Report: Toyota Replicates Mitsubishi LENR Transmutation Experiment

New Energy Times is reporting about a successful replication by Toyota of a Mitsubishi experiment involving low energy nuclear reactions. This information comes from a presentation on November 14th of this year at the Winter meeting of the American Nuclear Society in San Diego, California where, according to the ANS conference program, the following paper was presented.

“Transmutation Reactions Induced by Deuterium Permeation Through Nano-Structured Pd Multilayer Thin Film”, Yasuhiro Iwamura, Takehiko Itoh (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.), Yasuko Terada (Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute), Tetsuya Ishikawa (Coherent X-ray Optics Laboratory, SPring-8/RIKEN)

The NET writes, “The physicist, Yasuhiro Iwamura, told the ANS audience that the Toyota researchers confirmed that nuclear changes from one element to another took place without the use of high-energy nuclear physics.” The full article is available only to subscribers, but the abstract indicates that the experiment involved a “deuterium permeation transmutation”, and that in addition to Toyota, the experiment had been successfully replicated at Osaka and Iwate Universities in Japan.

Here’s a link to a 2004 report written by Professors Iwamura, Itoh, Terada, Ishikawa and others on what appears to be essentially the same experiment.

  • andreiko

    As previously indicated, by me goes the first time create a trolley with Japanese industry the new FIRE under the hood.

  • GΓ©rard2012

    I love!

  • Chris

    So can we turn Lead into Gold?

    • MK

      As far as known, we can go from elements with lower proton count to higher by LENR. This means we can turn gold (AU 79protons) to Pb (82 protons) BUT: Tungsten (W 74 protons) could be a starting point for Iridium, Platinum or Gold. But if you are beyond iron, you have to ad energy….

      • “if you are beyond iron, you have to add energy”. Typically not, and this is a common misconception. A proton fused with almost anything is exothermic. It’s only if one tries to fuse together two nuclei both of which are heavier than iron that one gets an endothermic reaction.

        • MK

          Pekka, for the moment I live with the assumption that Neutrons and not Protons are added, then when unstable isotopes are created, a decay may happen. (Widom-Larsen/Brillouin Hypothesis).
          So I see higher binding energies of the Nuclei beyond Iron (Nickel 62,to be the precise). When a lighter element than NI 62 is is the result, I see an energy plus. If a heavier element than Ni62 is created, I see no extra energy, but have to add some. Could you please help me to understand your argumentation?

      • It has been shown to create lighter elements too in these experiments. If the right combination of transmutation and fission can be controlled effectively, making a broad spectrum of elements may be possible.

    • Renzo

      From what I understand the quantity that is possible to transmute is so small that it can’t have any practical effect on prices. In the case of Rossi only a very tiny fraction of nickel gets transmuted into copper after full six months of operation. I would not worry unless the effect can be vastly scaled up

      • Some elements are extremely valuable and difficult to extract and not available in all regions of the world. Some rare earth materials are used in touch screens etc. If these could be produced as a by product of your home heating equipment and then chemically extracted, you might end up being paid for your waste!


        • Ryan

          You make a point I was talking about in an earlier comment. It we can somehow generate rare earth elements this could be a boon. Also, to Renzo, we can’t currently make large quantities but as of yet we don’t fully understand the process. Given time we could scale it up and reach points where larger quantities are possible.

  • Venno

    Japan will be the first to embrace it then the rest of the world will follow
    They think differently

    • Daniel Steward

      Japan, being completely dependent on energy from outside Japan, has a strong economic motive for making LENR work. On top of that you have a government deciding where research money goes instead of big corporations so it’s going to get done.

    • Martin

      They need clean power (well, we all do) but Japan has big problems with energy right now

    • Gerrit

      One of the most revered Japanese scientists Yoshiaki Arata demonstrated a cold fusion experiment with zirconium dioxide and deuterium in 2008.

      At that time Japan was still fully focussed on regular nuclear fission power. No major effort was started to understand this effect back then.

      Every time that I feel too many years have been wasted I put the 23 years of delay in perspective of the history of humanity. Then it doesn’t seem so bad.

  • Roger Bird

    I am dancing the “Patho-Skeptic Slam” to Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto #3. I wonder if maryyugo would like to dance with me. Oh, she’s not here. I wonder where she is. Does anyone know where maryyugo is? (waiting…..)

    Excuse me, I have to go dance the “Patho-Skeptic Slam”, by myself it seems.

    • GreenWin

      Roger, you bring a smile to the craw.

  • Jim

    Mainstream science caught with its pants down. What a fine moment!

    • GreenWin

      Except perhaps, the lack of surprise at how little it is. πŸ™‚

      • georgehants

        One possible atom of transmuted material should be enough for science to swing into action.
        Unfortunately most of science is not science anymore, just a crowd of boring Dogma followers.

        • Daniel Steward

          Mostly just guys who’s paychecks are signed by people who have a strong interest in maintaining the status quo.

          • Sanjeev

            Agree. Mostly, “Scientist” has become just a job title like plumber or a farmer. They should be called Science workers.

            These are the kinds, who oppose new research to protect their jobs, a basic survival instinct.

            A true scientist does not follow orders, he lives and breaths science, always eager to blow up old knowledge and gain new. He is not threatened by new claims, he is excited by them.

            I can go on writing on this, but if you simply read on Feynman, he is the best example of what science is.

          • GreenWin

            Right. Which is why Rossi/Focardi/Celani and the whole LENR crew are real scientists.

            General Eisenhower warned of precisely this outcome in his farewell address re: military-industrial complex.

          • Peter_Roe

            Sanjeev, I would just point out that Feynman could be a closed-minded as anyone else:

            “The public display of the Papp/Roser engine in Roser’s parking lot in Torrence, California, in 1968 attracted Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman. The modified four cylinder Volvo engine on a test stand in the parking lot was controlled by engine electronics run from a 120 VAC extension cord plugged into the building 100 feet away. Feynman saw the extension cord and thought he knew the source of the hoax he was so convinced it was. Feynman pulled the plug, but the engine continued to run. After about two minutes, the engine had not slowed down (running about 3000 rpm, as evidenced by the fan left on the engine to produce a visible effect) but started to run rough. Papp grew nervous and argued with Feynman to plug it back in. Feynman refused, so Papp yanked the cord from Feynman and plugged it in. The engine exploded, killing one bystander. Feynman accused Papp of placing explosives in the engine so it would be destroyed before legitimate testing could be done, in order to keep the hoax alive. Since a fatality occurred, the FBI got involved. No evidence of explosives was found. Papp sued Feynman and Feynman and Caltech settled out of court. If it were a hoax, there is no way Caltech would have settled out of court. It was done so Feynman and Caltech could save face.”

            He may have been right to be skeptical, but his stance seems to have gone past that point, into unjustified denial. In fact Feynman spent quite a bit of time ‘debunking’ anything that didn’t fit his preconceptions.


          • georgehants

            Good find Peter, proving again that that all opinions in science should be rightly laughed out of court.
            Science is Evidence, Facts and honest research, all else is bar talk.

          • georgehants

            Joseph J
            December 7th, 2012 at 9:02 AM
            Dear Andrea Rossi
            In the Netherlands there is a companie that has a steam generator at 200Β° celsius already certificatet.
            You have the cheap steam, so, maybe it took not that long to bring the home-cat to the market?
            Andrea Rossi
            December 7th, 2012 at 11:09 AM
            Dear Joseph,
            We contacted them, but we did not receive a proposal for a plant ready to be tested, so far.
            Warm Regards,

          • Mannstein

            I always thought Feynman was a bit of a jerk now you have confirmed my suspicions.

            Thank you.

  • artefact

    Celani’s new slides state a power in of 5 Watts.
    I don’t know if that was visible in the old slides.

    AND Celani wrote to 22Passi:

    Dear Colleagues,

    just after the “chaotic discovering” of the name of the original Company
    (06 December 2012) that make replication of our experiment, I realised
    that some of the documents in the net could not correct because problems
    arising in the transfer from pc to MAC and viceversa.

    So, I am sending the original document, pdf format.

    * Please note the following, specific to the Constantan wire that I gave
    to STMicroelectronics (type 2L) for the specific experimentation:

    A) The wire is long ONLY 20cm (usually I used 100cm);
    B) The layers are ONLY 2 (i.e. type 2L). Usually I used 300-700 layers;
    C) The pressure in the chamber is only 0.5bar ABS of pure H2;
    D) They made CALORIMETRIC measurements, not only termometry;
    E) The SEM-EDX was made, AFTER the H2 absorption, both on reference
    section (smooth) and possible active sites (like “floweres” in the photo).

    *The principal investigator that made the experiment is Dr. Ubaldo
    Mastromatteo, for long time expert in the field.

    * Please, share the information to the Colleagues included in your mailing

    Thanks for Your time,

    Francesco CELANI

    • Sanjeev

      Very interesting.
      Their calorimeter must be very accurate to detect 1.16 W at an input of only 6 W. Still need more details to confirm.

      • Warthog

        If you read up on calorimeters typically used in CF work you will find that their resolution is typically in the milliwatt kind of range.

    • OK, so now we can start to appreciate the significance of this announcement. 1.16W/5W for just 55mg of 2 layer active material.

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  • Job001

    My instrument and spectroscopic experience finds no obvious fault with their science. Surprisingly the mechanism inferable is atomic hydrogen diffusion through lattice.

    E=f(T, Delta(Ph)).

    This says a lot about how the reaction will control.

    Good science Toyota and Mitsubishi!

    • Bluebatch

      Frankly, I don’t understand the equation E=f(T, Delta(Ph))(I don’t have the training).
      But what you say about hydrogen diffusion through lattice sounds a lot like what Brillouin is saying is happening. In fact they take their name from the mathematician who created the math of understanding some of the dynamics of lattices:

  • freethinker

    I am running out of bubbly πŸ™‚

    • Peter_Roe

      I think we’re all going have to settle for letting off a few party poppers soon — or face alcoholic oblivion.

  • georgehants

    Some info here, sorry if nothing new. translate will not transfer.
    Michel Vandenberghe ‏@xewow
    STMicroelectronics et LENR –

    • freethinker

      Google translate of Michel Vandenberghe comment on viadeo:

      STMicroelectronics and LENR

      To be continued …

      STMicroelectronics (STM) is to replicate in a different form technique of Dr. Celani INFN. The communication was made in Siena during the 10th workshop intertionnal LENR December 4 .. Note that two members of the investment funds STM, and MM Lauvergeon Lietar of were present and some other companies were made ​​”visible” as ENEL and Saipem (France). The list of these is the address (except the Chinese very quiet everyone was present). 2 slides ((a big company experiment) were presented (one flight course was organized, see

      STMicroelectronics will make a presentation on its activities on December 14, Mastromatteo communication provided by Ubaldo, Company Fellow, entitled “IMS STMicroelectronics E & D technologies unconventionaltional Health & Energy” (M. Mastromatteo was involved in STM during the 10th workshop intertionnal LENR ). see … .

      Ecosystem: The CEA-Leti and its partners SET, STM, ALES and the CNRS develop techniques together. Leti is itself linked to the CSEM. Four major European research centers (CEA (France), CSEM (Switzerland), VTT (Finland) and Fraunhofer (Germany), forming the Heterogeneous Technology Alliance (Heterogeneous Technology Alliance HTA)),

      • Ged

        Sweet, just a week from now and we get their formal presentation. This’ll be fun.

      • GreenWin

        AND it looks like Domenico Cirillo of the Athanor /Hydrobetatron Project reported to the American Nuclear Society (Winter Meeting San Diego) the finding of “slow” neutrons in their tungsten cathode cell. While still early analysis, the use of CR-39 to track alpha and other energetic particles – appears to confirm LENR in their Open Source cell.

        “From the experiments carried out on plasma electrolytic cells showed a number of anomalies in terms of nuclear transmutations, emission of neutrons, and sometimes calorimetric anomalies…” New Energy in School

        Could not get the slideshow to translate. But the hits just keep on coming.

    • Peter_Roe

      Also see linked from the above post, 175C and greater.

  • GreenWin

    Congratulations to the Japanese LENR team. Intuitively, I can see Dr. Martin Fleischmann sipping a glass of Christmas port. Whilst the scroogerious bob park grimaces in his corner.

    • Peter_Roe

      Park and his ilk are the ghosts of Christmas past! As relevant as yesterday’s newspaper – although some kind of reckoning would be desirable.

      • Warthog

        I’m not going to be that generous. When the science of LENR breaks into the mainstream, the history of science of the Twentieth Century will be rewritten, with the pathological skepticism (skeptopaths, I call them) of Parks and his allies displacing Lysenkoism as THE biggest anti-science issue of that century.

        I’m just finishing Beaudette’s book “Excess Heat, Why Cold Fusion Research Prevailed”, and he gives, in detail, the science of CF in parallel with the anti-science of the skeptopaths. The result is NOT a pretty picture.

        • GreenWin

          Pathological skepticism is a generous term for those who fight to protect their tiny fiefdoms of knowledge and power. It is an unfortunate derivative of greed.

          This particular disease of greed IMO, derives from the lie told to humans there is not enough. The result for 2,000 years is the rise of cliques and cults hoarding knowledge. Unfortunately some of these groups suffered in-bred corruption, yielding unwholesome control of Earth’s resources and power structure.

          • Omega Z


            It’s been said that Science progresses 1 Funeral at a time.
            I only hope that Parks lives long enough to see LENR in action.

            Fix me a Cup of Tea.

            We’ll Boil a Vat of Tar, Break out the Feather Pillows & bring in the Pole.

          • Rockyspoon

            I volunteer to be the first dauber. Just make sure the tar is super hot.

        • Mannstein

          Let’s not forget the “anti-science skeptopaths” all have kids that they have to put through college and mortgages to pay off. A few even have mistresses on the side whom they have to keep in the money.

  • Drago Fredda

    I wonder if Toyota and Mitsubishi are working on a LENR Car?

    • Rio

      That reminds me… I contacted Robert Godes at Brillouin back in June. He mentioned possibly contacting Cyclone Power towards the end of this year…wonder if that’s happened yet? Cyclone is going for the land speed record soon. It would be an exciting combination of the two companies.

    • daniel maris

      I wouldn’t have thought an LENR car was that difficult to develop if LENR comes good. I would be looking to adpat the existing hybrid cars. So you have an electric battery that is used for start up (and which can be topped while the car is moving once the LENR is underway or at home via LENR).

      • Bluebatch

        LENR is still just a way to boil water. So for transportation, it is only as effective as our steam technologies. Doesn’t sound to me like any candidate for world land speed records yet.

        Someday we may have an easy way to make electricity directly from the heat, or from the reaction itself. That could get very interesting.

  • Joseph

    The only thing wat has to be done is to put a lern device in the burning chamber of this of the grid aparatus.
    It gives you a waterheater a central heating system and electric power generator.

    • GreenWin

      Looks like about a 15kW (use) system with 12kW of heat for water and space heat, and 1.2kW for electric. Imagine how many trees would not need cutting (for fuel) when the burner is replaced by LENR. And we wonder where the “green enviros” are.

      Hello Sierra Club?

      • Ryan

        Ok, you really need to stop ragging on the green groups. I support green technologies and am a giant supporter of LENR developments. Why, because I know they exist and have read enough to know that the support for its existence is there. Most people, and that includes those that are part of green groups, haven’t. And even if exposed, the vast majority of people have been tempered to believe that cold fusion (by any name) is not possible. Overcoming that is going to be difficult until there is something that can be shown directly to the average person and proves without any doubt that it can’t be denied. Once it does happen I can assure you that most of these groups will readily jump on board. Granted there will be some that will straggle along and be behind the times but that is true of just about every corner of human society. It does not behoove you or do you any service to belittle an entire group just because they are unaware of something or have yet to be convinced of its reality.

        • daniel maris

          I agree with you Ryan. You can’t expect people to buy a pig in a poke as we say in the UK. Once marketable LENR has been properly demonstrated, I believe the green movement will get on board and it will also give the lie to those who say that greens are frightened of nuclear science. LENR should be a very benign form of energy.

          Until we get to operational LENR, I think we should focus on wind, solar, wave, tidal, hydro, energy from waste and bio fuels to source our energy.

          • GreenWin

            Daniel, this is bad science and worse social science. It has been nearly four years since CBS 60 Minutes aired their “Cold Fusion – No longer Junk Science” story. That revelation alone, not to mention hundreds of published papers since F&P – SHOULD have prompted honest green researchers to look into LENR.

            Not a single scientist from a reputable green organization even suggested LENR as a potential alternative (please provide evidence if I am mistaken.)

            I’m afraid eventually we’ll have to accept the climate-greens sided with the cartels and fiefdoms in the suppression of cold fusion. On the bright side… It’s never too late to change.

          • Ryan

            Therein lies the problem Green. There has been sporadic news about the topic in a way that reaches more people but nothing that serves as absolute proof to those that are not avid followers of this type of information. Even if green groups had people looking into it, it is not likely they would be crowing its possibilities until there is some absolute proof that it exists (and is safe). I can assure you that if any green group or scientist only tangentally tied to areas related to this work started speaking positively about this technology before it is proven then they not only risk funding from various areas that might deem them ‘crazy’ for believing nonsense or they risk their careers for championing what others consider junk science. That doesn’t even count groups that would do whatever it took to make them look bad for talking about something like this (and you really can’t tell me there wouldn’t be a bevy of conservative groups that would just love to call any green group insane for supporting this before it is verified as absolute fact). Money and ridicule are powerful motivators in Human society and there are a great majority of people that will do what is necessary to avoid losing the former or incurring the latter. Add in that we can’t be sure that people in top levels of lots of groups aren’t aware of the developments going on but are simply waiting for that absolute proof to jump in on it and start supporting once it is socially acceptable to do so. Is it frustrating? Yup. But this has been a typical aspect about our species for a long time and it isn’t likely to change anytime soon. As it is, despite any MSM coverage that has occured, the vast majority of people are almost certainly blissfully ignorant of the ongoing developments. Since I started really following the story again in January of 2011 I talked to nearly 80 people about it before giving up on trying to convince people. Responses ran the gamut of feigned interest that I could clearly see to outright hostility that I could be stupid enough to think any of this is true from people that clearly believe we’ve hit the height of all scientific and technological development and that nothing of real importance will be developed anymore (note that they actually said this). I’ve run into conservatives whose only answer to our power conundrum is to drill, drill, drill and any other option is wrong or stupid (and that included nuclear power of any form). I’ve run into liberals who believed that the story was closed and that cold fusion was proven to be junk science decades ago and thus our only answer is to go the standard green energy route. All in all I only managed to convince one person to look more deeply into the situation and at the moment they generally share my opinion (positive LENR is real and optimistic at least someone/group will bring something of use out in the near future that can shift the tide of our current infrastructure). Publically there is simply not a lot of knowledge about this topic as of yet and even fewer that are aware of it are going to step out and take the risks of supporting it in a way that all can see until there is no doubt. Yes, there are those that are supporting it visibly, but then again, have you seen ‘regular’ reports in major news outlets talking about it? No, so in reality even those publically supporting it have some degree of anonymity as the vast majority of the world is near completely unaware of the topic. A few articles or news clips here and there will not be enough to change that save for a small number of people that might take interest (unless of course you live in a parallel reality where the average person knows more about ongoing scientific developments than reality tv stars or current sport statistics. If so I’d like to find a way to go live in that reality as it certainly isn’t the one I live in.)

          • GreenWin

            Hello Ryan, thanks for your cogent thinking on the subject. You assume the popular press is somehow still a gatekeeper of knowledge. I submit it is not.

            “By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community.
            Oscar Wilde

            It is the outright corruption of science as elucidated by Dr. Henry Bauer (my comment December 8, 2012 at 5:44 pm) re: knowledge monopolies that has retarded progress.

            There is now a very good record of those who actively opposed LENR, and they shall have to answer for their actions.

            Finally, consensus, critical mass, groupthink are all impediments to innovation IMO. As you acknowledge, ONE MAN Ing Rossi appears to have been the catalyst for this entire re-introduction of cold fusion.

            Surely, he alone is not the only being in this world able to prick human curiosity to unveil a remarkable new fire.

          • Warthog

            You have to understand that most green types don’t consider fusion (hot OR cold) as “renewable”. And anything that has anything having to do with “nuclear” is automatically anathema.

          • GreenWin

            That may be the reason they have such a poor understanding of climate science.

          • Rockyspoon

            That’s no lie. There’s not been any statistically significant warming in 16 YEARS and have they suspended the farce known as COP? No! Why is that? Because they’re watermelons–green on the outside but red on the inside. They’re no more receptive to real climate science than I am able to fly. But maybe there’s hope–the rough draft of AR5 mentions the sun as having caused a significant part of the current warming (as if that should be a surprise to anybody!)

        • Omega Z


          It’s not the members of the Green groups that are the Problem.

          Most Groups have (2) Faces. The 1 they Portray to members & the Public.(Altruistic) The Other Face they Hide. Many have there own Agenda & is far from Altruistic. Some start out with good intentions & once established get Hijacked. Sad, But True.

          • Bluebatch

            Green groups will be on for LENR in a big way when it is well beyond proof of concept.

            The fact is that market forces will vastly overpower the public influence of green orgs, once the viability of these technologies has been established. In fact, it may be only market forces that can save us now. When sustainable, restorative practices clearly make short-term economic sense, we can expect an unprecedented and massive turning. Hunter Lovins, by the way is a champion of this approach.

  • GreenWin

    to make matter more interesting, here is a recent announce from Toyota regarding their work on Japan’s growing ENE-Farm CHP project. ENE-Farm is a (SOFC) fuel cell-based residential CHP system. As reported here though, Toyota is very much interested in new fuels. As most SOFCs use natural gas for H2 feedstock, it has been a joint venture with Tokyo Gas Co.

    But Toyota now has replicated LENR, and will in all likelihood begin to engineer it for large and small energy systems – including ENE-Farm. As Iggy pointed out yesterday, natgas may be blindsided by the adoption of LENR. To the benefit of the planet IMO, combustion-based energy will begin to transition from here.

    • Pweet

      To my thinking, the one big contribution that A.R. and Defkalion have made to the LENR area of research is that their overblown claims of large excess power generation from these reactions has kick-started some serious investigation into the possibility that useful power can be obtained from this technology..
      In my opinion, neither A.R. or Defkalion have devices capable of anything like the power outputs they claim, however, just by making the claims and getting such widespread publicity for the devices and the patent applications for same, they prompt into action a whole lot of larger companies with better resources and capabilities to actually do some proper well funded science based research. No large company wants to get caught out on the wrong side of someone else’s patent.
      If anything is to come of LENR then it will be from companies such as these. And if any patents are granted it will be to companies such as these who can put together a very coherent and logical explanation of what they have and why it works.
      If a number of large, independent, and well funded companies are now willing to invest significant funds on meaningful research into this then I think it is in no small part due to A.R.’s smoke and mirrors show, so in that respect it has not been wasted.
      If nothing else, then I think we can thank him for that. Plus of course, it has been a great two years to follow it all on the internet.

      • Ged

        In that way, Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat has already begun to change the world. It’s amazing the dearth of movement we are now seeing awaken in the field, in no small part to efforts by Celani and others who are embolden by Rossi. Considering how often people reference back to Rossi, he definitely has been the catalyst for this resurgence of LENR research.

        Looks like cold fusion research is starting to come out of the wilderness.

        • daniel maris

          Did you mean depth rather than dearth?

        • Omega Z


          Celani & others have been to Rossi’s involved with testing & such. In my (View) This adds credibility to Rossi’s work. Convincing enough for them to go forward in their own research.

      • HeS

        A.Rossi is the mysterious catalyst?

        • morse

          Rossi is the catalyst for LENR to rise above the horizon ! πŸ™‚

      • richard

        Thank you for that fine summary!
        Still, we want this technology to rescue us from big oil and environmental destruction.
        Is Toyota Corp. going to do that if and when it gets there first?
        I’m still hoping for the original idea of energy independence for local communities to come true.
        Why would scale have to be instrumental in proving the viability of home ecats?

        Rudolf Diesel intended his engine to run on plant oil.
        In the 1920’s, cars ran on alcohol as well as on petroleum-based fuels.
        Hemp and alcohol were produced by the people, CO2-neutral, all over the place.
        Petroleum had a small but powerful cartel pushing for Prohibition until their oil had become the only option.
        These people, once known euphemistically as the Seven Sisters, are still at it.
        They want to frack the world this time, and it looks they’re well on their way again.

        So what can we and A.R., even if he is largely smoke and mirrors, do to claim our stake?
        We have a duty to fight for this to benefit everyone and the earth.
        I do hope it won’t depend on Toyota.

    • Sounds like ill-disguised BS from Boone Pickens…

  • georgehants

    December 7th, 2012 at 3:16 PM
    Dear mr Rossi,
    Do have at this point in time any ongoing LENR research cooperations with any universities in US or in Europa?
    Andrea Rossi
    December 7th, 2012 at 4:17 PM
    Dear Guest:
    Yes, both in the USA and in Europe.
    Warm Regards,

  • timycelyn

    She infests places like the comments section of the mark Gibbs aerticles in Forbes.

    • Warthog

      LOL. I wonder what Gibbsie will make of this.

      • artefact

        In the last artice by Gibbs he wrote in the comments to her that he wants to get in contact with her. I’d love to know why. Maby he wanted “her” to give some ideas for the sceptics part in the next article.

  • Gerrit

    which country/continent will eventually be regarded as having brought the break through ?

    – Europe – european commission supporting LENR research
    – Japan – Toyota & Mitsubishi
    – USA – SKINR and hosting the ICCF-18 in July 2013

    One thing is clear: Germany was not involved, the land of poets and thinkers was completely absent. A stark contrast to the previous nuclear science discoveries (X-ray, fission)

    • Mattias

      X-rays was discovered by Nikola Tesla and he wasn’t from Germany!

      • Neil

        Tesla did not discover X-rays – see

        • tomal

          History might tell otherwise but the truth will always be there……. Now u will say marconi invented radio!

          • matt

            Of course not: EVERYBODY knows it was your mom.

    • T Lee Buyea – Fla. News Service

      N Tesla discovered X-rays ???
      Then what did Madam Curie and her hsband do ?

      • She discovered it neither…;-)

      • HeS


      • Mannstein

        She worked with Radium and got all of her co workers sick with cancer.

    • ken deboer

      I have an unusual question. I live near the only palladium mine in the U.S. and know some workers there. Is there something interesting I should query them on?

  • Jordi Heguilor

    Is anybody considering that Saints Pons and Fleischman were never able to replicate their OWN announced results?

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