MFMP Test Run to Keep an Eye On

I heard from Bob Greenyer this morning who said that it might be worth keeping an eye on the Celani cell test that the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Fund team is currently running.

Bob noted that the slope gradient is getting steeper on pxs / t-mica external glass, even as the power and pressure are dropping.

The live data can be viewed here, and you can keep up to date with the latest blog posts here.

  • Drago Fredda

    A coworker and I visited MFMP and met Ryan and Malachi. I left very impressed with their hard work and the science being done. It’s only a matter of time now. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Ged

      Awesome, thanks for letting us know about your visit! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

      • Drago Fredda

        It really was awesome. With no government money, they have done a fantastic job of trying to put to rest the controversy surrounding Fleischmann and Pons. I sincerely wish them the best of luck.

  • Methusela

    [ edit: apologies to Georgehants, just saw he has already posted this in the other thread ]

    Andrea Rossi
    November 21st, 2012 at 10:09 AM

    Dear Clovis Alan Ray:
    You merit this info: yesterday the third party validation of the Hot Cat has
    been completed.
    Has been good.
    The results have been better that in the July 16th preliminary test.
    We are presently manufacturing 3 1 MW E-Cats:
    1- Low Temperature 1 MW E-Cat
    1- 1 MW Hot Cat
    1- 1 MW Hot Cat gas fueled
    A Report will be published after peer reviewing.
    We are working very hard.
    Warm Regards,

    • Peter Poulsen

      Good news for sure.

      I wont pop the champagne yet though. We need proff about this from other than Rossi himself.

      • Ged

        I feel like laying low until that third party report is out, or a third party talks about the E-cat testing/plants.

        • Francesco CH

          “A Report will be published after peer reviewing.”

          A scientific report from a university… to be more precise:

          B O M B – P R O O F

          • Francesco, do you know is it so that they now start to write the report, then they send it to ajournal, then it goes through referee process, only then we’ll see it? Or we get to see already the submitted version? Difference could be 6-12 months.

          • Ged

            Seriously, heh!

          • Francesco CH

            To my advice (e.g. in my opinion),

            it should be one of the fastest peer review process in history.

            Sorry, at the moment I cannot say more that this.

          • Drago Fredda

            Francesco you’ve mentioned several times this report is coming in the end of November. Are you still sticking with that statement? I hope you are. Thanks for all the inside information.

          • Francesco CH

            Each involved person is working in the fastest way to reach this goal as soon as possible.

          • Haven’t seem any comments yet on Prof. Stephen Jone’s attempt to replicate Peter Davey’s device. Davey invented a simple water heater in the 1940’s that boils water almost instantly using sound waves. Maybe the device oscillates water to resonance and creates vortices. Jones also questions the appropriateness of the terms cold fusion and nuclear.


            Search YouTube for Davey’s device being demonstrated.

          • Peter_Roe

            This appears to be a genuine phenomenon, although the device is so simple its strange that there are only a few replications shown online. The invention seems to have been suppressed in the usual fashion:

            “This patent was already registered in 1944. After a hero return from the war, he had a device, which repetitively proved to everyone who measured it, that it has the efficiency decisively exceeding 100%. Realising this, he believed that the world is going to pounce on the opportunity of production and use of this technical miracle. After all, people are full of declarations about apparent saving on energy, resources, about protection of our natural environment, etc.

            However, the reality turned out to be completely opposite. Immediately after it was experimentally confirmed that the device has unexplainably high efficiency, the heater and the inventor fell into disfavour of various institutions that are interested in selling electricity and that protect the monopoly on electrical power.

            In the result, this extraordinary invention received an extraordinary treatment! Namely authorities were doing everything in their powers to disallow the production and sale of this heater in New Zealand. One of legal tricks that were used against this heater, was that it was declared officially to be “unsafe to health and life of users”.”

            More background and construction information:

          • The powers that be are certainly effective at suppressing alternative technologies, that’s for sure. They kept Davey jumping through hoops for decades until he died. Are we to really believe that such a simple device couldn’t be made safe??

            Here’s one good video:

            Peter, do you think sound waves/RF could be the primary effect in LENR? I thought establishing resonance was to improve efficiency. Now it seems there’s much more to the story.

            Also, check out the conversation on the Vortex list. There’s talk of a similar device that vaporizes water instantly.

          • Peter_Roe

            In fact the device could easily have been made safe, e.g. by installing it in an enclosure that when opened, cut the current, like a microwave oven. Unfortunately the government and media of Australasia were ‘captured’ many decades ago by corporate interests.

            From what I have been able to glean, it looks as if almost anything that momentarily distorts the metal lattice may have the effect of ‘kick starting’ at least one component of the LENR phenomenon. The list so far seems to include RF and microwave input, possibly oscillating EM fields, pulsed current flow, and laser pulses. Peter Hagelstein suggests that even a thump with a mallet might do the trick, so sound/ultrasound might be even better! Unfortunately we haven’t (AFAIK) seen any evidence that sonic stimulation is actually used in any current devices, unless Davey’s gadget is counted as LENR (my gut feeling is that it may be related but is not the P&F effect – this one is taking place in the water, not the metal bells).

            BTW, someone calling himself Cherryman has posted a couple of videos showing his latest ‘replications’ but unfortunately without any input data (unless this info is on the meter – I couldn’t get the linked videos to run in full screen mode for some reason). The page with Cherrymans links is at

          • Ash

            The Peter Davey story is likely just that – a story. His 1945 New Zealand patent is available online and shows an immersion water heater powered by 240V 10amp circuit, the standard line voltage in Australasia. You don’t see many of these heaters today because of the higher risk of electrocution, but there is no overunity or anything magic involved. Note that there are also no definitive measurements of the device performance available.

            There is a long thread on replications on Energetic Forum and the general consensus was that it couldn’t be replicated and probably was just a heater.

          • You may be right, but Prof. Stephen Jones is interested in studying the device more closely and so it’s worth following in my opinion.

          • Sonoluminescence is linked to cavitation, and that’s the interesting connection to LENR.

            Sonoluminescence is the emission of short bursts of light from imploding bubbles in a liquid when excited by sound.

            Vortex discussion on Davey’s water heater:

            World’s Most Efficient Overunity Water Heater
            (WITTS claims they showed Davey how to make his water year many years ago)

          • LCD

            Francesco will we get to see the preprint?

          • LCD

            Actually the only thing I want to know is that it exists a credible third party did the testing and that it unquestionably shows massive amounts of excess energy.

          • kwhilborn

            I hope they are moving forward with this and are not just out to milk donations. I honestly encourage donations to this group, but part of me is screaming inside if I am asking people to donate to a group that is really intent on proving LENR or if this is yet another group intent on lining teir pockets with LENR.

            Please be a legitimate group.

          • Rio

            I visited MFMP with a co-worker(Drago Fredda) and I think these guys are very honest and genuine people. They were very kind and answered every question we had and didn’t appear to hide anything. I’ve been following the cold fusion story for awhile now and it’s been difficult to know who’s for real and who’s not. After meeting these guys I can totally vouch for them and believe they are in this for the right reason and not for monetary gain.

          • kwhilborn

            The world needs a legitimate group doing this. I hope you’re right and I feel better after your comment.

          • Ged

            Looking forward to it, Francesco! I hope you can slip us more details, as our appetites are certainly whetted now.

          • wookie

            Oh man, finally!

            can´t believe it really is coming out.

            I only hope its a recognized 3rd party and the measurements are watertight – the rest will be history.

            thumbs up, cheers and lets hope the best.

          • Max S

            just wonder, when we are really expecting such potentially game changing news so soon, why does Rossi then announce he would give no more interviews ? How could he miss such a chance at the moment of his finest hour ?

          • Peter_Roe

            To be precise, he said “I will not release any more interview of any kind until the 1 MW plant for civil use will be presented to the public. This decision has been agreed upon between our new US Partner and the Trust that owns Leonardo Corp. We think any interview in this period is simply useless, because we have nothing to add to what we have already said, while we have an enormous work to do.”

            He has not said that he will not answer questions on JONP, he has not said that no announcements will be made – he has simply said no more interviews until the industrial prototype is ready, and he has given his reasons for this decision.

            Obviously you know all this, and your partial truths and innuendo indicate your purpose in posting here. I would suggest that you potter off back to ECN but that no longer seems to be an option.

          • Max S

            it is not your call what content is allowed here even if you may consider yourself as another high priest of this religion.
            In my comment I clearly referred to interviews, no other chain of communication. Your suggestion I would have implied anything else is speculative. You have a wild imagination obviously.
            But the point stands: If Rossi has a peer reviewed confirmation, then why no interviews ? Any serious business operation would make press announcements and give interviews in such a case, but Rossi goes “we have nothing to add to what we have already said”. He gave interviews over 2 years about all kind of nonsense, and now reaching the target, no more interviews ? Sorry, even Rossi cannot be that incompetent. The fact that Rossi said no interviews rather suggests that we may be still far away from a real peer reviewed confirmation of credibility, and the recent vague hints in blogs of 3rd party confirmation may be just more food your you guys to keep faith.

    • Pedro

      Good job, Clovis! Smile!

    • PersonFromPorlock

      “RossiSays” is not data.

      • Peter_Roe

        Well spotted. Your cutting insights will open many eyes.

    • captain

      Clovis’ mex to A.Rossi deserves to be fully reposted

      clovis alan ray
      November 21st, 2012 at 9:50 AM

      Dr. Rossi
      If you read this, just look at the poll on the side bar on e-cat
      world, and you can see how your revolution is going,
      sir. you have hundreds and maybe thousands, of troops just milling
      about, ready for action ,e-cat world is your headquarters.
      for this revolution, we know you are a very busy man, but if you
      can, could you come on to our,web site, and give us a few words of
      I posted this on francis acland e-cat world , and he said that you
      have never visited there, is this true.
      if so you should, because you have many loyal fans or revolutionary
      troops that would love to have you come bye and speak with us.
      we have just put up a new poll, are you Optimistic or
      pessimistic regarding the e-cat, btw. i really like your black cat,
      -smile- and have always believed in you and your work so
      please come.
      After all we at e-cat world have taken a lot of crap over the years
      too , but as you will see their are a great many folks on your side,
      and e-cat world is a civil place and we try and keep it that way in
      cast you want to come bye. and we are very excited about the hot black
      Have you meet the fp/mp group that are trying to replicate the celani
      cell, these young people are doing good work, and could use some
      encouragement from the master inventor.
      I think these are some exciting times we are living through, and you
      sir would make your adoring fans very happy with just a few words,
      you can speak on any subject you like we would like to know about your
      plans for the further, you must have some great things in mind, i
      know i would, we would love to hear some of them– anytime
      – your loyal soldier, Clovis ray

      but it must be appreciated at the same time our Admin commitment in keeping the blog running fluent and pleasant: a really new sensation now vs what was happening time ago!

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  • Miles

    “The results have been better that in the July 16th preliminary test.”
    All these refinements will mean a worthy product. I’m hoping 2013 is the year !!!

  • Sven

    just remember to sponsor the whole thing..they will need a push from all of us to make a real progress
    it’s easy to do on their website.