Energy Picture Changing in the United States

As we watch current developments of LENR, and wait for its emergence in the commercial realm, it’s important to realize that there are other developments afoot in the energy world, which may have an influence on the prospects of LENR. I have come across some news stories lately that I think are quite interesting, and may have an impact on how LENR is received.

1. U.S. oil output to overtake Saudi Arabia’s by 2020, IEA Says (Washington Post)

Around 2017, the U.S. will be the largest oil producer of the world, overtaking Saudi Arabia,” IEA Chief Economist Fatih Birol said at a press conference in London today. “This is of course a major development and definitely will have significant implications.

2. An American Oil Find that Holds More Oil than all of OPEC (ABC News)

A recent report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office estimated that if half of the oil bound up in the rock of the Green River Formation could be recovered it would be “equal to the entire world’s proven oil reserves.”

Both the GAO and private industry estimate the amount of oil recoverable to be 3 trillion barrels.

“In the past 100 years — in all of human history — we have consumed 1 trillion barrels of oil. There are several times that much here,” said Roger Day, vice president for operations for American Shale Oil (AMSO).

3. GE, Pickens’ Clean Energy in natural-gas supply deal for trucks (Reuters)

General Electric Co (GE.N) reached a deal to sell equipment to Clean Energy Fuels Corp (CLNE.O), which is building out a series of liquefied natural gas fueling stations for U.S. truckers . . .

Clean Energy, which counts T. Boone Pickens as its largest investor, agreed to buy two GE-made MicroLNG plants to provide liquefied natural gas for a network of 70 natural gas fueling stations it is opening at truck stops along U.S. interstate highways this year, the company said in a statement released on Tuesday.

4. A Market in Emissions Is Set to Open in California (New York Times)

California’s fledging market-based system for reducing greenhouse gas emissions makes its formal debut on Wednesday with its auction of state-issued pollution allowances.

All these reports are dealing with the energy situation in the United States, and stories 1-3 are connected with the resurgence of the U.S. as an energy producer. It will be interesting to see what the effect of the emergence of E-Cat power might have on this oil and gas boom. Would commercial and political forces welcome a new form of energy if the oil and natural gas industries are doing well?

It should be noted that U.S. oil production from shale remains profitable only when oil prices remain relatively high (e.g. in Utah/Colorado), since a great deal of heat is required to liquify the oil trapped within the shale rock. Shale production break even price is estimated to be around $65 per barrel. It is around $40-45 per barrel in the Bakken oil fields of North Dakota and Montana, where oil is extracted by hydraulic fracturing (fracking).

There are also environmental regulations to consider — and story no. 4 shows that California at least is trying a new way to reduce the amount of carbon produced. Whether the Federal government will try again to implement a nationwide cap and trade program remains to be seen. The recent Obama victory may embolden environmentalists to make another push in this direction, although cap and trade legislation failed in Obama’s first term.

Government mandated reductions of carbon emmissions should help the cause of LENR, also if there is more regulation of fracking, something which is being pushed by many environmentalists in the U.S. However it turns out, the prospects for LENR commercialization are going to be influenced by the wider energy picture — and that picture appears to be a changing one.

  • Pachu

    The LENR fron is in a quiet time, sign they are working. Good.

    • Andrew Macleod

      Although an abundance of oil is good news for the average consumer we have to stop and think. Is it worth sacrificing our planets future health for the sake of convenience? Should we ignore better options because it’s too much work to do it a different way?

    • Joel C.

      If Rossi’s Hot Cat pans out, there is no doubt the oil drillers are gonna use them (or other LENR products in the market) to create the heat needed to extract the oil from the “3-trillion barral” oil shale.

      If we have to do this, it would have to facilitate the transition from oil-based economy to that of LENR-based.

      • sparks

        Those high oil production predictions presume that the world will be able to pay extremely high prices for the oil. An additional problem with shale deposits is that they deplete very quickly. So you have to keep drilling new holes just to stay even. In order to increase shale production, a huge number of new drilling rigs will be required. Those are very expensive. While cheap heat via LENR would be a help, it would not make the drilling rigs and drilling labor any less expensive. As it stands now, natural gas is very cheap, and they get the needed heat from that resource. So as regards shale oil production, all LENR would do is replace one cheap heat source with another. Bottom line: Oil will never be cheap again, so don’t go out and buy a gas-guzzler on the basis of this latest spate of oil industry propaganda!

        • CF/LENR is the mother of energy. It could helping
          any high energy consumer industry to develop
          including shale-oil-gas industry.

          • AstralProjectee

            You should know that it would still be more economical in general to just use cold fusion. Any other energy source would just be used as an auxiliary, like oil to lubricate or something like that. Obviously we will still use natural gas, ethanol, and coal but not for energy very much.

          • GreenWin

            Part disclose Astral, I use ethanol to lubricate my aging wheels – which however, seems not to prevent them from squeaking. 🙂

          • AstralProjectee

            That would be an auxiliary use of ethanol, but not the main source of energy. That is what I am trying to say.

          • GreenWin

            Got it AP. Laughter is the language of the gods.

          • AstralProjectee

            Also we will not even be pumping out that oil within a few decades since it will be economical at that point to make oil synthetically in the lab. The low energy prices will make it a viable option.

      • GreenWin

        Joel, imagine a conversation circa 1910.

        “Well, Clem, here’s your next month’s supply of kerosene for your light fixtures.

        Y’know, Fred, I’m gonna cancel this month.

        Oh, yeah? Why?

        ‘Cause I am gettin’ me the electric lights. Don’t need no fuel, burn clean, don’t got no smell. The wife y’know…

        Oh… I been hearin’ that from a lota customers. My kid tells me I should get outta the oil bizness an into ‘lectricity.

        Yeah. Kids these days. Mebbe they’s onto somethin!”

  • Peter_Roe

    All these new-found fossil fuel reserves represent an enormous investment, and probably mean that CF could acquire a new load of enemies in the US energy industry. While CF power could greatly reduce the cost of extracting many of these resources, the competition it would represent in the open energy markets would be fought at any cost.

    Just another reason why I think that LENR will be ring-fenced for use by corporate players only, for the foreseeable future.

    • Joel C.

      LENR will probably win at the end, given technological breakthroughs are going make LENR products cheaper and more efficient. What would also help LENR is its applications – a broader array of applications for LENR, that can be done cheaply compared to other energy technologies. A electric vehicle running on LENR would be a great start.

      • buffalo

        yes nickel and hydrogen are so common it would be realy realy hard for a government entity to control,let alone stamp out a mushrooming lenr boom,asuming lenr to be real and practical.

        • That includes a black market for Black Cats made in small shops. I predict the essential info (secret catalysts, control chips, etc.) will be widely available within 1-3 years due to massive pent-up demand.

          And note, super high efficiency is not required. Black Cats of moderate efficiency will still be extremely popular.

          • GreenWin

            “Black Cats of moderate efficiency will still be extremely popular.” Just what I suggested to a neighbor. He’s a witch.

  • morse

    I thought oil from shale rock was devastating for the environment? As long as there is money involved they will even sell their mother !

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Big oil will not let themselves be priced out of the energy market without a huge fight. The next five years will be very interesting.

    • Miles

      I think “Adapt or Die” comes into play. Business models will need to change.

      • GreenWin

        Yep. Those really in the “energy” biz, will learn to love LENR, or die hating it.

  • Robert Mockan

    A growth oil-use rate of 7% doubles consumption every 10 years, and the oil consumed in that time will be equal to all the oil consumed previously. Another 10 years, or 20 years from the present, and 3 times all of the oil consumed to the present time will have been used up. The oil extraction they are talking about is energy intensive, technically difficult, thus expensive. And the final cost will reflect that. We are still looking at gasoline costs in the USA at least similar to Europe. $10 per gallon is a certainty, and that probably before the end of this decade.

    Continuing to burn oil for heat and power, when there are alternatives, would be something only very stupid people would do. Especially when it is far more profitable to preserve the resource as stock for industrial materials, such as plastics, that can be made into products and sold for a greater markup than gasoline and diesel.

    Will it continue?

    Does a duck quack? The answer is pretty obvious.

    But maybe LENR can make a difference.

    • Robert Mockan

      A successful civilization will not leave billions of people living in poverty, with millions dying of hunger, thirst, disease, lack of shelter, education, every year. Not to mention dying of old age in a hell on earth created by poverty. People must be empowered and that means private property ownership, without authoritarian, totalitarian, centralized command and control economic and monetary system imposition designed to perpetuate debt slavery generation after generation.

      To raise the standard of living of those billions of people, so they have the time and inclination to seek liberty rather than have their lives wasted attempting to survive the obstacles created by the insane oligarchy that presently rules, will require much more energy than a few more trillions of barrels of oil can provide, for the indefinite future, not just until it runs out within another generation.

      Continued delay implementing cold fusion technology, is killing millions of people, and will kill millions more.

      LENR could be the paradigm changing technology that could, for the first time since the money changers took over thousands of years ago, make it possible to have a “successful” civilization.

      • Sophie P

        You’re not suggesting we’ll be able to stop people dying of old age are you? Not even with LENR, zero-point energy AND space travel. And supposing we did, what about overpopulation?

        • Joel C.

          I have heard about the “overpopulation” argument many times before.

          It is not a good one.

          With unlimited and cheap energy, overpopulation is not an issue at all. I’m sure you can think of the different ways that’ll solve the problem.

          • Sophie P

            Well OK, but it’s still not possible to stop ageing is it?

          • Jim

            Not yet. But it’s all just little gears. And engineering is rapidly following science into the nano realm, where bio- and mecho- will be hard to differentiate. We’re definitely not in Kansas anymore.

            Although I think admin is near there… 🙂

          • GreenWin

            SophieP, sure it is. Just stop in time.

          • Peter_Roe

            Things may be heading in that direction:


        • Filip48

          You’re gonna need a lot of people to fill up the universe, unlimited time and space.

          • buffalo

            hey you know how much petrol it takes to lift a single human in2 outer space?who,s gona pay for that petrol buddy

          • Sending a person to orbit takes a few tonnes of fuel when things are a bit optimised with existing tech. A similar amount the person would typically consume on earth in one year. The liftoff fuel wouldn’t be a show stopper for large scale space colonisation.

          • Filip48

            LENR, if working, is promissing for space colonisation. I know it’s not going to happen overnight.

        • Robert Mockan

          If you are under the age of 50, barring accidents, there is a real possibility you will be alive when technology is developed to enable people to live forever. Most likely with a choice of replaceable bodies, the elimination of the need for sleep, increased intelligence, enhanced senses, and so on. You, are your mind, and memories. And once understood well enough to transfer them, copy them, or create them at will, to any body designed to receive them, aging and death will become just another transitory obstacle to continuation, that was overcome by science and technology.
          And over-population?
          It is a big universe.

          The biggest problem, as always, are other people wanting to bend you to their will, at your expense.
          If you can survive them, you have a good shot at immortality.

          • NJT

            Perhaps other civilizations, elsewhere, have thought the same thoughts and even been able to implemented them. As you say, it is a big universe and we are probably not alone in it – to think otherwise is well, you guess folks…

          • AstralProjectee

            This is a terrible idea Robert. You want to dismantle your evolutionary spirit body for a robot, a cyborg body and brain that is devoid of spirit or consciousnesses. This is like selling your soul to become a cyborg. It will not even be you. To prove my point, you will not be able to take psychedelics or alter your consciousness and experience reality experientially. Just maybe the new new robot you will be able to do this, but it will not be your current consciousnesses that would experiencing it in the future since you already took out that consciousnesses for this new cyborg. You can’t meditate, and find inner peace being a cyborg. This is the essential that makes us human and spirit, to be able to experientially experience ourselves as the embodiment of consciousnesses. That is not possible if you sell your soul for a cyborg body.

            IMO I would just wait for advancements in ways for improving our bodies naturally. I am sure there will be many of them to come out soon. Just be a little patient and save your soul. Because once you cut out your brain out and replace the consciousnesses that was once there it will just die or possibly transition to another dimension where it would be without any body, if that happens.

          • Robert Mockan

            What I talk about is transference of…everything that makes you, you. Including the spirit, the soul, however you define it. Nothing is lost. Think of a new body as a prosthesis, like an artificial arm or leg. That does not change who you are. And, keep in mind, the body can be an organic clone of the one you have now, identical in every respect, if that is what you want. You could even have it age, and die, a natural death, if you so desired. But you, that is your mind and memories, all the old, and all the new ones, would be forever. What is a bad idea is not having the choice to live or die. When you are immortal, if you ever did decide to kick the bucket, permanently, that would be your decision, and you go out on your terms. Besides all that, any person could always choose NOT to use the technology, after it is available.

          • georgehants

            Robert, I think it may already exist, there is much Evidence for reincarnation, and for once a fair amount of serious research on the subject.

          • georgehants

            I have in the past tried to put the case that the Alchemist of old, far from being ignorant myth hunters as many misguided scientists have been indoctrinated to believe, where in fact guys at the top of the scientific profession and should be admired for there many discoveries that modern chemistry is built on.
            At last a report below agreeing.
            And Mr Rossi seems to be confirming that they where instinctively correct all along, as is the case in many “old wives tales”.
            New Scientist
            William H. Brock, contributor
            The historian Herbert Butterfield once dismissed writers on alchemy as being “tinctured with the kind of lun acy they set out to describe”. There is no danger of that sl ur being cast at Lawrence Principe for his new book, The Secrets of Alchemy.
            A historian of science and practising chemist, Principe provides a dazzling account of how scholarly opinion on the relationship between alchemy and chemistry has transformed in the last four decades. In the process he brings chemical knowledge and historical detective work to a subject that has too readily been dismissed as fraud ulent nonsense.

          • Tom

            I would find the choice of immortality extremely hard to resist. There is so much to see in the universe that just can’t be seen in our tiny lifespan. Death would become a forever dimming light at the end of the tunnel.

            My body’s saying yes but my mind is saying no… No, my mind is saying yes too.

          • Tony76

            “What I talk about is transference of…everything that makes you, you.”

            If consciousness is an emergent property of mind-body-nervous-system then what you propose will not be possible.

            I would rather allow the evolutionary scheme and natural ageing to proceed.

            Since records began, commentators with insight into higher consciousness insist the body is a vehicle and mechanism of evolution. Thus what you propose is to halt universal evolution and replace it with a puny mad-made version.

          • Jim

            I dunno. I used to think that way, but I’ve thought about it more recently. There are books in traditions I ascribe to (as far as I can experience personally) on the yoga of mind transference (which is way past me), where the adept willfully abandons their own body and moves their consciousness/ mentality into another body (kind of like a Steve Martin movie). Allowing that, the it sort of depends on what kind of “body” you could transfer your mind to. I’m not sure a iPad would be up to it, but then, lots of people seem to have transferred their consciousnesses to them already, so who knows?

          • AstralProjectee

            I am sorry Robert, but copying and pasting memories from your brain and part of the mind is not the same as transferring the life essence of your brain, or just your brains consciousnesses into a new cyborg system. That might be possible, but I am sure we will not figure out how to do that until millions have sold their souls for cyborg bodies. When your brain and it’s underlying consciousnesses is discarded for a cyborg brain, you will find yourself, the life essence of your brain that is you, is going to die, or transition to another dimension. Only you, your brains life essence, will be without a body. That is terrifying to me.

          • Milo

            Doubtful that this will ever be possible. Anyhow it won’t be you. Your personality consist of the soul ego and the brain ego. If it was possible to transfer the soul to a new brain, the brain ego would probably have a different personality.

            Also it is important to return to the spirit world if your mission goals are completed, to reflect/analyze/learn from the life spent. Usually you will need a new body to complete new goals.

          • GreenWin

            If you observe your world, and people in it, you might find the same people enter your life – but in different incarnations. This suggests little doubt to entering and exiting human forms. You could mint 5 versions of yourself, a decade apart, keep them in your “clothes closet” and wear whichever suits you at the time.

            What’s interesting is human capacity to “know” another soul, immediately, regardless of the outer appearance (man, woman, boy, girl.) We are not the vessel we inhabit. We are bigger and more powerful than that!

          • jacob

            thanks Robert,you are right ,according to the nothing is impossible for our creator of the universe,I believe that no limits should be set by man himself ,because that would only limit his or her’s own potential to reach advanced levels of technology .
            If it can be imagined ,it can be done.
            If it can be imagined ,it has been done before -somewhere .

      • buffalo

        hey rob,maybe the QENCO device will be even better than lenr.did you do any experiments to varify quenco device authenticity?

        • Robert Mockan

          There is a white paper by the inventor I want to look at first. Not available to public yet. I need to see his math analysis.

          • buffalo

            ur in contact with the inventor?i wonder if thers a way to just build a home demo of this device out of things lying around eg.2 different work function metals with oxidized surfaces acting as barrier.the inventor claims of 100 amps/cm2 is very hard for me to swallow,that is enormous power,even a photovoltaic device hasnt nearly as much current

          • buffalo

            usually semiconductor devices,like photovoltaic,thermovoltaic etc. give current in micro to milliamp range and thermionic in the pico to mircroamp range for a single square centimeter.thats why im so shocked(excuse the pun) that quenco device is spewing out not 1ma,not 100ma,but Amps!

      • Miles

        So So Wrong …
        “A successful civilization will not leave billions of people living in poverty, with millions dying of hunger, thirst, disease, lack of shelter, education, every year”.

        Article: “What life looks like for 2.2 million Australians below the poverty line”

        2,200,000 (In Poverty) / 22,812,310 (Aust population as of 31st March 2012) = 9.64%, Rather high for a country Australia but what do you expect from a backward incompetent Julia Gillard government.

        “Continued delay implementing cold fusion technology, is killing millions of people, and will kill millions more.”
        Governments don’t care – simple as that.

        When and IF LENR is released to the market – No doubt we will be paying a TAX for using an ecat. More financial control. I don’t mean to sound negative but i’m being realistic.

        • Robert Mockan

          Uh huh. That is precisely why I believe the way to proceed with this technology is have open source nuclear fuel.

          And provide the details of making LENR reactors for heat and power, to everybody.

          That way, it can not be controlled to benefit a few, at the expense of many.

          But what about business as usual to develop new products and market them? I have no problem with that.

          Except… we are all still waiting…
          23 years and counting…

          • Miles

            Open source indeed. Limited or even Zero competition in the market place will get LENR started.

            Energy crises just getting worse.

            The greed of the energy sharks: Power firm’s profits surge by 38% as your bill goes up by a QUARTER.

          • Peter_Roe
          • Omega Z

            Subsidize something that hasn’t been subsidized before. What’s up with that.

            It’s easy. Once you subsidize any type of energy, they all want subsidies.
            We live in an Insane world.

          • Job001

            Gas phase LENR is only 5 years old with an improvement rate toward economically competitive results at least an order of magnitude faster than hot fusion, if one doesn’t irrationally condemn the data.

            Cold fusion by the original electrochemical cell didn’t and won’t likely ever yield sufficiently to accomplish anything economical as it was a different thing than LENR due to at minimum:
            Incorrect name
            active sites
            temperature control.

            One can reasonably show LENR data release suffers from a litigatious or corrupt patent law environment with entrenched industries opposition, and good people have been unjustifiably slandered as incompetent, scammers, conspiracy tin hats, or worse as a result. True science requires testing by peers which arguably cannot happen without intellectual property protection, presently not practical for LENR except as open source. Thus one may contend standard science process has been corrupted and isn’t happening.

            In this environment then international open source is a super way forward. is a breath of fresh air in a very stinky marketplace.

          • Roger Bird

            I am no lefty busy hating oil and gas companies, but can you guess how deeply I care what happens to those companies and how welcome or unwelcome LENR is going to be for them? The depth of my concern is roughly as deep as the deepest oil well, if the Earth was the size of a billiard ball. (:->)

          • Robert Mockan

            Some win, some lose, and the losers don’t get paid.
            Smart people change with the times. Ignorance about change is no excuse, not with the Internet information resources.

            Here is a video that sums up the attitude most people have.


          • Roger Bird

            Regarding the video: Well, that is just going a little too far. There is a balance point where one is responsible for one’s self and helps others whenever possible.

          • Alex


        • GreenWin

          “When and IF LENR is released to the market – No doubt we will be paying a TAX for using an ecat. More financial control.”

          Okay, I’m pretty libertarian, but the prospect of taxing “free” energy to pay for community services – like public education, libraries, parks, etc. – does not frighten me.

          The underlying idea is that the PEOPLE, determine how our tax dollars are spent. I’m okay with paying an energy tax, provided I can determine how it is spent.

          Problem with Fed income (and other taxes) is your cash goes into the giant slush fund called the Fed budget. Which in turn goes to big lobbyists, government, an mil. Imagine if you had a line item on your fed tax return that said, “Do you choose to direct ALL your taxes to domestic use?” How many foreign conflicts would be quickly defunded? Just sayin…

      • GreenWin

        Robert, yours is an illuminating, true message. Thank you. You have legions of good-willed souls who agree. Together, we are making the inroads necessary to implement the vision, decreed long before the changers sullied the temple. We are well on course, I think. We have “the force” (cosmic consciousness) with us.

        Were it not LENR that caught our attention, I (know) it would have been a dozen or more other “forces” abundant, within reach of human imagination. All that is needed is… allowance.

        BTW, fellow CanogaParkian, won’t it be rewarding to see this “arc of the geek,” free humanity? C.B. DeMille turns.

        • NJT


        • georgehants

          GreenWin, when science starts following Evidence it will find only the Truth.
          It is everybody’s fault that they are allowed to get away with, in many cases, hiding and debunking that Evidence.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    This conversation is so terrestrial. Let’s colonize the asteroid belt that’s filled with nickel and hydrogen (water in the form of ice).

    • AB

      Unfortunately prolonged living in zero gravity has negative health effects.

      • georgehants

        Nov 15, 2012
        Nanocrystals produce hydrogen using sunlight
        Researchers in the US have made hydrogen fuel using just sunlight, nanocrystals and a cheap nickel catalyst. The new artificial photosynthesis process is the first of its kind to continually produce fuel for several weeks without slowing down. As a result it could be important for green-energy applications and also for certain industrial processes such as those for producing ammonia.

        • Jim

          Cool site. Bookmarked that one!

      • Very true, but artificial 1 g gravity by the centrifugal force is not difficult to arrange when the habitat is large enough.

        • Ivone Martin FitzGerald

          Transhumanists insist that the way forward is to turn the body and brain artificial. That will deal with the gravity problem. Also humans will be able to live in airless conditions. Read “The Singularity is Near” by Ray Kurzweil.

          • AB

            Sounds like devolution rather than evolution to me.

          • GreenWin

            Really. Ever talk to a Cylon? They’re kinda dull. Probably due to the lack of oxygen to the… er, brain. More fun to transfer consciousness in and out of organic & inorganic vessels – absolute freedom to choose the vehicle you want your consciousness to inhabit for the day/week/eon.

    • Omega Z

      There connections are just Correlations. They don’t fit the facts.
      Modern societies populations are leveling & if not for immigration from poor countries many would already be in decline. The U.S. population growth is nearly All immigration. The Actual birth rate is negative. Japan has crossed the threshold & is officially declining. A 40% population reduction is projected within the next 40 years. Several other countries are fast approaching this point.

      The Primary reason populations have grown exponentially is Modern Medicine. It’s no longer only the strong survive. NOT Even in poor countries. We’ve eliminated the primary population levelers. The Plagues & so-forth. The 1’s that took out 40 or 50 percent of populations within a short time. Then all the diseases that reduced the number who survived long enough to reproduce. Infant mortality continues to drop, again due to modern medicine. And people live much longer, 30 to 40 years because of modern medicine. These numbers are proven fact. Not correlations. Oh yeah/ Air conditioning. Can’t forget that. Estimates that 10 Million people in the U.S. are alive today because they didn’t die of heart attacks or heat stroke.

      • Peter_Roe

        On the other hand, the mainstay of modern medicine – antibiotics – are failing at what now looks like a geometric rate, and may all be useless within a decade. Without these ‘miracle drugs’ doctors would be almost powerless against most bacterial diseases, and some plagues could return.

        Stock up on iodine, colloidal silver or the means to make it, olive leaf extract, hydrogen peroxide, and garlic, tea tree and peppermint oils!

  • b4FreeEnergy

    Oil, oil and more oil! – When is this ever going to stop!

    We don’t need more oil resources found just to be able to burn that oil once we found it, we need to get rid of oil if its only purpose is to burn it. I guess there are better applications for oil than to simply burn it for the heat and for transportation and produce electricity. How many people are dying already on a daily basis because of pollution caused by oil! And we want more of this? We want to squeeze out rocks now to get oil out of them!? Is this really the best we can do? – I think the aliens living in our neighborhood are organizing those little cozy and hidden weekend trips for their citizens to just watch us crazy people doing what we do … from a safe distance of course!

    Once there was a project called the Manhattan project which resulted in the creation of an atomic bomb. Why is it so difficult now to put together a team with the most brilliant minds on earth for a “Free Energy For Everybody” project to find a new non-polluting and abundant energy form? If we could free ourselves from greed, it could even become a human right, free energy and enough food and care for every human soul living on earth. – It’s too expensive? How expensive will it be to simply continue the way we are now?

    The only good way of behaving and being successful for an economy or a business seems to be to have it growing and do better than the year before. Just imagine that all the economies and all the businesses in the world managed to do that every year… How long before it would end up in a big bang or big ‘crash’ if it was only because we ran out of resources and space!

    Doesn’t this mean that something about the way we live on our earth and plan to continue living is inherently wrong!?

    What we really need is not more oil but a brilliant vision on how we can continue living on this planet with so many people without destroying the planet and the courage to execute that vision!


    • Anonymous

      Long term: Oil/natgas will be used only for transportation where its weight and density is a critical factor. This may end up being only road transportation, agricultural field machinery, and aircraft. Natgas methane will be converted to longer hydrocarbon forms where are more dense and in liquid form at atmospheric pressure for transportation. Hybrid battery/hydrocarbon grid charged road/vehicles will lower the use of the hydrocarbons

      If Ecat/LENR happens it will be used for everything else.

      If not, a combination of solar, nuclear, and wind; with greater reliance on storage for times when the intermittant sources are unavailable (e.g. at night) will power everything else.

      Overall this will lower our carbon dioxide footprint to as low as it can be, and allow us to stretch the crude, including these new U.S. oil shale, Canadian tar sands, and Brazilian deepwater finds for hopefully 100’s of years. By then hopefully science has progressed further and we have a permanent solution for the high density lower weight transportation applications. This may be for example the enzymatic or chemical conversion of high energy yielding cellulosic land crops or algae to hydrocarbons allowing a closed carbon cycle. If this is limited to transportation fuels it is possible. Imagine that now using inefficient corn to fermented ethanol process (with breakeven or negative energy yield) we already provide 10% of the road gasoline for the United States, what if we used a crop with 2X or 3X the energy efficiency that grows on land that is only marginally arable for food crops (like corn or wheat); or that we reuse the stalks and cobs of the food corn and wheat to convert to ethanol or hydrocarbons. I think that this chemical engineering is achievable long term before the crude runs out which if conserved only for efficient (i.e. hybrid) high density transportation surely has at least 100 years to run.

      Finally, breeder nuclear may not be neat, but if nothing else happens, we at least know it is a plan B that if suitably engineered can be reasonably safe to a high (99.99%) confidence level. If these electric power reactors are located far enough away from population centers, this should be an acceptable tradeoff. The long term storage issue (i.e. Yucca Mountain) will be dealt with as the lesser of all environmental costs if this is all that we have as an alternative to provide energy in the long run; energy that we need to live, including for agricultural production.

      Overall, the discovery of the new crude is good news as it buys our civilization sufficient time to re-engineer its future.

      Hopefully LENR happens, but if it doesn’t, I will take the 15 to 20+ years the US fracking shale oil has bought us.

      • Anonymous

        And while I am writing, one more issue.

        Our population at 7.1 billion growing to a projected 10 to 12 billion peak will have a long term issue with sufficient arable land for food crops, and with sufficient economically recoverable macro nutrients (i.e. potash, phosphorus, and even nitrogen based fertilizer when the fracking natgas runs out). Long term this has to be addressed before “nature takes it course” and people who’s economic productivity is below their cost of food simply starve for calories. This problem is primarily going to start in places like sub-saharan Africa (e.g. Niger), and will eventually overspread rapidly growing Arab countries; rural India, rural China, then South America, and finally will even spread to the under or unemployed in the deveoped countries.

        While it is difficult to predict 40 to 100 years into the future where the population or food production will be, long term the population can’t keep growing at 10% every 10 years. The process of plateauing can be planned ahead, starting with potential parents in all countries thinking about the future lives of their children; or it can be simply natural where economic forces take the place of planning to limit the size of the population. The former path places great suffering on billions of children as the grow up. LENR would push this off, but for how long — 30 years. Eventually we convert the entire Earth to entropy and can’t live here. It would be better to do this on the scale of geologic time rather than on the scale of human recorded history.

      • Peter_Roe

        If you’re looking for alternative energy sources, the single greatest single fossil fuel resource on Earth is the vast quantities of methane hydrates (clathrates) locked up in reservoirs across the world.

        “The worldwide amounts of carbon bound in gas hydrates is conservatively estimated to total twice the amount of carbon to be found in all known fossil fuels on Earth.”

        CF energy should allow the wholesale mining of this resource, and its conversion into liquid fuels of various types for IC and jet engines. For believers in AGW, the beauty of burning this stuff is that the resultant CO2 is about 10x less powerful as a ‘greenhouse’ gas than the methane it would be derived from. As huge quantities of methane hydrates are continuously released anyway as a natural process, it could even be considered benign to use it as fuel instead.

      • Peter_Roe

        “Estimates on how much energy is stored in methane hydrates range from 350 years’ supply to 3500 years’ supply based on current energy consumption.”

        Many coastal areas around the planet have significant deposits:

  • Fascinating video of James Martinez talking about how Dennis Bushnell supposedly threatened him over promoting LENR. More interesting is Martinez says there’s an unknown LENR player with the “Rolls Royce” version coming to market. Whoa. And he says he’s actively seeking investors to speed LENR because he’s tired of all the talk and wants this brought to market sooner.

    • Omega Z


      I find some credibility to this story. I’ve done some digging the last couple months & some of this makes a lot of sense. The Connections of people involved is unbelievable. Quite simply, If someone who didn’t believe in TPTB had all the info I came across, they would have to seriously rethink their position.

      Many involved with LENR research are closely watched & even told what their findings should be. Lots of Pressure. Studying the findings & trying to determine the Why’s, you or at least (I) come to the Conclusion that they want to keep the technology in the hands of certain people.

      Rossi seems to be an Exception. Those who put a lot of pressure on others seem to give Rossi a lot of leeway. Not just my opinion, but from others involved in LENR research. Rossi’s Findings don’t have to fit their Script. Certain Elements don’t have to be found or excluded.

      Only my Opinion, Rossi has been involved(Friendships) with many of the heavy hitters for a couple decades. These connections can buy a certain amount of leeway. Then again, Rossi may have found a fool proof way to protect himself. Oh- there’s also Implications throughout the info I’ve come across that certain entities should leave Rossi alone.

      I’ve posted before, I Think there is a divide among TPTB in the World. One side may be protecting Rossi against the Other.

      • Peter_Roe

        Great post! These are very important observations, and may provide some small glimpse into what is going on at the larger scale. I’ve commented before on Rossi’s seemingly charmed existence and think that your conclusion in this respect must be the right one: the ‘gainers’ (potential partners, associates and customers) are trying to hold the path clear for him, while the nuclear industry and other losers such as ‘green’ interests are busy chucking rocks into his path, and fielding a small army of shills in an attempt to change public perception of CF.

        However, Rossi’s ‘contacts’ will only go so far, and I have speculated on several occasions that to have got so far, he must have come to an ‘arrangement’ with certain parties. The most obvious component of this will almost certainly be halting any work on domestic/personal devices, including vehicle propulsion other than large marine units, and preparing government ‘licensing’ schemes based on fake safety issues, and designed to restrict usage and to enable taxation. Centralised monitoring/control of hot cat installations is likely to be a requirement imposed for this purpose, although Rossi would probably want it anyway to help protect IP.

        Rossi is a pragmatist and would probably prefer to see industrial units roll out, even if that means no potentially disruptive smaller units. The alternative may well have been very nasty. He probably hopes – possibly correctly – that once the tech is in use, that replications will pop up everywhere, and TPTB mole-whacking will become increasingly difficult.

  • georgehants

    I have in the past tried to put the case that the Alchemist of old, far from being ignorant myth hunters as many misguided scientists have been indoctrinated to believe, where in fact guys at the top of the scientific profession and should be admired for there many discoveries that modern chemistry is built on.
    At last a report below agreeing.
    And Mr Rossi seems to be confirming that they where instinctively correct all along, as is the case in many “old wives tales”.
    New Scientist
    William H. Brock, contributor
    The historian Herbert Butterfield once dismissed writers on alchemy as being “tinctured with the kind of lunacy they set out to describe”. There is no danger of that slur being cast at Lawrence Principe for his new book, The Secrets of Alchemy.
    A historian of science and practising chemist, Principe provides a dazzling account of how scholarly opinion on the relationship between alchemy and chemistry has transformed in the last four decades. In the process he brings chemical knowledge and historical detective work to a subject that has too readily been dismissed as fraudulent nonsense.|NSNS|2012-GLOBAL|online-news

  • OT: EU wants to get rid of anonymous online discussion,

    Manual translation of the ending (google-trnsl gets it wrong):
    Information technology expert Petteri Järvinen considers the leaked proposal to be unrealistic.
    – They are nothing short of utopian and they did not take into consideration what kind of possibilities EU has to affect this kind of global matter. I wouldn’t take this too seriously, considers Järvinen.
    According to the computing technology expert, the best way to increase the openness of the internet is to have services where users experience that it makes sense to use their own name and picture.

    The leaked document itself:

    • Peter_Roe

      I hope that Anonymous and other hacker groups are working on ways to retain internet freedom when the US and the EU finally move together to clamp down on the Net.

    • Omega Z

      This would be aimed more at intimidating the average citizen then the proclaimed target. They would still circumvent this in short order.