Rossi on 'Very Important' Partner

Andrea Rossi keeps us guessing with comments about what he leads us to believe is a very important partnership to help bring the Hot Cat to market. The following post he made yesterday indicates that whoever Leonardo corporation is working with, they will have the wherewithal to do the necessary engineering and development.

“We made an Agreement with a very important Partner who will be able to develope the production as much as requested from the market. The first step are the 1 MW plants we are manufacturing now. It is true what you say, we are changing the design during the manufacturing, because we discover every day possible upgradings, but this is normal when it turns into a completely new technology.”

A few weeks ago Rossi said that Leonardo had “signed a mammoth contract, giving the certainty of a solid future to our development.”

Rossi is certainly not lowering expectations, and these kinds of comments are very intriguing. As always, however, much information that E-Cat observers would like to know is kept hidden, and we have no choice but to wait for more details. It probably will still be a number of months at least before this partner is identified.

  • jacob

    A few weeks ago Rossi said that Leonardo had” signed a mommoth contract,giving the certainty of a solid future to our development”

    That could be very good, or it could be very bad for the future of Leonardo,depending who is in control of this important partner.

    If big oil or the energy mafia is involved ,kiss Leonardo good bye.

    • Peter_Roe

      Rossi can barely contain his glee – and it is easily possible to see why. After all the struggle and the stream of bile generated by the shills, he is about to be vindicated – and to become very rich.

      On the downside, this is panning out in a rather predictable fashion, with CF under the exclusive control of a large corporate concern, and no indication whatsoever that the technology will ever be available outside the existing energy cartels. I would guess that it has been made clear to AR that this is the only way it was ever going to happen.

      When the dust settles from the initial announcement by whoever has partnered with Leonardo, wait for the story line that maintaining existing electricity prices to consumers, despite the low cost of CF, will allow rolling conversion of all existing grid powergen installations in order to save the planet. In fact if we are really lucky there may be no need to hike the cost per unit by more than just a few percent per year to speed along the conversion process, and to ‘assist’ with the decommissioning of nuclear fission plant and waste processing and ‘disposal’ (the nuclear industry has always intended to dump these multi-billion dollar costs in the laps of consumers and taxpayers).

      • timycelyn

        Peter….you’re depressing me again! This prediction feels way too accurate for my tastes.


        • Peter_Roe

          Sorry Tim! Nothing new though – I’ve been sayin’ the same thing a long time. I always hoped I would be proven wrong by events, and there’s still time…

        • I think Peter’s right as usual.

      • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

        I think the fact that this would be a clean technology that can be applied everywhere, would be a win situation.
        This technology should stop global warming.
        We will have a virtually inexhaustible power source for the next million years.
        We can use it to travel to the stars, colonize the moon and mars.
        We can grow as a society due to the fact that we can now sustain a much higher power demand than before.
        So even if this will not bring lower energy prices, it will bring all sorts of other positives.

        • Haldor

          Another teaser:
          Andrea Rossi
          November 30th, 2012 at 12:01 AM
          Dear Frank Acland:
          Our Partner shares our philosophy.
          Stay alert: the third party validation will finish in 2 weeks, after which they will prepare the report. I’ll keep you informed.
          Warm Regards,

      • Omega Z


        I Agree with you for the most part. Not all the savings will be passed on as to dismantling costs of the old. Even then at a latter date. Price increases on the other-hand should come to a halt for quite sometime. Decades, & Technical advances may delay this further or eliminate it in time.

        What complicates things is where a person lives. If your paying 40 cents per Kwh, but 3/4’s of that goes to social programs & Not Energy Costs, these costs will remain. At least until TPTB find a way to shift these costs.

        Hopefully with the advent of LENR, Jobs become plentiful & most Social programs will no longer be needed or drastically reduced.

        In any event, there is little need for Corporate to reduce prices until the market becomes saturated & Competition requires it.

        I don’t know how most of the World Operates, However, Fortunately for me where I live, If A Company setup a LENR plant & offered me Discount rates, I have the Option to switch Energy Suppliers. My Electrical server is just the transporter. Unfortunately For Me, I’m old enough I may not see it if it takes decades. That aside, I hope for the best for everyone Else.

        On a side note- Large Operations will probably have their own LENR Plants which will reduce manufacturing costs. Everyone will benefit from reduced prices in the products we buy.

    • HeS

      @jacob:”kiss Leonardo good bye; Rossi: …. certainty of a solid future to our development”

      Maybe you’re right. I underline Rossi word “development”, not production.

    • Martin

      Then, would be a good time to leak the secret sauce…

      • Fibber McGourlick

        I’m still waiting patiently for the independent report on the Hot Cat ecat test which was said to have been conducted some time ago. Actually I’m still waiting for proof of any kind that this acclaimed Rossi technology works.

        • clovis

          I know i’m just feeding the trolls,
          but once again do a little research, no one will do it for you, and you will find the certification for the 1 mw low temp plant that is now being put in production in a plant , that some folks well get to see this spring,— so There.

          • Fibber McGourlick

            If I’m a troll, you’re a duck.

            I’ve done my research, have you? There is no independent verification of anything, just as I said.

          • Ryan

            Actually there is no independant verfication that you are aware of. Given that you have no real connections, nor do any of the rest of us, to the ongoing development, why would we know if there really were any verifications? Rossi dicussing his operations does not, in any way, grant us any special priviliges to knowing things such as this. I’m not sure why there are so many people that believe they have the right to demand such. I will stay neutral, waiting for confirmation one way or another, as it hurts me not one jot nor does it rob me in any way. If Rossi were to ask me for money then I would have a basis for demanding proof immediately. He has not asked me for money nor for my input on the production of his device so I have no real recourse, nor does anyone else, but to wait.

          • Peter_Roe

            Yup – spot on. Its amazing how often this seems to need saying.

  • timycelyn


    A) Seems to have been a very US-centric discussion with this “very important Partner”

    B) Any scale of production no problem for the partner.

    Guessing is a game anyone can play, so my offering is GE.



    • Mark

      When a big company is ready for such huge
      venture, the board usually looks
      forward for significant jump of their
      stocks. In this case they issue a public
      announcement, without going into details.
      A big company is not signing contracts
      without due diligence from it’s analytical
      and technical staff…usually they leak
      some news to the press.
      Due diligence means patent(s), independent
      testing by third party experts, etc.
      The company cannot expose itself to negative
      impacts in case the venture fails.
      Can we expect such public statement from
      a GE spokesperson?

      • timycelyn

        In normal times, these points all have merit. but in such an unusual one – off as this?

        I doubt it.

        In this case, I’d argue the motto “Rules are there to be broken” probably has some merit…

        • Mark

          Does not Rossi himself said something
          like that “exceptional claims demand
          exceptional proofs”?
          Does not the greatest claim in the
          history of our civilization fall under
          this category and is exempt from solid
          scientific theory/explanation, verified by labs,
          is exempt from patent approvals, from
          independent experts evaluations ?

          • timycelyn

            ((Worry: Am I feeding a troll or shill here?))

            OK, I’ll say this once. Rossi has no need in proving squat to you, me or anyone on this group or in the greater public. As has been stated ad-nauseum, the last thing he needs right now is the whole near meltdown that would result from public proof and acceptance of this technology.

            We might all have a high and some sort of party/orgasm, but it wouldn’t help anyone trying to quietly develop this technology one jot.

            The ideal situation for him is to show the goods and proofs to his backers/partners/owners so they can forge ahead, with as little hassle as possible. The rest of us, sadly, get mushroom managed, I’m afraid. He’ll take care of us, and give us the public confirmation we all want and you seem to be demanding, when it suits him – ie when he has something approved to sell us – and has NO INTEREST in doing so any earlier.


          • Mark

            Sorry, I forgot that to repeat
            Rossi’s words of the past qualifies one as
            a sceptic, who must be crucified.
            I thought that such intelligent
            people, who comment on this site,
            know a little about freedom of speech and
            expression and not spewing bile

          • Harold Coffman

            Perhaps what we say and ask of Rossi says more about oneself,
            than of Rossi. As I see it, one should ask ourself, “Is this real”
            and not who has to say it’s “real” … before we believe.

            Do we understand the HCat significant Rossi report of Oct 29 2012 ?

            Do we really need a third party report… does it become true only
            when some authority says so ?

            Where is our own backbone to stand up and be counted … or do we
            all want to hide behind the Higgs Boson ?

          • Mark

            Dear Mr. Coffman,
            When we deal with science,
            we don’t ask ourself :’is it
            true ?’ We ask, what lab
            confirmed or falsified a theory or conjecture.
            BTW, Higgs is still a hypothesis to give a crutch to SM.If Higgs gives masses
            to W and Z, who gives such
            a big mass to Higgs itself?

          • Ryan

            First, freedom of speech is protected in the way that the government is not allowed to crack down on you and inhibit it. Other people have the right to say whatever they want in response to your statements and that is not, in any way, abridging your freedom of speech. Second, you taking comments from Rossi and saying that they absolutely make a statement of fact for your personal opinion is meaningless. Situations change rapidly in any development process for just about anything imaginable. As Helmuth von Moltke said “No plan of operation extends with any certainty beyond the first contact with the main hostile force. Or simplified, the best laid plans will falter upon implementation within reality. While I thought it would be nice if home based ecats could be brought to the fore early, I never really felt that would happen as home products in this type of category are usually the last thing to come out. Given that LENR works on an as yet unknown basis that could be nuclear that makes it even less likely the public would get early access to home based units, which is why I feel he went down the larger business scale path. And, as previous posters have mentioned, none of us have any right to information about the topic. We are not investors nor are we working with him to develop the matter, thus our opinions or desires are moot.

          • timycelyn

            Well said!

          • Peter_Roe


            “…none of us have any right to information about the topic. We are not investors nor are we working with him to develop the matter, thus our opinions or desires are moot.”

            Perhaps we need a ‘FAQ’ with this at #2 (#1 being that everything said on this blog is speculation, until such time as reality catches up with us!).

      • Jim

        Given the availability of patent protection and the number of potential competitors once the phenomena is publicly validated, secrecy is a key element of economic strategy at this stage. For the partner, the venture may be a minor line item in a huge internal R&D budget, with unknown probability of success, so “nothing to report at this time”.

        In capitalism, the first rule is “don’t get in the way of maximizing profits”.

  • Pweet

    I hope this “very important customer” reminds Andrea R. that the promised independent report is due by tomorrow. Unless he meant in October/November next year.

    • David

      Are you joking? He said also that the publication is not upon him. It’s a third party report.

      • g.Luca from Italy

        It isn’t a jok!! We need a third party validation.
        We waiting for this to october 2011.
        This is the time to present “THE REPORT”.

        • David

          So ask to the third party! Rossi has already submitted his report at Pordenone meeting.

        • HeS

          Yes, “we” need, but from the point of view of Rossi report is unnecessary. This is just marketing of new product.

          • GreenWin

            WHO is “we?”

          • GreenWin

            The problem with Liquid Crystal displays is they’re overly sensitive and defensive. It has to do with twisted nematic elements and lack of control issues. Soon though TFT-LCD will rule and all will be well!

            Pleasant morning, people.

          • John-xyz

            There is nothing wrong with making jokes about people who post here. However, if that is fine, are the members fine with people making jokes about Rossi? Because I have a whole string of jokes about him, just waiting.

          • GreenWin

            How is what I wrote a joke? A better place for jokes would be open mike nite.

          • georgehants

            Admin and Clovis have asked good questions on JONP page.
            I will not transfer as I feel I am interfering.

          • Omega Z

            I did the same.

      • Chris

        I’m sure the partner would either have had a chance to be sure themselves, or they wouldn’t be a partner. They don’t care about this report, as long as there are customers that try it and see it working.

  • Renzo

    to Francesco CH

    Any news about the report?
    Do you reconfirm your estimate of 20-30 november more or less 1-2 days?
    I wouldn’t care if it takes more time but your comments suggested the release is imminent

  • Wonder

    What about the robotized** factory??

    maybe it is with the 13 reactors sold to an undisclosed buyer?

    • Ged

      These people obviously already have those sorts of factories up and running (the norm for manufacturing!), so much better than relying on his own. Though last we heard, that was still being set up, it just had to wait for the home E-cat (the factory was to be for them) certification, as that might have required redesigns.

    • Fyodor

      Remember how earlier this year he going to “prove through the market” by releasing home e-cats this year? Or making the supposedly-already-sold 1MW warm-cat available for inspection? Did those happen? I can’t remember.

  • Robb C

    I have to say that having followed this story for the past year or so I can see why some remain convinced that Rossi is a scammer. So far it has been an endless tease. Still, as you say, the stakes are raised with each new development and the payoff becomes ever more tantalizing.

    If it is a house of cards then it surely cannot stand for much longer. And if it is what both skeptics and believers would be thrilled to see it be, it surely cannot be kept hidden for much longer. Whichever it is–outrageous scam or world-changing leap forward–it rightfully keeps us on the edge of our seats! I’ve switched from an occasional visitor to one who checks this site first thing every morning.

    • Invy

      Rossi is quite the tease, and it had ensnared me for a while…

      I’m now just waiting for third party, no use in denying lenr and thus improvements by scientific researchers will continue with or without the ecat… The ecat is a hope for faster public use, it is now an amusement to catch the latest news every morning on this site… I guess I’m not out of spectating on this rat race just yet.

    • clovis

      Hi, Rob.
      I know what you mean , but i caught the bug many years ago,before the e-cat it’s just so darn, interesting, in all respects it use to be called the food of the gods, ambrosia, perpetual motion,free energy, ou, to just name a few, all thing that are seen and unseen, is energy of some kind.
      And why I keep an eye on these things is i believe if you can think of it, you can invent it. and nothing is beyond the human potential.

      • GreenWin

        Gentlemen, it is my hope that each of you write with a modicum of tongue in cheek – as these exasperated claims of a deception carry little or no substance. DO SOME RESEARCH! There are hundreds of published science papers confirming LENR. NASA has paid Boeing Research to design an airplane around it. Navy has been developing it for 23 years. Dr. Rob Duncan is working on the theory behind anomalous heat at University Missouri.

        Some of these nervous nellies clearly enjoy the drama leading to the overtime play. Admittedly this is better for ratings. There will be 2-3 billion tuning in to learn how the planet will soon be freed from the bondage of Scroogerious energy moguls. It is an excellent story – made true and material by a handful of stalwart, GOOD men and women who refused to accept small-mindedness.

        It is NOT ROSSI’s tale. It is the tale of these good people who have never given up. Grok that please. And good tidings.

        • Bigwilly

          Yo Bro,

          Interesting sentiments. I am floored by the notion that you have so easily given up on Rossi. Please tell me Paul Story’s last post hasn’t swayed you over to the dark side?

          I was a little disheartened but im definitely not going to renounce Rossi. I gave him until 2018 then I would seriously reconsider his credibility. Give him some time GreenWin. Geesh! Hot fusion has been at it for what 70 years and blown 700 billion???


          • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

            And the moderation software strikes again…

          • Peter_Roe

            It always seems to be the best comments, too – the ones you think offer the most wit, insight or relevance — which someone else always manages to replicate before yours makes it out of moderation! AI with a very malign streak.

          • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

            I would normally reply with a smiley Peter, except that the mod software takes that as offensive. No kidding. A very malign AI indeed…

          • GreenWin

            Well, to be absolutely equitable Willy, we’d have to give Rossi and the CF team, 62 years and 273 billion$$ (non-inflated.) That’d be 2073. By then I’ll be thinkin’ ’bout retirement to my island paradise.

          • Bigwilly

            Good Morning Sir,

            I heartily agree. I wouldnt mind if we gave all of the ladies and gentlemen working outside the insane oligarchy’s “safe fields” 62 years and 273 billion.

            Perpetual motion
            Cold fusion (each organization)
            Magnet Motors
            Urine Engines
            Water Engines
            Uri Geller

            With proper funding these concept could easily change the world.

            I would definately defund other such “sciences” like:

            Space travel
            Conventional power generation
            Water treatment

            Thanks for the reply

          • GreenWin

            Except Willy, there is little “safe” about the hot fusion gadgets. In fact, most are used to develop and “steward” weapons stockpiles. And ITER cannot contain their plasmas or prevent radiative destruction of confinement walls! Erk.

            And seriously, you’d defund space travel? and risk alienating Trekkies the world over?

          • Bigwilly

            Good point buddy.

            Keep the space travel. I love star trek.

            Except for the new one. That one can go to hell

            Data’s 4th brother,

        • Pweet

          I think most people here, including myself, still have high hopes for LENR producing worthwhile power,.. eventually.
          What most are now losing confidence in, is that A.R. is the one who will do that.
          In view of the fact that he has consistently failed to provide any third party confirmation that even one of his devices actually work, you would have to forgive us for being more than a little sceptical.
          If he can finally do this then all that will change overnight. But it will take more than some half baked sketchy document from a previously unknown testing authority to do that.
          And so far, today being 30th November 2012, we don’t even have that.
          Maybe today? Or maybe not?

          • GreenWin

            Trolling is a tricky thing. Using big shiny lures worked in the old days. Them days is over. Have you considered dynamite?? Works like crazy in the swamps.

          • Björn

            Andrea Rossi
            November 30th, 2012 at 12:01 AM
            Dear Frank Acland:
            Stay alert: the third party validation will finish in 2 weeks, after which they will prepare the report. I’ll keep you informed.
            Warm Regards,

            I thought Rossi said it was finnished?

          • Peter_Roe

            Getting your message of doubt or uncertainty across here has become an art form attempted only by the most highly skilled shills. This one is plugging away like the trooper it clearly is.

          • GreenWin

            This is what happens when trollers have nowhere to go and vent. Hence my support for homeless troll-rehab centers.

          • Bigwilly

            I used to troll websites for funskies.

            Then I accidently trolled myself and got backtrolled.

            Ever since I have dislike trolls and backtrolls.

            I do however enjoy trollin’ the super market for good grub.


    • zvibenyosef

      Its interesting to see someone with almost opinion as mine about Rossi and the ecat. The thing that makes Rossi’s ecat so compelling for me are the endorsements from Professors Kullander, and Focardi.
      I have been following the story since Pons and Fleischmanns original announcement. I was convinced they were on to something, and absolutely appalled at their reception by the conventional “science establishment”.
      There are many others hard at work in the LENR field, but Rossi appears to be closer to having a commercial product than anyone else right now.

    • David

      And what about a movie on Rossi and his e-cat? And John Malkovich as Andrea Rossi!

      • GreenWin

        Interesting casting. Fantastic actor.

  • Jim

    Rate Rossi 1 to 5, 5 being best, round numbers only, based on what is known today, purely subjective:

    – visionary 5
    – inventor 5
    – entrepreneur 4
    – promoter 4
    – salesman 4
    – engineer 4?
    – scientist 4?
    – manufacturer 1
    – distributor 1
    – operations manager 1

    • Jim

      development team leader 5

      • clovis

        – visionary 5
        – inventor 5
        – entrepreneur 5
        – promoter 5
        – salesman 3
        – engineer 5
        – scientist 5?
        – manufacturer 5
        – distributor 1
        – operations manager 1

        • Jimr

          Spokes person for company= 0

          • Gerrit

            story teller = 6

          • Pachu

            dc-comics villan = 5

          • Jim

            keeper of valuable industrial secrets 4

          • PaulCal_50

            Dr Rossi is now a seasoned business man from many years of experience, he has seen it all and has had to deal with the sharpest individuals in the industry, he knows what he is doing.

          • Pweet

            Yes. You’re right. He certainly knows what he is doing, and he’s doing it brilliantly.
            The question is, is he doing what he says he is doing.
            B.S. artist = 6 ?

          • wonderboy

            communicator 1

    • Chris

      Mmmmmmmmmmm entrepreneur not quite 4 there now. Pity, but he could do better, I think.

  • Chris

    I nope this partner disagrees with what Rossi said at the end of Pordenone.

  • Mark Saker

    Has anybody attempted to visualise the innards of what the 100/1 hotcat will look like. I’ve been trying to work out how the primary fluid will be connected to the individual reactors and the heat exchanger on the other side, especially since they removed the centre hole on the hotcat. Has anybody mocked anything up?

    • Peter_Roe

      Perhaps the version with the hole through the middle is the working version, or at least a prototype for it. Certainly it seemed to be internally designed to emit heat from the centre tube rather than the outside, so a flow of high temperature coolant through the bore could be easily arranged. An array of such units mounted between baffle plates could be fired up by burning gas in the spaces between the cylinders (hard to describe – a sketch would show the idea immediately).

    • Peter_Roe

      The most likely arrangement would be a vertical cylinder about a meter high and a little more in diameter. Internally there would be two perforated baffle plates welded in a few centimetres above the base and a similar distance below the top plate, forming plenums above and below the baffle plates. The hot cat cylinders with central bores would be mounted between the baffles and secured with seals and threaded retaining rings fitted to each end. There would be no lower chamber in this case as the combusters would be fitted directly.

      Coolant, which could be CO2, pressurised water or some kind of HT fluid such as alkylene glycol or silicone would be pumped into the bottom plenum and would flow from a connection to the top plenum, with flow rate regulated to keep the temp within tolerance.

      The spaces between hot cat tubes inside the central chamber would be ‘dry’, so the space could be used to burn a gas mixture to provide the necessary heating, with combusters set into the lower baffle plate and exhaust connections in the top one. Admittedly such an arrangement could cause difficulties with electrical connections to the hot cat tubes, but nothing insuperable I think.

      Alternatively this arrangement could be reversed, with gas combustion taking place in the ‘bores’ of the hot cat tubes and and coolant flowing through the central plenum and cooling the exterior surfaces of the reactor tubes.

      • clovis

        hi pete.
        Nail on the head, my friend, i totally agree.

      • Jim


      • Peter_Roe

        Correction: The final para should read:

        “Alternatively this arrangement could be reversed, with gas combustion taking place in the ‘bores’ of the hot cat tubes and and coolant flowing through the central plenum and cooling the exterior surfaces of the reactor tubes. There would be no lower chamber in this case as the combusters would be fitted directly.”

        The final sentence ended up in the wrong place when I hurriedly edited the post knowing I had only a few seconds of edit time left!

  • daniel maris

    I don’t understand the secret squirrel business. He should be able to announce who this partner is.

    • GreenWin

      Daniel, wouldn’t it be hilarious if the “partner” were God in Heaven… Just to PO Richard Dawkins. 🙂

      • Allen McCloud

        lol, what? I’d doubt in god even more if this were the case. And not sure how I could possible doubt more than I already do… but I’ll make it happen.

        • GreenWin

          Ooops… PO Dawkins and Allen McCloud.

    • Ryan

      Uh, I think the simplest answer here is that the entity doesn’t want it to be public information yet. Quite frankly I can see why as they’d be deluged by people constantly either clamoring for more information or decrying them for supporting what they believe to be pseudo-science. It would only serve as an annoyance and would garner them nothing at this point. I admit that there is also the possibility that there is nothing there as well. This situation is still very much a Shroedinger’s Cat. Until we can open the box we won’t know the actual reality.

    • Omega Z


      I Highly doubt the Partner would want the Attention at this time. Only After they have a Fully Operational System setup up for a period of time would there be any advantage. Even then it would bring more attention then they would Like. Imagine Every Media outlet in the World will be wanting to interview them.

      Every Government Agency in the World is going to get involved beating a path to their door.

      Even tho I believe this is going to take years to Roll out, the First Full Confirmation is going to be a Nightmare for those involved for a while. Every New Star loves the Initial attention, But soon learn to loath the Paparazzi.

  • Wombat

    Rossi is like the prospector who hit the secret motherload. He knows where it is and can always return to it. In the meantime, he dishes the E-Cats out at his discretion and orderly fashion to a selected clientel until they are well established and functioning in society. To me, this is a wise and lucrative approach.

    • Levan Lector

      Mr Rossi, take you time, we have the patience for good news.

    • Chris

      The only reason for him being selective is the risk of his secret getting out. This doesn’t improve things for him or for anybody. I don’t see why it is more lucrative, I don’t see why it is wiser; who is Rossi, God? For folks in general, more availability would be all the better. It would be more lucrative for him if he sold to more customers.

      I think his best strategy would be to sell with priority to those most trusted for NDA and reinvest income to have fast delivery times at high volume. As he gets downward in the order of trustability, his secret getting out would make less and less difference to his head start and other factors of competitivity. Or maybe this is his plan but he just doesn’t spell it out and it’s going slowly. Too slowly.

    • jpelsor

      Seems to me Rossi’s tid-bits are more like a ‘whack-a-mole’ game. Every time interest or publicity in the newest breakthrough wanes – Rossi suggests some new tid-bit for the public that has no substance.
      It is incomprehensible to me that a market ready product, (supposedly in service in approximately 2 months) has yet to have its performance independently verified or demonstrated to actually operate successfully for more than a small number of hours.
      Why anyone in the public should place any more confidence in Rossi than Keshe is simply beyond my comprehension. For more than a year now we have been teased with ever grander claims with no one, even Rossi, claiming anything that has been independently verified.
      My patience and excitement continue to wane. Personally, the liklihood that Rossi is the sole party capable of producing a large stream of power via nickel/hydrogen with the various universities and researchers around the globe feverishly trying to produce more than a few watts above unity; is testing the limits of credibility. It just seems to point more and more toward an elaborate hoax or misunderstanding of basic physics similar to Steorn’s unhappy experiences several years ago.
      At this rate it seems more and more likely that sometime, as we approach 2014, Rossi will have made such ridiculous claims that only the most gullible and avid believers will still be wasting their time following the imminent(not!) release of the home, no hot, no gas, no magical -Ecat.

      • Pweet

        I think we have reached that point already.
        I would rate the odds of A.R. coming up with anything more than promises is now less than 1 in 100. But then people happily splash out millions every week on lottery tickets with odds very much worse than that, so we might as well keep watching, even if it’s only out of morbid curiosity.
        You’ve got to admit, it’s still one of the best shows on the internet.

      • Omega Z

        For half a Century we have been teased about Hot Fusion.
        I-phones, I-pads, All in the works about 6 years before a product hit the Market. At least 10 years will have past since Intel built their 1st Working 16 Core Chip & the designated Market Date. If it doesn’t get pushed farther into the future.

        Rossi’s ready for market products. The 1Mw LT E-cat. Months to build & deliver. It’s a new Tech. Last thing you would want to do is Rush it. Lots of T’s to cross & I’s to dot & An IP to Protect. Last thing you want is 1 that doesn’t work as advertised 100%.

        That’s it. Just the 1 Product.

        EVERYTHING ELSE is in Development. Even the Home Version is just Basic not ready for market. Changes will have to be made to satisfy Safety Certification when that time comes.

        As for Tid-Bits, Rossi has added Nothing New in Quite sometime. Only continued info on the Development of the Hot Cat. Even now it goes through minor changes as they design the Boiler for it. All a natural progression.

        If your waiting for Rossi to Deliver a 1Mw Electric Generating Hot Cat, You might as well go home. Wont Happen. Not his Fortay. That will be left for his Partner to do. All he’ll deliver is a 1Mw Boiler to the partner with any adjustments required. Even the Boiler itself is being handled by a different team of people. Rossi is on Board only as Technical Adviser on the H-cat Core.

        Having worked on projects, I can tell you. Nothing goes as intended. I always gave myself extra time & on many occasions found it hard to stay on schedule.

        Allow a week for a project & after the 1st day you think this is great. I could be done tomorrow. At the End of the 2nd day your thinking Wow, I’m 2 weeks behind. Things usually work out, but sometimes you worry. That’s just how it works.

        If Working along side Rossi, I would think that Great Gains have been made in an Extremely short period of time. Sitting on the side lines– Well patients is a virtue. Waiting can Suck. Especially with all the Dark Clouds on the Economic Horizon.

        • Yes,
          It is painful, but it will take time.
          see MFMP replication effort… fast start, but stuck in classic metrology problem around calorimetry… It will sure work, but when…
          Defkalion, if you assume they are enthusiastically startuply honest, despite a huge breakthrough (hear peter gluck about their LENR+/HENI breakthrough), are very late compared to their initial estimation…

          And Rossi took much time to solve basic stability problems , and added to the trouble a permanent change of target… If you read what he says, neither as a fraud, nor as a dream, you can realize that he simply advance slowly, and sell his success before just having validated the precise technology… I suspect that it will take month to transform his proof of concept hot cat into something that can warm a fluid safely, and month again before it can be installed for a client for testing…

          some experienced innovators told me however that we are at a point where any player can win… challenger players like Brillouin, Kressen, LENr Cars, Toyota, Piantelli, … can make big breakthrough, chose the good niche market, and finally absorbs the competitors… or not… who knows…

        • Peter_Roe

          I think that the main differences between this project and other innovations such as the ones mentioned is that in this case, (1) about 95% of the design work is already done, and (2) the ‘hot cat’ is probably so simple in essence that a blacksmith could make one in an afternoon.

          Proven boiler designs are available for every conceivable purpose, and are understood in sufficient detail to allow completely accurate computer modelling, which can be transferred to CNC machines for immediate fabrication of parts. The only remaining challenge is to optimise performance of the hot cat core, while configuring it for simple incorporation into a suitable boiler design.

          Regarding the LT e-cat (and any domestic derivatives), I think that this system is now completely obsolete and will be quietly dropped in favour of hot cat equivalents. There will be fences to be mended with licensees and any existing purchasers, but I’m sure they will receive acceptable offers from Leonardo Corp.

          • Omega Z

            Yeah Peter

            I imagine some improvements by the time there available, but Regulations will limit them for the foreseeable future. I don’t see a 1150`C in homes. Maybe half that.

            I expect something more in line of multi-cores for power regulating purposes. Eventually faster Ramp up times.

            I mention the faster ramp up because of 1 of the Video’s with Celini I believe. May have been someone else. Anyway, the E-cat jumped way up immediately & Rossi shut it down & restarted it. A Safety factor concern most likely. Something that may evolve in time.

          • jpelsor

            So— no E-cat Lite next year!?

          • Peter_Roe

            Unlikely in the extreme. The consolation prize is not so bad though: an end to oil wars and propping up oil-rich dictators, one less doomsday scenario, cleaner air, no more nuclear fission, no parasites getting rich off ‘cap ‘n trade’ carbon taxes, irrelevant anti-humanity ‘green’ fascists running around like headless chickens…

    • John-xyz

      If such a system exists, I don’t think it’s very wise because all it takes is one person to reverse engineer it, and the e-cat ‘secret’ is out of the bag.

      • Chris

        It depends on whether that one person is an idealist… or a competitor.

        But still, even a competitor would trigger off a tad of competition. It would stimulate Rossi to have a bit more than 3 units for 1 MW each (a total of 3 MW, wow) under production as he recently said. Then of course each could have offspring of their own, no condom is 100% reliable. They would stimulate each other to grab as much market share as they could, instead of aiming to sell only to the Rain Man, or a handful of others that would never disobey an NDA. And then, even if Rossi did sell only to Puritans, what does he do when he’s sold to all of them? Shut business down?

        I lived my youth in Verona. Between Erbe and Signori, one walks under a medieval arch where a whale bone has been hanging on a chain for centuries. The locals (and the many tour guides) tell you that if a perfectly honest person ever walks through, the bone will drop onto their head. The place has long been swarming with tourists from the world over, as well as folks going about their business. That bone has yet to drop onto anybody’s head.

      • Omega Z


        The Cat will be out of the bag eventually. How that comes about is important. Properly handled & Rossi is covered. Doesn’t matter.

        Reverse engineering. Absolutely. It’s a Given. So More Reason for Rossi to be Extremely Cautious. A Head Start is very Important in the grand scheme of things.

        However, For the Competition Reverse Engineering is just the Beginning. They then have to figure out how to accomplish the same thing in a totally different Fashion if they intend to market. For some, licensing may be their best option verses years of additional research on their part.

  • Lu

    Rossi’s generally not hesitated in dropping names: NI, Siemans, University of Bologna, Home Depot, SGS. It’s only when the verifiability of the E-Cat is on the line when the names somehow are kept secret: 1st 1MW customer, home E-Cat UL, latest test organization (soon to be rectified I hope), new “Partner”, other 1MW customers. It just doesn’t look good you have to admit.

    • Jim

      Or perhaps it’s like it’s only for the really meaningful stuff, where secrets make a lot of difference, that he keeps secrets.

    • GreenWin

      Na, don’t have to “admit” a thing Lu.

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    The “partner” could be any of a few dozen companies. My guess is GE because it is into electric power generating plants and it’s in bed with Obama. Other possibilities are Raytheon, Babcock & Wilcox, Westinghouse (owned by Toshiba but based in the US), or Bechtel(private and very secretive).

    • Morgan

      I’m a VP at Raytheon. Not us.

      • LCD

        No offense VP at Raytheon but I very much doubt you know everything that is going on at Raytheon.

        What division are you in?

        I’m at another defense contractor and there are many VPs who don’t know what we are doing.

    • Mike Cheek

      Good guesses, I would think. Even if (for the sake of argument) Raytheon is eliminated there are still many plausible choices. IF, if, if this is a valid technology, Babcock & Wilcox would seem to be a real good match both commercially and in terms of technical compatibility. Not for retail or residental, but for 1 MW or bigger, then B&W.

    • Omega Z


      I put my money on Siemens. G.E. would probably transfer the Work outside the U.S. Like they’ve done with most of their Operations.

      Siemens on the otherhand has a huge footprint in the U.S. and wants to greatly increase it. The U.S. is currently it’s single Largest Market. Just Finished a Huge Expansion in Co-Generation Turbine Systems at it’s Siemens-Westinghouse plant. Their also acquainted with the E-cat Tech.

  • Peterem

    Here is some recent press coverage:

    The article references Jed Rothwell’s site.

    • LCD

      Who is John Dash. He claims transmutations have been shown from palladium to silver. And that it’s more repeatable than classic F&P experiments.

      • Gerrit

        Who are you and did you read anything about cold fusion other than Rossi-topics ?

        • LCD

          I know a thing or two about cold fusion.

  • psi

    What Rob C. said….. : ) I haven’t given up my “belief” just yet.

  • LCD

    Note to Rossi


    Sorry I’m just as hopeful as the next but come on.

    • Barry

      Do you really have to be that negitive. If you don’t like what he’s saying don’t listen.

    • Sounds very rude to me. What if Rossi delivers the goods and this becomes the greatest invention ever? Why not just sit back and see what happens?

      • John-xyz

        I’m thinking LCD has been sitting back and waiting for a year or two, and wants some ‘real’ news.

        • Ryan

          I and others have been watching this from the beginning as well. My position of watching and waiting has not changed at all as I understand even simple things can take an exceedingly long time to come to market and can run into lots of road blocks. Then again I’m a technology buff and watch the development of dozens of new technologies across a large swath of topics so I guess I’m used to it.

          • daniel maris

            Well it may be rude but I think it sums up what a lot of us are thinking. Really it is time for Rossi to put up. Secret squirrel partners don’t sound credible after a couple of years. Of course Rossi may be genuine and may well be fully vindicated in his strategy in due course – at which point I and others who have watched his progress will rejoice in his success. But at this moment, after so many delays and so little confirmation (why don’t we have real time webcams, videos of installed machinery, results of third party testing etc?)we have other things to interest us, not least the MFMP tests.

          • Ryan

            Again I ask why you feel you have any right to such information. Almost no other entity developing something will do the same. The fact that a few do does not, in any way, entitle you to demand it of others no matter what the subject is. You want answers, find a group that will accept your investments and get in on the inside or develop the talents necessary to make you invaluable to a team working on this subject. Otherwise your opinion is moot. You can complain all you like but nobody owes you anything in this arena.

    • captain

      captain on September 30, 2012 at 1:57 am
      a recent message from E-Cat inventor:

      Andrea Rossi
      September 29th, 2012 at 8:04 AM
      Dear Bernie Koppenhofer:
      1- we have thousands of hours spent with the E-Cats in operation, during which never had radiations outside the reactor.
      2- as you correctly say, the E-Cats and the Hot Cats are intrinsecally safe, because if the temperature overcomes the limit the nickel; melts, the hydrogen pops out, and we have no more powder of Ni reacting with H, therefore the operation stops.
      The “evil force” is working for us: the more they say stupidities, the more we gain credibility: this is exactly what we are experiencing in the market.
      Warm Regards,

      It’s clear that Rossi’s destiny in the states depends on a quick USPTO approval of his E-Cat patents and UL certifications.
      Measuring the time in quarters or seasons IMO
      – FALL – Hot Cat 1MW prototype almost ready to deliver a stable big amount of hot dry steam 600C to drive efficiently turbines to make electricity
      – WINTER – Hot Cat 1MW prototype plant producing electricity in a STABLE and SELF SUSTAIN mode
      – SPRING – at least with a certification/validation the Hot Cat 1MW electric plant available on sale for industrial use
      I mean producing mainly electricity, but it’s clear that for thermal production it’s simple like a smile

      I’m not in a hurry, and not an oracle too, LCD! and the same USPTO and UL.

  • timycelyn

    Frank, that’s a nice thoughtful questions you posted on JONP, and I am pleased to see that Rossi has given you s reply that I assume you’ll use to update this or start a new thread.

    A few replies lower in the blog, we also see:

    “Dear Clovis Alan Ray:
    We made a contract regarding our Intellectual property and now we are working together with our US Partner.”

    This is, of course, exactly what you would expect in a David and Goliath type situation. Goliath throws his weight behind David, and David contributes his know-how. They work together, and -I’m betting – all future IP will be shared, Goliath will help David with his tussles regarding his current somewhat amateur IP, and so on….

  • georgehants

    tommaso di pietro
    November 29th, 2012 at 8:18 AM
    Dear Andrea…I ‘d like to know a little but for me interesting thing.
    Did your new important partner provide to leonardo corp. its reserchers and scientists to develop the e cat technology?
    Thank you in advance!!!
    Andrea Rossi
    November 29th, 2012 at 11:58 PM
    Dear Tommaso Di Pietro:
    Warm Regards,

    • HeS

      I think that it is more important:

      May I be so bold as to ask, do you alone still hold the fire, or have you passed it off to another.
      To me, this has the potential for being like the story of(the lord of the rings,) you being Froto the ring barrier, and the ring as e-cat,the power that will light the world. I have heard of your fail-safe, for the secret sauce ,via the internet,and many of us was wondering if you still hold your secret.–Clovis

      Andrea Rossi
      November 29th, 2012 at 11:53 PM

      Dear Clovis Alan Ray:
      We made a contract regarding our Intellectual property and now we are working together with our US Partner.
      Warm Regards,

  • georgehants
  • georgehants
    • Omega Z

      Thanks George

      Already read it. Would love to know what he knows. He Does have inside info. He has Direct access to Rossi & his Crew.

  • Booyah

    “Dear Frank Acland:

    Our Partner shares our philosophy.
    Stay alert: the third party validation will finish in 2 weeks, after which they will prepare the report. I’ll keep you informed.”

    Warm Regards,

    It’s ON like Donkey Kong!

  • Pachu

    Today is the last day of november, rigth?

    • georgehants

      Pachu, that’s very good and that means tomorrow is the 1st of December.
      Soon be Christmas, Ha.

  • Pedro

    Over at JoNP, Rossi explains that there was a problem with the 3rd party evaluation, causing a 2 week delay

  • georgehants

    Pietro F.
    November 30th, 2012 at 5:53 AM
    Hello Mr. Rossi, just a clarification: November 21 said that the verification by a third party was over, now tells us that there are still two weeks, it is some problem in the meantime so it has had to extend the validation? The ringrazione for your attention and good work.

    Andrea Rossi
    November 30th, 2012 at 7:08 AM
    Dear Pietro F.:
    Yes, we met serious problems that we had to resolve, which delayed the tests conclusion.
    Warm Regards,

    • georgehants

      And as it fits the above —-
      Andrea Rossi
      November 30th, 2012 at 12:01 AM
      Dear Frank Acland:
      Our Partner shares our philosophy.
      Stay alert: the third party validation will finish in 2 weeks, after which they will prepare the report. I’ll keep you informed.
      Warm Regards,

  • jacob

    most of us readers and bloggers know that LENR and E-cat technology could change the energy and transportation world dramatically ,my question is why does such a great technology not get the credit it deserves.

    My view is unchanged ,it is too soon to be released,and I will not be surprised ,that the first to fully integrate industrial E-cat or Hot-cat or other LENR or CF will be the Energy providers retooling their own electrical generation and be installing CF LENR heaters in their own refineries and power their own oiltankers with power derived from such,before us the CONSUMERS get any savings from it at all,but unless we purchase shares in those companies we could benefit to get 5 cents as divident for every dollar invested per year.

    • jacob

      so you can buy stock in several utilities,the average out to be around 5% dividend ,and if you buy 100.000$ dollars worth ,with the income you can pay your gas and utilities.

      So if you are not a red neck ,this may be a viable option to become self sufficient.