Future Viewing — Rossi on Swedish TV December 17th.

The next episode of the Swedish public television SVT station’s show “The World of Science”, to air on December 17th will have a feature on Andrea Rossi. A short preview to the show is available at this link, and at 00.24 you can see small snippet of Rossi showing an E-Cat setup.


The announcer says, “you will meet the man that is trying to solve the energyproblems of the world…”

  • Jackob

    TV show does not help me.
    Unless I see and touch it ,I don’t believe.

    • HeS


      I read about you in the Bible (doubting Thomas:)

    • David

      Don’t try to put your finger in the hot-cat, hahahah

    • Andre Blum


      This TV show could satisfy the first half of your “see and touch” requirement.


    • KD

      So you have to wait another six months until the Hot E-Cat delivered to customer pass the tests at work:)

  • Karl

    Regardless the tone in the presentation, positive or negative, it is good news that a CF/LENR project gets more attention in this type of mainstream but normally high quality type of scientific program. I’ve seen some announcements on Swedish TV about the coming program where Rossi is presented as: “the man who claims he can save the world”.

    Remember the good series of articles about Rossi in Swedish media by Mats Lewan, Ny Teknik (www.nyteknik.se). This followed by respected scientists Kullander et al positive conformations of a couple of demonstrations done by Rossi in the beginning of 2011.

    Perhaps someone wonder why Mats Lewan and Ny Teknik have been so quiet. To my mind Rossi haven’t given out that much solid information demos and it may not have been so much to write about. I’m not surprised if there have been interests to quiet the fairly open and free information given by Nt/Lewan about Rossi? The fairly week moderation of the type of comments in Nt which were close to ECN, indicates that.

    The most recent Nt/Lewan articles this autumn were about the announced of the withdrawal of $10M investment in Leonardo by a group of private investors behind Hydrofusion because of some measuring verification issues. This is still a strange story to my mind. However, the core group of a couple of science and business oriented people behind http://www.e.cat.com seems to still be with Rossi in one or another way.

    I also recall a radio program from the radio part of Swedish public media that weekly critically analysing how media handle news in general. The reporter in that program clearly criticised NT/Lewan for publishing the articles about Rossi.

    To my mind we may have come some steps closer at least a more open view of CF/LENR which is good, regardless the tone held in the kind of serious TV presentation which can’t be too much pro Rossi, as long as he has not shown any real working products to independent validators. However, this presentation would create a much greater impact if Rossi manage can come out with his third part verification report before 17 Th Dec.

    • Bob

      Thank you for mentioning the “important” event of the financing group withdrawing thier offer of 10M ($ or Euros, either way a large sum).

      I am interested if anyone knows of any update on this relationship. I had heard that thier website was still offering the “Cold cat”, but it seems odd that they would still do this if they suspected issues in a verification process. (This would imply they might question the cold cat as well)

      If they had solid data verifying the cold cat, I would find it interesting that they made the public statements concerning the Hot Cat. For a project that looked worthy of a 10M investment, one would think that one test, while throwing a caution flag, would not be such an abrupt deal breaker. That subsequent test to either confirm or disprove claims would be made.

      Having worked in R&D, it is quite common for new prototypes to not meet expectations, then having the design or test setup tweaked and validation redone. Sometimes several times.

      So my questions are:
      1) Does the investment/partner group website still offer the “Cold Cat” version? Is thier website still running / current?
      2) Has anyone heard of any communications from the investment group since the well published “We are backing out” announcement?
      3) Has any followup communications came from JONP or other Leonardo partners, regarding this public announcement?

      I would think that if Rossi is about to publish a third party report and is building a unit to be installed in Feb. 2013(?), that the investment group would certainly be “in the loop”.

      I am overall a supporter of Rossi, (certainly hopeful) even though often frustrated. (As many probably are) However, I find this issue/event of much interest and of much importance. I am curious if there is any news about it?

      Any updates would be appreciated.

      • KD

        Andrea Rossi
        “http://www.journal-of-nuclear-physics.com/?p=771&cpage=1” l “comment-450614”

        Dear Herb Gillis:
        The competitivity of a technology can be measured only on the market, not in the parlors.
        We need to see real products on the real market to see which one is competitive, which is not.
        Warm Regards


        Rossi many times responded to the questions of his readers, that the real product on the market will be the prove E-Cat is really working.
        So far E-Cat is still in R&D period. And he openly stated, that it will take minimum two months of work at customer place of the new design of Hot E-Cat to collect proper information for the publication.
        The test done by third party on 10kW device is not the same what the 1MW reactor. They still have many problems to resolve to get the product ready.

        From what Rossi say.
        I don’t think that his licences can sale directly, any low temperature Mega E-Cats.
        So far Rossi is carefully choosing his customers to sell his product because of security his IP. He did nor received his patent yet.

        The $10 million offer was not for investment in Leonardo Co. directly, but in North European partner in future distribution.

      • Bo Carneholm

        Before the Bologna test ecat.com had an office whit stuff daliy working there..my self was calling them on phone for trying to do smaller invest or at least take part in marked development. After test they have closed the office it seams and I suspect Rossi have take over the site..still there but nothing happens..no news etc.?
        So from being an active office to suddenly being close it doesnt give much confidens to the whole thing about e-cat. So sad.

        • Bob

          I went to the ECAT.COM site to review what it stated. It had a link to Hydro Fusion. (It states that Hydro Fusion owns and operates ECAT.COM website)

          Was Hydro Fusion the investor group or was the group going to invest in Hydro Fusion?

          The ecat.com site and the HyrdoFusion.com site look to be the same, with just the names swapped out for the most part.

          For some reason, I thought Hydro Fusion was a stand alone entity similar to Prometeon. Is/was this not the case?

          For a while, it seemed Prometeon was making frequent announcements, has anything new been heard as of late?


          • Gérard2012

            Like a dam had become too old, certainties about nuclear energy cracks driven by the new fire LENR

            In french

            Comme un barrage devenu trop vieux, les certitudes sur l’énergie nucléaire se fissurent poussé par le nouveau feu LENR.

      • GreenWin

        Bob, having worked with VC investment in the past – dropping out of one group for whatever reason is perfectly normal. I have seen small investors get nervous and drop out only to be replaced by far deeper pocket investors who can stand higher risk. Nothing new here.

        Overall it is clear the mass-flow of information confirms three major shakeups in science:

        1) Fleischmann and Pons were correct in their assessment of cold fusion / anomalous heat, back in 1989

        2) Mainstream science failed or was misled by tainted studies or reviews of F&P’s work

        3) There is now a clear path to replace fossil and fission energy with a new, non-radiative nuclear energy source popularly known as Cold Fusion.

        • Bob

          I agree. No doubt in my mind that LENR, Cold Fusion, anomalous heat (whatever one calls it) is a real phenomenon. The evidence is not only large in quantity, but now becoming more “respected” each day, with the MFMP and Celani third party reports in progress.

          My main interest is Rossi. If he has what he says, he is far ahead of all others. (I truly hope he is for real.)

          Defkalion seems to be second as far as “market ready”, but again, many question them as well.

          I do have to say my confidence with Rossi is being strained considerably. If he had not released the safety certification and the results of the “somewhat” third party test, I probably would have given up on him.

          I am still very hopeful and certainly desire to seem him succeed. Delays do not bother me much as the unexpected delays are actually to be expected!

          I am concerned about people with close ties dropping out of the picture however.

          I have not heard anything for quite a while from Focardi or other early, qualified supporting professors or professionals. They seem to have vanished.

          My take is that with Rossi, it seems that it is a one step forward, two steps back kind of the pattern here.
          For the past year, I have told friends… “in about 3 months we will have undisputed proof” It seems like I say this about every 3 months. No proof of what he has yet.

          I am about to jump on the Celani train and while still hopeful, abandon the Rossi ride. It certainly has been a wild one! I fully acknowledge that he still could surprise us in a postive way and I hope he does.

          Again, this is not about the fact of LENR, but about what Rossi or Defkalion actually have.


          • GreenWin

            Well put Bob. As the third party tests of hot-cat is appropriately in third party hands and not those of Rossi – I also expect little. Many third parties qualified to conduct such tests – have all kinds of reasons to back out or not show up.

            Unlike you, Rossi’s role in LENR is not primary to me. The revolution is now “televised” by Toyota’s confirmation of transmutation at room temperatures. That alone is an extraordinary step in human evolution.

            Evidence shows that Rossi has been a primary catalyst in the resurgence of cold fusion R&D. There are dozens of confirmations of H+Ni systems producing excess energy (aka over-unity.) Piantelli /Focardi has been issued patents thereof.

            Focardi, Stremmenos, Kullander and Essen all have been supportive of LENR, Rossi and e-cat. I have seen nothing to the contrary.

            IMO, fear we will not get what we want, when we want it collapses our grasp of fact and reality. Until I see evidence from anyone the hot-cat does not perform as described, I have no reason to disbelieve the signed third party report published in September.

  • Hampus

    ‎17 December Svt(Swedish biggest television station) will have a part about cold fusion in their science tvshow “vetenskapens värld”.
    I have watched this show since I was a small boy it’s the best science show in Sweden!!!

    “Part 16 of 16. Our sun is on its way to an explosive phase, something that can hit us hard down here on earth. Huge power outages, knocked out GPS, canceled flights might be the outcome. Never before have humankind been so fragile to the suns explosions as today. The question is are we prepared.
    Also. Cold fusion can replace nuclear fission, are now even big power companies hoping. Enthusiast are talking about Free energy, skeptics say its a huge bluff. Program host. Victoria Dyring.”

    • GreenWin

      Ha Ha! TV people love drama! They call it “News” here on Earth.

    • Omega Z

      Those aware of the 1859 Carrington event know that it took out nearly everything Electrical. Lucky us, that didn’t involve a whole lot. It did set some fires to some telegraph systems including wires.

      Just recently read an article about another event that may have occurred around 700 AC. Not yet confirmed, But, If it did the evidence indicates it was 10 to 20 times More Powerful then the Carrington Event. I’d suggest a Faraday cage for anyone with a pace maker. We could see a rash of People suffering Spontaneous Combustion.

      I wonder if the Scientists developing interfaces to the brain to control prosthetic devices are taking this into account. Could give new meaning when a person says his brain is fried.

      Joking aside, The lack of concern for these events among MSScience makes me take pause.

      If the Home E-cat makes it to market, One may consider a very robust possibly double Faraday cage.

  • Roger Bird

    Is this going to be “Rossi Said” in technicolor? Or are we going to get to see “Rossi Did”. And I don’t care if an air-head news reporter is the only in-studio witness.

    • GreenWin

      More likely Rossi in 3D on a AMOLED display.

  • Soeren Praestegaard

    I’m 95% sure this was, at least partly, taped at the August 8-9 Zürich E-Cat kongres. SVT interviewed Rossi and numerus particpants
    I talked to the cameraman/journalist from Sweden, and he told me it was for a science program for Swedish Public TV.
    He also let me know that it would probably be pro LENR. But that could quickly change when the final show is put together.

    • Gerrit

      There was also a TV team filming at Ugo Abundo, not only is this visible here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlcZEiCxyt0), but I remember that somebody (likely Ugo Abundo) mentioned it somewhere in a forum/blog post. (found it here http://lenrnews.eu/?cat=37)

      That was a german tv team, so I guess we can expect more tv documentaries appearing soon.

  • mikeS_50

    Rossi said he has a Christmas gift this year for us, a few photos of the hot cat would be nice)

  • GreenWin

    An earlier post from Robyn said:

    “…we are likely to see numerous major companies declaring that that have long been researching LENR.”

    Robyn – one surprising discovery verifies your statement – in 1989 shortly after F&P, the AMOCO Research Dept. – a unit of British Petroleum conducted a cold fusion experiment, showing 30% excess heat:

    “The latest cold fusion experiment run at the Tulsa Research Center documented anomalous energy production, as measured through careful calorimetry, and produced enhanced levels of tritium, an indication that a nuclear process is involved in the experiment. Work is continuing to further understand the cold fusion mechanism.” http://lenr-canr.org/acrobat/Lautzenhiscoldfusion.pdf

    One might wonder why AMOCO/BP and others – never announced or pursued these results. Maybe Swedish TV would look into this?

    • artefact


      Pre-run EU cell status review before THE RUN! (UPDATE #1 + NewVideo)


      • Gerald

        Very interesting mailings from Celani, he sounds exited.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Maybe AMOCO, like everyone else, got cold feet when the negative DoE report was issued.

      • georgehants

        Dr Rupert Sheldrake
        Biologist and author
        Why Bad Science Is Like Bad Religion
        In both religion and science, some people are dishonest, exploitative, incompetent and exhibit other human failings. My concern here is with the bigger picture.
        I have been a scientist for more than 40 years, having studied at Cambridge and Harvard. I researched and taught at Cambridge University, was a research fellow of the Royal Society, and have more than 80 publications in peer-reviewed journals. I am strongly pro-science. But I am more and more convinced that that the spirit of free inquiry is being repressed within the scientific community by fear-based conformity. Institutional science is being crippled by dogmas and taboos. Increasingly expensive research is yielding diminishing returns.

        • GreenWin

          This man is refreshingly bright and courageous.

          • Peter_Roe

            Sheldrake has some amazing theories many of which intuitively feel right but are routinely ridiculed by the fossilised minds that dominate academia, although as an ex-microbiologist I would have to have reservations about some of his ideas about the non-relevance of DNA. (OK, so I’m fossilised, too).

          • georgehants

            Coincidence, report today.
            by John Timmer – Dec 12 2012
            Are genes our puppet masters, or just a single link in a complex chain?
            Jim Watson goes after the epigenetics fans.

          • Peter_Roe

            Yes, epigenetics is key. Its still DNA genetics though – just another layer of complexity in gene expression that happens to be modulated by environmental factors, and is partially heritable.

          • georgehants

            Peter, very interesting snuff, conformation in the past of immediate inheritance of traits, blows Darwin’s survival of the fittest in it’s original form out of the water.
            It is a Wonderful and exciting problem for science but as usual most just close their minds and follow the Dogma trail.

          • Peter_Roe

            Mmm – its not really Lamarckism though, as it depends on genes already being present in order to be turned on and off by external factors. To be honest I’m not sure what all the fuss is about – even 40 years ago, geneticists were empirically aware that ‘traumas’ to cultures or individuals could affect expression of genes in succeeding generations – there just wasn’t a word for it!

            Most of the noise around ‘epigenetics’ is just the sound of shattering paradigms I think (Planckian progress in action).

      • GreenWin

        And here is the panel that buried cold fusion for 23 years: John Huizenga & Norman Ramsey co-Chairs:


        As Dr. Sheldrake reports, “I am more and more convinced that that the spirit of free inquiry is being repressed within the scientific community by fear-based conformity. Institutional science is being crippled by dogmas and taboos.”

  • georgehants

    Now people can put their money to back up their opinions, which is the place opinions belong, not in science.
    Bets of Bitcoin.
    Low-energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) to be confirmed in a peer-reviewed journal in 2013
    This statement will be true if a peer-reviewed scientific journal confirms in 2013 that either Andrea Rossi’s “E-Cat” (“energy catalyzer”) device or Francesco Celani’s LENR cell does indeed produce nuclear reactions, in which atoms of one element are transmuted into atoms of another element, either through nuclear fusion, neutron capture, or some other nuclear process.
    This statement will be false if Rossi’s device is proven to be a hoax or fails to be confirmed in a peer-reviewed scientific journal in 2013.
    Opening date: Dec. 11, 2012
    Bet deadline: Dec. 3, 2013 end of day Eastern Time
    Event date: Dec. 31, 2013 end of day Eastern Time
    Category: Science
    Total agree bets: 0.00
    Total disagree bets: 1.00
    Total weighted agree bets: 0.000
    Total weighted disagree bets: 8569.888

  • andreiko

    The birth of the NEW-fire as Christmas message, excellent planning of Rossi and companions!

  • georgehants

    The Observer, Sunday 9 December 2012
    Robin McKie
    DNA pioneer James Watson reveals helix story was almost never told
    The Double Helix’s tale of DNA breakthrough became a big hit but had to overcome hostility from the Nobel winner’s colleagues.
    But James Watson, author of The Double Helix, has revealed that his masterpiece came close to being suppressed. In an exclusive interview with the Observer, he admitted last week that his account of the discovery of the structure of DNA, when shown to friends and colleagues in the late 60s, triggered such hostility and outrage it seemed fated never to appear in print.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Yeah, it seems like the norm. Nobel laureates told Charles Townes that he was wasting his time when he was creating the MASER the forerunner to the LASER. http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2005/may/05/scienceinterviews.academicexperts

      • GreenWin

        At age 89 Townes won the Templeton Prize linking religion & science.

        “I think that’s what we have to do in life, recognise there are inconsistencies, places we don’t understand. We have to accept the mysteries and proceed.”

    • Peter_Roe

      A scientist called Avery had shown that DNA was the agent that transmitted genetic information in 1944, but by 1953 this was still not generally accepted because it was thought that the 4 amino acids in DNA were not sufficient to form a ‘genetic code’. Experiments were performed and papers were written to show that more complex proteins had to be the genetic material, and research careers were based on this premise.

      So as usual, scientists vested in older theories fought tooth and nail to tear down Watson and Crick, whose theory (and proofs) showed them to be wrong. Self and career before truth, also as usual. But of course, to read the histories, you would think that everyone concerned just accepted this new revelation without demur. Perhaps it’ll be the same for cold fusion LENR in a few years time.

      • georgehants

        Peter, Cold Fusion not LENR. Ha.
        I don’t know how to put a line through it like you did.

        • Peter_Roe

          Just toeing the party line, George!

  • georgehants

    From Smartplanet – no mention of Cold Fusion.
    Coming soon: 100% renewable power
    By Chris Nelder | December 12, 2012, 3:00 AM PST
    One day in the not-too-distant future — probably sooner than many expect — some parts of the world will have power grids that are completely powered by renewables. Eventually, the entire world could be powered by renewables.
    These are not green pie-in-the-sky fantasies, but the conclusions of recent research.

    • MikeP

      LOL …. Propagating the U. of Delaware study …

      During the study period, wind generation was:

      * below 20% of capacity more than half the time;

      * below 10% of capacity over one third of the time;

      * below 2.5% capacity for the equivalent of one day in twelve;

      * below 1.25% capacity for the equivalent of just under one day a month.

      • robyn wyrick

        Mike, I don’t follow your criticism.

        What’s the issue you’re pointing out? I looked at the study (me = not scientist) and didn’t see any reason to think they were off base.

        Can you clarify?

        • Ged

          The issue is that wind power is bogus. It never runs remotely near its stated capacity, so just how much power do you actually have reliably installed? Considering how many stretches of days wind farms in the UK went without generating a single watt… not very reliable at all.

          Wind power is a (very expensive) waste and a dead end when it comes to trying to use it for major grid power. But, it can have its uses in smaller measures in a more regional sense. At least it’s not as bad as ethanol from corn.

          • Peter_Roe

            Judging by the performance of my solar panels (water heating) for the last few years, solar power is not going to cut it either. Being constantly overflown 3 or 4 days a week by large aircraft leaving oddly persistent and spreading ‘contrails’ that block out the sun by mid-day may have something to do with this.

          • Omega Z

            Couple Years ago I read

            The Average overall efficiency for turbines is 25% based on numbers taken from Spain. Meaning we would need a 4 fold increase in capacity to meet capacity. 4/1. Cost would then be 4/1 compared to what we’re told.

            For a short period (days) Spain had the largest efficiency recorded for one wind farm. Something like 68%. They also suffered major wind damage.

            As Ged says, Were being sold a bill of goods on Solar & Wind.

      • Karl

        Yesterday and today was going to be the big day of Inteligentry and their Popper machine at the Orlando event. In spite of the announcement no running Popper is to be shown. Just as it started to seen extremely gloomy some kind of saver comment came from one of the major licensees, Ben Gresham president of G&G Products Family of Companies, LLC. He gave a fairly strong commitment and gave out reasonable excuses why no running machine could be shown at this time but according to him they are very close. See comments below Lynch Mob? on this page http://pesn.com/2012/12/10/9602241_Inteligentry_Egg-on-Face_PowerGen/#LynchMob
        If this is correct Rossi needs to hurry.

        • Kim G. Patterson

          Either it runs or it does not.

          What a bunch of milarky.


        • Mr Credulous

          Just give them more time.

          It hasnt been 70 years or 300 billion yet

        • Omega Z


          My Take. John Rohner has an Idea that he believes in but has never been able to perfect. If he had, then licensed it for manufacture, it would be on the market. Even if it had glitches to be worked out.

          What appears to be the reality is he has charged licensee/manufacturers to make it work. If they make it happen, then They own the rights, Not Inteligentry/Rohner. Anyone can have an Idea. The Only way Rohner should retain any rights to this is if he had Paid them in some form to figure it out. He in fact charged them.

          His own statements cause me to draw this conclusion.

          John replied something to the effect: “I’m not going to show you a running motor, and I may never show it running. It’s really not my place to do it. It’s something the manufacturers should do themselves.”

          It sounds as if Ben Gresham
          President Of (G&G Products Family of Companies,LLC)
          May be close to getting it to work. If So, good for them, But then they should have lawyers squeeze Rohner out of the Picture. He’s already received his compensation without providing them with a working prototype to manufacture. The I.P. Belongs to G&G in this scenario.

    • GreenWin

      Interesting the solution to the world’s energy issues according to this is to pave over 1,489,000.00 sq km of Earth with PV, wind, hydro, wave and tidal devices. An area the size of Iran.

      The great flaw is in propagating the highly vulnerable grid system. Each expansion of national grids (smart or dumb) further exposes that nation to the treacheries of weather, hostility, and maintenance /operating costs. Wind and PV are particularly vulnerable as both are exposed to elements and suffer intermittency.

      There is a better way. It is here now.

  • georgehants

    From Science
    The managers of the National Ignition Facility (NIF), a giant laser fusion lab in California, have admitted to Congress that they don’t understand why the $3.5 billion machine is not working. And they cannot guarantee that it will ever work.
    “At present, it is too early to assess whether or not ignition can be achieved at the National Ignition Facility,” wrote Thomas P. D’Agostino, administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) in a report requested by Congress that was submitted last week.
    NIF, which started operation in 2009 at the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), attempts to create a burning fusion plasma—the same process that powers the stars—by blasting a small capsule of hydrogen fuel with a powerful laser. At the time, managers confidently predicted that they would be able to achieve ignition—a self-sustaining fusion burn that produces more energy than the laser pulse that sparked it—by 30 September 2012.

    • Peter_Roe

      I wonder if they’ve given any thought to how they would collect energy from a mini hydrogen fusion explosion, even if they could create one. I suppose that’s a problem for the next 60 years and another few hundreds of billions of dollars.

    • GreenWin

      Indeed it is all rather sad in the face of the pittance spent on now confirmed LENR science. Why scientists insist on plowing only one road to Valhalla – when many are available – I shall never grok. Myopia it seems.

  • georgehants

    Science does not believe in old wives tales, science is so clever.
    ACS News Service Weekly PressPac: December 12, 2012
    Frog-in-bucket-of-milk folklore leads to potential new antibiotics
    Following up on an ancient Russian way of keeping milk from going sour — by putting a frog in the bucket of milk — scientists have identified a wealth of new antibiotic substances in the skin of the Russian Brown frog. The study appears in ACS’ Journal of Proteome Research.

    • Peter_Roe

      Now I’ve gone right off my cornflakes.

      • GreenWin

        This could be the reason I feel so jumpy…

  • georgehants

    December 12th, 2012 at 10:40 AM
    Dear Mr. Rossi
    I am curious if there has been any progress on the hot-cat plant you are planning to deliver to a customer. Is it still on schedule to be delivered in February 2013?
    Thank you
    Andrea Rossi
    December 12th, 2012 at 2:01 PM
    Dear Brian:
    Yes, so far…fingers crossed ( and foreheads wet).
    Warm Regards,

  • The Celani wire has successfully loaded in the EU Cell.

    Today at 12:12:12 PST on the 12/12/12 (during the 21st CET hour) we will power the active wire and see if there is any excess heat generated from the cell.

    Big thanks to those that have donated – it has made a big difference to the EU cell.

    Wish us luck!

  • captain

    Sorry double.

  • captain

    Bernie Koppenhofer
    December 12th, 2012 at 11:31 AM

    Mr. Rossi: I am confused about your operations in US and Italy, are they duplicate facilities or is one a research facility and the other a production facility? Why have two facilities? Thanks.
    Andrea Rossi
    December 12th, 2012 at 1:58 PM

    Dear Bernie Koppenhofer:
    In the USA we make the production.
    In Italy is made the R&D.
    Warm Regards,

  • …My hopes and prayers are out to Rossi and the E-cat/Ho-tCat. lets all be patient and wait and see….Even the Lord cast the doubt from the mind of Thomas…

  • Tom

    Re: The National Ignition Facility.

    Why not use those Laser to destroy some of the radioactive waste sitting around at the many nuclear power plants?