Lewis Larsen Presentation on the Widom-Larson Theory at ANS Conference

Here is a slideshow and audio of a presentation by Lewis Larsen, President and CEO of Lattice Energy LLC, which was given yesterday at a meeting at the American Nuclear Society conference in San Diego, California. His talk covers the basics of the Widom Larsen theory of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, an how it may be involved in ‘electroweak neutron production’ in lightning.

  • Gerrit

    other presenters were

    Steven Krivit

    Domenico Cirillo

    Yasuhiro Iwamura, Takehiko Itoh (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.), Y. Terada (Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute), T. Ishikawa (Coherent X-ray Optics Laboratory, SPring-8/RIKEN)

    that last one looks interesting, I wonder if we can get our hands on their paper…

    I also wonder who was in the panel and what the outcome of the discussion was.

  • Goro

    When persona from different culture lie, he never remember what lie he lied one week back.

    Last “dialectial” issue:

    3 weeks old question: Which element is produced mostly in reactor ? answer: NICKEL

    1 day old question: Can Nickel mass increase ?
    answer: NO

    • possible explanation: one nickel isotope transmutes into another one, for example 2p+Ni64->Ni62+He4+11.8 MeV

      • GreenWin

        Some people see their role in life to convince others of the deceit of human nature. They are better known as misanthropes – and are deeply threatened by human enlightenment.

  • georgehants

    For those who like to believe that the Quantum only involves the micro world.
    First teleportation between macroscopic objects leads the way to a quantum internet.
    By James Plafke on November 15, 2012
    The long-range teleportation barrier has already been broken multiple times, but the information being transported, such as a single quantum bit (qubit), has always been relatively small, usually between two photons. This time around, a team of physicists have managed to transport information from one macroscopic (visible to the naked eye) object to another for the first time, potentially leading us towards the first quantum network.

  • David Farnsworth

    These are some of the best explanations that I’ve seen yet my hat is off to these scientist that put these explanations together…

    Best regards
    And please keep up the good work