Rossi: No More Interviews Until 1 MW Plant Made Public

Andrea Rossi has issued the following statement regarding conducting interviews. I’m glad he made his position clear, because I have been considering requesting an interview with him.

I am receiving many requests of interview in this period, and I am spamming all of them. This comment is the answer for all: I will not release any more interview of any kind until the 1 MW plant for civil use will be presented to the public. This decision has been agreed upon between our new US Partner and the Trust that owns Leonardo Corp. We think any interview in this period is simply useless, because we have nothing to add to what we have already said, while we have an enormous work to do.
I will continue to answer to the questions put on this blog from the readers of the Journal Of Nuclear Physics, though, because this blog is useful to us: here we learn, many times.
Warm Regards,

While it’s always interesting to hear Rossi talk (his spoken responses are usually longer and more detailed than his written ones), I can understand this position. And recently his answers to repeated question have always been pretty much the same, so it is fairly easy to predict what his responses will be to many questions — mainly ‘wait and see’ answers. He says that the plant for the US customer will be installed in February 2013, and that it won’t be unveiled for at least 1-2 months after installation — so we could be looking at around May 2013 for the next interview.

  • KD

    This is a statement about HOT E-Cat still in R&D state and will be delivered to customer in February.

    But what about the low temperature E-Cats already in production?

    • Frank

      “I will not release any more interview of any kind until the 1 MW plant for civil use will be presented to the public.”

      Wait a moment – isn’t there also the home e-cat?
      Shouldn’t he have said “… until the 1MW plant for civil use will be presented to the public or the home e-cat certificate will be submitted
      Why did he “forget” that ?

      • Timar

        That strikes me as a good idea to avoid inconvenient questions – like that for the whereabouts of the independent Hotcat report he announced for October.

        • Redford

          He already answered that : he always said october – november (and he did indeed). Report is still expected in november according to latest chit chat.

          • John-xyz

            He may have said Oct-Nov but you may have missed the year – 2011. Check out the posting here, 18th April last year.

      • Peter_Roe

        “Wait a moment – isn’t there also the home e-cat?”

        No there isn’t. Rossi has said on more than one occasion that certification of a domestic unit will not be possible until there is a sufficient safety record of industrial operation. As I’m sure you know.

        Off back to ECN now, and thanks for dropping by.

        • Frank

          “… certification of a domestic unit will not be possible until there is a sufficient safety record of industrial operation.”

          Hmm, seems to become a very looong wait then, since there isn’t any known public operational 1MW plant yet, and a “secret” one is obviously not accounted:

          Herb Gillis
          November 7th, 2012 at 6:44 PM
          Andrea Rossi:
          In regard to the certification process. If I understand correctly; you had said that more extensive data will need to be collected from the industrial (1MW) Ecats in operation in order to convince the organizations responsible for certification that the domestic Ecats are safe (ie. can be certified for sale). Does data collected by the un-named customer (of October-28-2011) count in this process? Does data collected internally within your company count in this process?
          Regards; HRG.

          Andrea Rossi
          November 8th, 2012 at 4:05 AM
          Dear Herb Gills:
          No, because are under NDA.
          Warm Regards,

          • captain

            Suppose Rossi gives his ‘partner’ a working ‘prototype’ of 1MW hot plant… and suppose Siemens is his partner…

            No need of further interviews, but hard work in silence.

            The only question could be: where to invest the money?

          • Jim

            Live inside the mountains, work well with metals, like the broad axe, often broad chested and built low to the ground…

          • Jim

            Oh shoot, those are dwarves..

          • vbasic

            Actually, the answers he gives on his JONP are often more informative than interviews. Often a one sentence or one word ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to questions will lead to hundreds of comments here and elsewhere. The one thing about Rossi, he loves to chat. JONP was a stroke of genius on his part.

          • Peter_Roe

            Close enough!

          • Peter_Roe

            Yes, Frank, it is likely to be a long time before home e-cats are permitted – as I said when Rossi originally (and over-optimistically) announced his plans for them, and have been saying ever since.

            While we wait, maybe you could explain another strange thing. That is why do people such as yourself spend time posting here negatively, and trawling through Rossi’s blog to find snippets you hope will damage him, when you supposedly have as much belief in the e-cat as I do in angels?

            But while I do not believe in angels, I don’t find it necessary to spend time posting on angel-related blogs in an attempt to try to discredit the idea of angels. That would be entirely pointless, as the existence of angels is simply a null hypothesis for me, and does not require my refutation.

            So I would be gripped to hear why you choose to spend time and effort doing the equivalent here, and no doubt anywhere else where your comments are not deleted as soon as they are noticed. Perhaps you are trying to save ‘believers’ from themselves in the usual laudable fashion of some beneficent skeptics, or are ‘fascinated’ or ‘amused’ by the antics of inferior minds, or..

            Enlighten me.

    • clovis

      KD, hi.
      You have it wrong, please do some reading before making such a statement.
      The hot cat is being evaluated, the e-cat LT, is now being installed in a real working power plant it will be delivering steam to their plant and will be ready for public inspection probably by christmas, not long to wait, man’ what a christmas present that would be.–smile

      • stuey81

        proof of this will make me smile clovis. proof? / link?

      • stuey81

        arent i allowed to ask for a link to clovis claim above admin, why was my post deleted?

  • clovis

    Hi, Frank.
    An old saytng ,It’s goes something like this—,-people that know don’t talk,and people that talk don’t know,— and that’s is just the way it is.
    We can only hope that Dr. Rossi is still alive, and that he still holds the fire.
    If not the powers that be has taken over, again.—clovis

    • Lu

      This reminds me of Defkalion going black.

      • Peter_Roe

        Not really. He’s just said he will not be giving interviews – he’ll still be blogging on JONP, and hopefully, any results from 3rd party testing of the hot cat will still be published in due course.

        • Lu

          Try asking him a question that he doesn’t like. Pooof, you and your question are gone.

          I am looking forward to the 3rd party report. Too bad he won’t be taking questions he can’t refuse.

          I actually don’t believe Rossi much and we will see some interviews from him or his surrogates anyway so it’s no big deal.

          • alien70

            Yes, that is true. The censorship of the questions at JONP
            is pathetic.

          • ROBERTM

            I witnessed a bench test energy catalyzer while on a trip to Italy. It isn’t that special of a machine. It accepts power input and produces heat.

            I couldn’t tell how much EXTRA heat though, I wasn’t allowed to touch the device.

          • Karl

            Your comment seems to be quite meaningless. Can you clarify your point. You were not allowed to touch a working machine?

          • Iggy Dalrymple

            My interpretation is that ROBERTM witnessed a LENR reactor in operation but he was not allowed to touch it.

          • Karl

            Ok – fine if it was a honest comment. Sometimes one get kind of obsessed by those who try to make too “funny” comments.

      • Sophie P

        Defkalion have not ‘gone black’, they released an independent report about three weeks ago.

    • Sophie P

      Why wouldn’t he still be alive? It’s one thing to say he hasn’t got what he claims (although personally I think he probably has), and quite another to accuse him of faking his own death!

      • clovis

        Hi, Sophie.
        I didn’t mean he would fake his on death, sorry
        I just worry about Mr. Rossi, and unless some of us personally speaks to him we can only hope for his well being, that said,
        I do worry less now that he is involved with a large corp.
        As you can see here in these pages there are some that would do him harm for some insane reason, the man is trying his best to bring us something that benefit all humanity,

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    A very logical decision. It makes a lot of sense if his strategy is to build as many E-Cats as possible without revealing his IP in a patent. It makes a lot of sense for Rossi not to give interviews to keep his IP as a trade secret for as long as possible. The trick will be knowing when to reveal the IP in a patent to get protection. I do not understand why the US government does not issue him a patent without Rossi revealing his IP. If Rossi’s IP does not work no harm done, if it does work, LENR will be on a fast track with the world heading toward energy independence.

    • Peter_Roe

      If he forms a strategic alliance with one or two industrial generator plant manufacturers such as Siemens US, or GE, he probably doesn’t need a patent immediately, and certainly not to go into series production. He can build a number of anti-tamper measures into his units, and will know exactly where every one is, even if thousands are made over the coming year or two.

      Besides, his partner will have the same interest in protecting IP, and will take suitable precautions as well. Patents can come later, when he can point to ‘Rossi reactor’ generator plants operating openly (I hope he has patent attorneys working on these right now, rather than doing the diagrams himself, with his school protractor set).

      Piantelli’s patent for a CF reactor ( seems to have been approved by USPTO, and in any case it will be difficult to deny Rossi approval when Siemens or GE are knocking out generators that use the devices.

      • Chris

        Rossi won’t be selling thousands, he said he’ll be selling very few.

        His patent application has failed essentially because he does not give enough details for someone to make it work. Iven if the patent examiner had come to see it working and check it to satisfaction, it still isn’t a valid patent application. If he had not ommitted the specification of a “catalyst” that works, it would only be a case of whether or not it actually does work. But he hasn’t so far done that (he still has the chance, for 2 or 3 moths yet) and it’s the real thing he would have to do..

        You just can’t get a patent by saying “I know a way to do X but I won’t tell you all details” and tell them several superfluous things instead. You just can’t. No matter how well it does work and they see it too, you just can’t do it like that.

        In short, you just can’t patent a secret.

        • Bernie Koppenhofer

          Governments make patent laws. They can do whatever they decide is in the best interest of their country. Especially if it solves climate change.

          • GreenWin

            Funny so MANY AGW guys are near patho-skeps of LENR. What’s the axe they’re grinding?

          • Iggy Dalrymple

            LENR just doesn’t have the religious appeal of windmills and solar.

          • Jim

            Actually, by comparision, LENR is kind of wierd. Solar and wind versus oil and nuclear is kind of this giant cultural battle between the happy little sharing bosons and leptons versus the heavy serious owning hadrons. But LENR is like, what? Some strange, slightly disturbing co-mingling of leptons and hadrons? Ooh! Take the children out of the room!

          • AGW question is no more scientific. frauds are proved like with MIT/mallove story.
            Lobby are, unlike LENR, very active.

            on LENR we are lucky that for now it is only an ego war and conservatism. not yet billion of subsidies and funding to share.

            LENR also have that advantage that you can prove/disprove it is right in less than 100 years.

            LENR is not based on model (the opposite) but on experiments… anyway denial is the same. consensu is manipulated the same. another cart circle build, but not by the same team… consensu is on believing instead of denying, but it is denial on both cases.

            There are evidence of lack of evidence, of errors, of manipulation of consensus and of critics, that let no doubt that nothing can be proved (yet), and some data that nothing could ever be proved.
            Beside that hopefull there are evidence, despite media alarms, that it is not a problem.

            moreover LENR will solve the problem by doing what alarmist ask, without the cost that non-alarmist fear… the butter and the money of the butter (fr_fr).

            Anyway the problem is not AGW, but Malthusian dream, degrowth, scarcity , technology fear… so AGW won’t be solved but displaced to another fear…

            you cannot solve a psychiatric problem with technology.

          • Peter_Roe

            Well said. +1

          • Chris

            They can’t do just as they please concerning international patents and that’s what Rossi would need as an alternative to secrecy. It would be far better than guarding his secret which is not going to last long if disbelief ceases.

            Besides, what you mean is that they could, but this doesn’t coincide with what they do. OTOH, most of them offer legal protection of industrial secrecy, but this differs radically from the essential principle of a patent and anyway in Rossi’s case it is literally a joke to rely on it. His only hope would be to supply just the energy without delivering the boxes, always keeping them on property of his own.

        • Peter_Roe

          “Rossi won’t be selling thousands, he said he’ll be selling very few.”

          If the scenario that Leonardo has formed some kind of strategic partnership with a company such as Siemens US is correct, then the logical end point for phase 1 would be a CF powered boiler or boiler/turbine combination that can be substituted for an existing gas, coal or oil-fired boiler/turbine, in order to serve as a ‘drop-in’ replacement for an existing and widely-used model from the manufacturer’s range.

          Development of such a machine would involve an investment of many millions, which both parties would be looking to recoup asap. Not only that but there are great incentives to be first on the market, not least being the threat of competition.

          The inevitable logic of this is that once a standard module has been developed that can be used to retrofit existing plant (such as power stations), then probably the only limitation on numbers will be the manufacturing capacity available. As new resources are brought to bear on this, it would be unsurprising if production numbers grow geometrically following success of a pilot installation. Assuming no political interference (possibly a dangerous assumption) there would be little to stop such growth, apart perhaps from Rossi’s wish to retain control, which is likely to be overridden by the demands of normal commercial operation.

          Regarding patent protection, this will be required at some point (possibly when Rossi senses that competitors or replicators are getting too close) but is unlikely to be essential for initial forays into the industrial market.

          • Chris

            Slow down, firstly we don’t know what this new partner is and conjectures are no more than that. Mostly, as far as existing thermoelectric plants go, in Pordenone Rossi said a very unfortunate thing: There are major bureaucratic hurdles to making even minor changes to such installations that the management strongly avoids them and he says he found just too much obstruction in offering conversions. I would hope this attitude can change if the advantages get to be convincing.

            It would be great if he would sell in China, where in recent years new thermoelectric plant constructions have been sprouting like mushrooms. Unfortunately, in Pordenone he made a grimace down at the table when China was mentioned and muttered that he refuses to sell to them.

            Since watching the Pordenone videos in full, I think his current commercial strategy is less than optimum for him and for the general public. If the major change is that he is teaming up with a large electric utility, it would at least be an improvement as far as volume goes. Still I think he needs a better strategic plan.

      • captain

        It seems to me that both Bernie and Peter are right.
        Think awhile: thru a strong company backup (Siemens?), Rossi may start producing hot plants to drive turbines for electricity and thus replacing the nuclear plants.
        Just starting with a working prototype for some months to get sufficient data.
        Then if everything is OK, deciding where to have factories to produce them…i.e. in US and Italy.
        And that’s all.

      • kwhilborn

        Piantelli could come along and sue Rossi for building an item he holds the patent for.

        It is not even like Rossi built one first as Rossi built upon the backs of Piantelli and Celani.

        When Gray invented the Telephone he was not allowed to build/sell any because another fellow named Alexander Bell had gotten to the Patent office first.

        Rossi is playing a dangerous game not taking patent appications seriously. It does cast doubt. He has never even publicly demonstrated a hotcat. It is just HERESAY ACCORDING TO ANY COURT OF LAW. The ecat has also only been demonstrated for 18 hours back in the day stability was a problem.

        His plan seems to be to sell large units only because they cannot be dissected by Black Market Investors. I doubt home units will ever come from Rossi, and bet more than 1/2 of the people on his list will cancel and buy black market versions.

        Now he appears to be going into hibernation for almost a year and we won’t be abe to ask him any questions until next July’ish.

        Let’s hold some hope for the Marti Fleischmann Memorial Project, and hope they can wake up society.

        I could care less about the ecat/hotcat. THE ONLY THING I WANT TO SEE IS ACCEPTANCE OF LENR to the point where BILLIONS OF DOLLARS ARE INVESTED IN R&D.

        • Bernie Koppenhofer

          Rossi is taking his patent seriously, he has just decided for now, not to reveal his IP. He can drag out his patent application for several years if necessary and then reveal his IP.

          I agree with you LENR research is the obvious path for governments, the big question is why they have not pursued LENR? Of course it could not be the oil, coal and gas lobby could it?

          • GreenWin

            Don’t forget hot fusion and fission. They all have egg on their face.

          • georgehants

            Wonderful day.

          • Karl

            That’s a good one:)

          • kwhilborn

            I agree Oil may hold some sway although I argue that anybody with oil money also has as much Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Google money by now, and likely want a greener planet for their kin.

            Still true however, and that is why I dislike all the secrecy. If you can prove this works then it is a crime against humanity to keep it hidden. People die from air pollution daily as well as from lack of water, energy, lack of irrigation, global warming.

            I agree that it would just be nice to know everyone accepted LENR and it was in all our textbooks as valid.

            Missouri got a 5 Million grant from Kimmel, but imagine what a billion dollars would do in a lab?

            If an automotive company would run with it and produce fast LENR racecars.


          • GreenWin

            “…but imagine what a billion dollars would do in a lab?”

            Let’s keep in mind the TAXPAYERS have given hot fusion scientists $275 Billion over the last 60 years – yet we have not ONE Watt of excess power.

            Point being, IF research follows the evidence regardless of political influences (an unlikely thought) – a billion is a kingly sum. IF, however, money is funneled as Dr. Robert Bussard revealed, as white collar welfare — we will see little progress.

          • kwhilborn

            An investment much smaller could go farther now that we can reproduce LENR.

            I did not know past investment was that high, but I knew it was high.

            Imagine 1 billion putting 1000 Andrea Rossis to work for a few years.

        • Peter_Roe

          Yes, patent ‘wars’ are inevitable once the first CF boiler is on the market. But if Rossi really is allied with a large industrial partner, and they jointly begin selling multi-million-dollar-a-time gensets or similar, they will have the advantage. Even if they failed to gain full control, they could lock up the secrets for years through legal processes.

          My personal feeling (like yours, I think) is that this is a technology that is so important, that the whole world’s resources need to be used to help develop it – and right away. I hope that Rossi (or Piantelli or anyone else) fails to gain patent protection, so that it can be developed by literally anyone with the desire and resources to do so, just as electrical or electronic devices are.

          MFMP and the Pirelli/Hydrobetatron group are big steps in the right direction, but what we desperately need is for some similar open group to independently replicate hot-cat-like performance, so that it is immediately available to all mankind.

          • Yes, good point. We need replication of the Hot Cat.

          • GreenWin

            How about verification by the “university professors?”

          • GreenWin

            Peter, I think it fair to say that Rossi already has a rather hefty partner in the United States military establishment. Navy has been involved in LENR since it got silenced, ostensibly by failure to reproduce F&P. Navy did not terminate research though. And today, we have many many evidences of DARPA, NASA, NRL, (ENEA) etc. work to develop the successor to fission energy. Hey, if they weren’t involved I’d wonder why not!

            Patent protection does NOT mean a technology need be confined or restricted. It means (should mean) an inventor, originator, creative soul, can benefit from the fruit of his/her creative labor.

            The worry is, and has long been the messages used to instill fear in the human psyche – principally there is not enough. THIS is IMO, the big lie. In a universe consensus agrees is infinite – there is infinite possibility (a superposition of possible :))

            There ARE numerous minds known and unknown at work on LENR, and some will be more successful than others. IP protection extends via fair license to anyone who wants to compete.

            Further, LENR is an important spiritual catalyst in that it is teaching humanity, that energy is not finite, the universe is abundant, and there IS enough for everyone. Prudence dictates the paradigm change happen with a minimum of upheaval to good, working systems. Consumer safety is a real issue. Industrial, humanitarian, and political transition are real issues. But what wonderful issues!

            In the end, if we can elevate human consciousness to an assumption of abundance – even the “secret” of the hot cat will not matter. Because there is plenty where that comes from. We need only be fully open to the material and spiritual intuitions allowing it.

          • Peter_Roe

            GW: Lots of good points I could hardly disagree with – except your implicit assumption that the US Navy’s involvement is necessarily a good thing.

            Seen from outside America, the US military is not benevolent in any discernable manner, and seems to be a rather dangerous torchbearer for CF technology.

            Once success is demonstrable to those some way up the military food chain, it seems likely that not only will the doors slam shut, but that involved outsiders like Rossi will be kept quiet, and every attempt will most probably be made to ensure that the tech does not leave the building.

            Military organisations look after their own interests first (in this case presumably, maritime propulsion and power in space) and only when any given technology has been superseded will it begin to leak out through secondary contractors, and then on to the world.

          • GreenWin

            Excellent points, Peter. I do not disagree. Perhaps I am overly idealistic in suggesting that, absent the need for militant protection of scarce resources (e.g. fossil energy) – military’s mission could change. Becoming less defensive (DOD) and more civilly engaging.

            Frankly, if military feels better having “exclusive” control of fancy tech… we could go a LOT further than anomalous heat effect. e.g. interstellar wormholes, stargates, EPR teleport, micro-singularities, etc.

            Given your axiom, we might assume some fancier-than-LENR technology is around. And military/industrial can EARN big intergalactic points, by paving its way into civilian life.

          • Peter_Roe

            Agree. CF is is just one glimpse into what becomes possible when the horse blinkers are removed. Just this one phenomenon will lead to a whole new ‘branch’ of physics, and I suspect that a number of others will follow when more scientists feel empowered to look at ‘forbidden’ things.

    • HeS

      I think that the patent is too broad. Blocks the possibility of building other (not the same but similar) devices based on LENR.

      • GreenWin

        Check out the Widom Larsen patent for a “gamma shield.” Pages and pages of wish fulfillment.

    • Mattias

      Well US are by its military force controlling the oil lines in the world if we are independent of oil what good are the us army? The US gov are terrified of rossi if this thing work the power balance in the world will shift, thats why the patent are handled as it is. At the same time the military will have the energy for its troops and want to control the force that’s why they are ordering a plant in the first place. They know the gene are out of the bottle now the whant to delay it so they can figure out a way to handle the gene better than the rest of the world..

      • Peter_Roe

        I think others have suggested the possibility that the US government might at some point seize CF patents ‘in the interests of National Security’. I don’t know if that is actually possible (or at least, lawful) but it sounds to me like the kind of thing that the US govt. is entirely capable of.

        • GreenWin

          Such an act is considered a “rogue” action. Without legal or constitutional foundation. Like certain “black” operations that are civilly unsupervised and – thereby illegal. And as such, they cannot claim protection in privilege such as “national security” or Executive Order. Such actions are unlawful – subject to criminal prosecution.

          • Peter_Roe

            Mmm, but if 10% of what conspiracy theorists claim is true about US taxpayer’s money diverted to ‘black ops’ is true, then there is a whole bunch of illegal activity going on pretty much as a matter of course.

            Maybe as a US taxpayer you own a piece of this?

          • GreenWin

            I do. And I am a little miffed I have not been invited aboard for a cruise over Albuquerque. The spherical center drive probably uses the ferro-mag liquid we are experimenting with in XYZ laboratory – off planet.

            Ah well, I’m waiting for anti-grav sneakers so I can play better basketball.

  • wonderboy

    This may be a dumb question, is he talking about the hotcat or the ecat thermal 1mw plant?

    • Peter_Roe

      Hot cat being field tested in the US by an unspecified new partner, thought to be a maker of industrial generator sets.

      • kwhilborn

        That’s interesting if true. How do you get this information, and do you think it’s accurate?

        • Peter_Roe

          Best guess based on various hints, comments and commercial logic. We’ll find out if it’s accurate in a few months, barring ‘leaks’.

          • kwhilborn

            Thanks. Hope it’s true

    • Ged

      The low temp E-cat seems to be getting abandoned now. But no surprise due to the vastly higher (and more useful) temps of the hot cat. That’s what the investor board is excited about, and since they are the rudder on the ship…

      • Wonder

        I agree, it does seem to be getting abandoned. Has Rossi provided any specific update on his journal about abondoning it? Last thing I thought i saw on it was that it had a November date (and the hot cat had the feb date) and was being installed in Italy with potential of visiting it.

        just seems to have disappeared….

      • Renzo

        No, it doesn’t seem to be getting abandoned. The low temp 1 MW plants are to be sold by Prometeon and nothing has changed.
        The warm-cat and the hot-cat have different applications. For air conditioning and refrigeration the low temp plant is ok.

        • Ged

          Well, that is very true. I mean more in the sense of the development push, and Rossi’s focus. He’s moved on, but the low temps are a finished product that may not get any more development any time soon. I guess we’ll see!

        • Hampus

          I hope that a warm ecat plant will be made public sometime soon. They have been for sale quite some time, and we need a new certification for the hot ecat that will slow things down as well.

    • Sophie P

      Some of you might be interested in this presentation with a list of reputable scientists who are certain that LENR is real (it’s a LOT more than just Rossi and Defkalion) and a list of people who have directly tested and found it doesn’t work (i.e. NONE as of last week).

      • daniel maris

        It’s been nice to see Tyler’s document develop into a very powerful statement.

        • Karl

          You miss or probably want to the point as Tyler is mostly reasoning probabilities which I think is fair. It is an interesting document to my mind and a reasonable personal reasoning around the current situation for CF/LENR. I do not see that anyone have used the term powerful statement. This statements stands for you. Can perhaps explain what you mean?

          • Stanny Demesmaker

            Tyler’s document is a good summary of the reality of LENR, when I read example the comments on ECN they can confuse you in thinking that LENR isn’t real. It states very clear with good sources that LENR is real, and then it isn’t a big jump to accept Rossi’s / Defkalions claims as real.

          • Karl

            Agree it’s a good summary where CF/LENR stands but the document itself is not a powerful statement. I may have misinterpreted Daniel Maris by what it seems an ironical questioning comment?

          • Jim

            Power = capability. “Powerful statement” = “highly capable statement”. Capable of what? Capable of the things that statements have the capacity to be capable of. Such as education and persuasion. Both of which are probabilistic. And in this case impossible to measure. So evaluations of this are dependent on subject view.

            My subjective view is that it is a powerful statement.

            Anything else you would like to raise questions about? Are you sure the sky is blue? Will the sun come up tomorrow?

          • Karl

            You may be right. Perhaps I misinterpreted the original wordings “Powerful statement” in hast because it is not my first language. Are you sure the sky is blu? 🙂

      • Blanco69

        If I try to fly from London to New York using nothing more than a banana and find that it doesn’t work. Should I then say that I have proven that flight is impossible? I think they mean that the methods they tried were unsucessful. That’s a bit different.

        • RGCheek

          Good point. It is almost impossible to prove something to not be possible at all. Allone can do is prove that something cant be done in that particular process or approach.

          That does not disprove there cant be methods that do in fact work and that no one has found such.

          • Alex

            It is possible to prove something to not be possible. The laws of physics are a good place to start. When a particular process raises a question that those laws don’t explain, it is not that it has been proven or dis-proven, but that the process itself has one of two characteristics. Flaw or Fundamental. The Majority of the scientific community believe that LENR is a flaw, but the equation isn’t equal due to the excess heat. So, every experiment repeated or unique will attempt to prove the flaw unless the Fundamental is found in the process. I would like someone, smarter than myself, to uncover the Fundamental equation that can fully explain a repeatable process for a new law of Physics to be published. I have hope for LENR, but will only be a believer when I can see the written formula that explains the science.

          • georgehants

            Alex, We are here, there is no law, no proven theory, science does not have a clue how or why we are here.
            Are you saying, that you will not believe that we are here until our creator steps onto the podium and sings an aria.

          • there is a sensible 3rd possibility that it is a Fundamental Flaw in the critics.

            LENR critics are based on badly understanding QM today, and ignoring the “unknown zone” of “coherent behaviors”… It is absolutely like that for superconduction of semiconductors, what seems impossible, is simply bad assumptions, oversimplification, bad habits…

            of course maybe there is a huge Fundamental change in todays QM… but there is no need.
            The flaw is probably in conformism, mediocrity, lack of courage and of intelligence.

            About experimental flaws, there is a so huge pile of different experiments, and no real pattern of error source, that this would be the worst unlucky story of physics…

          • Tommy

            Some time ago Rossi said “no more demonstrations”.
            Now he says “no more interviews”.
            Next we will hear there is no further development as Andrea Rossi has again fooled the world.

  • AstralProjectee
    • Peter_Roe

      Processes such as this will probably increase the cost of ‘waste’ materials quite quickly, and investors may find it difficult to recover their investment, let alone make a profit (even ignoring CF, that will blow anything like this out of the water).

      Here in the UK there are advanced plans for ‘re-purposing’ one of our largest coal-burning power stations (Drax) to burn timber waste, much of it shipped 3500m across the Atlantic from the US, where it will have already have clocked up thousands of miles in ground transport. How green is that?? (Is there something wrong with politician’s brains, or what?).

      • I agree that biofuels are not needed if CF exists. However, with cheap CF energy, waste processing in general might boom. Perhaps we will see “universal recyclers” which can decompose arbitrary (non-radioactive) wastes back into elemental raw materials by applying a suitably high temperature. Existing junkyards could become valuable feedstock for such recycling business. Sooner or later such such concepts are needed because rock mining is about equally unsustainable in the long run as the use of fossil fuels.

        • Peter_Roe

          Developments like the biofuels process linked above are finally leading to the inevitable – mining ‘landfill’ waste sites for metals, plastics and glass, and recycling the organic content for energy (one way or another):-

          Hopefully this will still be a viable proposition when CF power becomes available, as the resources recovered are probably more valuable than energy derived from the organic waste. In any case, liquid fuels will remain essential for a long time to come and should retain a premium value.

          • GreenWin

            Liquid fuel will certainly remain the major energy source for jet and ICE powered aircraft. Unnecessary for the anti-grav fleet.:)

          • Peter_Roe

            And for my vintage cars! My wife can have the family grav-sled.

          • Iggy Dalrymple

            And your new car, assuming you want to take an occasional day trip.

  • Anothercoilgun

    The only question to answer in any interview is WHEN will 1 MW unit be made available to the public.

    • Peter_Roe

      You may need to replace all your arc lights with ordinary bulbs, and to try closing your windows and outside doors when you’re running the central heating.

      • georgehants