Greek Newspaper Features Defkalion GT

Many people have already commented on the recently published article in the Greek newspaper Vima about Defklaion Green Technologies. I have been hoping to find a better translation of the article before commenting since I had a hard time following the Google translation. Now Defkalion has posted a much better English version of the on Defkalion GT’s forum, and it makes for interesting reading.

The author of the article, Anastasios Kafantaris, who identifies himself as an engineer visited Defkalion’s premises in Greece the day before they embarked for Canada. During the visit he witnessed an experiment which he describes as follows:

A plasma generating device heated nano-powder of nickel at 500 degrees Celsius, leading to alterations in the structure of nickel isotopes. Then, three catalysts were imported in the reaction chamber and a separation of the compressed diatomic hydrogen to monoatomic hydrogen followed. During the next phase, the monoatomic hydrogen got polarized and the orbit of the single electron was elongated. Emission of gamma radiation occurred, followed by absorption of this radiation and conversion to heat.

The author reports that in this experiment six times more energy was produced than input. DGT’s CTO John Hadjichristos says that in other experiments they have achieved a COP of up to 14. Kafantaris mentions that in looking over test records carried out by NASA employee Michael Nelson he noticed that one of the three secret catalysts that DGT uses was potassium carbonate.

DGT’s CEO Alex Xanthoulis discusses their move to Canada in the article, explaining that Greek scientific institutions and government agencies were not at all supportive. He says the company received offers of help from many countries, including China and Turkey. But Canada was the country they chose.

Canada accepted us unconditionally, sponsoring our research and giving us official certification that this is not a conventional nuclear technology. In addition they offer us free access to their national energy laboratories. However,” he added, “our research team is moving to Canada only temporarily, until the stages of prototyping, testing, approval and initial production are finished. After less than three years we plan to return to our homeland. Besides, the overall plan of our company is to be multinational with subsidiaries in all continents. Our goal is to license manufacturing of our systems to others. We will only keep providing the input material, the specially shaped nickel nano-powder.

  • “our research team is moving to Canada only temporarily, until the stages of prototyping, testing, approval and initial production are finished. After less than three years we plan to return to our homeland.”

    Three years?! Wow…just wow.
    First they said “in a couple of months” the testing/prototype is finished and now they say it’s three years. :/

    • artefact

      “.. and initial production”

      • Mark

        Is bankruptcy law in Canada
        more lenient than the law in Greece?

        • Ged

          Hmm, hard to say, but probably not. (Then again, Ancient Greece would turn a person in to an indentured servant if they went bankrupt 😉 )

          Canadian law, on the other hand, seems a lot less convoluted than US bankruptcy law.

    • Peter_Roe

      There doesn’t seem to be any contradiction here. A couple of months to finish bench testing prototypes then 30 more months or so to final design and setting up initial production, including a safety certification process. Presumably the R&D team do not see their involvement being necessary past this point.

    • John-xyz

      They lied. And you can quote me on that.

      • Peter_Roe

        I doubt anyone will remember your unfounded opinion in a couple of days, let alone long enough to bother quoting it. Unless of course you can back it up with any facts?

        • Rod

          Back it up with facts??? You mean like Defkalion do??

          • artefact

            The science writer of that artice testet the reactor himself. So did Michael A. Nelson from Nasa. Both say that it works.

          • Jim Johnson

            Post something meaningful??? When you can simply troll for fun and profit???

          • Roger Bird

            The only profit is an anger designed ego.

  • Ron Kita

    IF my memory is correct, most oil tankers have Greek conections.
    I can understand the economic political reasons for Defkalion not
    being welcomed in Greece.

    Ron Kita, Chiralex
    Doylestown PA

    • Peter_Roe

      Adapt or die. Greece seems to have made its choice.

      • Roger Bird

        No one is going to die, but a lot of rich people, if they aren’t nibble with their investments, are going become middle or lower class very quickly. And I will cry me a river over it.

    • Sanjeev

      The people you mentioned are too rich to fail.
      They will quickly shift to other methods of piling up money, if the oil goes in loss.

      It should be obvious to everyone, that they love money and power, not oil.

    • Craig

      You are indeed correct. Perhaps one of the reasons for the Greek merchant fleet haveing around 30% of the worlds ships is due to the fact that practically no tax is paid to Athens

  • georgehants

    December 4th, 2012 at 1:45 PM
    Dear Andrea,
    In Holland we always give eachother presents for christmas. For me it is always double presents Because it’s my birthday! I would like to have three presents!
    So I hope you have some new information, pictures or video of THE hotcat!
    Best regards Martin
    Andrea Rossi
    December 4th, 2012 at 2:57 PM
    Dear Martin:
    I wish you a wonderful Birthday!
    Yes, I think you will receive the gift from me, as well as our Readers.
    Warm Regards,

    • Miles

      Rossi should give everyone a Monthly progress update with what’s happened in the last month & expectations of what will happen in 2013 !!

    • clovis

      Hi George.
      wow, wow,
      I believe Mr. Rossi, does in deed read the post in e-cat world.
      I know i must have ask twice for that same Christmas present.
      Thanks Mr.Rossi, I know it was for martin,— but still,— smile.

  • Roger Bird

    “potassium carbonate” Consider how many atoms are involve; 5 or 6 I think. Consider how many other molecules have 5 or 6 atoms. So, what do you think are the odds that knowing that potassium carbonate is one of the catalyst is going to help other people find the other two catalysts? I am going to take a wild guess and say that this won’t help much. It might help someone who was already deeply into the chemistry of these catalysts, but not much.

  • Looks like our hopes are dashed for this year from all of the companies
    (except for Brillouin who have said a product by the end of the year for sale).

    Leonardo, Defkalion, Plasma-Erg, and others all forecast or strongly suggested a low end product available ready to use and for sale in 2012.

  • daniel maris

    Any news on the Pirelli High School conference?

  • buffalo

    potassium carbonate has crept up many many times before in nickel-H2 experiments round the globe.i wonder what role it could possibly play in this anomaly.potassium is a weakly radioactive,a beta emitter,maybe its fission is facilitated?omg

    • Sanjeev

      Yes, K2CO3 has been mentioned many times. I heard about it at the time of first Ecat demo, when someone asked Rossi if it is the secret catalyst in Ecat. Rossi answered that he cannot comment, but he did not deny it also.

      My guess is, anything that can dissociate H2 molecule into H atoms (nascent hydrogen) can act as catalyst. There are a few such mechanisms, K2CO3 may be one of them.

  • vbasic

    Mark – I don’t think we’ll need anti depressantss.
    If you read the whole Greek article, the reaction is not Proton-Proton reaction overcoming the Coulomb barrier. The description from there and other experimenters is the hydrogen, once in the lattice is behaving as a neutron. Whether from Randall Mills and his hydrino theory, or the LeClair Effect or Robert Godes at Brilliouin they are not describing a simple fusion reaction. Considering the element of Nickel or Palladium were created in the explosions of supernovas by neutron bombardment, something is special about these compressed metals above iron. There are too many experimenters showing the same results. If Rossi or DGT prove too slow to commercialize, one of the almost dozen other companies will probably do it.
    I don’t think we’ll be needing the antidepressants. But I’m sure many a physicist will be tearing their hair out, as they scream: “NO! It can’t work!” if any of LENRs go commercial.

  • H. Hansson

    As I said before.. I have now problems believing this..

    …Just Prove it in several 3 party (separate locations) tests. Just like any other science that gets the Nobel price.

    • I’m delighted to hear about this because I had doubted Defkalion was doing anything at all since moving to Canada. However, Frank, the link to the “better version in English” does not work, at least on IE8. Thanks again for this!

  • georgehants

    As the article has disappeared from Defkalion, link below.

    • Peter_Roe

      Thanks George. Nice to have it in English english rather than the Google version! I wonder why DGT have taken it down?

      • Pedro

        There must be something in the article that they don’t want to be on public record. Ofcourse they can not erase the article entirely, but now that their english translation has disappeared, it’s no longer available for non-greek viewers. (the googlish version is terrible!)

        • barty

          It’s not available anymore because defkalion is updating their homepage.
          So they shut the old one down for maintenance.

          They didn’t censor anything 😉

      • GreenWin

        A good read, though wildly skewed against the Rossi/Focardi process Defkalion will be accused of stealing. One nit pick, the author thinks ITER uses inertial confinement lasers – it does not. ITER is yet another attempt at magnetic confinement which has failed for 60 years to produce any useful energy.

        They do confirm the Blacklight theory of Randell Mills – i.e. the Ni geometry effectively alters protium by forcing the electron to a fractional ground state.

  • georgehants

    So far $2.5 billion and all it seems to be able to do is take pretty pictures of itself.
    Now they want to send more of the same.
    Would a few thousand of those dollars not be better spent on Cold Fusion.
    NASA planning new missions to Mars
    Space agency leaders announced Tuesday they plan to launch a new generation of Mars missions, including another robot rover in 2020 and a 2016 lander carrying the first seismic instruments to explore the planet’s deep interior.
    NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said the launches will be closely linked to the European Space Agency’s timing of two new Mars rovers scheduled to be sent into space in 2016 and 2018.
    But with the cost of the Curiosity rover on Mars already over budget at an estimated $2.5 billion, the plans gave no cost details.
    Read more:

    • georgehants

      Now why would they want to do any actual science when they are all getting paid to send a toy with a camera attached to Mars and all the scientists applaud and say how well they did to manage to land it on the correct planet.
      NASA’s Next Mars Rover Should Collect Samples, Experts Say
      by Mike Wall, Senior Writer
      Date: 05 December 2012 Time: 07:00 AM ET

    • GreenWin

      From a NASA 2009 news release:

      Using more advanced analytical instruments now available, a Johnson Space Center research team has reexamined the 1996 finding that a meteorite contains strong evidence that life may have existed on ancient Mars.”

      Maybe the new mission should be to focus on identifying further examples of life on Mars.