Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish all E-Cat World readers in the United States a happy Thanksgiving holiday! As a transplanted Briton, I find this holiday to be a pleasant and relaxing one. There are no gifts exchanged, just a time for good company, rest, and a nice meal. I’d like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to all those who contribute to make the E-Cat World site informative, stimulating, exciting and fun.

We’re well into our second year here, and I have to say that although technologically speaking, things may not have moved along as fast as some of us might have hoped, following this story has been a very educational experience for me — and I mean that in a positive sense. I’m really glad for the many readers who share of their expertise in various fields. I don’t believe there is any book published that could match the information freely shared here about the topics related to cold fusion/LENR — and I believe we are still in the very early stages of this discovery.

I’m glad to have been around to see this story unfold, and I appreciate the good company that has been observing with me. I apologize to people who have been frustrated with the sometimes not very efficient auto-moderation on this site. I try to keep on top of things, but I know there are times when I’m not as fast at approving comments as people might like. I’ll try to find ways to make things less onerous, but some level of moderation needs to be in place.

Andrea Rossi said today on his JONP site that the third party testing has been completed, and, “the results have been better that in the July 16th preliminary test”. That’s good news indeed — we now wait for the publication of the report which might yet take some time to be written, reviewed, translated and published. But if the reviewers are qualified, and the results of the testing confirm the data presented in the October Pordenone hot cat report, it will have been worth the wait.

  • Ivone Martin FitzGerald

    It’s no longer “Rossi says”. Faceless people now run Leonardo Corp.

    Andrea Rossi apparently no longer owns the Leonardo Corporation, the company that will manufacture his ecat low energy nuclear reaction devices. Leonardo Corporation has apparently been sold to a “trust of investors.” Rossi continues to serve as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the company. The investors have not been identified nor is it clear if Rossi retains any ownership in the company.


    • David

      Published February 16, 2012

  • georgehants

    Happy thanksgiving to every person on this World, for better or worse we are all brothers and live in the same boat.
    Free Energy will be one less thing for people to fight each other over.
    By removing all money and finance and making everybody “rich” instead of just the privileged few, then most every other reason to fight each other would be avoided.
    Sensible responses only (if any) please to the simple but World changing way of making everybody “equal” excepting their inherent or learned or fought for abilities or empathy’s.

  • Mark Saker

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    A small piece of news. My local paper is printing a little article on Cold Fusion written by me tomorrow – a non journalist. So there may be an online version here also tomorrow http://www.stamfordmercury.co.uk/



    • Peter_Roe

      Well done – a few more of us might consider following your lead. Its possible that the tentacles of TPTB don’t generally extend down into the local rags.

    • Mark Saker

      also, does anybody have the link to that Powerpoint presentation which had a list of all the people working on Cold Fusion, I can’t remember where I saw it.


    • Barry

      Good work Mark. I can’t find the story though.

  • vbasic

    So many things to be thankful in LENR this year while waiting for commercialization. First, there was the CERN colloquium earlier in the year. Then the ICCF17 conference showcasing the main players. I think the National Instruments conference was one of the high points, showing an established company has courage to look at LENR without worrying about criticism. Next, was the Pirelli High School Athanor in Rome and Hagelstein’s demo at MIT. Perhaps the biggest I feel grateful for is the Celani experiments, and sharing it with the Fleischmann Memorial Project for replication. Also, thanks to Andrea Rossi, Brilliouin, Blacklight Power, Nanospire, LENUCO and all others trying to discover and commercialize LENR.

    • buffalo

      the QUENCO device may yet be the biggest highlight of the year.they r launching prototypes november 30.we want to keep one eye on this amazing thermionic phenomena.

      • Martin

        High quality website, does not look like scam *irony*

        • daniel maris


          Billions of dollars already invested. There’s just no room for the little guy. 🙂

      • Ag

        I suspect they will be launching a more professional website on Nov 30th… Nothing else.

  • Ged

    And a Happy Thanksgiving to you all, too!

    Thank you for this site, and all the great contributions here. It’s a blast 😀

  • richard donovan

    Happy Thanks Giving

  • Ivan_cev

    Thanks Given day is a interesting festivity, they give thanks for the food the native americans gave the european migrants then the europeans killed and took over the natives land.

    • Fibber McGourlick

      I am of Native heritage and I’m happy with the way things have turned out above and below the 48th. The North American nation states that arose after the early confrontations brought Native Americans the wheel, clothing, medicine, schools, roads and trucks and TV.

      Happy thanksgiving to all my American friends and allies.

    • Ged

      Actually, it was established by George Washington in 1789 as a national holiday. I’m not sure why we associate it with the Jamestown pilgrims, since they had such a hard time surviving. I guess it’s one of those cultural stories.

      • Barry

        Hi Ged, Its beginnings are based on a harvest feast between the Pilgrims of Plymouth and the Native Americans, later to be celebrated as a holiday.

  • tim walshaw

    I am still waiting to get the e-cat engines into cars. How small can you get them?

    My motive is not to save myself money, but save the world! If we can remove car CO2 emissions, we can turn around the CO2 growth in the atmosphere. 4 degrees temperature rise by the end of the century? It will be a catastrophe, and that is not counting the intervening storms, droughts, and sea level rises.

    Get a move on, e-cat!

    • The reaction should be made to start and stop more quickly to make car applications feasible. Now the controllability timescale is about 1 hour and cars would need almost as large batteries as electric cars.

      • LENR4you

        I don’t think so.
        The LENR car is electrically driven. –> easy to control and regulate.
        This is now state of technology.
        The LENR Reactor is producing constant power over time.
        Combination of LENR and Stirling engine with 5kW electrical power usefull for normal sized cars.
        And the best:

        Parking your car at home you can supply your home with power. (the supercaps are finished refilled)

        I think this is it

        The embedded NiH Stirling engine

        • In any case, if the reactor is idle and one wants to drive, if it takes 1 h to reach full power then one needs 1 h worth of electricity from some other source (plus the startup drive energy for the reactor). If the car uses 5 kW as you say (is it enough?) then it’s 5 kWh, requiring about 30-60 kg battery mass depending on technology.

          After parking, if the reactor takes 1 h to shut down, its waste heat might be an issue. When the car is not moving, air cooling is not so efficient so fans are needed or it could overheat.

          Of course, it might be that speeding up startup and controllability is possible, just hasn’t been done because it wasn’t design focus.

          • 1h to startup is rossi e-cat, as Rossy says.

            Defkalion Hyperion have a startup of a few minutes, not far from a diesel warming up (in the old time).

            and if you read Brillouin, and if they reach perfect control, maybe it could warm in few seconds…

            E-cat technology is not the only one… moreover I don’t trust Rossi to tell the truth on his device.

            note that a classic car produce as much waste heat (it is a thermodynamic engine). It’s advantage is that most of the heat is evacuated through waste gas, and few through active cooling…
            LENR today demand active cooling…
            however there is no risk to use the engine in a closed room, provided the heat is evacuated.
            No carbon monoxide, or nitrogen monoxide.

          • Peter_Roe

            “I don’t trust Rossi to tell the truth on his device.”

            Me neither. Look how ‘maximum safe COP = 6’ evaporated for the hot cat. As far as time to start up, I’m pretty sure that someone (Proia?) ‘leaked’ the snippet that the hot cat can now be turned on and off quickly, but I can’t remember where I saw that. I think it’s largely just a question of trying not to provoke invested parties into doing anything rash..

    • Pedro

      There is a company that focusses on bringing LENR to cars. I don’t know how realistic it is, but they are working on it (at least… they have a website)… http://www.lenr-cars.com/

      • note that nicolas chauvin (CEO of LENR Cars) participate to the MFMP Celani reactor replication. He tried also to replicate Hydrobetatron.

        on lenrforum.eu there is a subforum for that company
        with few data, non the company, Chauvin, his CTO…

  • One of the things I feel really thankful for this year, Frank, is all the hard work you do to keep us all informed. I feel that e-catworld gives us a very solid foundation in this new science and technology, and I look forward to seeing it all come to fruition in a couple of years. Thank you, Frank!

  • georgehants

    Michel Vandenberghe
    Market Development – Senior Advisor – Industries and Smarter Cities, IBM
    Bretagne et Ile de France, France
    LENR Cities
    Thank you for taking the 3 minutes needed to read this message.
    There is still one short year, I had no idea about that. First understand what is at stake, then explanations will come. No point here is exposed unless it can be justified.
    Let’s me summarize what I’ve learned.
    Imagine a “fuel” that would make possible to refuel your car once a year, say for 100 €, consider that 1% of required natural resources are sufficient to meet the energy needs of the entire the world, that this resource is recyclable, and consider a year of global GDP year would be required to convert the world to the new energy.
    Here is the message: Know that we are on the eve of industrialization of this technology. We will have a clean, abundant and low cost energy.
    Skeptical? Make an effort to imagine that this is a reality. You can imagine then the huge transformational impact caused by the application of this technology.
    This end of year marks the transition between a before and after: Or the old world will capture this technology, that we should recognize as a gift, to survive and make the final step toward the abyss, or the world will receive it to build its future. It is now that what will make the choice is happening
    Do you want to leave it others to decide for you?
    : http://lnkd.in/JPUVFi

    • Time to be serious guys!
      That’s business!

  • Blanco69

    Happy Thanksgiving to all! I guess we’re in a relatively quiet spell while we wait for the next validation report to come from Leonardo Corp. Then, I’m sure, we’ll fall on the data like a pack of wolves and have it picked clean in minutes 🙂
    I recently watched an enjoyable and informative documentary on the BBC called Shock and Awe – The Story of Electricity. (You’ll get it on the BBC iPlayer) It struck me how little time has passed since the man first began to understand and harness this amazing force and how toweringly arrogant science skeptism really is. To believe that we have found all the answers to all the questions is part of the human condition I guess. It’s totally misplaced however. There’s always something coming over the hill and I for one look forward to seeing what that is with you guys on Ecat World.

  • georgehants

    With due regard to science researching phenomonen such as Cold Fusion, this subject would seem to warrant equal attention.
    I cannot confirm this report beyond what is written, could any detective on page find more information on this man’s award.
    COMMENTARY: THE U.S. GOVERNMENT ACKNOWLEDGES PSYCHIC POWER IS REAL Perhaps those ignorant, highly negatively entrenched closed minded skeptics who keep repeating ‘ there is no such thing as psychic phenomena’ can explain why a psychic was awarded the Legion of Merit for psychic services. This award is the second highest award that the U.S. Army can make during peace time. It was given to remote viewer Joe McMoneagle, with the approval of US Congress, for his brilliant psychic work. The citation reads:
    “While with his command, he used his talents and expertise in the execution of more than 200 missions, addressing over 150 essential elements of information. These EEI contained critical intelligence reported at the highest echelons of our military and government, including such national level agencies as the Joint Chief’s of Staff, DIA, NSA, CIA, DEA, and the Secret Service, producing crucial and vital intelligence unavailable from any other source.”

    • Filip48

      I don’t agree, it’s different.
      Psychic power is rewarded, CF not, clearly.

      • georgehants

        Filip48, hey it’s only been 24 years with Cold Fusion, thousands with the above, we must not rush the scientists.

        • The quartal of science is 25 years.

          • georgehants

            Ha, had to look that one up.
            Hopefully with Cold Fusion, it will be one wavelength not like the above, the music being played loudly but none of science listening.