Pirelli High School LENR Conference on Dec 4th

Daniele Passerini’s 22passi.blogspot.com site has an announcement of the IIS Conference of Pirelli to be held in Rome on December 4. The event is sponsored partly by ISPRA, the Institute for Protection and Environmental Research, an agency within the Italian government.

Here’s a Google translated agenda:

0. Introduction to the activities promoted by the Institute in the past (in particular, the solar system for the extraction of drinking water from the atmosphere built by the students of Pirelli and donated to a school in the Congo)
1. Welcome to the IIS Manager L. Pirelli

2. Greetings from the ministerial authorities

3. Presentation of the work plan

4. Reports and / or video interviews:
Emilio Del Giudice – the theoretical framework of LENR
Francesco Celani – the experimental framework
Antonella De Ninno – ENEA experience on the production of helium
Allan Widom – the theory of electronic cooperation
Yogendra Srivastava – experimental prospects for the best reaction conditions
Domenico Cirillo – evidence of neutron emission and transmutation

5. Dr. L. Magro (ISPRA) – hypothesis of selective measurements of tracers for LENR

6. Presentation by pupils Pirelli, the activities of this school year

7. Presentation of movies related to the documentation of the achieved overunity

8. Association “All Rights”, setting criteria for an environmental impact study (and man) of the new techniques of energy production

9. Presentation of the results of the most recent experimental campaign

10. illustration of the operation LIVE conference room (obviously with electric heating and not LENR) of the apparatus built from September to November in Pirelli for measuring energy yield of LENR

11. presentation of an analogy between artificial neural network and structure of the physical space in order to reach a quantum model of orientation for guiding the continuation of research

12. debut of the official website where follow the progress of the trial OPEN SOURCE
For now I’ll stop here. I add only that there will be a nice surprise for readers of 22 steps of love and its surroundings.

  • captain

    And in the meantime? Rossi with his black cat at Pordenone Oct. meeting http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-jeW66MOkgx0/UHuj-xbxcII/AAAAAAAAH50/dCJrNqvWM5k/s1600/PTP_0080.jpg

  • Gerrit

    step by step, conference by conference, more people become aware that excess heat is a reality, that Fleischmann & Pons did their measurements correctly. That something very important has been neglected by almost everyone for the last 23 years.

    will 2013 be the year of “cold fusion” ?

    • Sophie P

      I think 2015 before it really gets going. The possibility of it being a hoax gets smaller every week though and IMO is now down to about 0.5%.

  • robiD

    I hope those ones that follow the Abundo/Pirelli-High-School development won’t be disappointed, but I fear that those kind of cell is not suitable for excess energy production.
    Maybe I’m wrong, but it’s a well known cell type (with modifications though) i.e. like Mizuno-Ohmori’s or Iorio-Cirillo’s , that are cells in which the measurement of the input energy needs extreme careful and appropriate instruments because of the large spectrum covered by input voltage and current when the plasma gets active in the cell. I don’t think that at Pirelli High School they had a such instrumentation so the initial claim of excess power sounded to me a bit hasty (however Abundo _now_ uses the right instrument).
    Both cells (Mizuno’s and Cirillo’s) have been verified long time ago, and after an initial phase where it seemed they produced excess energy, accurate and independent tests verified that no excess was produced.

    • Peter_Roe

      Agreed. All ‘wet’ cell reactors are inherently limited as power sources, even the plasma type, because they quickly destroy their own operating environment when run at maximum output. If some energy-liberating process is occurring within the plasma in this case, it needs to be replicated in a dry environment before it can be used to generate serious amounts of heat. The ‘hydrobetatron’ may serve to produce useful data that could eventually lead to a dry version.

    • Gerrit

      robiD, you wrote “Both cells (Mizuno’s and Cirillo’s) have been verified long time ago, and after an initial phase where it seemed they produced excess energy, accurate and independent tests verified that no excess was produced. ”

      please provide the documentation which support that statement, thanks

      • robiD

        Don’t misunderstand me, but the cells with electrolytic discharge probably are the worst systems on which someone could do measurement of any kind (and an awful choice for an high school).
        IMHO, today, the research has to aim to Ni-H systems, even the Pd-D systems should be completely abandoned.

        I hope links in comments won’t create problems.
        Here the explanation from Iorio-Cirillo on their site (a good explanation and a remarkable humility from two researchers):
        the link downloads a pdf in English otherwise you can download the document from here (bottom of the page):

        For the Mizuno-Ohmori you can see this work made by EarthTech International Inc. (ETI) in 1998:
        for the complete series of experiments (a total of 25 different runs in three attempts, all made by working along with Mizuno and Ohomori) see the section “Mizuno” at:

        • dandelion

          but have there been observed byproducts of these experiments (including the Abundo/Pirelli one), such as neutron emissions or transmutation?

    • The problem with these plasma type lenr is they have to operate in the negative resistance region and can be unstable also this type of electrolytic plasma technique has been around from the 1960`s and 1970`s it was for electrolytic cleaning of metals. Example GB patent 1399710
      Also Paper on.
      Electrolytic plasma processing for cleaning and metal-coating of steel
      E.I. Meletis, X. Nie*, F.L. Wang, J.C. Jiang
      There seems very little difference between the plasma
      lenr cells and the electrolytic cleaning patents.

  • Roger Bird

    One thing good about this is that the embarrassment factor of mainstream science will be even greater! We and they need for them to be as embarrassed as possible.

    • GreenWin

      Roger, the mainstream will bend over backwards to soft peddle the corrupt leaders allowing these failures. But they were predicted in a crusty adage: “Can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

  • clovis

    OOOOOOWEEEEE, It quiet in here, yep,
    I agree with what been said so for. our FP/MP guys are will on their way in setting down a standard, or base , that everyone can follow, and i believe
    That, we are dealing with the low end of the nuclear scale, the weak force,and that is why it is relativity safe, with only a few precautions,
    And school children needs too be encouraged to replicate the correct cell.
    And for all i know about anything, fp/mp team seem to be doing a fantastic job,
    Making history guys, and if you find something new you get to name it,–big ole smile

    • clovis

      Dr. Rossi
      If you read this, just look at the poll on the side bar and you can see how your revolution is going, sir. you have hundreds and maybe thousands, of troops just milling about, ready for action ,e-cat world is your headquarters for this revolution, could you come on our,web site, and give us a few words of encouragement.
      things are quiet now, —Clovis

      • admin

        I don’t think he reads this site, Clovis.

        • Joel C.

          Maybe his employees do. 🙂

          • captain

            … to report to their boss what’s going on here, say if it’s worth to grant Frank news from Rossi, when asked for.

            [Are these simple words deserving the moderation honor? Bah…]

        • georgehants

          A very good example of why Cold Fusion has taken 24 years and counting to even be looked at by the establishment and many of their disciples.
          These people, academia I suppose, are so irrational that they do not even seem to realise their illogical, unscientific, following of closed minded DOGMA.
          It does not even occur to them to say follow the Evidence, do the research and determine the Truth.
          They seem to just live in a weird World of, if we deny things they will go away.
          Perhaps this Daniel Loxton would like to come on these pages and debate with me his apparently religious irrational beliefs.
          The Guardian home
          Is there a rising tide of irrationality?
          The “rising tide” comment is taken from a tweet by Daniel Loxton, editor of Junior Skeptic magazine, who also recently tweeted:
          Despite claims that pseudoscientific views are on the rise, history shows that belief in things like astrology or the paranormal have always been with us and are likely to remain.

    • Ged

      Yeah, I think a lot of us, like me, are engrossed with the MFMP at the moment. Even Pekka has joined in! But it is distracting us from here. I’m sure there’ll be a lot more action here soon enough.

    • Just note that a School in vancouver try to replicate Hydrobetatron/Athanor… they seems first to work on safety, and for now the professor manage the end of the school season.

      see our article

      the professor is nice, but buzy!
      The school propose Project based Learning, like robots competition, or Athanor…

      • Francesco CH

        It is from 9:00 to 13:30



        Martedì 4 Dicembre 2012
        dalle ore 9.00 alle ore 13,30
        presso l’ IIS Leopoldo Pirelli
        Via Rocca Di Papa, 113
        00179 Roma

  • GreenWin

    “Evidence of neutron emission and transmutation.” And a report (“Report 41”) on helium production in cold fusion from ENEA’s Antonella De Ninno. Pretty much spells fusion for most nuclear physicists.

    Wonderful at least one High School on the planet will be exposed to honest scientific methods. An excellent tangent to the discovery and use of “new fire” will be the cautionary tale of greed and envy – the human weaknesses that prevented LENR (and other) energy physics from reaching the public.

    IMO, the tale of LENR suppression should be mandatory in high school social studies and university sociology classes. When industry, military, political, and academic leaders all fail to lead… due to self interest and peer pressure – it is time for new counsel. Far worse than the belief of not enough, and climate cataclysm – is the willful, ordered ignorance of evidence to correct these issues.

    But it is inspiring to think a new physics and a new civics will be soon be taught. LENR has arrived not just to realign left brain thinking… it will tickle the right brain and teach a moral lesson as well.

    • John-xyz

      as far as I can tell, Rossi is the only person suppressing LENR.

      • buffalo

        quenco 100%.ive got something similar in my own lab wich clearly demonstrates the loophole in the 2nd law thermodynamics.if quenco vanish without trace it will be because they were bought out and shelved,not because the thing doesnt work

        • buffalo

          my response to captain.

          • georgehants

            buffalo, that sounds really interesting, would it be worth putting a paper on JONP detailing your results.

  • captain Kirk

    Please, Please how about a nice holiday present for the world…..
    1. independent 3rd party verification of the Hot Cat…… or
    2. independent 3rd party verification of Quenco (Nov 30th Launch ) or
    3. independent 3rd party verification of Inteligentry (Dec 11th Launch) or
    4. independent 3rd party verification of a 100W CIHT cell from Blacklight power Any of the above would be very, very nice……
    My best guess as to validity of the technology…..
    Hot Cat 75% quenco?????? Inteligentry .1% BlackLight Power 5W CIHT cell 75%

  • John-xyz

    Lots of conferences, little devices available for 3rd party tests (I didn’t say zero because there may be something hidden away being tested right now).

  • Torbjörn

    I wonder if there will be an examination report from EPO today.
    It may just be an internal report, otherwise it should be posted here:


  • buffalo

    @georgehants.if 2nd law violations have anything to do with lenr then maybe yes.i think one brian ahern made a connection there already.but my research is centered around batteries,capacitors.