Leonardo Has Sold the E-Cat?

I want to know if I am reading this right. Is Rossi saying he has sold his technology. It certainly seems to be the case from the following exchange. (Emphasis added)

Dear Andrea,
i am glad to hear about the end of validation tests on 16th December…i can’t wait for the report from third party..
I must say i am really stunned by your reply to Bernie stating your partner has access to knowledge catalyst and so on….maybe this is something related to your statement about 1,5 month ago ” Leonardo Corp is no longer the same….” .
Did you sell your invention perhaps?
Thank you for your kind attention
Neri B.

Dear Neri B.:
Yes, I did, and now we are no more a small armed boat, as we were, but a Carrier.
Warm Regards,

  • Kim G. Patterson

    can you spell shelved

    • tappanjack

      How about explosion?

  • Peter Poulsen

    The E-Cat tale seem to slowly come to an end.
    By claiming he have sold his invention, he can quietly slip out of the spotlight and let his E-Cat story die.
    If anyone ask he can merely say he have sold the E-Cat technology to a secret customer and arent allowed to comment on it, nor is in charge of further development.

    • Gérard2012

      It must not judge too quickly. Wait and see, again and again …

    • Patrik

      Your spot on. Seems a logical end to Rossis clowning. When he realise it cant be strung any further its a good bet he says he has sold it.

    • Jim

      Considering the lack of evidence in that direction, maybe there’s some projection going on here? Maybe some attraction to skepticism, negativity, despondency and failure?

    • Visitor

      Your post will be here forever and forever you’ll be held as the first who knew how Rossi is planning to get out of it. Great observation!!!

      We can all look at John Rohner (Inteligentry) scam came to its end at the Power-Gen confrence when he fialed to present a working engine.
      I wish it doesn’t happen in this story but we might have the same end with Rossi.

      • Omega Z

        You people do know this is Old News Right. Originally posted several months ago. A Partnership with Leonardo. Not Sold Out.

  • Nixter

    Probably the result of Rossi’s poor English, he said something about acquiring powerful partners, I took that to mean that he has accepted partners who are now allied with Rossi, I would be very surprised if he has sold 100% of his operation. Probably he sold a stake in his company, or if he did sell out, he has a position of extreme importance within said entity that gives him great power concerning any decisions.

  • Nixter

    I think Rossi loves his E-Cat too much to relinquish control in totality, if he needed huge amounts of money to realize his dream, it is conceivable that he could sell rights to a very large hugely capitalized corporation like an oil company, but only to speed up it’s development and production. I’ll be shocked if he no longer controls the E-Cat technology.

  • tappanjack

    I am convinced it is Siemens. Yes I know what was said about “the US partner”, however Mr Rossi himself revealed this misdirect when he talked about Leonardo Corp having R/D in Italy and production in the US. The same holds true for Siemens. A German company, a world class turbine production facility in the US, and interestingly (based on recent revelations) their main R/D center is in Sweden.
    Now a reference to ” a carrier”, There are not many companies in the world that are considered huge.
    It is time to start looking at call options on SI.

    • Anthony Scalzi

      ‘A Carrier’?


      The Carrier Corporation is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and claims to be a global leader in the commercial refrigeration and food service equipment industry. A wholly owned subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation, Carrier is a $12.5 billion company with over 43,000 employees serving customers in 170 countries on six continents.

      • Luca Salvarani

        I’m sure he means aircraft “carrier” (portaerei)… the queen of the sea!

        • Dionysius

          I’m not so sure that he isn’t being funny here.. Carrier is a real possibility, along, of course, with Siemens… but do not count out GE.

        • admin

          Yes, the warship analogies go back quite a way with AR

      • Peter_Roe

        A very interesting suggestion! They’re big enough, in a relevant field, and Rossi does like to give out ‘hidden in plain sight’ clues of that kind.

        • timycelyn

          Sadly, most of these trolls down here know little and understand less. Walk and chew gum? Not a chance….

          If they actually thought seriously about the situation they are so glibly dismissing they would blush with shame.

          • timycelyn

            Sorry this was supposed to appear lower down the thread in ‘Trolls Corner’.

            Ah well.

            What I did want to note in this little maybe word game of Rossi’s is that in the middle of a sentence he capitalized ‘Carrier.’ Mmmm….

          • It was the US navy that broke the story of validation of
            cold fusion experiments after 20 years in 2009. Carrier
            could mean naval propulsion the reason for the Navy

            The answer is typically vauge leading to yet another game
            of 20 questions.

            This is not quite so good for the rapid public usage and
            adoption that could save us from the control of the globalists
            and government/private monopolies and the chaos of environmental
            and financial breakdowns.

            All in all we don’t clearly know what exactly was referred to
            in this answer.

      • GreenWin

        Carrier distributes the Microsteam Turbine Power System in North America:


      • Omega Z


        Siemens in it’s entirety is 10 times larger then Carrier.
        Like GE, their into everything.

        • Peter_Roe

          Mmm – I wonder how they compare with United Technologies though? In addition to Carrier, UTC owns UTC Power, according to wikipedia a “Manufacturer of distributed power generation systems and fuel cells for commercial, transportation, and space and defense applications.” (Emboldening mine)

          They also maintain the United Technologies Research Center (UTRC) which provides a research base for all the UTC companies, which also include UTC Aerospace Systems and Pratt & Whitney.

        • Peter_Roe

          … also it seems, Pratt & Whitney (Power Systems) make “Simple-cycle electrical power generation Power units 25 MW & 50 MW”.

          I think UTC is a ‘contender’, and the reference to ‘a Carrier’ may have amused AR. Good call Anthony!

          • georgehants

            Peter all good stuff and GreenWin and Omega, where is Pekka.

          • Allen

            Mr. Rossi,
            Are you in this just for the money or to do something great for the world?

          • Iggy Dalrymple

            I hope Rossi is in it for the money because as H. L. Mencken said, “The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.”

            And the late actor, William Holden, “The road to hell is paved with good Samaritans.”

            “Let me give you a tip on a clue to men’s characters: the man who damns money has obtained it dishonorably; the man who respects it has earned it.” – Francisco d’Anconia

          • Peter_Roe

            Why either/or – wouldn’t both be possible?

          • Iggy Dalrymple

            And Francisco replied, “Until and unless you discover that money is the root of all good, you ask for your own destruction. When money ceases to be the tool by which men deal with one another, then men become the tools of men. Blood, whips and guns–or dollars.”

          • David Smith

            It still amazes me when I see or hear of this quote in this manner. It has a way of measuring the depth of the speaker/writer for money is “not” the root of all evil but the “love” of money defined as “greed”, which is always based in the lack of faith or belief in “Infinite Intelligence”. Without faith life is meaningless and greed give false hope to the faithless.

    • Omega Z


      There is a high probability that your right. I’ve stated the same several times. Siemens has a very large footprint in the U.S.(Their all over the States) Presently their Number one Market in the World.

      They Recently added 500K foot to their Siemens Westinghouse plant in Charlotte, North Carolina. An all in 1 Co-generation Manufacturing facility. Note:(Rossi said his partner intended to use the H-Cat in Co-generation).

      Having already expanded in the States, Siemens said they would like to greatly expand in the U.S., Even considering setting up their own technical training classes.

      Siemens has an Office just 10 miles from Rossi’s Office in Miami.
      Siemens Energy Inc. 10 miles. 15 minutes away.
      Siemens Industry Inc 14 miles. 20 minutes away.

      Rossi makes a lot of trips to Miami.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Pretty clear to me, Rossi is in full partnership with an industrial giant with political and financial clout.

    Bernie Koppenhofer
    December 13th, 2012 at 6:41 PM
    Mr. Rossi: Does your USA partners have access and knowledge of your E-Cat intellectual property….. the catalyst and your research? Are they helping with patent processing? I love your answer to the skeptics, “the market will decide”. Keep up the good work. Thanks

    Andrea Rossi
    December 14th, 2012 at 5:26 AM
    Dear Bernie Koppenhofer:
    1- yes
    2- yes
    3- yes
    4- yes
    Warm Regards,

  • tappanjack

    I obviously love this site so I hope Frank (admin) takes this as nothing more than a gentle ribbing. I saw the post on the 31st of July before it disappeared. 🙂

    • Omega Z


      I recall it. It’s just 1 of many that disappeared overtime. Would have been handy to had screen shots, but you never know until it’s to late. At least 1 gave clues to the internals. But I don’t remember the details now. I Just remember shortly after trying to find it on his blog, but zero luck.

      • admin

        I think you are referring to a post I made, but deleted because I misinterpreted something, and came to a wrong conclusion. Nothing shady, just wanted to avoid spreading wrong info. I don’t remember the details right now.

        • Omega Z


          I was referring to things on Rossi’s blog sometimes go poof. Slip of the tongue on Rossi’s part.

          One being a Post by Rossi talking about Tungsten. I find Tungsten mentioned on his blog now, But not posted by him. Poof.

  • Karl

    This raises certainly very many questions. Is Rossi just the “puppet on a string” by now? What is his actual influence- position control ability of Leonardo? Who are the rest?
    To my understanding Rossi has regularly claimed the new partner/owner share his vision. Thus, it must not necessarily by bad. This if it is as Rossi say that the new ownership constellation has the guts and vision to go on introducing this technology rapidly on the market. It may also be much less entertaining following the E-Cat story. I think Rossi owe us that have followed and encouraged him and his venture, placing pre-orders etc. a much better explanation.

    • Peter_Roe

      Hopefully more details will emerge, but while the battleship may now be a carrier, Rossi is clearly no longer the captain. Actually I not sure that the comment changes anything much, as it has been clear for some time that he has to answer to others these days.

      I notice that over on ECN some of the usual suspects are crowing that this is Rossi’s way out, and the whole thing will now be allowed to fade away quietly. I don’t think that is the case, but I do worry that the new ‘owners’ will be far less communicative than AR, and may limit severely what he is allowed to say on his blog.

      • Peter_Roe

        Reading on a bit, I see that we have a gaggle of trolls on this thread who are parroting the ECN line.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Probably the most important answer from Rossi below is: Are they helping your with patent process? Answer: “Yes”.

  • Fibb

    If this is true why is Rossi still speaking for and working with the company… and not gone – replaced by someone less…. how to say this politely…… with less of a checkered past?

    • Ged

      Actually, this interesting in light that he’s given us updated information on the peer-review timeline as he himself was told and learned. It didn’t sound like he was the first to know anymore.

      I he’s talking about the US company that is now working with him. His other answers suggest this too. And since he’s given them full access to everything, it may well be that they bought an equal stake in the invention/company.

      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        Is the partner a member of the third party confirmation? I would guess they are, and thus the reason for the partnership contract, they saw something they really liked.

    • GreenWin

      Fibb, in many merger/acquisitions and partnerships there is a pivotal “key man” clause. This guarantees the partner full cooperation and participation in the function and expansion of the IP. Buying a company without its key personnel is throwing money away.

      On the low vibration this prevents a partner (like Rossi) from direct competition. On the high vibration – it guarantees partnership shareholders future IP from people who made the breakthrough in the first place. i.e. just good business.

    • Jim

      Re: “checkered past”…

      Even Krivit admits that Rossi stands formally convicted of essentially nothing more than littering.

      He’s taken risks, he’s gotten burned; what successful entrepreneur hasn’t?

      • GreenWin

        Jim, years ago American songwriter Arlo Guthrie wrote a very amusing song called “Alice’s Restaurant.” It’s long. About 20 minutes; during the narrative he tells of his arrest on Thanksgiving day for… littering. Actually, for throwing garage in a dump that was closed for the holiday.

        It is a parody of mainstream justice – as is any attempt to paint Rossi as a “criminal.”


        • tappanjack

          ” You can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant… excepting Alice…”.

          • georgehants

            Rossi, allowing for his English, is making the clear point “WE are no more a small armed boat, as we were, but a Carrier.”
            Hopefully “WE” means Rossi is still a large part of the story.
            If it just became a large company then we have many examples of corruption and deceit, all aimed only to maximise Profits.
            People and the World will certainly become disposable obstacles in the Cold Fusion story, the establishment will again rule and control.

          • Ged

            I wonder if “sell” is too strong a word. For instance, getting a company to take notice and partner on you with your invention means you “sold” them the idea of the invention. Doesn’t mean you sold the right of the invention literally to that company.

            Sell is a very loose word in English, and there’s no sign that Rossi is in significant less control than before.

          • astralprojectee

            The last part is conspiracy theory talk.

          • Peter_Roe

            Perhaps you think that powerful people do not occasionally get together and agree on how to ‘manage’ technical and political developments?

          • Omega Z

            Hey george

            Yeah, This is actually old news. This is the U.S. partnership announced while back with Leonardo. Rossi is still in it.

            Note a while back the skeptics were saying Rossi needed to join up with a big partner if he actually had something. Now that he has, their saying it’s over. Go Figure.

            This was inevitable if the E-cat was going to make it to market. It will take hundreds of Millions of investment to do it. Takes Big Money to fight Big Money.

          • georgehants

            Omega Z, you are right but gives us something good to chat about while we wait for the fat lady.
            Still interesting what the “partnership” means exactly, hope Mr. Rossi is still a big part.

  • artefact

    If he sold his invention to someone like siemens, then new patents for the e-cat(s) should be under the name of siemens for example, right?

    • Ged

      Their name would be on it, yes. Rossi’s (or Leonardo Corp) should also be on it though.

      • Babble

        A patent can only be in the name of the original inventor(s), though it may be assigned to a company for sole use.

        • georgehants

          Andrea Rossi
          December 15th, 2012 at 4:30 AM

          Dear Koen Vandewalle:
          We made tests with the consultants and the engineers of the Partner after the signature of a contract with strong guarantees for both parties. I trusted them, they trusted me: their intentions were honest and my instinct told me they were not here to spy, but for real will of working with our technology. This fact cracked the nut.
          Warm Regards,

          • Redford

            Wait, does that mean that the hot cat report is made by an entity that isn’t actually independant of Leonardo Corp, but that actually owns it ? We have to be careful here. Because all of a sudden what looks like 3rd party may actually not be totally 3rd party.

            Bigger issues: Rossi often stated that he didn’t look for investor, but now he admit to have sold his invention. So he did. And he lied – face lie. I can often blame translation or human dealings with facts on every “lie” blamed on Rossi but this one, I find it hard to put away. When he know he’s in the process, or have already sold, his invention, then comes to the audience and say “Leonardo’s not seeking for investors yet” – this doesn’t look very good. Maybe not incredibly bad, but that really shows a way of putting the facts that’s more of a story teller than just stating facts.

          • Peter_Roe

            Rossi is referring to in-house tests made for the representatives of the partner – possibly the tests he has already informally reported. The 3rd party tests are separate and are just concluding, with results due next year. Try to keep your facts straight – or are you deliberately trying to mix them up for your own purposes?

            Your second ‘point’ is so weak and pointless its not even worth addressing. Is this the best the ‘skeptics’ can manage these days?

          • Omega Z


            Rossi Never ruled out investors. Just the average Joe.
            He requires those with deep pockets who can invest & walk away should it not pan out. This has always been R&D tho presently Advanced R&D at this point.

            Many things could prevent the E-cat from becoming a product. Maybe it only works so long then Poof. Maybe unforeseen dangerous emissions. Maybe it can’t be harnessed in a cost effective way to market. Government banning it.

            What ever. Doesn’t matter. A Partnership is different as it’s not just investment, but someone who will actually be involved with developing & Marketing it. A Horse of a different color.

        • Peter_Roe

          Actually it’s possible to see a source of some tension there. At what point during incremental development would Rossi’s IP be superseded by new configurations, materials or even principles produced by the ‘partner’s’ people rather than Rossi’s?

          But perhaps Rossi has simply been paid in shares, in return for assignation of the basic concept (unpatented but contractually defined) so that he automatically gains financial benefits from the overall profits of the Partner/Leonardo combination.

  • Lu

    Rossi has from the beginning called this company a Partner which to me implied a financing and profit sharing relationship. Rossi has also stated he is against partnering with the big fish because the big fish tend to eat the little ones (or something like that) so it is a little surprising that he has made such a relationship. Rossi is not getting any younger and he has worked quite hard for years so perhaps this is not so surprising. I hope it works out for him if it is true.

    This is all of course Rossi says on top of Rossi says on top of Rossi says to me so it doesn’t change matters much for me. I sit and wait for a) independent confirmation of Rossi’s E-Cat by a respected group or individual b) market use of his product by a well known company. The wait is getting a bit ridiculous though.

    • GreenWin

      As is the wait for ITER…

      • robyn wyrick

        Ouch 🙂


    Dear Andrea,

    What about the two 10kw e-cats I reserved for heating my home and my son home?
    Anyway, I am happy for you if the deal correspond to your wishes…

    Cordiali saluti Pierre

  • Jim

    No surprise here. Leonardo independently keeping control of the technology would be like Farnsworth keeping control of television.


    Clue up, doubters. e-cat is either real or it isn’t, and there are masses of circumstantial and testimonial information that its real and not one shred of concrete evidence that it’s not.

    This news fits the pattern that its real.

  • Pictures Of Future (SIEMENS)
  • GreenWin

    Three weeks ago Nov 23, in Monaco, the Presidents of both Siemens AG and Italy’s Finemeccanica agreed in principle to sell Ansaldo Energia to Siemens for €1.3B.

    “We believe that Siemens is the most cost effective solution given the range of € 1.3 billion for 100% of Ansaldo Energia, which we consider reasonable”, say analysts Intermonte. Analysts at Banca Akros, in fact, see as imminent signing of a binding offer by the German company.”

    Many will recall Ansaldo’s high level spokesman Dr. Andrea Aparo at NI Week’s LENR Physics panel. Ansaldo sent physicist(s) to Rossi’s October 1MW demo who seemed suitably impressed with the proceedings.

  • mikeS_50

    It would have to be Siemens almost certainly, he has already been working with them and if so, its about the only large multi national I would trust as they are German and Germany is into alternatives in a big way.

    • Sean

      Ok that’s that. Now let’s see if any of us can develop our own LENR. We have already got two important ingredients to start with. 1. Hydrogen. 2. Nickel. 3. Multitude of gifted science brains on E-catworld. Can we get someone to build a physics model program to simulate experiments on all of our linked computers? (The Genome & SETI research for example.) For the engineer types: – machining, electronics and packaging. Business types: – marketing & finance. Lets be bold like the last generation and make it happen.

      • Claes

        Well, that wasn’t exactly promising. Simulate what? Last time I checked the mechanisms behind it were highly unknown… hence, simulating it would be a bit hard.

        • jpelsor

          imo, we need the secret ingredient; The pictures of the hot cat and some of the control hardware sequencing – perhaps from Brillioun or the Celani replication project. From what Rossi says, new editions for testing advancement can be made almost daily given the right starting point. If this is real it seems almost impossible to believe that the rest of the world can’t seem to be close to duplicating Rossi.

          • Adam Lepczak

            The secret ingredient is potash. Mix it up with the nickel, make sure to make a super fine powder with it, place in the reaction chamber and start adding heat or electricity pulses…Add hydrogen under pressure…
            And then

      • Garry

        “Sell” could mean he sold majority shares to an investor. Of course they would keep him around as CTO or whatever. All depends on how good his lawyers are as to what level of control he maintains.

        There are those like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook who through pure wile and obstinacy maintained control of his company through every investment round. Zuckerberg likely had darn good legal advice as well.

        As for Rossi… We know Rossi has obstinacy going for him at least… 🙂

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      I am betting on GE

      • Omega Z


        I think if it were G.E. we’d see production done in Asia. Last impression I picked up on is Rossi wants nothing to do with that area for sometime.

    • Don Witcher

      An interesting new post and answer. Has admin put in a bid for the pics and data?

      Adrian Monk
      December 14th, 2012 at 3:41 PM

      Dear Mr Rossi.
      While we are waiting for the release of the test papers, could you please post some more photos on E-CatWorld? We always like to see photos about old E-Cat, Hot-ECat (those are really something) and E-Cat Plants.
      Thank you.
      Andrea Rossi
      December 14th, 2012 at 5:07 PM

      Dear Adrian Monk:
      Yes, it is possible: next week we will send for publication some interesting photos of the Hot Cat during the tests. The photos have been taken from the thermochamber.
      The report of the test will be published between the last week of January and the first week of February. A report with the main issues and equations will be published on a scientific magazine after peer reviewing ( obviously if the publication will be accepted), a complete publication of the 200 pages report will be published in a white book because, for obvious reasons, no magazine should be able to publish a 200 pages article.
      Warm Regards,

      • Martin

        Just had a deja vu, “will be published on a scientific magazine”. Never happened, but maybe this time.

        • Peter_Roe

          Who cares, if the photos and 3rd party test report are published as suggested. By the time anything makes it through peer review, things will have moved on in the real world.

        • Omega Z


          He included the caveat.
          (obviously if the publication will be accepted)

        • robiD

          Do you know? At this point I’d prefer that the report were not published in a mainstream science magazine. They missed the point since 1989, so wouldn’t be fair that now, that something at commercial level seems come out, they ride the news.
          Would be great if this technology will corner the market with all the mainstream science and scientists against it.
          In the future, someone of the big wheel will have to explain how all that could happen.

          • Peter_Roe

            I agree. They have disqualified themselves from any involvement and should be sidelined.

  • freethinker

    As much as I love this subject, I am just the tiniest more excited by something that is slightly off topic:

    “The big questions are: Is the excess energy real?? And how much is real??
    In short, YES , we are seeing excess energy as far as we can tell. ”


    • daniel maris

      Yes, that’s a much bigger story, especially as it is early on in the replication process.

      • Ged

        On the first try with the EU cell! It is remarkable it happened so easily; and not even at optimal temperatures.

        Can’t wait for their airflow calorimeter now, that should give superior data into the milliwatt range (I’d personally say the harshest estimate of noise for the EU cell is 2 W. So the most conservative excess power measurement is really 5 + or – 2 W; or 16.9 + or – 2 W with the better calibration baseline). With that, we can start really investigating some questions about the phenomenon.

  • PersonFromPorlock

    Until Rossi names names, and the named name (which is a real company like Siemens or GE) confirms it, this is all just more RossiSays.

    • GreenWin
      • John-xyz

        Hot fusion and cold fusion have been proven to work. The e-cat hasn’t.

    • Bigwilly

      So they are both are nothing but billshtine GreenWin? Or is one good and one sorks?


    • captain kirk

      I’ll take RossiSays over what personfromporlock (ECN Troll) says anytime

  • Omega Z

    On cobraf Cures has given 2 responses. He’s been silent for quite a while.

    1st up, I don’t speak Italian so I depend on Giggly…

    I spot check cobraf & tho much seems to be cryptic at times, The Italians have been concerned that the production of E-cats would end up in the U.S.

    I understand their concern from their point of view. Also I’ve the impression that Cures & Others have been trying to persuade Rossi to keep everything in Italy.
    From Rossi’s statement it appears production may begin in the U.S.

    Cures Asked if he was aware of this info-
    Indicated- He’s known for months.

    To another poster who is upset, Cures said-
    As an Italian, me sorry to.

    If all goes accordingly, This is a sad situation for the Italians. All I can say is the Task at hand is Enormous & hopefully some of the production will in the end be done in Italy.

    Truth is I expect Manufacturing to be spread among many Nations as it develops. The Task really is that big. No One Nation can handle it all. Just keep in mind that the E-cat Cores are but a small part of a whole. The list of additional components to complete the product is long. Boilers, Turbines, Electronics, Etc, Etc, & as it develops the list will get longer.

    Seriously, When all is considered, This is tantamount to rebuilding our Entire World Society from the ground up. Nearly everything will change & half the World is starting from practically nothing. It’ll start slow, It’s Huge- Take Decades.

    • captain

      – Rossi’s R&D still in Italy, and very close to a university;
      – E-Cat Hot industrial plants IMO: first in US, then at Ferrara (near Bologna), Italy;
      – Universities involved: one in US and another in EU: now as now I’d say Bologna, instead of Sweden;
      – Development/industrial production and management center in Italy: an offer has been given given to Rossi at the Polo Tecnologico of Pordenone, NE of Italy. And in some way very close to Bologna and Ferrara.
      – Leonardo, thru its partnership with a strong company, should hit both US and EU markets almost at the same time. And ASAP the first operational units will be working with excellent results, E-Cats path will be downhill. US certification/validation and patents should follow in sequence.
      – The real power of Leonardo co. is now its strong alliance with the so called US partner.

    • Pweet

      @Omega Z
      “Seriously, When all is considered, This is tantamount to rebuilding our Entire World Society from the ground up. Nearly everything will change & half the World is starting from practically nothing. It’ll start slow, It’s Huge- Take Decades.”

      Yes, but before you start planning the rebuilding, keep in mind that so far we have not seen any conclusive proof that we have even the first brick.
      Every date for the unveiling of the first brick has been continually delayed, postponed, and finally fobbed off until supeceded by the promise of a new and better brick.
      That is, there is still no conclusive proof that any of these reactors, from the first to the last, produce any meaningfull power.
      I would not be planning any “rebuilding” on that basis.

  • Fibber McGourlick

    Mr. Rossi apparently says that a major company has taken over the e-cat or become a major partner in it. This means the major company would have been working with Mr. Rossi for some time before making their move. It means they would have thoroughly tested the e-cat and found that it works–or can be made to work–as advertised. Okay, maybe. But what bothers me is that a great number of people would have been involved in all this and all these people would know about this utterly transformative advance for mankind and yet not a peep from any one of them. No secret phone call to a newspaper. Nothing. How, in this day and age, could such a momentous, earth-shaking secret be kept away from the rest of the world by so many people for so long?

    • Don Witcher

      Inhibited by all the rabid skepticism perhaps. I would be if I were in their shoes. Also some of them have tried to speak only to be shouted down and called idiots by the skeptics. What about the AP reporter who was there for the 1MW test? Some people have tried to talk but the skeptics have immediately drowned them out. No reason to talk and suffer abuse if you don’t have to.

      • Fibber McGourlick

        Considered scepticism among informed individuals is an extremely valuable asset for any society. It helps to keep governments, scam artists and nut cases in check. Consider the fact that there are few living sceptics among the groups of extreme religious fundamentalists who blow up innocent people. There are even fewer among crowds of running lemmings.

        I freely admit that I’m a sceptic, just as you seem to suggest in your post; however, this doesn’t mean that I disbelieve in the e-cat technology. I neither believe in it nor disbelieve in it. I do hope it’s true, but like many others here I’m sitting on the fence, waiting patiently for solid evidence that it is approximately what it claims to be. In the meantime when I have something to say about it, I’ll say it without hesitation.

    • Jim

      Deposit slips seal lips.

    • Peter_Roe

      The core development team for a pilot installation need only be a dozen or so people – metal bashers and others outside the ‘core’ would only know what they were told. In any case, professional scientists and engineers don’t make a habit of blabbing to news media – they tend to prefer to keep their jobs.

    • John-xyz

      Non-disclosure agreements. An example of a company that keeps lots of secrets is Apple. Their suppliers seem to be leaking a lot, but the actual company does not. Remember when they said they’d been working on a x86 version of MacOS for like 5 years? No one had heard a peep.

      If there are dozens of workers there, all it takes is one leak. So why aren’t there any? Either there aren’t dozens of workers, or they have a good sense of camaraderie that prevents them from singing like a canary.

      If I were rich (emphasis on the word ‘if’) I’d spy on Rossi and see where he goes. Put a tail on him. Sadly, I’m not rich and I have to wait.

      I got hooked into this Rossi e-cat saga a year ago. But then MFMP came along and is a good distraction for me. I trust them. I don’t trust Rossi’s motivations, he’s too unreliable for my liking.

  • Cid Campeador

    Game is over!!,… Mr. Rossi is a Quixotic man, simply

  • Lemuel

    Here’s a recent announcement about a couple of big hitters…. Reading between the lines suggests there is something else being developed….. “Going forward, significant growth is anticipated in applications requiring a flexible power source complementary to a renewable-energy power source”….. .
    Note the application of the Rankine cycle, and the U.S. / Italian connection.

    • jpelsor

      This seems more clearly to be taking advantage of a market niche with the explosive growth in availability of natural gas. Just my opinion.

  • georgehants

    I think Mr, Rossi missed my point.
    December 15th, 2012 at 4:25 AM
    Dear Mr. Rossi, can you confirm that the tests have been successful and you are happy with the results.
    Best wishes.
    Andrea Rossi
    December 15th, 2012 at 4:34 AM
    Dear Georgehants:
    The results will be published in end January or first week of February. Maybe you do not believe, but I do not know what they will write.
    Warm Regards,

    • georgehants

      Then again maybe I am missing the point, would not the overall conclusions be discussed between party’s or is there no communication between testers and client.

      • Peter_Roe

        It sounds as if he may have lent them a ‘black box’ to test as they see fit, and without his input. If the report is positive even under those circumstances it would be a very significant development. He must have some contact (and presumably knowledge) though, as he recently promised to publish some photos taken during testing (qv Don Witcher’s post below).

        • Pweet

          It also sounds like the test is now being done, or at least organised by the new partner, which I don’t think was the case with the test which was supposed to be published in November.
          It adds weight to what I originally thought when I said in an earlier post that I believe the test results which were supposed to be published in November were not released because they showed the device did not perform as claimed.
          The new partner is still interested enough to stay in the game but only if they take over control of the test themselves.
          If the test is done properly then it will also show the device has a COP of close to one and I would assume when they get the results of their own tests they will abandon the project.
          They probably wont be able to report this due to the fact that everything A.R. does is locked up in non disclosure agreements.
          I think A.R. will then be back in the situation he was in when the Defkalion partnership fell apart and I think it will be handled the same way, that is more proclamations of bigger and better things, all unproven.

          • Peter_Roe

            That’s quite a house of cards. What a shame its based on so little.

            Shillish desperation is in rather strong evidence here – watch out for any slight breezes!

          • telecommuter

            OK. What about the 3rd party test results that were to be published ‘within 2 weeks’? We are now past the two weeks.

          • Pweet

            ^^ @ Peter Roe
            I agree it’s based on “so little” as you say, because it’s based on what “Rossi says” in his posts on JONP.
            In that respect I can hardly claim that all he says to confirm my opinion is 100% factual and everything he says to contradict my opinion is 100% BS.
            However, when you look at everything he says, it is obvious there are many inconstencies between what he says and what we are seeing. And they are glaring inconsistencies. So I look for alternative explanations of what he says which are more consistent with what we are seeing. I think I have done this but it is only my opinion. He can change this overnight by producing a convincing and confirmed third party demonstration.

            Believe it or not, I still hope you are right and I am wrong because I am still a “cold fusion tragic” to the core. But on the evidence I see, I have to accept that it is highly unlikely Rossi has what he says he has. Highly unlikely.

    • HeS

      Honestly. Independent third-party means independent. Like dr.Celani experiment replication performed by MFMP.

  • Peter_Roe

    A larger than usual number of shills seem to have been assigned to this blog today, mostly trying to drip feed the same line – that Rossi’s comment means that he is now bowing out of an unsustainable fantasy. As usual, they have blown it – their very presence here shows the sheer desperation of those who want cold fusion to remain invisible to the public at large.

    If anyone was beginning to have doubts about Rossi, they can now be reassured that powerful people think that the emergence of workable cold fusion is imminent, and are doing their futile best to spread misinformation and doubt in an attempt to prevent knowledge of this from spreading.

  • Mauzen

    Cant help, but this rather sounds to me like they got a new partner.