Cold Fusion in the Local Paper

Many people have been surprised and disappointed that there has been little coverage of cold fusion related topics in mainstream media sources. For many of us who have been following events over the last couple of years consider it to be a topic of great significance as it has the potential to revolutionize the way energy is produced.

One way of getting news out is of course via the internet on sites like this. But readership is limited mainly to people who are already interested in the topic. To reach the wider public is more difficult if the popular media is not interested.

Another approach that can be taken, is by using local media sources to share information about cold fusion. This is what Mark Saker, a British business analyst, has done by writing a column titled, “Are we on the cusp of unlimited energy?” for his local newspaper, the Rutland and Stamford Mercury. The article is not yet on the paper’s web site, but an image is attached.

Saker gives a brief overview of the history and theory of cold fusion, and focuses on Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat as a practical cold fusion technology. It’s a well-written article that will be easily understandable by the non-expert reader, and having it in a local newspaper could interest people who might not have yet heard much, if anything, about the topic.

  • Barry

    Good work. When there is a significant CF event, perhaps replicable results with the MFMP group, many of us should agree on a “Cold Fusion Revolution” date and blitz the local papers and get the word out.

    • mount, dorset, gb

      Like that idea, I’d draft up a little something. I have no doubt at all that there is enough reliably sourced info churning around to write a hundred different articles.

  • Jackob

    “I don’t believe any thing until I see and touch it.” Thomas

    • did you touch the moon ?

      not me, sorry.

      • robyn wyrick

        Yeah, but then again, I’m not so sure about the moon. It’s looney.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    What local paper? Newspaper journalism is becoming extinct, especially on local level.

    PS My wife just added, “and they cain’t speell”.

  • Jarvis Cooper

    Good job Mark! As more people become aware of this new technology, more people will be inspired to develop this new fire. For example the work being done at MFMP. Keep up the good work.

  • Peter VP

    Any chance of sending me an electronic copy of this article so that I could send it to local papers in the South-West?


    • Mark Saker

      Of course, I’ve sent Frank a digital copy of the text, and if you e-mail him I’m sure he’ll forward it to you – I’m not sure of another way without divulging e-mail address over the Internet??

      Many thanks for the interest

  • A Ashfield

    It is easy to get something published in your local newspaper. Looks like I was ahead of the crowd.

    Like Wright brothers, Rossi ahead of his time Jan 6, 2012

    Dawn of a new age of energy is upon us Aug 20. 2012

  • Victor Victory

    Well done Mark,

    I have done something similar and wrote an article where I have discussed about all the players in the field at the moment. The article managed to make it to the front page of a national Science Magazine in Romania. At the moment I have contacted someone at RT and hope to have the subject at least metioned in one of their shows. I think we can all try to contribuite in spreading the word. I believe that we need to make aware more and more people, either being sceptics or not, but if this technology turns out to be real than there will be less chances will have it buried again or bought out by a few corporations!


  • Sanjeev

    Good job !
    The last line alone will motivate many to follow the news 😀

  • freethinker

    Mr Saker,

    I congratulate you on this momentus occasion. Momentus? Yes. I find your effort in the local paper much more inspiring and heartwarming than the dabbling by pro journalists in Forbes, not to mention the complete and utter folly of pop-sci mag bloggers on the net. You may inspire many more to send in articles to their local paper.

    So thanks. Kudos to you. Plenty.

  • Jim

    What’s with the relatively stable approximately .45 watts positive excess power on Celani cell #1 at HUGnetView for the last 12 hours?

    • Ged

      It’s still rising at about a fixed rate. Now getting 0.72 W spikes. The mean is almost up to 0.5 W. Meanwhile, power in is decreasing slowly with time, and both T_Mica and T_GlassOut are increasing (total cell heat energy is growing).

      It’s fascinating, it seems we should be well over 1 W of excess by Monday. Question is, as the cell gets hotter, will the reaction increase and begin to take off more, or will it level off sooner than later?