really would like to know more about this,

    (We already have set up our program to share the benefits of this technology with children who need more healthcare.)

    • Bigwilly

      Hey Clovis,

      Dont count your chickens before they are hatched.


      • clovis

        Hey, big w
        it could be that he has joined bill gates foundation,
        That could be what he expects to do with the 90% of profits coming from sales, going to charity. as he has already said that he would do., this would be a HUGE ADVANTAGE FOR THE HUMAN RACE.–smile

        • NJT

          Bill Gates, USA business partnership/alliance – BINGO!…Maybe

          • Krish

            I like the thought and sound of it, however speculative.

          • GreenWin

            This is a wonderful speculation, since the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is focused on eliminating disease worldwide. The Foundation has an excellent infrastructure to serve the most disenfranchised populations on Earth. Imagine if they were able to bring clean water, fuel-less cooking, and light to the impoverished, near term.

            If not a partnership with Gates, then with another entity that could swiftly bring e-cat technology to those most in need. That would cause Gabriel to blow his horn.

          • clovis

            lol, yes, if not tutting his horn he will have a great smile,

          • clovis

            Just a prediction,
            (A new fire) will consume the old world, and like the phoenix a new one will emerge from it’s aches . i see good times ahead, and about time, i’d say.–smile

        • Chris

          Wouldn’t quite explain the “will not be the same” so I’m more inclined to think of some large player in the energy market that isn’t tied to fossils.

    • Mannstein

      Don’t let Romney and Ryan in on this. They might brand you a crypto socialist.

  • georgehants

    From PhsOrg. Pekka.
    The temperature-controlled alignment of tiny crystals could help harness their collective properties for nanotechnology October 24, 2012
    The unique magnetic properties of cobalt phosphide nanowires stand them in good stead as future components of high-performance devices. Unlike bulk materials, these ultrasmall elongated crystals consist of single-domain structures that account for their superparamagnetism—a temperature-induced magnetism that arises in a magnetic field. To maintain and fully exploit this behavior, scientists must generate materials composed of precisely positioned and oriented building blocks. Such superstructures are now available, thanks to the development of a method that uses temperature changes to align individual nanowires. Ming-Yong Han from the A*STAR Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, Sinapore, led the research.
    Read more at:

    • Thanks, George. Knowledge of superparamagnetism seems to be needed in harddisk design.

      • georgehants

        Hey Pekka, I was just giving the nano side of things that must come into the Cold Fusion story.
        Any advance in this area where Physics takes over from Chemistry must be a good thing.
        Many times technology from one subject transfers to another.

  • Garry

    “REUTERS NEWS FLASH, NOVEMBER 5, 2012: In an startling show of humanity and good will towards all, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama shared the stage today with rogue inventor-engineer Andrea Rossi in a demonstration of his E-cat energy generation device that would forever change the future of humanity. Both praised his vision and stated they would write laws to accelerate the movement of E-cat technology into the marketplace.

    After the demonstration the stock market went up 1000 points, oil futures dropped to 10% of their nominal value. Romney and Obama hugged and further announced that no matter who won the election, they would rather create a co-Presidency of mutual respect for the benefit of the American people– and humanity.”

    BBeep Beep Beep Beep… And then the alarm rang and I woke up…

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Get ready to pull the trigger on your investments!

    • Andre Blum

      “the exact contrary.”

      That’s clear then:

      Leonardo Corporation is buying a big customer and a decade will be hidden away for the e-cat technology.

      • Robyn

        Actually a small customer is selling Leonardo Corporation and the e-dog technology will be only available for a decade.

        • Robert Mockan

          Miniaturization is the next step. Rossi is going to reveal the E-Mouse.

          • GreenWin

            Hopefully it comes with ceramic gloves for cool operation.

      • zero

        Actually Leonardo Corp. is buying a small company which will eventually sell the e-cat technology before a decade is up.

    • Sanjeev

      May be some big corporation saw the latest test results and confirmed them, and has decided to invest heavily in Leo. corp. Agreements to set up factories etc. Can be a big player like Siemens or Google.

      Just joining the guessing game 🙂

      • Kim G. Patterson

        The latest test results have people with
        money on the move, posturing…

        Their is no doubt about it.

        Its real and its sinking in Big Time.


  • Frank

    New released paper “Catalysts in Ni-H Lenr reactions: a successful duplication of the Rossi-Focardi LENR device” here:
    Enjoy! 😉

    • Robert Mockan

      Fortunately a mole was inserted into the project, and learned the truth about the replication. To be successful, olive oil must also be applied, but only that made in the Tuscany region of Italy!

      We can all thank Englebert, the mole, for revealing the truth to the world!

      • daniel maris

        Did they mention the sprinkle of dried parmesan on top?

    • hadamhiram

      Very funny…

      I particularly like how Englebert the Mole was critical to the “study”!

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      The 3rd party was Michelin Guide.

      • GreenWin

        Five stars *****!

    • Gerrit

      Was that paper published in a serious peer reviewed journal ? I doubt that.

      You do know that there are only 2 journals that count for serious science, namely “Nature” and “Science” ? All the other so-called journals will simply publish anything, real science doesn’t work that way.

      Look at Nature and Science journals as the rating agency of science. We all know that the financial markets cannot work without privately owned – for profit – rating agencies. And it is very similar with science.

      So unless this paper appears in one of said journals anything that is written in it is completely and utterly untrue.

      • georgehants

        Gerrit, I take it that is your joke of the day.
        Well I found it very funny.
        I think you are insulting the intelligence of good scientists, who can do a little more than follow the establishment.
        If they follow your two named comics or Wiki-rubbish, they will be waiting another 23 years for honest, unbiased reports on Cold Fusion and many other subjects.
        Thank you.

  • Andrew Macleod

    I have heard many times that the reaction creates light, I wonder if the light has ever been analyzed to see what spectrums are being produced. Could a Celani wire be used in a hydrogen pressurized tube (like high pressure sodium) for a more efficent lightbulb?

  • PersonFromPorlock

    Just a reminder: historically, ‘RossiSays’ isn’t data, not even about what he’ll say tomorrow.

    • Peter_Roe

      Thank you, thank you. The scales have at last fallen from my eyes.

    • georgehants

      I take it that you are aware that what science does “not say” does not mean it does not exist.
      Cold Fusion is a good example.
      So main-line science and Rossi are about equal.
      Answer, wait for the Evidence.
      I bet that Evidence comes faster from Rossi than main-line science.

  • captain

    I say only: USPTO, GIVE SOON ROSSI WHAT BELONGS TO ROSSI, nothing more!

    IMO it’s possible that Rossi could anticipate the time with a small though very powerful prototype of an Hot E-Cat plant with 600C driving a small turbine and generating electricity in a SSM.
    Not an 1MW electric plant, but much smaller. Just to have his personal satisfaction ASAP.

    As already said by Rossi, he has no problems of potential customers, ’cause they are even too many, but now as now (without a patent granted) he has to select accurately a few selected buyers, for the 1MW thermal plant.

    • john p.

      I have had it up to here with turbine talk. If the cat is truly hot enough, then a properly designed Nitinol motor is the way to go for both power and RPM for generation.

  • Miles

    ** Can someone please send this Message to Rossi at the JONP**

    “Melbourne researchers have come up with an alternative technique of making the ceramic parts needed to withstand temperatures in excess of 3000 degrees”

    “Working with a team of researchers from the Defence Materials Technology Centre, the University of Queensland, Swinburne University, the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation and BAE Systems, Dr Tallon said adding liquid and chemicals to the ceramic mix had produced a material which was able to survive temperatures above 3400 degrees”.

    “The technique has other advantages, including that the ceramic components can be made at lower temperatures and pressures. This saves time, money and energy”.

    Read more:

    • Omega Z


      This will have no effect on the Hot Cat. The Nickel powder melts at around 1450`C.

      There are already Metal alloys that do what these ceramics are doing.
      The Advantage of these Ceramics for Aircraft would be possible longer Lifespan, less weight, & Cheaper.

    • captain

      Hi Miles, I’ve put your mex on Rossi’s JONP – here’s his answer:

      Andrea Rossi
      October 25th, 2012 at 6:53 AM

      Dear captain:
      Very interesting, thank you!
      Warm Regards,

  • What if:

    Rossi thinks he wont get all certificates etc he needs in order to release a product on the market. (Sell)

    A bigger power company or invester offers a few billion dollars for a small part of the business.

    They start selling electricity to the grid. (electrons)

    Is that possible?

    Can they do that and speed up “commercialisation”?

    Peace out / Dr Bob

  • Gerrit

    I don’t know if anyone else has highlighted this, but “important news are on their way” and “Leonardo will be different next week” does not mean that “next week” we will get the “important news”.

    It is very plausible that “next week” Leonardo will be different, but we will hear the interesting details about it at a much later date, like “within 2013, but it is not in my hands”

    The important news are on their way, just like the 1MW plant.

    • daniel maris

      Dearie me, Gerrit…

      Is being so cheerful keeps you going?

      • Gerrit

        If you compare the status of today with what we had a year ago, I really can’t complain.

        It would be nice to sum up what has happened in the cold fusion field in the last year:

        statements and videos from NASA guys, NI CEO Truchard at NIWEEK, the european commission publishing a report, a safety certification for Rossi. Celani’s work, several mainstream media covering the story, a number of conferences or colloquiums CERN – William/Mary-ILENRS – NETS2012 – ICCF-17 – a few green symposiums.

        So while I do think there will be more and significant progress in the weeks/months to come, I do not think we should get our hopes too high for whatever we will hear next week.

        My personal bet is that Rossi will enlight the Red Square (or equivalent location in the US) on 21. December 2012.

        • Chris

          At 11:12 UT?

        • Omega Z


          I agree with what your saying. Reading thru the posts, some may be getting their hopes to high.

          Even if the news is good, we may still be disappointed when said News does not meet expectations.

        • +1 Gerrit

          anyway we can still hope something from:
          – Celani conference mid nov
          – maybe related HUG/MFMP Celani replication in 1-2month
          – ANS conference mid nov
          – Defkalion peer reviewed article, or new report

          that is just in the pipeline

          • telecommuter

            How about the 1MW unit? As Gerrit mentions, it has been claimed to be in production.

            But, no one has bought one. Don’t you remember? Or care?

  • georgehants

    New York Times
    China Slows Development of Nuclear Power Plants By KEITH BRADSHER Published: October 24, 2012 HONG KONG — Still responding to the partial meltdowns last year at nuclear reactors in Fukushima, Japan, the Chinese government lowered its target for the construction of nuclear power plants by 2015, notably by not building more nuclear reactors at inland locations.

    • GreenWin

      The demand for non-fission, non-fossil energy is beginning to skyrocket. Wonder where the replacement energy will come from?

    • Casey

      China to resume construction of nuclear plants
      Updated: 2012-10-25 01:11
      By LAN LAN ( China Daily)
      “javascript:docmtend()” “javascript:Print()” Mail “javascript:doZoom(16)” “javascript:doZoom(14)” “javascript:doZoom(12)” “”
      Suspension after Fukushima lifted for stations of ‘highest standards’
      The construction of new nuclear power stations, which had been suspended since the Fukushima disaster in March 2011, will be resumed in China.
      But only a small number will be launched by 2015 and all of them will be located at coastal sites.
      Prior to the Fukushima disaster, some energy officials indicated China would embark on as many as 40 nuclear energy projects during the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-15), and at least seven inland provinces applied to host plants.
      In contrast, according to a statement released on the government website on Wednesday, China will resume construction of nuclear power plants “in a steady and orderly way” and “at a reasonable pace”.

      • Anothercoilgun

        If any so called serious players in free energy does not already know Andrea Rossi and the E-cat, they are neither serious nor a player.

  • georgehants

    Nextbigfuture overview of emerging energy technology.
    October 24, 2012
    The biggest potential wildcards are LENR (aka cold fusion) commercial maybe in 3 years, small hot fusion projects could do something (commercial maybe in 8 years).

  • georgehants

    New Energy Times
    Just a headline, unless anybody has paid to read Mr Krivit’s reports.
    Oct. 24, 2012 – By Steven B. Krivit –
    New Jersey-based Energetics Technologies LLC and its founders appear to be out of the low-energy nuclear reaction research business.
    Their assets are now owned or licensed by the University of Missouri. Two of the senior Energetics scientists, plus two more-recently hired Energetics researchers, are continuing LENR research as employees of the University of Missouri.

    • Gerrit

      University of Missouri is also the place that got 5.5 million USD from the Sidney Kimmel foundation to create a cold fusion research institute (SKINR). The university will also host the ICCF-18 next year July in cooperation with UIUC and Purdue.

      “There have been great advances in this discipline over the last five years by research labs and private institutions around the world, and this work will be explored at ICCF-18. The Naval Research Lab (NRL), and many other excellent laboratories have confirmed that the excess heat effects reported by Fleischmann and Pons are real, and roughly one thousand times larger than can be attributed to a chemical process. “

    • It is my understanding that this actually happened a while back. U of Missouri is acting as an incubator and they shifted focus of the Energetics guys to Theory first, then products. Some Energetics people are now full time in Missouri, some stayed in Israel and the LENR research is taking place primarily in missouri.


    • Omega Z


      I think it’s a consolidation. The Sidney Kimmel foundation was also funding Energetics research.
      The Last paragraph would indicate/imply this was planed back in March.

      Duncan also stated-“Seven different major research groups in two colleges and in two major inter-disciplinary centers at MU are planning to participate in this effort to determine the physical origin of the AHE,” Duncan elaborated.

      Notice that Brillouin has contracted threw SRI-(McKubre) for scaling up their System. Some Consolidation is taking place.

    • john_missouri

      … Sorry it is really hard to believe anything Steven B. Krivit says, the man goes over the edge and looses all credibility.

      • GreenWin

        He does go out of his way to put negative spin on everything. It was the work at Energetics in Israel that convinced Duncan LENR was for real and potentially commercial. They are top scientists doing high quality work – rather than “going out of business” Energetics looks to be a commercial LENR R&D center inside the U Mizzou. Congratulations.

  • Antonio Ruggeri Dr Ing

    Great Device the E-Cat, herald of great Future
    Set against those longing for Bloody Venture

    Spades on Cards show them Deadly Allure
    The Queen helps to perfect their sharp Nature

    Trembling is the Crowd of Hearts the Queen
    Death and Mourning by them is Foreseen

    Little they understand that Tongue in their Cheeks
    Is the great Weapon assuring Victory to the Meeks!