Swedish SVT E-Cat Program with English Subtitles

Hampus Ericsson has done a tremendous favor to all English speakers (who don’t know Swedish) by providing subtitles to the recent Swedish SVT program on Rossi and the E-Cat. Thanks, Hampus for your hard work!

  • john E

    thanks for doing this for us American monolinguists

  • Al S

    Great service. am sending this to my friends and family to become aware of E-cat,and its meaning for future energy independence. many thanks

  • Chris the 2nd

    Finally got around to watching this, a good summary of what Rossi is up to and also vindication for many who felt that Rossi was getting carried away with himself but broadly telling the truth. I.e his new plant design etc

    You can see that the journalist went from slightly skeptical, convinced it’s a fraud to convinced it’s true as he was making this programme. The demonstrations and arguments against were all made from a position of ignorance. None of those scientists did even the most basic research into how Rossi’s device works or behaves before coming up with their models to debunk it.I always despair when I see scientists willing to disregard observations that don’t match their theory. We see it all the time in climate science as well.

    • alex

      So true. Some scientists are the real scammers. They expect that observation must always prove their theory. But this is pseudo-science. Feynman had explained it so succintely: If observation does not tally your theory, go back to the drawing board; throw away the theory not the observations.

      The first prehistoric man to have produced a fire did not have an idea why a few dry twigs would burn and produce heat, but still he produced the first fire that eventually made us what we are today. Cold fusion may just be that new fire, but the hubristic attitude of the shamans is doing its damnest to kill this new fire same as they killed Fleischmann and Pons discovery. Shame shame shame on the true and real scammers-shamans.