"Big News" Speculation Thread [UPDATE: Don't expect news next week]

Since we have not much to go on regarding the “big news” that Andrea Rossi is teasing about, I thought it would be fun and possibly informative to try and guess what Andrea Rossi might be talking about when he says that after next week Leonardo Corp will not be the same.

One approach is the process of elimination. People are already asking Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics what the big news might be. So far, based on Rossi’s responses to questions, here’s what can be eliminated:

Patent Approval

(Q: “Are you referring to the patent application? Are they granting the patent or do you refer to a technical achievement with your Hot Cat /PLants ?” A: No, it is not that the issue.)

Obtaining Stable Steam Output/Electricity

(Q: “I bet that the big news are that you obtained stable steam and, attaching a turbine, you obtained full self sustained mode without power input…” A: ” not yet, we aim at it.”)

Political Announcement/Endorsement

(I emailed Rossi and asked if there was any connection to the US Elections — got a VERY firm denial.)

I will add to this list as more information comes forward.

UPDATE: New Q & A on the JONP:

Q: What can we expect next week in terms of communication to us, fans? A small press release in JONP, a big public press release or no press release at all because you cannot share the news being too confidential?

A: Next week we will have no particular communications to make. We are working very hard here, in the USA.

  • daniel maris

    I think, since he says it is important news for Leonardo Corporation rather than say the E Cat, energy, humanity or whatever he is probably talking about some sort of link up with some other entity or someone coming into the corporation. I think the favourite has to be someone like Elon Musk or similar – someone with deep pockets (probably made in the world of the internet) who has a creative approach to problem solving.

    • Hurley

      How about a major investment from Google?

    • Ged

      This is the explanation I most favor. Since, as you say, it’ll be changing Leonardo in particular. Deep pockets could be an individual(s) or a large corporation.

    • Jim

      In line with other comments, I like the idea of Leonardo becoming more of an R&D entity and partnering with one or more entities that can provide capital, engineering and distribution capabilities. The distribution is tricky because Leonardo already has licensees, however, it could partner with someone to manage the licensees.

      Rossi needs some head space to invent and advocate while someone else minds the store.

      • Peter_Roe

        A partnership(s) with people who could supply manufacturing capacity, expertise or market presence that Leonardo is lacking (and money, possibly) would definitely make a lot of sense. Technically of course the licensees are on board for the existing 1MW unit, so Rossi is probably legally free to separate this enterprise from, say, the ‘gas cat’, although to do so would might a few people very unhappy.

        My impression is that the ‘old’ 1MW unit is more or less completely obsolete now, and if Rossi is about to do a deal for hot cat development and marketing (or announce a done deal) he should probably consider giving all the licensees the option of their money back, or becoming area agents for whatever comes out of his US activities (subject obviously to partner agreement).

  • Zbyszek Szewc

    Hi everyone :)This situation is like a blindman’s buff. I think, Mr Rossi could wait a moment and give us that “big news” without this play. So, we have the balloon pump again. 🙁 I trust in mr Rossi invention, but I think this emotion pumping is not good for his project. Never mind, i’m waiting for “the news” with impatience how everyone :)Sorry for my bad english. regards

    • Steveta_uk

      Rossi chats on his blog several times a day – he always has – so expecting him to not hint on “big news” is not very fair.

      Personally I like very much that he is happy to respond to everyone, even when he cannot provide detail.

      • Zbyszek Szewc

        Yes, you’re right. Such a his character, this is his child. Mr. Rossi desire fame for his child. I understand him, but i afraid about it. If the child is so great, it don’t need that false fame. On the one hand, “he is happy to respond to everyone”. On the other, he don’t want “provide detail”. That is inconsistency, which can it cost him dearly 🙁

  • Hank Mills

    I think the news may be about self sustain mode.

    • Andre Blum

      From his second answer, it doesn’t look like it has to do with self sustain.

      In fact, I agree with Daniel Maris that it has likely got more to do with organizational than with technical changes. Endorsements, joining forces, , new capital injection.. whatever.

      Another possibility is that he is referring to a new business model, for example a lease construction or a pay-per-kWh “ecat-as-a-service” model. In that case, the question is whether we as audience will really like it.

      • LilyLover

        His tone is set to please E-Catworld readers 😉

  • andreiko

    Amazon many vacancy also Wolmart.

    • andreiko

      Amazon en Wolmart hebben veel vacatures.

      • Karl

        I believe Leonardo team up with a player with substantial market capabilities. Leonardo will then be able to focus on R&D primarily. Being offloaded from direct market penetration, Leonardo can speed up finalisation of the current Hot Cat and perhaps including the home Cat. New types of E-Cats like a version that delivers electricity direct, in combination with heat supply will be needed. If BlackLight come with their power cell next year that may deliver electricity and heat, Rossi need to have it as well.

        The new partner will speed up certification and it will help to speed up the process with the patent issues in the US and other places. Being backed by a substantial partner Rossi does not need to fear to deliver his products as it is impossible to trust anyone he sell to if he does not have the financial muscles. I big partner have the power to handle such issues and heading towards industrial partners initially will probably simplify such issues.

        Teaming up with a strong partner would possibly include both an industrial and marketing agreement that goes far beyond the deals Leonardo has with its current marketing partners but I quite sure the new player will not compete with this early (small) partners it would on the contrary strengthen and legitimate their marketing activities.

        Therefore the role is much more powerful and different that the previous partnerships. There are many options how such partnerships could be arranged. I believe Rossi has got the apatite to be a front figure and honestly I think he deserves such a role in the new constellation whatever it may be. I think one solution that could be quite logical is to set up a new company with focus on marketing and industrialisation in the form of a joint venture. I would not be surprised if Leonardo teams up with Siemens.

        We know there have been some contacts via Siemens Sweden and I do not find it unlikely that Siemens downplayed the small group of private investors behind the Hydrofusion offer. This could also explain why the Swedish guys behind the E-Cat site haven’t withdrawn as it seems. Rossi is a master in creating foggy images and the tale of announcing a partnership with a German giant in the US would not surprise.

        • Sophie P

          The Prometeon SRL site with the countdown doesn’t work now, so perhaps they’re changing their name or Leonardo has bought them?

  • Voodoo

    simply: some partnering company rated/valued Rossi’s IP to for example 300-500 mil. USD. Partner company put into Leonardo entity their manufacture for 250 mil. USD and get some 34% of shares of freshened entity.
    Or technically Rossi/Leonardo bought some manufacture and paid by few dollars and few shares.

    This is important step because in Florida is air humudity 97% and ultra-delicious robotic machines in that humidity quickly rust. It bought established functional manufacture is logical step.

    • Peter_Roe

      All good guesses – but what is an ‘ultra-delicious’ robot?? (chocolate-coated?)

      • Dionysius

        Tastes like ‘pink’ lol!

        • Max S

          Just wonder is it normal behaviour that a CEO of a company makes such pre-announcements ? I would say NO. Interesting case study for psychologists.
          If Mr Rossi has something to communicate it would be better to be silent for a while and release the announcement when it is ready.
          In the meantime he could focus on the development of his device.

          • georgehants

            Max S, I think you will find that all the “psychologists” (if they could ever make up their own minds which Dogma of the Mind they are following) are all far to busy trying to figure out the strange ways of irrational sceptics to bother with just one eccentric.

          • madmax

            i say only: Steve Jobs

            he was a marketing genius and he worked with pre-announcements….

          • Max S

            actually Apple was quite the opposite. Extremely secretive prior to product launch….. never mind, we all enjoy the show.

          • Bernie Koppenhofer

            I agree their are other similarities to the way Rossi is operating, Apple connection?

          • GreenWin

            Bernie, maybe both Steve and Andrea are in touch with higher powers?

        • Peter_Roe

          Please – no distasteful carpet-munching references.

  • I think he has made peace with Defkalion and they will again work together (the market is big enough) and Rossis small cat is very late.

    • captain

      I don’t think so.

      • Peter_Roe

        As a theory its up there with Timar’s aliens!

  • Paul Stout

    I suspect he has come up with a better / faster way to shut it down, which could be very important towards getting it to the market.

  • Peter_Roe

    Since we are playing the speculative game, here’s my take, to help fill in the time while we await developments. As a reminder, these are the snippets we’re basing all this on:

    Oct 24
    Q. I am worried that a big customer is buying Leonardo Corporation and the e-cat technology will be hidden away for a decade. Can you confirm that will not be the case?
    A. It will be the exact contrary.

    Oct 23
    Q. How much customers you think you will have in 2013?
    A. Leonardo Corp. will not be the same from the next week. I am in the USA, where an inportant event has been born from the last tests.

    Oct 23
    Q. When do you think you will have finished the design of the new ultra compact 1Mw hotcat?
    A. Important news are on their way.

    Taken together I think they add up to either (1) an announcement of new partnership in the US which will allow the development of an industrial boiler unit – probably a ‘gas cat’ design derived from the hot cat, or (2) a media event announcing successful 3rd party tests and presenting results, or (3) – both. If it is the first, Rossi’s reply to the questioner worried about suppression implies that any deal will be fully transparent, so the media might find it difficult to blindside. If there is a new partner, this might be some well known engineering company that is already in the power generation supply industry, that has decided to go with the inevitable and capitalise on it.

    As Gerrit pointed out in the last thread, Rossi has not directly stated that there will be any announcement ‘next week’, only that Leonardo will undergo some change at this time. I sincerely hope that this will not be about a new US address, a name change or any similar trivia, or anything in any way similar to the robotic factory stuff, but that is always a possibility.

    • Invy

      My vote is for 2…. Trying to keep my expectations low but it is near impossible to do so : )

  • A teaming with Siemens or General Electrics.

    • Much more probability with Siemens.

      • Andre Blum

        A nice possibility.

        Rossi brought this news referring to him being in the USA. I am not sure a deal with Siemens would be made there.

      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        Then why the US announcement?

        • NJT

          Perhaps a deal with National Instruments?

    • Peter_Roe

      If I had to choose I would go with GE, who already supply large numbers of generators to the US power industry. As Andre says, if a deal with Siemens was on the table, that would probably be done in Europe.

  • AR’s comment that “…I am in the USA, where an important event has been born from the last tests” suggests to me that the Hot Cat has taken on the form of a Monolith with self-replicating capabilities!

    I expect Andrea Rossi’s next statement will be “everybody must leave the planet because ‘something wonderful’ is going to happen” 🙂

    • Hal

      I think few here will have seen that film!
      Call me Dave

      • artefact

        “seen that film”

        no.. I read the books!

    • Charles

      Tony, do you think 3D printing may be the self-replicating device the Monolith will use?

      The ecat seems to be simple enough that it could be 3d replicated.


      • Hahaha…
        Quite fun actually because I have been thinking about that a lot the last days.

        It is possible to create a drawing in cad and send it over the internet to a 3d printing company who will print it in ex iron, plastic, steel etc and then send it home to you.

        I know that the Defkalion unit had a ceramic core. I would guess it is plausible to print in ceramics as well. Just a curiosity but… yes.. could be possible… ?

  • clovis

    Hello, big thinkers.
    I will venture a guess if we are just killing time,
    I tend to think it might be that they have developed a way to convert some part of this effect, directly into electricity, removing the need to create steam, or use of sterlin type engines,— a direct plug and play. black box

    • Timar

      Ah, you mean that box from the PopSci article, don’t you?

      • clovis

        Timar, hi guy.
        Well it could be true, if this thing is putting off the right kind of rays in sufficient amounts it could produce the electricity.
        so my guess is plug and play black box.— -smile

  • mcloki

    Big News. Partnership with the University of Missouri or some other higher education institute.

  • Ged

    Bringing over our guesses from last thread, but removing the ones Rossi has denied, we have so far:

    1) New partnership: with a top energy company, Bill Gates, Defkalion or other LENR company, Dr. Mills’ LENR consortium, University of Missouri, etc.
    2) NASA taking interest and deciding to use E-cats to allow us to picnic on Mars,
    3) Name/logo change,
    4) Rossi running away with all the money he’s never allowed the public to give him,
    5) University, Time, New York Times, extremely delayed AP report or other serious third party product validation report,
    6) New US Licensee reveal,
    7) More self sustained mode information for Hot Cat,

    Currently, I see 1), 5), and 7) as the greatest probabilities (7 is already confirmed in part). Have at it guys!

    • Ged

      8) Rossi hires Krivit (and/or Gary Wright, the Iraqi Information Minister) as his Public Information Officer.

      Well, that would certainly change Leonardo 😀

      • Timar

        Wow, I didn’t know about Gary Wright being the Iraqi Information Minister!

        • Ged

          It is a little known fact! He is working his way back up, and has to start somewhere 😉

    • LilyLover

      Deal with Walmart as Home Depot is going down…

      • Ged

        That would be very interesting indeed, and would fit the “partnership” category.

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    Rossi has hired Krivit as his Public Information Officer.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      This one I like, ha ha ha.

  • mtiffi

    i think he has no idea, what he should do with his next step and so want to get ideas from our community 😉

    And Frank know that and support AR this way 😉

    Only a joke. Let’s wait. In the last weeks happened so much and it will become more and more in the near future.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Does anyone know for sure where the current third party tests are being performed? I assumed they were in Europe, if so, why the US announcement? This might eliminate that possibility?

  • Fibber McGourlick

    The positive results from independent tests of the Hot Cat will be disclosed.

  • Robert Mockan

    Rossi already said what is happening. He is going to put names to more “informatics” (was that a strange translation error, or what?) that Leonardo will be utilizing to solve the remaining problems of his product. Maybe a corporate merger with another having the science resources for research and development?
    In other words, specialists with the knowledge base who are more qualified to solve specific problems. Rossi has said before he is an inventor. And he knows the invention methods that he has used (Edison method?) are only effective until the specific nature of problems requires specialists.
    At that point progress will be faster with specialists working on it.

    Anyway, that is my opinion. I was mistaken last time expecting he would not reveal a COP greater than 6 with his latest demo, so would not be surprised if wrong again. But Rossi unpredictable is a lot more fun to follow than predictable anyway.

    • Ged

      Too true! It is like waiting for Christmas to see what presents we get under the tree each time Rossi says there’s big news coming.

    • AB

      “Informatics” = bad translation of computing professionals. In this context he probably means software engineers.

  • John

    He’s hired a native english speaking physics student to fix any mistakes or inconsistencies in his reports.

    • Timar

      That would indeed have an immense impact on Leonardo Cooperation – at least on its public appearance.

  • tappanjack

    I can only offer what makes sense to me. I think there will be an announcement of a formal partnership for sharing technology between Leonardo Corp and Siemens. The fact that it takes place in the US is consequential in that it is the largest power market in the world, world class R/D,and a huge reservoir of natural gas.
    Siemens produces most of their 60 Hz generation components at their expanded plant in North Carolina. There is also an R/D dept at that location. Add in Siemens world class electronic control and software products as well as their world wide footprint I think it is the perfect partnership for both entities going forward.
    Specifically, I think the announcement will center around the hot cat being mated with a steam turbine by Siemens utilizing nat gas as the heating and the control. Initially this will be a continuation of the R/D process to optimize the product line.
    The huge news would be the announcement that a world class industrial conglomerate has agreed to pursue the application of the “new fire”.
    A couple other points to consider; Siemens yearly results are announced Nov the 8th, the discussion could include this particular partnership.
    It is my view that we are a long way from commercial quantities of direct heat to electric conversion, otherwise the fission crowd would have had it by now.
    By Mr Rossi’s own comments, Siemens has always been in the background advising and receiving updates of his progress, i.e ” they were lyric” etc.
    If only a cop 6 is considered then the US’s purported 100 hundred year gas supply suddenly becomes a 600 year supply at today’s technology. I will not even speculate what a cop of 20 represents, suffice to say energy issues would be totally minimized.
    When all the above is considered as well as a multitude of specifics considering marketing, distribution, financial stability and world class R/D, I would be disappointed if it is not Siemens.
    This may not be the forthcoming announcement, however I think this partnership is inevitable.
    Thanks again to admin for providing a top notch site that allows our pontification.

    • Voodoo

      Excellent story, except one detail:

      All customers will want looped electric self-sustain Hot-Cat.

      Hot-Cat block with some 75-82 hot reactors with CoP >16

      After steam -> turbine -> generator conversion some 4 – 4,8 units
      of electric energy will prodeuced and from this 1 unit of electricity
      will looped back to Hot-Cat. 3-3,8 units of eletricity will used onsite
      or sell for market price. No need for nat gas, no need pay CO2 fees.
      This is Rossi’s target.

      • tappanjack

        Vodoo: Agreed, however I am conjecturing on the immediate verses the possible ultimate. Thanks Jack

    • Yes it could well be a Siemens turbine partnership announcement. But I don’t think there is a need for gas since a looped-back hotcat seems to be just around the corner (in the timescale of typical energy business). But the fact that earlier he spoke about Swedish Siemens kind of points against the Siemens scenario here.

      AR is like stock market: past behaviour is no guarantee for future behaviour. Even though we know his tendency to surprise, it’s difficult to figure out how he will do it each time. It’s kind of funny and harmless game he plays at the moment.

      • tappanjack

        Pekka: The world headquarters for Siemens R/D is in Sweden. The initial and continuing correspondence would be with that location, however I think the actual “nuts and bolts” R/D will take place at the appropriate plant. As for the gas utilization, there are many reasons I included it. Not the least of which is the use of current infrastructure and utilization of a basic commodity readily available as well as most potential customers have a gas supply available for their own power and heat generation (CHP). I understand they have electric power available already, however that would remain as a backup when power consumers realize the efficiency of the “new fire”.

        • Maybe you are right. Even if a HotCat-based plant could easily produce much more electricity than what is needed for its own driver, it’s more profitable to sell all the electricity and instead use gas as a driver, because electric energy market price is higher than natural gas energy market price. The situation changes only if a significant fraction of electric power in the region is produced by E-cats so that electricity price drops while gas price doesn’t.

          Something in me yells: this is wrong, don’t use gas since it will be phased out anyway. But resistance if futile (!) since the business logic seems sound. It will take a rather long time before E-cats dominate electricity production so that electric energy becomes cheaper than gas energy. Probably they can design the plants so that one can easily replace the gas heaters by resistors when the time is right.

    • GreenWin

      Plausible. Siemens has announced they are exiting both nuclear fission and solar energy businesses in the last year. They still make turbines for gas and hydro… but where will the new sources of energy come from??


    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      I am betting on GE

      • Lu

        I’m betting it’s a major international power company whose identity cannot be disclosed because of NDA 🙂 (although not completely a joke.)

        Should be interesting and hopefully revealing.

  • LCD

    of all the speculations there is only one that makes any sense with the way he said it, IF IT IS ACTUALLY NOTEWORTHY.

    And that is a partnership of some sort, period.

    • Ged

      Absolutely, that is what I am most confident we’ll see. However, that reveal may be paired with other reveals, like third party reports (from the partner for instance), so we should not be surprised if more than one of the guesses are right.

      • LCD

        you could be right about that.

        • Hal

          the game is just getting silly
          Andrea Rossi
          October 25th, 2012 at 2:24 PM

          Dear Adrian Monk:
          Next week we will have no particular communications to make. We are working very hard here, in the USA.
          Warm Regards,

          • Ged

            Just have to keep proddin till he spills the beans 😀

          • KD

            walker wrote
            * Mr. Rossi Goes To Washington.

            So I answered to walker.
            No, it president Obama will come to Florida.

            But Mr. removed it:)

          • Peter_Roe

            Oh well, it was a fun game while it lasted.

          • NJT

            Oh well, back to sleep – wake me when it’s over…

          • Ged

            Hey, he never said he’s tell us anything, nor when. No reason to get glum! Besides, this wouldn’t be the first time he said he wasn’t going to tell us and then promptly turned around and did so (such as all the statements right before Zurich, or the ones about SGS, all in attempts to keep the NDAs safe through obfuscation).

          • NJT

            Ok, I’ll try to stay awake until Oct 2nd. ZZZZZZ – whoops!

          • Frank

            “Working very hard” on Rossi’s condo-balcony in Miami:

          • Ivan_cev

            He must be working on some p.ss. e-cats!

          • Lu

            Another picture from the same day has him in front of NASA. Hmmmmmm….

          • daniel maris

            “Particular communications” = something relating to the technology.

        • georgehants

          Nature | News
          Fusion project struggles to put the pieces together
          Geoff Brumfiel
          Contracting woes may cause further delays for €15 billion ITER effort.
          26 October 2012
          Though the foundations have been laid, construction of ITER is being delayed by the complicated way in which contracts are dealt with.
          The world’s largest scientific project is threatened with further delays, as agencies struggle to complete the design and sign contracts worth hundred of millions of euros with industrial partners, Nature has learned.
          ITER is a massive project designed to show the feasibility of nuclear fusion as a power source. The device consists of a doughnut-shaped reactor called a tokamak, wrapped in superconducting magnets that squeeze and heat a plasma of hydrogen isotopes to the point of fusion. The result should be something that no experiment to date has been able to achieve: the controlled release of ten times more energy than is consumed.

          • GreenWin

            Many scientists and left brain types like to refer to Occam’s Razor as a metaphorical way to accept simplicity over complexity. The fact that Occam and his razor have been forgotten by the big thinkers of hot fusion projects like ITER and NIF – is showing today.

            It has something to do with man’s hubris – a belief that he can know and tame even the greatest forces in the universe. This alone is not wrong. But the mechanism by which man achieves these ideas is being proven wrong. Hot fusion research began around 1951, following the “atomic age.” The goal was to recreate the energy system in stars, on earth. But science looked no closer than the stars they little understood. They never looked at terrestrial geologic transmutation, or appearance of nuclear signatures like He3 around earthquake, volcanoes and tectonic events. There were earthly clues, but none so lofty as the ability to create our own “star.”

            In 1989 they quickly dismissed the evidence of nuclear events in F&P’s experiments. They were astounded and then chagrined by Steven Jones’ evidence of neutrons from CF experiments. Politically, the big, expensive, cumbersome machines man designed to recreate the conditions of a star, were threatened. Lots of big minds, big egos, and big bank accounts would suffer.

            We are learning now that in fact, investigation of the remarkably simple is well worth human investment. Because nature appears to have far more than one way to combine matter to make stuff. F&P discovered the rudiments of low temperature nuclear energy. Had man’s hubris and jealously not derailed the discovery, the energy industry might have avoided its inevitable downfall.

            GOOD news is as ITER and NIF fail, cold fusion, LENR and its small band of stalwart researchers continue to succeed. “Small is Beautiful” economist E. F. Schumacher wrote. Indeed, it appears today that it need only be the size of a Rossi hotcat – to help change the world for the better.

    • jfab

      It will be something like that, partnership with an (anonymous, of course) organization.

  • Martin

    Leonardo will be renamed to “Di Caprio”

    • Timar

      So it’s named after the movie star, not after the ninja turtle!?

      • charlie tapp

        i have been following this stuff for a while and am about to give up on it and go back to trying to make a motor run a generator run the same motor. if rossi was not posting comments all day and working instead it would be done, i am going to make my own useing canadian nickels they are a 100% nickel, does anyone know about sintering i think that is what it is called, i need to sinter some nickel on to some ceramic to give me the right nano structure needed for the reaction i will heat it up and put my electrolyser under it and stay warm. lets make a thread based on what people have tryed, failing or suceeding, and do this our self. i can already make hydrogen, my next step is atomic hydrogen just need to have the hydrogen pass through an electric arc(neon sign transformer) i will let you know what happens!!!!!!!

        • GreenWin

          That’s a very General way of putting it charlie.

        • kwhilborn

          Canadian Nickels have not been Nickel for many years. Check the dates and buy from a collector if serious.

          • charlie tapp

            why are they so magnetic

          • Peter_Roe

            New UK ‘silver’ coinage is made from nickel plated steel (forgers have been making fake UK coins this way for some time). I imagine the new Canadian coins are the same. Bloody cheapskates.

  • Joseph Fine

    Ing. Rossi may team with a Supercritical CO2 (S-CO2) turbine company and produce electricity at 40-50% efficiency. The Greens will eventually understand there is a technology that can produce electricity with minimal CO2 release. (Other than burning natural gas, of course.)

    Further, extremely high efficiency gas turbines can be used in combination with LENR: That is, Hot-Cats at 600+ degrees Centigrade using Natural gas input can be used along with a high temperature gas turbine. This is called combined cycle power generation. That is, a CO2 heat transfer (super-critical) fluid can replace the water/steam Rankine cycle and also use a gas turbine at higher temperatures.


    • Kim G. Patterson

      Thanks for being here and contributing to
      this endeavor Joseph.


    • kwhilborn

      He already said it wasn’t related to steam/generation.

    • e-dog

      Hey good point raised there concerning intrest from the green/eco/global warming groups. If this technology is about to be released how come they arent onto it? And why arent they using their propaganda machines to push for LENR research and get the technology into the hands of people who will make a difference????

      • kwhilborn

        They make no effort in promoting the fact that they are hiding this technology for as long as they can. When it is issued they will use the largest units to single customers when possible.

      • Omega Z


        The leaders of these Organizations make very good money & expenses paid. Eliminate their nemesis completely & their out of a job.

  • I hope that there are no Kardashians involved.

  • Lublin

    Rossi is renewing his partnership with Defkalion and moving to Canada.

  • Andrea Di Luccio
    • Dear Mr Di Luccio.

      Is this a joke?
      Did you photoshop this cover or……

      Best Regards

      Dr Bob

      • Andrea Di Luccio

        Photoshop… so far.

  • “Our speculation”:
    Leonardo Corp. is going to commercialize the energy production (besides the producing LENR products) and this partly in cooperation with Siemens, perhaps in kind off same way we plan to…..

  • ivan_cev

    He said Leonardo will be different no the ecat.
    But is good to see the Great imagination of this bunch of people.
    At least life is more rossie this way.
    Until you see solid prove of the tech all is just hot air.

  • freethinker

    To be honest, I doubt there will be any revelations next week.
    As he writes to Adrian Monk:
    ” Next week we will have no particular communications to make. ”

    There might be significant change to Leonardo Corp, but it may take some time to surface. AR often talks with big words, like with the popular sci article that was supposed to contain an expose of the hot cat data, but instead was barely falling short of a character assasination of him. So, guys, don’t jump the gun.

    He made a comment just a little while ago, to Joseph Fine:
    “About what “might” be: if I might have 6 balls, I could be a flipper.”

    Maybe any coming news i the weeks ahead may be about configuration of hotcat cells. Maybe he is trying out a spherical device…. Whatever, the speculations, even if very entertaining, are seriously futile.

    AR will no doubt surprise us all also next week will some new tantalizing tidbits.

    The only thing that counts are plants and satisfied customers operating them.

    Maybe we, the fans and others, should focus on the coming university validation report, due any moment now.

  • AstralProjectee

    Even though I believe Rossi probably has something real, I think it’s kind of ridiculous that you all are speculating on something we have no idea about. Let’s just wait and see what Rossi has to say about it when it comes.

    It’s a bit funny how Rossi leaves clues. It’s very un-business and even unprofessional like. Given that Rossi is telling the truth, I don’t know what to think of the clues he gives. IDK if he just can’t contain himself or if he likes to lead people on.

    Does Rossi get a kick out of giving clues and making a mystery out of it, even a little? Maybe, IDK.

    Peace and light.

    • Roger Bird

      AstralProjectee, I am also an astral projectee. And I feel exactly the same way about Rossi as you do. Coincidence? Perhaps. I am trying to read the person and the big picture.

    • Andrew Macleod

      I think he gets excited and has a hard time containing himself. If you read the first paragraph of the thread is says “I thought it would be fun”. Come on you don’t have to be so serious all the time,

      • AstralProjectee

        Yeah I know but balancing the view points on this blog is good too.

      • Roger Bird

        Andrew, I pray to God that he is telling the truth. If so, the happiness index of the world will gradually go up. Not so much for people who are holding on to oil and coal stocks. And the excitement index for the next 15 years will be very high. I will jump for joy and tell everyone. I will also remind them that “I told you so.” (About LENR being for real.)

    • georgehants

      Astral, as long as “speculation” is never put across as Fact then it is very good fun and even productive, as one never knows if one might hit on a new important idea.
      The Dangerous people are those that are so unscientific that they try to put across “speculation as Fact.
      Such people, that science seems to be full of, make announcements such as, there is no Cold Fusion, no creator, no UFO’s, No Placebo Effect etc. etc. etc.
      It is nice to know that most people on these pages are not taken in by such charlatans and all support the research and following of Evidence of such subjects.
      Or do we have anybody on page willing to say that UFO’s do not exist without doing the research.

      • Karl

        I must admit that I have my doubt about the existence of seen UFOs. My parents once told me they seen a mysterious light above their car that corresponds to what many people have reported. If this is for real I do not really see why there could be any strong interest from somebody to supress such specific info.
        I have recently seen a quite convincing youtube clip about UFOs on pswiki.com that included interviews with former US president Ford and others including a UK flight captain that have seen a large yellow phenomena that the same time it was recorded on radar. Later on I tried to find this clip but it was no longer a link to it on pswiki.

        • georgehants

          Morning Karl, having your doubts is of course very fair as it was with Cold Fusion.
          The question I ask is, do you think yours or anybody’s “opinion” is of any relevance to the subject, or do you believe that with any reported phenomenon only unbiased, open-minded, searching research following all know Evidence is the only scientific way to proceed.

          • Karl

            Of course the answer is to search for the truths and nothing else by all of us human beings. Regarding UFOs it seems that governments are gradually open up files, like in the UK recently. One may wonder that governments fear?

      • stuey81

        hey george, what are your thoughts about the free energy videos found on utube, in particular the ones involving nothing other than magnets- this is something i thought was possible when i was a teenager and actually collected many magnets and made many different attempts at getting my magnets to spin under their own magnetic repulsion/atraction – some of these videos seem quite convincing but ive come to the relisation that either, yep they have done it and beat magnetic lock and friction or the more likley that they are frauds, and if they are frauduantly claiming over unity, why, why go to all the trouble of making a you tube vid knowing full well its false, its not funny, they gain nothing, in short what the hell drives these type of fraudsters?

        • stuey81

          ive had my own idea for a over unity device for quite sometime, i will share it here with you guys (feel free to poke holes in it wherever you like, there are some smart guys on here!) here goes:-

          Water always takes the easiest route, with one exception – when it is in a siphon, when you siphon water you can make it travel a really inefficient path, even sending it far away from your original starting point and back again. i.e from your bathtub, out your backdoor, around the clothes line and back into the bathroom, as long as where your output is, is lower than your input is, and as long as its not back into the same body of water, my idea would be to have little impellers built into the hose that spin as the water siphons thru it, these impellers would have small magnets built into them and there would be a coil on the outside of the hose, so as the impellers spun they generated a small current, then that current would be hooked up in series and in parallel and captured to send the water, not back the horribly inefficent way that it just came, but rather the most effcient route back to where it started,this hose could be infinte in length to provide whatever power is required. The water might travel just for example 1000 metres (500m away, then 500m back again) and would only need to be electricaly pumped 30cm up! (to its starting point) – note the hose from the pump wouldnt be in the original body of water, but just above it. anyway thats my idea – as i said, feel free to poke holes in my theory and i would like to hear anyone eles ideas on thier own over unity ideas – just a bit of fun


    • Ged

      All in good fun! Lighten up and enjoy 😀

      Rossi doesn’t owe us anything, including telling us what’s going on. But it’s fun to guess based on how we know he ticks.

  • Roger Bird

    I am really holding my breath for this one!!! You better believe it. [NOT] Yes, I believe in LENR. No, I am skeptical Rossi.

    • Ged

      Rossi never said -when- or even -if- we’d be told what is happening that after this week will change Leonardo ;). We’re just having fun guessing.

  • Patrik

    Andrea Rossi
    August 11th, 2012 at 3:35 AM


    Positive thinking, the promised report from University of Bologna is what Rossi is talking about.

    Realistic thinking, well, Rossi has probably forgot about this promise already and is talking about something else, quite possibly like som suggested a name change of the company or something to that effect.

  • Filip48

    I feel screwed, again.

    • Filip48

      Maybe, ‘they’ suggested Rossi to stay low, maybe he was too enthousiastic.

    • Rossi has done it all: announced big news in a small way, announced nonexistent news in a big way and everything inbetween and outside this axis.

      At one level, he delivers. At another level, he gives forward looking statements. At yet another level, he chats and makes fun.

      • Frank

        And you think that this is ok?

        Rossi lures investors – don’t you think he (and his partners) may run into legal troubles in case he makes (they make) false promises?

        • Peter_Roe

          “Rossi lures investors”

          I must have missed that. Can you provide a link to somewhere Rossi is soliciting financial investment in his business?

          • Frank

            Rossi sells / wants to sell licenses:
            “All the persons interested to our commercial licenses can send the request and a description of their organization to…”

          • Karl

            That Rossi lures investors and similar negative statements, is surely something the ECN site is full of. If you like to follow a serious debate of LENR you better follow this site instead, administrated by the real “Frank”.

            By giving out some comments and announcements it is just interesting and fun while we all waiting for the real splashing breakthrough by Rossi or anyone else. Neither you nor any party participating on this kind of open forums is under any kind of business negotiation so you better stop with this kind of misleading statements.

            You don’t seem to be the Frank we are used to and with the kind of attitude you announce it is probably good for you to continue to get your inspiration from ECN.

          • Frank

            “Neither you nor any party participating on this kind of open forums is under any kind of business negotiation…”

            How can you be so sure about that?

            And yes, I’m not that “Frank, which you are used to”.
            It was not intentional to use the first-name of the admin as my Nick-name. I have selected that Nick-name long before I recognized that it’s also the admin’s first name. I still keep that Nick-name, because I use the same one on other forums also and I have seen that the admin’s posts are anyway under the Nick ‘admin’.
            BTW: I have seen here that even other ones use the Nick-name ‘Frank’. It can get confusing when different posters can use the same Nick-name. Would be fine if the system wouldn’t permit that.

          • Peter_Roe

            You said ‘luring investors’ not ‘luring licensees’, and that is what I am querying. The fact is that as far as anyone knows (including yourself) Rossi is not inviting investments in Leonardo from anyone, and your claim is therefore false.

            If you were not anonymous, I think it might be you who could find themselves in legal trouble if Rossi chose to take action against you.

          • Frank

            If someone pays Rossi/Leonardo – lets say 1.5 Mio – for the license to sell e-cats, isn’t that called an investment ???

          • georgehants

            A report on Cold Fusion at -Biofuels Watch- that will not let me transfer link.
            maybe somebody else will have more luck.
            This process is described as “hypothesized” due to the fact that, despite scientists initially claiming success in 1989 in producing what could be described as “cold fusion” energy in a controlled electrolyte solution, no further experiments could be conducted on the process to confirm it, duplication of the described process produced no energy byproduct, and many of the other claims made by the initial experimenting scientists were later disproved. These two scientists involved in the experiment were Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, and their disproved theory has been dubbed the “Fleischmann-Pons claims”.

          • Peter_Roe

            A nasty little piece by the sound of it. Lots of vested interests to be shaken out of their trees, and the ‘alternative energy’ types will be among the most difficult to dislodge because their ‘solutions’ will become obsolete overnight, together with the whole ‘carbon’ fantasy (along with their incomes of course).

          • Karl

            If you are not one of these it is not your problem or any party in the open public whatever Rossi prefer to say under his blog. On the contrary you should be careful with persons you accuse. Nor is it Leonardo partners problems that you seem to care for either. These partners are surely under a contract with Leonardo. But if you really care perhaps you should talk to Aldo Proia?

          • Max S

            how about this
            independent of the source, the fact stands as it is. They are looking for investors for their R&D ventures.

          • Peter_Roe

            Amazing how the goalposts keep moving around. The linked document, even accepting it’s veracity, has nothing to do with Rossi soliciting investment in his business.

            Notice the electronic signature. It is ‘Roger Green’. Now compare this with Rossi’s name, which is ‘Andrea Rossi’. If you look really hard you will notice that they are not the same.

            Green is inviting people to invest in his company, which intends to use e-cats for desalination and power production.

            But then I guess that facts are unimportant to the pathoskeps, it’s all about half truth and innuendo.

          • Max S

            Come on Peter,
            do you really believe Roger Green is operating an R&D company ? On what grounds could he do this ? Only Rossi knows “the secrets”.
            Obviously Rossi is behind this, and they are partners in this.

          • Peter_Roe

            No such relationship is ‘obvious’. Why would it be – it’s a simple supplier/client arrangement. Green is just a licensee who is ostensibly trying to build a value-added business based on developing applications for e-cats. Whether or not he is actually doing so is immaterial as his business is not Rossi’s business.

            But we mustn’t let a few facts get in the way of trying to generate doubt and uncertainty, must we?

          • robyn wyrick

            Well, actually, if you go to http://ecat.com/, and look on the right, there is a section called ECAT Inquiry – and investment is one of the selectable options.

            When you select “Investment” a new select object appears called “Budget”. When you submit your investment inquiry, you get an email requesting details about you as an investor (individual, company, etc.)

            There’s nothing wrong with that, and while Frank’s term “lures investors” is obviously pejorative, it seems fair to say that Rossi is soliciting financial investments. Not merely for licenses, but for direct investments.

            Am I missing something here?

          • Peter_Roe

            They also have options on the page for ‘online affiliates’, ‘technology licensing’ and ‘third party applications’. None of these are available either.

            Either these (and the others listed) are options that are built into the WordPress template they are using (most likely) or the site is prepared for future developments.

      • joe j

        Don’t forget all the announcements over (has it been 2 years yet?) Rossi has never produced anything that sits in the hands of anyone other than Rossi. No one but Rossi knows anything on how this thing works. If Rossi fails to wake up one morning that’s it for the ecat and everyone will start claiming boogeymen under every rock was responsible. Until someone other than Rossi get to take this thing back to their house for a close look its just snake oil.

        • stuey81

          admin, how about a dislike thumbs down button 😉

  • captain

    2 – With an Hot E-Cat 600C plant generating electricity (thru turbines) in a Self Sustain Mode, Rossi can have the whole world at his feet!
    3 – No matter if with Siemens, or General Electric, or Ansaldo Energia…a.s.o. that’s is not a problem.

    and, most of all,

    let Rossi working hard and IN PEACE.

  • Omega Z

    I think we let our imaginations run away on us.

    Rossi on Oct.23: I am in the USA, where an important event has been born –>from the last tests.<–

    Answer on another post: Next week we will have no particular communications to make. We are working very hard here, in the USA.

    My Thoughts: Rossi may have received a heads up or copy of the Independent 3rd. party test report that match or exceeds what he has reported to us to date.

    For Rossi & Leonardo, this would be Very Good News, so Rossi would undoubtedly be excited. However, he would not be able to report this until the reports are officially released. Thus there will be no particular communications to make at this time.

    We'll have to wait for the Report.

    • Rio

      From all the clues Rossi has given I think you could be right on.

    • Ged

      He never said “when” any news would be released, just that something big has gone on ;). Maybe if we prod him enough he’ll spill, but likely if it -is- a third party report, we won’t get it until the third party’s time of choosing to publish.

    • Italo R.

      I really am a believer in E-Cat.
      But I think that Rossi should write less, until he really has devices running and news confirmed.
      If he says only a few words, all people speculate about their hidden meanings, and build fantastic situations, surely far from the truth .
      And this isn’t a good thing for all of us and for Rossi, too.

      • LCD

        He’s addicted to opening his mouth and teasing.

        • Ivan_cev

          Maybe this is exactly what happend when he said the kitten works

    • Blanco69

      Notice that Rossi is keen to point out he’s in the USA. Every shred of non textual evidence we’ve had over the past 2 years has come out of Italy yet he never says “We working hard here in Italy”! It’s almost like he wants us to believe he’s somewhere different to where he actually is. I prefer to keep my feet on the ground on this one. Especially when it was thrown out there immediately after the DGT test data.

  • GreenWin

    I have just noticed that Frank has installed a thumbs UP “Like” counter in the lower right of the post window. Very cool. Thank you Frank for overseeing and improving this very important website. +5stars

    • clovis

      Thumbs up for the thumbs up counter, I’ know, but someone had to say it..smile.

    • Sanjeev

      I noticed that I can increase the like count as many times as I wish, after waiting for some time, including like count of my own post !

  • Zap

    Daya how did you make all your money?

    Well son I make widget A for the ITER fusion reactor!

    What does it do dad?

    Oh it changes in each design, but whatever it is we make sure its useless, the main point is it allows the govt to look like they are doing something towards renewable energy while employing a whole lot of people making us filthy rich in the process!

  • Fibber McGourlick

    He said two things: 1. Next week major thing will happen and we’ll know about it. 2. No important communication will come from him next week, he said later.

    Okay then, perhaps it’ll come directly from the testing agency that’s been testing the Hot Cat. And that’s exactly what everyone wants, isn’t it?

  • Methusela


    It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to this year’s ICCF 18 Conference. We at the University of Missouri (MU) are delighted to team with Purdue University and the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana (UICU) to review and explore developments in condensed matter nuclear science. There have been great advances in this discipline over the last five years by research labs and private institutions around the world, and this work will be explored at ICCF-18. The Naval Research Lab (NRL), and many other excellent laboratories have confirmed that the excess heat effects reported by Fleischmann and Pons are real, and roughly one thousand times larger than can be attributed to a chemical process. Other phenomena, such as transmutation and nuclear process of geologic origin, remain at the forefront of current inquiry. There have also been developments and confirmations of nuclear process in other condensed matter systems, and many of these reports come from outside the traditional ICCF Community. For example, NASA, using its FERMI gamma burst satellite has confirmed antimatter ejections from major thunderstorms many hundreds of times. In the past, we have seen the development of pyro-electric hydrogen fusion at UCLA, and the development of piezo-electric hydrogen fusion continues at MU today. Clearly, condensed matter nuclear science is undergoing a renaissance. Join us here at the University of Missouri as we review the state of our understanding of these systems, and as we apply the scientific method to understanding anomalous phenomena that are based upon reproducible empirical reports.

    • Sanjeev

      Its in July but good to see the announcement. I hope the msm attends and reports this time.
      Last time in #17 I heard that Korean TV covered it, but the report was nowhere to be seen and no science reporter published anything. Next event, being in US should get some limelight.

      • Omega Z


        From what I understand, All the MSM was invited. One actually indicated it would attend & cover all of the Event. In the End, None of them showed up at all. At least not on an Official level.

    • Ged

      That is a really cool, and unequivocal announcement. UM must be having success at LENR, this is exciting. Someone needs to update the two years out of date Wikipedia article on it all… well, try anyways.

    • Peter_Roe

      Someone seems to have waved their magic wand, and the last 20+ years of suppression, denial, ridicule, character assassination and malignant purpose are magicked away in a puff of smoke. Or maybe not quite yet.

      At least we seem to have passed over the points (‘switches’?) and are on a new track. Clearly no heads will roll and no crow will be eaten during the transition, though.

      Maybe in view of Rossi’s answer #4, we are actually entering A.C. Clarke’s third stage now (“I knew it was a good idea all along”). I’ll believe that when maryyugo retires to sail his yacht, and all the other shills disappear from ECN because no-one is paying them any more (it’ll be interesting to find out which are the shills and which are just people who tend to dribble and mutter to themselves when they are typing their nasty excreta into the blogs.

      • GreenWin

        Peter, you have hit upon an excellent bit of “merch” as they call peripheral merchandise for popular entertainment. A bib. For the skeps and shills who dribble. Preferably with an e-Cat logo on it. Or perhaps the face of master shills like Johnnie Huizenga, Ron Parker, or Murray Gell-Mann.

        Holiday season approaches!

        • Peter_Roe

          Bah, humbug!

      • Jim

        Perhaps no public humiliations, but:
        – within the scientific community, widespread loss of stature and reputation;
        – historically, all their good works overshadowed
        – personally, either crushing realization of error or stifling repression of reality.

        It may not seem like sufficient punishment for such doing so much harm, however, perhaps it is not that different from the fates of most of those who assume the mantle of leadership throughout civilization, compared to the frequent disastrous impacts they perpetrate.

        • Ivan_cev

          The scientific community does not care, it evolves with times and new theories, this is the basic about science it has to be prepared to change, that a group of scared physicys tried to hide LENR phenomena is different is not science, they actually acted against science betraying its principles.

    • Jim

      Big ratchet forward. Hook that gear and pull ‘er on up.

      • Peter_Roe

        Several clicks, I’d say.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Bernie Koppenhofer
    October 2nd, 2012 at 10:03 AM
    Mr. Rossi: Some questions about the patent and certification processes. 1) Does the current testing have anything to do directly with your patent applications? 2) Do you plan to give patent officials a demonstration to hurry the process along? 3) Does the certification process have anything to do with the patent process or visa versa? 4) Do you see any detrimental actions from the “power that be” (governments, oil & gas) that are holding up the patent and certification processes? Great to hear you are being very selective to whom you are selling your Warm Cat! Thanks for this open forum.

    Andrea Rossi
    October 2nd, 2012 at 11:05 AM
    Dear bernie Koppenhofer:
    1- yes
    2- this is a matter for the patent attorneys
    3- no
    4- no
    Warm Regards,

    • captain

      Hi Bernie, what did U expect a Rossi’s YES to no.4?

      BTW, have a look here ==> Help End “Heavywatergate” and the 24 YEAR USPTO Coverup
      @ http://world.std.com/~mica/cft.html

  • JavaMan

    I love reading science reports
    But the truth is that science reports does not keep you warm at night
    A science report will never kiss you and tell how great you are
    The same goes for low budget marketing campaigns.

    May the Best one win.


    Information & Technology can solve all problems.

  • jacob

    Ok,we have now reached a point of no return,where LENR is now reality,the power that be have now given up on suppressing this new technology,Mr Rossi sees or is not worried about interference from the Big Oil ,Big profit energy moguls, and it really does seem that the stage of ridicule is now over,Wiki will have to suck it up yet,Hot-cats perform at 11 times overunity,enough to run all sources of energy on planet Earth,to make living here more fun,to be able to breath clean air some time down the road,there was no energy shortage ,which in itself is a big relief,oil can be used to make more plastic products, to reduce the practice of pulp for paper and lumber for construction.

    I predict Rossi and leonardo corporation will get a much appreciated financial boost from major big businesses ,to save them billions of dollars for energy expenditures .

    But Oil will still have a future and the demand will still be high in the coming years.

    • I’m not sure how productive this idle speculation is. It seems quite desperate. October was supposed to see the advent of electricity- ptoducing home e-cats in commercial markets. Instead we are going to see millions of people lose power next week becaue they still rely on the grid. Rossi and Randell Mills ought to get off their butts and start producing stuff desperate people can use!

      • Voodoo

        Dear Joe, it is greatly obvious that Rossi is strongly prioritizing businesses interest, not common desperate people.

        100 reactors (aka 1MW container plant) = 1,3 mil Euro
        100 reactors (aka Home E-Cats) = 100 thousands Euro

        This is business math only for real scientists.

        • captain

          To me, it’s greatly obvious that:
          – so far USPTO has not yet granted to Rossi’s E-CAT the necessary patent to protect his IP;
          – that so far UL have not granted Rossi’s E-CAT any certification (remember that there are 2 different types of certifications…);
          – that so far, voices say that USPTO and/or UL would prefer to see E-CAT units, 1MW warm thermal industrial plants, sold and working for a while before giving their authorization for domestic small units.

          Thus, for Rossi actually there’s no other chance: is this clear?

          So, IMO, he will go on with his hard creative job of inventor, to get out the best from his HOT E-CAT ‘NewFire’ to have a big and stable amount of dry steam to drive turbines and generate electricity ASAP.

          This blog is going on mainly thru silly words and very few keen observations, while Rossi gives us only real working products.

          So, to all visitors/posters of this blog, to help ROSSI in his job, think only how to help him (not with money) but remembering always this


          and email that to said offices and to all american politicians.

          That’s the way how to help ROSSI now: he asks only to be let working hard and IN PEACE, ’cause if U have noted, he’s relatively tired to hear silly words…

    • H. Hansson

      Wait for the 3 party, independent, testing on a separate location before you invest.. anything.

      • Peter_Roe

        I’ll put my money back in my savings jar then.

  • georgehants

    Backspin By Mark Gibbs, Network World
    October 26, 2012 11:07 AM ET
    Cold Fusion a year later
    Just over a year ago I wrote about something that was incredibly exciting: A commercial cold fusion power generation system. Assuming it worked as claimed, the cold fusion power generation system would herald huge changes in not only the energy industry, but pretty much every aspect of the global economy.

    • Peter_Roe

      “Just over a year ago I wrote about something that was incredibly exciting”. B*ll*cks. Just over a year ago Gibbs was writing about tinfoil hats and devices made of ‘unobtanium’.

      Nothing much has changed. Now, immediately following a brief and distorted mention of Nelson at Defkalion (“The test was witnessed by a respected scientist, Michael A. Nelson, and seemed to show that excess heat was being produced, albeit with the caveat that a lot of additional testing would be required to confirm the results.”) he cites some obscure scientist (Dr. Kirk L. Shanahan) who has written a long put-down of CF containing gibberish like “The case for cold fusion (or ‘LENR’) stands as unproven today. That fact will remain for all time. If tomorrow, someone discovers the reproducible formula for generating low energy nuclear reactions … that fact will not change.” – which seems to boil down to “even if I see it I won’t believe it”.

      The fact that Gibbs manages to squeeze in the phrase “cold fusion fan boys” to describe anyone who is not a full blown skeptic shows exactly where he is still coming from.

      • georgehants

        Peter, shortly I think when Rossi has proved his case, there will be much work to be done to try and keep the Truth of the history of Cold Fusion alive.
        When the steam roller of the establishment manipulates the media (no trouble with the BBC etc.) then very quickly all 23 years will be changed and buried.
        That is why I try to bring up other subjects that are equally as censored as Cold Fusion.
        I am hoping that later, Admin will consider opening up this Website to include all travesties of science.
        Only with the serious moderation maintained on these pages can the Truth of any subject be ascertained.

        • Peter_Roe


          I agree, but I suspect that no amount of online noise will change the output of people like Gibbs, and all the others who toe the party line for reasons that are difficult to fully understand. I think wheels are probably turning and agreements are being reached. When everything is in place the MSM stance will change overnight – but not before.

  • Renzo

    hi, I transcribed and translated the speech of arch. Pierazzini at Pordenone. You can see the video here, from the beginning up to min 12:45 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORKuZCe-UQw

    good day, my name is Gianvico Pierazzini, I am an architect of Bologna, and I’ve been part of eng. Rossi’s team for about 2 years. I was initially involved in the Ecat project to fix the domestic version. Subsequently, and later I’ll explain why, I’ve been working on the industrial version. Also architect Pio Ruggeri of Bologna would have been present today with me, unfortunately he was involved in a serious car accident and he said it will have it for a few weeks. Best wishes for healing, I hope he recovers as soon as possible because we have a crazy lot of work to do.
    Well: the stone age did not end because the stones were gone, the era of commercial sailing ships did not end because the galleons on the high seas had no more more wind that blowed the sails, the age of oil, intended as an energy source, will not end because there will not be more oil wells or reservoirs. History is replete with examples of technological revolutions that led to see and interpret the world, since they had been applied on a large scale, in a completely different way from before.
    Another feature of these revolution, and technical evolutions, of these changes, is that the witnesses, the protagonists, rarely notice it. If they find out they see it after the revolution, once the change has occurred. And it is rare that this is normal.
    We at Leonardo corporation, we are absolutely aware of what we have at hand, we are fully aware of what we are running and we are absolutely certain that in a relatively short period of time, and I’m talking no more than a few years, this technology will be able to change the world.
    The devices, both domestic and industrial (sorry I often use the term domestic because it is the first device on which I started to work), that the genius of Rossi has created, are capable of producing significant amounts of energy in a clean and, above all, cheap way. The Ecat associates, in a device a little bigger than a shoe box, the power of nuclear reactions associated with the benefits of renewable energy.
    The elements of activation of the reaction are absolutely common and absolutely safe: hydrogen and nickel. And, at the end of the process, most important of all, we do not have any residue that may be dangerous or harmful to the environment.
    What we are implementing, and we know what we are doing, is a revolution in the energy field by applying a low energy nuclear reaction.
    Eng. Rossi and Leonardo corporations are using all the resources available to give to the market as soon as possible and, broadly speaking, to humanity, the benefits of this technology. Clean inexhaustible energy, and, above all, at a fraction of the cost.
    At present, after the decision to postpone the production of domestic Ecats, the 1 MW plants (which are the pictures that some of you have seen on the web, a container with strange things inside) are no longer prototypes but are already pre-production elements. We are not talking about experiments, we are talking about objects that have already passed the validation of an international entity for the monitoring of safety.
    The COP, i.e. the ratio between the energy input and the energy output, from this first production of 1 MW industrial containers is about 1 to 6 (being on the side of safety as a value). We chose to …. a COP 1:6 for reasons of safety, reliability, control, but especially of humility towards a technology and a form of energy that nobody before the engineer Rossi pulled it out of the bottle, knew.
    It was made public, both by eng. Rossi, and, above all, by prof. Focardi, his marvelous… sometimes he gives much information, that the COP in the laboratory has reached values of one to hundreds and hundreds of times what we had entered (also giving a scare to the people who were present).
    We have envisaged to install, to customers of industrial Ecat, a double-connection, so that we can connect two containers in parallel for the customer. This removes the dead time due to the charging times of the Ecat: when the internal charge approximates its exhaustion (which we know by parameters known to us and by a remote control system), we arrive with a new container, we connect it, and when it is operating at full speed, we detach the container with the exhausted industrial Ecat and we take it away.
    This is very important for two reasons, the first is that we don’t do any operation inside the container at the customer’s site, everything is done safely and, excuse the term, confidentially, in our facilities.
    Second, considering the continuous evolution of the devices with which we are working, the continuous technological upgrades that we apply daily, the customer will always receive a more recent model than the one that he had initially “purchased”.
    This means that, in the period of amortization of the initial investment, if he had calculated that it would take X years, with a COP of 1:6… to amortize it… I consider that once the production will go at full speed… I did projections that by 18 months we’ll surely arrive at a COP of 1:7, 1:8 and even 1:10. However, at present we have 1:6.
    A recent purchase for the company, he has been an invaluable one, was an expert in control, security and monitoring systems. It is eng. Fabiani who has created a system of continuous check of each Ecat installed inside the container. In a few days we have collected a greater mass of data and multiple testings than we had collected in the previous two years of experimentation.
    This is important for two reasons, the first is that if there are… we can give a swift service to the customer, the second is that, in order to get the validation of the home Ecat, we must provide a (excuse the misnomer) “literature”, that is a mass of documents proving over time the characteristics of quality, of operation, and above all safety.
    Since being an appliance, in appliances… especially home ones, we work with the principle of similarity: this is similar to… and you do that… in the case of the Ecat there’s nothing on the market that we can take as an example… or to copy.
    With regard to the industrial plant that I mentioned before, it provides output temperatures from 90° to 120° C and a pressure of 1 or 2 bar.
    I repeat, we are not talking about a prototype, we’re not talking about an experiment, we are talking about a pre-series production. We are manufacturing them and give them to customers (which in the case of Italy is the Prometeon)… who want to use our technology.
    The timetable from the moment of order confirmation with our Italian licensee, which is the Prometeon if I remember correctly… in two or three months we are able to meet the customer’s needs and fulfill the order.
    The current situation is: we’re almost … the national and international patents that, rightly, must protect eng. Rossi’s intellectual property, are coming to fruition. First… second: the resources of Leonardo corporation currently… are for the most part employed on the aim to arrive as soon as possible at the production itself… the continued mass production of industrial containers.
    Third, we do not hide that the eng. Rossi never manages to appease his creativity and he often causes difficulties to us [Fabiani nods], I speak from my experience: more than once I had to throw away weeks and weeks of work because I arrived in the lab, I showed the papers and what we had studied in function of Ecat model we had seen, after our … he listened with great courtesy, he told us “boys, you have worked very well but there is a small problem” he got up, opened the bag and showed us the latest born… we threw everything out and went back to work.
    But as an excuse for eng. Rossi, is that every latest born put in mothballs the old one, because the new model was more efficient, it was more stable, it was easier, it was safer, it was smaller, it was … and we can’t still stop him… eng. Rossi.
    However, regarding the industrial Ecat, with great difficulty… since we have an object that is powerful, working right, safe, reliable, and so on … regarding that, for low temperatures, the device is basically as it is.
    Another important thing (and I end here, gentlemen), is that we fought (and I must say: so far successfully), to convince eng. Rossi to leave the company’s core business in Italy. I think that, at the current juncture, to have this industrial opportunity in Italy is important for our nation. Rossi has found obstacles in the past, he experienced sorrows in this State, but he also found people who believed in him, who trust in him and puts total faith in what he has created.

    • georgehants

      Well done Renzo, thank you.

    • captain

      TYVM Renzo, well done!

    • Peter_Roe

      An absolutely fascinating speech that brings several new insights into Rossi’s organisation and the rate of progress. Thanks Renzo for taking the time to translate it into English and for posting it here.

    • andreiko

      Very good,…….THANK YOU

      • stuey81

        Where is stanly ponds these days? is he still alive? i wonder what his views are on the current CF scene.


        • Alan DeAngelis

          Stanley Pons moved to southern France. He deserves something better than a Nobel Prize. Maybe he could be the first recipient of an Andrea Rossi Prize.

    • KenLebrun

      Here’s a translation of the video description. A brief summary of Pierazzini’s speach. Thanks Renzo for the transcription.

      Technological Pole Andrea Galvani Pordenone – Meeting on E-Cat Cold Fusion
      ‘s Architect Gianvico Pirazzini introduces the E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) explaining how this is a revolution in the energy sector by applying low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) can to produce unlimited clean energy at a fraction of the cost. The reaction is based on hydrogen and nickel, and at the end of the process there is virtually no residue.
      We also present the E-Cat by 1MWth to 120 ° C with a COP 1 to 6 completely stable and currently in production. As for the E-Cat home you will still have to wait a few years for safety and certification requirements.
      then is assumed for E-Cat manufacturing a dual connection:
      In almost running out of charge in the first container, the Leonardo Corporation bring on the site a second container, and once it is fully implemented, the first will be replaced and restored his position. All the operations inside the container will then be carried out in complete safety and confidentiality of the factories of the Leonardo Corp. and the site of use. Obviously restored container will also apply all the technology upgrades and the customer is always this way a more new one you purchased.
      Moreover announces that Leonardo Corporation has decided to keep the Core Business in Italy.
      L ‘Engineer Fulvio Fabiani illustrates the control and safety of the ‘E-Cat from Industrial 1 MWh.
      Each module E-Cat is controlled by a microprocessor (CCSU) and supervised by a local area network closed input, they are also planning a number of controls that ensure the operation via sensor inputs and outputs. Each module is independent of the other and in case of malfunction is isolated from the system and sends a signal to the main CCSU which provides for activating a dormant form. This will guarantee the performance of the system.
      L ‘Engineer Rossi elucidates the state patent. The Italian patent was obtained (E-Cat industrial 1MWth) but in a waiting state of International patent and U.S..
      Rossi The Engineer exposes in more detail the reactions that take place between the nucleus of hydrogen and the nickel in the presence of catalysts and as initially thought that the main reaction was the fusion of the nucleus of hydrogen in the core of nickel with the formation of copper on the emission of gamma radiation thermalized but over time this principle has been modified. In the sense that after seeing the reactors work for a few thousand hours and its measurements have realized that this phenomenon (nickel-hydrogen fusion) is a side-effect of the main phenomenon that is the basis of the theory that has since was formulated in a fairly defined and which will be published as soon as the patent situation will make this possible.
      Actually, explains, there is a production of gamma rays in low energy between 50 and 100 keV at the limit of X-rays and the main reaction occurs when the hydrogen atoms are approximated by the action of catalysts to other nuclei producing this emission of gamma rays that are thermalized.
      The system of shielding of radiation then becomes the heater which transforms into thermal energy during low energy radiation that is produced . The thermal energy is then exchanged with the fluid of the primary circuit which then will exchange its energy in its turn with the fluid of the secondary circuit and the outlet temperatures obviously depend on the temperature of the primary fluid that is heated.
      implants currently in production in the plant of Ferrara, having the power of 1MWth, are plants that operate at relatively very low temperature, in the sense that the primary fluid product can reach a maximum temperature of 120 ° C. Temperature that allows systems of heating, cooling and steam in low temperature, does not allow however the production of electricity with acceptable efficiencies.
      Ing. Rossi shows how they managed to stabilize the Very High Temperature Reactor (Hot-Cat) it still can not be placed on the market because they are yet to be determined some technological aspects and lack the necessary certifications (In Progress). The ‘Hot-Cat heating temperature on the wall in the order of 1000 ° C and work only with the nickel in the solid state (powder), if it exceeds the melting point (1455 ° C) the reaction would stop. This is an intrinsic further, along with other security systems exposed Eng. Fabiani.
      Science & Technology
      Standard YouTube License

    • Karl

      This is very interesting and encouraging information as a whole and it also shred some light over the Leonardo organisation. Perhaps the actual idea behind the Rossi statement last week aimed at the Leonardo restructuring model with Italy will be the base. I believe this is probably good for the Leonardo project as Rossi seems to have been able enough credibility from what he and his company have achieved by now.

    • PersonFromPorlock

      Searching “Gianvico Pirazzini” (which appears to be the correct name), turns up a not-very-reassuring reference in a 1990 article in La Repubblica (http://ricerca.repubblica.it/repubblica/archivio/repubblica/1990/12/02/nemici-di-bossi-lasciano-la-lega.html?ref=search) that says (machine translation):

      “Gianvico Pirazzini, municipal councillor of the Lega Nord in Bologna, expelled for unworthiness a month ago with the accusation of careerism and transfer of funds.”

      Pirazzini appears to be a political player, I have no idea of the politics of La Repubblica, and the machine translation is almost incomprehensible. Could one of our Italian-speaking posters look into this?

      • Renzo

        There were numerous scissions and infighiting within the Lega Nord party in Bologna but I can’t find detailed informations. La Repubblica is strong anti-Lega Nord so the article must be taken with a grain of salt in the absence of further info. It seems Pirazzini is still involved in politics at local level, I found he’s leader of the bolognian section of the “Agire insieme – Lega federale” party.

  • AllanM

    “At present, after the decision to postpone the production of domestic Ecats”
    Doesn’t sound like “waiting on certification” to me

    • Renzo

      a forced decision for lack of safety certification, Rossi has made that clear at lenght

  • roseland67

    In the next 2 years, there are 32 nuclear reactors coming on line in 8 different countries, capable of producing over 40,000 mw of power.
    This investment is expected to exceed several hundreds of billions of $.
    What would make these countries spend that kind of $ if cheap electical
    production from LENR was “close”?
    Wouldn’t you just wait and see?
    Do they just flat out not believe LENR is real?
    How will they justify the expense of nuclear reactors
    to their population if the reactors are not needed?
    Tomorrow morning, LENR becomes a “reality”, exactly as Rossi et al envision, what happens to all of these nuclear reactors?
    Are they abandoned in place, decomissioned, kept as monuments to man’s “GALACTUS” like need for energy?
    In Chicago, I wait, unconvinced but hopeful.
    Exciting times amiga.

    • David R

      If new nukes are coming online next year, they have been permitted and under construction for two years or more before now, long before any hint of commercially functional LENR was on the horizon.
      Where LENR can have the most immediate impact is replacing coal fired boilers in old power plants. There are also hundreds of nuclear plants that are well past their original expected 25 year life cycle and need to be shut down first.

    • Andrew Macleod

      As long as the reactors were not turned on everything is ok an things can be converted before they become radioactive.

    • Omega Z


      If these plants are coming on line now, they were planned & built long before Rossi’s E-cat. Sadly these plants will be needed for sometime. It will take several decades for the LENR technology to replace them.

      Most of these conventional systems will be completed if the timeline falls within the next 5 years even if TPTB are totally convinced LENR is Real & coming & they jump on the band wagon.

      A simple explanation would be a comparison of: A Miraculous New Drug will be available in 5 years for what ails you. But you need to continue with your present treatment until then.

      Rossi has indicated on more then 1 occasion that all energies will have to be integrated. This means Fossil fuels aren’t going to go away very soon. It’s just an economic reality.

      In the U.S., 95% efficient heating systems have been available for a good 20 years yet I would venture an Educated guess that half the homes still use obsolete low efficiency systems today. The Same for A/C.

      For a better Idea of whats needed, I’ll point out what I just recently read.
      CHINA is adding the Equivalent of 2 500Mw power plants per week.
      Rossi would have to produce 1000 1Mw Hot Cats per week each containing 72 Cores.
      Or 72,000 15Kw cores per week. At 50% electrical conversion double that. 33% triple that.
      This is just China. Doesn’t include other fuels. Just Electrical output. And this is all New Additional demand. Doesn’t involve replacing the Old already in use.

      The Numbers are mind boggling. Not to mention the Financial resources required if even available. Nor the Conversion of transportation to Electric which would double everything. Or the fact that half the World hasn’t even caught up to the rest of us yet.

    • john_missouri

      in regards to 32 nuke reactors coming online .. its all about the money do you think Shell Oil and candidate Romney are going to support alternatives? NO .. and these Nuke plants have all been financed by these groups, but the tide is changing and once again after the Nov 6th election
      with any luck Obama will be re-elected and we can get back on track for alternative energies.

  • un passante

    Cures emerged from his silence with few words, when asked about rossi he said: “he’s on fire. I think he hit a strike.” (not literal, his italian words were: è effervescente. mi sa che ha fatto centro.)

  • stuey81

    hey george, what are your thoughts about the free energy videos found on utube, in particular the ones involving nothing other than magnets- this is something i thought was possible when i was a teenager and actually collected many magnets and made many different attempts at getting my magnets to spin under their own magnetic repulsion/atraction – some of these videos seem quite convincing but ive come to the relisation that either, yep they have done it and beat magnetic lock and friction or the more likley that they are frauds, and if they are frauduantly claiming over unity, why, why go to all the trouble of making a you tube vid knowing full well its false, its not funny, they gain nothing, in short what the hell drives these type of fraudsters?

  • stuey81

    admin i have made a post thats is awaiting moderation for around 12hours now, i think its because it contains a certain word (Fra_udsters) this isnt a negative post btw, also i have tried reposting to, same thing again