Usage Statistics for E-Cat World

There are some readers who have expressed interest in the readership of E-Cat World, so I thought I would post some usage statistics.

Here are some numbers for the last 30 days gathered from Google Analytics. The number of visitors fluctuate somewhat depending what what is in the news, but these figures are fairly typical for the past year.

Total number of visits to the site: 187,962
Unique visitors: 50,625
Pageviews: 402,328
Returning visitors: 79.35%
New visitors: 20.65%

Top 10 countries by number of visits

1. United States 56,140
2. Italy 18,297
3. Sweden 15,572
4. Germany 13,644
5. United Kingdom 13,457
6. Canada 8,293
7. France 5,511
8. Netherlands 5,160
9. Australia 4,735
10. Finland 4,233

  • captain

    Well done, Admin. Interesting indeed.
    Visits mainly fm EU countries where the energy cost is high. I’m surprised of the numerous visits fm the small Netherlands. Surely a good sign.

    • Eric

      Well, Netherlands isn’t that small with its 16M population. Sweden has only 9M.

      • captain

        Sorry, U’re right|
        And I’m surprised fm Finland, too: but considering the cold climate in northern EU, it’s understandable 🙂

    • Peter_Roe

      The low numbers (relative to population) from France are a bit surprising, but I suppose that may reflect the proportion of the population who can read English with any ease. If this site was in French (or any other language apart from English) the number of British ‘followers’ would probably be microscopic!

      • Luca Salvarani

        French people don’t like free market solutions… When their government will be forced to back e-cat (in order to save money) and will levy 50000% taxes on it and over-regulate it in stupid ways, they will all embrace it -) I’m just a bit joking!

        • Remi Andre

          Don’t forget the importance of the nuclear lobby in France !! There’s almost nothing published on this subject in french mainstram media. So the tiny part of french readers is very simple to explain…

          • Peter_Roe

            We seem to have an equally strong nuclear lobby here in the UK for some reason – even though we don’t build the things, and have nowhere left to store the waste.

            The desire to commission fission reactors all over the place seems to be something that ‘infects’ politicians of all parties the instant they gain power – even if they have been ‘opposed’ right up to that point. Just one of those little mysteries.

          • Omega Z

            Politicians say whatever they have to say to get in office, But they all dance to the same tune once in. The Public discourse is Theater for the people.

          • Peter_Roe

            The amazing thing is how easy it seems to be to fool (nearly) all of the people, all of the time.

        • +1
          You lived in france ?
          Starting a business in france is a Psychiatric Profile (Heard on BFM Business TV)

          Note that Nuclear lobby is in bad health those days.
          The Green Lobby which is very strong in the media and “the thinking sphere”, try to cut it’s ball…. and nearly succeed… the old nuke mum is not far from the tomb.
          EDF is better, because full of protected employees, and anyway doing the good job in catastrophes (the good point for not free market, black swan management).

          I expect much more power from the green lobby, which is dominantly anti-industry, anti-wealth, anti-consumption, Malthusian, fearmongering, to block LENR like Shales gas.
          They will quickly make films about the horror of LENR, tel a pile of lies, of manipulated facts, paranoid analysis, using their gang of very mediatic pretended scientists, and LENR will be forbidden.

          Nuclear energy is still powefull because of the Communist, the old right, and part of the Socialist, and because it is useful to avoid bankruptcy…

          • Peter_Roe

            It’s shortly after Cameron visited EDF HQ that he moved to close down all competition (tidal power) and begin setting up under-the-table subsidies for nuclear, to avoid the EU legislation against exactly this. The trouble is they are all lining up their euro-jobs at the same time they are ‘representing’ their people.

            We have the type of ‘greens’ you mention. I met a very scary one last year at a family party. Once he’d loosened up a bit he started talking, apparently seriously, of the urgent need to reduce the global population to half a billion ‘to save the planet’.

            Education and birth control didn’t seem to come into it – he was quite impatient and most of his ideas (apparently shared by his particular sect of the Green Party) involved total fascist control and mass killing in one way or another. He was a children’s social worker.

          • not so surprising if you know the periodic fever of Malthusians ideas when poors (emerging countries) start to endanger the owner of economic rents…

            All Malthusians prediction have failed, and anyway survive.

            Quite frightening if you remember what is the last fever of Malthusians ideas, of romantic farming, nature religions… and where again it was at the top.

            LENR will not change the planned decadence of old rich countries, but it can kill the Malthusian suicide in process and the current depression mood…

            China will be the scientific leader in 20 years, but with LENR EU and USA will be a comfortable place, with an acceptable lifestyle.

  • barty

    I’m surprised that germany is on the fourth place!

    Here in germany, in my impression, the scepticism about LENR/Cold fusion is higher than average, compared with other countries 🙁

    But that’s typically for us german. The most are very conservative…

    Nevertheless there seems to be much interest!

    • captain

      The music would be surely different if E-Cat inventor was … the German Andreas Rot, born and/or living in Germany…
      Ah so, Deutschland ueber alles, nicht war?

      • MK

        >>>Ah so, Deutschland ueber alles, nicht war?<<<

        You don´t know anything about Germany today.
        This is an ugly insult.
        (And I deleted what I wrote in this place. I don´t want to share that level).

        • Ivone Martin FitzGerald

          We are all living in an EU, and I, for one, want to see UK join the Eurozone. So we should try to create a culture conducive to UK joining the single currency and Schengen zone, so less of the anti German stuff. Cold Fusion should, ideally, help to bring that about.

        • captain

          Think for awhile that I know Germans much better than what U believe…
          It’s known how German people think that good things, good products, good discoveries, good scientists, a.s.o. are mainly coming out only from Germany.
          And in a pacific discussion, when they hear that an excellent product, a great discovery, a great scientist do have foreign origins, they don’t like too much to hear that: U could be a German, me not, but be sure that I know well German people.
          So, absolutely no intention to make any discrimination.
          I don’t know what’s your life experience, but mine is wide enough.

          • MK

            I love to hear what Rossi, Celani, Miles, Godes, the people from Defkalion (and all the others I did not mention here), are achieving.
            Now the problem is, according to you, I shouldn´t.
            See the problem?

      • barty

        We are living in the 21th Century, not in ~1933. Your comment is macabre! 🙁

        I think the reason why the most german are sceptical about LENR is the fact that german news and information sources only report about the unusual business Andrea Rossi is doing with his ecat. I’m 100% sure the situation would exactly be the same if Rossi would be a german.
        They reflect this to the whole LENR-story, even if there is rising scientific proof.

    • Peter_Roe

      There is probably some distance between what the tame German media say and what the people are discovering online, just like everywhere else.

      • georgehants

        World population about 7 Billion.
        Unique visitors: 50,625.
        =0.00072321744 % if I remember how to work out a percentage correctly.
        Still room for a few more visitors before everybody is aware of Cold Fusion

        • freethinker

          True George,

          but you need to start shaving of layers and layers of that population that for misc reason not really have that opportunity to find this site or comprehend its meaning. But still, it would probably be in the billions.

          But knowing something about reaching out and get people to listen on the net, it is difficult. And taking into account the “fringeness” of this area I’d say that 50,000 unique visitors in a month is a nice number.

          Although, it should be an encouragement also that the number has a large headroom to suddenly increase in a large multiple. 🙂

        • Peter_Roe

          Ah, but only about 70% of that 7 billion will be adult, and only perhaps 5% of those are ‘connected’. And then maybe only about 20% of the remainder speak English – so applying these corrections you go right up to a massive 0.0145% of the (qualified) world population following this story at any given time – MUCH better!

          • freethinker

            But think of the huge potential of improvement 🙂

            Besides, there might be people for misc reason not viewing this site, choosing instead other sources like Rossis blog, ECN or coldfusionnow etc etc.

            But I still think these are good numbers for a special interests site.

          • georgehants

            freethinker, true but this site is I think the most important, because here every Cold Fusion report is fairly analysed and investigated by very competent people, so that us less specialised souls can understand the implications fully.
            And where else could you get to talk about the effect of phonetics while you wait, Ha.

          • Omega Z

            Yes George, For some of us that just can’t stay away, it’s a relief or something.

            Of coarse the first time we stay away for a day or so, something happens.:(

          • Jarvis Cooper

            Ok, who wants to volunteer to stay away for a day so something happens? Haha

          • R101

            “9. Australia 4,735”

            Sorry that’s me hitting refresh to see if there’s any new updates 😉

    • b4FreeEnergy

      We are not even in the list! Tssssk! 🙂

      • Peter_Roe

        Which country is that?

        • b4FreeEnergy

          Of course I could have known this question was coming … 🙂

          Belgium it is. – In the middle of Europe but nobody is paying attention apparently!

          • KD

            In Belgium you have Mr. Keshe with his spaceships and other miracles he brags about.:)

          • mario

            keshe fondation have nothing to do with belgium!!!

  • freethinker

    50,000 @ month and 80% coming back for more, that is some 40,000. Surely, it must mean that this site have people who regularly, over months, visit for information in 10s of thousands. That I find encouraging.
    So, congrats and good work admin 🙂

  • captain

    This blog has to continue to be a credible point of reference for LENR tech, mainly in Rossi’s E-Cat. It’s well visible in web search engines 🙂

    My sincere hope is that our admin could go on in keeping it clean and smooth, as he’s doing now.

    BTW, did you see how Rossi is from some days not answering to improper questions? Could hopefully this be a lesson for someone 😉

  • Lemuel

    If any of the readers would like to get the word out to a bigger audience why not compose a short explanatory message about Rossi and other emerging technologies, where they’re at, and what these things are going to mean for humanity. Pop it off to, say, twenty of your e-mail contacts, include addresses for this site and Tyler’s site ( and ask your friends to do their own research. If all the unique visitors here did that you’d have over a million interested. If they did that in turn, well who knows where it would stop. Yeah, I hate chain letters too, but I’ve done what I’m suggesting. I hesitated at first when pressing the ‘send’ button but I got a lot of positive responses including some from people with engineering backgrounds that are now following the subject intently. Oh yes. There was one negative, from an ostrich, whom I had presumed to be open-minded. I gladly await developments.
    At the very least you’ll be bringing a bit of good news to the world. MSM is carrying enough of the other stuff.

  • Omega Z

    Approximate % of population Top 10 /// Averaged=.0215% overall

    1. Sweden….. 15,572 -.165 % _ 6. United Kingdom 13,457 -.021 %
    2. Finland…. 4,233 -.080 % _ 7. Australia….. 4,735 -.021 %
    3. Netherlands 5,160 -.031 % _ 8. United States. 56,140 -.018 %
    4. Italy…… 18,297 -.030 % _ 9. Germany……. 13,644 -.017 %
    5. Canada….. 8,293 -.023 % _ 10. France…….. 5,511 -.009 %

    Unique visitors: About 1650 per day. About 600K per year at present rate.
    @ e-catworld Those who Couldn’t cut the Top 10. No E-cats for you, Neah 🙂 Ha Ha Kidding

    • martinus

      anyone from Austria? hello?

      • Coldfusion

        I am also from Austria.

  • Luca Salvarani

    It’s incredible the interest of our finnish friends… maybe there’s really cold there right now… Northern europe in general is very interested and it doesn’t surprise me! since they are the most advanced countries on Earth.

    • Karl

      I’m a swede but my pray goes to Italy and their great innovators especially in Cold Fusion…:) Not to forget the origin of F&P!

      • Luca Salvarani

        Thank you! Maybe the greatest benefit of e-cat, along with economic and environmental advancements, will be uniting different countries together to the extent to even preventing future energy or water driven conflicts! We all have to gain a lot from it everyone of us, no matter where we come from!
        It’s expecially true here in Europe where government and unelected bureaucracts are dividing us, and dangerous stupid nationalistic feelings are growing up in all our countries! That’s the only Europe I like!

        • Ivone Martin FitzGerald

          See my comment below at 12:17 about not reminding the Germans about hitler, and secondly getting Britain to become more Eurozone and Schengen zone friendly; even to the point of joining.

          • Luca Salvarani

            Dear Ivone

            It’s exactly the contrary: UK is right now leaving the EU in all but name (for example they have recently opted out from important agreements and opposing a lot of critical new ones like the stupid Tobin tax or the EU budget increase)…. and in my view they are absolutely right! I support the Thatcher view of Europe: mainly free common market, and very large autonomy for each conutry!
            Also Germany and northern europe countries led by Finland and Germany, are absolutely right on economic and financial issues… Our current configuration (designed by government burocracts and politicians… it’s not a cohincidence) doesn’t work at all: we can’t ask northern countries to fund our crazy expenses forever with no say at all! This configuration is fueling nationalistic feelings and extremist parties and can’t hold. Peoples are more divided than ever and many countries are collapsing… so are you asking for more Europe? The solution is not more Europe, but ANORTER TOTALLY DIFFERENT EUROPE!

          • Hampus

            United we are far stronger then alone. I support EU with its newly given Nobel peace price

      • captain

        Quoted from

        >>>klmdb on November 11, 2012 at 10:14 am
        Slightly more interesting: visits per capita
        Country Visits Population Visits per 1 mil people
        Sweden 15572 9453000 1647
        Finland 4233 5387000 786 <<; Mats Lewan that writes in Nyteknik that practically Rossi is a liar ==>; and as consequence the licensee Hydrofusion doesn’t trust anymore Rossi’s E-Cat tech and withdraws its confidence in Rossi’s deal ==> but excellent Suedes, scientists Kullander and Esso fully trust in Rossi’s discovery ==> and the Swedes now are the most curious to see where is the truth, thus their relatively higher visits paid to this blog for having fresh credible news on Rossi’s thermal plants.
        It was so simple to admit their faults, starting from the certificator, and repeating a second time the measurements in the right manner, as proposed by Rossi: but when there is not the will to do so…
        And Rossi in such a light, could he propose to build a factory in Sweden?

    • I don’t think it’s climate or energy price, it’s just that some Finns tend to stick around if something is going on.

      I don’t think it was an accident that this reactor was invented by an Italian. As is well known, many of the most profound inventions throughout history have been made by individuals coming from (especially Northern) Italy. I’m proud to have Italian collaborators in my scientific projects.

      • Peter_Roe

        I watched a program on TV last night about the discovery of electricity and the work of Musschenbroek, Faraday, Coulomb, Volta and Galvani. There seemed to be many parallels with LENR, including the major contributions by Italians.

  • admin

    Here’s the next 10 countries:

    11. Norway 3,847
    12. Belgium 3,438
    13. Poland 2,978
    14. Russia 2,256
    15. Austria 2,233
    16. Switzerland 2,212
    17. Spain 2,137
    18. Czech Republic 2,050
    19. Denmark 1,726
    20 Brazil 1,164

    • The total list sorted by visits per capita:
      Country Visits Population VisitsPerMillionInhabitants
      Sweden 15572 9453000 1647
      Finland 4233 5387000 786
      Norway 3847 5047000 762
      Belgium 3438 10839905 317
      Netherlands 5160 16696000 309
      Denmark 1726 5587085 309
      Italy 18297 60626442 302
      Switzerland 2212 8000001 276
      Austria 2233 8452835 264
      Canada 8293 34482779 240
      UnitedKingdom 13457 62641000 215
      Australia 4735 22620600 209
      CzechRepublic 2050 10507566 195
      UnitedStates 56140 311591917 180
      Germany 13644 81726000 167
      France 5511 65436552 84
      Poland 2978 38538447 77
      Spain 2137 46163116 46
      Russia 2256 143228300 16
      Brazil 1164 193946886 6

      • It’s almost frightening to realise how predictable we the people are. The sorted list is almost identical to cell phone or Internet penetration indices from the 1990’s: nordic countries, Benelux, Switzerland, then big EU countries and USA. Only Italy is a bit higher this time, which is not surprising. Even Norway and Denmark are right there in the “correct” place close to Sweden and Finland, even though there is no “Mats Lewan” in those countries.

        • Adam Lepczak

          Poland is on the list too, I am proud to say 😀

        • Hampus

          Us Nordics loves new technology :). Maybe Internet usage have something to do with this. Nordics (with Sweden in the top) have the highest usage of the Internet in the world. Cold fusion have mostly been covered on the net, so people who don’t use the net cant read about it.

          Btw even if Ny Teknik is in Swedish all Scandinavian countries can read it, it’s not that different languages.

          • Hampus

            The Nordic countries are also very fluent in English, this is also a reason why there numbers are so high.
            1. English speaking
            2. Well connected with fast Internet

          • HeS

            Because of the long and cold polar nights:)

  • Rudy

    please put next to your name nationality

    • Is there room for LENR inside earth? Gando et al., 2011 ( conclude that radioactive decay of uranium, thorium and potassium (as measured by neutrino detectors) can explain half of the observed geothermal heat flux of 44 TW. The other half remains basically unexplained. They speculate that it’s primordial heat which has not yet decayed.

      I think it means that there is room (although perhaps no compelling necessity) for LENR inside earth.

  • robyn wyrick

    As Greenwin noted in an earlier post, World of Wallstreet has a CF/LENR article, and the comments reference favorably.

    I am curious about the bullet he notes:

    “Rossi claims to now be working with Siemens. In Sept 2011, Siemens sold its investments in nuclear fission energy and is currently selling all its solar assets. In July 2012 it was announced that Siemens is purchasing and Italian firm, Ansaldo Energia, who engages in producing and installing thermoelectric power plants for government, independent power producers & industrial clients in Italy. Ansaldo staff attended Rossi’s demo in 2011.”

    Everything about the quote checks out, as far as I can find, (though the deal with Ansaldo seems far from done) but more importantly it describes some major positioning on the POV of Siemens.

    Siemens is quitting Nuclear Fission:

    And Siemens is quitting solar:

    The Ansaldo connection – which is a very expensive deal – makes it seem like Siemens is diving in headlong, rather than testing the waters.

    As Rossi mentioned July 31st, 2012 at 7:56 AM

    Dear Marco:
    We trust in Siemens.
    Warm Regards,

    • captain

      So far no sure news on the Ansaldo Energia-Siemens deal.
      Maybe yes, maybe no.
      It’s known that Rossi trusts in Siemens and Siemens in Rossi, because the E-Cat is the new future source of clean, safe, cheap energy.
      I’m referring to coal and nuclear plants.

    • GreenWin


      You are doing an excellent job of following the dots. Here is one you may not have yet found: Dr. Andrea Aparo is Ansaldo Energia’s Senior Adviser to the CEO. At NI Week he sat on the panel titled “Big Physics Panel Discussion on Cold Fusion.” Dr. Aparo is enthusiastic about cold fusion and its potential.

      • GreenWin

        I should add that as of mid-October, Siemens appears to be dropping their bid for Ansaldo. Mostly because the Italian legislature has resisted selling an Italian energy asset to a foreign buyer. It should also be noted that the American co-owner of Ansaldo, First Reserve, based, curiously, in Greenwich Connecticut (home of GE,) adamantly opposed sale to Siemens.

        This in no way limits Siemens interest in LENR. They could establish a direct partnership with Leonardo et al, at any time.

        • Omega Z


          I read a several weeks ago: Siemens said if the Ansaldo Energia deal wasn’t done in the 1st part of November, they would drop their Offer.

          It was about the Time that Rossi said they had signed a huge Deal with a Partner in the U.S.

          My speculation based on the info at hand & Rossi’s statements.
          The New Partner is going a different direction.
          They will Co-generate. They will Wholesale & retail.

          The Idea of Siemens buying Ansaldo would be obtaining it’s customers under contract. That not happening, Siemens will start their own Ansaldo type business.

          They start by Building Co-Gen plants to wholesale energy.
          Then Building Co-Gen plants for new customers that will come under contract.

          It’s slower then buying a ready made customer base, but Siemens is big enough they can do it.

  • Robert Mockan

    The interest is increasing on other sites as well. I posted my own articles on my web site going back over 5 years, and got maybe 100 visits a year. That included a lot of other subjects besides cold fusion, but it does indicate the interest level was very low. Last year I made a blog site just for cold fusion and it started off at about 100 visits a month. Last month some days I got 100 visits a day. If I were to post an E-Book and You Tube video showing the making of LENR catalyst, that any person could make, and demonstrate it in a reactor, I have no doubt I could probably increase visits to thousands per month, besides selling the E-Book for 5 bucks each. To any person in a better position than I to do that, the money is there if you can pull it off. The funding problems I have prevent me from continuing with that, and some other ideas, but as soon as any one can do it, the obstacles preventing me from doing it will probably disappear. So keep pushing, people. The LENR subject is going to break out soon, and it can not be soon enough.

  • clovis

    Hi, Frank.
    Good one , it was fun to see all the nice people who read your most interesting website, ecat-world will go down in history as the #one web site,that interduced ,the e- cat, and lenr to the world, and it’s saving grace, I am proud to be a member, of this great revolution,and your wonderful insight into the world of the e-cat,lenr, cold fusion, and my favorite the new fire,.

  • Miles

    Statistics from the previous Year. I’m assuming this would be slightly up from the year before?

  • Paul C

    Hi Frank – keep up the great work here, you really provide the only reliable up to date content in regards to the eCat and Dr Rossi, we can always expect new quality content almost everyday.

    Thanks Again


  • Back in the hey days of Defkalion’s Forum, when is was open slather for the likes of MkIV, maryyugo, Stella_Nokia and legendre, someone was producing charts of the top 50 members, based on the number of posts per day. One of those trolls was posting more that 30 per day!

    There’s a challenge for you Admin.

    • admin

      Now that’s something that I don’t have stats for! I will let anyone with time on their hands work on that if they want 🙂