Waiting for the Report

While commercial E-Cat products are listed as being for sale through Prometeon and other licensees, these plants are under wraps for now, and according to Aldo Proia it could be months after installation before the members of the press or general public might be able to see one in action. This being the case, there is not likely to be a huge amount of excitement generated about this technology among the general public if only secret customers are able to see and use it.

Proia says, and I tend to agree, that the “the most difficult thing is to have patience, because we all can not wait to pass these months and you get to a first goal.”

In addition to waiting to see live plants on the market, we are also still in waiting mode for the long-awaited 3rd party report which is supposed to provide solid validation of what Andrea Rossi has reported about the hot cat.

Today our regular contributor georgehants asked Andrea Rossi on his blog why the report had not yet been published when many people were expecting it to come out in October. Rossi answered saying, “As I said , I think that by November the report could be issued (Actually, I said by October/November…)”

Waiting for an important event one is looking forward to is never particularly easy, but it seems we have no choice. Extended waiting causes some people lose confidence, and others to lose interest. My attitude is that there’s really nothing that can be done except to have patience and try and enjoy the journey.

  • georgehants

    The Rossi situation, I think, has to be a little unique in history,
    When before has it been possible for outsiders to follow so closely a (possible) major discovery being born.
    It is perfectly natural that we all want a “quick” answer, just the excitement of being “involved” in hopefully, something “good” in World changing events.
    Mr Rossi fairly, has his own agenda that he has every right to follow as he see’s fit.
    I for one make no excuses for my excitement and knowing that we may all be contributing in a small way to defeating the forces that want for various reasons, (all of them immoral) to hide this and many other proven phenomenon.

    • Dickyaesta

      @George, if you believe in dreams: I had one very real and for me one of those that point to an actual event, with a hollywood flavor to it, what the heck I am watching much television these days -> trying to pass days waiting for the actual event possible?!:)

      Quote from my original post: http://www.e-catworld.com/2012/10/3603/
      Dickyaesta on October 5, 2012 at 6:38 am

      “Some days ago I had a dream:

      I was in an enormous hall lined with very exotic palm trees thirty meters high which had different colors of deep blue, red and yellow in the center where the leaves grew from the stem. And then rows upon rows of the most richly dressed people both in ornaments and in texture of cloth. Beautiful invigorating people not decadent, but full of energy and intellect and in the middle there was a path towards the end of the hall where in even more splendor of different nuances of light and gold, resided the Pharaoh, emperor or king. I had an impression it was an Atlantean court due to the very exotic palm trees lining the sides of the hall, which I have never seen before and because they seemed to be very important in my dream as if to say pay much attention to them to situate the dream in time and place!!!

      In the middle of the Hall there was a procession of high priests walking towards the Pharaoh with at the head of this procession a high priest, in his hands extended high-up towards the direction of the Pharaoh a rather odd looking black vase which could be seen to contain a very bright fire (seems familiar to us, no!).

      The whole gathering seemed to be for the dedication of this eternal fire to the Pharaoh. The High priest who had the odd black vase in his hands seemed to walk in a rather peculiar rapid fashion towards his Pharaoh to offer him this eternal fire. When I turned to look at the face of the high priest it was the exact face of Mr. Rossi and I woke up rather shocked and surprised….. A bit later it dawned upon me that even the peculiar stride was that of ‘our’ Rossi, which must have caught my attention in one of his videos.

      I leave it at that, to let you interpret it as you like, the dream seemed very positive to me about Rossi’s invention, …….”

      Saludos from Spain

      • georgehants

        Dickyaesta, very interesting, but science unfortunately is still living in the stone age regarding the mind.
        Dreams I am sure, are very important in this World to the individual and probably society as a whole but until science stops treating the mind like a steam engine and start following Evidence of it’s abilities, very little progress is likely to be archived.

        • Dickyaesta

          Yes, George, We live in very dark ages still. Maybe when we have finally virtual free energy we have time to begin to discover the world within, apart from many other things…..

          For example I am always wondering, what they cut in brain-surgery as they know only 10% of the functions of the brain!!

          Was it a connection with an very far away planet system or was it a subconscious connection with all the brains on this planet to calculate the path of a comet that is storming towards us in order to steer away from it in time. Using eruptions of vulcans as steering, little change of path will make a great difference for the path of a comet millions of miles away hurtling towards us. Big calculations as are now done to calculate big projects linking thousands PC’s in the background (subconscious part of a PC 😉 ).

          Or am I going to far out, for me it is only linking dots. If only 10% of the functions of the brain is known what is the rest doing.

          Saludos from Spain

          • georgehants

            Dickyaesta — Best wishes to you.

          • Dickyaesta

            George, thanks for the link I will dive into it asap

          • andreiko

            Fit as many numbers for the comma, then behind existence we now?

          • Dickyaesta

            @Andreiko, do you mean, we know virtual nothing of brain functions ‘as many zeros before the coma as behind’…. I tend to agree with you and it frightens me stumbling through brain-tissue, much like the films SAW 1 to 4 or 6 or whatever.

            Barbarians we are and little has changed since so called barbarian times!!

          • Renzo

            Daniele Passerini wrote today:

            “please have a little patience for news about the E-Cat that you’ve been waiting – as I do – for months after months. I can now tell you that:
            1. those independent tests so much expected and delayed are now almost concluded;
            2. experimental setting, instrumentation (National Instruments, of course), calibration, procedures, records and so on… this time are “watertight”;
            3. nothing is left but the time required to document and communicate all in the standard mode used by the scientific community and those responsible for the tests will certainly do it as accurately as possible.”

          • Sanjeev

            Great !

          • daniel maris

            Reassuring. Passerini is not often wide of the mark.

          • Peter_Roe

            Its interesting that Francesco CH is saying exactly the same thing over on ECN. And I do mean *exactly* (as in using the same words, but not in quotes).

          • Lu

            This portends great news. Let’s also hope that the organization doing the testing will not be anonymous (with Rossi anything is possible), credible, and independent. Otherwise it doesn’t matter what is in the report. Heck, if all the report said was “It works” and is by a known, independent, and competent organization, I would take it.

          • Peter_Roe

            “…document and communicate all in the standard mode used by the scientific community”. If this is the case, anonymity is not permitted.

      • GreenWin


        your dream is indeed fanciful. But it is doubtful Ing Rossi would be delivering new fire to a Pharaoh – since a Pharaoh worth his salt should already possess such power. Did you happen to notice if the priest was wearing asbestos gloves? Erternal fire tends to burn hot – around 800C.

        I rather think if Rossi delivers new fire to anyone, it will be to a large, diverse crowd of human beings, who will cheer and give thanks. Thanks that is, not to Rossi (ok some) but to the creative instinct and whisperings of the cosmos that lent the gift to him.

        • Dickyaesta

          @GreenWin As I am not a technician, not remotely even, I did not notice any asbestos gloves and moreover I think this dream was meant more symbolicly than technical. The damn thing works and it is time to celibrate!!!

          • Dickyaesta

            @GreenWin, I much liked the part of my dream where it particularely points to Atlantean or pre-Atlantean times, saying it has all been done before and got lost somehow!

          • GreenWin

            I do too.

  • kwhilborn

    We also know we will never see this “power plant”. We know the buyers name will never be disclosed. We know the buyer has signed a dozen NDA. We know there won’t be any third party verification on it. We know we will know nothing more than we do now.
    Instead of starting yet another Andrea Rossi Countdown maybe we should just ignore this meaningless announcement and talk about other stuff.

    • georgehants

      kwhilborn, rather than the weak old trick of trying to report your opinions as facts, why do you not “talk about other stuff”.

      • kwhilborn

        Fact: Andrea Rossi has made one or more power plants. We know Andrea Rossi will not disclose the name of that client(s). We know they signed a NDA(s). We know there is no third party verification for it. We know nothing more than we do now.

        I am merely noting that Aldo Proia is correct, and it may be many months before the public might get a glimpse.

        I am not stating a fairy tail. We know that he is specializing in large plants because he does not want his ecat dissected by black market investors, and even Rossi himself is bound by Non-Disclosure-Agreements.

        History is repeating itself.

        I am merely stating what is fact, and what will be fact based upon what we know.

        I am actually an Andrea Rossi supporter, but that may mean waiting another year or two before seeing any kind of proof from him.

        I think Piantelli will beat him to market. Piantelli already has backing and ongoing research behind his (almost ssuccessful) patent. Anyone willing to throw millions or billions at this technology now will soon see a product as good or superior than anything Rossi claims to have.

        The longest public demo of the Andrea Rossi device lasted 18 hours before the ecat stability failed and created a mess. Andrea Rossi claims to have fixed that and to run at higher temperatures. Even if I believe him it will not help him when he goes to court to attempt to prove he was ahead of Piantelli on this. We know piantelli has been working on the Nickel/Hydrogen version longer than Rossi.

        There are your FACTS. None of this is my opinion.

        • georgehants

          kwhilborn, you can make your comments as long as you like but will not I think answer the question.—
          Can you show us all, definitive Evidence that proves Rossi is not genuine?
          If you cannot then you are like a man saying UFO’s do not exist, completely pointless and irrational.
          When the full Evidence becomes clear, pro or con, then rational people will take it from there.
          You are simply giving your own “opinions” as to your beliefs, that has no place in science, just at the betting shop.
          If you cannot or will not answer my above question then I think your opinions as to the final outcome of the saga are interesting but irrelevant as to the actual outcome.

    • Methusela

      He’s spent too long at ecatnews.com

  • Dr. Mike

    Not only are we going to have to wait a while for the third party report, it looks like we are going to have to wait many years for the “commercial e-cat”. Look what Rossi said it was going to take to get the commercial e-cat certified:

    Dear Bernie Koppenhofer:
    The difficulty is objective, not subjective. An apparatus working with LENR is difficult to digest for a certifier that has to get the liability to certify such an apparatus to go in apartments where no safety rules will be respected, in many cases. The obstacle will be overcome in time, with good statistics from the industrial plants.
    Warm Regards,

    How long will it be before there will be “good statistics from the industrial plants”? If Rossi’s product direction is now moving toward getting the “hot-cat” into production, which seems to be a good idea to me, there will never be enough “statistics” to certify the low temperature reactor for home use.

    • Karl

      What do you mean with commercial E-Cat? To my mind the E-Cat sold for industrial use is certainly commercial. It is now available in the 1 MW version as we are informed by his partner in Italy.
      If you mean E-cat for home applications you should say it, otherwise you risk to appear to look like just another pseudo sceptic, trying to “shot down Rossi” by playing with words.

    • Right, problem is certification…
      It is an unknown technology, with no history.

      I’m also afraid this is the point that the incumbent players will use to keep their economic rent. They will make people panic on unknown.

      I suspect too that Malthusian lobbies, very powerful today (the peak-everything, the gaia-ists, the ungrowth fans, the fearmongers, the anti-technology) will (like on shale gas in France) make the population panic more quickly that we will be able to make them dream…

      deep fear…
      human factor is the worst factor.

  • georgehants

    Science Daily
    Declining Influence of High Impact Factor Journals Documented
    ScienceDaily (Nov. 7, 2012) — The most prestigious peer-reviewed journals in the world, such as Cell, Nature, Science, and the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), have less and less influence amongst scientists, according to a paper co-authored by Vincent Larivière, a professor at the University of Montreal’s School of Library and Information Sciences. He questions the relationship between journal “impact factor” and number of citations subsequently received by papers.

    • georgehants

      They are still the mouthpieces of the censoring dogmatic establishment.
      Until scientists remove all influence of such agenda driven organs from their profession, no honest and free science will bloom.

      • GreenWin

        And this de-centralized trend is the same across all media. Last night, the “social media” expert on ABC told her fellow news experts, 80% of Americans get news off the internet and NOT network television.

        The choke hold of media and consensus experts is collapsing. Precisely because they have been caught loading the dice – and dismissing valid, controversial data. Only by opening their pages to freely publish non-orthodox research, will these journals hang on to their prestige. If they remain the narrow tools of self-appointed “experts;” they will join other publications on the print media trash heap.

        • Torbjörn

          From Facebook:

          “Hampus Ericsson

          Last year I went to the lecture with Sven Kullander in Sweden when he talked about cold fusion. On the way home I was lucky enough to be on the same train as Sven so a started talking to him. We talked for 2 hours, he showed me pictures of Andrea and his wife. It was the most interesting talk I have had in my life.

          I asked him about the upcoming sell of the one megawatt plant and asked him if he knew who bought it. He told me that he have heard trough Mats Lewan(Ny teknik) that it was The Naval Research lab.

          In respect to Sven I decided not to mention anything about this. I didn’t want Sven to get trouble from Rossi. Now one year later I feel comfortable to talk about it.

          This is why I strongly believe in what Andrea Rossi is saying.

          I also asked Sven about his test in Italy and he said (very strongly) that it is a nuclear reaction, there is no other explanation.

          He also said that he can talk about this and test Rossi because it will not hurt his carrier. Sven will soon retire, he can talk about cold fusion without any fear.

          Sven told me that the whole reason he went to Rossi was because of Focardi. Sven knows Focardi and says that he is one of Europes top scientist. Focardi have worked for CERN.

          Sven also trust Celini (who also have had a lot of contact with Rossi)

          I left that train VERY reassured that Rossi has something.

          • Andrew Macleod

            Thanks for sharing!

          • GreenWin

            Good news Torbjörn. Thank you for your decision to share it with us. Personally I have never had any doubts about the Rossi demos or that the 1MW unit was sold to NRL (confirmed by signature.) It would make sense that NRL provided some funding for its assemblage.

            What is rather sad is how notable scientists such as Sven Kullander feel they cannot discuss taboo research – until they retire. This is a MAJOR problem in this world. Too many self-appointed priests sitting in ivory towers dictate science orthodoxy. Those who do not adhere to their catechism – are ostracized. This is wrong and deleterious to the scientific method. Not to mention the millions who suffer in ignorance.

            The hoarding of knowledge should be a crime. The dissemination of knowledge that forwards man’s enlightenment – should be celebrated. I think many of us who first read Kullander and Essen’s reports knew there was a significant nuclear reaction at work. The fiefdoms and cabals then started their machine to deny cold fusion science. It is now all archived over at the ECN site. One day it will make a great novel.

          • Torbjörn

            Thank Hampus.

          • Peter_Roe

            GW – when you used the phrase “It is now all archived over at the ECN site” I hoped for a moment that you might mean that the site was now closed to comments, but (pausing only to put on my virtual bunny suit and gloves) I checked, and of course the sneering contest goes on there relentlessly. I wonder why anybody without a permanently curled upper lip still bothers to post there.

          • Chris

            Green, reputation is very important in a researcher’s career. It is everything.

            It is necessary especially when work costs a lot. Repeatability is all very well but in most cases, given the funding which is necessary, not everybody just gets up in the morning and tries doing the same experiments as those who published results of them. Some degree of trust is necessary, according to specific cases.

            But anything that is governed by apes has no guarantee of being governed perfectly. That is why accidents happen. It is also why it becomes difficult to propose alternatives to what is already mainstream, an alternative would need to be highly promising or potentially offer a great advantage. It is also the reason why extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence; people can’t be bothered if it is hardly plausible. The onus of proof lies with who makes the claim. That’s all. In the case of Pons and Fleischman, several people did try and there were some disappointing results, these prevailed.

            There is no great conspiracy, there is only human nature (including the interest of those invested in fossil fuels, but this will not be sufficient to halt something far more competitive).

          • GreenWin

            “There is no great conspiracy, there is only human nature (including the interest of those invested in fossil fuels…”

            Chris, the more you and others deny the egregious actions of mainstream science, government, and academia in development of cold fusion — the more naive you sound. You fail to mention those invested in hot fusion, and fission. All three groups are adamantly opposed to the extraordinary economy and simplicity of LENR. Why? Why did Edison oppose alternating current? Why did tobacco lie about their cancer studies??? Greed.

            In case you have forgotten:

            “…the first assault against the truth in 1989
            was press manipulation by faculty members engaged in the lavishly funded hot fusion research
            at MIT’s Plasma Fusion Center. They did not believe the Utah work at all. They suspected that Pons and Fleischmann were engaged in a “scam,” and they were concerned that if the public were to have a too open-minded attitude toward the prospect of cold fusion as an energy solution, funding for their beleaguered thermonuclear program would be endangered.”
            Dr. Eugene Mallove, Chief Science Writer, MIT News Office